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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 18, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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going to fall over. somebody will get killed. >> dana: if you haven't taped "red eye." do it. >> eric: have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld because we are taping early which is why we are in a different studio, so stop tweeting about it. now to joe derosa with our pre game report. joe, what is coming up? >> bayer asprin used to be considered an effective form of contraception while the rest of the nation says that is ridiculous i panic and ask, what do you mean used to be? and speaking of contraception, a restaurant says no more to the customers crying babies, but it does nothing about the waitress that just won't stop
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getting presenting nents. pregnant. and oliver stone's son converts to islam. a process that took him much less time than watching one of his father's movies. andy, my love. >> speaking of love, what did you do for valentine's day? >> what i always do, spend it with my tbrand parents watching movies. >> what did you watch? >> "fatal attraction,"" basic instinct" and "auto focus." >> you watched those with your grandparents? >> yes, and "tango in paris." >> these films are riddled with salacious sex scenes. >> i know. >> isn't it awkward watching that with your grand parents? >> they are fantastic movies. we do our best to tune out the sex parts. >> how? >> well, we each have our own thing. my nana reads allow -- allowed recipes from her rachel ray cook book and my grand dad prays and i stand in the corner facing the wall saying,
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i am not a bad boy. i am not a bad boy. >> that sounds awful. >> whatever, andy. if you are going to stand there and act like you and your tbrand parents don't like to watch steamy, erotic sexual thrillers together. >> we don't, joe. nobody does this. >> it actually makes perfect sense. i feel weird now. can we just start the show please. >> yes, please. i feel like i should call the police for some reason. wow. let's welcome our guest. if the prompter will let me. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. her new book will find a technicality and comes out next tuesday. dana vachon. bill schulz who thinks he is watching jeremy lin right now and anthony kumia co-host of the opi expe anthony show. and i forgot to write something for mim. i'm sorry. >> it is okay. it is just me. i am good enough on my own.
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i am a stand alone guy. he is a donor made of boner. but should the jest hurt the man in the vest? santorum supporter made controversial comments about pregnancy prevention. >> the contraception thing is so expensive. back in my day they used bayer asprin as contraception. the gals put it between their knees and it wasn't as costly. >> so he apologized saying why his joke confused and offended some people. and quote, my wife constantly tells me i need new material. she understood the joke but didn't like it. so i will keep the old one in the past where it belongs. on friday rick santorum responded disavowing the flop of a joke and calling out charlie rose for his, quote, gotcha questions. >> every supporter who says something i will have to respond, look, this is what you guys do.
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you don't do this with president obama. in fact, what you did with president obama is you went out and defended him against somebody who sat in a church for 20 years and defended him. he can't possibly believe what he listened to for 20 years. this is a double standard. this is what you are pulling off, and i will call you on it. >> i believe he was referring to owe -- obama's pastor judd nelson. on friday because there was apparently some confusion. the san for um are campaign released an on-line video explaining contraception. >> that didn't leer anything up for me. i don't know.
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anthony, welcome to the show. >> i was watching the old soviet version of wonder woman there. >> i am guessing you liked the joke. >> i loved it. i went back to a simpler time, rockwell paintings and soapbox derby and segregated drinking fountains and things like that. he didn't look like a guy that had good jokes. he is an old guy. he has old jokes. we have all had that moment. you said it before where you bombed and you have to sit there with the dumb smile on your face when you realize no one is laughing. >> waiting for the laughter that never comes. >> it never, ever comes. >> people including joe derosa , thought what he was saying was asprin could be used as birth control. that's not what he meant. but is that his fault or other people's fault for not getting the joke. joy it is other people's fault for not getting the joke. it is like the old mother told the daughter, put the asprin between your legs. it keeps them shut. >> oh.
