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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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tomorrow. thank you for watching. i'm laura ingraham and remember the spin stops here because we're always looking out for you. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> sean: major developments on the campaign trail today, as rick santorum announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign, effective immediately. take a look. >> made a decision to get in the race at our kitchen table, against all the odds. and we made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. i walked out after the iowa caucus victory and said, "game on." a lot of folks will write, maybe those at the white house "game over." but this game is long, long
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way from over. we're going to continue to go out there and fight to make sure we defeat president barack obama, that we win the house back. and that we take the united states senate. and we stand for the values that make us americans. >> sean: now although santorum did not mention romney by name in the bombshell announcement, he did call the front runner and the two camps are working on organizing meeting in the near future. governor romney also released a statement congratulating santorum calling him a worthy competitor and adding, "he has proven himself to be an important voice in our party and in the nation." joining me with reaction, author of "courage and consequence," the one and only, fox news contributor, rare new york appearance. karl rove. how are you? >> thank you for having me in the studio. i slipped in on a tour of the building. >> sean: you got through the tv cameras outside. i'll deal with it if a second. in obviously is a big announc
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announcement. thoughts? >> first of all, i thought santorum got it right today. he said mine was an improbable candidacy. it was. he went a long way with not much. he didn't have much in the way of money. not much in the way of support. yet, he won ten contests and he is the, you know, the biggest competitor and t front runner had. and good for him. and i like to particularly his tone where he said this is not over. i'm going to help remove president obama and help the republicans in congress as we need more people on the field to help raise money, raise spirits, raise volunteers and carry the message. obviously, he is in it through the election. >> sean: i did speak to newt on the radio show. he thinks until romney gets 1144, you know what? he needs a competitor in the race. >> look, the key thing on sunday was when newt said acknowledged he has a $4.5 million debt. you don't want to pull out. you want to remain in the race. you want to send out an eblast
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today, e-mail saying it's now down to two, send me money. but look, the race is effectively over. the general election has already begun. it now makes it clear that the general election has begun and we're likely to see the president rhetoric tonight in florida. you know, he made two appearances. appearance at campaign fundraiser and then he went to florida atlantic university where if anything his rhetoric at a taxpayer-sponsored event was more harsh, negative and partisan and connected to the campaign. he literally talks about candidates running for president. the only thing he didn't say was romney. everything else in a taxpayer-funded event was a direct attack. >> sean: go to the comments where it shouldn't surprise anybody, it's class warfare, wealthy republicans. here is what he said. >> what drags our entire economy down is benefit of growth go only to the few. prosperity never trickled down from the wealthy few.
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prosperity has always come from bottom up. they propose a budget that showers the wealthiest americans with even more tax cuts. then paid for the tax cuts by gutting investments in education, in medical research and clean energy, in healthcare. >> sean: you know what? >> i don't know where to begin when he says things like that. the tax cut in the ryan budget are revenue neutral. lower rate and get rid of the garbledy book to pay for it. hhe reduces spending and deliberately mislead voters and the american people. most of the event was given over to the buffett rule. remember, he went last fall and said that this, the buffett rule, a tax on everybody making $1 million a year could "raise enough money to not only pay for our jobs bill, $447 billion price tag, but would also stabilize our
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debt and deficits for the next decade." wait a minute. the committee on taxation says in the next ten years it will generate, the buffett rule would generate $47.7 billion. and he had $9.6 trillion of deficit in there. >> sean: you notice buffett companies are having problems with the i.r.s. and taxes? separate issue. here is what i see. tell me where i'm wrong. i see a president that is getting more desperate. getting angryer. the rhetoric is getting almost shrill. dirty air and dirty water. republicans want kids with autism and down syndrome. he's repeating it. >> misleading. if the budget cuts in ryan budget, the house budget are spread equally across every program here is what is going to happen. wait a minute. nobody is suggesting they cut across -- why not get the waste in government and focus money more on essential services. >> sean: what do you think? dick morris thought last night every time the president injects himself in a national controversy it's by design.
