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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 4, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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go to greta and tell us. tell us with a you think about congress, too. good night from washington, d.c.. numbers go by the screen? and not know. >> we'll get back to that we're doing a show. >> greg: i'm the wee wordsmith greg gutfeld. the cute in prosecute. kikimberly guilfoyle. juan williams. sleek greek, anderso greek, and. and the world's lady bug. dana perino. this show is packed tight, so let's do this. in a speech tuesday, president obama hit the g.o.p. budget plan. i bet he thinks the congressional budget is something different altogethe altogether. perhaps a trojan horse. >> this congressional
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republican budget is something different altogether. it is a trojan horse. disguiseed as deficit reduction plans. it's really an attempt to impose the radical vision on our country. it's thinly veiled social darwinism. >> greg: the official cocktail party phrase for libs. even ryan wrote the voters must choose between social darwinism and free society. wonder what he is for. that confuses me. i thought the left was pro-science against darwin. does obama against evolution? maybe he is a flat earther, too. >> they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. >> charter members of the flat earth society. >> charter members of the flat earth society. >> greg: he is so cute when he is repetitive. the old teachers lounge lizard. achievements measured by how much free stuff you get from taxpayers and how many jokes
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he can make. obama criticizing small government is part of a bigger trend. consider all the great americano that's urn fire from the left. they hate our diet. it's too fast. hate our cars, too big. they think the constitution is quaint. south africa's is way better. the supreme court is meddlesome. the economic system, is just too mean. seriously, harness energy from this distaste for western values, who needs windmills? what is what happens when the minds are shaped by starbucks socialist, who think evolution is neat until it applies to them. which is why they stay on campus where survival of the fittest doesn't apply. you know, earlier in the green room, juan told me this was the best monologue i have ever written. >> juan: i'm afraid of darwinism. >> greg: how is this budget plan social darwinism if it's trying to rein in spending
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that is destroying countries like greek. are we taking the tough medicine now as we should? >> juan: not if the president says destroy what is we need to grow. we have to grow the economy. if you can't take away invest in the social structure, education, job training, development businesses. developing new businesses that will prosper in the global economy. if you stop doing those things, it's an invitation to fix it. >> greg: some of those things weren't working. a lot of those things weren't working. >> dana: if anybody has ideas how to grow the economy it's the current president. they didn't even read paul ryan's budget before they went out. a year ago this month, the same thing that president obama gave on tuesday, he gave a year ago, as soon as paul ryan's budget came out. at least this time he didn't invite him to be in the front row and is still sitting in front of the world while he was there. the problem they have with the ryan budget. paul ryan is not a good villain. he never takes a bad picture. he is like the guy who you want as your neighbor.
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he is your favorite son-in-law. he's got good ideas. he is not at all cowed by the president who distorts his record. he says oh, i'll take that and answer it this way. if you have to look at it, no one talks about destroying education or medicare. >> greg: i was. >> dana: what his budget does is preserve programs going forward before we hit a fiscal clip. >> greg: the amazing thing about paul ryan his hairline is no so slow it qualifies as mustache. >> andrea: this is a weird message. if voters run to the polls, because democrats convince them that there is a trojan horse filled with social darwinnists, they are in trouble. they are doing it because the social agenda is falling apart. you went through the platforms that greg voters are saying get weird, why are they meddling in these things? when you look at what paul ryan is trying to do, he is trying to pass a budget. something that the democrats haven't done for over 1,000