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>> oh! >> okay think of a new talking point. >> should santorum beheld responsible for the bad joke? >> of course not. of course not. is fox held responsible for every one of your bad jokes ? >> yes. >> yes, actually. >> the only reason anyone is listening to him is because he is worth millions of dollars. nobody is voting for this supporter. if he wants to throw money at rick santorum, go ahead. we are not voting for him. we are voting for santorum. >> does santorum have a point about media double standards with reverend wright and obama? >> there is a double standard, so he is right. i'm not sure how much people are blaming santorum for the joke. not much. it was a good opportunity for him to put his views out on the media double standard. >> fair enough. dana, how the hell did birth control become an issue in the election? >> the obama campaign secretly inserted it into the primary to extend it and further
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weaken mitt romney. >> how are we debating birth control in 2012? >> it is bizarre. we are not a country known for tending to the things that needs to be tended to. >>- q. i do you think there is a possible -- >> do you think this was gorilla marketing by bayer. >> it could be. i think it is good somebody has taken it to the scorched road. who might ask a few questions about your childhood. >> i am sick of his constant screaming. it needs to stop. >> bill, you in many states are considered a contraceptive. what did you think of the joke? >> i just now found out it was a joke, thank you again mr. anthony. and as far as this whole media double standard and his comment on that, let's deacon instruct what he said. he said, i am going to deconstruct because i got an a
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in that in the third grade. we will let joe derosa take care of that. listen, the fact of the matter is he is saying if obama attended church for 20 years he -- and then told everyone he doesn't believe everything reverend wright said, first of all, that was a controversial quote. 20 years ago 9/11 didn't happen. second of all, you are saying you will believe everything he says all the time? >> we all know obama doesn't believe in god. >> how dare you? >> obama was sitting at the church -- >> like he would have been in any other church saying, i can't believe i have to put up with this crap in my political career? >> my guess is that he is secretly not muslim, butting a a -- but agnostic. >> it was well worth the mass. >> i don't know what that means. >> bill, i want to say one thing, no one is saying -- you put up a straw man there. no one is saying that obama --
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what obama said was he never heard reverend wright say these things. what people are saying is you sat in his pews for 20 years. how can you say you never heard him say that? >> well, then how can you say that he has a war on religion when he sat at church for 20 years. obama's war on religion. he wants his cake -- wait for it, and eat it too. that's impossible. >> i want to play a clip of something santorum said about income inequality. can we roll that? >> there is income in equality in america. there always has been. and hopefully, and i do say that there always will be. why? because people rise to different levels of success based on what they contribute to society and to the market place. and that is as it should be. >> as a card carrying socialist, how offended were you by this statement? >> oh my tabooedness. oh my goodness. nothing could be further from the truth. he is dead on right. there is always going to be a
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scale. there is going to be the very wealthy and the very poor, and then most of the people will fall in the middle. that's america. that's capitalism. >> the problem with that -- you are totally correct. but it assumes total efficiency. the one thing that the very rich and the very extraordinary are least likely to do is recognize when they have meed yolker off spring. >> this is how great countries collapse. you do need some kind of way you can call it socialism or whatever. you need active mechanisms to help the most talented person make a maximum contribution. >> being very wealthy i agree wholeheartedly. >> but in the green room, and this surprised me, but i overheard you of the you were arguing from each according to his ability to each according to his need. that surprised me. >> i am a hipocrite. >> you really are. >> i was a hipocrite for halloween in 1988. >> are you? >> getting back to your point this is how we end up with patrick kennedys. >> it is true of the you can't
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ignore -- you have to address that in your praise of capitalism. you need amendments. >> but capitalism doesn't mean you are stuck in the life station you are born. if you are born wealthy you will remain wealthy and successful and vice-versa. that's the beauty of this particular country. >> charles murray's latest book suggest had that so much is culture and if you are born in fish town you are a product of fish town. if you are born in bellmont you stay in bellmont, and not that we are doomed, but it is a bad trend as opposed to a good trend. >> any thoughts whatsoever? >> just that i am having din better charles murray after the show. i call him chuck. you might have read his book, but we are buddies. >> from a bad joke to mideast folk. are we giving aid while being played? should we put muslim bros before the gouchos? earlier this week -- i actually wrote that. a top muslim brotherhood said
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if they cut aid it could affect the peace treaty with israel. he claims that cutting off aide would violate egypt's peace agreement with israel which we brokered. he tells the post that america must get that quote what was acceptable before the revolution is no longer. meanwhile, the director of the global research and international affairs center cautions that, quote, this is only the beginning of anti-american populisim. we will be seeing it in egypt. >> that's a lot of isms. and this is a lot of monkey playing with puppy. >> bill, if they can play together, why can't the world? >> were they playing together? if you saw the next three seconds of the video this show would be off the air. >> dana, you have been to
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egypt which for tv purposes means you are an egypt expert. what do you make of all of this? is the arab spring turning into an arab suck for america? >> i spent the last four days of my trip researching ashton kutcher's sex life. the one journalist on the ground who was into that. >> i think they found carvings and pyramids that fore told ashton kutcher's sex life. >> it was chopped off by the empress to me. one of the tinges that i was thinking this week, what were we promised by the neo conservatives? we will fight this one what are and then there will be a wave of democratic revolutions. didn't anyone do the math and figure out most of the parliaments will be dominated by islamic groups? how is this a surprise? >> they weren't big on math. >> it is a good point. but in 2010 egypt was -- i think it was the fifth largest recipient of u.s. aid. >> $1.5 billion.
