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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 5, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> what is he looking at? >> remi, bill, nick, anne, thank you. ♪ will be all right ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we are very honored today to have the man currently holding the office and aspiring for it for another term. >> bill: a big shot at the associated press drops all pretense by lavishing praise on president obama. there is no doubt anymore. a supportive press wants the president reelected. >> how have you enjoyed being part of the mainstream media for the last hour? >> oh, organized chaos. >> i have to be honest with you, getting up this early was a lot harder than i remember. >> bill: so who won the battle of the divas on morning television? sarah palin or katie couric? we will have an opinion on that. >> i like oprah. she is one of my neighbors.
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>> bill: dennis miller has some advice for oprah on how to succeed in cable television. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the battle for america begins and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after last night's vote there is no doubt it will be mitt romney running against barack obama next november. the already defining his opponent as only caring about the rich and harm every day americans. the strategy is not new. they want to cut government spending. some people will be adversely affected. thus, mr. obama will say if you don't want to pay for a woman's bitter control, you're antiwoman. if you don't want to spend more money on education, you don't care about the kids. and if you call for medicare
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reform you want to hurt the he wouldly. et cetera. that's the game. democrats the party of compassion. the republicans are the bad people who just don't care except about the rich, of course, they want them to get even richer at everybody else's expense. democrats and liberal americans will buy that and conservative americans and republicans will not. it is those in the middle the independents who will decide the election. president obama has one huge advantage in courting them, media. now i'm going to show you something truly amazing. the associated press is the most widely distributed news service in the country. the chairman of the board at the a.p. is a man named deign singleton. is he a big shot. the other day he was speaking to the society of newspapers editors. he is also chairman of the media news group which owns dozens of newspapers like "the denver post," the san jose mercury news. here is how dean singleton introduced president obama to the journalists. >> as president, he inherited
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the head winds of the worst economic recession since the great depression. he pushed through congress, the biggest economic recovery plan in history and led a government reorganization of two of the big three auto manufacturers to save them from oblivion. he pursued domestic and foreign policy agendas that were controversial to many, highlighted by his signature into law of the most expensive health care legislation in history. >> bill: i'm surprised singleton wasn't wearing an obama button. i mean, come on. the president well understands most in the media will back him and portray mitt romney as a mean rich guy. it will go beyond that as msnbc demonstrated last night. >> mormonism was created by a guy in upstate new york in 1830 when he got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that god told him to do it. 48 wives later, joseph smith's
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lifestyle was completely sanctified in the religion that he invented to go with it. which mitt romney says he believes. >> bill: what a smear. are you kidding me? that's like saying no episcopal or anglican could run for president because of henry the eighth. and so the campaign is underway, could be the dirtiest in the nation's history. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. mitt romney just about wrapped things up last night by winning the wisconsin primary. in maryland romney won with 49%. senator santorum 29%. in d.c. governor romney got 70% of the vote. rick santorum was not on the ballot. with us now the purveyor of dick mr. morris, how dirt do you think this campaign is going to be? is this the dirtiest ever do you think? >> elton -- that msnbc clip was absolutely revolting. there are 15 million americans who are mormon and to deride their religion, if he used the
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same words going after islam they would have fired him. >> bill: islam is a good example. can you take any religion, islam, my god, saladin beheading everybody. that would discount pretty much every believer from running for any office. >> it's notable that he was not reprimanded, was not fired. >> bill: well, look, what we knw what's going on over there. let's not belabor it. a new poll today by "u.s.a. today" gallup says good news for barack obama. he is beating romney 48%, 39 in swing states. none of these polls from now on until the first debate will matter. it's the debates that are going to tell the tale. all the other stuff is bloviating. >> debates are significant but polls always matter. there is a defect in that.
