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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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robin sax legal analyst. i'm harris faulkner join us back at 10:00 p.m. eastern for special coverage of the death of whitney houston. right now. justice with judge jeannine. >> this is a fox news alert. sad evening tonight, grammy award winning singer whitney houston has died. the cause and location of her death are unknown. houston was 48, mother to one daughter, bobbi christina. her career had been derailed in recent years due to drug use. ♪ >> from the moment whitney houston first broke in to song. she was obviously bound for greatness. she first performed at age five, solo at age 11 in the local church choir. young whitney grew up steeped in music, her beauty and voice
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propelled the young gospel girl. whitney sang her first proceed solo in 19 08 began modeling the same year gracing covers like "seventeen" and "glamour." her premiere album spun three number one singles. "saving all my love for you" "how will i know" and "the greatest love of all" the album sold over 13 million copies. shattering debut album records worldwide. more record setting was to come with houston's next album "whitney" not only was it the first album by a female to enter the charts at number one. but she became the first artist in history to score seven consecutive number one hits surpassing milestones set by the beatles and beegees. years of constant touring took their toll, she took off time get her personal life in order. houston took up with bad boy of rhythm and blues bobby brown, in 1992 the couple married before 1800 well wishers.
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their marriage was far from fairy tale. tabloid reports of houston boozing, cocaine addict, all night party girl. the couple battled the turmoil and constant rumors of break up while raising their daughter bobbi christina. whitney decided to try her hand at acting. her first feature "the bodyguard" banked over $400 million worldwide and boasted the most successful sound track ever released. she coproduced and costarred in the movie "cinderella". her next big screen performance took her back to church "the preacher's wife" whatever whitney houston touched seemed to turn gold. in los angeles, william lajeunesse, fox news. >> and dorothy is a reporter with "in touch" magazine. what are you hearing right now about this? let me just say that we just got a report in from the "l.a.
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times" that she did indeed die in los angeles at the beverly hilton hotel. what can you tell us? >> that's about all that we know right now. this is a developing story, we know that it just happened. it's an absolute tragedy. she has always struggled with drugs and alcohol so definitely makes you wonder what was behind the sudden death at age 48. she was just out in l.a. on thursday night at red carpet event with her daughter, bobbi christina posing for the cameras looking fine, back in the club she was danging, this is just thursday night two days ago. >> even though we've all heard about her drug use and misuse at the same time there was a comeback she did seem to be healthy. what do you think that this is attributed to? anything about what the cause of death might be? >> the thing is, you're right. she did have a come back she attempted a comeback in 2009 but -- >> we're looking live right now at the beverly hilton hotel.
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>> just last year, just last may she was back in rehab for the third time. she spent -- in 2004, 2005, last year and 2011. her rep said that it was out-patient rehab that she had taken herself there, obviously she has been struggling with something. how can we forget in 2009 the photos of her bathroom in her home with crack pipe lying out and tons of just junk on ther, r these? >> i do. what amazes me is that she had so many resources. she had the opportunity, she had the support system. she had the ability to get help. how many times do you have to go to get rehab? >> that's an excellent question. she did say once in an interview something along the lines that she is her best enemy also her best friend. she obviously was having internal struggles, maybe to the point that outside resources couldn't really help her. people around her couldn't really help her.
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her daughter, bobbi christina had problems herself. just last year photo surfaced of her snorting cocaine. this is a family that is troubled. there's a lot of things that have happened here. now 48 years old we're fining this out, i don't know the story is going to develop we'll find some really shocking things. >> what was her relationship with bobby in the end? we know about the domestic violence, the fact that she seemed to be a survivor. she seemed to be not only rehabilitating herself but getting sense of self worth. what do we know about bobby now and his influence in her life at all? >> she has been doing her own thing. she's been spending a lot of time with rayjay hasn't been spending time with bobby. they coparent, they have 19-year-old daughter together. she's not a little child but they still are the girl's parents. she went through a hard time with bobby brown. we saw the abuse and saw crazy
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way she acted showed a side of her that a lot of fans were deeply saddened by i think. she has been struggling for so many years. >> in the end as it related to her daughter she had a good vital hip with her flaw absolutely. like i said they were just out together on thursday night. they were more than just mother-daughter they were friends. and some people wondered all along if perhaps that was some of the reason as to why her daughter bobbi christina has trouble with drugs. people wondered, sources wondered was whitney being enough of a parental figure, enough of a mother. >> you say that she was in rehab in 2004 and 2005 then again in 2011. do we