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>> as the muslim brotherhood officials said is no longer, should that work both ways ? >> that is a couple things. one, they are calling our bluff. they arrested these guys out of desperation. the revolution is not going well and the military council is concerned and they are calling for his head and looking for a scapegoat. it is a news story. it shifts their discussion. they have these american guys and it is not honorable. it is politics. he says we will take away the $1.5 billion that pays for all of the villas. and the general says that money is part of the peace treaty. if you do that, we will undermind the peace treaty. it is good chess play. nothing will come of it. they frankly need the money. >> but, remi, a gallop poll says they don't want u.s. aid. should we grant their wish and stop giving them money? >> i don't think that is going to happen. i don't know how accurate the
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gallop poll is. i will defer to everything dana vachon said. he is an expert. i'm sorry, but it does sound like black mail to me. >> aid is black mail. the origin of the word for host is latin for hostage hoss tess. in ancient times the son of a king would live at the court of another king as a guest, but could become a hostage like that. they are anciently linked. to our earlier discussion about how the rich tend to be lazy, when you have a dictator, a dictator doesn't have to do the things an elected leader has to do. he can steel a ton of money because he is there by the point of a bay yawn net. the civil regime in egypt hasn't done the things to build a strong civil society, but the muslim brotherhood has. you created a huge vacuum and you are dealing with that and have to get through you it the best you can and hope you don't really, run into chaos in the region.
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>> but it is expected. >> let me ask you this. i sort of agree with the muslim brotherhood official. what was acceptable is no longer. they just had a change of government. it wasn't like a free election. >> can i -- -- >> no. you talked the whole segment. i think it should work both ways ways and maybe we should rethink giving a billion dollars a year to a country that doesn't like us. >> it shouldn't be rethought. it should be instantly revoked. >> it is the rebt on the -- the rent on the peace treaty. >> it is hostage money. >> right now they literally have have -- it is not international relations when you step that far over the line. they literally have hostages. and now they are saying if you don't give us what we want, i guess apparently they are going to double dog dare hate israel like more so than they do now which i think is maxed out.