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days. and something that the senate that is democratically controlled i would point out rejected when president obama handed them his budget. kudos to paul ryan for courage on this. the president won't address the issue of what he is trying to do so he's demagogueed for it. ridiculous. >> juan: you know my role here in the family. to be the skunk. >> kimberly: republican romper room the other day. >> juan: i love coming to the romper room. who wouldn't? >> greg: it's a club downtown. >> juan: you lead an interesting life. but i must say that in all that we said so far about my pal paul ryan we neglected paul ryan lowered tax rate on corporation and the rich. got about i think it goes down to 25% on the top. 10%. >> andrea: rich would pay higher under his plan. >> juan: no, they wouldn't. >> andrea: they would. >> juan: he has forgotten the talk about lower tax rate to spur economic growth, well, exactly how would this be
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revenue neutral? how would you pay for the tax cut to the rich? he doesn't say. he doesn't say what tax deductions or loopholes he'd eliminate. how is that a responsible budget document? >> greg: okay, let me ask you, kimberly. could you argue that president obama is exercising social darwinism putting off the harsh cuts so we might end up in a situation much like greece, or a road warrior apocalyptic, when we are the survival of the fittest on motor bikes. >> kimberly: he is pushing us down along the path for sure. the comments he made don't help anybody. it stirs up class warfare. he's acting like a cry baby. he is not coming forward with any good ideas. harry reid is not helping at all. they refuse to come up with a budget solution or plan of their own. then they take apart paul ryan which has a lot of positive factors in it. unless he gets his way, he is not going to let anybody else
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play on the playground. he wants to cut the national defense spending. he wants to increase entitlement to the point everybody gets two more hands coming out from behind the back and increase taxes. keep spending, we'll find a way to pay for it. it's not working. >> juan: tax cuts for the super rich is not handout from the rich. >> dana: that's not what the budget does. >> juan: it sure looks like it. >> andrea: the rich would pay more with the tax breaks. they would. >> juan: on lower tax break how is that possible? >> andrea: look through the budget. >> juan: i have the document. >> andrea: they'd pay more than now. >> greg: on the web site unlike the healthcare bill where you know what is in it, you can read this. a photo-clip with jay carney on with bret baier last night. we have the tape. >> all democrats could vote on the budget. they could vote on it tomorrow. they could pass it if they put it on the table. you know that. why doesn't the president do
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that? >> bret, i know that's what you want to make it about. you know the only way in modern day washington to achieve a significant budget compromise is when both parties are willing to work together. >> greg: i don't follow jay carney. he is only 16. >> dana: this is not an enviable position. sometimes when you feel like you're defending the indefensible. thing they complain is republicans put forward president obama's budget for a vote and it lost unanimously. the thing is, they call it a gimmick. they ran the senate for six years. they could do a gimmick, too. pass the president's budget. if you believe in it. let's have gimmick for gimmick. >> greg: i want to talk about the healthcare. justice department has 24 hours apparently to respond to the appeals court order explain if obama understands what judicial activism really means.
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are they going to respond to this at all? they have 24 hours. >> andrea: they have to. the court is smacking down the white house and letting them now you can't do this kind of thing. you know, i think they are letting them know listen, we're a powerful independent branch and we're not to be messed with. think about what this is doing. this is how folks constitutional crisis happen. when one branch undermines the other branch. the court is saying uh-oh, you are not going to mess with us this time. 200 years of precedent. they're asking them to write a brief on marbury versus madison, 200 years of precedent. this is dangerous. >> dana: maybe they should go to the freshman year law school, the first year of law school and pull up the thesis they had to do on it. >> andrea: thesis, didn't he spend $200,000 on legal fees preventing us from reading that thesis, that transcript? >> juan: let me give you a tip. the idea that the justice department, eric holder were so quick to say we'd be
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delighted to respond might indicate they think this court has become so politicized and so harsh and going after the healthcare bill with no basis -- oh, yeah, we can make the case. >> greg: i don't know how this is politicized but answer whatever question you might think you can. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: coming in, look, i think that the president's comments were totally out of line and wow! what a big mistake that they are firing shots like that at the supreme court. it's totally inappropriate. it's as if he is trying to influence the decision and mocking the institution that is one of the foundations that our country is founded with the separation of powers. they have the authority to rule. guess what? mr. constitutional lawyer apparently you don't know so much because you don't realize what you tried to put through, ramrod through with the country here is something that is absolutely illegal. >> greg: didn't he just compete -- >> juan: absolutely legal. how is it illegal? >> greg: four justices weren't on the court --
