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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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if you rules that let intelligence officers keep tabs on everyone. phone calls. text. e-mails. they are no longer private. we will tell you where this could become law. are airlines getting better in a new report claims when it comes to delays, lost baggage and cancellations, things are looking up. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel, oakland, california, at least six people are reportedly shot. one reportedly killed at a christian medical school in northern california. oakland police have not immediately returned claws but our reporter is live at the newsroom. i believe is following this story for us. what do we know? >>reporter: still a very active crime scene with the shooter on the loose. authorities saying they believe he may still be inside the
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school where the shooting took place less than an hour and a half ago, a small private school. according to the website they offer studies in theology, music, nursing and asian medicine and indicator to korean students. according to a report in the san francisco chronicle, one of the victims says they knew this shooter from a nursing class and according to the chronicle, police are now looking for a korean man in his 40's with a heavy build wearing khaki clothing. at least six to eight people have been shot. possibly two people shot in the head. and one fatality has been confirmed. ambulances are on the scene. local reports have known gurneys wheeled in and out. three victims have been taken away to nearby hospitals. a heavy police presence is seen because the shooter has not been apprehended. this is in an area of old warehouses, an industrial
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section of oakland. not too far from the oakland airport. we are waiting to confirm reports on the alleged suspect in this case. a korean man. in his 40's. with a heavy build. wearing khaki clothing. >>shepard: i am getting more information i will share from the san francisco chronicle. they saying that this happened inside a classroom, that someone, one person, was killed when the gunman opened fire. we don't know if the gunman burst into the classroom or already in the classroom. maybe a student. or something else. we know that according to the san francisco chronicle it happened at the university that is 7850 edgewater road in oakland, california, at 10:40 a.m., local time, an hour and 20
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minutes ago. four bodies inside the school were covered with tarps. and rescue workers removed four other bodies as the chronicle describes on the stretchers. highland hospital is reporting they are treating four victims. students continue to evacuate the building. more than half an hour later. but at this point live from kgo television it appears that most of those inside, if not all of them are out. police have taken up position around the building. officers smashed in the glass doors with hammers and rushed into the building. at that point we did not know exactly where this shooter is. could the shooter be contained? yes. or gotten away? that is a possibility. police have warned the public to stay away from the area. and described gunman as asian,
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in his 40's, with a heavy build and khaki clothing. and a woman who is 52 is quotes as saying, from the area, she was doing errands in the industrial complex and saw a young won leaving with blood coming from her arm and crying. she said "i've been shot, i've been shot." a quote from the "chronicle." while she waited for medical attention the woman said the shooter was a man in her nursing class who rose up during the class and shot one person at point plank range in the chest and started spraying the room with bullets. the 52-year-old woman said the victim told her "he looked crazy but they never knew how far he would go." according to the woman who was in class with the alleged gunman
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who was a student in the class, that "she said he always looked crazy all the time." the victim "had a hole in her right arm the size of a silver dollar with blood coming from it," according to the website the university offers classes in religious studies, and music, nursing, and korean descent classes. all the reporting is a direct read from the san francisco chronicle as we wait on information of our own. and our correspondent has more. trace? >>trace: this is a medical school. they have a last korean students, christian school, and we are told this happened in the acupuncture clinic at this school which makes sense because they deal in asian medicine. and to add on top of the reporting you gave the cbs affiliate is saying, again, to give back up to the san francisco chronicle, there are a number of bodies inside the