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2009. i was. i don't know if you remember her performance on "good morning america" when she performed the new single and her voice was cracking and she couldn't hit the high notes. following the release of the single she had to cancel concert tours because she was getting up on stage and making a mockery of herself when really people were hoping that she would come back out that's powerful woman and it wasn't cutting it. >> judge jeanine: she came back on several shows and said i had a problem. i was in the depths but i'm coming back. was she on tour again recently? >> that was back in 2009 that she released the single and that she was touring. again, that tour did not go as planned. she had to cancel concert dates because she was really just physically not up to the point you have to be when you are going to be performing on tour. something has been going on
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along with her and really a sad thing to watch. she has won six grammies. one of the most accomplished musicians out there. actresses. just finished wrapping up the movie sparkle and she is somebody that has so much potential and all just kind of went down the drain. >> judge jeanine: and we are hearing now there were attempts to resuscitate her in l.a. but, of course, they failed. when you look at some of these magazines i'm looking right now at the "national enquirer," the most recent one that whitney collapses. strung out. broke. it is worse than any one thought. and they show these incredible photos. i mean did she -- look, she had music royalty in her blood. we are talking about, you know, aretha franklin. dionne warwick. i mean she was -- you know, royalty in the music world. no one could h help her? >> no, i mean this is what we see all the time with celebrities. the fact that she is so
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talented and her voice, her voice is powerful. >> judge jeanine: powerful. we all remember the body guard. >> and just the fact that so many people around celebrities as big as whitney houston a lot of times are, yes, people. they yes, these celebrities to death. to death. >> judge jeanine: we don't know bobby brown or where he is other than coparenting, was he in l.a.? was she with him? >> it is unclear exactly where he was. i know as the story develops we will get more information. just such a tragedy. >> judge jeanine: and as you say this is just a developing story right now and in fact her body is still at the beverly hilton hotel as we speak. this is a story that will continue to evolve but our hearts go out to her family. whitney houston, of course, found dead this evening at the beverly hilton hotel. you know, what happens now to her music? i mean, you know, normally i mean we saw this with michael jackson. you know, the sales start going through the roof.
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and i am always so empowered by the song from "the body guard." >> "i will always love you." >> how many weds have you been to where they played that song? >> they still play it. it is incredible. she has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. her following is so strong and we can only assume that sales of her music are going to skyrocket. and i almost, you know, don't really want to say that because the sales are already so strong. she has so many fans. this is not going to be a sudden surge that was never there before. >> judge jeanine: and so many reasons to be healthy and to take care of yourself. i mean she was a superstar in every sense of the word. whitney houston, of course, dead tonight at the age of 48. dorothy, we thank you very much for being with us this evening and please let us know if you hear anything else as we go forward.
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>> judge jeanine: this is a fox news alert. grammy award winning singer whitney houston has died. the cause and location of her death are at the beverly hilton hotel in los angeles but the cause we don't know yet. she has sold over 170 million albums and singles during her career. houston was 48. mother to one daughter, bobby kristina. and right now we have deion brown on the phone who is on the scene with sky news.
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are you there? >> all right. are you there? >> reporter: yeah. >> judge jeanine: this is judge pirro. can you tell us what is going on out there? >> basiccalry right now people are trying to scramble around the grammies trying to figure out how to make a tribute to the legend that we all growed up with and whitney houston has touched so many of the grammy singers lives from alicia keys to john legend. trying to coordinate a performance or tribute for whitney, her immediate passing. it is a complete shock. >> judge jeanine: and the irony is that the grammies are tomorrow and that she was in l.a. for the grammies. what can you tell us about the circumstances surrounding her death? who found her? was someone with her? does it seem to be, you know, related to drugs?
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do we know? >> there is a lot of speculation going on right now actually and we have heard a lot of rumors. we haven't been able to confirm anything quite yet. people are being hush around the beverly hilton and not releasing any information per se around her death. but basically a sudden tragedy. the grammies are tomorrow. she is a grammy award winning artist and she was in town for the grammies. for something to happen like this obviously either means a massive health -- a massive lapse in her health and we are hoping it is not something to do with drugs but we know she suffered in the past from that. >> judge jeanine: she was just seen in l.a. supposedly on thursday night looking fine and acting fine. it will be interesting to find out what is going on. is her body still at the hotel. >> reporter: that is what we have been told that her body has not been transported quite yet. obviously all the people around the beverly hilton at this moment. they are locking it down.