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sandra fluke, trayvon martin. you know all the recent controversies. you know, do you think this i is -- the supreme court. do you think these are by design so that his record of $5 trillion in debt, that obamacare is probably going to be overturned? do you think that is the strategy? >> i think he injects himself in most controversies by political calculation. it's useful for me to go out and speak about this or that controversy. in part because i think he thinks he scores points. also because he obscures a bigger issue. i think on some of the things he is tone deaf. i think he went out there and attacked the supreme court because he wanted to basically blow the whistle on the ref it and try before they sat down on the friday meeting to signal them, if you go against me, i am going to make you a political -- >> sean: intimidate the supreme court? >> intimidate. can you imagine if george w. bush -- >> no. >> -- gone out two days before the supreme court took up the case that involved
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habeas corpus right for terrorists and said i'll kick you around before now and the next election. the "new york times" would have called for his impeachment. >> sean: the president can't run on his record so president is becoming more shrill and desperate. republicans want grandma over the cliff. i assume it will ratchet up before the election. one other thing, he keeps mabling excuse -- making excuses and he is attacking the court, involving himself in controversy. what overall this strategy then here? what are they trying to do? >> you can't run for re-election on the base of your record and offer no vision other than punitively tax the rich. why did you want the people to pay a higher rate of taxation? because like warren buffett they have saved and invested and are making most of their money perhaps all of their money off the capital gains and dividends. let's punish them. why? haven't we as a society, even he agrees that taxes on capital gains and dividends
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ought to be less than on ordinary income. why? that is how as a society we encourage savings and investment to have a pool of money -- >> sean: all right. the last question. in a country where you have 47 million americans in poverty, 27 million americans on or under employed. half the country doesn't pay federal income taxes. is he looking for the 51% by appealing to say i'll give you other people's money. >> i think he is trying to appeal to the base emotion. aren't you resentful of people who have done better than you? >> do you agree? >> he might if nobody responds. if we don't get out there and pound issues saying how dare we do this? most of the millionaires are small businesses. take the people counting on to take jobs and grow economy and tax them. >> sean: who would be a good v.p.ic? i like rubio the best. >> you have a good feel. rubio is strong. bob mcdonald, mitch daniels, rob portman, chris christie -- >> sean: boring people in
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there. i won't mention which ones i think. go ahead. >> you got ryan sandoval, martinez. a lot of names tossed around. this is not a useful exercise for us. >> sean: it for me. >> exactly. exactly. but the campaign, the romney campaign probably has somebody whose name we don't yet know, cho is depended on by romney trusted going through thick notebook of material or shortly will be going through to prepare for every one of these people. >> sean: good to see you. >> i hopefully don't have to get out of the fox studio. >> sean: stop. coming up, president obama is fast approaching another one of jimmy carter's greatest achievements but the white house won't be cheering when he reaches this milestone. later, we continue to do what the main stream will not do. that is vet the president. tonight, we begin taking a closer look at his inner circle and radical appointments. that and much more. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis.
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yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get some right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter fr. test easy. >> sean: now the obama administration continues to claim there is no easy fix when it comes to the sky roberting cost of gas. now there is something else the white house should start worrying about besides not having any real solutions. the president is about to become one of jimmy carter's greatest achievements and surpass it. here is how. during the oil crisis in 1970s, under the carter administration, the price of gas increased staggering 107%. new numbers indicate that president obama is not far behind. now, under the current administration watchful eye,
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americans have been subjected to a 90.2% increase in the average retail price of gas. so how is team obama going to spin this one? i'm sure they will say it's maybe not george w. bush's fault. joining me with reaction, the 9-9-9. how are you? >> i feel alive. >> sean: look, how many members now do you have of your new pack? >> 400,000 people. they want to see me and my team continue to promote 9-9-9. i got to tell you, it's going great. we have a big event coming up on april 15 and 16. >> sean: in d.c.? >> in washington, d.c. monday morning are what we call a patriots summit. people that will go to their representatives and say adopt 9-9-9. a big rally in the afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00, we have
9:15 pm
headliners. >> sean: i want to come. >> i got to tell you, i just gave a speech at columbia university. they told me to tell you they love you. >> sean: they did not say that. >> they did. >> sean: the school of journalism? they hate me. >> no, they have a columbia college republicans. >> sean: there were seven people there, i'm sure. >> 300 students showed up. they said give us a shout out on "hannity." we love "hannity." >> sean: price of gas. i go to new york, one of my kids, with my family, on a weekend. i look at the price of gas. i have a hybrid escalade. i have to put premium in. $5.07 or nine a gallon. i take a picture. i tweet it. they would only give me $100 worth of gas. three-quarters of the way full. people see that and they're reacting and angry. the average price is $4 a gallon. the president inherited $1.80 gas. you know? >> i hate to say this to people, but $4 is just the beginning of how high it's
9:16 pm
going to go. because of what this president didn't do three years ago that he could have done. and things that he is doing now. he is actually discouraging the price of gas to go up through the price of oil. for example, gasoline is almost $4 a gallon on average across this country. he wants to impose another tax on the oil companies. he is still trying to demagogue the oil companies when it's a function of decisions he could have made three years ago. in terms of putting together a serious energy independence plan. >> sean: let me ask you. you ran for president. you had a good campaign. you had a good run. rick santorum bows out today. if you did win, what do you think the most effective way that you would develop strategy, tactics to defeat obama. how would you do it? >> first, i would focus on three things primarily. and not allow the mia or the former administration to not allow me to distract me.
