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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 22, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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beneful. play. it's good for you. >> good early sunday morning to you,ment. it is april 22nd. what's happening. arizona versus the united states? that's right, this week the highest court in the land will rule on that well-known obama administration case, the questions federal power versus state power and people battling it out in the the courtroom have been here before. >> and details surrounding the trayvon martin case. and george zimmerman likely to be free, but will he be safe? and the martin family speaking out about his courtroom apology. >> clayton: humiliation, does it go too far or what the drunk needed? we report, and you decide,
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standing out there with the sandwich board. "fox & friends" hour one starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us this sunday morning and thanks to peter johnson, jr. for tilling in again. >> clayton: and let's get the coffee order. >> alisyn: the great thing about peter visiting, he buys the coffee. >> dave: i will if you want, yeah, oh, yeah (applause) >> somebody can get it, i'm paying and buns, too. >> buns? >> bagels, danish. >> clayton: the starbucks isn't open. let's talk about this, alisyn talked about this, a rematch of sorts, the rematch of the supreme court battle which we saw recently with of course the health care debate, but the same players will be arguing once again in front of the supreme court, this time
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though, over the arizona immigration law. >> alisyn: and this one obviously such a hot topic, peter, everybody is talking about whether or not it's within arizona state rights to take illegal immigration in their own hands and we know that jan brewer staked her career and it's the solicitor general who will be there again arguing. tell us your legal take. >> dave: this is kind of ali frazier, 2. a lot of people thought that the solicitor general as the obamacare argument and were disappointed in the robustness of the argument that they saw mr. clemens, a lot more prepared and vigorous in his argument. it's different this time. elena kagan, justice supreme court stepped out of the case and there's always the possibility after tie. if there is he' a possibility of a tie, the law is out the window. and that could happen. >> clayton: i'm curious your take on this, too, now they
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need to get just one individual to flip to support the obama administration, because before this thing had gone through the high court and five justices rebuffed the administration on all of them. >> dave: on another law involving arizona's licensing businesses that were dealing with illegal immigrants. >> alisyn: and you said the phi-- >> it stands the earlier decision invalidating the law will stand. >> alisyn: tie isn't stalemate. >> no, tie decides the law. >> clayton: here is what's all at stake and break it down. they need to verify the citizenship status. >> alisyn: i'll read it next time. that's a mouthful. >> alisyn: i'll read it next time. >> clayton: peter, where is the coffee. and the main crux of this thing. >> alisyn: and also a state crime to be in the u.s. unlawfully, not just a federal crime, a state cry.
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>> require noncitizens to carry documents to prove they're in the united states and make it a state crime for should not work. and a way in agreement with federal law, we're not trying to do anything except enforce the federal law. the federal government is saying, listen this is proo he emptied. you don't have the right to take it into your own hands, arizona or any other state that adopted similar laws, we're in charge, leave it to us, don't be determining whether or not and how we should be enforcing our immigration rules, it's not up to you. the final oral argument this wednesday at sprek. and another case obviously everyone has been watching at the supreme court is that of obamacare, the care act, whether or not that will go forward and that until june, however, something very interesting is happening this
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week and that is that a number of democrats are beginning to speak out against it. >> a lot of democrats and a lot of prominent democrats, including representative brad miller who came out and said this. i think we'd be better off if we'd dealt first with the financial system and other economic related issues and then come back to health care and a number of individuals who came out and barney frank claiming that suspects paid a price on health care and other senators, probably the one that went the furthest is the alabama representative who says i think the affordable care act is the piece of legislation in the past. >> i think a lot of folks say, what a lot of regular americans were saying when the obamacare regulations were going on, where are the jobs, where are the initiatives to create jobs in america? yeah, health care is important, but should it have been the focus at that point? so, when it's so controversial and when so many americans are
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against obamacare, you are going to see the democrats stepping out. >> who knows what goes on inside the oval office, but if what was reported at the time was true, there were argument inside the administration that the president should have done it in a more incremental piecemeal fashion not the choning of the health care-- >> because you had bipartisan support with certain caveats. >> people in the country would have loved to have the the pre-existing conditions go away. >> not write that off the books. >> there would have been things that people were very much behind and congressman, a democrat of california who says they should have done it in more digestful pieces. and most speaking out are retiring, at the end of this session, so, it's easy, they've been-- >> do you think you can tell the truth now.
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>> and it's a way for congress to leave before they can tell the truth. all right, let's bring in this morning, while the the rest of the world is rushing to bail out europe. timothy geitner stays out against this. will they redistribute wealth overseas? >> and great economists, good morning, peter, how are you? >> i'm good. happy sunday, shouldn't we be jumping into europe and giving them tens of hundreds of millions dollars and work out their problems, shouldn't we? >> absolutely not. when we had our financial crisis, the germans lectured us that they didn't need to assist us, we were well capable of manning our own affairs and the americans shouldn't be telling anybody how to tell, they're bigger than we are, the european union economically. >> as goes europe so goes the u.s.?
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i mean, if they crumble and if some countries default. does it get us in trouble as well. >> let's look what it means, passing people in indiana and forcing them to send money to washington and send it to italy and the germans are capable of doing that themselves and want to tax themselves to do it. why should americans pay for a problem, when they're well capable of paying for it themselves. >> the response to that. only if it comes back to haunt us, it didn't behoof us to pay for it. >> there's a certain moral hazard here, i don't know that we should be solving europe's problem when europe has the financial resources and they should not be able to hold us hostage. if we give them money it isn't clear they'll use it wisely. look what they're doing to greece. greece's problems are not going to be solved by the bailout. greece is impoverished. their unemployment rate is
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almost at great depression revels. 22.8, and the peak in the united states was .9. giving money to the europeans is like giving medical aid to medieval barber. >> clayton: i mean, what exactly is wrong structurally with europe? i thought we were coming out of this. and now we start hearing now, more troubles in europe troubles in europe and could bring down the u.s. economy. what are the troubles there? >> well, we have, to go with the common currency in the united states we have fiscal unions. the bottom line is that folks in manhattan are wealthier and you folks attack mississippi aren't doing the show from mississippi. to do a system with health care, they don't have that in europe, there's no way that germany is required to assist greece with the health care issues, or pension issues or what have you. they don't have fiscal union, but yet, they have the same
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currency, the competitiveness of their products and the cost in the united states is determined by the strength of the german economy, not the greek economy. europe is misstructured and that means a change which means that germany has to become more generous, something that germans are not inclined to do. to do something what an industrialist does or wants to. >> i like that analogy. >> and i like when you can use duessel dorf. >> this early in the morning, i can say that. >> we're going to let them go down in the obama lexicon good or bad depending on the dayment at the same time, they apparently support the idea of bringing trillions of dollars to so-called poor countries to pay climate debt. and there's going to be, a conference on that and apparently the obama administration is for that. what are your thoughts? >> well, the obama
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administration has the governing ideology, hard working american middle class folk on the blame for all the problems of the world. and should be taxed for all the sins of the past and essentially the notion that americans should pay to resolve global warming is that kind of thing. it's that global government thing and eventually obama will cave when it comes to europe unveiling them out and essentially, mr. obama doesn't believe in democracy. we're going to tax americans and send the money to unelected bureaucrats at the u.n. to redistribute wealth globally, it's a selling out of the united states. a great illustration, why anybody, but obama come november. >> and here is exactly what this summit looks like, peter and get you to comment on it. >> wealth transfers from rich countries to poorer ones in the name of fossstering green infrastructure and other green economy measures and also the new carbon taxes that could cost your 250 billion dollars
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a year and that's what the summit will entail. your thoughts? >> well, we know that mr. obama has an agenda, one is to shut down the oil industry in the united states. and taxing it is a great way to do that and this is just another way of trying to accomplish what he wants to do domestically and get it on green technology and if it means impoverishing america. the same thing we don't do trade with china and lifting people out of poverty and okay to improverish poor indiana my state of choice and improverish poor minnesota or minneapolis this morning, and to improverish poor minneapolis to benefit the folks. it's easy for mr. obama to say that, when he's done at the white house he'll write a book and millions of dollars. the guy at that makes, 15, 18 dollars an hour shouldn't have to pay for this and he does. because they have a radical
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left anyfor america and the world which means to weaken america and taken the right to put it in the hands of the united nations is weakening america. >> and peter, if this summit takes hold and if there is a redistribution from industrialized country and that we pollute the world and poorer countries, we give them money to help combat all of that sort of pollution, where is that 250 million dollars a year going to come from? well, it's going to come out of the united states federal budget ultimately. and the poor guy in indiana is not going to pay it directly, he's going to be taxed and the money goes to washington so about 1 1/2% u.s. grosse pointe woods, a sizable summit, just a tad more is not available for domestic programs and financing military and where is it going to, do you think that mr. obama is going to cut medicaid? do you think he's going to cut the money going into obamacare?
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no he's going to take it out of the military. another thing he would like, the day will come that we'll be defending the persian gulf and bows and arrows to pay the taxes. that's about 25% of-- that's more like 40% of the u.s. military budget where he's going to take it and again, it's the program po weaken america, from a president who doesn't believe in america and policies are slowly destroying america. >> when i see a gondola in the hudson river, i will call you, i hope not-- >> remember the mouse that roars with the long boat. >> you're painting a brightening picture. something i hope we will never see, but appears that we have a historical responsibility to the world to give them our money. >> peter more rissi, thank you for coming in with your opinion on this. >> take care of yourself. >> clayton: good to see you. >> alisyn: and an archery course. >> clayton: now you need the
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gondola. >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines. a fox news alert. brand new reports that iran is building its own copy of that u.s. spy drone that went down in the country late last year and exporting data from the drone and you can remember that official remember the drone was loss and of course, the drone is outfitted with some of the world's most advanced surveillance technology, there are concerns it not only keep it themselves and sell it to other nations. a 33-year-old mystery closer to solved. investigators say they discovered a so-called suspicious stain where they think that etan patz might be buried. a piece of the wall where it was found is sent to the fbi lab. the former workshop of patz's neighbor, miller. the 75-year-old is now a person of interest in the case who reportedly saw the little
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boy the night before he vanished back in 1979. and a secret service scandal is getting even uglier this morning and some of the calls led to the the agents back at the hotel in colombia may have been underage. if that turns out to be true. some of the agents could face criminal charges and u.s. investigators on the ground in colombia and the investigation could end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars. chaos erupts on the campus of kent state university and police try to break up thousands of students partying. partying. >> it happened during the annual event dubbed college fest. they were forced to use rubber bullets to stop fighting and throwing of beer bottles. and of course, that college
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has a history of sad episodes. one of the most influential figures in the richard nixon white house, chuck olson has died. the tough as nails special council spent nearly a year for his role in the watergate scandal and later he went surgery and a clot to the brain and they died from complication froms that surgery, colson was 80 years old. >> clayton: and let's check with rick for the nor'easter. >> rick: kind of, it's kind of heading inland so it's kind of a southeaster. and the stay over the ocean. that's not the case and it doesn't matter. windy and rainy across the mid atlantic and the northeast tonight and talking about a major snowstorm across the interior sections and this is problematic because the leaves are on the trees and that means it's heavy on the trees and heavy snow, see a lot of
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power outages throughout tonight into tomorrow and for much of the day tomorrow and then record heat across the west and not talking about winter at all. take a look at the radar, everybody dealing with this, from florida, stretching towards rein right now. the heaviest across the mid atlantic and watch how it moves through time. about the next two days, right here is where a rain is right now. the rain across the mid atlantic, by midnight, very heavy rain here in across parts of eastern pennsylvania, new jersey and towards new york city and start to see the snow move in here and throughout the day tomorrow, heavy snow across western pennsylvania and west virginia and western maryland and snowfall totals in this thing, maybe up to about 18 inches so that's a lot of snow and it's a lot of snow when you think how heavy it is this time of year, very heavy snow, it's going to fall on the fully leaved out trees, that's the problem. and dealing with today. all kinds of records,
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washington, montana, arizona, at break records today. 104, obviously. all right, guys. >> wow. >> yesterday we were update you on the george zimmerman case as relates to the trayvon martin shooting. and as early as next week, they have the papers watched up and dig out the discharge information and concerns that the safety could be at risk and he was spotted yesterday wearing a bullet-proof vest under his suit when we saw him in court and so there he is, with a bullet-proof vest underneath. and there are concerns if he gets out and-- >> sure, it's out of the ordinary that he would go out of state to be safer and folks from that community, there'd be less opportunity to do harm if someone want today do harm and the lawyer says he's trying to collect the money to take the bail and we heard from his lawyer, mark omara,
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about it and here is what he had to say. . >> you know, just these concerns, even though i think things, there is a, more information given at the hearings than has ever been out before. i think there's still a lot of emotions wrapped around the case and we're worried that some of those are negative and may play out against george. >> it was interesting to hear what the defense attorneys for other high profile clients recommend in situations like this, how to keep the clients safe. get him out of florida, keep him from ever going out in public, and that seems like a heavy toll for the next year or whatever it will be. and then, never leave him alone. somebody has to be with him at all times, in case there's a threat. never leave him alone. it takes this kind of 24 hours assistance. >> and remember, that george zimmerman had gone to a
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website and his own website and the money needs are tremendous going forth and my understanding mr. o'mara is not taking a fee, but the costs are going to mount. >> similar to casey anthony, hiding vanished off the map and popped up in ohio at one point and meanwhile, we heard the apology yesterday in the courtroom from george zimmerman, it was an odd, it was an odd moment because we don't usually hear apologies like that during that type of proceeding because it wasn't the actual trial. this was a bond-- >> that's true. >> it's a bond hearing. >> bail, absolutely. >> and we heard from the family yesterday, just wasn't buying it, take a listen. >> and had ulterior motives and to do this at the bond hearing, first of all, you take the stand and you don't present any evidence and you're supposed to be addressing the court, but then you try to sneak an apology in to the family.