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the beverly hills hotel is extremely a lockdown moment and they never allow cameras in and especially right now they are not allowing anything. >> judge jeanine: the celebrities usually with an entourage. was she with an entourage? who found her? >> reporter: again, they are really not allowing much of the information to the press. we are trying to get as much information right now. supposedly what we heard is that it was a hotel member that found her. that was a here say moment. we don't know who found her. we are hoping that her daughter is not around the scene because something a young daughter doesn't want to see her mother passing away to tragically. >> judge jeanine: do you foe he if she was with her? >> i think she is with bobby brown at the moment. >> where is bobby brown, do we know? >> with everything that just happened people are trying to scramble for information. supposedly bobby kristina is with bobby brown but whitney
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houston and bobby had a strange relationship and i think that they were, you know, definitely in talks but right now it is trying to figure out really how to honor whitney more so than everyone around me from john legend to alicia keys people are coming through twitter and every single social media to try to find a way to honor her memory and find more information about how this tragedy could happen at such a young age. more so than that, the grammies are tomorrow and this is her stage and i hope that the grammies step up and have a huge tribute to her. >> judge jeanine: do you know whether or not her mom or dean warwick are scheduled to be at the grammies or were scheduled to be at them tomorrow? >> they were not scheduled to be at the grammies. we looked into that. now, i would hope that either one would either make a statement maybe or come in. i think losing a daughter, losing a niece so soon i would be shocked to see them at the grammies but i think we are
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going to get a statement quite soon from some of their team. >> judge jeanine: hopefully you will stay with us and if you get any more information we would love to talk to you. thank you so much for sharing what you do know so far. joining us now is dr. john sharp from the esteemed harvard medical school. doctor, you know of the history of bobby brown, the drug abuse and the allegations is of cocaine use and rehe habeas dorothy just told us, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and 2011. what does that tell you about the repeated entry into rehab for drug abuse? >> well, it tells me that she was struggling more than we even realized. significant that she was filming a movie that just wrapped and at the grammies now and hey have been relapsing, i'm speculating but it is a
6:20 pm
common i scenario. >> judge jeanine: why do you say it is significant. >> may have been in a celebratory mode and may have gone back to the bad habits she should have kick and probably struggled with and probably couldn't. when you go it back into rehab several times it means you need to work your program even harder. she didn't succeed and i think that is linked to her death. >> judge jeanine: such a tragedy. one of the most powerful voices of our generation. how many of us know all of the music and grew up with the music and, you you know, things like the greatest love of all. i mean beautiful music that she sang. >> it is. her talents couldn't save her. this is what we see all the time with addiction treatment and medical treatment. you can be the most wonderful and gifted and giving person and you can die from bad habits from an addiction that you can't get over. i don't know if that is what it is or a medical problem that was linked or separate. something we have to wait to
6:21 pm
find out. >> judge jeanine: and we don't know right now. we are speculating. we don't know what the cause of death is and as we are saying her body is still at the beverly hilton hotel. as you saw her, dorothy is still with us from in touch, you saw her struggle to come back and you saw her on talk shows and talk about the fact she was a victim of domestic violence. that bobby brown had beaten her. but you then you talk about the photos of the pipes and the drug use. i mean how does a woman like that get up day-after-day when she is so beaten down physically, and psychologically. >> i think she definitely dealt with her fair. of a demons but i think that she knew what she had. she knew that she had a talent that was unlike anything else and she knew that she had a very, very strong fan base and perhaps that is what got her out of bed every single day knowing that there are people out there that love her, that worship her and that are rooting for her and pulling for her. but then at the end of the day the demons are the ones that take over. she did attempt to have that
6:22 pm
comeback and you have to grave her credit for that. >> judge jeanine: that couldn't have been easy, dr. sharp. >> you are right. she might have really had to work hard. like oil and water, they don't mix. her gifts and strength and ability to love and give love and then the demons which i think could have gotten the best of her no matter what. >> judge jeanine: how does this influence a daughter bobby chris tina that who is 19 in, indeed, the allegations are that she is involved in drug use herself. is that what you said, dorothy? >> there were photos that surfaced last year that showed bobby kristina snorting cocaine. >> judge jeanine: if this death is related to drugs, how does it affect her daughter and her daughter's ability to get past what may be an addiction? is it a genetic addiction, doctor. people want to beat it but can't seem to beat it. they are not bad people. she is a disciplined woman. you don't have a voice and career like that without being, you know, tough on yourself and getting up every day and doing
6:23 pm
it. >> you're right. science answered the question, definitely addicts have a genetic vulnerability. you can't just take it or leave it if you have the gene. a combination of genetic vulnerability and pattern of use combine and make it so darn difficult to beat. hopefully her daughter will see she has got to go clean now. >> judge jeanine: but whitney knew she had to get clean, too. >> the longer you are exposed to it the harder it is to get out. an old saying if you you want -- what is the best way to get out of a hole stop digging and if you are in it for a long time you are in it deep and i think her daughter has a chance that she didn't have. >> judge jeanine: do we know what her plans have been for the last, i mean were to be for the next few months? she just finished a movie. >> just finished a movie. i'm not sure what her next plan was. that was an accomplishment in and ofity heself that she was doing a movie and switching gears and trying to make this comeback and trying to reinvent herself and trying to be the
6:24 pm
old whitney that we all know and love. you know, the whitney from the body guard. and, you know, now whatever plans she had, you know, now it is just they are not going happen and it is very, very sad. >> judge jeanine: i'm just getting news right now that whitney houston was pronounced dead today in los angeles at 3:55 p.m. pacific time which, of course, would be 6:55 eastern time. all right. friends and coworkers have confirmed that it was whitney houston that they were trying to revive. is that what i'm hearing right now? okay. police were called to the room with a person unconscious that they tried to revive and so there were friends who apparently identified her and called for help. very sad situation. i'm sure the attempts to resuscitate were extensive
6:25 pm
given the fact that there were friends around as well. this evening, ladies and gentlemen, we discuss the death of whitney houston, the untimely death, another famous singer who dies prematurely at a young age of 48. and reminds me of amy winehouse that not so long ago had passed. in any event, dorothy, you -- are you hearing anything. i see that you are on twitter right there. are you reading there? >> it doesn't seem like anything is coming through right this moment. you were asking me earlier about whitney's relationship with her ex-husband bobby brown and i came across an interesting article that i had foregotten about where his mother actually passed away last year in february. and whitney went to the funeral in boston and actually sang two songs at the mother's -- her ex-mother-in-law's funeral. the two of them really kind of like i had said before they had this amicable relationship since they do have this daughter together.