9:17 pm
>> sean: not allow? >> yes. >> sean: good luck. >> talk about how you boost economy and grow jobs. right it looks like mitt romney is going to be the nominee. numbers are on his side. i am going to give him the same advice. how are you going to build the economy? with all due respect, 59-point plan won't work. secondly, energy independence. if we have a serious energy independence strategy it will cause speculators to stop speculating up. it will cause people in the middle east to stop gouging us in terms of reducing production when they want the price to go up. the third thing, national security. as you know, sean, i'm still out speaking to groups, tea party groups, college and universities. those are the three hot buttons the three things that people care about. governor romney has not only had to do a good job of articulating the failure of the obama administration but he also has to do a good job saying what is he going to do specifically relative to each one of those things.
9:18 pm
>> sean: are you confident the selection is winnable? are you confident? >> yes, i'm confident that the election is winnable for the following ifs. if, romney gets the nomination, he is articulate. but he has to stay on message on those key things that people care most about. >> sean: how does he deal with being beaten up and demonized, wanting to throw granny over the cliff? >> that is going to happen. >> sean: you lived through this. >> i lived through. this here is the thing. if they want to accuse romney of bag flip-floper, let's look at obama. every time they attack romney on one of those dings -- >> sean: show obama in his own words. >> exactly. >> sean: make him eat those words. >> over and over again. another reason it's winnable. i am finding that the young people in this country on the college campuses, their enthusiasm is infectious. they get it. let me tell you what obama has done to turn them off the most. because i talk to them. >> sean: no jobs. >> hypocrisy. >> sean: really?
9:19 pm
>> hypocrisy. they see the hypocrisy in the administration and this president. >> sean: good to see you, herman cain. >> great to be here. >> 9-9-9. >> still alive. >> sean: coming up next we continue to vet the president. the next installment of the real obama. but first, major developments in the trayvon martin's case. george zimmerman's counsel steps down. and the new black panther party is crossing the line, stoking the flames of violence. we get into that next. i was mentioned in a press conference earlier today. we'll play that for you coming
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. we are withdrawalling counsel for mr. zimmerman. we have lost contact with him. he's on his own. i'm not sure what he is doing or who he is talking to. but at this point, we are withdrawalling as counsel. >> eventually the two newest developments are that we learned that he had called sean hannity of fox news directly, not through us. we believe, i can't confirm, this but we believe he spoke directly with sean. off the record. and he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him. >> sean: that was george zimmerman's former attorneys stepping down from the case today. one of the reasons cited in the presentation conference
9:24 pm
was an alleged conversation that george zimmerman had with me. before we continue tonight, i want to set the record straight about a couple of things. now, for a few weeks we have been pursuing an interview with mr. zimmerman to give him a chance to tell his side of the story. yesterday, i was contacted by an advantag individual we belies george zimmerman. he reached out to me and we spoke on the phone about his case and i agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation. that's it. i know nothing about his relationship with his now former attorneys. joining me now with more on the new developmentments from fx 35, out of orlando, florida. shannon butler. from the new york civil rights coalition, michael meyers. welcome to the program. let me start with you, shannon, and i think there are developments we have to get in to and news here. things seem to be ratcheted up. i'll play some of the new black panther party an the conversations that have taken place. we're also told that there were shots fired at a police cruiser in stanford. we're also told conflicting
9:25 pm
reports about neo nazi patrols. what can you tell us about these things? >> i think you will see it ratcheted up a little bit. we just got information just now that the state prosecutor now said she will call a news conference on the trayvon martin case in the next 72 hours and said she will give media a three hours' heads up but will call a news conference this week in jacksonville. that leads to us believe she has a decision on george zimmerman in this case. >> sean: decision meaning to indict him or not? >> well, it's hard to tell. it depends who you talk to. she said yesterday i do not need this grand jury. it was supposed to convene today. i will make this decision on my own. we knew yesterday she already had enough information to make the decision. it depends who you ask and what sources you talk to. some say that means there has been an arrest. others say no, we think george zimmerman will go free. it's really too early to tell. >> sean: what about -- i'm going to play the new black panther party threats.
