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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 22, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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special. i'm jamie colby. great to have you. we have more news with shannon bream. have a great day. >> shannon: romney's v.p., there is an exclusive list of people who could join mitt romney on the campaign trail in the fall. we will hear from some of the contenders about becoming the vice-presidential candidate. drone duplication. iran says it's making a copy of a u.s. drone that went down last year. what the implications of this news could be for iran, the u.s. and beyond. the immigration fight takes center stage at the u.s. supreme court. arizona's controversial law will go before the nation's highest court this week. we will hear from both sides about the significance of that case. and new reaction from washington over the secret service scandal. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters, live from from the's capitol sts right now.
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several high-ranking members of congress say there is much more to be learned about what happened in the prostitution scandal with secret service agents and members of the military in columbia. they are going to get to the bottom of it. steve centanni has more. >> the chairman of three congressional panels in both the house and the senate are getting involved, this includes senator joseph lieberman of connecticut, who has had questions to the secret service director this week. >> for instance, what are the regulations, the rules of conduct that are drilled into secret service agents about what behavior is expected of them when they're on assignment but off duty? that's very important. i don't have the answer to that yet. but we are going to get it. >> senator chuck grassley wants to know if any white house advance or communications staff were involved and the homeland security chair fired off a long
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list of questions to mark sullivan, the secret service director, on friday. >> in fact, if foreign nationals were brought back into a security area on the eve of the trip of the president of the united states goes against everything that the secret service stands for. there is no way it can be explained, condoned imrks excuse. there has continue a zero tolerance policy for this, in the future. >> so far, there have been no evidence that the president's security in columbia was compromised by the scandal. but everyone taking it very seriously, including the president's top re-election adviser. >> i was surprised by it. people being what they are, you are never totally surprised. in any organization, things can go wrong. in my experience, the secret service has been completely professional, so impressive. >> he also said he's disappointed by the scandal and is sure investigators will get to the bottom of this.
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shannon. >> shannon: thank, steve. hot off the hearings of president obama's health care law, the supreme court is gearing up for a high-profile, controversial case, the fight over the arizona immigration law. at the heart of the case -- do states have the constitutional right to pass their own immigration laws? critics said it's racial profiling. but supporters say it's important to protect our nation's borders. the majority of reamingsterred voters support the law. 65% are in favor of the fb1070, 31 are against it and some just don't know. we will preview both sides of the case. what do you think at home -- do states have the trite pass their own immigration enforcement laws? tweet us your answers. we will read some of your responses, coming up in a few minutes in the show. iran claims it's building a copy of the u.s. spy drone that went down in that country last year.
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military experts were able to hack into the drone's memory, giving access to its intelligence data. its intelligence value is limited. russia and china had asked for information, but iran's defense ministry denied those requests. violence in sirria, a day after the united nations security council unanimously backed sending observers to monitor a cease-fire. 8 u.n. observers toured the country. syrians bombed a military convoy. activists say two people were killed. and other reports say as many as 11 died. even though it appears that mitt romney will be the g.o.p. nominee, there are primary races he needs to win. voters in connecticut, del care, ooh delaware, new york, pennsylvania and rhode island
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will cast ballots on wednesday. newt gingrich and ron paul are on state ballots, but they are trailing far behind. a lot of talk on the sunday shows are about who could be mitt romney's runningmate. peter doocy has more on the potential v.p. picks. good morning, peter. >> an adviser named beth myers is leading the romney search for a runningmate. this morning, we heard from two men whose names are coming up in the press as possible additions to the republican ticket. >> mitt romney, the leader of the republican party, has a vice-presidential process in place. i think from this point, moving forward twould be wise for all republicans to respect that process, myself included and say, moving forward, we will let his process play itself out. >> you will remember what william f. buckley said when he ran for mayor of new york. and when asked what he would do in he won, he said, demand a recount. i think i would give mr. romney
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a list of people who would suit better. >> romney/rubio trails obama/biden by 1. and candidate romney is further behind when portman is added. experts say that regardless, being picked as a runningmate is harder than being picked as the nominee. >> obama right now can say to mitt romney, release your taxes. mitt romney can say no. we vote for him one way or the other. if mitt romney says to his v.p. picks, i want to see 10 years of your taxes... you are going to have to give 'em to him to be vice-president. that's the difference. i mean, you can't stonewall the presidential nominee. >> and bill clinton and george
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w. bush were shown why being number 2 is harder than being voted for number 1. nobody on any vetting committee would have picked either man, knowing efers about their past that eventually came out. >> shannon: brand-new polls are shedding light on two crucial swing states. president obama and mitt romney are neck and neck in florida. but in ohio, the president appears to be edging out the former massachusetts governor. joining me is a democratic strategist and a former rnc director. these are very tight polls, within the marjsin of error. but the president is ahead of mitt romney in two key states. liz, what does that mean for the white house? he is convincing a majority of voters in these two states. >> it's good nude news. but it's only april. it feels like this has been going on for a long time. but these numbers are going to
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switch back and forth a lot of times before november. this is going to be a close election. this is a 50/50 country. this is good news to be outside the margin of error in both key states. so they will try to build on that and keep tearing romney down. >> shannon: in these fox polls that are brand-new to us, he is within the margin of error. but the president is leading in both states. why isn't he doing worse? >> the republican party is just coming out of a very hotly contested nominating contest and mitt romney has a little bit of work to reintroduce himself to the country at large. most of the country has not been paying attention to this race, the way those ofinous tolpolitics have. beyond the polls, i think the most troubling numbers prt president are inside the polls. a third of mornings in ohio are under water. that's a big problem for the president in november. >> shannon: i want to talk about
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something else that i thought was very interesting, the voters were asked -- are you voting for your candidate or against the other? when it dime president obama, it was 70%-plus, voting for him. but with romney, it was 50 or 60% who say they are voting against the president. is that bad news for romney? it sounds like more people are fired up about voting against the president than voting in fair of him. >> that shows a weakness. because it shows that the president's base, they're still with him. but romney's base, not so much. they are only coming out because they really don't like the president. they don't feel any connection to romney. they are not passionate about him or going to walk doors for him, give him money, there is a lack of passion and enthusiasm, if i were working for the romney cam pairngs i would be really nervous. >> shannon: how does he overcome that? the criticism of mitt romney is that he doesn't understand the
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average person. he's not one ever them. >> presidential elections, when there is an inincumbent are about re-electing the incumbent and is the country ready for four more years? i think he will fail that test. no modern president has been reelected with job approval of less than 49%. his target states in the last year has been 44-45. so that's what this campaign is going to be about. and president obama loses on that. >> shannon: how much do you eye will put this to both of you -- how much difference do you think the v.p. pick will make? >> i think that it will be a big difference. i think that rubio really helps romney in florida, a key state. and it really helps him with the hispannic and latino voters, a place where conservatives should be doing better ask they are not. it's a key constituency group. and one that the republicans really have to narrow the margin in if they are going to stand a
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chance. marco rubio could be a game changer. i don't see another candidate that could be a game changer. >> shannon: of course, he has said no or indicating that we would say no, as many of them have. >> he seemed to walk that back this morning, saying that there is a process in place and let mitt romney go through the process. the vice-presidential pick could be substantial, but for reasons that are not just political. the country is lungry for somebody they believe did create jobs and grow the economy and reign in the pace at which we are accumulating debt. >> shannon: we like to end on a note of agreement. thank you for coming in. in the midst of a search related to a missing child case, more than three decades old, investigators have found what could be a clue in a basement.