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if you go through the last 10 polls including that one much they are all of registered voters. there is only one pollster tracking likely voters. rasmussen. likely voters are much more expensive to poll because there are fewer of them. difference between obama's up by 7 points and likely voters where is he tied is a vast difference that difference is what's wrong with his campaign. tell me what the difference. >> difference is vote for him but not show up. >> bill: registered people are may or may not vote. likely voters are likely voters. >> only six out of ten register the voters vote. >> bill: why does he poll better registered voters. >> many more minorities, many more people with low education who normally vote democrat
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normally registered voters democratic example. when i worked for clinton it was more democrat by only one or two points. now it's more democrat by 10. that is not obama's opportunity it's its problem. enthusiasm gap. 49% of registered voters but only 45% of the people that are going to show up. that tells you what his problem is. >> i'm going to submit to you this doesn't mean anything. just doesn't mean anything. now we have six months, less than six months before the conventions. okay? all you are going to have. republic primaries are still going to go on. we know what the outcome is now. you don't gree with that right? it's romney going to have obama sniping at romney. romney sniping at obama. depending on what gas prices are this week, the polls go up. the polls go down. i believe independents are going to decide the race do you believe that? >> sure. >> when you see the two men on stage, look ronald reagan
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defeated jimmy carter one because the economy was bad and the other because he kicked his butt in the debate did he not? >> he did. bare in mind how incredibly unusual it is for you to go through the talking point memo you went to earlier about what obama's campaign is going to be like. you are correct. he is the incumbent. he forgets about his record. is he not defending anything he has done. >> he is not running on the economy. he is not running on obama care. like this is his first race for president. he woke up one morning and said i would like to be president and this guy -- >> bill: if you were advising barack obama you wouldn't advise him to run on obama care or economics or the gas. you would advise exactly what i said in the talking points memo demonize this guy as a rich out-of-touch guy who doesn't care but. >> that's not what i would advise him to do. >> bill: what would you advise him to do. >> what i told clinton to do run on your record but move the record to the center. >> bill: he can't. gas prices have doubled under his watch. how are you going to move
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that? >> anyway. >> bill: you can't move it. i'm right. >> the point is he is running -- he is abandoning the idea of being the incumbent and embracing the strategy of pessimism. a strategy of class warfare, envy. >> bill: why is that pessimism >> telling the folks is he going to do more for them than the rich guy who doesn't care. >> because america has always believe that a rising tide sails boats. live together and work together. >> bill: that's changing. >> i don't believe it's changing. >> bill: you don't believe the culture is changing in the country. >> among independence. i believe among left wing there is a victimization culture. independents reject that notion. i think they embrace optimism. if you have a dower president obama with romney up there it will be a big gap. huffington post fineman had a great story today about how obama doesn't look like a happier warrior. romney does.
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>> bill: you wouldn't be happy, too he knows he has a good chance health care is going to be overturned gas prices doubled and housing market in the tank. would you be happy? the reason george zimmerman has not been arrested for killing trayvon martin is florida's stand your ground law. we will examine that. new book says oj simpson did not kill his ex-wife and goldman his son did it. those reports after these messages.
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> bill: impact segment tonight, florida stand your ground law, authorities continue to investigate 20-year-old -- 8-year-old george zimmerman for killing 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. zimmerman has not been charged as you know despite federal and state probes into the incident. that's because of the stand your ground law florida statute that says a person has a right to use deadly force to defend oneself or stop a felony from being committed. there are a bunch of subtleties to the law. joining us from miami a criminal defense attorney and from davey, florida, just a bit north, mark, also a criminal defense attorney, both men have experience with the stand your ground law. all right, i begin with you. people are being frustrated and they don't really understand why it's taking so long. almost six weeks to arrest mr. zimmerman if, indeed, that will happen at all.