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classroom that have been covered with tarps in addition to a body taken outside of the classroom. with exact numbers unclear at this point but at least four other people have been now transported to various hospitals. the oakland police are telling us at one point they used armored vehicle to go into the campus and on campus to rescue some of the students because they believed the shooter was still active inside the building and as far as we can tell at this point, five minutes after 12:00 noon on the west coast, there is still an active shooter inside and you can see by the behavior of the police they believe that to be valid because you have the swat teams. they are behind their armored vehicles. the word is the shooter is still active inside. we do not know the type of when he has or if he has more than one weapon. but there have been reports that
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he is not alone in the part of the building he is in. but, police have not confirmed that and oakland miss have their hands full. we are doing more reporting on this as we get more information about where the shooter is located, and how many people might still be in or around the building. we will get those numbers to you as fast as we can. >>shepard: thank you, from kgo and police are confirming the gunman remains at large last reporting of the fox reporter, matt keller, who has been on the scene giving the initial reports. the suspect is described as male, asian, heavy build, wearing khaki clothing. anyone that sees information with this description call 9-1-1. or 510-777-3321. what in the world would spark a man to do something like this is
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beyond our comprehension at the moment. we know according to reporting of witnesses inside the classroom at the time, this alleged gunman was a student in the class, and class was ongoing, 10:40 a.m., an hour and 40 minutes ago or so, and all of a sudden, as described the man just rose up out of his seat, took a weapon out of some kind, we don't know what kind, and shot a student in the classroom at pointblank range and to hear from a witness, and i am sure you know from following breaking news over the years sometimes the stories change but the first report we got from a woman bleeding from the arm with a silver dollar size wound, saying he fired pointblank at one guy and started spraying the room. at some point police were called and from our oakland television
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station, we are getting the first call came in from ktvu, fox 2, at 10:50 a.m., an hour and 19 minutes ago, and at that point we don't know exactly where the gunman went. police have not been able to determine or have not shared with the news media whether he is still on the campus or if he has gotten off the campus, the man described by authorities as asian many, heavy build in khakis. he is still at large. the police have informed us the moment he is apprehended they will let us know. they hope people remain clear the area and anyone who see as man who fits that description they ask those people come forward, call the local 9-1-1 or whatever and we are watching, the swat team is on the team at school and waiting for further reports at the seen our lawyers are with us, and the early going of operations like this are critical, sometimes the stories
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you get are wrong, and sometimes prescriptions are wrong, who expects to be in a classroom, suddenly a fellow student has been described thus far, prayers up and just starts shotting at people. now, one other thing we aren clear about, the reporting of the san francisco chronicle, and they are very good, the reporting them is there were "bodies on the floor covered in tarps but other bodies were taken out on stretchers." do they use the word "bodies," because they do not know if they are male or female? when we say the word "body," that is meaning you don't have to use the word "dead." but i am not positive that is what the chronicle does. police say one person is dead. some five or six others are shot. the early going for investigators is very -- well, now a news conference right this
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second. >> this is an unfortunate event that occurred this morning ait bout 10:33, 7850 edgewater, a college, a gunman came in to the college and fired multiple shots. we do have fatalities. i cannot confirm the number of fatalities we have at this time. additionally we have victims and i cannot confirm the numbers. we have set up a perimeter for public safety. that area right now we have medical personnel, we have our officers, as well as our swat team has arrived. they are still evacuating any possible injured or students from the college. this is still a very active and fluid situation. i will updates as events unfold.