9:26 pm
what about the police cruiser and the alleged shooting that took place there and report of neo nazi patrols in the area? >> you could feel a different mood in sanford yesterday after angela corey made the announcement. at 4:30, a police cruiser sits across the street from george zimmerman's neighborhood, sits in an elementary school. they did that sanford police, because tour buses were pulling in the school parking so people could get out and take pictures of the neighborhood. it was a decoy car. it hasn't been touched for weeks. it's been there for days and days and days. this morning, 4:30, somebody drove by, took out a gun and fired several shots in the car, busting out the passenger side window and putting bullet holes in the front window. >> sean: all right. now we'll go to the issue of the black panther, the new black panther party. they put a bounty on george zimmerman's head and they talk about blood needs to be spilled in this case. they are talking about a sea
9:27 pm
of blood. listen to this. >> got to reach a climax. it's got to reach a point to where it boils over like when you have a boil on your arm or you leg in order for it to heal, this stuff has to boil over. all your greats talk about that, having to be bloodshed involved with revolution, true revolution means bloodshed. so blood is spilled. we'll have to cross the red sea. you are going to have to cross the red sea. i know y'all thought it was talking about some sea in some, you know, part of the world. hell no. we are talking about some blood. yeah, those who wish they could stand in this hour. to see the destruction of the devil's word, the devil society. i ain't talking about a dude underneath the ground with pitchfork and pantyhose. i'm talking about the blue
9:28 pm
eyed, sometimes brown eyed, blonde caucasian with the nature of the brutality. >> sean: reaction, mike? >> this kind of racial rhetoric is really out of touch with sanity. these people are stuck in the quicksand of the past. the past of anger, histrionic and rhetoric of the black power. my mentor, wilkins used to say black power, yeah, black power is black death. black power is nearly a -- merely a doorway, not to justice, but a doorway to prisons and to a dungeon. >> sean: isn't there a bigger issue here? that, michael, being if you put a bounty on somebody's head, where is the attorney general of this country? the person that put the bounty, on -- wait a minute. why isn't that person arrested at this point? >> first of all, as far as i know, no one has taken up the call for bounty. >> sean: it doesn't matter. >> wait a second. no one has formed a posse or
9:29 pm
do -- >> sean: what does that -- >> if they did, that's why i say, this racial rhetoric, call for the black power is the father of racial hatred and the mother of violence. so if anybody acts on this call for bounty, somebody kidnaps you, anything like that, they go straight to prison. >> sean: these people are terrorists. these people who engage in the racial rhetoric know where to stop. >> and when they don't stop, before it becomes a real threat or invitation to violence or posse, then we have -- [ overtalk ] >> in power to act on their own. and make arrests. >> sean: let me ask you. in terms of the community, shannon, this isn't s an important issue. we are talking about bounty on george zimmerman's head. you hear this racist rhetoric. his abbott semitic rhetoric. we played some of it last night that's been used. what is the feeling of the community? is there a sense that things
9:30 pm
are spinning out of control, because the attorney general, the state, police, have not pursued the people making these terroristic threats? >> well, the black panther, the groups like that, that is what sanford is afraid of. they said you know, the new black panthers. they say the people in this town who are doing rallies, who are holding vigils, that's not who we are worried about. we know that is everybody coming together. but groups like this they say they are worried about that will come in and destroy the town. they don't want to see it. they ask question after question to city hall and the police saying why do you not do something in frankly, nobody has an answer for that. >> sean: well, the things -- things get more dangerous every day. the rhetoric is getting ratcheted up. people have rushed to judgment and people said it's racial profiling, killed because he was black. we never had all the facts an never put it together. last question, shannon. from the beginning there was an eyewitness.