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why would we give them money now? this regime, the muslim brotherhood reminds me of -- remember humongous and his cronies from "the road warriors." >> if you don't give that money the security costs increase two fold to 25% of researchers of the that's not acceptable. >> it is cheaper to pay them off than it is to bulk up israel's security. >> and here is the argument. we don't -- you know we don't give money to countries to get their gratitude. we do it to be in our strategic interest. >> i don't like words like ransom. here is a better word, bribe. we are bribing egypt. we are also bribing pakistan. and pakistan hates us even more than egypt does. but we have to do it because the military infrastructure to use a word i don't know, they have nukes. and we would rather they have
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it than the people in pakistan that hate us. we have to tbif them a couple billion. >> what happened to the peace train song? >> first of all, i hate trains and i hate peace. >> he played a concert in beirut on wednesday. coming up, should crying kids be banned from restaurants? a fair and balanced debate from our childless panel. are you watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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well, his dad made a movie about pigs on wall street, but now he can't eat them. that would be oliver stone's son, sean, who earlier converted to islam while visiting the vacation hot spot, iran. yes, the 27-year-old film maker, way to go your own way, changed his name to ali and
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recited the declaration of faith to a muslim claire rifnlgt sean -- sorry ali whose dad is jewish and mom is christian sounds confused telling afp, quote, the conversion to islam is not abandoning christianity or judiism which i was born with. it kind of is, my brother. and he waste node time bashing america telling entertain meant news website, quote, he did come to america to extend a hand and there is a lot of miss translation. literally have i seen it. he will say something and it will be miss translated. a lot of this is bull. it is an aggressive attitude on both parts, mostly the american side. he must be so proud. for more perspective, let's look at ali's latest short film. adele makes my bulldog sad. >> ♪ and that you would be be reminded that for me ♪
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>> that wasn't much of a film. boy. >> that was amazing. >> remi, correct me on my pronunciation. >> i believe it is istahan. >> look at you. >> one iranian film maker whose name i will not say because i will probably butcher it, but he has been banned from his own country because he made anti-regime statements. he said what sean stone is doing is insulting. but really who is he to say such things? >> who are we to pass judgment on anybody's desire to switch religions, if you will? if it wasn't oliver stone's son we wouldn't be talking about it. it is an ignorant statement he made to that website that you read. there may bemis translation, but it happens in any situation. we know what only din gnaw joked has been saying that gays don't exist and they should have a war on americans. >> miss translation. >> gays don't exist in iran, and they are all in chelsea. i extend to agree. -- i tend to agree.
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have you been there lately. >> it was takessen out of context. it was taken out of context. >> he called for the destruction of israel. if you look at it, it is wiped from the pages of history. the union would be -- they are not friendly comments, but the way it has been taken has been used as a major point in the case. that is valid, but this guy is a loonetic. why does it seem like lefty artists often seem to not have much of a problem with dictatorship? you see this with sean penn and danny glover. as long as somebody is vaguely or actively anti-american they for some reason have no problem with leaders who would put people like them in jail or sensor them or worse. >> i think that there is a weird weird -- there is a moral or colonialism where this guy -- he clearly is in need of an identity. he makes a joke about being the son of a person, and he is a film maker. what does he do?
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he goes and takes a nap next to the enemy. he makes a drawing now about his nap. it is the easiest thing in the world. >> converting to islam and defending him, do you think this may hurt ali's career in an industry i am told has jews in it? >> it could. i didn't even know he had a son. i didn't know oliver son had a -- oliver stone had a son. the apple doesn't fall far from the equally dilutional father tree. >> he wants to breakaway from his father and changed his name to ali and his dad's name is ali. my argument is that's the only reason he did this. >> i have another reason. breaking. breaking news. we just found out that he is now an actor. he has been cast in an iranian film. they are making it in canada as we speak. it is called "the accused" and it is about a muslim coming to america and low and behold we don't treat the muslim very well.
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they cast him on that after he converted. so this guy is my hero. all he did was convert to islam so he can get a gig in the high low touted film industry. he is genius. >> iran is the one country that did not participate in the arab spring. they should have supported the unrest. and if you did have an uprising it would be like you would be most happy -- it is a very secular country and educated country. and the regime is so awful. they don't do a good job of running the place. there is grain in the harbor in ships that can't be unloaded. iran really gets me down. >> i have that same problem in my apartment actually. it is a whole thing i don't need to tbet into. got a comment on the show in e mail us at fox and to leave a voicemail on greg's direct line call-- direct line. still to come, the half time
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report from joe derosa. >> today's half time is sponsored by cone yak. thanks, cone yak.
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welcome back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. hi, joe. >> hi, andy.
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how are you doing, man? >> keep the energy down, man. >> just trying to be smooth with it. i'm getting good at this. let's start with the santorum story. you said it is not other people's fault they didn't get the joke. look, as a comedian that bombs frequently, are you wrong. always blame the audience. >> oh really? >> and walk them when ever possible. if they don't laugh torch and burn the entire show to the ground. ruin everybody else's chances for a good time. it is all about you. >> words of wisdom, lloyd. words of wisdom. >> and i also -- i disagree with your comment that nobody was expecting a good joke. he looks hilarious. remi, you said we are not vote forget fries. we are vote are fog santorum.