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if it doesn't happen there is going to be trouble. because people don't understand this law. and he he said, she said situation, this makes it very difficult for the authorities, does it not? >> absolutely. let me just first say i think he should have been arrested already and he still should and i believe will be arrested. but that being said, let's look at the law. it doesn't exclude an aggressor from protection. if a judge finds that he was the aggressor, even a racist, imprudent, improper, that's separate from what he was confronted with at the time that he used deadly force. that's the analysis. if he reasonably feared death or great bodily harm at the time he pulled the trigger. case closed. >> bill: if there was an actual brawl and defense attorney can prove it, that will be exculpatory. but, there isn't and correct me if i am wrong, a part of that law that says you can't
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stalk somebody and provoke them into attacking you and then claim stand your ground. isn't that correct? >> that's a correct assessment. and then i have to disagree with mr. aglar. you can't imply stand your ground. very big difference between self-defense argument to a jury and jury instruction for justifiable use of deadly force versus stand your ground which is immunity that's bestowed upon you by a judge. >> bill: in this case there is another wrinkle in the he held a position in the housing unit neighborhood watch chairman. he was in charge of the neighborhood watch. not out of context for him to go around and be surveying people within the housing complex. it was a gated community. it's in context that he would be there. now, again, this is what makes the case so confusing. the 911 operator says don't be following the guy. don't do that he actually tells him not to do it. we don't know what happened
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after that. this is a complicated matter and i think the authorities are afraid if they do arrest him, then is he not going to be found -- is he going to be found not guilty and the state is going to look like idiots. >> that's right. let's look at the 911 operator. no question he shouldn't have continued to pursue. a judge can still say that that wasn't unlawful. the only time he loses protection is if his actions were deemed unlawful. they weren't. they were just imprudent. judy -- jude is dead wrong on the law. is he now moving away from the threat. if that trayvon then becomes the aggressor he too has the right to stand your ground, that's what makes it to so interesting. if he punches zimmerman and gets on top of zimmerman as he is alleging and slams his head to the ground then he would be legally entitled to immunity on stand your ground if those are the facts. >> that's what makes it crazy,
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because you don't have anyone right now. you have a number of people saying a number of things. it's not clear. and as we have reported here it's not fair for the media to be convicting this guy, this law is very very complicated. and that's what makes it different from almost every other state, correct? >> absolutely. what mark is doing is what a lot of the media is doing is confusing the difference between stand your ground, which again, creates immunity versus self-defense. you never give up your right to self-defense. if trayvon turns around and attacks zimmerman after he has been confronted. >> bill: he doesn't know zimmerman is a neighborhood watchdog. maybe he identified himself. >> sure. >> bill: he sees a guy that is following him and he maybe thinks is he going to get mugged. trayvon martin thinks is he going to get it you are right. protections and immunity apply to both. so it comes down to eyewitnesses who said this or that or the other thing.
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this is what we don't know how compelling that testimony is going to be. i'm glad i'm not investigating this case. would you both agree you are not investigating this case? this is one big mess. >> oh, yeah. i think we can all agree on that. >> bill: not really fair to demonize the authorities and say they are not doing their job. it's so complicated and really unless you have a standout eyewitness who saw the whole thing, i don't know. i don't think it's going to come to logical conclusion. >> there is moral and legal. two different things. >> bill: thank you very much. dallas private investigator says o.j. simpson did not kill his ex-wife and ron goldman. his son did it the investigator will be here. dennis miller on why oprah is having such a hard time on succeeding on cable television. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, o.j. simpson currently in a nevada prison serving 9 to 33 years for armed robbery convicted. as we know he beat a murder rap in l.a. many believed he killed his wife and ron goldman in 1994. new book says simpson is innocent of those murders. mr. deere, you say you have the murder weapon, correct? >> that's correct. i'm sitting here with it in my lap. >> bill: hold it up so we can see it all right. take the sheath off, police. that, you say, is the knife that killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman? >> in all probability, this is the actual knife. you will notice the indentation on the end. >> bill: okay. you say all probability i don't know what that means. let's just stay with the knife. where did you get the knife?