6:26 pm
and so much so that whitney went and honored her former mother-in-law. >> judge jeanine: doesn't that speak to the goodness of this woman. doesn't that speak to the fact that she is a decent good woman and, you know, that is what i think touched all of our hearts, the fact that she had this powerful kind of gospel trained voice that spoke to us, that touched all of us. and very much a part of our lives. a sad evening this evening. doctor, you know, when you deal with people who get involved in drugs for the first time i mean what -- why do they do it? i mean is it for kicks. >> yes. i mean it often starts that way. it can be something that you think you can always beat. i can just stop this. you think you a choice and then all of a sudden you realize you are kidding yourself. the best support is peer based sow port. the treatment is abstinence. takes a lot of attempts. with whitney, as you can see,
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it is not limited to homeless people or bad people. >> judge jeanine: of course, not. covers all socioeconomic groups and that is why i'm convinced it a genetic problem. people don't do it because they are poor or rich. if they don't have access they get it. dorothy. >> let's not forget that whitney was not alone with the drug and alcohol abuse. >> and alcohol. >> reporter: and her husband bobby brown when they were married he struggled, too. two people famous and dealing with being in the spot light and that are both dealing with alcohol and drug abuse problems. >> enabling one another. >> absolutely. a vicious cycle. >> judge jeanine: codependent, enabling each other. and then he beat her. >> that was a whole other category. >> judge jeanine: if you are codependent and enabling your partner, why are you beating
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her at that point? don't you you need her? >> it is craziness that can come fueled by intoxication and fueled from past behavior. there is no place for that in any rieslingsship. she knew that and got away from that and moved on but don't move on from the drugs it looks like. >> judge jeanine: yes. >> and bond per all of the abuse she was receiving was then making her abuse the drugs and alcohol even more. maybe at one point she thought i want to quit this but you then had her husband who was living with her. he was hitting the bottle and doing drugs and beating her and hurting her self-esteem. >> judge jeanine: and makes it doubly hard to come back. shame on him. it is about power and control. i know domestic violence. not so much about the codependency or enabling but a man exercising power and control over a woman, a beautiful and talented woman. joining us now is a former detective from the new york city police department.
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pat, thanks very much for being with us this evening. of course, we are talking about the death of whitney houston. and we do have by the way i'm just getting now a statement quincy jones, of course, the famous music mow gul mogul i'mt broken at the news of whitney's passing. i was first aware of whitney when she was just 16 and i always regretted not having the opportunity to work with her. a true original and a talent beyond compare. i will miss her terribly. and, of course, words of quincy jones about whitney houston. all right. pat, a new york city detective retired. talk to me about what we have been talking about. you a woman who is known to be abusing drugs, cocaine. i mean pictures in magazines of crack pipes and all kinds of things. why aren't the police arresting and forcing treatment?