12:32 am
voting for santorum. i am not voting for santorum, but i would if he made comments like asprin pre sprents -- prevents pregnancy. >> so you like the joke? >> what joke? >> as you can see, my joke was about -- >> you just had a foster freeze moment. >> bill, de construction. you said you didn't know what it meant. >> i know what it means and i will put it in terms you can understand. de construction is what you do to a woman's dignity before she will sleep with you. >> your valentine's day makes sense, my end from. my friend. i know what it means. andy said he thought i didn't know what it meant. >> i understand. and on to dana, if we could. dana, this is about the income stuff. being that you are the type of guy that removes the silver spoon just long enough to air gaptly pontif indicate on the glasses, how do you feel about
12:33 am
santorum's comments? is. >> was that a question? i know it had a question mark at the end of it. but i am not finding the syntax of the question. >> i think he was doing his jesse joyce impression. >> basically, dana, what happens is when i feel uncomfortable like i do now because i am not in the newsroom and not in the safe bubble over there, i attack other people. i can make myself feel better. i had an insult. >> i am here on an ambien spree. >> very good. let's move on to the egypt funding. this story confused me. dana, i come back to you. i am what doctors call stupid. i am what therapists call dumb. also i don't read. could you please reexplain
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everything you said in this story to me right now? >> this is all anyone needs to know in egypt right now. >> go slowly. >> i arrived in cairo on december 16th. >> cairo is in egypt. >> they were throwing actual cabinets off the cabinet building and on to protesters, the military, and then waiving their wangs. >> the cabinet building is where they make cabinets for people to buy? >> right. >> it has journeyed to the grotesque joe derosa. >> you lost me again. >> i actually started to understand the story when you put it into the hostage terms. here is my question. would you say this is black mail or is it as andy said just strategic interest? i look at it like this, the lady at the massage parlor doesn't give you your pants back until you pay the money. >> so she is holding your pants hostage. >> but it is in my strategic interest to get my pants
12:35 am
back. >> it certainly it, especially if you are going home to a significant other. >> the people in this newsroom. they were removed upon entry. >> hang on, joe, before you move on, you over looked something dana said because you were too busy thinking of a bad joke i think. say again what the egyptian military officials were doing besides throwing cabinets. >> they were bearing their man parts. >> they were waiving their peniss. >> they were helicoptering. >> let's keep this above the belt. it is a news show. let's not get low brow. >> that was actual news. >> we are living in a low brow period of history. >> andy, you can dress a dirty joke up as news all you want. i am not falling for this. this is the way you lured me into your apartment. let's move to oliver stone.
12:36 am
you know what, guys, let me go down the list in this story. would you say the apple comment again some -- again? >> the apple comment? >> about the apple falling. >> yes, it doesn't fall far from the loon particular -- loonetic tree. >> i just wanted to hear it again. andy, the pig joke at the top of the segment was so bad. i wanted to just point it out to you. this is the first time i felt i had a chance to do that. goose chills the whole time. >> i am not sure you are the best judge for something like that. >> not today i am not. but usually. do me a favor. say -- >>:00 ma din gnaw joked? >> it flow offs the tongue when you say it. are you flying through that name every time. it was impressive. i want to give uh compliment on that. remi -- bill, can you do your
12:37 am
failed accused bit one more time? >> no. >> and this time can you do it shorter and effectively? >> that was not a bit. it is true. she filming a movie in canada. that was breaking news. >> and in closing, dana vachon, i love your comment, iran really gets me down. my god is that a unique perspective. you march to the beat of a different drummer. my hat is off to all of you. >> thanks, joe. >> welcome to the "red eye" roast apparently. coming up, can the piggy back bandit be stopped? god i hope not said somebody who was definitely not me.