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>> juan: what matters is that you have appeals court, conservative appeals court who affirmed this individual. >> kimberly: look what happened. >> juan: look at the argument. >> kimberly: i don't look at it at all. >> andrea: why can't the president just wait and be presidential? >> juan: why a court that's become so highly politicized should the president say you're sacrificing your credibility -- >> andrea: he is politicizing the court. >> juan: oh, yeah. ignoring the citizens -- >> greg: turn the car around right now. all right? we got to take a break. coming up, is the race for the g.o.p. nomination over? besides the primary wins for romney last night, the field, santorum stays. is romney ready to go up against president obama? a segment so amazing if it were a chimichanga you would say, "hey, that is an amazing chimichanga." don't forget to e-mail us at ♪ ♪
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♪ join me in the next step toward that destination of november 6. >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." last night was another round of primaries and no, i didn't hear a fat lady sing but a lot of folks, including a major media outlet says it's over. romney swept wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c., prompting commentators to come out and make very, very smart calls on the race. take a listen to last night's coverage. >> i was struck by the santorum speech. he said it's halftime. it's not halftime. it's the fourth quarter, two minutes are left. he is at a time-out. >> you put big party people putting pressure to lead the race. let romney get on with taking on obama. >> i won't be one of the people to say any of them need to get out. being willing to duke it out
11:17 pm
in the arena of ideas and as i said all along, competition makes all of them better. it's good. it's fine. >> andrea: your buddy, charles krauthammer. who says that this isn't halftime. it's the end of the game. i wouldn't even argue, if this is the end of the game, bear with me folks on a sports analogy but say it's a final point. like the super bowl to be kicked. even if they won that, they still wouldn't be able to win the game; meaning, rick santorum. >> dana: for every once in a while in basketball season, in junior high. he lobs it from the other side and gets a three-pointer. no, i know what i am talking about here. i have seen youtube. >> greg: this is enjoyable. >> kimberly: espn. >> andrea: i can't do sports coverage. >> dana: how you thought it was different? i noticed something yesterday. on the primary night speeches the candidates have been surrounded by their family and their supporters. last night, santorum had the
11:18 pm
same thing going on. romney did something different. it was just himself in front of an american flag. a different kind of speech. i felt that that was a pivotal moment. i think the -- i think some republicans are like can we move on. >> greg: the other thing, america doesn't want to hear rick santorum saying it's halftime. it's like you just watch the titanic and they're saying oh, that is part one. no, it's -- we're tired. you should be tired, too. it's time to go. >> andrea: you used to live in pennsylvania. we both lived in allentown. this is what i don't understand about rick santorum. talking out of both sides of his mouth. saying it's halftime but then saying pennsylvania is a must win. a lot of folks are saying he is not going to win pennsylvania. why would he have conflicting messages? >> greg: i think he is like the guy, when you throw a party at your house and the guy that won't leave and he is sitting there while you're cleaning? >> dana: oh, yes. >> greg: i hate that.
11:19 pm
he keeps talking. >> dana: you not making eye contact anymore? >> greg: exactly. just let me clean. >> juan: generally i agree with what you're saying. not even the fourth quarter. this is over. romney is the nominee. but in the polls 49% of the republicans say we don't see it over, we're delighted to see it continue. i'm thinking are you kidding me? one guy who wants to see this thing continue is barack obam obama. he is attacking romney in a way to kill him. romney's negatives, every day, up, up, up. >> andrea: one thing that jumped out the halftime message is one that barack obama used, halftime in america. i don't know why he would do that. don't you think that rick santorum should get out to save face? we heard fox news ed rollins say that the party is going to put pressure on him.
