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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 24, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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report. bret baier has latest election news tonight. a big night in politics so stay where you are. good night from washington. >> bret: mitt romney sweeps through five more eastern primaries this, is a special edition of special report. >> good evening, i'm bret baier. it could not have turned out better for the presump tiff republican presidential nominee. mitt romney sweeping the line up of primaries and solidifying his claim for the g.o.p.. and we are in denver tonight and we begin with carl cameron, tonight said mitt romney's rally in manchester, new hampshire. >> hi, bret. new hampshire mitt romney won the first primary this year,
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tonight he sets up for the republican race is over. the general election is over president obama used rhetoric discussing the economy playing well the last time an income bent was unseated. take a listen. >> tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointment of the obama years. all of the thousands of good and decent americans i've met want nothing more than a better chance. a fighting chance to all of you i have a simple mess yanl. hold on a little longer. a better america begins tonight. >> bret: he focused his campaign on jobs and the economy. you may remember in 1992 when a democrat unseated a republican candidate the issue was the candidate. listen to how romney brought that rhetoric back. >> because he failed he will
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run a campaign of diversions and distractions. and distorgss. that kind of campaign may have worked in another place. and in a different time. but not here. and not now. it's still about the economy. and we're not stupid. >> and another note from the campaign trail tonight. newt gingrich said he will keep his campaign schedule this week. and this is just a matter of what he'll announce it. >> so carl, thank you. let's go live to denver. >> the president jumping into general election mode. and on this two day taxpayer finance trip to general election battle grounds. he's using these friendly student crowds, these universities to be official
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events. he's fighting for the middle class. pressing congress to act before july 1 before student loan rates go up. it enables him to try to rally young voters and try to remind everyone mitt romney. take a listen. >> i want to get to talking points about this. i didn't just get a policy briefing on this. michelle and i have been in your shoes. like i said we didn't come from wealthy families. >> the president by mitt romney says he supports lower interest rates for student loans and also, ripped the president saying the reason why you need to keep rates down for students is that they're entering a weak job market that. could be a potent weapon for mitt romney. the president had a magical touch with young voters, take a look at numbers now.
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if you look at fox news polling to know the president favoribility rating to voters under 30 dropped by five percentage points. and it is clearly he has work to do. that work starts here, tonight. in denver. >> and thank you. >> let's look ahead now and possible scenarios for victories on both sides. james rosen does the geography and the math. >> that is why i need all of you. i need all of you. >> to gain the 270 votes he needs, president obama will likely need all supporters to turn out. the same is true for mitt romney. you've heard about battle ground states that swing these elections. there is a good baker's dozen of them. >> they're in every region. there is new hampshire in the
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northeast and florida in the south. >> there is 16 states widely seen, none are in the south. >> will you help me become the next president of the united states? >> analysts placed 22 states in the romney column, including some, like indiana that the obama biden ticket carried in 2008. >> republicans have to recapture three states have that been republican. indiana and virginia. and north carolina which voted for democrat in 1976. 39 electoral college votes shifted 78 in the electoral college. >> in three battle ground states mr. obama won, iowa, new mexico and wisconsin again go his way. it's is meaning a gain of 21 electoral votes. let's suppose romney picks up north carolina. ask that he reclaims virginia for the g.o.p. where it's been for all but one of the last 12 elections, let's suppose romney takes nevada where
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unemployment runs 12 points higher for the nation. imagine romney winning michigan where his father served as governor but the president taking colorado. he won by nearly nine points that. leaves with us four states. florida. ohio, missouri and pennsylvania whose combined 77 votes would decide this election. >> we have a barn burner of a race here. events will change the math between now and the fall. >> thanks to redistricting 11 of the states barack obama won in 2008 are going to change the number of votes each has resulting in a net loss for those blue states of six votes. and seven states john mccain won also saw their number of electoral votes change n washington james rosen, fox news. >> let's talk more about the various november scenarios. join joining me are ed rawlins and joe trippi.
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you've heard james layout the map there. james your three states that this general election turns off? >> in the west colorado, then, florida and ohio. romney has to win in florida and ohio. and the way the demographics work are pretty stark for romney. i think those three will do. if obama can hold on to colorado and force things it forces romney to win those two. >> and key states president of colorado tonight, that is a battle ground state. romney has to win that state he's in tonight. new hampshire. he has to win that. then he has to win florida, ohio and north carolina, virginia. and one other state. somewhere. and this is where you see trips and it tells you a lot. these states it's very narrow
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looking at head to head match ups. this is 15 states. and there is -- i wouldn't run a national campaignful i would run it like the governor's race. >> you have to. you look at colorado. i mentioned colorado. there is just the states in different areas of the country. there are going to be a lot of latino votes. not so much in ohio. it's going to be a lot of this fought out demographicly. we're seeing that. you know and there is different demographic group autos you've dune a lot of social media and it will be a big factor. but you look at the enthusiasm in young voters compared to 2008 for president obama. it's really down. >> yes it's going into the polls it s i would not underestimate the obama campaign's ability to build a
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network among young people, they've done it before and they're doing you now. there is i think that could be a way to run bodies on the streets that people are not counting on. >> and if you're in the romney campaign what are you doing now? what is the strategy? >> start going after women hispanic voters and catholic voters. whoever wins catholic vote is basically going win this election. >> how do you do this? >> talk about issues they're concerned about. white house has sort of taken on catholic church saying things a lot of catholics are upset b religious freedoms. >> and doesn't that hinge a little bit on the women vote? don't you run a risk of going down one road? >> there is supporting the position. you don't make this campaign about contraceptives you make
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it about values and about the administration trying to get into the business. >> it's a story this is going to be a tight rope walk for use if the economy but... in the end, it was some of groups is cross pressure. you start pushing against church. that starts hurting women. it's not going to be easy. >> what the president cannot do is he put put a slow one out there. he cannot argue his leadership is working. >> and mitt romney sounded like reagan. >> he gave a great speech. >> ed? joe. thank you as always. >> more analysis from a member of the romney campaign coming up right after the break. >> thank you america after 23
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primaries, many long days and more than a few long nights i can say with confidence and gratitude that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility. and together we're going to win on november 6th.