9:31 pm
you had an opportunity, you were the only person in media that interviewed that witness from that night. why did the rest of the media ignore the interview and comment he is made on the record to the police? >> i don't know that the rest of the media necessarily ignored it. they just haven't been able to get him. he hasn't come back out and said i'll do any more interviews. when we talk to him, it was really the next day after the shooting. and then things started to blow up. nobody really talked to him since then because he hasn't come out to say that was me, let's talk again. even for us, we have gone back to try to ask him more questions. go through this one more time. he hasn't done it. at this point he'd rather lay low. >> i think we need judgment. we need due process of the law. we cannot have a vigilante squad. we cannot have people calling for immediate justice or take the law in their own hands. if anybody tries that, they should go straight to prison.
9:32 pm
we need responsible leaders to speak up against the racial rhetoric of the so-called -- >> sean: the media is irresponsible? >> they have been. >> sean: they have made accusations. >> one day something is said and the next day -- >> they're part of the mob. they are part of the mob rule. they ought to know better. >> sean: we have to run. thank you for being with us. vetting, the president means vetting his clone friends, appointments and his employees. tonight a look at his top legal mind at the state department. harold co. we ask why his past comments about america should have all of us frightened. that and more straight ahead. >> the president himself said judge me by the people i surround myself with. >> he said the u.s. should follow shariah law. should follow shariah law. it's not just one bad appointment. this is not just one mistake here. what does this tell you about this president? ♪
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>> sean: now, you are who your friends are, right? if we apply that saying to the president we should be scared because the list of his friends and those serving in his administration with questionable pasts and beliefs runs deep. tonight we continue to vet the president, we look at harold koh, the top legal advisor at the state department. he espouses some of the most controversial and down right dangerous positions of anybody in obama's inner circle. in 2004, he compared the u.s. under president bush to the likes of iraq and north korea. saying, "several nations disobedience with international law has attracted global attention after september 11. most prominently north korea, iraq and our very own country, the united states of america." for shorthand purposes i will call these three countries the
9:38 pm
axis of disobedience." then in 2007 he made this allegation against the bush administration. >> a key element of the bush administration strategy on the war of terror is what i call the tna turner question. which is when the planes hit the tower you suddenly say what's law got to do with it? >> sean: an torture in chief, writing we should resist the claim war on terror commits the commander in chief's power to be expanded to wanton power to act as tortureer in chief. koh is on record for firmly opposing the use of targeted drone strikes by the bush administration, but it seems he is singing a different tune when it comes to president obama and his heavy reliance on the very same technique. here with reaction and closer look at obama's trusted advisor, fox news contributor, liz cheney. i hear your dad is doing fantastic. >> doing really well. hosted the easter egg hunt of
9:39 pm
the their house and doing well. sends his best. >> sean: we're very happy. can't wait until he goes hunting an fishing and enjoying life again. >> as soon as he can. exactly. >> sean: you look at this. you look at van jones and brian jennings, what are we to make of this? >> harold koh in addition to everything else is one of the leading advocates of something called the transnational theory of law. he really believes, written extensively that national law should trump u.s. domestic law, should trump the u.s. constitution. instances where you are talking about the first amendment rights for example, right to bear arms. you know his view is that just because we have an individual right guaranteed in the constitution, if you've got international bureaucrats, folks in brussels, international organizations with a different view that different view should carry perhaps even more weight than the constitutional right. >> when what do you make of this comparing us to iraq and north korea? two terrorist regimes.