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it's just a very insincere. >> alisyn: that was on the judge jeanine show. and saying that the new motor of george zimmerman's head, and looking at, wow it substantiates it. and he obviously was back on the ground somehow and head got cut and the family isn't sure that that photo is legit and that they have concerns about who provided it, who took it, and why there's only one photo, why there aren't more, let's listen to their lawyer again. >> it is real clear that it doesn't seem to be consistent with what zimmerman told the police about him and trayvon martin beating his head repeatedly into the pavement. in fact, when you look at it, they didn't have to stitch it up, didn't need bandages, didn't go to the hospital for it. how bad could it have been and
3:23 am
it's a situation where there's only one photo apparently. if it's that bad wouldn't a trained professional police department take multiple photos to see the extend of the injuries. >> alisyn: he raises a good point. if you didn't have to be stitched up. >> clayton: and went right to the police station. >> so we're talking about wlt photo is accurate and not talking about the expression of apology or regret and that's an effective lawyer trying to have an effect on people's opinions, with regard to whether in fact the evidence is real or not real. and that's what we'll see. we'll see this kind of intense emotional debate and it also goes back to the other issue, is in fact mr. zimmerman going to be safe on the outside, when emotional feelings run so high. >> all right. we'll have more on that case as we have information every day, new details out there. >> sure does.
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>> big government going on the road. tracking you behind the wheel. is that legal? and to watch your every drive? and sorry, high school seniors, no showing for you to go to college, why? because it makes your classmates feel really bad. (bell rings)
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♪ ♪ it's not unusual to find out i'm in love with you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh >> that's a shot of the morning, what is that? the carlton flash mob?
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>> yeah, fresh prince of bel air. and participating and it is, the nationwide dance craze and his real time is rivero and busting a move in the front row. that's the carlton. >> you can do that. >> when it was the carlton started? is that going back to the fresh prince? it was. >> clayton: people all over the country broke into the carlton at the same time to break this record. >> alisyn: why didn't somebody tell me? call me the next time there's a carlton flash mop. >> clayton: they're trying to confirm whether or not they broke the record and this many doing it around the world. >> it's been done before. >> clayton: operately. >> peter: looks lovely in denver, fantastic. >> clayton: some people are kind of phoning it in. >> peter: it's a dance style. >> clayton: we'll try to get
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you an update whether or not-- >> and our senior producer has a favorite expression. it's the wussification of america. and finds stories everywhere that he believes are capturing that we're becoming a nation, and here is today's for you. high school seniors are not being allowed to trumpet their success of getting into the college of their choice because it might hurt some of their classmates' feelings. >> clayton: at the end of the semester, going off to college, you and your friends are picking the universities you're going to and maybe you wear some of the sweatshirts from the universities you're going to? but, no, you can't do it anymore until may 1st because it might hurt the feelings of people who didn't get into an ivy league school like you did. >> peter: the horace mann prep school.
3:30 am
can i wear a state cool sweatshirt. >> alisyn: no. >> peter: an ivy league, you can't wear the ivy league. >> alisyn: but other schools you're not supposed to be talking about where you got in. and here is what the note that was sent out. please don't congratulate students in public. >> peter: no high five. >> alisyn: no high five, no hugging, and please be sensitive so that if you see someone crying, you refer them to the college advisor office needily. peter, you're laughing at this. so-- >> and take a shot of gavin, i'm with you on that one. >> peter: that's absurd. come on. and go to see the college advisor. what do you do, section 8 the the people? send them to a psychiatric hospital at that point? >> you're walking down the hall, you just got accepted to harvard, or you're thrilled,
3:31 am
right. >> alisyn: yes. >> clayton: walking down the hall and accepted to harvard. >> alisyn: okay. >> clayton: and you know my response? i can't look at you. >> alisyn: you know what i do, i zip it. is that part of the wussification of america? let us know. >> alisyn: and tell us about this story, this is a good debate and it's really controversial, but possibly effective. there's a texas judge that has a very interesting way of sentencing people. it's shame punishment and he has just ordered that a 38-year-old man stand for the next four weekends with a sandwich board in front of the scene of the accident that he caused, an automobile accident in which he killed a 20-year-old young man because of drunk driving. >> clayton: so this is the public humiliation and you can see him standing there and look, you say it is effective, but when other people in the community that you live in, see this and you're having to apologize to the community in a way, you know, it raises some serious questions whether
3:32 am
or not it's effective. though, people are concerns that this violates civil liberties. >> peter: it's a difficult issue, obviously, a life is lost and a person is held accountable for it, but we were just talking about george zimmerman and accused of convicted of crimes and in that tape we take a look at the tape and see someone making a sign out across the street and saying, that man across the street killed this person. and so, at what point did we heap so much verbal abuse and shame on someone, can that turn to violence? the man across the street killed that person and obviously, that's true. but at what point does it begin to affect our ability to interact in a way? it's a really, really hard issue. and i think legally it's probably expensable and sound, but over time, is that what we
3:33 am
do in a society? i don't know. >> alisyn: years ago i followed somebody who had one of these shame punishments, that she was just the get away driver for like a robbery, so she had to go back in front of the store and hold a board, saying i commit add robbery against the store. that one seemed more effective because it's possible-- we don't know the guy's back story, the guy who killed the 20-year-old. we don't know if he is deeply depressed, if he's devastated by what he did, and going to ruin his life. >> peter: maybe it's better if he holds the sign and he holds it and says i'm grievously sorry and apologize for it and i need your forgiveness and i want to be redeemed? maybe that's the statement that we're looking to see. >> clayton: and not every organization agrees with this form of punishment or support. take a listen. >> for killing one of my best friends, i don't think it's
3:34 am
enough. 90 days and come out here and carry a sign for a saturday, it's not enough, for taking someone's life. >> i think it's a little barbaric, honestly. i feel like i'm rereading the scarlet letter that i read in high school when you think about this. i don't think it's fair. >> i think that maybe people will see this and say, you know, i don't want to see that when they go out and drink and drive and have to come home. maybe call a taxi this time. >> alisyn: good point, maybe it has a ripple effect for other people in the community. we want to know what you think. you can find us all on twitter. i'm ali@fox on twitter. are you on twitter. >> peter: yes. >> clayton: and friends@fox on the e-mail. >> peter: on a lighter note, president obama hopes to get
3:35 am
some laughs when he's up late this week. and joining us the great peter doocy. >> clayton: the president will be at the university of north carolina and university of colorado at boulder and university of iowa while in chapel hill a guest on late night with jimmy fallon. and the white house communications director explained that president obama will appear on jimmy fallon at unc chapel hill, preventing interest rates from doubling on student loans, back in november. the now former presidential candidate, congresswoman michele bachmann, and played a song with title too inappropriate for morning tv. . uproar came out and fallon came out and said he was sorry for the intro and accepted the apology. but the band leader kept his job and bachmann showed that
3:36 am
was a double standard. >> if that was michelle obama who came out on the stage and that song played for michelle obama, i have no doubt that they could have fired him. this wouldn't be tolerated if this was michelle obama, it shouldn't be tolerated if it's a conservative woman either. >> the first lady, michelle obama did appear on the jimmy fallon show after three months from a from congress twam bachmann and a tug-of-war in a funny sketch. >> clayton: and her husband, the president has another date with another jimmy, roasted by jimmy kimmel alt saturday's white house correspondent's dinner across town. >> alisyn: should be good. i'm excited, i'm going to that dinner. >> clayton: you are? >> i will be reporting back. >> clayton: outside or in the
3:37 am
oval-- >> a glass up to the window listening in and then representing you and taf and reporting what-- >> i'll be enjoying taco bell. >> peter: i'll be there, taking pictures of you. the fbi is teaming up with arizona this morning, after a search for a missing girl. search crews combed the city of tucson using street patrols and a helicopter to look for new clues. it's about parents last saw their daughter friday night in bed and next day she was gone. they're calling it suspicious and possible kidnapping. please keep your eyes out for her. long serving utah senator orin hatch needs to win a runoff primary, finished 50 delegates show. overall he got 59% with the vote and opponent former state senator dan ling--
3:38 am
l lillenkwis. i'll try harder next time. call him pitch perfect. >> and it's a perfect game for humber! >> yeah, first perfect game of the year, chicago white sox pitcher throwing a perfect game against the marianas on a day when we had the seattle mariners story. only happened 21 times ever, and only twice in the last two years, humber was told he might not pitch again after elbow surgery seven years ago, a perfect game. such a rare, rare moment in baseball. >> peter: i watched that, fox cut in from the yankees-boston game, that was so cool. >> alisyn: i hope our mariners was on a plane and missed it. she was the world's most
3:39 am
famous house wives. >> seven o'clock this evening when carolyn manzo comes on. you >> >> you know her as the star on house wives jersey. she's a huge fan of fox news and we tested her fnc knowledge. let's listen. >> can you name the fox news prime time lineup starting at seven o'clock. going all the way through ten? >> seven o'clock i believe is shepard. >> correct. >> eight o'clock is-- eight o'clock is sean, no, eight o'clock sean or bill, who is first. >> bill. >> bill is first and then sean and then gretta. >> good. >> and they repeat, 'cause i watch it twice. >> you have it on all day. >> yes. >> next question, the motto for fox news is we report--
3:40 am
>> you decide. >> good enough for me. >> you're a fox fan. >> do i get a prize for being a good sport. i really get a prize. >> you do. >> a fox news channel snuggie. >> i don't have a snuggie. what does it say on here? >> oh, the snuggie. >> and yeah, where is my snuggie. and looks great on there. and we have one. and you can catch the premier of the real house wives on bravo. >> rick was hoping for a snuggie and he doesn't know our prime time lineup yet. >> rick: i've almost got it. and i can't tell you how excited him for the new season. >> clayton: right after the amazing race. >> rick: like the worst guilty pleasure ever, but there you go, my confession. >> alisyn: you've got it. >> rick: i've got it. big storm coming tonight and you'll want to sit around and stay inside. across the east coast, heavy rain and snow. look at snoef totals and
3:41 am
darker blue, indicative of areas up to 1 inches of snow. end of april. remember we had the big storm in october, probably the second biggest winter storm of the year six months later in april and heavy snow on trees with full leaves and more surface areas for the snow to stick on and it's going to take down a lot of trees, a major tree damage and major power outages and everybody needs to be prepared. this is going to be a doozy. all right, that starts tonight and into tomorrow, but today, the forecast across the northeast, at least today, is going to be mostly rain and it's going to be very heavy across the coastal areas and talking about the spots, maybe three to four inches of rain and it's going to have localized flooding and the area had significant drought. we need it. it's going to be rough with that moisture, so get ready. and across areas of florida, and nice across parts of texas going towards the northern plains and we've got another very nice day, a little bit of
3:42 am
snow yesterday in minnesota, and that's going clear out, and baking and breaking records all over the place. one more map there, anywhere from montana down to arizona all kinds of records broken. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> peter: record breaking. >> clayton: coming up on the show, another side of former congressman anthony weiner. what side is it? it's not a pretty side. >> peter: the first side was pretty. and big brother hitting the road. why the government could be tracking, yes, tracking your car and every car in america. ♪
3:43 am
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>> sunday in new york city, we have the quick headlines
3:46 am
here and definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed and apparently this guy is wearing pajamas. and shoots a january parked on the side of the road in santa fe. unfortunately for him the speed camera got a clear shot of his face, never heard of it. an interesting defense. anthony weiner exposed and this time not a racy text messages. the disgraced former congressman outed as a tyrannical ego pamaniac. part of a new tellall book. ♪ ♪ >> the government may be at it again, this time potentially tracking what kind of driver you are. there is a bill that's already passed the u.s. senate. it's expected to be passed in the house and it would make it mandatory for all new cars in
3:47 am
the united states to be fitted with glass box data recorders starting in the year 2015. joining us with more on the former assistant director of the fbi in new york and president of the gavin group. nice to see thank you morning. >> my pleasure. >> so what is wrong with this? under the this law, basically the data would stay in the hand of ali or i, the driver of the vehicle until at which timed government had access to the data to find out the time of day, to validate claims made by the driver i guess in accidents or insurance issues, what's the problem here? >> if that's true, the extent of it. that's one thing, but you and i both know these things have a way of getting out of control, it's a slippery slope. and i can see black boxes and public transportation and airplanes and buses and what not, but black boxes in your car, i'm sure it's initiative
3:48 am
for you to get those put in and increase the insurance rates for the driver who is a bad driver or you can fail to pay that claim based on information provided by the black box. it's a very, very difficult proposition and very slippery slope. the government being able to look at things in a different way that they-- >> and in fact, some of the material that we have says the government would have the power to access these black boxes in a number of circumstances, including by court order. so, it's unclear exactly what the situation would be for them to get it, but what are the type of things that it could track? meaning, the speed you're going? what else? >> it could do that, one thing that concerns me, too, if you file an accident report and right now it's civil personalities for not having the black box, but are there
3:49 am
criminal penalties for filing a false report when you have an accident and this information within your car while it's supposed to be private. it can also be accessed. what else can happen? can a chip be put in here so that you have a gps tracking of every citizen's car, if in fact, that's the next step in the process? >> and one of the things to bring up, too, is the law enforcement officials, right? we've heard of corruption cases before. but are law enforcement vehicles, exempted from this? and some say, look, it it's inval invalidat invalidated. not in this car, but this car. >> that's a valid point. should it be in a government car and the big concern, you trade the car in, does the information on the box go with the car? so that the next individual looks like they have a record for speeding and they actually don't? and it's -- it needs to be thought out, i think, a little more than it has been.
3:50 am
>> alisyn: got it. bill gavin, thank you for joining us-- >> and the viewers weigh in on it and we've been telling you about vanderbilt's ability to aid religious groups. and is he listening and students are appealing. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> the battle over nondiscrimination in vanderbilt's college is far from over. students put out a video to attract support and get the board's attention and let's take a look at it. >> the administration there the at vanderbilt seems to want to create tolerance and nondiscrimination, this all comers policy which is doing just the opposite of that. >> i'm concerned now that because of vanderbilt's
3:54 am
actions, they indeed now are, in my opinion, discriminating against the christian organizatio organizations. >> peter: to talk about this discrimination, vanderbilt university, and abby sutton. tell us about what's going on in the most recent campus and do you think you're going to be able to win this issue. >> good morning, thank you for having us. right now, as it stands, the board of trustees met last week and the administration has been misleading the students and the legislature in this matter. and as of right now we don't see them reversing the policy, but there is a bill and amendment in the legislature that could effectively do that. >> and what ambassador originally was there were two statements. the original statement for the organization was that criteria for officer selection includes personal commitment to jesus christ and commitment to the organization and demonstrated leadership ability.