11:20 pm
wouldn't it be smarter to get out now rather than losing your own state and have that be b the final narrative again? >> dana: i totally agree. >> kimberly: that would be embarrassment. he didn't fare well in either contest last night. writing is on the wall, whatever analogy you want to use. be a team player. if you really are interest and invested in taking back the white house and changing the course that the country is going, why wouldn't you get out? romney did. he was a class act. he stepped aside earlier for mccain. ultimately, the numbers, do the math. you know that romney is going to be the nominee. why should rick stay in it at this point? really? >> juan: do you have any doubt that politicians are ego maniacs? this is an ego thing. he lost illinois, ohio, michigan, wisconsin. but he is in fact in the polls ahead in pennsylvania. >> andrea: small margin. >> juan: i don't know where you got that he will lose pennsylvania. though he is under barrage of
11:21 pm
ads. >> andrea: history shows when romney comes in -- >> juan: the ads are going to -- but he wants to say, you know, when he lost by 18 points in 2006. he has now been again reborn in pennsylvania. he has a political future. and secondly he is looking toward taxation and he wants to be vice president. >> andrea: he could be better there and he's not. you'd have to win three of the four delegates going forward. i use the example -- >> juan: it's over. >> andrea: one of us winning "american idol." that's why i keep saying that. >> juan: it's not the game. i'm telling you he wants to be vice president. he wants a prime time spot at the convention hecht wants to be a star in pennsylvania. he wants to go back to the senate. that is what is going on. >> kimberly: she is saying it won't happen. >> andrea: all of us, could we win "american idol"? yes. will we win "american idol" if we enter? probably not. we'd never make it. same thing with him. he's saying this is good for the party. if he keeps doing that, he won't get a v.p. >> juan: i don't think he will get the v.p. position.
11:22 pm
you don't think he shouldn't push? we agree, go home. >> greg: you know, the guys that don't leave the bar, don't leave the bar because they don't know where to go. >> andrea: your house is not an option. santorum, greg says you can't come to my house. all right, coming up. like sands through the hour glass, the solyndra saga continues, america. new revelations about the time that the obama administration gave the u.s. treasury department the now bankrupt solyndra company loan. lucas gets back together with kate. stay with us. on today's "solyndra." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: now your update on your solyndra scandal. i love that graphic. so we have known for a while that the administration is in a little bit of trouble oversolyndra. partly because it's, well, one thing is the f.b.i. is investigating whether or not there was inpropriety if changing the loan principles to help friends before the taxpayers, but also what we found is the treasury department under pressure internal investigation and internal audit. if we pull up what the treasury inspector general said about their ability to review. the consultative rule was not defined, consultation that did occur was rushed. no documentation was retained. there are e-mails to back this up, et cetera. treasury is not the main agency to check that. they were going back for a long time.
11:28 pm
that's one reason that the loan was never approved in the bush administration. because it didn't pass the muster. gets rushed through the obama administration. that is the update. the question i have for you andrea, politically do you think solyndra wa with the great graphic haunts the administration through the end of the election year? >> andrea: i do, every couple of weeks there is a new wrinkle in the story. when you have soaring deficit to hear administration would jam something through recklessly and care so little about it. that i address trojan horses or social darwinism but they don't give us answers on the failed energy projects. not just solyndra. you hear about the new energy companies it hears like every couple of weeks a new one. it builds a narrative. not only does the administration only care about green energy, it doesn't care about the u.s. taxpayers. >> dana: $535 million given
11:29 pm
to solyndra. the treasury department was given 24 hours to review it. if the treasury flags something and you're in infancy of your administration, does it send up a red flag for you to halt -- >> kimberly: absolutely. that is an alert to say let me investigate the situation, properly vet it, go through it. that's what you have an obligation to do. they have it. what this administration likes to do is ignore that. they act like it's a monarchy over there. and then they say let's double down on the investment. recklessly. it's not just with respect to solyndra. but this is consistent. in terms of the way that their administration deals with it. >> juan: i don't know what is so reckless -- >> kimberly: it is reckless. they don't care because it's not their money. >> juan: the alternative energy industry in the country is doing well. especially when the price of
11:30 pm
gas is going up. that's why the bush administration wanted to invest. >> dana: no no, no. that is not what happened. >> juan: they didn't want to -- let me get this straight, they didn't want to invest in alternative energy? >> dana: they did not want this program. didn't want solyndra. >> juan: weren't interested in batteries? >> dana: they did but solyndra is something they said is not -- >> juan: no, they said old hon. >> dana: i was there. >> juan: the obama administration pushed it on a political basis. >> dana: that is why they never approved it. >> juan: they were -- >> dana: juan, i was there. >> juan: there is a record. darren i know what i'm talking about. >> greg: can i say i agree with juan there has been a lot of great news coming out of green energy. what's a disaster for some is good for the peewee golf course industry.