9:40 pm
>> you can't make this up. it's amazing to me, the folks that sit in ivory towers now in this administration, have crazy ideas how the world ought to work. for this man, who said things that are demonstratively untrue about george bush and dirk cheney and john yoo who talked about torture and said things that were slanderous to now advocate drone strikes -- i fully support the drone strikes. >> sean: so do i. >> they are important. but that means you don't get intelligence. there is no legal or moral distinction that you can draw between taking out a terrorist, the right thing to do and something far less injurious, waterboarding. it'd like to see him apologize frankly. i'd like to see him say look, i got it wrong. >> sean: the reason we're doing the vet, the president saying that, because i bet there are many people in this audience, which is well informed and many people around the country that have no idea there have been so
9:41 pm
many radical appointments. an avowed 9/11 truther, avowed communist. we are just beginning to touch the surface. there have been many of them. why do you think it's possible the radical appointments are made with so little scrutiny? >> you know the answer to that. this president has had the backing of most of the main stream media for most of his administration. because at the end of the day the american people, it's hard for us to believe how radical the people are. what herald koh espoused in terms of the preimminence of international law takes away american sovereignty. he believes that treaties should apply to us even if they haven't been ratified. he sets out a system because organization like the united nations for example expressed issue on an issue. that's something that judges in the united states should take into account. that means it's not the american people who are through the democratic process protect our sovereignty.
9:42 pm
>> sean: do you remember years ago people talked about the concept of one world government were laughed at? >> yeah. >> sean: in many ways when you give up the sovereignty of the united states of america, well then who is in charge? what happened to our rule of law which is our constitution? that gets thrown out of the window. >> right. >> sean: it's almost like some of the stranger conspiracy theories advocated by the radicals in the administration. >> it goes back to something that you talked about many times, which is this notion that america is not a force for good in world. that america somehow should be constrained. the fact that barack obama encouraged the appointments, this man works for hillary clinton, works for barack obama. tells you something about the president's view of the world. which again is so radical it's hard for people to believe but it's very dangerous and makes us less secure. >> sean: i doubt anyone else in the media will do this. thank you for your insight and understanding. send our best wishes to your dad. glad he's doing so well. it's a great story.
9:43 pm
>> thank you. thank you for what you're doing, sean. >> sean: thank you. time now to check in with greta for sneak peek at what is coming up "on the record." >> brit hume is here and has the latest on what is goin on in politics but all eyes are on the far side of the planet with what is going on in north korea. we are standing by. there could be a launch any day and there is concern internationally and here at home, what is going on there. plus, the latest in the gsa. what in the world is going on there? guess what? there is more tonight. who could believe that one. that and of course we'll be outside chasing sean hannity with cameras like everybody else. [ laughter ] >> sean: you heard about that, huh? >> greta: i think about it. those are my cameras. >> sean: i'm popular. what did i do? i'm being good. all right. thanks. we'll be watching in 18 short minutes from right now. let not your heart be troubled, the great, great, ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em, with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds,
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>> sean: tonight on the great american panel, former pollster fur jimmy carter, george mcgovern presidential campaign. that did great. fox news contributor pat caddell is here. "new york times" best selling author book "heroes for my daughter." and new website. ordinarypeoplechangethe world.c ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.c om. brad meltzer is here. she is a media entrepreneur and great personality, amilya antonetti is back. what do you think about santorum getting out? who do you like? i never asked you. >> i like little bits of pieces of different candidates and if i could mold them together it would be perfect. >> like finding the perfect guy or girl. if i could find perfect portions of this person. that's not reality. >> i am glad he's out and he did it as a gentleman. >> sean: are you happy with romney? >> not entirely, but i think he is the best horse to bet on given the circumstances of what we have to pick from.
9:49 pm
so it's stallion who -- >> sean: you have to watch the guy on the end there. your friend doug schoen and others are getting on the ballot in all 50 states for third party candidacy. bad idea? >> well, this is questionable. so far they haven't got candidates because it's polarizeded situation. to me it's important day because it's happened with the market but more important, santorum out. romney is the inevitable nominee. the problem is he has a crisis in the selectability problem as the "washington post" poll show this morning. his inability, not only with women, white working class voters an independents he was leading with a few months ago. connection problem. >> sean: let me tell you why i'm not worried about it like you are. he just came out of a primary that was brutal. >> my problem is about connection. he seems rich and remote. his supporter donald trump helped him. he said he's a billionaire. you know about this.
