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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services this is "the fox report." tonight, rick santorum is out. the race for the republic nomination is effectively over. but newt gingrich is hanging on. plus, mega millions winners in maryland. so who are they? >> these are precisely the people that you would want to see win the lottery. >> shepard: mystery solved, or is it? tonight, what we know about the ticket holders. >> all three winners work multiple jobs. >> and where then does she fit in? plus, all systems go in north korea. the communist regime announcing it's ready for rocket launch. so, is this just a space
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mission or cover for a missile test? tonight, the white house with a strong warning. and -- >> -- everyone was asking questions. oh, what happened? what did you do, jeremy? >> shepard: he grabbed the wheel when the bus driver had a heart attack. >> his eyes were bulling and he was twitching in the chair. glent, to the 13-year-old hero who saved everybody on the bus. but, first from fox this tuesday night, rick santorum is out, and mitt romney is apparently on his way to wrapping up the republic nomination. our delegate counters say it's now mathematically improbable for anybody to beat him. but rick santorum certainly made it interesting. he came out of nowhere from the single dittle digits to win 11 states. he was vowing to fight all the way to the convention in tampa. but he was also facing the possibility of losing in the state of pennsylvania. the state he represented in both the house and the senate.
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here is part of the ad that the romney campaign was about to drop on him. >> rick santorum lost his home county by 30 points. >> he lost across the board with voters. among democrats and independence, men and women, blacks and white, young and old, rich and poor. >> we fired him as senator, why promote him to president? >> shepard: the romney camped asked television stations to pull that ad why santorum's 3-year-old daughter bella was in the hospital over the weekend. santorum says that she is back home tonight and doing exceptionally well. but he says the break from the campaign trail gave the family a chance to do a little soul searching. we made the decision to get in the race at this kitchen table and against all the odds. and we made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. we are going to continue to go out there and fight to make
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sure that we defeat president barack obama. that we win the house back and that we take the united states senate. >> shepard: so santorum is out. as for the other guys, newt gingrich and ron paul, each now claims to be the real conservative in the race. campaign carl cammeron live in washington on fox top story tonight. so, the possibility of losing pennsylvania twice in a row, that might have been part of, this huh, carl? >> it was. but really he ran out of campaign trail. for the last cup perform weeks, the santorum campaign had been arguing that his path to the nomination included not just winning pennsylvania, which they did believe that they still had a possibility of doing, even though the polls had gotten close, but that it also would require newt gingrich dropping out of the race soon and making all of his delegates available to santorum and that texas, which doesn't have its primary until the end of next may, be changed from a proportionately allocated primary and winner take all of them.
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it took him a couple of weeks to have texas change the rules for primary and get newt gingrich to drop out and make all of his delegates available wasn't going to harassment adding to the possibility they were going to get pounded in pennsylvania and mr. santorum decided it was time to hang it up. >> shepard: during this concession speech or whatever you want to call it today there wasn't a mention of mitt romney's name but clearly mitt romney is the big winner here. >> sure. he did commit to do anything possible or helpful to get barack obama out of the white house. that counts for something in mitt romney's favor. the big winner of this, obviously, the celebration, the congratulations are mitt romney who has essentially now a clear path to the nomination. santorum out of the way, santorum's delegates don't -- are no longer a threat. they will ultimately converge to romney. there was a whole avalanche of endorsements that came out of senators and members of the house today as soon as santorum dropped out of race. the unity rally around romney is now beginning to roar. >> shepard: carl cammeron live in washington tonight. carl, thanks very much. our 401(k)'s took the worst
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beating of the year today. and wall street's losing streak shows no signs of stopping. the dow lost 214 points. the biggest one-day drop of the whole year. the nasdaq down a huge number for it, 56 points. and the s&p 500 down 24. this five day losing streak comes after stocks had their best three months since way back in 1998. today traders reacted to an expected slowdown in corporate earnings and new fears over europe's debt crisis. especially spain. in the words of one investor, wall street has been on a sugar high. and now the crash. fox business network's gerri willis is with us now. a lot of things in the mix today. but what went wrong? >> well, as you said it's european debt. everybody concerned about spain and italy. spain having to pay 6% for government debt. that's what investors are requiring of it now. big bailout could be in the offing. we just don't know. things turned around at the end of the day. let me tell you what happened after the bell alcoa announced
