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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>> now fresh pick, from the political grapevine. tens of billions of your tax dollars are wasted annually on duplication and overlap in dozens of federal programs according to the government accountability office and the gao also states that nearly every department of the executive branch has room for improvement. republican senator tom coburn says that taxpayers are getting burned on even mundane items like potato chips. the oklahoma republican points to a $50,000 grant to a private potato chip company so it can raise brand awareness and consumer knowledge. at the same time, dozens of other federal initiatives are promoting healthy eating and specifically discouraging the consumption of snacks like potato chips. you're also footing the bill for a new soccer field for
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guantanamo bay terrorism detainees. and what are highly compliant detainees live in a communal setting and the recreational center is constructed so detainees will have access 20 hours a day in addition to two already existing recreation fields, a military spokesman says outdoor activities help reduce behavior problems at the camp. finally, the american mustache institute says its tax credit proposal, we told you about last week, is being referred to a committee up on capitol hill. the organization says maryland republican congressman rosco bartlett has apparently passed allow to allow critical hair expenses, ways and means committee for study. if passed a tax credit of $250 annually to cover mustache maintenance.
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hour top story at the bottom of the the hour, voters in arizona and michigan are participating in a pair of crucial, crucial presidential primaries at this hour. the contest kicks off an eight day period that will allocate more than 500 delegates to the the g.o.p. nomination convention. while mitt romney and rick santorum battle it out there. newt gingrich is working in his home state ahead of super tuesday. shannon bream is live in carrollton, georgia, good morning. >> reporter: hi, bret. newt gingrich said it's imperative each candidate win his home state so he's been pouring money and time to make sure it happens for him here in georgia. newt gingrich. though he readily admits he won't score big in michigan tonight, that isn't stopping newt gingrich from going after the man who was born there, and is looking to eke out a victory, mitt romney. today, gingrich tried to paint the former massachusetts governor as someone with big money friends and a limited vision for the future.
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>> and somebody in chattanooga said to me this morning, romney was the kind of guy who would have fired christopher columbus. i believe in the bible. without vision, the people perish. . >> reporter: the gingrich advisors took their beef with the romney campaign to newspaper publishers and executives today, authoring a letter asking them to crack down on romney ads they say are full of falsehoods. quote, we ask you to protest a candidacy and a campaign without a conscience, a way of politics that's left unchallenged could corrupt our electoral process and democratic system for a generation. the candidate is looking ahead to next week, which could make or break his 2012 presidential ambitions. >> with your help, we can win next tuesday. winning next tuesday movers us toward tampa in a big way. georgia is the biggest group of delegates up on super tuesday, so this is a big deal. and it really, really matters. >> gingrich will face
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significant challenges on super tuesday, because he failed to get on the ballot in virginia where he now lives, only romney and paul are on that ballot and a group supporting gingrich has sent out e-mails asking folks to vote for ron paul, limiting the delegates that romney will pick up. bret. >> bret: shannon bream live in georgia. thank you. rain paul has been campaigning in michigan and will hold his party tonight in virginia, ahead of that important super tuesday event where he is on the ballot. and mitt romney is on the ballot and as shannon mentioned, no one else is. pentagon officials say some partial remains of 9/11 victims were sent to a landfill. incinerated and unidentified remains from the people were killed during the attack on the pentagon and the crash of an airliner in shanksville, pennsylvania. the report comes from a committee looking into an alleged mismanagement at the military's mortuary at dover, delaware. interpoll says 25 suspected members of the loose knit
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anonymous hacker movement have been arrested in a sweep across europe and south america, this is coming in in the past hour. arrests in argentina, chile, colombia and spain. and we'll talk about the importance of today's michigan and arizona primaries when the allstars join me after the break. they're all like, "hey, brother, doesn't it bother you that no one notices you?" and i'm like, "doesn't it bother you you're not reliable?" and they say, "shut up!" and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking.