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(inaudible). >> i cannot confirm we have arrested anyone in regard to this shooting today. >> is the gunman inside? >> it is unknown. our swat team is conducting evacuation. our priority is evacuation first. if anyone needs medical attention. that is a priority. and then we will conduct a security check of the interior of the building. it is unknown if the gunman is still inside or if the gunman fled. (inaudible). >> i know that officers are talking to witnesses, trying to gather as much information. this is a very tense situation for everyone. at the same time, we do have s.w.a.t. officers on the team. our priority right now is to take care of the injured and
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make sure they receive medical attention. and, also, locate the person responsible. >> do they know the shooter? >> unknown at this time. >> we interviewing the witnesses. trying to determine if this person is known to them. it is still very early on. again, right now our priority is to take care of the injured and make sure the area is secure. (inaudible). >> it is likely. we do not have a shooter. the shooter is still at large. that's one of the priorities we are looking at, to make sure the shooter, we catch him as soon as possible if anyone has any conversation, contact the oakland police department. any information is helpful. >>shepard: authorities in oakland, california, with the
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grim news that more than one person has died. multiple fatalities but we don't know how many. we got pictures from our local fox station, and they have still pictures, it appears, of people being wheeled." you cannot tell the extent of the damage here but you can see, here, that this man has been bloodied up badly. we believe this to be a man, hooks like a man to me. authorities are on the scene and we know this is the latest reporting from ktvu, one person dead and multiple shot. to the lawyers, we spoke about this matter of bodies on the floor, san francisco chronicle reporting four people covered in tarps and four more taken out. this sounds like we are on route for a horrifying day not bay area. >> so unfortunate. talking about bodies and tarp and faces are covered that
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signals the individuals are dead. you do not know where the shooter is? get the injured folks out immediately. and focus in on where the shooter might be. who knows? at this point the shooter may have left the area. >>randy: it give as new appreciation for the fabulous things of the media we can watch the events as they happen, and you have a new appreciation for what lawrence forcement has to deal with even me being a defense lawyer. they are not worried about securing the crime scene but they to find the bad gay, secure the scene and evacuate people who are okay and deal with those who are not okay and deal with the deceased people and do all of this at once. so, it really, it is unbelievable to watch how they manage it. >>shepard: again from the reporting of the san francisco chronicle which has given us the first information of people coming out of the building as this was happening, a
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52-year-old woman from the bay area, was running errands according to her reporting, and was in this industrial complex where the university is located and she saw a young woman, just doing day-to-day chores and a woman coming out of the building, covered in blood from her arm and crying "i've been shot," and the witness said while she was waiting for the medical attention that the woman told her the shooter was a man in her nursing class who rose up in the class, shot one person at pointblank range in the chest and started spraying the room with bullets. quoting the 52-year-old woman who was speaking with a student, she said she, she said he, the gunman, looked crazy all the time. but, they never knew how far he would go. "looked crazy all time." first reporting from the victim, this witness said the victim had a hole in her right arm the size of a silver dollar with blood
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coming down and now we know multiple people have died in the shooting. we have absolutely no idea why this shooting happened. what the motivation might have been. but we know authorities are still, still, still at this moment, looking to fine the suspect who the authorities said, they are not confident, they just don't know whether the man escaped the facility while police were trying to get there. or if this man is holed up somewhere inside the property and that's why you see the authorities in the defensive posture which you see them now, behind the vehicles, waiting to see if anyone, overweight man if his 40's, asian, clad in khaki, wanders out of the place because he is clearly armed and clearly extremely dangerous. i have been going through the numerous affiliated organizations including fox 2, ktvu, in oakland and san
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francisco and they are reporting sever people are dead. because the authorities have confirmed that. and, again, several people have been shot. and injured. one local hospital has four victims being treated. the san francisco chronicle was reporting a short time ago that witnesses saw four bodies covered in tarps. inside that classroom. and four bodies covered in tarp is a quote, and that is according to witnesses who were on the scene at time. so what we have now is a manhunt. and an effort to get people who have been very severely injured to hospitals as fast as, as quickly as possible and a number of authorities hiding behind vehicles outside this university waiting to see whether this man clad in khaki has murder on his mind even still. breaking news coverage on a monday afternoon on "studio b" live in the bay area.