3:55 am
the university said, take that out about jesus christ. and then you folks stepped into action. abby, what are your thoughts on this sunday morning, about this effort by vanderbilt? >> well, we just really want to convey that leadership does matter to maintain the integrity of our organization and that the inconsistency of the all comers policy and the not being applied across the board equally, and when they discriminate against new members by the nature of recruitment, whether their hair color, what they're wearing or activities they're involved in and the problem is that vanderbilt isn't consistently applying this policy and we don't want greek life to go away. i as a member of a sorority, i love greek life a part of it, but we want an apology 0 to all organizations including greek life. >> you say there's a double standard. where do we bring people together on this sunday morning? how do we get it done? are the christian groups now
3:56 am
going to step out of the university sanctioned organization structure? >> well, right now, 15 of the 30 organizations have said they're-- have either left campus already and said they're going to leave campus and that's half of the christian organizations on campus representing thousands of students and what we're really trying to do is rally alumni because they're not listening to the students so we really need more alumni. and go to vanderbilt religious to see more about this. >> peter: we'll see you again, keep us informed. good to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> peter: and a truck causing an explosion, the details and update on the driver's condition ahead. and this nascar driver sponsorship, espn saying it has political and religious overtones and a group has
3:57 am
stepped in, but can they get him what he needs to get back in the race? coming up, blake cook, great story. ♪ i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret?
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for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, april 22nd, here is what's happening at this hour, a showdown in the supreme court. the obama administration facing a battle royal of federal power, this time in the united states, versus arizona, on immigration policy, you know this case. how will it play out? we're going to take a closer look. >> and george zimmerman could be out of jail this week, but the main concern is safety and now trayvon martin's family lawyer is speaking out. >> clayton: frightening moments at a mcdonald drive through, a truck goes up in flames. the latest how this happened. and if the driver is okay. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪
4:01 am
>> good morning, everyone, and good morning, peter johnson, jr. filling in for the vacational dave briggs, i'm sure he's up watching us and with a coffee. >> clayton: with a newborn? and if you're watching, good luck! >> peter great to have you this morning. >> peter: thank you. >> clayton: it's a rematch of sorts, we were talking a few short weeks ago about the deliberations over the health care law in front of the supreme court and we heard from the solicitor general arguing on behalf of the obama administration on behalf of the supreme court. and now they're headed back for a completely different battle over the arizona immigration law. >> alisyn: and many people, as you pointed out last hour, peter with the health care argument they're hoping a more robust argument and comes down to, i guess, peter, you're the
4:02 am
lawyer, federal power. whose right is it to determine our immigration policy, the federal government or the state that's on the border that's trying to stave off more illegal immigrants coming in. >> peter: great, great question. the state of arizona and other states across the country saying listen, we're enforcing the law. and you've paid, federal government in the past, to enforce the federal law and enforcing the immigration issues. and some people expect the obama administration to say, listen, this is how we're going to control the immigration issue in the state of arizona we're such an important issue. >> clayton: what's at issue during the obamacare deliberation was the commerce laws, and what trumps the states right now and what's at stakes in the arizona immigration law is this. whether or not they can verify the status.
4:03 am
>> alisyn: i promised i was going to read this. >> clayton: and it's a mouthful. >> alisyn: this is the big sticking point. verify the citizenship status. >> clayton: yes. >> alisyn: of anyone. >> clayton: you've got it. >> alisyn: detained or arrested when there's quote, reasonable suspicion and that's the point, what's reasonable suspicion, you pull over somebody who looks hispanic. therefore at least then make it a state crime to be in the u.s. unlawfully is part of this, peter and the third on this, require noncitizens to carry documents to prove they're in the country legally. >> alisyn: and another reasonable suspicious issue, and that we talk make it a state crime for persons to try to work or seek work. and allowing our peace officer to act in good faith and the argument alley mentioned, well, this is going to be an opportunity for people to be discriminated against, but
4:04 am
there is no basis that we've seen for that, it's a fear. >> alisyn: that's right. >> peter: the legal issues are what is the supremacy clause say? what does preemption say, meaning did the federal government preempt and push the states out of the way in terms of immigration proceeds. and arizona saying, we're not doing immigration, we're enforcing the federal laws and we have that right. >> alisyn: it will be interesting to hear the final oral arguments this wednesday at the supreme court. and meanwhile, the supreme court has been on the mind of everyone because they have been hearing the arguments about obamacare, the affordable care act. those, that decision won't come down until june, but something interesting is happening and that is that you're seeing a bit of a defection, by democrats. or democrats who are now seeking out against the affordable health care act because they believe for a host of reasons it shouldn't have been passed in the
4:05 am
wholesale manner that it was. >> and interestingly, some democrats are leaving office and as you pointed out. they're unfettered, unshackled. they can't do it while in congress, but here is one. broad miller of north carolina, a democrat. he says i think we'd all be better off if we related to the economic issues that come back to health care. that was an argument and didn't realize that all of the oxygen was going to be sucked out of the room dealing with health care. and thought he had high approval ratings, and dealing with economic cries ace and why wasn't the job the very first thing. >> and reflecting what a lot of people are saying then and now, why wasn't the focus on jobs? and you see kind of these pockets of resistance popping up in the united states. and i mean, in fenway park, the other day, and i understand, they showed a president obama video about the century mark at fenway park, there with a booing in
4:06 am
the stands. so in some traditionally democratic areas there are some areas of concern perhaps in temps of the political issues. >> alisyn: and i think it's interesting what some are saying, congressman cardoza of california, he criticized his own party's handling the health care act and should have been done in digestible pieces and had they done it more incremental in peace meal and interesting they use the word digestible. the american public would have been able to get their arms around it a little better perhaps in smaller chunks than in this, you know, sort of massive overhaul. >> and you made the superb point earlier, ali, who objects to the notion that an insurance companies should be a to be able to discriminate based on giving care, so that would have been an easy thing to do quickly. >> alisyn: pre-existing conditions, a quick one.
4:07 am
>> clayton: a number of areas it could have been tackled and we've been following the trayvon martin shooting case and george zimmerman yesterday in court giving somewhat emotional apology, maybe some would argue and others might disagree with it, now, of course, he's going to be out this week and right now, we are he a learning, yesterday, you see him in the charcoal colored suit, he had a bullet-proof vest underneath and there's concern growing for his safety once he leaves this week, and what will happen, whether or not he needs to wear a bullet-proof vest on regular basis, stay at home. there are a number of conditions and precedent given the casey anthony case and right in the same area of th this, central florida, what do you do with her when she's released, keep her hidden so there's not outrage. >> alisyn: they did do, under the cover of darkness, and they have to do it for a long time before his trial and if the threats his family hat gotten, is an indication of
4:08 am
how the next year will go, he will be in hiding and monitored around the clock and one of the recommendations never to have somebody leave his side. >> peter: and we heard his lawyer, speak out about the importance of safety and kind of a walk and talk yesterday. let's hear what he had to say. >> you know, just the concerns, even though i think things -- there is more information given at these hearings than has ever been out before. i think a lot of emotions wrapped around the case and we're worried that some of those are negative and that may play out against george. >> and yesterday, we also heard as i mentioned at the beginning there, that apology. >> alisyn: on friday. >> clayton: on friday, i'm sorry, we talked about it on show yesterday, george zimmerman, making that apology that seemingly came out of nowhere, and for the the trayvon martin family had this to say about the apology, not really buying it, let's take a
4:09 am
listen. >> and really had ulterior motives and to do that at the bond hearing and first of all, he takes the stand and you don't present any evident and you're supposed to be addressing the court, but then you try to sneak an apology into the family and it does seem very insincere. >> you can't blame the family for thinking that was an orchestrated moment. why didn't they get to make a statement impact statement. >> peter: victim impact statement isn't allowed because there's been no determination of a victim, no convictses and only have a victim impact statement at the time of sentencing. >> alisyn: we know there is a victim. >> peter: there is a victim, but is it a criminal act or a victim of an act that's not criminal. >> clayton: and you think this is theaterics, his lawyer seems to think there was ulterior motives. >> peter: it had to be theaterics to get the message across very often, the issue is was his apology and
4:10 am
statement of regret heart felt. the lawyer for the family not heart felt. i agree with alley, probably nothing that george zimmerman can ever say that would molify them or feel better about what happened on that day, nothing. >> alisyn: interesting case, meanwhile, your he headlines, we have a fox news alert for you right now. iran claiming they're building a duplicates of u.s. spy drone last year. you remember that they did admit that the drone was lost, that they said it doesn't contain any sensitive information, of course the drone is equipped with some of the world's most advanced surveillance technology and the concern is that the iranian government will not only use the technology itself, but also sell it to other interested nations. bombshell allegations emerging in the secret service scandal. reports that some of the call girls who allegedly partied with some of the agents in
4:11 am
colombia may be underage. if that's true, some agents could face criminal charges. and u.s. officials on the ground in colombia and word the investigation could end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars. a terrifying moment outside of an mcdonald's in california. >> oh (bleep). >> alisyn: that giant explosion coming from a propane tank in the back of a customer's truck. 100 degree temperatures causing it to build too much pressure and driver was badly injured and two kid inside the truck and luckily, not hurt. and mcdonald's evacuated and no one inside was hurt. those are your headlines. >> clayton: thank you, alisyn. still ahead. new clues discovered in the etan patz case. will investigators be able to find remains from 30 years ago? dr. michael bodney is here to analyze that. >> peter: and who is the cat now? and the house cat takes on a bear. wait until you see who wins?
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> new details on the cold case of etan patz. and investigators found a suspicious stain while tearing apart a basement in the search for clues. the case is now 30 years old. will authorities be able to find remains from that long ago. if so, will they be able to identify them. and joining us is dr. michael bodden. thank you for being here. so, there are reports that 30 years ago shortly after etan went missing, fresh concrete was poured into this basement where etan and his friends used to hang out. what evidence might they find this weekend or this week? >> first, concrete helps
4:16 am
preserve. concrete is the fbi's friend in in case where it keeps out moisture, keeps out bacteria and keeps out bugs, so, that's going to be helpful in preserving and absolutely they'll be able to find, teeth, bone, lottoing this, easily able to find dna, and determine who the bones belong to if it's there. >> alisyn: if the body is there jo what are the issues in terms of actually proving what the cause of death was, and who killed this beautiful little boy? >> that kind of evidence may be long lost because the issue of cause of death depends a lot on soft issues if there's any kind of asphyxiation. >> peter: strangelation or choking. >> strangelation, ability to breathe and those are largely injuries to the soft tish sauce that we identify.
4:17 am
>> peter: lips and tongue. >> and cause of death may not be able to prove from the autopsy or presence there, but the circumstances may help on that. as far as whodunit? there may have been some trace evidences at the time, maybe blood or hair from the perpetrator and it's possible, but unlikely that that would remain-- >> and one of the most disturbing things. there are so many, but the picture on the new york post this morning, i don't know if i can hold it up, it shows the paint and it shows all of etan's little friend here, they used to kind of consider this a playroom an as evidenced by the picture and yet, 30 years ago, investigators for whatever reason, when there was fresh concrete poured didn't think that they wanted to spend the money to dig it up? >> yeah, that's disturbing
4:18 am
because remember at the time there was, new york city, new york state, the united states the world were concerned about where is etan patz and one of the places you want to look for is a nearby place that he would have willingly gone to, after all, he's a kid on street when the school bus is there and all if somebody picked him up and dragged him away and yelled and screamed they would have heard about it so it had to be a situation where he went willingly with somebody and he would go willingly to a place he was woman with. and based on your expertise it's become america's if not the world's medical examiner, but you've dealt with a lot of victims and family and when we see the pictures of young etan's father looking down at the site where they're digging. what do you say to somebody like that, as a medical examiner, looking at remains or a body. >> it's tough. you have to speak with the
4:19 am
family and in this instance, explain to the family, if the family knows, how much benefit that the united states had from this incident, all kind of protections for children have arisen because of what happened to etan, so that there are thousands of families who benefitted specifically and i think as far as etan goes, if in fact, it was taken away by somebody he trusted to a place that he trusted and was familiar with, which he wasn't familiar with many places, and if he died, he would have died very suddenly wouldn't have had much pain and suffering, affixa, you know, suffocation, a very painless. >> alisyn: well, dr. baden, thank you for coming in, and appreciate it. a reminder that it wasn't in vain and one of the first milk carton children.
4:20 am
>> peter: and hosting a dinner party for $68. a story of a new show shows us. >> clayton: nascar driver lost his because of a commercial. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
4:21 am
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>> welcome back, time for the news for the number. how much less the average tax refund was this year. compared with last. 12.2 million dollars, how much money the new movie think like a man made on friday, pushing it on track for the top spot at the box office. and it's been number one for three weeks, finally 40 pound how much this two-year-old cat from new mexico weighs. it looks like he ate that
4:24 am
mouse. the santa fe animal hospital now on mission to get meow back in shape. and some kitty push-ups. >> a little cat humor. get meow in shape. they've been cooking dinner for strangers every sunday and now they're taking the secret supper club on the road and on television, take a look. >> do you have any ideas? this is a cute one. >> looking at people for food is the thing i love the most. taking the show on the road is going to test our culinary chops. >> there's no kitchen. i don't have any time! >> joining us with delicious dishes, host of a new cooking channel. married with dishes and it's airing tonight, congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> it's exciting. >> yes. >> explain how the show started, first of all. >> we have been running an
4:25 am
underground supper club out of our people and people contribute to attend so we don't go broke doing it every week. >> pot luck. >> no, no, i tried that. peep showed up with prepared food the point is that we cook real food from scratch and we had people over and we decided it would be fun to go out on the road and go to small towns and meet some new people and that's it. >> and fantastic. the show airs tonight and the lollipop looking things and i wanted to grab some of these. and the menu items. >> we'll start with candy bacon. >> lollipops, so it's a lollipop for adults, bacon, slab bacon and buy it all on the slab and put some brown sugar on it and bake it in the oven half an hour. >> note to our producer, more segments featuring candy
4:26 am
bacon. this is something you would make on your show. >> absolutely, yes, it's in keeping with the theme of a budget. a cheaper cut of meat, a pork shoulder instead of a pork tender loin, more flavor, a little more fat and more time to cook it, but it's so worth it, it's got a ton of flavor and so, that's-- >> and feeding people for this amount of money? >> no, you need more vegetables, to be in season when possible because when you think about it, when you take the time to truck vegetables across the country or even across the continent or across the water, it costs a lot of money, gas is expensive. if you buy vegetables that are in season, grown near you, they are he' going be to be cheaper. >> clayton: you're doing something easy, potatoes with lemon not terribly difficult, but tasty. >> they're wonderful and just taking the time and the lemon and potatoes, and comes down in the oven, a great dish. >> and pieces of lem nonin
4:27 am
there and a surprise. >> i hated apair gus, i've been eating so much and it's fresh and i love it now and it's in season and fresh. what did you do on the top. >> shredded radish and cue coupler, which makes it look fancy and the the dressing stays crisp, and i dress, make a dressing, in a jar and put the lid on and shake it for what it's and finally grease, alisyn, she's hovering here, strawberry cake with a boozy whipped cream. >> be careful. >> what's in that. >> whipped cream and dark rum. >> and heavy crim. and you can us burr on, grand marnier, just a little touch or bourbon.