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pats went missing in new york city, 33 years ago. he was the first child to appear on the back of a milk carton. we have more on the investigation. >> there may be a very penitentiary new piece of evidence, a suspicious stain on the side of a wall in a basement that they have been have beenitary tearing apart four days. and they have been using luminol, which can detect the prfns bloods. teams were using chain saws and jack hammers and ripping through the concrete and digging through the dirt. they anticipate finishing that process today. investigators are sifting through the sediment and bagging up potential evidence that they think could lead them to answers. the new york police commissioner
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won't discuss any suspects and is not calling the former handyman, who was using the basement, as a suspect. orthniel miller is cooperating with investigators and has hired an attorney. he had access to etan around the time of his disappearance. there are reports that fresh concrete was poured close to the time that etan patz disappeared. jose ramos was a suspect. there was never enough evidence to convict ramos criminally, but he was held responsible if in a wrongful death suit. etan patz' paraphernalias still live here. his mother was spotted outside yesterday, but didn't speak with the media. they are continuing their request for privacy. we will bring you any update, as soon as we get them. back to you. >> shannon: thank you for the latest. police and fbi are kicking off a
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massive search for missing arizona six-year-old isabel mercedes selles. she was seen in her bedroom friday night and reported her missing at 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. authorities have not issued an amber alert because they are not sure if she ran away. but they are not ruling out kidnapping. the gsa controversial spending spree continues. we will sit down with the agency's former administrator. and more on the search for a v.p. and we talk to mitchidables, up next. today, we stand against the tyranny
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>> i take what happened in columbia very seriously. this is the secret service. they are charged with the protection of the life of the president and vice-president of the united states and their families. from what we know of what was happening in cartagena, they were not acting like secret service agents, they were acting like a bunch of college students away on spring weekend.
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>> shannon: that was senator joe lieberman, senate of the senate homeland committee, investigating the secret service scandal. i sat down with a preview of that brew and more. chris a lot of news from washington has to do with scandal, involving government agencies you talked to senator lieberman? >> he is the head of the committee that overseas the secret service. he said, i take this very seriously. he said, nothing can be more important than protecting the president. this is a foreign country, beforesthe president arrives and basically, these guys acted like college kids on spring break. obviously, there is no great security breach and the president got through the trip fine. but the potential and now that -- the foreign enemies of the country may realize that agency act this way, the opportunity to create honey traps, where you have a woman try to get involved with one of
9:20 am
these secret service agent it's we don't be how many times it's happened, but he take its very seriously. he's asking a series of questions to the secret service and a series of questions to the gsa, about that scandal. it was a very concerned senator on "fox news sunday." >> shannon: there will be a lot of action and investigations from a number of committees, going into both of those issues. and humitch daniels, often floated as a potential v.p. pick for mitt romney, should he secure the nomination, as expected. you talked to him about that and about possibly some other names on the list? >> yeah. he -- he said, i think it's hypothetical. i think it's not going to happen t. duked a direct question as to whether he would accept it, if he were offered the job. i have to say, though, he very much made the case against obama, almost every question i asked, he pivoted and turned and attacked the obama administration, especially on the economy.
9:21 am
you know, that may be in the end, the best thing, if you are have any in this job, to show i would be an effective spokesman for the campaign and attack dog against the obama record. i thought he was very effective today. >> shannon: you also asked him specifically, because he had doe mured from running for president himself wreference to his family and it wasn't the right thing. you asked whether a v.p. run would be different, shortener nature and a different job? >> he said he hadn't had the conversation yet because it was hypothetical. my guess is that because of the fact it would be a much shorter, less intrusive run, that he would say yes. you can count up all the people who have said no, i'm not interested or i'm not going to get it -- almost all of them, my guess is if romney goes to any of them and said, i need to you help me beat barack obama, they will say yes. >> shannon: it's one of our favorite games to play.
9:22 am
>> we will fley through august. >> shannon: and folksville their input at the end of your show today. thanks for the preview of "fox news sunday." >> you bet. thank you. >> shannon: catch the full interview with joe lieberman, right after america's news headquarters at 2:00 p.m. and the exclusive interview with governor mitch daniels as well. >> what is it about the structure of the gsa that leads us back to these scandals? >> asked why do you rob banks? he said, that's where the money is. part of the problem -- part of the reason there is a lot of crime and fraud, waste and abuse at gsa, there is a lot of money that flows through gsa. >> shannon: that's testimony from one of four congressional hearings on the spending controversy at gsa. some employees under fire for jet-setting and throwing extrava gant conventions. the gsa has had a history of
9:23 am
problems. do they need an overhaul? the former administrator of the gsa is here. >> glad to be here. >> shannon: you can give us insight into how this works? the expensive junkets and trips? how does that get signed off? >> that didn't happen under my watch. this is an extraordinary situation and shows an incredible lack of leadership from the political appointees and a lack of judgment from most of the employee who is participated in this extravagans and this this is not the norm. but it can be stopped if the leadership at the top says no. >> shannon: now, the spotlight is on. congressional hearings. when you were at the gsa, huto testify before congress, chiam sure was not pleasant. but you did agree to testify in the midst of a controversy. most of those who showed up, took the fifth. what do you make of that? >> i think they have a lot of
9:24 am
concern because they're involved in what might be criminal activity. i was attacked for political reasons. and the investigator who levied the charges pleaded guilty and is right now awaiting sentencing. so it's a completely different situation. but congress is aware of the lack of leadership, the poor financial mechanicment. you can see them rushing to fix the problem. senator mccaskill has announced a bill, accountability in government act and it's fatally flawed because she is trying to legislate good behavior, rather than enforcing laws thattor the books. i think a lot of reforms are hoping to head up gsa fthey would enforce the law, they would achieve a lot of us. >> shannon: where did that fall apart? >> ultimately tcome from the top, the administration has a responsibility for the personnel, the financial management and the -- you know, the overall policy management of the agency. when, as markety johnson did,
9:25 am
when you delegate away, all of your authorities to others, when you refuse to accept the accountability and responsibility, chaos is going to ensue. that's what we have seen. >> shannon: what do you thinkingly the end result here of the investigations and the public light shipping on this? >> the inspector general has said he has 30 more investigations that have yet to be disclosedclosed in full or cd out. so i believe there is much more to come. but for the american people, it's very concerning because gsa has a responsibility to reign in spending. and if that's what is happening with the stimulus and the building projects, infrastructure, at the federal agency, have you to worry, as an american taxpayer, what gihappenning at all the federal agencies. >> shannon: sounds like there is a lot popular to come. >> sadly, very true. >> shannon: the battle over the arizona controversial immigration law heads to the supreme court this week. we'll talk about the first take on the case from an activist and
9:26 am