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if children cry should they go bye-bye. they banned the blubbering babies adding a disclaimer that reads in part, quote, gcp is proud of the reputation as
12:41 am
a family restaurant. unfortunately a number of diners posted unpleasant experiences because of crying and unsupervised children. to ensural diners have an enjoyable lunch we ask they tend to their tots outside. most were okay with the quirky rule up to a point. >> i can understand if they say i want to say the here and relax. i can understand how it would inconvenience other patrons. but i give them a pass if they are under 3. >> i'm way over 3 and i burst into tears all the time. ageism. regardless this sounds like a story being cooked in a kitchen i call -- >> lightning rooooouuuu in d. lightning round. >> anthony as someone without kids this sounds awesome, doesn't it? >> it sounds fantastic. i can't stand little kids crying in a restaurant or
12:42 am
aircraft is another horrid place. if i want to see horrific parents and crying children, i will watch a toddlers and tierras. lie like you watch every week -- >> like you watch every week. >> is this unfair? kids sometimes cry. >> yes, kids sometimes cry. >> it takes two. >> look, disclaimer, i have no children yet. but i think there is nothing wrong with this rule. if you go to the movie and your kid starts crying you would take that child out of the movie theater. if you are in a courthouse, as i am in almost every day, if your child starts crying you take them out of the courtroom. i think the same thing should hold true in a restaurant. i don't see the harm in allowing everybody dine in peace. >> we get it, you are a lawyer and have a law degree. whatever. could this discourage families from going to restaurants? >> hopefully. all right i asked a question and i got an answer. >> bill, what do you do when one of your six i will legitimate daughters starts
12:43 am
acting up in a restaurant? >> i tell them shut the f up or the bouncer won't let us in. i don't go to restaurants. i go to clubs, andy. if they can't get me in, they serve no purpose. i am always looking ought for number seven. >> yes. next topic. a 28-year-old washington man has been banned from high school sporting events due to his compulsion to make athletes give his 5 foot 8 frame a piggyback ride after victories. sheer win, aka, the piggyback bandit, his usual mo is to off tore help the team with towels, water or creepy massages, and then once the game is over he begs for some shoulder. honestly the weirdest thing is how many times the players have complied. when reached on cell phone he had this to say, quote, i prefer not to comment, if that's okay. yes, it is fine to jump on a guy's back, but you don't want to comment. that makes sense. dana, on a scale of one to
12:44 am
american hero how much do you love this guy? >> as long as we can produce a piggyback bandit, we are fine. >> remi, is it even remotely possible this is not some kind of deviant behavior, and maybe he really likes piggyback rides. >> i would not be the best person to answer that, but i think the answer is probably no. i have had clients who have done far less with children who get arrested and needing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. this guy better watch out. >> you are shopping yourself out for the piggyback bandit. i can't believe you right now. don't call her piggyback. >> after the game they found him in a saw lewded immediate -- secluded meadow with the bodies of two small girls and he thought -- they thought he killed him, but he was trying to bring them back from the dead which was apparent when locusts flew out of his mouth. >> the pig gay mile. the piggy mile. >> he asked for piggybacks and he went and climb owed one
12:45 am
dude's shoulders. does he need to be put away? >> years ago this would have been a newsreel thing. he sure loves it the team. >> now we look at everything like it is some kind of pervert. i do think he is some kind of pervert. >> but you celebrate that fact. >> i do celebrate perv-osity. >> bill, you are the same height as sherwin. you are a 10th of his weight. it would be easier for you to get piggyback rides. >> i do it less for sexual gratification, but more because i am lazy. but you finally said something smart after five years on "red eye." mascot. we saw two problems with one freak. that team needs a mascot. they are in wisconsin. they can't afford one. what we should do -- >> they are washington state. >> washington or wisconsin,
12:46 am
one of the w's. they are all poor. what you do is you make him the piggyback mascots. he has the head of a pig and the rest of the body is a mascot and you put him over the shoulders of the guys after they win. he gets to have fun and the audience gets to have fun. kits don't know they are looking at a perv and everybody wins. >> sounds like a shot from "the shining." >> i don't feel like everyone wins in that. i feel like some lose really badly. >> derosa will check that for us. last topic, the internet has been set a blaze over a recent 116-40point drubbing featuring two hall teams in wisconsin raising questions over the universal definition of mercy, sports man ship and gender norms. that last one is a personal question. said the losing coach, quote, they had more dunks in the first half than we had points. you don't need full court appreciator and fast break drills when you are ahead by 51 at the half.