11:31 pm
tall windmills that don't work you can install them on the putting green. silver lining to every dark cloud. >> dana: the reason we know some of this and we have additional oversight done by the congress we have a divided government. without that, you don't get the oversight. people accuse the bush administration that this is a good reason to keep the republicans and democrats fighting against one another so check out things like this. >> andrea: that is the way the founders wanted it. to be able to have government that has the checks and balances. even though we have obama demagoguing congress and now demagoguing the other branch. i agree. the point of energy efficiency, "wall street journal" said energy efficiency. yes people are turning toward it. they don't need the government micro managing it and they don't need the government prodding us to do it. they don't need the government prodding to us do it when it's case of solyndra benefit a
11:32 pm
donor. >> juan: oh, stop. >> dana: that is what is happening. >> juan: when you see the journal, when you see the -- see the germans, chinese, italians and brazilian investing in alternative energy, why shouldn't americans compete? >> kimberly: she is saying it's appropriate and misuse of funds. not vetted. it was pushed through because of the partisan -- >> juan: no. >> kimberly: case closed. >> dana: we'll tell you about a woman who says she is so beautiful it's hard to get through her life. buon "the five." ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nobody! >> juan: that was michael nuter last year. and now, a new law proposed in tennessee picks up on nutter's point, it will force students to do just what he is talking about. pull up their saggy pants. or face punishment. now i'm sur rounded here by a bunch of republicans, libertarian, flame-throwers who no doubt are going to say the minority kids, most of the black and latino kids can walk around with their pants hanging down should be left
11:39 pm
alone. am i right? >> greg: absolutely. before i came to fox, that's how i dressed. >> juan: true. white kids do this, too. the hip ones. >> juan: if i was romney i'd choose nutter as my v.p. i'm telling you -- >> greg: that guy, the more i see it. the fact that obama said the same thing. maybe before he was running for president that pull up your pants. the fact is, saggy pants to me is emblematic of society that vowed to the wishes of kids. go up to a kid and say knock it off. that's stupid. you're not going to get a job. that's stupid. >> kimberly: comb your hair. >> greg: i don't know if it's reflective of gang culture, we have given up and said the generation dressed like that. no one is going to hire you. we don't care. it's depressing. >> juan: it's so sad. putting tattoos on their neck, on their face. the n.b.a. players look like the rappers, the archbishops look like the jail house crowd. the baggy pants, the warden wouldn't give them a belt.