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>> shannon: is the white house involved in the columbia prostitution scandal? one senator is demanding to know. peter doocy has that and more. >> senator chuck grassley sent a letter to mark sullivan and the acting inspector general to see if any of the white house advanced staff are involved in the scandal. so far, 12 secret service agents have been implicated and six of them have been ousted. the trials for former presidential candidate and senator, john edwards is set to begin tomorrow. he is charged with accepting illegal campaign contributions in order to hide his affair. iran says they are building a copy of the u.s. drone they captured last year. officials sawls a they say -- also say they are recovering
9:31 am
data. but the u.s. officials say that drones that fly over hostile territory have a very limited amount of intelligence. beegee's star is awake and communicating with his family, after fall into a keema last week. >>y. >> shannon: peter, thank you very much. this week, the supreme court will hear arguments, challenging portions of the arizona state immigration law. we have the director of the aclu's immigrants right. she is here, live to talk about this topic. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> shannon: all right. wednesday, the justices take up this challenge. how do you think it will finally wind up, being resolved, once we get an opinion from them, later this summer? >> it's always hard to predict what the supreme court is going to do. but arizona has made pretty
9:32 am
radical arguments in support of its anti-immigrant law, sb1070. in order to rule in arizona's favor, the courtville to take i a significant departure from prior cases. arizona's claiming very broad power to ferret out undocumented immigrants, detain them and impose their own punishments. according to the supreme court's prior cases, that can't stand under the constitution. >> shannon: how do you respond to state lawmakers, saying they tried to be very careful to make it a compliment to federal law, not to usurp or go farther than federal law, simply to have a state version to allow them to enforce what is on the books. >> the position that arizona is taking in the supreme court is quite different from what legislators took in considering sb-1070. when they passed the law, they said they were disagreeing fundamentally with what the federal government has done many years, with respect to
9:33 am
immigration enforcement. what they do in taking aim at undocumented immigrants is cast a dragnet that affects u.s. citizens and immigrant who is are here in the united states lawfully. the law is going to cause significant civil rights problems throughout arizona and other laws that will consider similar legislation, regardless of the supreme court outcome, which is just about the issue of whether the state laws go outside the boundaries of state power and interfere with the federal government's control over immigration matters. >> shannon: you mipgzed that those who are here legally or are full u.s. citizens may be caught up in the provisions of this law. but if they can prove that they are here legally and they have the paperwork or other documents, what's to say that the law doesn't work? if they can show they are properly here and be released? >> the problem with sb-1070 is that you need to look at all the provisions and how they work together.
9:34 am
the supreme court is considering four provisions of sb-1070. three have to do with what law enforcement officers do, how the criminal justice system works in arizona. to give you an example of why sb-1070 is totally at odds with federal law and policy and what congress wants, let me give you an example of someone who comes to the united states without permirksz but immediately applies for asylum. congress and international law both have said that the federal government, the executive branch, needs to consider whether someone who has come here, who has been tortured in their home country who, will face torture if they go back to their home country, should be permitted to remain in the united states. that asylum applicant did not have any papers from the federal government. but the federal government knows that he or she is here in the united states. they have given the person permission to live in the community, to make contributions to the community while they are awaiting a decision. arizona has decided, contrary to
9:35 am
federal law, that they're going to subject that person to roadway detentions, to prolonged interrogations, to arrest, to a trip to jail and even to criminal prosecution and imprisonment because arizona has decided that that person is here in the united states illegally. and that's just a situation we can't have in this country, when the united states government is in charge of issues that have to do with immigration. and the united states has laws that protect the civil rights of everybody. immigrants -- and united states citizens alike. >> shannon: the department of homeland security estimates there are 360,000 illegal immigrants in arizona. the state says it needs its own ways to deal with these issues. we'll talk with someone on the other side of the argument. i look forward to seeing you in court on wednesday. thank you for your time. >> see you there. >> shannon: we will talk to a sheriff out of arizona who is backing the law and tell us why he needs it, in the next hour.
9:36 am
several twitter followers are weighing in. the question is: do states violate right to make their own immigration laws. michelle says, arizona must protect their state and could protect other states from an influx of illegal immigrants. tweet us your answers... we will continue to read more of your responses throughout the show. coming up, the implication of iran's claims a downed u.s. drone. u.s. military general is here with insight, right after the break. does aspirin even work on my headache? aspirin is just old school. people will have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. now we're challenging you to put it to the test. visit to get your free bottle. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪
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>> shannon: people in one minnesota town are cleaning up after a series of tornadoes. no one was injured. wet weather is moving east. we go to the fox weather center for more and the rest of todaya forecast. hi, rick. >> a really big storm targeting the east coast. in fact, this is going to be the
9:41 am
biggest winter storm we have had for some people. i said winter, pushing the end of april. this is what it looks like right now. the center of the storm is here, across south carolina and georgia. but we are going to be talking about what is like a nor'easter, but it tracks farther inland. very heavy rain falling from the midat lantic through the northeast. we are in a drought here, so we need the rainful but some areas might be getting too much. there is a threat of flooding. but take a look at future radar and what happens. here's where we are, going forward in time, a lot of rain in the northeast. but by midnight, you can see the white areas around buffalo and west virginia. watch by the morning, this spills in and a lot of areasville a very significant snowstorm, possibly spots getting 12 inches to a foot of snow. it's important for people to be aware of this, a lot of trees have their losleaves on them.
9:42 am
the trees are going to come down with a major power outage from buffalo to pennsylvania, to west virginia. >> shannon: wow. this late in the year. thank you for that warning. >> you bet. >> shannon: more on new provocations out of iran. the country claiming today on state television, it is building a copy of a top-secret u.s. drone that went down in december. joining me to talk about iran and more, fox news military analyst and member of the iran policy committee, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: what do you make of the claims out of iran this morning? >> i think it's bluster. but the important thing is, that was a very significant loss for our intelligence community, shannon, because not only did they get the stealth technology, the materials, the designs, the shapes, all of those sophisticated things and communications and they got software. and we should not minimize it. but the fact is, i don't believe that they can duplicate it, or duplicate it in a time that will
9:43 am
have an impact over the next three to four years. >> shannon: do you have concern that some of their friend it's china and russia -- may want to get their hands on it. >> i have huge concerns. anyone who who thinks they might get tthey don't understand what went on. that data went nold beijing and to moscow. they had visitors come and do those things. so they will be able to use it in the very near term and that's very dangerous. >> shannon: i want to talk to you about the "los angeles times" publishing photos of our troops in afghanistan with the remains of suicide bombers. we have secretary panetta talking about that this week. we want to play a little bit of what he had to say. >> this is war. and i know that war is ugly and it's violent. and i know that young people sometimes caught up in the moment make some very foolish decisions.