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>> the knife came from my suspect's storage facility. >> bill: suspect is o.j. simpson's son, jason, correct? >> that's correct. he was 24 at the time. 5'11", 235 and on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife. >> bill: so you went to his storage facility and how did you get the knife? >> it was put up for sale. we had been watching it we knew he had items stored in that facility. so when he failed to pay the rent, we were ready and somebody bought it we bought it back from them. and that's how we acquired the knife. that's why we also acquired the picture of him wearing the knit cap and his diaries and a number of other pieces of information. >> bill: all right. there are a lot of knives in the world. why are you saying that knife is the murder weapon, why? >> we had it checked by one of the top experts in the country. what really makes this so obvious in our mind is the fact that this is a gerber replica of a mark 1 which is designed to cut and to kill. the top had been removed and
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poured wax inside. when you take and compare this to the laceration on the skull of nicole, you will find that it matches perfectly. >> bill: how do you know that? you didn't do the autopsy? >> no. >> bill: how would you know that it matches perfectly? you are making a leap here but you didn't physically examine the body and you didn't do forensics on the knife. how would you know? >> we have the crime scene photographs. we took it to two of the experts, in fact, one of the experts is the author of "knife wounds." he is considered knife wounds and gunshots top expert in the world. took it up, blew up the pictures. blew up the lacerations on her skull and said as far as is he concerned it is the knife. >> bill: it's not going to hold up in court. why don't the los angeles police have the knife and why don't they do an investigation based on what you are saying? i mean, the case is still unsolved. nobody, you know, legally knows who murdered nicole
1:25 am
brown simpson and ron goldman. why aren't the cops taking your knife and doing all the forensics necessary to lodge charges against the younger simpson? >> well, in our book, you will see that we made four attempts to contact them. they were not interested in. >> bill: what does that mean they are not interested? they have to be interested. it's their job to be interested. >> i know. you are absolutely correct. >> bill: give me a name that you brought it. >> to we wrote to chief of police bernard parks. we wrote to the district attorney's office. we had the letters that came back to us from them saying. >> bill: maybe they think you are a nut? maybe they think you are crazy. >> if they look at my track record, i hold the world's record as far as the largest number of people arrested and convicted in history of the united states for a single murder. >> bill: it's hard to believe that you say you have this murder weapon and the los angeles police department isn't out trying to check your story. now you have got a big book out. you think this is going to bring them in? because that's what it hinges on. you give them the knife. they look at the autopsy. they get in and then you can
1:26 am
charge the kid. i'm not going to convict the kid here. the kid is, you know, i don't know what he is doing now. but it doesn't seem like this is that complicated. if you have a knife, and that knife matches the wounds on goldman and nicole brown simpson, they have got to charge the kid, am i right? >> i would think so. in fact, i have been doing this for a long time, 45 years. i would have thought so. other than the fact that they don't care. they're not interested in bringing this out. they have had enough embarrassment over this case. look at the socks. >> bill: follow the police chief and the attorney general of california and we will make them care, all right? >> i appreciate that. >> bill: listen, i want justice in this case. and you know, you wrote the book, can you write whatever you want. i don't know if it's true or not. but you have a piece of evidence there and they should be able to match it or not match it. so he we'll find out. all right, we will follow up on this. we will do it and let everybody know what happens. okay? thanks for coming on. >> great. >> bill: plenty more along as the factor moves along this evening. tax time are we americans
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being treated fairly by the irs? lou dobbs have some thoughts. why oprah is having trouble succeeding on cable television. d man on the most overexposed celebrities in the country. is miller one of them?
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>> bill: lowe's the boss segment tonight. it's tax time, that's annoying, is it not. japan has lowered corporate tax rate so u.s.a. is number one highest corporate tax in the world. there are about 1.41 million percenters in this country. millions earning $141,000 a year. among the group the group is 960,000 bucks. they pay 35% tax rate in federal income. also, the one percenters fork over 37% of all the federal in connection with tax collected as you know the democrats want more. with us now toible aize fox news business anchor lou dobbs. first of all, with all these loopholes, the highest corporate tax rate in the world sounds bad these