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earnings. they were a blow out quarter it. they lost money in the fourth quarter. made money in the first quarter. dow future after the close looking higher. we will probably have a good day tomorrow. >> shepard: is that the thinking? >> yes, it is the thinking. alcoa is a bellwether. very important for additional pressure. seeing increases in demand for aircraft makers, car makers. could be a good thing. >> shepard: sounds good to me after five days of losing, it's time for a win. >> absolutely. >> shepard: gerri willis, we will watch for you on the biz. >> thank you. >> shepard: government agency where employees made a video about waste are our tax dollars and got away with it has cancelled next big trip to vegas that's according to the "the washington post." remember this? ♪ because i buy everything rappers can't afford. get a top hat award. donate my vacation. love to the nation. i will never be under oig investigation. >> shepard: oh really. the trip cancellation came out of the acting head of the general services commission or
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gsa offered online apology for the recent spending scandal. >> as public servants its our obligation and duty to work on behalf of the taxpayer. so, let me be clear, we are committed to doing all that we can to make this situation right and to restore trust with our client agencies and with the nation. >> shepard: as you recall, the gsa spent more than $800,000 at a 2010 conference in vegas, including $6,300 on commemorative coins and more than 3 grand on a mind reader. now, lawmakers in washington say they want the former agency chief to testify about the department's behavior. the gsa, of course, is in charge of cracking down on government waste. we learned today who won the mega millions jackpot in maryland. and, remember our friend who claimed she had the winning tickets at a mcdonald's restaurant. well now the truth can be told. plus, ever have someone steal your cell phone or did you ever lose it and worry somebody might be able to get your personal information?
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>> shepard: winning, they call themselves the three amigo hes, public school workers who claim their share of last month's historic mega millions jackpot. to the surprise of absolutely nobody, our friend of sweet swine pork rind hat fame was nowhere near the winner's circle. in fact, she now tells us she never had the winning ticket in the first place and never claimed she did. baghdad bob. lottery officials say the winners decided to remain anonymous and that they plan to keep their jobs for now. and maryland's lottery director said it was quite a night after the first member of the group figured out they had won. >> after i collecting herself from a safety disbelief, contacted one of the other
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participants in the group, that they then called and had to wake up the third participant, told this individual that they were coming over. they thought the third participant thought that perhaps they were playing an early april fools joke on her. >> shepard: but, no, those winners will pocket $35 million each, after taxes. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is here. who are these real winners, mr. hunt? >> two women, shep, one in their 20's, one in his 40s. man in his 50s. one a teacher, one a school administrator. they bought by the way a total of 60's tickets. 599 of them that got them a total of $1 in winnings and that 60th ticket brought them that life-changing cash. listen. >> one of them works two full-time jobs. another has a part-time job. and a third has two other part-time jobs. all of them indicated that
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they would continue and the teachers said that they all plan at this point in time to remain public school teachers. not just to complete this school year but going forward. >> so they say they will keep on teaching. the kids that they have been teaching. i guess the part-time jobs not so much anymore. >> shepard: what about the wearer of the sweet swine pork rinds hat. we miss her already. >> yes. i managed to track her down today on the phone. she wasn't looking for cameras. we had a wonderful conversation as she screamed at me down the phone. when i asked her first of all why did you ever say you had the winning ticket? she replied: i did not. you never said you had the winning ticket? she said i never said that. so, i said why did you hire an attorney? she replied: people were suing me. well, weren't they suing you because you said you had the winning ticket? she said, again, i never said that. the silver lining, of course is, that the makers of this hat, at least, sweet swine
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pork rinds struck the jackpot. >> shepard: didn't they, indeed? during the afternoon on "studio b," afternoon version of this talk show version. you promised you would be happening about this tonight do i want you to rap. >> yo my name is flavor boom and i own this room in my sweet swine pork rinds hat with a little piggy on my head, i'm rolling fat. with a ph. what if 50. -- what up 50. >> shepard: never say we don't blaze new trails here. good god, mom, i'm sorry. next time somebody steals -- did that just happen? >> i believe it did. it's been nice knowing you. >> shepard: not so much. the next time somebody steals your cell phone or you leave it on a table somewhere, the government would like to jump in and help you out. lawmakers say and the feds say they have teamed up with police in several big cities to start a data base of lost and stolen phones. when a phone is stolen, the
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data base will alert major carriers, verls, at&t, sprint and t mobile and sweet swine, why not. those companies would disable your phones: it's become too easy for criminals to snatch phones and then turn around and sell those phones. the feds say roughly one out of every three robberies last year involved a cell phone. the man who says he shot and killed the unarmed central florida teenager trayvon martin has gone off the grid. >> he has not returned phone calls or text messages or emails. leading me to believe that i can't go forward, speaking to the public about george zimmerman in this case. >> shepard: coming up, why that now former attorney and his colleagues say they are worried about george zimmerman. plus, he is definitely not old enough to drive a car. so how does this 7th grader handle that. one man's brave decision that may have saved a lot of lives.