9:44 am
i am not excusing that. i am not excusing that behavior. but neither do i want these images to bring further injury to our people. >> shannon: the photees from a couple of years ago, but published this week in the "los angeles times." acting president karzai very upset, and reacting publicly. what does this do to the current men and women serving? >> i think that defense panetta's comments were very measured. president karzai's were not measured and others have not been measured. it's unfortunate, but we ask our troops, when suicide bombers blow themselves up to go out and do the forensics, the iris and the fingerprint for obvious reasons, where did they come from, et cetera. someone took some snappies, unfortunate, but it's not -- i don't believe it is going to have any impact. we haven't seen any impact in
9:45 am
afghanistan or elsewhere on it right now. i think it's that measured kind of concern. the real concern, shannon, is the "los angeles times" editor. it's two years old. it was perishable. it will have no impact and they put it out there, because i believe politically, they want to send a signal that they are not satisfied with our afghanistan policy of the barack obama's afghanistan policy. whether that's true or not, they -- it was clearly irresponsible for them to do that. >> shannon: right. general, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: stealing your vote. after the break, a look at how big a problem voter fraud is. what some states are trying to do to stop it and why the justice department is fighting those states. coming up. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> shannon: as we head into the presidential election, voter fraud is in the spotlight, amid allegations of illegal activity across the country. election fraud charges are even touching the race for white house from 2008. it's all in fox news' one-hour special: stealing your vote, which airs right here on the fox newschannel, 3:00 and 9:00. its host, eric shawn.
9:50 am
he is here with a preview. hello. >> eric: hi, shannon. right, you know, some people say that voter fraud is a myth treally doesn't happen and election fraud isn't out there. but watch this hour. a lot of these cases are local, but they do have national implications. think about what happened in minnesota, 2008. remember al franken, versus norm coleman? al franken ginn is declared the winner. but felons voted illegally in that race. 175 convictions so far, 60 more to go and a conservative watchdog group says that more than 1,000 felons voted illegally and may have tipped the race to franken. we did a survey of 10 felons. we talked to 10 convicted felon who is voted illegally, 9 say they voted for al franken, one for coleman. that's not scientific. but that gave the democrats the super majority in the senate. so you can connect felons voting
9:51 am
illegally in minnesota to that? perhaps. the district attorney of hennepin county says he doesn't think illegal votes elected franken. and in indiana, forgeries in petitions that put president obama and hillary clinton on the ballot. you need 500 signatures for a district. there are questions of whether the president got legally on the ballot. and voter iement d., a controversial issue. we discuss that, with the naccp and south carolina governor nikki halley. >> this protects the elderly. this protects people who do absentee ballots. we want to make sure they are who they say they are. >> eric: without voter i.d., what do you think will happen? >> i don't want dead people voting in the state of south carolina. >> eric: authorities say there is evidence that dead people vote being is a real problem. according to a statewide
9:52 am
investigation by south carolina's department of motor vehicles. in january, it found that 953 ballots were cast by voters who were deceased. but the state elections commission director disputes those findings. the report came out after sign the the voter i.d. law. were you surprised at the reaction? >> very surprised. protecting the integrity of the voting process is one of the most important things we can do as a governor in the state. >> eric: we look at investigations on both sides of the political aisle, including in maryland. shannon, thank you. >> shannon: 3:00, 9:00 eastern, see you then. after more than 3 decades in office, orrin hatch hes has a fight to win hisria-election bid, starting with a primary challenge. at the convention, hatch was a percentage point short of avoiding a primary. despite the results, hatch
9:53 am
seemed optimistic. >> i'm a tough old bird. and i have never felt more eager, more excited or more energized. and that's thanks to all of you. so i have humbly and respectfully asked one last time for your trust, your confidence and for your vote. god bless you. god bless our country. >> shannon: he will face off in a primary in june. the war on drugs, oversea, involving our troops. are our allies priding our soldiers with drugs? that's. no blan wake up!
9:54 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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9:57 am
>> shannon: the drug trade is an ongoing problem in afghanistan and there are new allegations that our allies are dealing drugs to u.s. soldiers. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> reporter: afghan forces are being trained by the u.s. military to take over the mission by 2014. but new documents obtained through the freedom of information act show that some of the afghan recruits stand accused of dealing drugs to u.s. soldiers. >> it is troubling that our troops are being placed in this situation. they are under enough pressure as it is but evidently our allies there are acting as drug pushers in some ways. >> reporter: between january 2010 and december 2011 the army investigated 56 soldiers for the possession, use or distribution of opiates.