4:28 am
>> and here is the final tally, add it up. and for $51 for six to eight people, candied bacon pork rose, lemon potatoes, apair gus and strawberries and whipped cream and the beef is locally farmed, it costs a little more money, but worth it in the long run. >> that's right, come on over. >> clayton: be sure to watch, called married with dishes and great to see real people doing cooking shows, and rick with the candy bacon. >> what are you doing? >> and i do. and yes-- >> and look at this, coming up on the show we've got this, a little girl hailed as a hero after placing this phone call. listen to this. >> and just in there and first, in her mouth. >> she is breathing, yes, but her eyes are closed. >> how she saved her grandmother's life. >> and president obama is
4:29 am
getting funny. we'll tell you about his late night plans for in week. >> and then he lost sponsorship because of this christian commercial and now nascar driver blake cook is still fighting to stay on the track. >> alisyn: a toast to bacon. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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4:33 am
the bear approaches the cat and the little guy fights back, clawing and pawing. >> right. >> reminds me of trying to ask a girl out in high school. >> yeah, major style and spa-- >> and teas the scary bear? >> apparently. >> scary kitty? >> looks like a baby bear. here is what i want to know. what genius is out four feet away from a bear to shoot an iphone video. if i saw a bear? >> no, that was a dog, shot by a dog. >> clayton: thanks, peter. >> alisyn: let's get your headlines and tell you what is hang in your news. the fbi is teaming up in arizona as they search for a missing six-year-old girl and they are using the street patrol, dogs and helicopters, and her parents last saw their daughter friday night in bed and the next morning they say
4:34 am
she was gone and police are calling it suspicious and a possible kidnapping, please call your local authorities if you know anything. and john edwards getting ready to face a federal jury in north carolina and accused of hiding affair with rele hunter. if convicted, he's looking at a maximum of 30 years in prison and nearly 2 million dollars in fines. and president obama hoping to get a lot of laughs this week, on tuesday he will be on late night with jimmy fallon, university of north carolina at chapel hill and r roasted by jimmy kimmel hosting the white house correspondent's dinner. no stranger to the late night scene, appeared on leno and late night. 2009. encouraging news for robin
4:35 am
gibbs. ♪ how deep is your love >> he has regained consciousness, more than a week after he slipped into a coma at the london happen. he's battling liver and colon cancer and told his family including brother barry gibbs has been at his bed at whole time and sang to him hoping it would wake him from the coma. this ten-year-old girl's quick thinking helped to save a life. from atlanta, she called 911 after she noticed her grandmother was semi conscious. >>: >> well, if it wasn't for marcella, his mother could have gone into a diabetic coma, thankfully she's all right now. quick thinking by marcella.
4:36 am
>> all right, let's check with rick reichmuth, outside for a look at the forecast. rick. >> rick: picking bacon out of my tee. man, that was good! >> take a look at the map. we've got a drought going on across the east coast, from the southeast and spreading to the northeast now. well, we're going to get some big time relief in the form of major rain moving into the northeast in the afternoon and evening and get ready for it, a lot of rain and it's going be to be windy. take a look at the forecast for the day. it's rain along the coast, but by tonight, the person side that have is going to be all snow. and we're talking about a major winter snowstorm across person pennsylvania, person new york and that starts tonight and goes all day tomorrow. so be ready for big time power outages, a lot of trees are going to come down, major free damage, but the coastal areas is all rain and certainly a lot cooler as well. going down to the southeast and main across the coastal areas and parts of florida as you head farther west here, it's sunshine across texas and
4:37 am
warm in laredo, up to the mid 90's, going to the northern plains, we might see a little bit of a left over snow across the far northern arrowhead in minnesota and for the most part, ending up with a pretty nice day across the northern plains and across the west, i tell you what, today is the day we're going to see high temperature records broken from areas of idaho and montana down to arizona. 104 in phoenix, the record today is 99 and blowing right by that and in fresno, the heat is on and the hottest day, we will cool down a little bit. maybe four or five degrees. >> thanks so much. rick. last month, nascar driver blake cook a voter registration group. plan to air on this ad, denied due to the religious overtones and bear in mind, the network caused them to lose the
4:38 am
sponsorship and still looking for one. can a christian group's campaign help him keep faith in the fast lane? >> joining us now, nascar driver blake cook. >> good morning, how are you. >> we're doing well. tell us about that controversy. what did you think when you suddenly lost your sponsorship? >> well, i didn't know what to think at first, but i know that god has a plan for me and keeping it forward and it's a long year. and you know, rise up and register and a great campaign and getting people registered to vote and it's unfortunate we couldn't air the commercial. >> clayton: at the heart of this is rise up and register and all you wanted to do is get 0 people to vote. there was no commentary in it. just getting them to vote. why was there this controversy, blake? >> well, you know, last time on the show we played the voice mail and religious overtones particularly on the website, and i wasn't going to hide my faith and deny it and
4:39 am
go with the flow, but we had such a great response the last time i was on the show and people want to get behind the campaign and be a part of it and they have a way for people to sponsor the car and get it back on the race track, so, you know, what we think is, might look bad in our eyes, sometimes turns out for best and i appreciate you having me on again. for the folks, what were the christian overtones of the ads that espn found so objectionable. on my website, i have outreach plains where i'm going to speak next, particularly around the race tracks and there's some ymca's and homeless shelters and i just, i love to share my faith in christ and give people my story. >> so, last week, this is interesting, because you were without a sponsor, as a result of the sponsor ship being pulled. and christian intervened and came to basically help, a campaign to high pressure you find a solution so you could end up having and continual
4:40 am
sponsorship for your racing, for the rest of the season. and what happened with that and where do you stand this morning? >> well, this morning, i stand with richmond next weekend, is when i'm racing, as of right now. we don't have a solid primary sponsor, but they're doing everything they can to get back on the car and figure out how to help. and they had an all white car and the first time i ever went to the race track, not knowing if i was going to race or not and after practice, the guys from christian stepped unand sponsored my car and felt like a miracle and assured this is what i'm supposed to be doing and god finishes what he starts. >> peter: the final question, are you praying on this? >> i am praying, for direction, for peace and a lot of decisions to make, a lot of things i have to do and i pray that god takes control and puts everything in place to honor him. >> alisyn: well, god works in
4:41 am
mysterious ways, as you know, and it seems like things are moving on the right track for you, no pun intended. and you can find out how to help him stay in the race, brad cook,.com. blake, blake, thanks so much. >> blake koch. >> blake, blake thanks for coming in and talking with us, and let us know what happens in the next chapter. >> i will, you guys, i really appreciate your help and follow me on twitter. >> alisyn: we'll do it right now. >> thanks so much, blake. coming up on the show, could your vote be bought with free booze? a fox news investigation shows exactly what's happening and wait until you hear who is making the deals. eric shawn will explain. >> peter: and a drunk driver is sentence today public humiliation, did a judge go too far? or is it just what this drunk driver needed?
4:42 am
the hot legal debate is next. ♪ ♪ everybody was dancing to the jail house rock ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> for buying votes with alcohol for forging signatures, voter fraud and election problems have been happening since george washington's time. but is there anyone stopping it today? joining us is the fox news correspondent and host of the special, reported stealing your vote. eric shawn one of the great reporters, tell us what's going on? >> it's unbelievable. faking absentee ballots, and happening around the country. new cases every single week somewhere and affects our
4:46 am
democracy. >> please. >> and al franken, coleman, franken wins 312 votes and guess what, felons voted illegally in the election and up to convictions about 175. and 60 more to go and there's a conservative watch dog group in minnesota think more than a thousand felons illegally voted and there's potential that they threw that race to al franken. why is that important? he became the 60th filibuster prove vote in the senate. and free land the head county prosecutor doesn't any that illegal felons were enough to throw the election to franken, but they're getting convictions and counting. look at indiana, allegedly forged presidential petitions, but the president and hillary clinton on the ballot and the president may not have legally qualified for the primary ballot in 2008 in indiana, a case going on there. >> may not have qualify to be on the ballot. you need 500 per congressional
4:47 am
district in indiana and the obama campaign 534, but they say about 150 may be fake between hillary and his petitions and that's all investigated and it happens on both sides of the aisle. >> what about acorn. >> oh, man. >> peter: you've been all over this issue and no one knows more about election fraud than eric shawn. >> acorn, couple nice women run the board of elections around the country, grandmothers with white hair, they turned into tasmanian devils when you mention the word acorn because of the fraudulent signatures that acorn workers submitted. i sat down with the founder of acorn and asked him about this. >> voter registration officials hated acorn, hated it because they felt the group was conducting illegal activities with all of these fake names. >> and they never even proved-- >> wade ralphkey is the
4:48 am
founder starting in 1970 and claimed it got a bad rap for the voter registration drives. >> you're talking about after i left and i think by law, virtually every place, required to turn in everything. >> what do we do about the fake voter registration names, thousands on the forms anded in by acorn? >> well, they're only a problem, if they try to-- >> we don't know if someone did? >> we're pretty sure that they didn't. >> and dozens of acorn workers were convicted and acorn pled guilty to a felony. >> and they e-mail you with tips and information, how do people get to the voter fraud? >> voter is our address and our show, we go through it altogether. wait until you see the stuff. >> and goshing washington, george washington bribed voters and got votes with liquor, whiskey. >> peter: we'll hear more about that at three and nine tonight.
4:49 am
fox news reportering stealing your vote, hosted by eric shawn, hopefully at 9 tonight. >> and this drunk driver let the world know what he did. did the judge go too far or was justice served? the legal debate is coming up. and then high school seniors are told not to talk about where they got into college because it's going to hurt their classmates feelings. and they cry and have to see the college advisor. really? ♪ everybody plays a fool sometime ♪ ♪ no exception to the rule, listen, baby ♪ i can get a smartphone with verizon 4g lte ? it'd be so easy to check facebook, send emails. and the screen is easier to read in sunlight ! the universe is practically telling me to get a smartphone. it's like, "lisa, it'd be super cool if you got a smartphone. also, i like your outfit." thanks universe, let's get me a lucid.
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4:52 am
>> we've been talking about the case and it's getting a lot of pure feedback and the
4:53 am
judge sentences a drunk driver who killed a man who revisits the scene of accident while wearing a sign admitting his guilt. does the punishment fit the crime? joining us for a fair and balanced legal debate is the fox news contributor, ar thur, and joey. an interesting one, he perhaps feels remorse and feels devastated by what he did. is having him wear a sign that he killed this 20-year-old victim, is that fair, arthur? >> oh, it's very fair. because if he committed the same crime in the state of new york he'd be doing 20 years in jail and i tell you a lot more a lot more than two for a fact unless there were mitigating circumstances. new york state changed the you law. dwi, speeding or recklessness going through a stop sign is just like murder. so he's getting two years not 20 and goes to wear a song and hang a picture in the living room. i ask you, your honor, what
4:54 am
would you rather do, 20 years in jail or two years in jail with four days saying look, i killed someone. >> there could have been mitigating factors here, we're not about vengeance in this society we're about existing society. about what's appropriate and fair and reasonable. what are we going to do next, branding people's foreheads and saying you're a criminal. the fact is in a civilized society this is not a problem nor appropriate form of punishment. >> why is this vengeance? it's not vengeance, it's awareness, look, this is what can happen and you have the two glasses of wine, you think is a harmless dinneren get behind the wheel and boom, you don't react fast enough and you hit the brakes and there's tragedy. >> in in case there was tragedy, but how does this do anything? i think what it does, you have to look at things that the criminal justice system is about. it's about punishment and rehabilitation and it's about
4:55 am
deterrence. >> what's the word? >> deterrence. >> and this is a saturday afternoon, and you and i are walking through the town square wherever this is, and there's a guy basically in the stock cade, right? that's what this is. >> alisyn: modern day. >> tar and feather and we've got the car, here is my 20, throw in your 20 and take a car service home. >> and i think-- >> i don't want to be there. >> i think everybody should do that, i don't think that people should drink and drive at all. the question, what is fair, what is reasonable? are we going back to the days in colonial society and where we tarred and feathered people in public. and put them in stocks and-- do you want to talk? >> not really, and you guys are doing a great job. let's hear from the defendant himself. >> do you want to say anything to the victim's family? >> i already did earlier. >> what did you say? >> i'm sorry that the accident happened and i feel so sorry
4:56 am
for-- >> what do you think about having to stand out here and do this? >> i was ordered by the judge to do it. >> alisyn: not the most philosophical introspection on the part of the defendant. he's ordered by the the judge to do it. hard to know if he's learned his lesson. you're saying we're better than that as a country. >> if you want to hang a sign saying i'm sorry, you know what, i'm he remorseful, but to subject him to public ridicule and scorn. >> it's not starred and feathering. the judge wouldn't say i'm doing this to punish you or raise awareness. >> to make him feel bad, look bad and sound bad. >> and how about remorse? >> that's interesting, arthur, joey, great debate. thank you for taking it here on the couch. you can take it back-- >> all right. >> and meanwhile, still ahead. as donations drop. president obama wrapping up his campaign trip.
4:57 am
so what does the drop in cash mean for his reelection? we're going to explore that with chris wallace. >> thanks, guys. with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, to liberty mutual insurance.