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>> i want to get as many delegates as i can get and i'm hoping i end up with more delegates than anybody else. at this stage it looks like that's the case. >> what a big day this is going to be and i'm predicting wool we'll surprise a lot of people in michigan. >> and romney was saying, boy, if somebody came in to see him with ideas like that he'd fire them. and someone in chattanooga says romney is someone who would have fired christopher
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columbus. >> i know we're going to do well and get some delegates. >> bret: that's what it's about, delegates. two states voting today and tonight we'll get results from michigan and arizona. it's a big test in the g.o.p. race. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes writer for the weekly standard. juan williams, columnist with the hill. and rich lawrie editor of the national review. rich, how big a deal is tonight and put it in perspective what we're seeing on the ground in michigan. arizona headed in, mitt romney was expect today do well, what about the battle in michigan? >> well, michigan is huge, especially for mitt romney, in retrospect might have been safer for him to dehe fine his home as massachusetts and leave it that. if he loses even narrowly, no explanation and another bout of people chattering about someone else getting in the race and worry about fund raising drying up and it would really hurt him going into super tuesday, especially in ohio and he could be looking at a super tuesday where he's only going to win vermont,
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massachusetts virginia and maybe idaho. which is not a real strong position for a front runner to be in. so, mitt romney really needs to put a w on the board tonight. >> bret: one of the interesting developments, juan, today, was the romney campaign and the candidates speaking out about this robo call, that senator santorum's campaign has put out, trying to attract democrats, take a listen and then the reaction. >> on tuesday, join democrats who are going to send a loud message to massachusetts mitt romney by voting for rick santorum for president. this call is supported by hard working democratic men and women and paid for by rick santorum for president. >> that's a dirty trick, it's outrageous to see rick santorum team up with the obama people, and go out after union labor in detroit and try and get them to vote against me. >> when he runs a robo call of my voice from four years ago, saying good things about him,
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that was not a low moment and when i run a call basically saying, calling democrats eligible to vote here, to vote for us. >> bret: now, before i get to you, juan, about this and what you think about it, here is what senator santorum said about open primaries last month. >> we want the activists of the party, the people who make up the backbone of the republican party to have a stay who our nominee is as opposed to those who don't identify themselves as republicans picking our nominee, i don't like that, i believe that the state should only allow republicans to vote for republican primary. it's the republican nomination not the independent nomination or the democratic nomination. >> bret: he's had a change of heart there, juan. >> i think so. and evident he's trying to win and you know, there's not i'm sorry in hardball politics. what's interesting and mitt romney's team made this point today. they both he opposed to the
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automobile bailout. so, for rick santorum then to be advertising in this it robo call that mitt romney was the opponent of the bailout, that to me is madness. now, the santorum people come back and say, well, really what's happened here is that mitt romney opposed the auto bailout, but supported the financial bailout on wall street and that rick santorum was consistent in opposing both of them. but, i think in terms of the call, that's not explicit, it's not made apparent so what you get is, i think, a very much, you know, under the table type of tactic being used, at least in terms of the content. you know, robo call, i'll leave that up to the politicians and the second thing to say, of course, that mitt romney had a tremendous advantage in terms of advertising in the state. and i think that that's what has driven rick santorum to these extremes. >> bret: what about this call, its impact, democrats and independents. >> well, look, anytime that voters are eligible to participate in a primary, candidates are going to try to
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get them to participate. i think that's true of every politician everywhere at any time. >> bret: despite what senator santorum said a month ago. >> look, there's a clear contradiction in what senator santorum said. it's clear they'll try to get voters out. i think that romney's team was very smart to make a big deal of this. they hit it hard as soon as it it came out and i think they were smart for a couple of reasons. the one, it could have had an affect on driving people in michigan to the polls, to oppose this tactic, if they didn't like that rick santorum was quoting democrats, they thought it was dirty pool as romney argued, it could have driven people who might have otherwise stayed home. the second, if mitt romney were to underperform, not to win. he has a ready made excuse, look, rick santorum went out and tried to get democrats to vote and could have had an effect on the ultimate outcome here and not how we should conduct ourselves as republicans. >> those are good points on
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this, what i didn't like about romney, he sounded whining. this time he was complaining process and tactics. and look at exit polls, appears to be some mischief making that really it go on, when rick santorum is winning both the strongly support and the strongly opposed tea party vote. something's not quite right. >> bret: right, and so, and the other irony, juan. in the general election, whoever the g.o.p. nominee will be, they'll need to court independents and democrats in a place like michigan, or ohio, to be able to win a state like that? >> in a big way and that's kind of become the theme of this campaign is that, you see romney, no matter how it plays out tonight, driving away a lot of those voters. and that's just not good for the republican brand. and certainly not good for romney. i'm taken by exactly the kind of thing that we're seeing, that people who said, identify themselves as very conservative went for santorum, but also people who identify themselves as liberal. it's moderate to somewhat
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conservative people who are going for romney. >> santorum is the uniter, juan. >> is that it? who knew? >> let me ask you about ron paul. you know, he's had some campaign stops and well attended campaign stops and some big, big events in michigan. what about his strategy and what he's trying to do? >> yeah, i don't know what his strategy is there. i mean, it's highly unlikely that he's going to pick up delegates despite the fact that he said he thinks he's going to, because he's got to win congressional districts in order to do so. so, i thinks' not likely to do it, you know, there are people who are saying he's there to sort of reinforce the case that mitt romney has been making against rick santorum. you know, that's possible, they've been doing it, you know, ron paul's been echoing the romney indictment of santorum in other ways, i don't know what he's doing. >> last thing, newt gingrich, he's down in georgia, he was down in tennessee and obviously, the southern strategy, putting a lot on washington and super tuesday.