11:40 pm
they look like they just got out of jail. >> dana: isn't that where it came from initially? >> juan: absolutely. >> dana: what i think -- i'm okay with there being a law. if they want a law, fine. but what needs to happen is women, girls like somebody like beyonce needs to say you look like crap. you look short and i'm not into it. that would change things. send a message to get people to pull their pants up. >> andrea: it's not just black and latino kids. >> juan: i said greg used to dress like that. >> andrea: i went to large public school and some of white guys had the pants hanging low. their underwear is showing. if you look at some of them, the belt is below their butt. if a girl did that and she had her underwear hang out in school, she would be suspended. why is it different? double standard. >> juan: let me move on. >> kimberly: if you make a comment about it, not p.c. someone says it's racial. >> juan: this is what greg
11:41 pm
said. who would hire you? who would hire you? >> dana: who would date you? who wants to date you? >> juan: i can't speak to that. we have three beautiful women here but they go out with them. >> andrea: i like a man with a belt. >> juan: now it's illegal to put up a sign that says my dog is lost and i'm looking for my dog. we have a situation here in ohio they want to say that you have to get a permit to put up a sign that says i am looking for my dog. >> andrea: i can't take this anymore. >> kimberly: honestly. i can't take it. you have can't look for your lost pet, cat or dog? you can't put up a tree house. you can't have a lemonade stand. what country is this? who are they serving by overregulating things? i can't take it. it's taking the community out of our neighborhood. i'm done with this. >> greg: you, the thing is by the time you get the permit, the dog is in germany making horrible movies. however, i will say this. there are people, lonely
11:42 pm
people who put up signs, that don't really have dogs and want to meet people. when they call you, you go my dog actually passed away and they take yaw out for coffee. >> dana: have you done this? >> greg: a couple of times. >> dana: i'm a little simp thet wick the city, partly -- sympathetic with the city because you can't just, you can't put a sign like that on a stop sign or something like that. the woman two did this, didn't want to break the law, she wanted to help find her dog. i can understand that. but i do understand also that pamphleteering problem. >> juan: they can't separate it from the commercial enterprise? >> dana: yeah. >> andrea: a better way to do it is for her to go to the private business owners and say can we -- do to my dad's restaurant an say can we put a sign up? we lost our dog. >> juan: they should take it down. after a few days, take the signs -- don't leave the sign there in per tuty.
11:43 pm
>> kimberly: losing a pet is losing a family member. you want to put a sign up. it actually works. >> juan: would you put a sign few you lost me? >> kimberly: yes. >> juan: coming up is brewty really a curse -- is beauty really a curse. >> andrea: you'd come back. >> juan: woof, woof. andrea and kimberly. there is one woman who caused a worldwide fire storm with her column about difficult it is to be good looking. we'll show you her picture. you judge. fair an balanced. you also hear her story next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ crickets chirping ]
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love that song. so do any of you remember this famous line? >> don't hate me because i'm
11:48 pm
beautiful. >> kimberly: all right. that was kelly lebroc in the 1980s,ing can us to not hate her because of her beauty. three decades later, columnist for britain's daily mail is asking the same thing. 41-year-old samantha brick is taking a lot of heat for an article she wrote earlier entitled "why women hate me for being beautiful." she writes "there are downsides to being pretty. women hate you for no other reason than my lovely looks. the only crime left committed is not leaving the house with a paper bag over my head. i can't wait for wrinkles a tend gray hair to blend me in the background." what about her terrible plight? this has had over a million hits. i don't want to come the you. it's really bad -- >> greg: no, no, no no. i totally get what she is saying. none of you guys would understand it. me, every day, i've got to deal with the stares, the cat calls, the c'mons. >> kimberly: the free stuff. >> greg: just sitting me
11:49 pm
here with you guys kind of makes me less attractive. it disgusts me. >> kimberly: bringing you down. >> greg: how hideous you are and brings me down. >> juan: if you hang around with ugly people you look better. >> greg: so they're hanging around with me to up their attractiveness. >> andrea: you are an attractive peoples people-person. >> greg: i am. >> kimberly: he has an -- the article came out and serve writing about it. she is trending globally on twitter. million hits on there. she followed it up with a second article. and now she thinks this is interesting with the see, i'm right. everybody is mad at me now. they're mad at me because i'm beautiful. >> andrea: this is a joke. boo-hoo for the 6'2" blonde. i can't identify with looking like a 6'2" supermodel at all. e has lost friends over there. lost promotions over this. but she gets free bottles of
11:50 pm