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>>shepard: breaking news now on fox news, ktvu, fox 2, is now reporting up to five people may now be shot and killed at oikos university in oakland or east oakland, california. this is the first video coming to us from fox 2, and our thanks to our fine station there that has been serving the bay area for many decades, the first victims brought out. a local hospital reports they are treating four, four victims. but ktvu reports the number is two. here is the headline for the moment: a possible suspect instead. this is a tweet. a twitter announcement sent out by the oakland police department, a possible suspect
12:23 pm
instead. no idea public safety threat appears to exist in immediate area. so what they saying is we have arrested someone, we are so sure we have arrested the right somebody that we can now report to the people of oakland and surrounding areas that there is no idea safety concern or no immediate threat appears to exist in the area and as a result -- as it relates to safety. they think they have arrested the guy, and they think they arrested him nearby and the reports from channel two, fox 2 news for oakland and san francisco area, as many as five people dead. one confirmed dead. that person was pronounced dead on the scene with a visual witness and the other four are the ones who may have been covered in tarps in the classroom. and another thing before we dip into local coverage, i read the quotes from a witness from the san francisco chronicle who said it was one of our classmates and
12:24 pm
this classmate rose up, we always knew he looked crazy as she reported to another witness on the scene, but we didn't know how far he would go. that is one report. and there is another report coming out from the bay area, as well, that whoever this gunman is, went into the classroom. so, we cannot know whether the woman who did the initial reporting for the san francisco chronicle is correct or the other reporting is correct but the usually stories are often in contradiction to one another at this moment we will just have to wait-and-see but the best news of all is we believe, at least, the in us have tweeted they have a suspect or a possible suspect if custody and police have advised people in the local area there is no immediate threat to safety. that said, we will listen to the fine reporting on fox 2 for bay area, ktvu from oakland, san francisco. >> no word on any motive or any more information about this suspect, exactly who the person is and whether he was a student, his connection with the
12:25 pm
university. again it is important to manufactures this was a very large building as we can see from our like pictures, from the chopper that it would have been a huge building to search, the suspect could have been hidden, and, there was obviously concern for people still inside the building, and we heard early that priority for the police was to safely evacuate people. we did see early people running from the building, jumping in to an armored vehicle with the police, for safety sake, and, obviously with other shootings in the past that has always been a concern that after the initial shooting, the danger may not be over and there could be more incidents and more gunfire and more violence over to deal with. we did hear from highland hospital, the reporter was there and he said confirm two of the injured were brought to that location and she talked to the mother and daughter of one of the victims a 19-year-old student at oikos shot in the arm, but was conscious when she was wheeled to the emergency room. and appeared to be okay.
12:26 pm
we did hear reports of two people shot in the head. and we did get confirmation from police, one person was dead and sources tell us that give people may be killed. they were in a median on the street with tarps over them and we heard two people shot not head and, obviously, several others seriously wounded. >>shepard: this is a trouble development. the initial reporting was that all of shooting happened inside a classroom and we know from the confirmation of police and witnesses that someone was firing off rounds inside this classroom. what we had not been aware of until now that there were other shootings. or it appears. people were seen in the median of a street, killed in the median of a street. we have no information to suggest then went from this university to any median so that can only lead to us believe it is possible now that there was a
12:27 pm
shooting inside the school, the same gunman, because authorities have arrested one suspect and they believe that is the end of the let and there was a shooting inside the building and another shooting in and around a street so we know two people found dead not median of a street, a divided street outside this place and others reported shot, at least. we did not know how many may have lost their likes inside the university. the suspect was picked up in almeda, four, five, six miles away a 10 or 15 minute drive away. you take, from east oak land, you take the 880 freeway to the south and east and that is almeda. and just across the bay is, among other things, the almeda municipal gulf court so he could have gotten half a mile or so or
12:28 pm