9:58 am
heroin the cited 56 times. the drugs hash, pot and heroin were purchase ared by various afghan army and national police personnel. in other case an afghan interpreter sold various opiates. one soldier admitted bying pain killers from a local national while attempting to purchase steroids. a soldier bought heroin and xanax at multiple locations. during the same two year period the army investigations show at least 8 soldiers died from dug overdoses. in one death announcement the defense department described the manner of death as noncombat related. >> what is concerning about this, we obviously are not interested in invading the privacy necessarily of those who died or their families but it looks like you can't find any public reporting about
9:59 am
this. >> reporter: regardless of the circumstances an army spokesman told fox the notification team provides as much information as possible about the death adding every effort is made to assist the family for as long as they need it. for its part, judicial watch is still waiting for responses on drug use in afghanistan from the navy, the air force and the marine corps. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. breaking news from afghanistan. as president karzai's government says the country has finalized a strategic partnership deal with the united states. we go live to kabul for more on this with dominik. hello, dominik. >> up to nine months of hard bargaining we now have a crucial deal that will set the tone and shape of the relationship between the united states and afghanistan after 2014. this agrowment is for ten years after that, taking the two countries through to 2024. the agreement is loose in
10:00 am
itself and it is deliberately so. they don't want to get down to too much nitty gritty yet. we don't know how many u.s. troops will stay on beyond the combat mission ending in 2014 and we don't know how much the u.s. is willing to give afghanistan per year in financial terms in helping it maintain the security mission that has to go on here. we do know this is what they plan to work on, security, democracy building and social development. a short while ago in response to our questions the u.s. representative said he described it assaying this is about sovereignty, stability and prosperity and about defeating al-qaeda and its extremist affiliates. what happens in terms of this agreement? it has 20 go before congress in the united states and then it has to go in front of president obama for final review you. he will then sign that as will the afghans go through a similar process. they want to wrap it up in time for national i tow summit taking place -- nato summit taking place next month in
10:01 am
chicago when the whole international community and the nato nations here will decide what they want to contribute to afghanistan in terms of people and in terms of finance. a big turning point, shannon. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much for bringing us the latest on that. iran claims it is building a copy of the u.s. spy drone that went down in that country last year. an official says military experts were able to hackl into the drone's memory giving them access to all of its intelligence data and mission history. the chairman of the homeland security committee says he doubts iran's claim. >> look, it was not good for the u.s. when that drone went down in iran and not good when the iranians grabbed it. i don't have confidence at this point that they are really able to make a copy of it. >> shannon: lieberman sad addst he thinks iran is on the defensive over recent economic sanctions. several high ranking members of congress say there is still a lot to learn over what happened in the
10:02 am
prostitution scandal in colombia and they are going to get to the bottom of it. steve centanni joins us with more. hi, steve. >> one secret service agent placed on administrative leave was staying at the same hotel where the president stayed according to senator joseph lieberman. he says the latest agent to be singled out was not staying at the hotel where the altercation took place that triggered this whole thing but was assigned to the president's hotel the hilton. >> now, we don't know at this point what that 12th agent is being charged with and why he has been put on administrative leave but now you are into the hotel where the president of the united states was going to stay and it just gets more troubling. >> new york congressman peter king chairman of the house homeland security committee said today more secret service agents will be leaving their jobs soon and he says every
10:03 am
possible lead is being examined. >> in fact, if foreign nationals were brought back into a security area on the eve of the trip of the president of the united states goes against everything the secret service stands for. there is no way it can be explained, con doaned, excused in any way, it is wrong and there has to be really a zero tolerance policy for this in the future. >> and even the president's top reelection advisor is weighing in. here is david axelrod. >> i must say that in my experience the secret service has been completely professional, so impressive. i always felt like they were willing to do anything to protect the president and the people around the president. and so this was really disappointing. obviously we have to get to the bottom of it. but the -- those problems should not den gait the efforts of -- den great the efforts of so many who do an excellent job. >> the president was briefed friday by the director of the
10:04 am
secret service. >> shannon: thank you very much, steve. >> what occurred in colombia though we are not sure exactly what it is but what we do know is that we distracted several of our members distracted the issue from what was a very important regional engagement for our president so we let the boss down. >> shannon: that was general martin dempsey chair of the joint chiefs of staff commenting on the secret service prostitution scandal. six agents have been ousted and others may be on the way. joining us is former secret service deputy director barbara riggs. thank you for coming in to help us flush this out a little bit. >> you are welcome. >> shannon: you served a number of years in the agency. were you surprised by these reports? >> i was very surprised. i spent 31 years in the secret service. i served under six different presidents and i have never seen anything of this type ever occur on a presidential trip
10:05 am
ever. >> shannon: and there are so many questions right now. a number of ongoing investigations from the mill tare arery because there are some 11 military members involved in some way or allegedly involved. congress is looking into things as well. the number and the scope of those involved seems to suggest to a number of people this may not have been an isolated incident. does it suggest that to you? >> certainly the number involved is disturbing and very surprising. again, i would go back to the culture are that i know in the secret service and the -- we certainly are not immune to employees engaging in inappropriate conduct and we he have had people who have been removed from duty for inappropriate conduct over the years. but the magnitude of this event is something i have never seen and it does not reflect the character and the high level of professionalism and excellence that the workforce of the secret service engages in every day.
10:06 am
>> they were working advance for the president's trip just days later down in colombia. is there a protocol for agents when they are say out of country, they are not officially on the clock. it may have been their down time, their free time. is there anything that would prohibit this? >> the secret service expects the highest level of professionalism from its employees and secret service i can tell you demands it unconditionally. this incident was disturbing on many different levels. the least of which is the embarrassment of it. you know, the issues of operational security. i mean it is hammered home to us very early on in our career that by virtue of your position you can be exploited by counter intelligence officers, by an adversary trying to gain access. and then one of the other very disturbing aspects of it goes to the whole core philosophy,
10:07 am
it is a sacred philosophy of the secret service of the trust that we have to maintain with our protects. if we don't have mutual respect between the employees of the agents and officers who are assigned to protection and the protects we can't do our job. so that also appears to have been violated which is very serious. >> shannon: the director mark sullivan has gotten a vote of confidence from a number of folks in washington, democrats and republicans alike, the white house as well seem to have great respect for him and confidence that he can do his job. who do you think ultimately will bear the consequences of this? the agents? supervisors? >> i think it goes to the accountability of the individuals. i know mark sullivan very, very well. i have known him for 21 years. in fact, when i was a supervisor on the president's detail he reported to me. when i was the deputy director he was an assistant director and he reported to me and i do not know of any one with a higher integrity and character
10:08 am
and good moral judgment. and so i think he has taken shown tremendous leadership and i'm proud of how he has reacted. but ultimately, it comes down to the accountability of the individuals. certainly as an institution the secret service cannot tolerate this. i have never known them to tolerate something like this and when an extent of inappropriate behavior has come up in the past, whether offduty or on duty the secret service has always acted decisively and quickly. we have to be trusted by the american public to carry out our mission and the secret service has always held its employee hes to the highest standards of conduct and will continue to. >> shannon: thank you for your insight and also your service to this country. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: it appears mitt romney will be the eventual gop nominee. there are still plenty of elections on the calendar. newt gingrich and ron paul are still on most state ballots
10:09 am
though they are trailing behind in the delegate count. a lot of talk on the sunday shows about who could be mitt romney's running mate. peter doc doocy live with more. >> we are told it is rare that a nominee would ask one to be that running mate and then that person would shoot them down and say no but when two possibilities were asked about the prospects this morning by members of the media that is exactly what they said. >> mitt romney the leader of the republican party has a vice presidential process in place and i think from this point moving forward i think it would be wise for all republicans to kind of respect that process and myself included and say moving forward we are going to let his process play itself out. >> you remember what william f. buckley said when ran for mayor of new york and they asked him what he would do if he won and he said demand a recount. i think i would demand reconsideration and send mr. romney a list of people i think could suit better. >> if romney thinks he needs help in florida and adds rubio
10:10 am