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corporations like g.e. don't pay any taxes? >> g.e. literally doesn't pay any taxes or it didn't two years ago. did a little better last year. i don't know if that's jeffrey immelt as ceo working with president obama. they upped it a little bit. effective tax rate for corporate america depending on how you calculate it runs anywhere from 12.5 to 26%. >> bill: that's reasonable, right? >> that's reasonable. >> bill: flat tax it and knock out all the loopholes or keep the loopholes and they pay 12 to 26. >> exactly. another little factor in here never discussed. that is american corporations aren't paying a back tax. the european countries,. >> vat. >> right, value-added taxes. >> contribute more than they contribute to theirs. >> in taxes, certainly. >> bill: american corporations have a pretty good deal. >> they have a pretty good deal. you have payroll taxes to add to that but to get into that
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goes on and on. >> bill: the corporations have to contribute to the social security fund. >> right. >> bill: at the same rate the workers do. >> that's right. >> bill: all in all, president obama is trying to tell the american public that the one percenters, as few as they are, aren't paying their fair share and corporate america is not paying their fair share. are we paying our fair share. >> i think more than our fair share for crying out loud. people don't realize what we are paying as individuals the employer has to withhold the money. we're talking about 7.65% in the case of those payroll taxes, contributed from both sides, the employer and the employee, that's social security, that's medicare as well. by the time you get through with this thing, we are talking about over 50% because the sales taxes, state income taxes and much of that. >> bill: gas taxes? gasoline taxes? so you, lou dobbs, the yoda of
1:33 am
financial goings on, you believe that we're overtaxed as individuals? >> absolutely. what are we getting for the money? as we look at what we are being taxed for, property taxes, tales taxes as you enumerated, we are the most, you know, crushed generation when it comes to taxes. >> bill: okay. so we have a 16 trillion-dollar debt which means our taxes don't even go close to covering what the government is spending, okay? >> not within a trillion dollars. >> where then is the system going wrong? we have the tax system in place, all right? we have the government spending system in place. but it's gone off the rails. it's out of control. where did it go out of control? >> each president has gone out of control over the course of the last 30, 40 years. we have entitledments we cannot sustain, social security, medicare, medicaid. >> bill: these are all safety nets that people need to live. >> they need to live or have
1:34 am
become accustomed to feeling entitled to. >> bill: these people aren't living large in retirement communities. >> i won't argue that with you. all i can say to you is as a government, as an economy, we can not sustain this level of entitlement. >> bill: i agree with you there has to be reform on it put a trillion dollars into iraq and afghanistan, right? >> right. >> bill: how much money did you put into vietnam? >> right. >> bill: how much money did you put into this green, trying to develop these green things? >> that's another brilliant. >> bill: just never ends, i would like it see a much leaner and meaner federal government and shifted off to the states and let the states do what they can do. >> you and i are absolutely on agreement in that the other aspect of this when you say people need this money to live, social security, one of the things that we have done is we have no accountability here. the federal government is withholding money at the employer's level. we don't even see that money. do you know how excited people. >> bill: i don't know where the social security fund goes. it just goes into solyndra and other things like that.
1:35 am
>> in an iou in tin box. >> bill: with the actual money that they receive, they spend it on other things, not social security. >> exactly. >> bill: i want to wrap up here. instead of me not paying my fair share, all right? >> right. >> bill: you say o'reilly is paying too much. >> i'm saying you are paying too much. i'm saying the top 5% of earners in this country paying 60% of federal income taxes are paying too much. it's about time people got their heads around that reality. and our government is spending far too much and our federal government is far too large trying to do far too much. >> bill: all right. i have got to say i don't mind paying the taxes i have. >> guys like you and me. >> bill: i growz. i don't want it wasted. >> my mother used to say if you have got a tax problem and it's your only problem you haven't got a problem at all. >> bill: did you see the $4 shrimp thing last night. >> i did. >> bill: it drives me crazy. i'm writing a newspaper column
1:36 am
ton it will be out tomorrow. miller on tonight. oprah overexposed celebrities and yoga. can't wait. right back with miller.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time seeing want tonight. as you may know oprah winfrey's new cable network own having a hard time in the ratings. oprah admits things are not going well. >> i didn't think it was going to be easy but i did not know if i knew then what i knew now i might have made some different choices. i would say if i were writing a book about it, i would call the book 101 mistakes. >> bill: here now to analyze the sage of southern california dennis miller from santa barbara. we are very successful in cable land. you are very successful. i get by on the factor for 16