6:30 pm
how does someone get away with that for some years? and i don't mean in the sense of punishment. i mean to get her help. >> well, you know, the difficulty, judge, is that it is really not an element of the policing structure in narcotics. i was a narcotics detective for years. i was in the crack unit when it started in 85:00 when it took over the city until '92 which seems to dove tail with her activity. i have seen it first hand hundreds and hundreds of times with people throughout the city. the fact that the police don't address that element of it. they are not going to force you into rehab. they will put you in cuffs and you go in front of a judge as you know. >> judge jeanine: but that never happen the. when i was the d. a. if you you see pictures of this stuff you know that it is happening. it is not even about her as much as it is about the people who were selling to her. they are selling to other people. people die from this. i have been to funerals of teenagers who died from drug
6:31 pm
overdoses. one second i have right now joining us former chairman and c.e.o. of sony music entertainment my good friend tommy matola. thanks for calling in this evening. tommy, what can you tell us? what do you know about whitney and what has happened? >> well, i was actually at home earlier this evening and i have just -- i had got and phone call and a friend of mine said -- told me what had just happened and, of course, i ran to the internet and to the television to see and find out about this horrible tragedy. >> judge jeanine: and have you you spoken to any one in addition to what you found out, tommy, about this? i mean what we know, tommy, is that her body is still at the hotel. that apparently she was with friends. they called, tried to resuscitate her but she was pronounced death at 6:55 our time. any information from the
6:32 pm
ground. the grammies are tomorrow. everybody must be out in l.a. >> i'm still in shock and i haven't called any one in l.a. yet. and i'm sure that she was probably in tahoe tell ready to attend davis party tonight because their relationship was like father and daughter. and it is just an awful tragedy with one of the greatest talents that has ever come alonging. and certainly one of the best voices that has ever been in the music business. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, tommy, you know full well about voices in the music business. what are you thinking about her tonight as you look back? >> well, you know, i remember getting a call from clive one night and asking me to come to a nightclub to hear a young girl that he had discovered and he hadn't even recorded her yet and it was in a small little
6:33 pm
club and i went there and saw this girl sing and we all were stunned and had our mouths open. of course, it was whitney. within a year she had her first record out, it was "how will i know." it went to number one. i remember the day that "i will always love you" before it had even come out i was sitting in my office and hearing that song saying to myself this will probably be the biggest record of all time and just that crystal clear beautiful stellar voice that she haded and her -- just breaking all barriers. i mean she was a star who broke all barriers. she had everything. i mean she sang. she performed beautifully. she was an incredible actress. and this is just tragic.
6:34 pm
it is absolutely tragic. >> judge jeanine: you know, tommy, when you talk about her songs, i mean, you know, "the greatest love of all" and "how will i know" all of that great music, how is it that a woman who was so talented and said so much music royalty in her blood, how did she get involved in the downward spiral? how does that happen? you have been in the music business and in the industry at the top of the peak for many, many years. what happens? >> well, it can happen to any one, you know, in any walk of life unfortunately. i remember her as this young beautiful vibrant vivacious girl, young girl with this incredible voice and just unique special talent. but the pressures that come along with backing that big a star, which is a mega, mega superstar, it is overwhelming
6:35 pm
sometimes. and, you know, people don't really understand that sometimes you can't run and you can't hide from all of the note notoriety and the pressures that brings along with it. each individual responds differently and some people are able to be strong enough to get through it and fight it off and some people are not. of course, people go through different relationships which can compound the situation. but i just remember whitney when i first met her as this, you know, absolutely beautiful young girl coming right out of church, right out of the choir singing with dionne warwick and with her mother and to look at the arc of what has happened at such a young age is -- i mean
6:36 pm
it is terrible tragic situation. >> judge jeanine: tomorrow may, i think that -- tommy, i think that the whole country is in moasou you say one of the mega stars. one of the most powerful voices of our time. and i want to thank you for calling in, tommy and joining us this evening. tommy mattola, former chair of sony music. all right. just a few moments ago, lieutenant mark rosen of the beverly hills police department spoke with reporters. here is a tape of his press conference. >> i'm lieutenant mark rosen the public information officer for the beverly hills police department. at proximately 3:43 the beverly hills police department received an emergency call from the beverly hilton hotel. it was a medical aid call. officers arrived on scene and approximately two minutes. the fire department was already on scene due to the fact they were here for a pregrammy award
6:37 pm
show in the hotel. when officers arrived in the hotel room on the fourth floor, the fire department and hotel security were already attempting resuscitation measures. at 3:55 p.m. this afternoon whitney houston was pronounced dead at the beverly hilton hotel. she has been positively identified by friends, family and coworkers that were with her at the ho hotel and the net of kin have already been notified. there were no obvious signs of any criminal intent at this time and it is currently being investigated by the beverly hills police detectives. and that is all i have right now for the prepared statement. >> was she a guest here at the hotel or here for the party? >> she was a guest here at the hotel. she had an entourage with her. i don't know if she was alone
6:38 pm
at the time. >> any kind of a sign of drugs, a drug overdose? >> we are still under investigation. we have no obvious signs of anything at this time. we are still -- it is currently being investigated and our detectives are upstairs right now. >> hotel security were already trying to resuscitate her. >> they did begin life saving resuscitation measures but they were not successful. >> who made the call? >> somebody in her party. >> was she staying with the rapper here at the hotel? >> i do not know that. >> what happens at this point? >> at this point in time it is currently under investigation. our detectives will follow up on this first to determine whether or not it was natural causes or some other cause of death. eventually it will be turned over to the coroner's office for investigation. >> for the record, could you spell your first and last name. mark rosen.