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amway conveys quality. to learn more, contact an amway independent business owner. >> good morning, everyone. this is what's happening at this hour, investigators say they've uncovered new clues in the etan patz case, are they closer to solving this tragedy? we'll have the latest for you in moments. >> just in time for earth day, the u.n. wants to take your hard earned cash to help them go green. wait until you hear the the price tag for this important project. >> and high school seniors told not to brag where they get accepted into college to avoid hurting other student's feelings. so we ask you is this the wussification of america, we don't want to hurt your feelings, peter. >> peter: you're not.
5:01 am
>> clayton: "fox & friends" hour three. ♪ . >> alisyn: something tells me that you and i bragging about our alma matters wouldn't hurt peter's feeling. >> clayton: right. >> alisyn: i'm guessing he has an impressive dossier. >> peter: let's talk about that whether complaining about college, crying in the hallways. >> clayton: get your e-mails and tweets in about that. peter johnson, jr., and i'm clayton morris, as alisyn was mentioning, the idea of global redistribution of wealth given the green summit and the u.s. economy and other larger countries who presumably maybe contribute more to pollution and more of the natural resources and the fossil fuels and the argument is that the rich countries should pay more for the poor countries because we're polluting them. do we owe the poor countries money? that's going to be on the top of the agenda at the conference on rio from june 20th to the 23rd and looking
5:02 am
at something called green infrastructure. and helping smaller countries pay for na. and climate adaptation, whatever that means, and green eco-- or the green economy and it's going to cost 2.1 trillion dollars a year in wealth transfers, from the richest countries in the world to the poorer ones. >> well, it's an emphasis on mother earth. and nurturing mother earth and it's also the notion of climate debt and if you look at some of the draft documents the u.n.'s put together over the last couple years, there's a notion of reparations that somehow the united states and other developed countries historically owe this debt based on their conduct. and so they should be pouring trillions of dollars in almost a world tax on green energy and say, united states, you need to pay up, great britain, you need to pay up, you folks pay up. >> let me play the other side of it. and you handle cases like this before, right, where you have
5:03 am
a company, perhaps, that's polluted a waterway, right? >> sure. >> it has adversely affected. >> peter: under american law. >> given that same sort of dynamic, is it fair to say that some of these large industrialized countries that are polluting more owe something to the country that doesn't have to do with trickling into their water and air? >> i think the world redistribution theory, one notion. >> clayton: we don't have. >> peter: one notion of world government. well, i think the objection to this, this is kind of a world tax and that the united nations becomes the arbiter, with our ascent, with our consent, of who should be paying what in the world. and of course, if there's a leak into the ground water, then companies they need to pay millions or billions of dollars whatever they need to pay to clean it up and help people who have been affected by it. but to say that the united states and other developed countries, they are he' responsible for this climate debt, i think a lot of people, or some people at least have
5:04 am
an issue with it and it's going to be explored over the next coming months. and obviously, the obama administration appears to be for this notion, and it hasn't been adopted yet. >> alisyn: economics professor peter mauricy joins us and talks how he believes the u.s. is basically selling out. >> well, the obama administration has the governing ideology, hard working american middle class folk are to blame for the problems. world and should be taxed for the sins of the past and essentially the americans should pay to resolve global warming is that kind of thing and essentially, mr. obama doesn't believe in democracy and they're going to tax it and redistribute wealth globally. and it's really, a selling out of the united states. >> and let us know what you think about this, it's sort of an abdication of american law in favor of the united nations law and more as that summit
5:05 am
approaches. there are brand new polls that iran is building its own copy of a u.s. spy drone, one that went down in the country late last year. and they say they're also working on exporting data from that drone and you'll remember of course the military officials admitted that it was lost, but said it didn't contain any sensitive information, that can be accessed of course the drone is outfitted with some of the world's most advanced surveillance technology and concerns that the iranian government will not only keep it for itself, but sell it to interested nations. >> could this 33-year-old mystery be closer to being solved? investigators say they've discovered a suspicious strain in the new york city basement where they think etan patz may be buried. now, they're sending part of the wall out for dna analysis and forensic pathologist. dr. baden joined us to talk about this evidence. >> as far as whodunit, there
5:06 am
may have been some trace evidences at the time, maybe blood or hair from the perpetrator. and it's possible, but unlikely that that would remain to this day. >> well, the basement that police are investigating is the former workshop of the his neighbor, handyman miller is considered a person of interest in the case. reportedly saw the little boy the night before he vanished back in 1979. secret service scandal getting uglier this morning, there are reports that some of the call girls allegedly partied with agents back in colombia may have been underage. it's true that some of the agents could face criminal charges and u.s. investigators now on the ground in colombia and word that the investigation could end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars. it's the emotional homecoming sweeping youtube by storm. >> i hear it's your birthday.
5:07 am
>> no, no, no. >> your birthday? >> no, no. >> i'm captain america, how are you? >> good. >> happy birthday. >> thanks. >> and did captain america come to your-- >> oh, that's soldier kevin camerota, no relation, and disguised as captain america and surprised his son after returning back from afghanistan on his birthday the video more than 690,000 hits and attention of disney and loved it so much gave the family a free trip to new york city to see the premier of avengers. >> a nice way to reward for everything he's done for service. >> and your kids here say that you deserve this? >> oh, there's a lot of guys out there that probably deserve it more than i do, but these guys put up with a lot and i'm glad. >> they'll get the chance to walk the red carpet and meet the stars afterward. clayton morris' dream come true.
5:08 am
>> we watched four in preparation for the avengers. >> and your poor wife. >> she requested it. she says she had a little crush on thor. >> was it good? >> fantastic. >> rick: thor. and this weekend, this afternoon and across the east coast, and talking about rain and a major snowstorm the end of april and everybody has been thinking it's spring and summer, not so fast. a big snowstorm coming. records we broke into it. see if you can see the big snowstorm to rick reichmuth on twitter or the fair and balanced account. and take a look the at the numbers across the west and these are your actual air temperature. 112 in death valley and 104 in phoenix and the numbers on the right is how high above your average it is. extremely warm here and today is the warmest day and tomorrow, you'll cool down by 3 or 4 degrees and well above your average. the other big story is across the east, we've got a major rain maker going on and right
5:09 am
now it's centered across the mid atlantic to the outer banks and making its way to the northeast and talking about some areas that see three to four inches of rain by the time this is done and that's going to cause a little flooding and this is the future radar here, overnight tonight, a lot of rain across the coastal section and you see the snow beginning here and it's all day tomorrow across parts of western pa, new york and west virginia, maybe over a foot of snow, and big time power outages and tree damage there. watch out for this one. >> thanks, rick. question for you this morning, is this the wus ifsification of america? you're shaking your head yes. >> alisyn: say no more. >> clayton: say no more. solution of policies that doesn't want kids boasting where they've been accepted to college right at the end of the year going off to college and maybe got a jersey from the favorite university you're about to head off to. no more, not allowed to wear the jerseys to school anymore and no longer able to congratulate peter for having
5:10 am
to harvard. >> peter: no, i didn't go to harvard. >> clayton: i can't say anything, i have to ignore you. >> peter: yes. >> alisyn: meanwhile, a directive that's come down from the administration that tells kids not to congratulate other students. please don't congratulate students in public. no high fives, no hugging and please be sensitive, if you see someone crying, refer hem to the college advisor office immediately. peter had uncontrol habl laukrc laughter and you're not allowed. somebody isn't allowed to feel pride and to trumpet their own success. >> peter: that's the high school of science, and test only public schools one of the great public schools in the country, in the world. >> alisyn: in the country. >> peter: and my daughter went, applied to colleges and got into a whole bunch, but i saw other kids that didn't and they felt really bad. the problem in terms of wussification, we cannot be sending our children to psychiatrists when they
5:11 am
experience disappointment. and so, they say, well, to see someone crying send them to the college advisor and if some kid is trumpeting, i got into harvard, yeah, you didn't, you're stupid they should be be reported to harvard and revoke that admission to that school. that's the appropriate thing. >> clayton: there you go. >> peter: if they're silly to do that to somebody else, a friend of theirs in their class, that's wrong. >> alisyn: it is and be considerate. >> peter: in second great playing soccer or softball and you say, no gloating. it's a matter of sportsmanship. >> clayton: you score a touchdown put the ball down and walk awe way. linda writes, why is something as horrible as debt and dwi going on display, four years of hard work is shamed. >> alisyn: a great point. this is from al in florida, will high school teachers and administrators tell high
5:12 am
school students they can't have jobs pay more than minimum wage, afraid it will embarrass other students? stupid. >> and here in america, you work hard and not allowed to enjoy the fruit of your labor, whether it's acceptance or great school and seems the occupy movement is alive and well in our schools and so, america weighed in, the wussification of america continuing. >> it's underway. >> and maybe get father john to weigh in and i believe it's talking about boasting as well. not to do it. >> peter: nothing about harvard. >> alisyn: don't rub it in somebody's face. coming up on the show as donations drop, president obama wrapping up his campaign trip. what does the drop in cash mean? chris wallace weighs in. plus, comic book to sky phi
5:13 am
thrillers. clayton can't wait. will they live up to the hype. what you should see and what you should skip. >> clayton: the dark knight on the top of my list, baby. cat woman. ♪ there he is, poised to discover plum amazins,
5:14 am
the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's most amazing superfruits. hey, keep it down mate, you'll wake the kids. plum amazins. new, from sunsweet.
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> welcome back. with president obama hit the campaign trail after a recent report he's seeing fewer cash pileup from donors. joining us now is the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace to weigh in on that and more from his big show. >> hi, guys. >> clayton: put it up on the screen. it's an interesting story, president obama's campaign funds, the excitement around his campaign. 235 million dollars at that point in march of '08. right now, 196 million dollars
5:17 am
in march of 2012. do you think it's a sign of trouble for the president, something they should be worried about. that the romney campaign should go celebrating? what do you think? >> well, it's a mixed bag. on one hand no question it's less money and as you point out a lot less money from certain segments, obviously, wall street not nearly as pleased with president obama as they were with barack obama. no longer the candidate of hope and change, and with a four year record. having said that, the filings as of end of march, not talking about the super pacs, had 104 million dollars cash on hand. and romney had 10 million. and so, less money than four years ago, yes, still plenty of money, yes. >> there's also some question about all the travel, that the president has been doing and whether or not it is official presidential business or campaigning. is there any way to make that distinction? >> well, yes, but i mean,
5:18 am
frankly, i don't get too excited about this. every time that a president is running for reelection, that's always the issue, republicans, democrats, you know, there are tremendous advantages to incumbency and one of them is the family and also, just in terms of image, you get to fly around on, in air force one, it's hard to separate what a president does politically from what he does as part of his office, sure, he's going to get to fly around in airports, and we wouldn't want him flying the new york shuttle, as a commander-in-chief and i've got to say, as somebody who's traveled a lot with presidents, when that plain comes into, you know, a smaller area that can take a 747, but not a big city, it's a thrill. i mean, it is quite a campaign thing to see the huge plane with the united states of america on it, you know, it's pretty impressive. >> right. >> a lot of americans, chris
5:19 am
are talking about thrills and carnahan and columbia, is our prize safe, vice-president safe? is washington going to really respond to this issue or are main line politicians afraid? >> i think that washington is going to respond. the i don't know whether it's congressional hearings or the secret service itself. interestingly, people on all sides say that mark sullivan, the director of the secret service has taken this seriously and has responded aggressively. i mean, look, this is a great agency and secret service agents are great servants to america, literally people who promise to take a bullet for the president, that if the president were in harm's way, they would jump in front of pa attacker, and risk their lives to protect his, and anybody that they're protecting. so, you have to add hire the agency. obviously, something went wrong in columbia. you have to wonder whether there's a slip in discipline.
5:20 am
i get the idea that they are he' taking this seriously. we'll talk to joe lieberman where it stands-- >> and governor mitch daniels as well. >> clayton: catch fox news sunday. and if you miss it go to and you can see it anytime. >> alisyn: this illegal immigrant has been arrested 35 times, the defense says they cannot support him because he has no home country. we'll talk to the police chief. what to do about him. >> clayton: if you need to get your beach body back in shape. i've got the best gadgets to get you fit. i've lost ten pounds already using this. and the i-bike. more on this. >> alisyn: your girlish figure is back. >> clayton: back and my bikini body is ready! >> ♪
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>> calling all computer geeks out there. clayton morris, get them in shape. what do we need to see? >> great gadgets to keep you in shape. the first lost 10, 11 pound the past few weeks. >> i'm monitoring the foods and this is the fit ultra down here and monitors every step you take and throw it in your pocket and the new ultra i'm holdening my hand monitor how many steps i walk up. >> alisyn: a fancy pedometer.
5:25 am
>> clayton: and you've climbed as many steps as a helicopter in the area and tomorrow, lau launching the new scale. every morning you step on it and download the free apcation on the iphone and you'll be able to track your progress and weight loss with what you're eating. >> making yourself more mindful of the activity during the the day helps and what next? >> nike plus teams up with apple and buy the new ipod nano and actually when you down load the app to your phone, you put this dongel as it's called in the biz, ali and put it inside of your shoe and you pull it up and it fits inside the sole of your shoe and see that there and put it itself and tracks your pace and see your stride and knows how far you're running and walking and lose wait that way.
5:26 am
>> alisyn: i would be laughing hysterical if it were in my shoe. >> clayton: in one place. and thee things are selling out like hotcakes, a wristband works similar tracks your calories and steps you take and you can see how much weight you've lost and upload your runs to the website, and put it around your wrist and keeps track of your patterns throughout the day and lose weight that way, you're held accountable for everything that goes into your body. >> alisyn: and fashionable. what's next. >> up next the jay bird ear buds, people sweat when they run and bluetooth. they wrap around and water life is great. noise cancels everything out and prevents you from sweat getting inside the ear bud. >> alisyn: i love it, use it during the show. >> clayton: to block me out. stride is next, motivates you with challenges and it's great. play with friends and team up. we could say we're going to
5:27 am
try to lose ten pounds and work out together throughout the day and check in and play different games and keep each other motivated and fits on the keychain. >> great. and last? >> i-bike, and john here the ceo from i-bike. >> alisyn: good morning. >> good morning. >> clayton: tell us about aye bike, it attach it to the bike, monitor gps and find out where you're doing. >> the cool thing about it, what you're doing is using your iphone on ipod touch and slide it in, weather proof case and get full touch screen control while riding your bike. >> alisyn: so you never get lost or-- >> you don't get lost and have a great time riding and afterwards touch a button and tell all of your friends about your great exploits on your bike. >> alisyn: and this is great thing using something most of us already have in our pocket, a phone or ipod touch and listen to music also, from i-bikes. thanks for sharing that with us. >> sure enough.