9:50 pm
but he connects with people and has empathy. so far, romney hasn't shown that. that is one of his -- >> where the election will be won is on the women. first, there are more women than men. there are more women registered and more women come out to vote. if obama does not get almost 60% of the female vote, he will not win. that's the statistics. he is losing the white male daily over and over. matter of the female vote. 100% right of romney, he doesn't connect. but his wife does. don't leave her out of the equation. >> when america is in a time of great crisis worried about themselves you see heroes emerge. that's what we look for. if you look when superman was created or captain america, world war ii, a country that was scared. 9/11, the first movie to break through consciousness was of all things "siderman." this's why they still do well. even bad ones are doing well. we are a country starving for heroes. >> sean: oh do you connect that to the election? >> if you look at the last election we had, obama versus
9:51 pm
mccain a country starving for heroes then. we looked for one guy the hope to half of america and other fought bad guys with his bear hands. we weren't looking for politicians. looking for saviors. the problem is right now is whatever you think of obama is obama. but the problem is romney is not a hero to people. he doesn't inspire. at a time like, this you need to inspire. >> sean: but the problem the president has he is a whole different guy than he was in 2008. >> but he still inspires people. >> that is where i disagree. i don't think people are looking for a safe your. now people are tangible. they have a problem. who can execute a plan? we have gone through the savior and we want an executor. >> this is the problem that obama has. he was elected to be the savior. he disappointed people. that is always a problem when people project what they want. >> people want to believe, people want to believe -- >> they would like to believe
9:52 pm
him. you are right -- >> he is smart, calculating. mastered all communication forums. the only president who understands social media. the only president that is out there understanding -- >> negative or positive? those are the things that are working for him. romney to me -- >> he's a threat. >> romney to me right now if you can't get people to go i'm excited? american politics, you vote with your heart, not with your head. >> sean: we'll take a break and come back with the great, great, great -- why are you laughing? can you throw a football? >> no. >> sean: more of the great american panel next the next revolution in music is happening here. pandora rocks the big board. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. i am having a difficult time understanding this. we have a bounty on the head of george zimmerman. we have congressmen and women saying that trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. and all these controversial comments. now there are reports that the crazy neo nazi groups are there. in sanford. police car has been shot. all of these things are happening. where is the attorney general arresting people with bounty and talking about the race wars and bloodbaths in this country? where is eric holder? why can't he speak out and arrest people who put bounty on people's heads? where is the guy?
9:57 pm
>> where is the accountability for the media that started this whole thing? >> sean: the media's responsible when they edit tapes. the media is responsible when they say things are on the 9/11 tape that don't exist. there is culpability there. then you have activists group and people with agendas. law enforcement, you're not allowed to put bounty on somebody's head. you were there for the civil rights movement. >> you can't do this. the problem is i'm not a big fan of eric holder. i'm one of his least fans. you know, he is busy out taking and arguing against the voter i.d., being racist saying everybody opposed him because he's black while he frees islamic terrorists. the job there is to stop that and see what the law has done. but it's political card for administration. for the press, congress. i can't help but think of the -- this is a terrible tragedy what happened to the young man dying. but we don't know what happened. i keep thinking about duke. i can't get it out of my head.
9:58 pm
i was sure that -- the duke lacrosse case. >> sean: you were sure? >> i was absolutely sure. >> sean: i was skeptical for from the beginning. and the richard jewel case. >> you know what? i'd like to know what the facts are. instead of inflaming this -- the attorney general is supposed to not play games -- >> sean: you not put bounties on someone's head. >> if you start doing this, people will die. >> you know what? in miami right now, my father-in-law runs a civil right landmark. the first restaurant to integrate in the '60s. i asked him about it. how is the community reacting? he said you know, yesterday a woman came in and they were talking about trayvon and she said that is trayvon's mom. she is in the restaurant. trayvon went to my sister high school where i grew up. what did you say to her? trayvon's mom right there. what did you say? i went over and said i'm sorry she lost her son.
9:59 pm
you know what? we forget that. everyone wants to politicize this. and at that moment, but you know what? if it was any of our sons, would you notant someone investigating this and using this and saying c'mon -- >> sean: but there is a difference, yes, but you can't rush to judgment. there is an eyewitness in this case. spoke out on night one. the eyewitness said place trayvon on top of george zimmerman. not the other way around. >> bounty, you say i don't trust in the law. take it in my own hands. >> the reason that bounty happens because it gets emotional. >> but it's like, you know, alice in wonderland. first the trial, then the red queen. first the execution, then the trial. first sentence to then the trial. >> that is called the italian way. >> well, you know, if you get me, i have to get you back. what is happening is the deliberately the little things, the fires are being


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