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>> shepard: a cease-fire deadline has come ant went and the government there is still slaughtering its people. [gunfire] >> shepard: according to activists groups syrian troops have killed 100 people today. while opposition group claims its killed 1,000 people in the last week or so. the human rights group, human rights watch now reports that syrian security forces have executed dozens of men, women, and children since late last year. shooting or stabbing people in their own homes. fox news can't confirm any of this. today, cease-fire deadline part of a peace plan from the former united nations secretary general kofi annan.
4:20 pm
he said last month that syria's president had agreed to the plan. today annan said he is not giving up on it. george zimmerman has left the state of florida. that's the word from his attorneys. actually, now former attorneys. they say they lost all contact with the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain on sunday and that now they are off the case. one of those lawyers says that constant media coverage has clearly taken a toll on this man, the shooter. >> george can't go down to the 7/11 and buy a diet coke. there is a bounty out on his head. whether it's believed to be a real bounty or not, it's out there. he probably watches more of this every day than he should. is he largely alone. whether that means he is absolutely alone or not, is he at least emotionally alone. you might even say emotionally crippled by virtue of the pressure of this case. >> shepard: we get that word just one day after the shooter, george zimmerman apparently set up his own web site requesting donations. the attorneys say they were planning to help him prepare a site but once he quit
4:21 pm
contacting them, he launched it on his own. of course, the shooter says he shot the unarmed teenager travon martin in february. controversial stand your ground law. now we know the shooter contacted the special prosecutor who will decide whether to charge him with a crime. and he called sean hannity, too. phil keating is live in sanford, florida, just outside orlando tonight. does anybody know where george zimmerman is? >> shep, possibly his father or brother, but it's really truly a mystery. he has definitely gone under ground, not answering phone calls or returning phone calls made to him. at least that's how his suddenly former attorneys put it but apparently george zimmerman did make one phone call today. that directly to the special prosecutor who is deciding whether to criminally charge him. >> we heard today that george had contacted the prosecutor's office directly, one of the
4:22 pm
things every defense attorney tells his client is don't talk to the prosecutors, don't talk to the cops. frankly, don't talk to anybody until we get control of the situation and do it through counsel. >> without a doubt, a very bizarre development in this case. however, his attorneys say if george zimmerman does resurface, they will rerepresent him. but they do admit and maintain to the media they still believe he is innocent of any criminal charges. >> shepard: then there is the family of the dead child. are they speaking out after all of this? >> i spoke with them today. they are very disturbed tonight about this completely unexpected development. they released a very short statement and i will quote here: the family is deeply concerned that george zimmerman is currently unaccounted for. they are worried that he could pose a flight risk if he does indeed face charges in the murder of trayvon martin. and that is the big news that trayvon martin's parents
4:23 pm
thought may come today but like everyone else they are clueless as to when that charging decision is coming. >> we are on pins and needles but we are waiting patiently. we are hopeful that we will get a call very soon, that she will meet with us and tell us what her decision is. so we really don't know. we are being patient and we are staying prayful. >> keep in mind, zimmerman has not been charged with a crime. he stands behind the stand your ground law. he could be anywhere in the state of florida or anywhere in the country. he is not has been a flight risk or deny determined to be so by a court. what we can say for certain tonight he has absolutely no legal representation. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live in central florida tonight. thanks. as i mentioned, sean hannity spoke with george zimmerman the shooter. so what did they say? well, hannity's staff won't tell us. but i am told that he will address the story tonight 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central time on hannity here on fox news channel.