1:40 am
years. oprah didn't -- she didn't call you and she lives right around the corner from you, miller. you both live in lavish mansions from santa barbara. she didn't call you and say dennis, have you been very good in cable. she didn't do that did she? >> first off, billy, before we dive in here, i have to say the o.j. story blew my mind and who would have thought that colonel sanders would break that whole case wide open? [ laughter ] >> did you see that coming? and sometimes when i go to kfc i wash it down with an o.j. and that gets even weirder. >> bill: going to get to the bottom of it, miller, as we always do. you know we will. >> let's get to the bottom of this oprah thing. for be t from me to tell oprah winfrey about entertainment. i have had a lot of shows shot out from under me, billy. as far as television goes, i am to tv what the rifles are to horse flesh. i'm not going to tell oprah anything. i do think once a nice hard
1:41 am
working intelligent, fun talk show host suffers the defecation of the culture at large. it's going to catch up with you. you can't bear up underneath that the best thing that oprah could do to get it back together i'm a woman with a start-up business. don't think of me like that. the next time somebody says to oprah i'm honored to breathe the same air as you she ought to say timeout, that's sweet. i know what you mean, i appreciate it but that is crazy. i'm just a person. >> bill: oprah didn't ask me. i know her a little bit. we have had her on our program a couple times and we worked together at king world. she started a network targeted at american women, all right? and then she brings in rosie o'donnell as her signature host. she does a show oprah but she is not on a lot. o'donnell comes. in o'donnell has alienated 90% of american women. 90%. all right? because she was nasty on
1:42 am
theview. she got thrown off there and then she wants to marry fidel castro, whatever she wants to do. i don't know. she has alienated all of these women. i don't understand why oprah thinks that american women are going to come to her cable network if she is not on it. she is only on it occasionally. are you awake? >> yeah, billy. i let you talk until you are finish finished and i don't want to talk over. when we do that it gets weird. oprah has had a great run. the best of everybody. tweak a little thing and magic the connection between you and the people. go to channel 4 to 279 that's a problem. you come out and essentially in a world where you are trying to please people and heavily polarized politically and you support somebody, that's going to grab you a little. you are on for 20 years arrests the top person way out front, that's going to catch up to you a little. you have a tenuous grasp on
1:43 am
human being's attention span. she did it better than anybody in the history of the media it's a success story. it can't be forever. >> bill: no. i agree. if she were on othe cable more, i think it would be more successful. forbes has released a list of top overexposed celebrities and you want to talk about three of them. go. >> well, listen, i saw the usual suspects. it's the kardashian and the jersey shore kids. i would say. this in lieu of emotional, intellectual or spiritual heft which it what it used to take to become immorality. we now use redundancy, light weights and constantly imprint them on your frontal lobe. almost like a famed strobe light or something. at this time in history, what piques our interest as a culture are uninteresting people. just that simple. emptiest vessels are the ones you can empty all your dreams and aspirations into. when these kids sit at home and everybody wants to be famous like war hold said and
1:44 am
they look and see if you are actually talented they go i can't do that when they see snooki on mount rushmore they go i'm going to watch snooki. i can be snooki. >> bill: very perceptive, i can do that i will watch how she does it and maybe i will get my own show. there you go on own. finally new york city desperate for money as everybody is. municipalities all over. they are going to tax yoga. >> yeah. pretty soon bloomberg is going to come in with a ruler and mention the plumber -- and measure the plumber's crack of the fat guy in front of me in the yoga class and hit him exposed to the rest of the class. you need a pet class now to do your downward dog in manhattan. these folks are relentless with taxes. they are like aliens. they are in the building. they want everything. they are going to keep taxing and keep taxing. they best watch it because eventually they are going to
1:45 am
croak the host organism and there is going to be enough to suck off at some point. >> bill: absolutely crazy. go by a yoga class you have to pay the city a tax. anything you do, there they are like this. the tax man as the beatles once sang. dennis miller, everybody. and the d man would like you to know that he is preparing an amazing bolder fresher appearance right here in new york city. the town hall theater, nice place on may 12th. miller is going all out or so he says. and that will be a very nice time to be in new york city. so come on in. may 12th. bolder fresher tour rolls into indianapolis june 22nd. chicago the next day june 23 reasonable doubt. evening show in the windy city sold out but matinee seating still available. bill o' details. katie couric on good morning america and sarah what makes the sleep number store different? the sleep number bed. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. wow! that feels really good.