5:28 am
>> alisyn: where can everybody find out information. >> go to and watch the full segment or twitter. if you have any questions, i say to our viewers, find me on clayton, and i don't think there's a tweet i get that i don't answer. >> alisyn: and over to peter, what's coming up on the show. >> peter: i love, you're the digital jack lalanne. >> clayton: i'm going to start juicing. >> peter: don't be juicing. and we've been talking about vanderbilt's policy allowing atheist to lead religious groups. and we'll hear from them next. and plus get your popcorn ready. summer block blog are around the corner. and a box office insider is next with what you should know before you buy your tickets for these shows. >> what are you? >> a genius. >> billionaire playboy flan throw hepist. nnouncer ] even h technology -- it's all you. that's why you've got us. get up to $200 dollars
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. we have breaking news to tell you about, terror on a new york city street when a jaguar of the automobile variety careened on to a busy sidewalk, injuring nine people. this happened last night. and the horrific accident sent pedestrians fleeing for their lives as the car jumps the curb and overturns and the the car then rear-ended another vehicle which then smacked into a cab and the victims have all been rushed to the
5:33 am
hospital, but none of their injuries are considered life threatening, we're told. no charges have been filed against the driver of the jaguar. utah senator orrin hatch needs to win a runoff primary to hang on to his seat. he finished 50 delegates shy of nomination and overall 59% of the vote and opponent former state senator dan lill lillenquist. and they tried to break up parties on the kent state campus. the event dubbed college fest, police in riot gear forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to get them to stop throwing bottles. well, the controversy surrounding vanderbilt university's nondiscrimination policy is far from over this
5:34 am
morning. students current and former, are releasing this video, telling administrators that the policy is in fact very interstrumsal to the story, especially against christian groups. vanderbilt university students, and joined us earlier on "fox & friends." >> and right now 15 of the 30 organizations have left campus already or going to. that's half the christian organizations on campus, representing thousands of students and what we're really trying to do is rally alumni, they're not listening to the students. >> and they point out that the the policy's inconsistent and say enforced for christian groups, but not others like fraternities or sororities. >> peter: and out to rick. >> clayton: and rick is correcting them, it's not a nor east are, but a southeaster.
5:35 am
>> rick: a nor'easter means it's off the shore and it's inland and southeast. and it's going to be windy and wet across the country and into the mid atlantic and northeast and very snowy. take a look at the weather map and see where the snow is and where you see the darkest blue, that's potentially up to 18 inches of snow. a foot and a half of snow and this will likely be the biggest snowstorm we've had all winter across some of this area and unfortunately, it's happening, and all the trees had leaves on it and more surface area to hold that snow and very heavy snow and see a lot of power outages and trees down across this area, and that's starting around midnight tonight and go all day tomorrow. so get ready for that. in the meanwhile, let's look at the forecast for the rest of the country today. in across the east, look at the conditions and temperatures are cooler. and areas of rain florida, warm in towards texas and northern plains, a nice day as
5:36 am
well. we'll see temps into the 50's, 60's, a few 70's out there and california and in toward the west coast and well you what, very warm temperatures and breaking records around the area of the west coast and the heat is moving in for april as well. >> we have some winner and summer, how about that. >> big snowstorm, how about na? >> fair and balanceded. >> lake effect. remember when jaws sunk his teeth back into the box office? it stayed at number one spot for 14 straight weeks throughout the summer and made the summer blockbuster a movie tradition. >> i've been saving up my baby-sitting times for this summer. what will be the ones to spend a baby-sitting night out with your loved ones. and kevin mccarthy, great to see you. >> i'm so excited to be here right now. >> clayton: we're excited to have you. this is my favorite time of the year, when we get the super hero films that come out. start with the avengers.
5:37 am
>> this is the official geekout movie of the year for me. i've seen the film already and can't give an official review yet, but josh weeden is involved and creator of buffy the van pyre slayer and produced "cabin in the woods", ironman, captain america, thor, everyone is involved and seeing these guys all on screen is one of the most incredible things we've seen and mark ruffelo, hulk professional played by edward narton and eric bana. and it's converted to 3-d by the same company, not shot in i-max, see the movie on may 4th see the right ticket. ironman is obviously the selling point here, ironman the biggest box office numbers and ironman 2, made 623 million dollars worldwide, they're expecting this movie to make very similar numbers and that's why when you watch the trailers, ironman is the central character in the trailers and banking off robert downey, jr.
5:38 am
>> alisyn: love him. >> he's incredible. >> clayton: and my 20 month old, ironman, ironman. >> he was literally born to play this role and as was mark ruffelo. and i sat down with the cast and everybody in the film and my interviews can be see, and it's incredible talking to the cast and able to geek out and sam jackson reenacted a scene with "pulp fiction." >> alisyn: you're makes us jealous, please stop it. and what's up with prometheus. this is the first sky phi since blade runner. s' done gladiator, blackhawk town and american gangster and returning to form with the prequel to aliens. i cannot wait to see and i was having nerd tears when i saw the trailer for the movie and just looks incredible and doing a lot of viral for it,
5:39 am
and it's about a group of archaeologists that travel to an alien planet and basically have to deal with trying to find out how they were connected with ancient civilization. >> clayton: i want to see it, but i have nerd tears when i saw the first um imagine from black knight, batman, i had nerd tears. please tell me you haven't seen it, i'll smack if you you have. >> i haven't seen it, it's eight years after original dark knight and ending of dark knight, he became the anti-hero and took the fall, and eight years later he's rising up to fight a bad guy, bain. and heat ledger for the original dark knight, but eight years later we'll see bain step into the character and six or seven films were shot in 70 mill matter i-max,
5:40 am
it's going to be incredible and christopher nolan has yet to disappoint from momento to inception and now this. >> peter: and the last two, brave, on june 22nd and men in black 3 on may 25th. what do you think. >> peter: brave is the first female led pixar movie. and they're odd films like wall-e, but this movie looks gorgeous and everything about it looks beautiful. i cannot wait to see it and it comes out. it's going to be incredible. >> peter: men in black 3, good or bad. should they be make it go? >> men in black 3, sort of an unnecessary sequel directed by the same guy who did the first two, barry sonnenfeld and will smith will travel back in time and deal with a younger version of tommy lee, josh brolin. it comes out may 25th. >> alisyn: kevin mccarthy,
5:41 am
nerd tears, i think you and clayton should have a moment alone. >> clayton: call me. >> peter: we're going to hang out should have a geekout fest and have fun together. >> clayton: off camera tell me your thoughts on the aven gers and the not allowed to say, alisyn, i guise. >> peter: it's very good. >> clayton: and coming up, the feds can't support the illegal immigrant. why? because he has no home country and we'll hear from the police chief who had him in the jail. >> peter: are americans losing their religion and father john with more criticism, nonbelievers. ♪ ♪ i've said too much ♪ i haven't said enough ♪ i thought that i heard you laughing ♪ where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing
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5:45 am
nation of nonbelievers, moving away from organized religion? >> joining us now to discuss is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. >> good morning. >> peter: sunday. >> tell me where i'm supposed to stop talking in the segment, you'll kick me because i'm not wearing an ifb. >> what an ifb it. >> anyway, if i look like i'm a little, you know-- gun shy. >> peter: go ahead. what do you think? >> well, you know, this study that we looked at in the article is that people have lost trust in institutions in the united states of america right now. right across the board, and one of those, which religious institution. i know that that is a fact, but i also know when an organization is not trustworthy, it's a very good thing when we lose trust in them. for example, the catholic church and leadership of the bishop during the the sex abuse scandal. the not so much in the moment of the scandal, but what that scandal brought up, that was not good supervision and very irresponsible decisions.
5:46 am
what is the result? it's a loss of trust. is that a good thing? if the institution was not trustworthy, that's a good thing, but it allows them to put foundations in place that are trustworthy. the new york times, has it lost trust? you better believe it. is that a good thing? if they're not trustworthy, right around the board, people are finding out new things because of the new social media and i think that's a very good thing. >> clayton: when you talk about the -- i'm curious, that's interesting, the infrastructure or the organizations perhaps where people are losing faith and trust in. but they're not losing their faith. where the two related or mutually exclusive? >> it's a great question because it doesn't make sense, it's stupid, actually to have faith in something that's not true. it's stupid. and that's why, with more media, with more social media, with more opportunities for
5:47 am
people to get their voice out, it's a very good thing for society, as well as for religious institutions because there's then accountability and that's a very good thing. >> alisyn: let's talk about individual states. a study from baylor university, i want to show the results of. they're interesting. one is fine. 18% of people don't think god has a purpose for them. 46% never wonder if they'll go to heaven. 44% don't spend time seeking efernl wisdom and 28% say it's not a priority to find a deeper purpose, and i'm sure that's a concern for you, and 18% don't think that god has a purpose plan, and the change in people's relationship with religious institutions in this case, when there's trust that's lost, people, first of all, step back from that. bye then, i believe, there's something within the human soul that is crying out for purpose, and so, when you get
5:48 am
away from something and you're a little scared of something that's not been trustworthy, then there's a period of which you're not asking the questions because you don't know where to go to, but then people always come around and say, i know that there's a purpose for my life. i know that there's a mission in my life because my soul begs for it. and it's longing for it and i think they think we see a reverse and i'm seeing that among young people today in their 20's, in my church and many others are coming back in droves, they don't feel i'm about to get kick and the glare-- >> and we don't go because we're obliged or want something, that's a good shift. >> alisyn: that was beautiful and kicking you. >> i saw that. >> and coming up on the show this illegal immigrant has been arrested 35 times and feds say they cannot deport him. why? we'll tell you and talk to the police chief who's had him in
5:49 am
his jail next. more than a billion dollars of global imf money is missing aen that doesn't stop john corzine for bundling money for president obama. one man says not so fast. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
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you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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5:52 am
>> an illegal immigrant in alabama has been arrested 35 times in the past 12 years, but he's allowed to stay here in this country because officials say he does not have a moment country. >> joining us is the chief of the police department in alabama, chief, chuck haguele. good morning, chief. >> good morning. >> what are you going to do with the fella arrested for 35 times, he's from palestine not recognized by the united states and held on $200,000 bail. where are you going to put him? >> well, right now he's in the
5:53 am
jefferson county jail on a felony charge that my concern is where he's going to end up after he gets through being processed on this charge. >> alisyn: chuck, explain to us, how a guy with a rap sheet a mile long can't be deported? >> well, the correspondence we've received from immigration and custom enforcementsy that they've had nim in their custody before probablying after a prison stretch in alabama that i can tell, but made application to egypt and a couple of other countries and egypt is where he holds a passport from, since they refuse to take him they can only hold him for 180 days, if nobody wants him they have to release him back into the general public. >> peter: now, in terms of this man, who is 45 years old, he's held on what charge now? >> possession of a controlled substance, crack cocaine. >> peter: and very high bail, about $200,000, correct? >> yeah, and it's such a high
5:54 am
bond because after i approached the district attorney's office and the judge about this case, they agreed with me, that it was ridiculous, that he was-- >> so, if he was convicted, chief of, of this crime after a trial, where would he be sent? >> well, once again, that all depends on generally on a simple possession case like this, won't be a trial, there will be a plea bargain during the the course of the process, and he may see inside of an alabama prison or may end up in a diversion program or a drug court or something like that. >> going back to ali's question, how does somebody go back into the program and from what i read, assault to bad checks, isn't there an end of the line somewhere? >> you with hope so, the real question, what the federal government is going to do about the situation, and the state that i live in, alabama is sued by the federal government because of legislation, we pass, dealing with immigration, trying to address those problems.
5:55 am
>> their position is that this is a federal issue, i'm happy for it to be a federal issue and they need to step up and do something with that-- >> and yeah, i'm sorry, to interrupts you, and a lot of people feel the same way, is this an isolated incident or are you running across this same problem with other people that you arrest? >> well, i had an issue once before with a gentleman from cuba that we have a lot of trouble with. since this has occurred. i've been contacted by a lot of other folks and people both with the federal government and local law enforcement and much to my surprise, apparently, there are quite a few of these people in our country. >> chief, we appreciate you being here with us today. would you let us know what's going on with this? our viewers want to hear what's going on with this man and whether in fact he's convicted and he gets jail time based upon this, alleging past criminal history. so, chief, we appreciate it.