4:24 pm
a seattle area seventh grader is in strong competition for the most popular kid in school after his bus driver passed out at the wheel and he jumped into help. the surveillance video shows the kid grabbing the wheel as the bus driver slumps back. >> he starts acting all funny, his eyes are bulling. is he twitching in his chair. >> emergency crews later reported it was an apparent heart attack. our hero said he was afraid for the lives of his 11 classmates on board. >> oh my god. >> >> he did take the keys out of the ignition. as the bus slowed down. >> somebody call 911. >> 911. >> the students started chest compressions on the driver. >> my bus driver he just like pass 'ed out we're in front of the school. >> everyone is asking questions, what happened? there is a bus out there.
4:25 pm
what did you do, jeremy? i'm like oh, i just drove the bus to the side. everyone is just all excited about that. >> shepard: we're told that 13-year-old learned to drive by helping the parents back the car out of driveway. all of the students are just fine. but at last check the school superintendent said the driver was in grave condition. president obama on the attack against tax rates he says simply are not fair. now, one former president is firing back. plus,. >> watch closely. >> [bleep]. >> that was a police officer shoving a cameraman to the ground at an occupy protest. so why did he do that? we'll tell you what happened and what police are now saying and how one family saved the life of a dolphin. we're coming up on the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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4:30 pm
to save a stranded dolphin. look at this. we're told a father and daughter were boating near jacksonville when they spotted a dolphin flamg around on a sandbar and the tide was heading out quickly. the dad had recently seen a video of a dolphin rescue he thought he knew just what to do. the 72-year-old daughter got out grabbed the animal by the tail and managed to drag it safely into deeper water. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. president obama says it is just not fair for millionaires and billionaires to pay lower tax rates than anyone else. is he pushing again for the so-called buffet rule. remember the billionaire warren buffet wrote a column saying it was wrong for his secretary to pay a high higher tax rate than he does. >> i told you where i stand. it's not time for members of congress to tell you where they stand.
4:31 pm
>> shepard: the president has also been calling for ending the so-called bush tax cuts for the richest americans, and today we saw a rare public response from former president bush himself. that tops the news at the bottom of the hour. wendell goler has it live at the white house. what did the former president have to say on this matter, wendell? >> well, shep, the former president was speaking at a tax conference sponsored by his foundation, the bush institute. he warned against rolling back the upper income tax cuts that passed in his administration. and then said they would have a better chance if they weren't named after him. >> and if the goal is private sector growth, you have got to recognize that the best way to create that growth is to leave capital in the treasuries of the job creators. secondly, if you raise taxes, in other words, if you let the -- i wish they weren't called the bush tax cuts. if they were called somebody other body's tax cuts, they are probably less likely to be raised. >> the obama administration
4:32 pm
says rolling back the upper income tax cuts is a fairness issue, not to mention one that would cut the deficit by about $40 billion a year, shepard. >> shepard: the buffet rule, wendell, what are the chances that will make it through congress. >> it has no chance of passing the republic controlled house. it might not be able to get the 60 votes republicans would surely require in the senate. but it is politically popular. mr. obama says democrats are going to force a vote in the senate to put opponents of the buffet rule on record. republicans think the only real reason for the rule is to make them make a politically painful vote, shepard. >> shepard: thanks a the lo. the race for the white house does look a lot different tonight. as we have been reporting through the this hour, rick santorum today suspended his campaign. dropped out for the republic nomination right where he started it 309 days ago in his home state of pennsylvania. >> i'm announcing today that i'm running for president of the united states. [cheers] >> join the fight. join the fight. >> shepard: that fight focused
4:33 pm
mainly on iowa. santorum visited all 99 counties there. >> we'll turn this country around and iowa will be the spark that did it. >> and the strategy paid off. polling at just 3% a month before those caucuses, rick santorum hit his stride at just the right time. >> game on. [. [cheers and applause] >> victory in iowa propelled him to the front of the polls. also attracted the attention of the critics. including some armed with glitter. >> stop the hate. hate the rainbow. >> santorum faced scrutiny over his views on gay rights and some slip ups he made along the way. >> the president said the other day that every child in america should go to school. what a snob. >> shepard: former senator notched some of his victories a month ago in alabama and mississippi. near newt gingrich's home turf. >> it's now time for newt gingrich to step aside and clear the track for you? >> i'm not asking newt gingrich to do anything. i'm asking conservatives to give us the best chance. >> shepard: after romney swept