he could have gotten to the almeda prop, but, trait, -- at any rate he got apartment maybe the authorities knew from his clothing, or, maybe, and we do not know, we don't have a way to know maybe the shooting spree continued. here is what leads us to say that is a possibility, we know there was shooting inside a classroom. and now we get information people were found dead not median of a secret. which suggests to us not early going here and this could be wrong, but we believe there may have been more than one shooting location. trace it was disturbing to hear that shooting from ktvu which we is gotten from other sources some victims are inside the cool and some are in a median. >>trace: it is confusing. we have no indication there is any reason to believe there were two shoot evening because people have said the shooting happened inside the classroom. we saw graphic pictures we did not show, aerials of tarps
12:29 pm
covering bodies outside of the area. it is our belief the victims may have been taken from inside to outside but, again, that is not confirmed and our fox affiliate is saying they believe that five people have been shot and killed and they believe those were all students inside the building which was an acupuncture class in this medical school, this christian medical school. the acupuncture class, a victim has been there a year and a half and the shooter or at least the suspect was arrested in a ross clothing store parking lot about three miles away from oikos university, and this for contempt, oikos is right near the oakland almeda airport along the water and a warehouse district that is really very near the airport. the shopping center where the suspect was arrested is about three miles away and it is unclear if he ran or drove there
12:30 pm
but he was arrested the better part of an hour and 20 minutes after the all shootings. there was a huge gap of time police had no idea if the shooter was actually still need the classroom and they believed him to be active and inside and they used armored vehicles to go in and around the campus, and rescue students who were running around panicked and the police pulled them out and we saw police officers and swat teams stationened by the vehicles and armored vehicles unclear if the shooter was at large and now we know the shooter has been or the alleged shooter has been arrested and the count right now appears to be from ktvu and the cbs local, and the san francisco chronicle, that five people have been killed, and at least three pore have been shot and wounded. but it is our information right now that there was still only one shooting and it happened inside, but, again, this is very unclear and if the shooter did,
12:31 pm
in fact, flee the building, to almeda where he was arrested this could have been a shooting outside, as well. we are checking our sources. >>shepard: trace in searching around with our different sources and our thanks to our news partners across across the bay area no one has been able to connect the dots between where the shooting happened and where some of the victims were found but to speculate or to sure -- surmise some could have been taken to the street so they could be worked on. this could be, and only "may" be the transport of the alleged suspect to the cop shop there in the oakland area as they work to find out whether he knew any of these people, what his motivation might have been, what he had an accomplice of any kind to get from point (a) to point (b) three miles away where he was apprehended. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the rest of
12:32 pm
the important news of the day on "studio b" when we continue. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ do about medicare and social security... security. that's what matters to me... me? i've been paying in all these years... years washington's been talking at us, but they never really listen...'s not just some line item on a budget; it's what i'll have to live on... i live on branson street, and i have something to say... [ male announcer ] aarp is bringing the conversation
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>>shepard: new video from oakland, california, and the scene of a more-esque shooting at a korean university there i have gotten more information about the university. from the reporting of san francisco chronicle. we are thankful for their help. according to the website of
12:36 pm
oikos university an independent korean school offering undergraduate courses in ministry, bible studies nursing and music, and it is not accredited with the department of education but the california bureau for private postsecondary education has approved the school to teach seven degree-granting programs: bachelor in bible studies and music. master's in divinity. music. and asian medicine and associate degree in nursing and doctor rat in medicine. the website says they trainmen men for "christian leadership both lay and clerical." it is not clear how many students attend the school or the size of the facility but it is so often the case in breaking news especially events like this, they unfold before our eyes but we see things and cannot hear, the numbers are all over the place. this are reports of two dead and
12:37 pm
six injured and up to five dead. it appears the numbers are less important than the reality the gunman is believed to be in custody, a suspect is in custody. authorities have reported there is no imminent threat in the community at all at this moment and we believe what we saw was video of the police taking suspect to the oakland police department, and hopefully we will learn more exactly what went down today and why. we know two novembers were seen covered and having died, listen to this live report. >> the shooting happened in one classroom or multiple classrooms? >> we don't know. the information i received was it happened in a classroom. i don't know if it happened in more than one. if he was shooting on the way out. these are all details that will become available later in the day. the police department say they will hold a press conference to let more of the information out.