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>> yeah, i think he's right, that it's very important to win your home state, but you can't only win your home state, and in a strategy at this point seems to be a version of what was santorum's after south carolina and florida, which is just hang around, and see if the non, other nonromney deflates and therefore, you go up later. >> bret: next up, should israel give the u.s. advance warning of attack on iran? we'll be right back. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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>> we are committed as israel is, to preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. and we had pursuit of this policy we believe there's time and space at this point to
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allow, to have an effect. >> our cooperation and with the israeli government is full and engaged at every level. >> and carry on a threat to israel, but not only to israel, but to the entire wor world. >> bret: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a delegation arrived in washington this weekend. a high stakes meeting. this as privately they've told the obama administration they will not tell america if israel decides to act unilateral unilaterally attack iran. what about about it, steve. >> i believe the reports, told something, it's inconceivable we will be given that warning, weeks in advance, months in
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advantages, maybe a tip-off right before it happens. what jay karnney said is partly true. our military relationship with israel is strong. the relationship between the elected leaders of the country is in shambles. netanyahu is furious what he's heard from the obama administration, separating the united states and israel on this question and increases the likelihood they'll have to do something and do something alone. >> bret: juan, there's been a stream of u.s. officials headed over to israel, one after another, appearing to try to calm the situation and this is ahead of the visit by the israelis to washington. >> netanyahu's coming here and i think that you have an opportunity and i think we should all be grateful for it, direct face-to-face conversations between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. and the reason is simple, i think the united states has been trying to convey to the israelis, that at the moment, they're looking for signs that the iranians are actually
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engaged in trying to build nuclear weapons, they don't want them to do something on a preemptive basis that would then open the arab world to recriminations that israel had acted too quickly. of course, israel has ever right to say we feel threatened and that's why i think the meeting this weekend will also be about how expressly has the united states said to iran, here are the consequences the united states is willing to get involved, certainly willing to back israel in case israel launches that attack. >> bret: it is interesting, rich, to hear all of this back and forth, about a possible attack by israel and how far or how close they may be to actually doing it? >> yeah, well, there are a couple of things going on here. one, it makes sense, they won't tell us. one, at the end of the day we want deniability if they do this. and there's a divergence of interest and capabilities. for israel it's exessential
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threat and if they delay this, soon to be be beyond their capability presumably. we have time to play with, but the israelis don't want to wait for us in 13 or 14. and the way that u.s. intelligence agencies are considering this problem is ridiculous where they're saying that the iranians haven't yet made a decision to pursue a bomb when they're doing every single think that you would do in advance of pursuing a bomb. it's like looking at someone going into their garage with all the parts for a car, and the blueprint for a car, but saying, we're not going to say you've decide today build a car until he puts a cash rater in it. >> and haven't we heard that before. and come out of a war, certainly, they have weapons of mass destruction. >> i think what we're going to do is make the opposite mistake, usually we've underestimated how far people are in their nuclear and weapons of mass destruction programs, and in iraq we happened to make the opposite mistake. i fear we're overadjusting the other way. >> bret: steve, we've talked many times about the difficulty of the mission
3:55 pm
because a lot of iran's areas, nuclear facilities are underground. >> right. >> bret: in mountains. would israel be able to pull off something that could even delay iran's nuclear program without u.s. help? >> well, i think the short answer is yes. but this goes to rich's point. this is a question about capability and there's no question if the united states were acting with israel that we would expand their capabilities and expand our capabilities and i think the concern amongst some in the u.s. intelligence community is that the obama administration is making distinctions that nobody else in the world anywhere will make if this happens. it's not as if the israelis attack, people in that region, the iranians will think the united states nothing to do with it. the assumption will be that we were with them despite the obama administration a separating it down the line. >> bret: and. >> virtual certainly. >> secretary 70% chance sna it it could change the entire
3:56 pm
dynamic world picture that that happens. >> yeah, given what's going on in syria, it could change it in a very dramatic world war iii type way. >> bret: thank you very much. that's it for the panel and stay tuned for a preview of tonight's primary coverage. keep it here on fox. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your ruy nose. [ deep breath ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! we want to protect the house.s. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save.
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>> bret: well, please join us right back here tonight for the results of the michigan and arizona primaries. i will be sitting alongside megyn kelly as always. we will get analysis from chris wallace, karl rove, joe trippi and others. live updates from arizona and others. mike tobin, shannon bream, you name it they are out there. our coverage begins 9:00 p.m. eastern time. could be an interesting night especially in michigan. looking at those exit polls already. we will be following everything. thanks for inviting us into your home


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