4:34 pm
the last round of primaries a week ago. >> the clock starts tonight. >> shepard: santorum appeared to be digging in for a fight at home. >> we have got three weeks to go out here in pennsylvania. and win this state and after winning this state, the field looks a little different in may. >> shepard: quite frankly it didn't look like he would much win it or the direction of the polls anyway. he did win 11 states but call temperatured half as many delegates as mitt romney. tonight, rick santorum is finished. the white house today warned north korea there could be serious consequences if the regime goes ahead with a planned rocketd launch. the north has announced that it plans to launch the rocket as early as the end of this week. and today the secretive nation's space agency reported its completed all preparations. of course, north korea claims it simply is trying to put a weather satellite into orbit. many western analysts argue the north could be testing a missile. potentially capable of reaching the lower 48 states. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news hub hub this
4:35 pm
afternoon. what is the white house saying it could do? serious consequences. what's the white house saying here? >> well, the white house calls this a flagrant violation, shep, on two fronts. one a violation of u.n. security council resolutions and, two, they call it a flat out deal breaker to the agreement that north korea signed with the united states back in february. that agreement says that north korea would not launch missiles. and, in exchange, the united states would give food aid to the millions of hungry north koreans. the white house also says it will take other steps but did not articulate what those steps might be. here is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> if north korea wants a peaceful, better future for their people, it should not conduct another launch that would be a direct threat to regional security. >> we should note that russia also condemned the potential
4:36 pm
launch calling it a violation of the u.n. security council china has not yet reacted. shep? >> shepard: you know, some of the experts on this region, trace, are saying they believe iran has a hand in that what do we know? >> yeah. because they believe that iran and north korea had been involved in a joint missile program now for the better part of a decade. so, in essence, north korea would fire off the missile but iran has the vested interest in the outcome. it's very important to remember that back in 2006 and 2009, north korea tested missiles and both of those failed. here's north korea expert gordon chang. >> the north koreans make hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling ballistic missile technology to the iranians. and the iranians aren't going to buy something that doesn't work. so the north koreans need to validate their designs. >> the theory being that if north korea can prove that it can actually launch a long range missile then the stakes
4:37 pm
in the region are much higher, shep. >> shepard: hard to argue that trace gallagher in los angeles this afternoon. we got a bombshell on north korea today. a human rights group and a well-respected one, claims that north korea regime is now holding more than 150,000 people in a brutal secret prison system that they describe as goolag style. according to the group, entire families are locked up. generations of families for the so-called political crimes of just one family member. and we're told the conditions are nothing short of horrendous. torture, execution, forced abortions. forced labor and malnutrition. the group claims it has interviewed no fewer than 60 former prisoners and guards who managed to sneak out of that country and those prisoners and guards were able to locate the prison on satellite images. north korea has long denied that it holds any political prisoners. well, the confessed mastermind of the attacks of 9/11 is about to get his day in court.
4:38 pm
the military reports khalid sheikh mohammed and four others will face a military judge at guantanamo bay on may the 5th. that's the first step in their trial before a war crimes tribunal. all five face the death penalty. the fbi has replaced usama bin laden on its 10 most wanted list, obviously. taking the dictator's place a 40-year-old former private school teacher. here is his picture. the feds say he is wanted on child pornography charges and has been on the run since 2008. the reward, $100,000 for information that leads to his arrest. the miami marlins manager ozzy gene in the hot seat again after he said he admired the former cuban president fidel castro. said he loved him even. today geen says that's not what he meant. the details on that ahead. plus, republicans say the president's healthcare overhaul will pull the united states deeper into debt. but the white house says it will do the opposite.