champagne and bar bills paid. boo-hoo for you blondie. i don't feel bad for her at all. the hate mail that is coming in. yes, women are jealous. yes, some women are crazy. but this woman is a fool for writing this column. >> dana: the way she wrote it and responding to it, reminds me of democrats, because she wins either way. if you criticize her for writing the piece, you are jealous. if you support her, then you understand and annoying as she is. one of the things she writes is she is upset because she is not ever asked to be a bridesmaid. i don't think she is all that anyway. >> kimberly: oh, no you didn't. >> dana: i did. i went there. also, her friend's husband, whatever? >> kimberly: don't like him either? >> greg: called stupid. >> dana: he loves it that everyone thinks that. then she says her neighbor doesn't like her. her neighbor didn't wave to her. maybe the neighbor didn't see you. if you are so great an your life is so wonderful, go out of your way to be nicer. >> greg: she sounds like a
11:51 pm
jerk. >> juan: yeah, the whole thing of this is she is a jerk. no idea what is going on. it must say, the song we should have played to come in this, "you're so vain." i think dana is right. i don't know she is like wow! >> andrea: do you find her hot? >> juan: this section has been lacking in sincerity. because the three of you are far hotter and you say i don't know what that situation is like. i bet the three of you get things for free. and men come up to you all the time. people indulge you because you're good looking women and on tv. >> dana: in the as much as greg. >> greg: they don't come close to the stuff i get. it's amazing the wedding proposals i get. i'm already married. guys. >> andrea: you have been asked to be a bridesmaid? >> greg: but i have so many dresses i collect in the basement with bill hemmer. hate mail she got she claims
11:52 pm
because she wrote the article. but mostly it was you're not that hot. if you boost about beauty, you better be beautiful. so more people saying like you're not all that. she is taking it saying that it's more about me being beautiful. it's not. it's because you are boasting. >> kimberly: and now she is like posh spice, and she is so hot in l.a. >> dana: so compelling awful, couldn't stop reading it. >> andrea: she is not a total dog. >> juan: no, but she is drunk on her own image. >> dana: did anyone think she is doing it for the publicity. >> kimberly: writer. writing for "daily mail." >> greg: and we did an entire segment on it. >> kimberly: correct. if you are nice, people will like you. that is the thing. thing thinone more thing is up . ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
11:53 pm
in what passes for common sense. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense oretirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense?
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♪ ♪ >> greg: you want to talk about this? >> dana: no. >> greg: we're going to do one more thing. andrea -- [ laughter ] >> andrea: dana is crying
11:57 pm
she is laugh something hard. >> dana: i do not. i do not. [ laughter ] >> andrea: all right. look at the video. this is why can't humans be more like dogs. check this out. the video is going viral. check the boxer's ecstatic welcoming home of his owner who was in germany serving our country. look at this dog. dana is crying. he is a good boy. i can't really doing the segment with her laughing. i love these videos. dog's best friend. cute. hi to mike and charles mitchell in the sheriff's office. huge fans of the "the five." >> greg: juan? >> juan: so last night i was in san diego to moderate a mayoral debate at the university of san diego. all four of the major candidate and focus 'cuz education reform. what you see going on in new york, chicago, going on in l.a., mayors now getting in charge of education. crossing political lines
11:58 pm
saying we have to dog about schools failing. came -- having to do something about schools failing. came through loud and clear. they said yes to parent trigger laws to say if the school is failing i'm out of here. i'm in control. >> andrea: are you running for office? >> greg: powerful. >> kimberly: a love story. romantic story. a man in the military proposed to his girlfriend. the letter was lost. and they married later, et cetera. on a remodel they found it in the wall and they read it together. they're still married. >> greg: was the love letter to both of them? >> kimberly: thank you for ruining this. two of them. that's why it's a sweet story. >> dana: like people would be reading their text messages to each other on their one more thing. >> kimberly: that is the thing. deserves the romance.
11:59 pm
>> dana: if you had any doubt in your mind, yes, greg is a sick individual. sorry about that earlier. i want to mention that i had a chance to see two governors last night, sarah palin and nikki haley who gave me a copy of her book. signed in a nice way. she has been on fox and friends and catch her talking about her book as she is a wonderful republican governor from south carolina. great lady to admire. >> greg: "can't is not an option." that is the title. i'm trying to think that. that took me a while. >> dana: as in cannot. it's a contraction. >> greg: got it. i want to plug i'm on john stossel -- john stossel's new book. "no, they can't." can't is everywhere! i am going to be on john stossel tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m., fox business network. if you don't have it. >> dana: get it. >> kimberly: demand it.


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