to the ticket they will have ground to make up but not as much ground as in romney selects ohio senator rob portman. they would trail the obama biden ticket which 6 points according to the latest fox news poll but some experts don't think a running mate sways voters one way or the other. >> the vice presidential nominee reenforces the themes that the presidential candidate sets down. doesn't -- the impact on the election by himself or herself is minimal. >> of course, governor romney will eventually ecelebrity a running mate and that effort is being led by an advisor named bet myers who tweeted as someone who worked in partnership with mitt romney for years she is honored to lead his search for a vp. she didn't tip her hand at all unfortunately. >> shannon: we will be watching like a hawk, though. peter, thank you very much. the international monetary fund just collected billions more to help cash strapped european nations but the u.s. isn't
10:11 am
backing the ey idea. brenda buttner with details. >> more cash for european countries drowning in debt is the latest prescription from the imf. the imf which has already given $300 billion in emergency loans since the global financial mess erupted has raised 430 billion bucks, nearly doubling to $1 trillion the amount available to loan to european countries in crisis. the u.s. has refused to participate as has canada. u.s. officials say europe is wealthy enough to take care of its own during this crisis. what has europe given and what has it received? well, europe put up a bit less than half of the latest amount contributed by member nations to the imf for european countries but already europe has been a big beneficiary of the imf. the institution has helped to bail out three european nations with the european -- with
10:12 am
emergency loans. ireland, portugal and greece and although the u.s. declined to participate in this latest pledge we are still big backers of the international group. the single largest share holder with the biggest quota. we back a maximum of $65 billion in loans nearly a fifth of the resources. a vote to back more would have required a vote in congress. a tough night in an election year with unemployment here about above 8%. the issue now is for european countries awash in red ink to take the action necessary so they won't need more loans. that is the hard part and it is not at all clear given the tough political clarity such austerity measures land they can do so. the u.s. may not give loans this time around but it is likely europe will come to uncle sam with more pressure to
10:13 am
reach into our pockets again very soon. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much for the update. >> thank you. >> shannon: investigators may have made a significant discovery in the search for what happened to etan patz. he disappeared in 1979. his face was the first ever to appear on a milk box. investigators have finished up ripping a basement apart in etan's old neighborhood where they have been digging looking for remains or any other evidence in the case. word today that they found a stain and are now testing it to determine if its' blood. the search on for are a first grader who vanished from her home in tucson, arizona. her parent ares say isabel mercedes was last seen in her bed on friday night. there has been no amber alert issued but law enforcement officials are extending efforts to find any clues about the child's disappearance. casey stegall in the l.a. bureau with more details. >> i just got off the phone with tucson police. the reason no amber alert has
10:14 am
been issued is they don't have a suspect description or vehicle description which is typically required when an amber alert is issued but they did tell me that up to 100 police officers from various agencies are on-the-job including representatives from the fbi and the u.s. marshall's office. they have been scouring the east side of tucson, arizona, where this little girl lived with her two older brothers and parents. k-9 units, helicopters and special search and rescue teams have been in the working class neighborhood since yesterday morning when the first grader was reported missing. friends and neighbors have also joined in to help passing out flyers and going door to door. her parents tell police they last saw the 6-year-old in her bed friday night around 11:00. the next morning around 8:00 when a family member went into her room to wake her up she was gone. >> we need her home safe.
10:15 am
safe and sound, you know. we like to hope that she just went for a walk and is going to come back. >> tucson police characterizing this as a suspicious disappearance and possible abduction. both parents do live in that home so at this time it does not appear to be a child custody dispute. but that has not been entirely ruled out. no signs of forced entry were discovered in that home. police tell me that they are receiving a lot of tips but so far nothing has panned out, shannon. >> shannon: all right, casey stegall following this important case out west. thank you so much. this just in. a fox news alert. the french president has lost the first round of the french elections according to estimates coming in from polling institutes meaning he didn't fen initial at the top of the field but he did get enough of a percentage of the vote to qualify for the second round of elections. again, not finishing first but
10:16 am
proceeding on to the next round of elections. we will keep you updated as we get more in on the polling today in france. the battle over arizona's immigration law will land at the supreme court on wednesday. we will talk to an arizona sheriff who says he needs the law. plus, congress is digging into the gsa's past spending practices. we will talk with the congressman in charge of one of the hearings this week to find out why he thinks the spending issues may have spread to other federal agencies as well. >> this certainly is not only a dark day for gsa but a dark day for the united states government. today, we stand against the tyranny
10:17 am
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>> shannon: nearly a dozen people were injured when this car flipped on its roof near times square. police say it rear ended another vehicle and then flipped over and slid across the sidewalk hitting pedestrians in the process. several people were taken to the hospital, none had life threatening injuries. no charges have been filed against the driver. congress is digging into the gsa spending scandal trying to figure out how widespread the problem may be. last week, four hearings were held on capitol hill to investigate among other issues the more than $800,000 spent on a single las vegas conference. joining us live is congressman
10:21 am
jeff dunham who chaired one of the hearings. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: you had bold statements on what is going on including i'm prepared to systematically pull apart gsa. >> what benefit do they provide back to the taxpayer and are they able to do their jobber than the private industry can do for them. they identified 14,000 properties jun nied or vacant properties and only sold 82 over the last decade. my question has been to them why wouldn't local realtors around the nation be able to do a better job than what gsa is doing today and the same thing with the vehicles that they control and sell and buy for all the different agencies. the same thing exists. could a private online agency be able to sell the vehicles and sell that equipment cheaper and more ey efficiently. >> shannon: and the mission is to responsibly manage taxpayers
10:22 am
money. there is been unhappy taxpayers and lawmakers out there who see how the money is spent. what is your reaction to the hearings this week. >> i have been angry. i just came back from my district where we have got twice the national average on unemployment. high foreclosure rates. people are frustrated. you have a president talking about tax increases and they are lavishly spending and wasting money. this is a blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars. we are ready to implement legislation but continue to have the hearings and versions until we get rid of this culture. this is not a rogue person or rogue department. this is a culture within the agency that sets the standards for every other agency and so we want to see how deep this goes certainly in the hearings it came out this went all the way to the white house this they could have done something a year and a half ago when the investigation started so we are going to continue to take it to them and fight back and make sure that the taxpayers are getting what they should from
10:23 am
their government. >> shannon: we understand there are at least by one account 30 plus investigations going on from the inspector general's office connected to the issues. you say whistle blowers are now coming forward and the flood gates have been opened and you are hearing more and more from people maybe afraid to speak up and now that it is going public you are getting an earful. >> there were a number of people pressured or i intimidad into not making a statement that was fully in the ig report and now we applaud those that have been brave enough to come forward and say enough is enough that are continuing to talk about these trips and send the e-mail chains that have gone to them. you know, we applaud them for being willing and being brave enough to come out and now we have more are and more people doing it and we have two investigations just on the region nine all of 9 lavish trips to vegas and palm springs and that p napa. >> shannon: we will continue to follow the work your agency is
10:24 am
doing and the legislation you will be introducing on transparently as well, this week. thanks for come in. >> thank you. >> shannon: a presidential campaign sex scandal finally heads to court. details coming up next, some states are trying to regulate an important form of therapy. we'll explain why it is so controversial, after the break. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> shannon: is the white house involved in the secret service colombian prostitution scandal? one senator is demanding to know. >> senator chuck grassley sent a letter to the secret service director and the acting inspector general to see if any of the white house advance staff are involved in the scandal. so far, 12 secret service agents have been implicated in the incident and six ousted. the trial for former presidential candidate and senator john edwards set to begin tomorrow. he is charged with accepting
10:29 am
illegal campaign contributions in order to hide his affair. iran says they are building a copy of a u.s. drone they captured last year. officials also say that they are are recovering data from the downed drone but u.s. officials say drones that fly over hostile territory have a limited amount of intelligence. and you are not going to believe this one. a group of friends in australia are being blamed for stealing a penguin. the trio broke into the seaworld in genesland australia and took one of the birds as a souvenir and posted a video of the escapade and bragged about it online and that helped police catch them. the penguin is back at sea world. those are the stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: you would never be involved in something like that? >> a much less dangerous version of what happened in the hangover because it wasn't a tiger and they were not stealing from mike tyson. >> shannon: and you don't have a that tied face. >> the day it young.