4:39 pm
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but my energy is all gone. when i need the energy to start exercising. every day. every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day. >> shepard: there is word that the healthcare overhaul could add a $5 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. that's according to a report by the republic official. the white house says consider the source. the administration is standing by its claim that the new healthcare law will indeed cut the deficit. so two sides. mike emanuel is in washington. what is the author of this study saying about where the numbers come from and what's different from the other numbers and on and on and on? >> well, shep, there is an argument the government is double counting using the same pile of cash for two different purposes. the author of the study healthcare such a massive issue it will dig the country's financial hole even deeper. >> they are trying to do several things same must takennously. one is to extend the solvency
4:43 pm
of the medicare program. that requires financial resources. they also want to extend subsidized health coverage to 30 million people. and that requires a lot of resources as well. there is enough savings in the law to do one of the two things but not both. blahous wants the understand the law. >> shepard: the white house has a different take on this. >> they say is he opponent of healthcare we rorm and use iting new math. this is obviously a partisan analysis says jay carney does not put forward by the cbo. should be noted that he was named by. he was appointed after discussions with republic leaders in congress. and it doesn't mean the president agrees with his economic analysis, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel in our washington newsroom. mike, thanks. the miami marlins baseball team today suspended the
4:44 pm
manager ozzy geehan after he told a reporter for "time" magazine i love fidel castro. you can imagine that went over well in miami. he is five games into first season there. now he is out for the next five games. he told "time" he respected the former human dictator adding, quote, a lot of people have wanted to kill fidel castro for the last 60 years. but that blank is still here. those comments enraged many south floridians. miami has a huge cuban population. many of those people came to the united states boat to escape fidel castro's iron fisted rule. today he apologized saying he had been misunderstood. >> apologize to the people here, outside who is looking at me, i'm very, very, very sorry about the problem, about happening. i will do everything to make it better. >> shepard: nerve south florida doesn't buy it they
4:45 pm
look at some of the things that he said when in chicago as a white sox and as a manager. now local lawmakers are calling for his resignation in south florida. steve harrigan is in our south florida newsroom this evening. this isn't over with that apology of sorts, steve, is it? >> shepard, it is not over. not by a long shot. for some cuban americans, this story may never be over. >> how would they feel offended i love hitler. he said something positive about the people that dictated us out of our own land. >> if the -- in nicaragua and in cuba, we suffer from the [inaudible] >> of course, this is not the first time ozzy gillian has praised fidel castro. did he so in 2008 with the white sox. evidently there are some things you can say in chicago that you can't get away with in miami, shepard. >> shepard: clearly, the marlins with the new name, new stadium, new look, new buzz and ozzy guillen was part of that new buzz.
4:46 pm
>> shepard, they were hoping from the buzz from ozzy guillen, they are getting more than bargained for. one week before the season ozzy guillen was in the news talking about post game regime. on the road he goes to the hotel bar, gets drunk and then those to his hotel room to sleep every night. he says has been following that regime for the past 25 years. so, from that to the castro regime. oz i guillen has managed to in south florida knock his ownself off the head lines, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan in our south florida newsroom tonight. thank you. this just into fox news channel. we have just gotten word the university of arkansas has fired its head football coach bobby patrino after he tried to cover up what patrino now himself calls inappropriate relationship. this is according to the reporting of espn. bobby patrino hospitalized on the first of this month after a nasty motorcycle accident. turned out his 25-year-old girlfriend was with him at the time of the crash. his wife and four children
4:47 pm
were not. and the headline, again, word that the university of arkansas has just fired the head football coach bobby patrino. his firing will be an enormous blow to the razorbacks. in four seasons he has turned them around into national contenders. now a news conference scheduled for tonight. bobby at the reason to is out in faithville. >> if you hurt that guy, he is on camera [bleep] >> shepard: happened as the cameraman was recording somebody getting arrested. he works for a local news station. the news director there says the photographer was being, quote, professional and doing his job when this happened. we're told the minneapolis police chief apologized and released a statement indicating that after his initial look at the video it appears the officer's interference was unnecessary. the u.s. government is using a
4:48 pm
high tech product to save the lives on the battlefield. it's made of thin plastic and the maker says it can protect soldiers from powerful explosives. we'll test it ourselves and let you decide. plus, the potential danger of getting too many dental x-rays. it's new and it's coming up. but first our friend and colleague chris wallace released a statement today about the death of his father, the legendary news man mike wallace and it reads, i quote: my dad was everything you saw on television. fascinating and funny, challenging, and exasperating. he was the best reporter i have ever known, chris said. and while work often came first for him, over the last 20 years he worked hard to make connections with his family. chris writes he became my best friend. and in the end he was surrounded by children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. i already miss him terribly. i love that my daughter's part fish.