6:39 pm
rosen. a lieutenant with the beverly hills police department. >> will you give us an update later? >> ile give you more information as it become a's veilable. >> she was in the fourth floor in her room. >> yes. >> and there are investigators up there right now investigating the crime scene? >> we brought in detectives. they are currently investigating this and we will get more information to you as it becomes available. >> her body is still there. >> she still is in the hotel, yes. >> will this affect tonight's events? >> i couldn't comment on that. >> thank you, lieutenant. >> any other questions? >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: all right. just hearing from lieutenant mark rosen of the beverly hills police department who says that whitney houston was positively identified by friends, family and coworkers. now, joining us is celebrity journalist flo anthony. to we have flo with us here? all right. flo, thank you you very much
6:40 pm
for being with us this evening. >> good evening, judge pirro. >> judge jeanine: good evening. what can you tell us about whitney houston's death? >> well, i understand that her brother michael actually discovered her body in the bath tub. there has been different stories. her friend ray jay did not discover her. in fact, his publicist is who called me around i would say 7:30 eastern standard time to say that news agencies had called him to ask if she was dead and the first thing i asked was has ray jay spoken to her and he said he tried to call her and could not reach her. but i understand that her brother is who found her. >> judge jeanine: okay. and her brother, do we know his name, flo? >> it's michael. her brother michael. >> judge jeanine: and was her brother michael with her? was he part of her entourage? >> well, yes, her brother did work with her and travel with her. >> judge jeanine: and when you heard that her body was discovered in the bath tub, i
6:41 pm
mean what did you take from that? did they give you any sense of the context? >> no. they did not give me any sense of the context at all. only that he found her in the bath tub and at that point he he did know she was dead. >> judge jeanine: do you know anything about what is going on in beverly hills tonight as it relates to a tribute to her? >> well, this evening was, of course, clive davis' pregrammy party which is the most popular party and whitney was expected to be he a guest there. i don't know if she was to perform. she was expected to be a guest there and the party does take place place at the bever early hilton. i would imagine that is why she would check in to there. >> judge jeanine: so she was at the very hotel where the pregrammy party was being held. >> and this is the biggest pregrammy party.
6:42 pm
even though it is an invitational only party, people offered up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to get tickets to go to it. >> judge jeanine: do we know when the last time was she was with ray jay? >> she was just with him earlier this week. they went shopping at sunset plaza and also had dinner there. that say she looked magnificent. she had on this i reported this fabulous chinchilla vest to her knees. they got into his rolls royce. she was a picture of happiness. however, the other night the night after that she was out and she didn't look as good. in fact, there was blood running down h her. >> judge jeanine: there was what running down her leg? >> blood was on her leg in paragraphs. yes. i don't know if she had skinned her knee and her hair looked a little amis. she didn't look as good as she looked just the day before. earlier this week she was the picture of happiness. she has the movie coming out
6:43 pm
"sparkle." right now it had been a very good time in whitney's life. >> judge jeanine: you know, what we are hearing is consistent with what you are saying and that is she was looking great and acting great friends.shknow that shes with maybe there was a decline that led to whatever it was that happened late this afternoon in los angeles. all right, anything else you want to tell us? >> well, you know, i want to offer my condolences to her family. you know, her mom and her brothers, to her cousin dionne warwick who was just was with the other night at carnegie hall. a very, very had day in the world of entertainment and, you know, i just hope with all whitney has been through and endured over the years we had a checkered past.
6:44 pm
at one point in life she sued me over a diet pill story. her dad is dead now. i can say he was the source. we put a all behind us because we made up and she was a magnificent individual and one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived. >> judge jeanine: that is without a doubt one of the greatest independent trainers of all time. i'm sure a lot -- one of the greatest entertainers are all time. just quickly, dorothy you have information about bobby brown? >> he is in memphis touring with new you edition and his band mate gave an interview saying that bobby is struggling. he is devastated. but sources reports say that he is still going to try to perform tonight with the group. so that is where he is. >> all right. and joining us on the phone now is adam housely. adam, are you there? >> yes, i am, judge.