12:38 pm
they are still putting everything together from witness accounts and obviously very distraught people would were in the willing who watched the gunman open fire. when we saw the people come out they were all bloodied. one had a bullet hole in the arm. so, this was, just, a very distressing emotional time for folks would witnessed this. you go to school to learn and someone walks in with a gun. so some very frightening moments for the folks and we can feel and sense that this morning. after 10:30. >>shepard: firsthand reporting from ktvu and fox 2. the reporter, and i apologize i don't know the name of the reporter, but the reporter has been there since 10:30 and half past noon and details are still coachy. she reiterated what we have said, there is no way to know if
12:39 pm
the man continued shooting whether it was confined to one classroom or multiple and the reporter indicates we will get more from authorities later in the afternoon. there have been multiple fatalities, confirmed by police, and we know the gunman is said to be in custody and if possible the lockdown is over and authorities are processing the scene as they work to get folks to the hospital and need assistance and fox will have continuing coverage and we will let you know what the day has brought tonight on the fox report at 7:00 eastern 4:00 on the west coast. more details are coming about what happened the night george zimmerman killed trayvon martin. this is the story from central florida capturing the nation's attention. according to dispatch record evening, rescue workers canceled the request for a second ambulance to take george zimmerman, the shooter, to the hospital. someone said that contradicts
12:40 pm
george zimmerman's claim that said he was fighting for his life. and abc news has released a professionally enhanced version of the surveillance video from the video of george zimmerman and they took the video and got a screen grab, enhanced it and came up with this showing red marks on the back of his head. so, there you go. could that support the story? it could. do we make judgments? no. we are not. there is another twist. remember the 28-year-old shooter, claims he was screaming for help on the 9-1-1 recordingst remember that? listen. >> 9-1-1, do you need police or medical. >> maybe both. this is someone screaming outside
12:41 pm
>>shepard: the question is who was yelling for help? well, now, two leading voice identification experts have analyzed the audio for the orlando sentinel newspaper and those experts have concluded that it is not george zimmerman screaming for help. finding out what a trayvon martin scream sounds like is impossible. in sanford, florida, this went down five weeks ago and we hear from the shooter's lawyer today. steve? >>reporter: the lawyers on both sides talking for george zimmerman his attorney says that if there is a warrant for george zimmerman's arrest there is no need for a manhunt, that george zimmerman is in contact with the police and they know where he is. she cooperating. he will turn himself in, if necessary. attorneys for trayvon martin's family have asked the justice department to look into reasons why the local prosecutor filed no charge again the admitted shooter in the first seven days
12:42 pm
when he controlled the case. >>shepard: where does the case go from here? >>reporter: well, it is troubles to a lot of people to see where it could be headed. you have increased numbers of outraged protesters, and their numbers are growing pushing for a single demand. the arrest of george zimmerman. and immediately. the special prosecutor in charge of the case says any rush to make an arrest before her investigation is complete would legally be a mistake. >>guest: we have laws in the state that you can only hold a person for a certain amount of time before they have to be released from jail and that is why when there is an intensive investigation you would not necessarily rush to arrest. >>reporter: there have been no official statements when the investigation is expected to be finished. >>shepard: steve, thank you from central florida this afternoon. >> breaking news coming from the
12:43 pm
bay area in california. authorities have just confirmed the early reporting of our station tkvu for san francisco and the bay area, five people now confirmed by authorities having been killed this the school shooting at the korean university in east oakland, california, and, the possible suspect picked up a few miles away in almeda, california, and, from the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearms in washington, a spokesman telling our team that the a.t.f. is on the scene and the possible suspect is in custody but they have not yet found the weapon used. the a.t.f. is there because they have jurisdiction over violent acts and including the ability to trace firearms that could be recovered. sos now, confirmed by authorities, five people murdered. today. in east oakland, california, at the university. authorities still working to get treatment to all who need it. folks have been rushed to the
12:44 pm