12:47 am
counter the triumphant coach, quote again, i don't apologize for anything. i would do it again, but this time i would score 130 or 140. i like a man who apologizes for nothing. anthony, is this guy a jerk or did he teachers and the losing team a available lifeless son? >> this is something that is happening a lot these days. there is no losers, especially in a child sports little league and whatnot. they will pull the good players off a team if they are trownsing the other team. it teaches them. you will get crapped on, kids. enjoy. have fun in the world. it stinks. >> you played tennis in high school, i believe. >> yes. >> you can't run up the score in tennis, but what do you think of what this coach did? >> i don't have a problem with it. i agree with anthony. >> the people are monsters. >> kids are treated like delicate little flowers. and i know we need to be supportive, but they have to learn the lesson that there will be a winner and there will be a loser when you play
12:48 am
a sport, a match, a game, whatever it is. they are learning how to deal with the loss and that's part of growing up and part of the sport. show them you are better. >> i grew up with competition, and i ended up with horrible anxiety. >> i don't think it proves your point. dana, thoughts? >> in china during the cultural revolution -- no, this sippetting. they didn't keep individual statistics in the basketball games. all that mattered was that the team won. i don't know that has any bearing on this, but it is an interesting basketball-related fact that tells us there is something about the individual in the collective that could be a plus. >> that was perfect. >> that was the best nonanswer ever. >> but we learned something. >> bill, do you believe you need a mercy rule for every aspect of your so-called life you sue pied little freak? >> not a freak. >> not a question from begin toing resulting end -- from
12:49 am
beginning to insulting end. two in one sentence. i would say this. you don't do the mercy rules for the kids. you do it for the parents. these are not like paid tickets c and you can leave a game if it is awful. these parents had to stay there because their kid is on the floor. after a shalacking you want to go home. stop it. this is why i don't go to any of my daughter's games nor do i pay for their equipment. >> parents should know if their kids blow. >> they knew by half time. eat the orange slices and go home. >> look, i agree with everything about the competition and if one team is better than the other team, that's great. but report you supposed to learn sports man ship and isn't there something unsports man like of running up the score? >> you are teaching -- you should be teaching lessons, some kind of moral virtue and in life if you go about trownsing people when you don't have to you will make
12:50 am
enemies and you won't go as far. >> and one day the trownser is the trownsy. >> name of your new self-help book. >> it is time to take a break. first, admire this wide shot of our temporary studio.
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can you please use it in a sentence. joy in gail had not seen the haron slide down from the tree -- >> heron. >> what is the word again? >> heron. >> hairink. >> haro. >> haro. >> hair line? >> heron. >> hair one. >> heron. >> heron. >> please repeat the word heron. >> please give me the definition. >> a waiting bird that has a long neck and legs and long tapering bill with a sharp point and sharp cutting
12:55 am
edges. >> heron. >> heron. >> why didn't he just ask her to spell it? that would have solved everything. >> that was painful. >> anyone have anything to say about that? >> i liked everything about it. >> anything from the history of the indian revolution that might apply? >> it shows how inadequate language is. >> and yet we still need it to get laid, don't we? >> sort of like how hug gee bear. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from joe derosa. to see clips from recent shows go to fox eye.
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don't forget to watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time and 11:00 p.m. pacific time. a new "red eye" returns.
12:59 am
martha mccal will you please and -- mccallum and andrew wk. >> it is time to go back to joe derosa for the post game wrap up. oh, joe. >> oh, andy. remi, when can we see you on the willis report? >> thanks for asking. it will be wednesday afternoon 5:30 with gerri willis. the willis watchdog segment. >> you are welcome for asking. anthony, tell me about your upcoming vacation. >> well, as we were saying here among ourselves. ourselves i hate people and i hate leaving my house so i am going on a cruise which should be a lot of fun. i hope the captain wants to go hitting garbage pales along the coast while we go. i like the italian cruise thing. the whole tipping over. i hope that happens. cruises would be great if the ship halfway sinks. >> very good. dana, what is going owi


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