4:49 pm
but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person abouter care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. itedhealthcare.
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>> shepard: so it turns out a thin piece of plastic is strong enough to stand up to explosives. [explosion] >> shepard: very high tech plastic and helping to keep our soldiers safe from bomb blasts in afghanistan and iraq we're told. and now we're seeing just how powerful this stuff really is. alicia acuna is in our rockie mountain newsroom in denver tonight. >> hi, shep, the u.s. defense department has put this thin plastic in 17,000 war zone vehicles to protect soldiers' lives and limbs. it's called sky decks. the company that developed it based here in colorado says it works by using opposing plastic cones that collapse on to each other on impact and recover immediately.
4:53 pm
here is the ceo. >> impact this way. blasts this way and those are two different kinds of energies, and we mitigate it we absorb it. we chew it up. and so it doesn't go up the soldier's leg. >> okay. >> all science. here it's no problem to shatter these standard tiles. then i tried it with a tile protected by a foam that's still in some military vehicles. you can see it offers little to no protection. then i give it a go with the sky decks on top of the tiles. i can tell you i hit it with the same force and it protected them. obviously no comparison to what an explosion will do. their point is when the vehicle floors the only thing between a bomb and soldier, what that floor is made of, shep is critical. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna, thanks. getting dental x-rays too offensive could increase the risk of getting a certain type of brain tumor according to a new study from the american cancer society.
4:54 pm
researchers say adults who had yearly bite wing x-rays were more than twice as likely to develop a tumor than those who haven't had them at all. >> this type of tumor is almost always benign. rmdz children have x-rays every one to two years and adults every two to three. prosecutors have accused a bride of faking terminal cancer to get out of her wedding for free. or to have the wedding for free, really. it seems even the groom thought the wife was dying. officials say the woman gave her wedding wish to a small town new york newspaper. they say she even wrote letters for her future kids to read after she died. strangers donated a wedding dress. the wedding rings. even a luxury honeymoon in aruba. just a few months later the husband reportedly started doubt the claims. a grand jury has indicted her on charges of grand larceny and fraud. it seems most bears enjoy eating fish. maybe some honey as a snack.
4:55 pm
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to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you. >> shepard: tranquilized a bear for love of meatballs. caught the bear chilling in the backyard. it then climbed the fence, camped out for a bit until officials hit it with that old tranquilizer dart. officials carried the bear away as people watched and took photos. they believe it was the same bear that broke into a refrigerator during earlier visit and swiped some meat balls. sadly never been on a trampoline. the creator of the simpsons said he named their hometown springfield ar after springfield, oregon. the sweet swine pork rind hat wearing women did not wear
4:59 pm
part of the jackpot. instead three school workers. suspend the managesser oz i guillen praising fidel castro. number two, the dow tumbled more than 200 points. its fifth straight down day. number one, rick santorum ended his campaign for president today, making mitt romney the almost, well, the likely republic nominee. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1971, communist china extended historic invitation to the united states ping-pong team to visit the people's republic. china hadn't invited any americans to visit since the communist takeover decades earlier. at the time china hoped the move would help normalize relations with the united states and ping-pong diplomacy paved the way for president nixon's trip to beijing. the united states and china returned to the table 41 years ago today. and now you know the news for


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