5:56 am
>> well, i appreciate it and i appreciate you all bringing attention to this. it's an issue that definitely needs be to be addressed. >> sure does, thanks so much. >> thank you, chief. >> still ahead, we have new details surrounding the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman is likely to be free this week, but where will he be safe? >> and forget just asking to take someone to prom. high schoolers getting more elaborate with prom-posals. is it over the top. the debate. ♪ now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:59 am
>> alisyn: good morning, it is sunday, april 22nd, here's what's happening this hour, the arizona versus the united states case, that is right, this week the highest court in the land will rule on another obama administration, questioning
6:00 am
federal versus state power and people battling in the courtroom you will recognize their names. >> peter: new details vournding the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman is likely to be free but will he be safe and the martin family lawyer speaking out about zimmerman's courtroom apology. >> and this guy killed or the man when he got behind the wheel drunk and now is ordered to tell the rest of the world what he did, standing outside. is that fair or did the judge go too far? we report, you decide, weigh in, ffweekend on twitter, if you are keeping track at home, "fox & friends" hour four, starts right now. welcome to "fox & friends," thanks for waking up with us and starting your day with us, peter johnson, jr. >> peter: glad to be here. >> clayton: filling in for dave. a little time off and this is lovely and tatted alisyn camerota and i'm clayton and coming up in a half-hour, i'm excited, because, it is probably
6:01 am
the best video of the year, 2012, so far, cane's arcade. it's a 10 minutes video, i'll tweet it out now, here's your homework, i'll tweet it out now, watch the video, for -- >> alisyn: while watch our show. >> clayton: and we'll have cane on our show in 20 minutes from now. >> alisyn: can't wait -- >> trust me, you'll have a tear in your eye. >> alisyn: and let's get to your headlines, tell you about -- a "fox news alert," iran is claiming that it is building a duplicate of the spy drone that went down last year and they are extracting data from the u.s. drone and u.s. officials admitted the drone was lost but said it didn't contain sensitive information and of course the drone is equipped with the world's most advanced surveillance technology and the concern is the iranian government will not only use the technology for itself and also sell it to other nations. goodness, 33-year-old mystery is closer to being solved, investigators say they have discovered a suspicious
6:02 am
stain in the new york city basement where they think a child may be buried. now they are sending part of the wall out for dna analysis, dr. michael bodden joined us on "fox & friends," talking about the case. >> as far as who done it, there may have been trace evidence at the time, maybe blood or hair from the perpetrator. and, possible, but unlikely, that that would remain to this day. >> alisyn: the basement the police are investigating is the former workshop of the neighbor, and the 75-year-old is now a person of interest in the case and reportedly saw the little boy the night before he vanished in 1979. and bombshell allegation emerging in the secret service scandal. there are now reports some of the call girls who allegedly partied with agents back at their hotel in columbia may have been under age. if that turns out to be true the
6:03 am
agents could face criminal charges. u.s. investigators now on the ground in columbia, word their investigation could end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars and an update to a story we have been following for you, nascar driver blake cook he and a voter registration group plans to air an ad on espn before it was denied because of the political and religious overtones. well, that decision caused cook to lose his sponsorship, and a christian group stepped into help him get back on track and he joined us to talk about it all on "fox & friends." >> i went to texas, i had and all-white car and first time i went to the racetrack now knowing if i was going to race or not an after practice the guys from christian stepped up and sponsored my car and, it felt like a miracle to me and also ensuring this is what i'm supposed to be doing and god always finishes what he starts. >> alisyn: blake still does not have an official sponsor.
6:04 am
you can help him get back in the race by visiting his web site, those are your headlines. >> clayton: thanks, let's toss it over to rick reichmuth, tracking our weather for us, hey, rick. >> rick: do you remember the big snowstorm in october? did you have tree damage? >> clayton: yes. >> alisyn: fell on your car. >> clayton: fell on my car, yeah. >> rick: okay. that will happen again. you get it? >> alisyn: his new car. >> clayton: let me take care of that. >> rick: not your house but farther to the west, western pennsylvania and western new york and west virginia, a big snowstorm, rain and wind across the coast, but interior sections is what we are talking about, significant snow event, and we are going to talk about areas, maybe 12 to 18 inches. valu vladimir, hit the space bar... it's not going that way. i think it did, completely frozen up. >> peter: the space bar means there is a lot of space that you can use. >> rick: all right.
6:05 am
it is not a lake-effect snowstorm, like a nor'easter, not technically, but that kind of an event, major snow event and we have all the trees, have leaves on it and more area for the snow to land and it is going to -- there you go, now we're moving. there you go, the storm, it is big, guys. we'll tell you more at 9:30. >> alisyn: you aren't kidding. that is a big storm there. >> clayton: that's why you are a pro. thanks, let's talk about what will happen this week in the immigration law in arizona. of course, you remember all of the controversy over this law, over the past few years, well, it hasn't -- the controversy has not died out. the supreme court this week will finally hear the case an familiar faces will be showing up to argue this again in front of the justices, although fewer justices, this time. >> peter: because elena kagan stepped out of the case and our combatants, the solicitor general representing the u.s., against paul clement, the former solicitor general and, he was
6:06 am
criticized on the obamacare argument for not being particularly exciting and the issue is clear, the federal government said arizona you don't have the right to add to federal law. you don't have the right to verify the citizenship status of anyone stopped or detained when there is reasonable suspicion, the state of arizona saying, listen, we have a parade of horribles here in the state of arizona and in the brief they listed them, in fact they said the federal government posted signs in the state of arizona, warning travellers, danger, public warning, travel not recommended, active drug and human smuggling area and they are saying, we're only acting consummate with the federal government's only rules and look at the crisis we are facing. >> alisyn: and the federal government's argument it is only the purview of the federal government to handle all immigration matters, because, they are of national importance, not just for one state and don't want piecemeal, patch work, one state doing this and another
6:07 am
doing that and i want it to be an entire comprehensive policy, however this is political. i mean, it will take root, whatever happens on wednesday, oral argument will be made wednesday in the supreme court and the political campaign, presidential campaign rests on a lot of that and this is from a international think tank, center for american progress, 16.6 million people in the u.s., citizens have at least one undocumented family member. so, those 16 million people can vote, not the undocumented ones but the ones with family members and it affects millions of americans. >> peter: and there is a big component and a politician argument as well, because people say, listen, my job has been taken, i'm afraid of crime, afraid of paying for people that shouldn't be in the country. and, so, there is a political overlay but there is a legal overlay, arizona says, listen, we are just doing what the feds have asked us to do and the federal government says no and the u.s. constitution says, we're in charge. >> clayton: interesting and you have heard controversy on both
6:08 am
sides of this as people try to walk back from their positions and companies are saying we have been hurt by the law, and have not been able to hire and get as many people as we need to do our job, interesting badebated, it will unfold on wednesday and health care, now, we are learning more about the health care law, as nancy pelosi said you need to vote for it to learn what is in it and, pass it to learn what is in it and now the democrats have learned what is actually in it and are not happy with it including brad miller who is a democrat from north carolina. and a number of democrats, coming forward and saying, similar things to what brad is saying here, he says i think we would all have been better off if we had dealt first with the financial system and other related economic issues and then come back to health care. people writing on twitter say, wait a second, guys, the first thing president obama did in office was the stimulus and others say it didn't do anything on housing and the stimulus didn't do what it was intended to do, necessarily and a lot of people say it should have been jobs, jobs, jobs, not health
6:09 am
care. >> alisyn: and what is interesting is brad miller is a democrat and not a lone voice, many democrats are coming out and speaking out for the first time, against obamacare or the affordable care act including, congressman barney frank, people who voted for it, dong man dennis cardoza from california have different criticisms of it but basically all think it will be a liability for democrats and for the president, come the presidential election. >> peter: some polls show the majority of americans want obamacare, ruled uninstitutional or -- unconstitutional or repealed and take that with job losses in the country and it is a difficult combination, especially when you make the argument, why weren't we addressing jobs first instead of health care. >> alisyn: now, this case, some of you weighed in on it, a controversial sentence a texas judge handed down to a 38-year-old man, a driver in a drunk driving accident, who ended up killing a young man, a
6:10 am
20-year-old. now, the defendant, has to wear a sign for the next four weekends, he has to go back to the scene of the accident and wear a sign saying i killed somewhere here at this intersection, and you can see, that he is clearly not happy with his punishment there, and, it is a controversial one. >> clayton: and we had a heated debate on it, legal debate on it, earlier on the show. take a listen: >> what are we going to do next, brand people's foreheads, saying you are a criminal? the fact of the matter is, that in a civilized society this is not a proper... >> no, no, look. >> form of punishment. >> why is it vengeance? it is awareness, like, look, this is what could happen, these are the ramifications, you have those two glasses of wine and think it is a harmless dinner and get behind the wheel and don't react fast enough to hit the brake and it is tragic, and, a question we are facing with
6:11 am
the george zimmerman issue, safety, now, as he's released, if a vigilante came after him, what happens to this guy and peter, you pointed out earlier, you can see another guy across the street scrawling on the sign, saying, hey, the guy across the street killed my friend. >> peter: and how do you protect the person and what does it cost to protect them and what is the balancing test? in the end, a lot of people believe in forgiveness and also believe in justice and the issue becomes, is it the appropriate form of justice before redemption, should there be a form of revenge or punishment and a lot of people believe our criminal justice system is about punishment and he's only getting two years in jail and a lot of other states, he would have had more and if he has to put up four days of that... >> alisyn: of course but our criminal justice system is supposed to be about deterrence and sending a message to other
6:12 am
people, so that one obviously sends a loud and clear message but it is hard to measure the message, you don't know how many people are driving past. >> clayton: you bring up a great point, peter does the deterrent for a longer sentence deter someone from getting behind the wheel, do you see fewer duis in new york. >> in my mind, a lot of studies with regard to deterrence show there is no deterrence, people act in ways they shouldn't be acting. certainly in the criminal justice system, whether it will stop other people from drunk driving and killing other people, time will tell, or is it a notion to get attention? maybe, maybe it is the future, maybe it's not. you don't see it very often. we see community service and people out on chain gangs and roads and parks cleaning up. that is the same thing, because they see that and say that person has done something bad and so it is holding someone out in the community and saying this
6:13 am
is a bad person, for this act. how do we move on to the next act to make it better for everybody. >> alisyn: right. well a sign is a more clear message than a chain gang but you have all weighed in and please keep them coming, send it to us at or twitter, fftrend on twitter would be great. >> clayton: coming up more than a billion dollars of imf global funds are missing, and that is not stopping jon corzine from bundling money for president obama, one man says not so fast and we'll hear from him. >> peter: high schoolers getting elaborate with the invitation to the prom, music videos and beyond, is it over the top? we'll debate it. next. ♪
6:14 am
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6:17 am
♪ ♪ kathleen will you go to prom with me...♪ >> alisyn: this is working on me. i actually would go to prom with that guy. looks like the days of a simple invitation to the prom are over, more and more teenagers are getting creative about how they pop the prom question. look at these videos. >> clayton: but between these prom-posals and the big bucks spent, has it gotten to the point proms are out of control and what does it say about the generation of teens, joining us is fox news contributor dr. keith ablow, nice to see you this morning, this is working on alisyn, maybe... when i asked a girl to the prom, who turned me down i walked over to her house with roses and she said, i'm already going with somebody
6:18 am
else. but, now, we're talking about big elaborate things, that might work, doc. >> listen, it may well have worked not because she would have liked you. see, right now it is about celebrity and performance and, it isn't about the girl, you know, it is about the spectacle and the narcissism involved so you don't even necessarily have to be focused on the girl. what you want is a big audience, and, it is sick. not even normal. >> alisyn: i mean, is this the byproduct of reality tv, where everybody is a star for 15 minutes? you have to star in your own prom-posal to get any attention? >> that's exactly right. this is the direct descendant of reality tv, and, facebook, and all the ways that young people are cleved from their real emotion and it's not enough to go to the prom, you have to perform at the prom, a many reality tv series and the trouble with that is, it extinguishes your real feelings
6:19 am
and cuts you free from your real emotion and you go to do a real job in the future and if you can't film yourself you can't get your work done. >> alisyn: i feel that way. >> clayton: it -- as you mentioned, you type the word prom invite into youtube there are over 800 results now and will you go to the prom with me, has over 9,000 videos on youtube, right now, and everything from creating singing, to a scavenger hunt, hiding invitations inside of cakes an filmid filming it so y it on the web. >> and all of those people who posted those are at risk for drug abuse in higher amounts, they are at risk for not having real relationships, at risk for not being real friends and are not real people because, who would post this thing on youtube, that is that complicated and highly evolved, only somebody on his or her way to a narcissistic problem. and those folks need to sustain that artificial high any way
6:20 am
they can. i wouldn't hire them or go to the prom with them and i wouldn't be their friends. >> alisyn: for fun, would you like to see clayton morris's prom picture? i would, again. >> i would. >> alisyn: it is fantastic. i'd like you to analyze it. there you go. is there anything more frightening, that you ever seen? dr. ablow is speaking. >> i think he has only gotten better with time. >> clayton: and just for posterity, let's so you alisyn's, it looks like she's-ons her way to see "annie get your gun." >> alisyn: i'm in a more relaxed pose with my boyfriend there. >> that deserves some sort of sky writing proposal. i mean... whatever it takes to get a girl like that to the prom, you do it. >> clayton: rope 'em in, next week we'll show you your prom photo here on national television. >> thank you. >> clayton: more than a billion dollars of imf global customer money, still missing. that is not stopping governor
6:21 am
corzine from bundling money from president obama and, one man says not so fast, we'll hear from him and what he knows about this whole thing. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. until i show them this. the new oral-b pro-health clinical brush. its pro-flex sides adjust to teeth and gums for a better clean. the new pro-health clinical brush from oral-b. (female announcer)th and gums for a better clean. most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program,
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6:24 am
>> clayton: 24 minutes past the hour on the east coast, welcome back to fox and friends, more than a billion dollars missing after the brokerage firm nf global went bust and while former ceo jon corzine is free from charges, 8,000 investors are out a whole lot of money. here's what he had to say when asked whether he'd use his own cash to pay back those clients. take a listen: >> my question for you, on behalf of these people, who are largely small farmers, small businesses, co-ops, all over the country, assuming that they are not made whole, are you and other executives of your company
6:25 am
willing to span the loss with your personal fortunes and allow them to be compensated and made whole? >> congressman -- >> either yes or no. it is fairly simple. >> congressman, i don't think that this will go unresolved. >> peter: the man leading the crusade to retrieve customer funds, the president of hard capital management, stanley hard. good morning, stanley. >> good morning, nice to be on with you. >> you invested 10 million of your own clients' funds and $700,000 of your own funds. what does it mean now, that senator corzine is bundling more than a half million dollars for president obama, what does it do for him? >> well, first of all, my reaction when i saw the news on friday was really, this is just another brazen right minder of the cronyism and corruption in which just permeates our whole
6:26 am
financial system and political system and is doing damage to the economy but from his point of view he hasn't been known as a savvy trader and lost a lot of money before being booted out of goldman sachs and lost a lot of money on his european bond invest in mf global but this is the best investment he has made and seems to have earned him a get out of jail card from the obama administration. >> clayton: hypocrisy and loses the other money and is able to somehow find money and raise it for president obama and i have to ask you, you are leading the crusade to get back the investors dollars, corzine and mf global have lost, where are you on that and how are you trying to get the money back? >> okay, first of all, i'm part of a group which has come together, spontaneously, a lot of people competitors of each other, i'm not really the leader of the group. i have been active in it. but, we are pursuing all avenues. we have representation in bankruptcy court, a big part of the problem now because of the way the bankruptcy was structured makes it difficult for us, for customers who should
6:27 am
have had priority to recover the money and one job i've had taken on for myself is trying to brief congressmen so they can stay on it as well, because, the cftc, the regulatory body of the government, that should be looking out for us, and the department of justice, largely has been missing in action through this whole thing which i think is -- is in itself a scandal and deserving of further investigation. fortunately, we have had people help us main from the house of national surfaces committmmitt s national surfaces committervice we have a hearing in the senate which will make progress as well. >> peter: after the bernie madoff scandal the federal government stepped in quickly and moved on it. why don't we see movement with regard to senator corzine and really one of the biggest collapses we have seen in this country? >> absolutely. well, i mean, you can draw your own conclusions, i don't have a smoking gun but the fact obama received millions of dollars of campaign money over the years, either from corzine directly or
6:28 am
bundled by him, the fact that the obama administration, apparently the kingpin strategy, a cornerstone of it is to paint the republicans as being the corrupt, fat-cat wall streeters while, as it turns out, if that he biggest, most corrupt fat cat on wall street is none other than jon corzine, a prime supporter of obama and major fund-raiser, that blows up their strategy a little bit and may explain why they are dragging their feet. >> clayton: stanley hard, thanks for sharing your thoughts this morning, appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> peter: coming up, one state using stimulus money to buy lead light bulbs. should the government be using your tax dollars to push its green agenda. >> clayton: and he was an instants internet sensation for creating the first cardboard arcade and now it is turning into cash for college. we'll meet the 9-year-old behind cane's arcade. coming up, there he is! need any help?