6:45 pm
how are you doing? >> i'm fine. thanks for being with us this evening. what can you tell us? >> i live five blocks from the beverly hilton. clive davis event is always the event to go to before the grammies and it was at the hilton or would have been at the hilton. i assume it is still going on tonight. and whitney was planning to have been there for the event. a lot of stars will stay at the hilton. it is a hotel where they have events almost weekly. you will go there for all sorts of different fundraisers and events and the hilton does a good job with having a location where a lot of the stars can go and kind of get away from the press, if you will. for those who haven't been to beverly hills it is on the corner where wilshire and santa monica cross. kind of the cross roads of beverly hills for a lot of people here in los angeles. when you talk about what is happening here, we do know that there have been reports that she had a great, you know, things seemed to be going great for her. also reports where things may
6:46 pm
have been having some issues. you mentioned at least the last guest mentione mentioned aboutd on her leg and it was on her happens. that was at a club here in los angeles and that was the big news here. every time something happened. unfortunately, we cover a lot of news stories here in the los angeles bureau and a lot of times they cross over into hollywood. michael jackson being one that i covered recently and a few others and a lot of them seem to follow the same path. seems like there is a lot of ups and downs. the rollercoaster that a lot of people in hollywood goes through and seems like that was something that she had been going through for some time. we do a lot of entertainment reporting out of los angeles. number over the last year or two. this happened that was great for her and then this happened that was a negative. and that seemed to be what was going on. there were reports that ray jay found her. but we have been told that is not the case whatsoever at all. he wasn't near there we were told. he wasn't there tonight and may have not found her. what is what the publicist who
6:47 pm
contacted me said. this stuff is all playing out as we speak. >> judge jeanine: no question. and on the screen on the right, adam we have a picture of whitney houston from thursday night which was allegedly the night when people like flo and other people reported the blood on her leg and you say on her hands as well. >> there was reports it was on her hands. which i mean depending on what happened, whether it was a shuffle or for whatever reason that is not out of the ordinary for someone to reach down and try to brush blood off. something you you hear all the positive things. everything going well for her and the movie coming out and a bunch of other opportunities coming up. in fact, on thursday our entertainment department put together the report actually wednesday and i tracked for it on hollywood nation where we talked about she was someone that simon cowell was hoping to be a judge on x factor.
6:48 pm
so similar to so many tragic events that happen to certain people in hollywood. you don't want to see this happen to anybody but you you hope there is no instance where they did this to themselves. again, this is still so much that we don't know yet. you don't want to speculate in anyway and reports are coming at at us from all over the place. beverly hills station one the iconic building, they were the guys that responded. and tried cpr and did what they try to do so save somebody's life. but it definitely is a situation that is very, very sad and we are already told the grammies are planning to do something tomorrow night. so you can expect they will probably have a moment of silence and definitely a retrospecktive. we have been told they wil toly will be doing something in her
6:49 pm
memory. >> judge jeanine: we heard there will be a tribute to her tomorrow night. it was her brother who found h her. >> right. >> judge jeanine: and we understand that sissy houston her mom and dionne warwick spoke to whitney 20 minutes before her death and she seemed fine. stay with us. is what what you are hearing. >> reports surfacing her mother spoke to her 20 or 30 minutes before she died and she seemed fine and her cousin talked to her and they talked about sharing a table at the clive davis party and everything seemed status quo. these are the reports that are surfacing. >> adam, do you know if dionne warwick and sissy houston were in los angeles also? >> i don't know that. and there has been a lot of travel in that has been interesting report coming out. as weeing talking in this day and age, stuff across twitter and facebook and the wires and information coming from more sources than the past and everybody has cameras and phones now that they could do stuff that we couldn't do five years guy.
6:50 pm
that is going to be he something that is going to play out. i don't know that they were in los angeles. the fact that they did talk to her 20 or 30 minutes before you know that will be part of the investigation. >> judge jeanine: if the reports are true that they were planning on being at the party innight at clive davis' party l.a. now. you know, adam, it is a horrible, horrible situation. >> totally. and one thing, judge, remember people always automatically speculate something horrible, that people everything from drug overdose to foul play but it is so early on. everyone needs to remember that you just -- the investigators when they walk in the room they know right away or they have a really good idea what has taken place here. >> judge jeanine: of course, they do. >> and you know that from being around law enforcement. the best thing is not to jump to conclusions that the point. we are not and that is the good thing that we are not doing that. >> judge jeanine: and that is very important now we remember you know, her excellence and how she penetrated all of our lives.
6:51 pm
>> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: but you know, without speculating, stress can kill, too. >> totally. >> judge jeanine: it clearly was a premature death. so sad. some of us are in mourning. right now i think we are in shock. >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: and it will go into mourning. i just think the irony is that the grammies are tomorrow. that clive davis' party is tonight and, of course, earlier we had a statement from clive davis and, of course, tommy mattola the former president of so sony music talking about how he met her at 6 and she blue him away with the strength and poured concreter in that voice. >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: hopefully as you get more information this evening we will be talking to you. thank you so much. >> all right, judge. >> judge jeanine: all right, adam. you know, adam is right. we don't know what happened but you she was in a bath tub. pat. >> he makes a great point.