10:30 am
>> shannon: this week the supreme court will hear arguments over arizona's controversial arizona law. we heard from an opponent of the law last hour who believes that is encourages racial profiling but supporters say it is necessary to stop border violence. the sheriff will attend wednesday's arguments and well and joins us live from tucson. sheriff, thanks for your time. >> thank you, shannon. glad to be with you. >> shannon: by the department of homeland security estimates there are 360,000 illegal immigrants now living in arizona. i had no idea the number was that high. that is the government's estimate. how does that impact the work that you and your deputies have to do? >> i'm right down on the border and we are fighting the fight every day down there trying to secure our nation's health, welfare and safety at the frontline. and it makes little sense is there are places and sanctuary policies throughout the country
10:31 am
in cities that invite people to come in and have safe harbor in their towns and their cities. why are we down here on the border having agents injured, deputies run over, people killed day in and day out and then someone suggests along the way there is a finish line that okay that the buzzer sounded on the game and you won. the only losers are the american public. >> shannon: sheriff, the guest that we had on last hour cecelia wong from the aclu who will be there on wednesday said frankly the state does not have the right to do this. it is something that is strictly within federal authority. arizona has crossed the line and whether there is a good i'm or a bad game behind it the law simply is unconstitutional. how do you respond? >> well, that is the justice's position and that is what the supreme court is going to determine or at least hear this wednesday those arguments. wheat disagree -- we disagree. we think arizona has a right to protect and defend its citizens
10:32 am
and what we do here has an effect throughout the nation. people don't understand what happens at the border doesn't begin or end there. it starts very, very far south and in nations around the world it comes is through us and then those cartels and smuggling organizations tentacles reach into communities all over the country. >> shannon: how do you respond to those who oppose the law who say it does wind up catching people in its net who are are here legally and are u.s. citizens and they claim that people will be detained and held against their will who are here completely lawfully? >> shannon, it is interesting the department of justice did not argue that in their presentation. the whole racial profiling concept they didn't touch because they understand this is the only law in arizona on the books that prohibits racial profiling. it actually goes in great detail and defines what the areas of reasonable suspicion
10:33 am
and probable cause are as constraints for enforcing the law. i'm aware of one in my county that was unfounded complaint. why this law would open door for police misconduct is really a rare concept to me. we would punish and never allow that to happen knowingly. an argument that attaches itself to the emotional side of this but not the practical and reasonable aspects. >> shannon: we know you have a tough job there in arizona along the border. we thank you and your men and women for the work they are doing. we will see what the justices ultimately decide. sheriff, thank you. >> i look forward to seeing you there, shannon. >> shannon: we have been asking you at home if you think states have the right to pass their own immigration enforcement laws. we have gotten an earful from many, many of you you. here is some. arizona lawmakers need only be
10:34 am
mindful not to impose a restriction that imposes on federal enforcement and statute and our fir edward says yes, each state has a different situation with immigrants. tweet us your responses. we will read responses late other than this in hour. music therapy has reportedly been instrumental in the recovery of former arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords. now, some states say it is time to regulate it. elizabeth prann joins us live to explain. >> reporter: it as growing trend. treating patients suffering from alzheimer's to speedat cancers.atric they are using this alongside a normal cancer patient's treatment. take a look. >> jim is fighting an autoimmune disease at mission hospital in asheville, north carolina. he gets an iv treatment every two weeks, a dreaded process.
10:35 am
until the hospital introduced music therapy. >> makes me more receptive to being here. i'm not as concerned with how fast it is dripping and what the pump it doing. >> there has been many studies that has shown that it does reduce anxiety and alleviate pain and just enhance hass the physicians are already doing. >> the hospital hired michelle bonn a full-time musical therapist who plays requested songs for patients undergoing treatment. she sevens as a pleasant distraction and a counsel. you can see the physical reaction of somebody just, you know, not focusing on their disease and their illness. it is thinking about music. >> because at a time when so many are going through so much a little added therapy isn't just music to the ears ... it is treatment for the body.
10:36 am
treatment for the body and it is a growing trend. north carolina is looking to license this as a profession. joining the ranks of north dakota and nevada and about two dozen other states are are also looking at similar legislation. back to you. >> shannon: that harp muse sick very soothing. >> it is wonderful. a beautiful story. >> shannon: thank you for keeping us update. >> thanks. >> shannon: coming up, a planned parenthood clinic is handing out prayer pamphlets. are they giving solace to women in need or using religion to back abortion? it has sparked a heatedcan controversy. you will hear from both sides,s right after this break. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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10:40 am
i'm meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. the last couple of weeks have been plagued by drought across the eastern seaboard that and the fires. major changes in store right now with a big winter storm that is brewing across the east. still some rain from florida. but it is becoming very, very
10:41 am
heavy across the mid atlantic and moving towards the northeast. it will become very windy with the storm during the overnight hours and the backside of this is going become touching scenion become a major winter storm. likely one of the biggest winter storms you have seen all winter and we are in late april. snowfall totals by the time we are done with this along the higher elevations into the alleghenies and hells outside of buffalo 12 to 18 inches of snow. many other areas pushing 12 inches of snow. the leaves are already out on the trees. the snow is going to land on the trees. a lot mauric more surface area. we will see a tree damage event and widespread power outages across western pennsylvania, be western new york and in towards western virginia. the snow will begin around midnight and carry on until tuesday morning. a big time winter weather event here. one other story we are tracking in the fox weather center is heat. complete summer temperatures across the southwest. in fact all of these
10:42 am
temperatures likely breaking records today. phoenix, 104 degrees. about 17 degrees where you typically would be this time of year. and how about that. 113 in death valley. we will continue to track all of these weather stories all afternoon right here in the fox weather center. >> shannon: a planned parenthood clinic in northern california is teaming up with local clergy to promote 40 days of prayer including this one. today we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal. that has spawned a significant backlash from religious leaders in the prolife movement. welcome to you both. >> thank you for having us. >> reverend, i will start with you. why should prayer be a part of the process for a woman seeking an abortion? >> first of all, from the religion coalition for reproductive choice we are
10:43 am
thankful that becky turner was inspired to write the 40 days of prayer with faith allowed and what a wonderful idea to have faith be something that we express allowed. my sense as a clergy woman is that god never leaves us and that is the biblical promise that god is with us always so prayer should be invited under all circumstances. even at the circumstance of abortion. it is not a mandate to prayer it is an invitation to prayer and that is what i find so much not only wonderful powerful faith expression but it is also the american way. >> shannon: clearly many within the prolife movement have a problem with this idea. >> absolutely. we say about planned parenthood that they worship at the altar of abortion and then come across six rivers planned parenthood in northern, california, promoting this faith allowed prayer which bizarrely, shannon, acknowledges that we value the lives even of the children who we don't bring into the world.