6:29 am
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6:32 am
>> peter: this reportedly scary bear is no match for the cuddly kitty. it is true. you can see the bear approaches the cat but the little guy, what does he do? moves in on him, but you have to fight back. yes, he does, pawing and clawing until the bear eventually runs away. the scaredy-bear. >> clayton: that is adorable and
6:33 am
the cat sticks up for himself and if you continue to look at the video, who is the guy shooting the film of this? if i see a bear i'm running the opposite way. >> alisyn: as peter pointed out, it is actually the dog. >> clayton: the homeowner was not home. >> peter: a trained bear. >> alisyn: let's get to your news headlines, right now, because, the fbi, teaming up with police in arizona, this morning as they search for a missing 6-year-old girl and search crews combed the city of tucson, using street patrols and dogs and a helicopter to look for new clues and, isabella's parents say they last saw their daughter friday night in bed and the next morning she was gone and they call her disappearance suspicious and a possible kidnapping, call authorities if you know anything. george zimmerman's attorney says he expects to have his client out of jail by the middle of this week, and admitted his biggest concern now is zimmerman's safety. >> there is more information given at the hearing than has ever been out before and i think
6:34 am
there is a lot of emotion wrapped around the case and we are worried some of those emotions are still negative and that that may play out against george. >> alisyn: zimmerman said he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense and faces 2nd degree murder charges and bail is set at $150,000. and john edwards, getting ready to face a federal jury tomorrow in north carolina. he's accused of misusing campaign money to hide his affair with former campaign videographer, real hunter, and he was arrested in june after a three-year investigation and if convicted looks at a maximum of 30 years in prison and nearly $2 million in fines. all right, clayton, tell us about the baseball story, with you? >> clayton: a perfect pitch, watch it as it unfolds, the seattle mariners game, watch: >> he swung. and, he -- and, a perfect game for humber!
6:35 am
>> clayton: the chicago white sox pitcher and threw a perfect game against the seattle mariners yesterday. only happened 21 times ever in mainly league baseball and only twice in the last two years. and he was once told he might never pitch again after undergoing elbow surgery. about 7 years ago. of course, yesterday we had the seattle mariners story on the show, the family... >> alisyn: heart-warming story. >> clayton: father came back from afghanistan dressed as an up pyre sneechlt i hope they were flying home during the game and they missed the news. >> peter: i watched it, a memorable moment. >> clayton: and broke into -- >> the yankees-red sox game, great to watch. >> clayton: there are your headlines. >> alisyn: and out to rick, see how the weather is. >> rick: we'll get through the weather this time. starting to rain here but out across parts of the west, look at the maps and see how hot it is. the temperatures on your left, in the yellow, your high temperature, 103 in palm springs and 103 in yuma and, on and 109 in lake havasu and the heat it
6:36 am
on this, the summer tied of the story and there is a winter side of the story, and that is where we've got heavy snow that is going to fall tonight, through all day tomorrow. anywhere across the area, west virginia and western pennsylvania and western new york. we'll see a lot of areas, over a foot of snow and maybe a few 18-inch snowfall totals, hard to believe for this time in april and we're talking about heavy, wet snow on top of the trees, will bring a lot of trees down, major tree damage and power outages with the storm. a big one on hand and is also a rainy storm, look at the forecast for the day today, the snow starts tonight and for the most part, coastal areas heavy rain moving in this afternoon and very windy conditions, so, the rain and the wind, we'll be seeing probably power outages, just from that. and areas will see in excess of 3 to 4 inches of rain. there is a drought going on here, and we need it and it will be a lot. the southeast, scattered rain showers across the areas of florida, aside from that, clearing out and we'll see a pretty nice day and plenty of sunshine across texas, into the
6:37 am
northern plains, a very nice day, a lot of sunshine and temps, fairly seasonal and across the west, not just the southwest, records broke, look at that, 81 degrees in helena, montana. back to you, guys. >> alisyn: thanks, a nine-year-old's creativity with cardboard pushed him into the national spotlight when a video about his project went viral on the internet. let's watch into the next thing i built was a soccer game. and, they'll have blockers, and... >> clayton: adorable and now, his future will be a whole lot easier because his cardboard creations are turning into cash for college. >> peter: the nine-year-old joins us now, along with the filmmaker. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> peter: tell us about the arcade and how it became such a hit.
6:38 am
>> cane? >> i... i built a box and i... [inaudible] money to play, and it went from there, your father tells the story, you would never walk by an arcade without going in. you had to go in and would take apart your toys to see how they worked and became obsessed with building it and, you came to the auto parts store and did you hear about it first or just happened upon it and you couldn't believe why other people were not playing in this arcade? >> yes. i happened upon it and i have a 96 corolla with a broken door handle and, i stopped in the part of town where you can get a good deal and i saw this kid, behind these boxes, running this arcade. >> alisyn: and you thought the arcade was so spectacular, that it was worthy of a documentary.
6:39 am
what were you hoping? what message were you hoping to put out, with this video that has now gone viral and you told me, the hit... 2 million hits today. >> clayton: i looked at it on video this morning, up to 2.9 million views. >> alisyn: almost 3 million views. what message were you trying to capture? >> you know, when i was playing the games, cane would run the arcade, and, at one point i was shooting some paper soccer and when i scored a goal, he crawled into the box and pushed tickets out from inside the box, and when he did that, it brought me back to when i was a kid, when i was his age, and, reminded me how and why i used to make things, and so as a filmmaker it spoke to me and inspired me to try to capture that part of childhood. >> clayton: one of the amazing things is that you organize on facebook, hey, let's have everyone come down to his arcade and play and he's out with his father, grabbing pizza and you
6:40 am
guys come back and, boom, there are hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in line to play and, it brings a tear 0 your eye, when you see it and hear the video, just to see his face, he gets incredibly excited and now you have met with a nasa scientist and you have money for college. what did you think when you saw all the people outside? >> i think that people... [inaudible] arcade. >> clayton: and did you ever in your wildest dream think it would be this large of a success? >> no. >> peter: what do you want to do with the rest of your life? >> i want to be like somebody who invents games. >> alisyn: you are well on your way, caine, if we come to your arcade, how much do you charge us to play? >> $2. >> clayton: you can afford... >> alisyn: that's a bargain. but, the second time, how much do you charge? >> $2.
6:41 am
>> clayton: fantastic. were you surprised, we'll leave it here, were you surprised at the success of this documentary? >> of course. and i mean, when i put it up to -- the goal was to raise $25,000 for caine, and at the end of the first day i raised 60,000 and now it is $180,000 and we have a matching grant of $250,000, so, for every dollar donated to his scholarship fund, dollar for dollar they are helping us start the arcade foundation to help other kids and inspire their creativity and entrepreneurship. >> clayton: my friend, john gruber put it on his web site, if you watch the video and don't have a tear in your eye, when you're done, you are not hooked up right. >> alisyn: thanks so much for sharing it with us. >> thanks for having me. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a champion body boarder killed by a great white shark, is this a -- is a tv show to blame in we'll dive into this and, we'll report, you decide.
6:42 am
>> peter: and folks are getting light bulbs paid for by you, the taxpayer. copd makes it hard to breathe,
6:43 am
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and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> peter: in one florida county, leftover stimulus money is used to provide thousands of energy kit with lead lights and energy efficient shower heads. and toilets and could your tax money be used elsewhere? joining us is the president of citizens against government waste, good morning. there is a $3 million federal grant to seminole county and $125,000 left over, and, the federal government didn't want that money and so now are handing out energy kits, to 8 or
6:46 am
9,000 people. why is that bad? >> well it is literally flushing the money down the toilet. there is no reason the money couldn't be censent back to washington and it literally takes an act of congress to get money back once it is sent out from federal agencies and senator marco rubio introduced a bill called the refund act, that will allow the states to return money they don't want. right now, they can't really do that. >> peter: i'm gratified you speak of the taxpayers so often and i'm a fan of yours but the question becomes, why would we want to give the money back to the federal government, to waste it in the ways that we know they waste it, here people are getting lead lights, they are getting lead night lights and toilet tummies to conservative water and shower heads and why is not a good thing for the 8 or 9,000 people in the county that >> i didn't know it was a new entitlement, everyone in the
6:47 am
country would have the federal government paying for lighting and it is ridiculous. the money could go back under the refund act and be used to reduce the deficit and would not go to another federal program, which is how things occur now and the state of florida and return high speed rail stimulus, that went to other high speed rail programs but if they want to say no, they can use it to reduce the deficit which affects everybody, not the few thousands people that might get the... >> peter: it sounds like a smart idea. let's change the way e we do it. a county where a municipality doesn't want the money, send it back to reduce the deficit, not to be wasted on other nonsense, right? >> absolutely, because, now with -- it will get spent within the same category of spending, the energy department, is symbolic of a lot of waste with solyndra, you don't want the government to have more money than it has and if there are leftover funds,
6:48 am
send it back, reduce the deficit and anything will help with a trillion dollar-plus deficit each year. >> peter: that sounds like a prescription for economic justice. keep bringing these things to our attention. our viewers want to hear more about it. and, i think you have made a good case. good to see you, you be well, okay? >> thank you. >> peter: okay. up next, is a tv show really to blame for the death of a champion body boarder killed by a great white shark? we sit down with the shark expert who will take that apart. next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
6:49 am
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6:51 am
>> peter: thanks for joining us for quick headlines, former first lady, laura bush kicking off birthday celebrations in dallas, texas this morning, she's speaking to a packed crowd about her brand new taking care
6:52 am
of texas initiative, the program aimed at swerving the state's natural resources, while saving residents money and, 101 dollars, how much less the average tax refund was this year than last, while smaller refunds aren't good for taxpayers it could offer politicians running for office needed breathing room. alisyn. >> alisyn: thank you. a 20-year-old champion body builderer in south africa was killed by a great white shark near the coast of capetown on thursday. >> clayton: now some point in time fingers at the reality tv show, sharks men, they had been shooting in the area, with chum, to attract the animals, but could the tv show be to blame for his death, we have a spark expert from the museum of natural history. thanks for joining us. can a tv show be responsible for the death of a body boarder? >> well, i don't know about the tv show, but, attracting
6:53 am
animals, whether it is sharks with chum in the water, or feeding the bears for the alligators, certainly is an attractive act and in some cases will lead to increased numbers of animals at a particular sight. >> alisyn: at one time, the reality tv show, "shark men" was on "national geographic" and we have a statement from them, they said we have not renewed the series, have no plans to and are not filming new episodes and there forethe filming mentioned is not from national geographic channel or future episodes of sharkmen and they say the crew was there but doesn't it raise the question, more and more reality shows are using wild animals and some of them are set in the outback or the wild and i know you are opposed to some of this, because it changes sort of the natural course of things? >> yes. of course, people express
6:54 am
concern, relative to the health to humans and my feeling on that is, if people choose to do these acts, they are accepting that risk and if the occasional person is injured, well, they signed up for the tour. but, the animals haven't and, feeding of animals, again, whether it be sharks or other animals, results in a fundamental change in their behavior and their policy and of course in the abundance of the animals at a particular place which, of course is why we feed them, which is to get them there predictably for a user group. >> clayton: the documentary filmmaker, chris fisher defended the filming of this particular episode, saying the crew had left the area, three days ago, and in your experience, and protesters have now taken to social media saying it is because of this group of individuals, chumming the waters, that led to his death, is it possible based on your shark expertise, three days ago, chumming the waters, would
6:55 am
sharks still be in that infesting that area. >> first it would depend on how long and how prolonged and how pronounced the feeding was done, one time throwing over a fish, probably not. but if it was done for a long period and repetitively it have well could have attracted animals, and, of course, sharks oftentimes stay at an area for a period of time, so, three days would not be wholly unreasonable. that said i have to register one complaint in your festing the a that is something you think of with parasites and sharks don't infest an area, they live there. >> clayton: thanks, and i tried to think of another word, inhabiting and showing up there because of the chumming. >> alisyn: and your final point, george, is, you know, when animals begin to associate human beings with food, dangerous
6:56 am
things can happen. george burgess, we appreciate you coming on, from the florida museum of natural history, thanks for your expertise this morning. >> good to be with you. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months,
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♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> alisyn: thanks for watching us and, we got so much response for our story about black boxes, like the kind now currently in airplanes, soon to be installed in your car. >> clayton: yes, the house of representatives will vote on it and the senate passed it, in cars by 2015:monitor your driving habits and dennis writes, we have a black box recorder in all the government employees' desks to see how these fools are wasting taxpayer dollars. >> rick: what about my bicycle? >> clayton: i'd like to know how erratically that thing drives. >> alisyn: we'd like to see that and why important -- an important tweet i got, ali@fox, your prom pic was better than clayton's. >> clayton: very important.


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