6:52 pm
what the lieutenant said was very clear. very specific that at this time at 3:43 p.m. there was no obvious signs of crim national intent. that is what he state. >> judge jeanine: no obvious signs of crim national intent. let's parse that one out. >> does that means as it relates to her doing something to herself or someone else doing something to her? what does that mean? >> without knowing jenkins it is difficult to know what his subjective call is. i think what he is referring to in terms of no obvious signs of criminal intent doesn't seem to be self-inflicted or a weapon bulletscene or obvious bull or life wound or other pair famous musicallia in the room paraphernalia-- pair famous that would be obvious in nature. the key point is that was obvious. >> judge jeanine: do we know if we had any health issues
6:53 pm
dorothy. >> she struggled with issues as a result of her alcohol and drug abuse. whatot entirely clear on her medical history is. >> judge jeanine: alcohol and drug hass impact do they have on your heart, on your coronary, heart attack, are you more apt to have one? cardiac arrest? >> absolutely. we don't know what happened with whitney, of course. a tremendous strain on your heart. you can have a heart attack. strain on the nervous and vascular system. have a stroke or aneurysm. these are common things that happen and can happen out of the blue. you don't have to die high. you can be drained and recovering and having a quiet moment and suddenly drop dead and i don't know what happened in that bath tub but it doesn't necessarily have to be that she was raging at the time. a lot of stress, maybe a took a toll. >> judge jeanine: the report that we got this evening that
6:54 pm
just shortly before 20 minutes before her death she had spoken to her mom. >> right. >> judge jeanine: and talked to dionne warwick h her cousin about being seated a the clive davis party. >> this could be incredibly ironic. yocould have been in a good place. something medically happened. we'll find out. we don't know. >> judge jeanine: the picture on the right of the screen from thursday night showing not is great shape and recent report in the nationa "national enqui" there are signs, here, too. do we know what the movie sparkle is about? >> i don't know much about it but i will do some research. >> judge jeanine: and cause of death. obviously have to do a toxicology. how long do you think it will take to get the tox back? >> i would say relatively
6:55 pm
quick. probably in 7 to 10 days. i con where wit concur with th. let's be fair here. watching her year since '95 after the body ward i guars like watching a train derail in slow motion. she went down a proverbial rabbit hole and all of the years of abuse and all of the years of illegal drug use it does ple precisely what you sad she could be in a good place at that exact sometime and that is the irony of it and a horror show and a terrible tragedy. but the facts are the facts. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, wele get to the facts. we don't know if her body has jet been removed from the beverly hills hotel. singer whitney houston dead at the age of 448. what we have been able to -- at the age of 48. she had everty intention of going clive davis party tonight
6:56 pm
and that her body was found by her brother this afternoon and, of course, they tried to resuscitate here, i believe at 3:43 pacific time. we are not able -- were not able to do so and pronounced her dead at 3:55 pacific time. so, where do we go from here i mean in terms, dorothy of her career and what happens to her music? i mean -- >> well, i think definitely tomorrow night at the grammies we will see a huge tribute to her. i can't imagine being the people that are in charge of now throwing this entire show together and this entire tribute together but i know that they will come up with something incredible. we will obviously see that. going forward, you know, like i said, i just think that her popularity is not going to cease just because she is no longer with us. you asked what gets her up in the morning and i said it is her fans and knowing that she has fans that love her and care
6:57 pm
about her. >> judge jeanine: did she tweet, dorothy, do you know? >> i don't believe she was on twitter. i might not be correct about that. i don't believe she was. >> judge jeanine: when you say the fans a lot of the followers give support to the celebrities and feel a sense of closeness to the celebrities. >> i want to say i think that the grammy memorial is going to be very important for all of her followers come something quickly everyone has to scramble. i think it will help people recognize and be together around her greatness and this loss. i think in a way that will be a helpful thing for everybody. >> judge jeanine: so sad, we end up celebrating so much of the beauty and wonder of someone's music sometimes only after they pass. if only she could feel the love that is coming across this evening for this woman and how much she intercept and how much her music meant to all of us. anyway, i want to thank you you, detective pat brosnan and dorothy from in touch and
6:58 pm
dr. sharp from the harvard medical school and, of course, we are talking tonight about the death of the premature death of whitney houston who apparently died in a bath tub, tub, by her a bath tubby her brother at the beverly hilton hotel. efforts to relationship 70s not success.resuscitate her wee right now the grammy world is in shock at the annual clive davis pregrammy party this evening at the very hotel where whitney houston was staying in where her body was found. i expect that tomorrow at the grammies there will be a tribute to whitney houston as the music world scrambles to try to get together some sem ambulance of an honor to the life of whitney houston, one of the greatest entertainers not
6:59 pm
woman in this country but across the world. one of the greatest entertainers of all time, a woman who came up fortunately in a world of music royalty. her mom sissy and her cousin dean warwick and, of course, related to aretha franklin. stay tuned for harris faulkner and fox news continuing coverage on the death of whitney houston. thanks for being with us this evening. i'm judge jeanine piro. ♪ o, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ by th ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ the bombs bursting


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