10:44 am
acknowledging almost that abortion is the taking of a human life. they don't try to back away from that. a lot of it is propaganda for women who are thinking about having an abortion because you you keep hearing throughout the prayer you are strong and you are life and don't listen to the prolife -- antiactivists. who is on the board of the group that wrote the player. one of the the last remaining partial birth abortionists in the united states of america who does the third term abortions the procedures that are still allowed even though the federal bans exist. it is just about abortion when it comes to planned parenthood. it is not about the other care. >> shannon: how do you respond especially when jordan mentioned praying for the lives of those involved when those in the prolife community are concerned about those that are not yet born. >> one of the most important things is we don't ever ignore women who are making decisions. it is important to be mindful of those who are seeking healthcare regardless of the
10:45 am
nature of that healthcare. we are strong advocates for women. we are strong advocates for women making their own moral decisions. we recognize that they he need prayer. we all need prayer. and we don't back away or offer a.b. apoll gettic for prayer. prayer is that call that is a faith call and not only that, it is the strong tradition of americans to pray. >> to pray for taking of a life? i mean it is a little different you acknowledge in all of the prayer this is life. >> we acknowledge the moral decision. [ overlapping speakers ] lap. >> we pray for the moral decision making. one of the things that dr. king taught us is that we pray for our enemies and that is the biblical mandate is to pray for all people under our circumstances. >> are abortionists enemies then? imdr. king was prolife.
10:46 am
>> shannon: a situation that is probably frightening for some if it is an unplanned pregnancy. why not relie on prayer in that situation? >> every time we talk about planned parent hood we get a number of phone calls every single sometime we do it. we are terns and conservative and we are christians and it is women this tears just talking about planned parenthood because they feel like they were lied to at young women. they were told this is just another medical procedure and no big deal and decades later they are still in tears over it. the prayers tell you it is fine and pray for those you choose not to bring in this world. you are telling the women that you are taking the life but saying don't worry about it. it is kind of a last ditch effort to try and win the propaganda war here because science is going against abortion. >> faith is not an issue of propaganda. faith is an ernest concern for the hearts and minds of all people. >> you don't pray for murder. pray for murder. >> we don't trust our own decisions.
10:47 am
we trust how god works through us and we ask women to pray. we ask men to pray. we ask all people of faith to pray not just for the circumstances that are those easy circumstances but particularly in those circumstances that are challenging and difficult to be in. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. jordan and reverend smith withers we thank you both for weighing in on something that is very controversial. we will keep an eye on it. >> hopefully we defund it, soon. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. >> coming up a veteran is helping other soldiers readjust to life after the battlefield. he will join us to share his amazing story and how he is helping others and how you can, too. next. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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>> shannon: sergeant first-class eric shaw spent more than a decade serving in the army and now he is an advocate for fellow he veterans. he is the author of brave rifles that navigates his experiences in the military and obstacles he faced after leaving. he is here now to talk about his book and his ca his company tactical 16. many vets have physical and emotional scars. getting back into your career where you left off or starting fresh what are the challenges
10:52 am
when you come back. >> a confusing process. you feel like you are by yourself. you don't know where to turn depending on if you are single or have a family. it is just a very confusing time. a very stressful and we try through organizations to help them get through that process. >> so you have written a book that talks about your experiences and how you navigated the entire thing but you it also is sort of a launching point for what you are hoping to do for other vets now. tell us about that. >> i wrote the book. i was asked by a lot of people to write it book and it was just a matter of timing to get it down to do it. we wrote it and we were shopping it around and i was working with anthony ferina who is also my business partner. we were getting good preliminary press off the book and we decided to break off and do our own thing so started tactical 16 publishing. we will work with veterans, the severe ptsd guys and get them
10:53 am
through writing to free their minds up a little bit. >> shannon: a magazine and also a way for other vets to write full-length books and get them publish. >> we have a magazine for guys that don't want to write a full book. it will be available through our website. an online magazine. we had a lot of people write us and said after they were done writing they e-mailed us back and said after i was done writing that it the best night's sleep i had in five or six years and it was at that point we knew we were on to something with helping guys cope with that and various other ailments. >> shannon: and for folks who are not themselves in the military what an interesting way to understand to read their stories. they can do that online. for those who want to try to submit a full-length book which is quite an undertaking they can go to your website tactical and the number 16 .com. >> yes, yes. >> shannon: huh how does the process work then. >> we ask for about three
10:54 am
chapters to gage their level of writing and where the story is going if it is something we can work with. at that point anthony my business partner will come up with a plan for them and we will work with them through the whole step and we will get their story out there. the difference between our publishing company and a lot of other ones our books will be pretty raw but we found that is what people want to hear. we don't have a third-party going through our books and cleaning them up for us. we are putting them out there as the soldier's writing them. >> shannon: these won't just be military but whatever helps the folks to heal. it is tactical the number 16 .com. i'm sure they would love to hear from you out there. thank you so much for your service to our country and what you are doing to help others as well. we asked you throughout the show whether or not you think that states should be able to make their own immigration law
10:55 am
because this week the supreme court is going to look at the one from arizona. we have a ton of answers. we will read some after the break. plus, a new leaf on life. how wally got stuck and where he got rescued, next. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds.
10:56 am
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>> shannon: this is the cute alert of the day. check this out. it looks like wally the kitten really does have nine lives although he might have lost one of them right there after getting stuck in the wall of a home in miami. the home owner thinks the kitten might have been camping
10:59 am
out on her roof and somehow fell through a hole. he was rescued after two days and checked out by a vet. he is adorable. i'm allergic to cats but that thing is so cute. he is up for adoption. we love hearing from you at home. we have been asking about the supreme court next big case this week. do you think the states have a right to pass their own immigration enforcement laws like arizona has done. chaise said this. arizona is merely enforcing federal law, something every state does already. nate said states can't make their own immigration laws. they should be able to force the feds to action, though. harold writes i think people making judgments for or against immigration laws need to live in south, texas, for a year first. a viewer adds this racial profiling is already illegal but per vasive across the u.s. and especially bad where police enforce immigration laws. that is it for us here from


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