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>> lawmakers in great britain announce they want to allow one intelligence agency there to monitor all phone calls texts and e-mails of all citizens. not just people under formal investigation but everyone. the police now can monitor everyone. the agency would need permission but critics say the proposed law would increase the power of the british police and intelligence agencies. under the new law, investigators could examine phone and online records to see who folks are contacting and for how much time. agents could track anyone anywhere in the united kingdom. and jonathan hunt is with us. how would this work? >>jonathan: they want access to everything you do online, all color e-mails, all the social media and what this new law
12:48 pm
would do is require internet service providers to install the systems which essentially harvest what is called pocket data, and that with mean they could see what websites you visit, without are talking to, any time online. according to a home office spokesman, and the intelligence armies they need to do this because "it is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public. we need to take action to maintain the continued availability of computations data as technology changes," so the point being they have the laws if place for cell phones all right, and now they have to have if you laws to reflect the way people are communicating. >>shepard: but people who care about privacy must be up in arms. >>jonathan: a lost alarm bells are ringing best summed by the
12:49 pm
director of big brother watch saying we "the government has offered no justification for what is unprecedented intrusion into our likes or explained why promises made about civil liberties are being casually junked. the silence from home office person step is deafening and it is remarkable they wish to pry into everything we do online but seem intent on avoiding any public discussion." that is from the director of "big brother watch." he says that this kind law would be more suited for country like iran or china. >>shepard: judge napolitano is with us. so offend when we talk about what someone considers to be invasion of policy or overregulation and over control of the government, so many our viewers are like, well, that is fine but do not let the government regulate anything else, and i never understood how they separate one from the other.
12:50 pm
why not put us in a cage and watch us? >>judge napolitano: great britain is the most wanted country not world. over 500,000 cameras that go 24/7 many in the city with microphones. cameron does not have the executive order and it could be defeated. but if it passes there will be no privacy because they can examine your internet habits without demonstrating a reason. we want to know what jonathan hunt is up to. we don't believe he is doing anything wrong, there is not a bit of evidence he has anything to do with terrorism but we are interested if this guy. give us permission to physical all of hi e-mail habits. that is what would happen if this becomes law. >>shepard: this just in. the supreme court has handed down a major ruling about script
12:51 pm
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>>shepard: the supreme court is ruling that strip sevens are legal if u.s. jails even for minor offenses voting 5-4 against a new jersey man claims his civil rights were violated when he was arrested for "unpaid fine." the legal pan sell back, and the legal analyst and defense attorney randy zelin and andrew napolitano. police have someone arrested and in a facility, and they want to make sure this person does not have con from band, and the authorities make the argument we ought to be able to strip search anyone. >>guest: absolutely. there are thees.
12:55 pm
-- there are diseases, weapons, they could be part of a gang. you have a control population, very few correction officers are patrolling. >>shepard: i didn't pay a fine and you have digits in me. are you out of my mine? >>randy: i cannot have said it better myself. the unpaid fine they strip send the give for and did the digit search he had paid the fine so not only was he going through this for an unpaid traffic ticket but it was a traffic ticket that he had paid. that is a joke. hold on. hold on. hold on. >>neil: until you know you keep yourself out of mile. just saying ... >>randy: wait, wait, wait we talk about individualized justice. we have bail hearings where we treat people as individuals but a guy with an unpaid parking
12:56 pm
ticket is treated like a murderer. >>guest: we are talking safety. safety. safety here. what about weapons or shanks? >>randy: unpaid parking ticket? come on. >>guest: they cannot make the determination. we are talking about split decisions. do you think they want to do that? >>shepard: they could have not locked him up. >>judge napolitano: the case will go back to a trial court because the supreme court opinion is ambiguous and chief reports agreed with the majority and said look at the people as individuals and justice alito said the same thing so we have not seen the end of it. >>shepard: from california, five people confirmed dead by authorities. at least five. swat team going door-to-door with updates as warranted and the dow up 55 points. and in three members neil cavuto will take over to give us
12:57 pm
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