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you can adjust it to whatever your needs are. so whatever you feel like, the sleep number bed's going to provide it for you. now, sleep number redefines memory foam, combining coolfit gel foam with sleep number adjustability! during our white sale, receive $400 in free bedding. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? earlier this week katie couric filled in on good morning together and the toted show -- today show countered with sarah palin. >> it is a pleasure to welcome the former alaska governor sarah palin to our show this morning. [ laughter ] >> oh, man, she is doing her homework. [ laughter ] >> that's my dressing room now her dressing room. she is taking notes, getting ready for upcoming segments. >> thanks for allowing me to crash your dressing room now that i have your hair product. [ laughter ] >> you know, you need hair product. >> technically i didn't give you permission to be in there by the way either. >> getting up this early was a lot harder than i remembered. [alarm clock] ♪ ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ >> hello? what? that's today? ah! ♪ wake me up, before you go go
1:50 am
♪ because i'm not planning on going solo. >> okay, guys, i'm ready. >> bill: is there actually any news? here is huddy by the way. does news happen on those shows at all. >> no. >> bill: who won the ratings. >> sarah palin won the ratings. i don't think that was a big surprise. katie couric is not the biggest ratings grabber. couric coming back and making a big splash to the morning television wasn't that big of deal. >> bill: good morning is closing in on "the today show." >> today show killed it had almost 5.5 million viewers. up 10% than they normally do with ms. palin. katie had about -- they had a little bit 356,000 less. >> bill: that's not much. that's not a big victory for "the today show." i don't know, good morning america is going to give them a run. >> well, if they had sarah palin for the rest of the
1:51 am
week. >> bill: the press did not hammer palin. palin wasn't really the co-host. >> she was just kind of on special guest host. >> bill: i didn't see any vicious stuff against palin. >> no there wasn't at all. i kind of thought there would be more. you would just think there would be more of the addressing. sarah palin had the little newspapers up obviously. >> bill: a schtick. i would have liked to have seen the governor interview somebody in a serious thing. now you, juliet huddy. >> oh, boy. >> bill: do an invitation of sarah palin. >> i do. i sort of feel upset doing it because i don't want to offend her or anything. it doesn't sound good. i have to practice. >> bill: you have to practice. why don't you go outside. >> can i have it for you next week. >> bill: they call it going viral. there was the abowl -- virus. everybody watches it. a video called charlie bit my finger, go.
1:52 am
[ laughter ] ouch. ouch. ouch, charlie. ouch! [crying] charlie, that really hurt. >> bill: i love it here is a clue if you stick your finger in the baby's mouth is he going to bite it. >> so cute. >> bill: making a lot of money. >> like guinness book of world records. most viewed. had 500 million views. >> bill: 500 million. there aren't that many human beings on the planet. >> aliens watching it. >> probably. actually, the family is making money off of this. because i didn't know this when you hit a certain amount of views on youtube you can participate in revenue sharing. they have made like 500,000. >> bill: good for them. that kid needs to go to college. >> is he going to go to college some little children's books coming out and all sorts of wonderful things. >> bill: good for them i'm glad they are prospering.
1:53 am
>> sorry i failed my sarah palin. i felt such pressure. you looked at me and gave me that scary look. >> bill: when you are ready, we are ready pinheads and patriots up next. tom cruise, what did he
1:54 am
1:55 am
>>bill: pinhead and patriots with tom cruise but from utah, the government should consider tax revenue as sacred trust
1:56 am
making a living. seattle, do not pay government employees with the same brush. i am one and have saved the taxpayers $50,000 on homes. washington bureaucrats we are targeting not you. >> joyce, from pennsylvania, why don't you tell the folks how much we spend on iraq and afghanistan. well, $1 trillion of taxpayer money. from california, the guy who said he was going to kill president obama, did not exactly say he was going to kill the president. it is said that threats are a crime. intent doesn't matter but what you say does. >> from montana, the court says the go was drunk when he issued the threats. does the laptop come with a breathalyzer? the court was making excuses trying to find a way not to
1:57 am
uphold a conviction. >> regarding the trayvon martin shooting was most fair exchange. >> queens, new york, benjamin contradicted himself when he asked if he would apologize to zimmerman he would have to wait and hear the facts. to he does not hear all of the facts why did jose trayvon martin was killed in cold blood? because he was wrong. >> and from new hampshire, when is the fresher tour coming to my house? soon, paul, soon. just wait there on the front lawn. >> peter johnson, iceland, i cannot buy killing lincoln here. where can i get it? we will ship it to you, peter. and i am coming to your country. soon. but don't tell anyone. i will not tell you when.
1:58 am
i disappear iceland. riots will break out. >> tony, from california, already have "killing lincoln," but i want to be a premium member. should i wait until "killing kennedy." if you want coverage of our campaign, sign up forget the flow "lincoln," and give it as a gift. and if you by it on on the web site you get a special deal. >> new ages "rock of ages," based on a broadway show and tom cruise performs.
1:59 am
>>bill: do i want to see a topless tom cruise with tattoos? no. anybody? anyone? all right. "risky business," we liked, maybe i at a pinhead, but that is it for us today. check out our website and spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. people in our society are being pettying forkers. that has


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