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let's get perspective now from romney campaign. veteran republican strategist now a senior advisor for mitt romney joins frus boston. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> it's a big night for mitt romney. he talked about the challenges ahead in the race against president ob yaum yachl the on yauma campaign, it appears is now trying to focus on mitt rom me and paint him as a severe conservative. how do you combat that? is it a combat that involves talking about and of the
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moderate positions? >> well i think you saw governor romney layout a vision for a better america, as you said z an economy that is willing to base on economic growth fueled by private enterprise and free enterprise and job creation. that is the distinction we're going to see here opposed to this government-centered society that stifled our economy and resulted in 8% unemployment rates for 38 months now. we have 23 million americans who are either unemployed or under embloied or left the work force and so i'm not surprised and the fact is that we're going to talk about the record and contrast that with a positive vision he began to layout this evening in new hampshire. on the issue of student loans the president has been out and about for different campuses talking about that today.
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and mitt romney is pushing for interest rates to be held down. it's not tremendously popular up there. and what about this is important for the romney campaign? >> couple distinctions. one is that we should have a temporary extension of this throughout the end of the year because students are struggling as a result of the policies. and there is one in two college graduates are unemployed or under employed. millions of 23-year-olds and 29-year-old living at home because they can't get the first step as a result of the job loss so you know we should temporarily extend this and should reduce spending by eliminating some of the wasteful spending in the obama care bill. and the president wants to raise taxes and of course that
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is one of the problem with our economy is that they're trying to raise taxes that stifles job creation. and there they kill jobs through regulation then they say now we have to help students that can't get jobs because of our policies. we ought to pay for that with higher taxes. governor romney saying given hard times these students are facing as a result of the economy there is a temporary back to get in there to change that, create jobs in our economy. and in the meantime, we should have spending cuts not tax increase autos one of the concerns is that analysts look at the romney campaign and say there is a softness in the latino vote. the pew research center did a poll and they have the president up 67% to 27% in that poll. and they point to some of the stances in the primary. one of them about the arizona
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law. here is what he said at a debate in february. >> should there be aggressive and find them and arrest them? you know i think you can see a model here in arizona. they pass the law that says people come here and try to find work. the employer is required to look them up. this e verify system allows employers in arizona to know who is here legally and not here legally. >> so does governor rop knee believe the law is a model for the nation? >> well, every sunday in the debate there is law which as we know majority of arizonains if you're in a state like arizona with a border that needs to be secured it is understandable. there is a sup yogs is that
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americans of hispanic decent are single issue voters and they're uniform in their view that. is not the case. the fact is that many voter as agree we need to secure our borders and most hispanic voters are concerned about job creation and economic growth and opportunity and quality of life, education reform. a lot of other issues as well. i think when looking at the whole and the platform and vision government rove knee is putting forward he's going to be doing well with hispanic voter autos so is there a moderation on this? >> saying i do not believe it should be a model for the country. is that something we're going to see a little bit of the different tone at least? >> i think immigration reform will be an issue in this campaign. there is time to highlight
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differences and i do believe a majority will be where governor romney is on immigration reform. i believe it will have a strong appeal to hispanic voters not only whit comes to immigration but to other issues that are both determine for americans as well. >> and we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you for having us. >> the democratic perspective from the chair of the democratic national committee is coming up right after this. >> i want this forever to be a country where everybody gets a fair shot. everybody is doing their fair share. everybody is playing by the [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 18 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts.
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we're going check in now
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on the democratic campaign. joining me now is debbie washington-shults. thank you for being here. >> the president is on the road and speaking to college students around the country. recently usa today did a survey about enthusiasm among young people in the presidential election. 18 to 29-year-olds. in comparison to february, 2008 you can see the difference. is there a vulnerability in firing up young people in this economy? >> i think the president has a tremendous record for young people. investments made and sources from clenls and universities making sure we've doubled the amount of pell grants that are available and increased minimum amounts available for individual pell grants making college more affordable and more acceptable to people is appealing to young people. and making it a priority to
11:25 pm
ensure we don't allow doubling of the rate by the line which republicans under the budget not only do they allow that, but they get rid of the tax credits for student loans and in addition to that they oppose making sure we prevented that from happening on the house floor. >> you bring up the dujit and the president brings up the budget. as you know this senate democrats who control the senate haven't had a budget passed one. now and here is what he said when he talks about this last stop. >> i suspect the senate will take up a budget. and i haven't heard hairy reid say anything close to he is not going to put a budget on the senate floor. the senate will, i'm confident the senate will take up a
11:26 pm
budget. but let's focus on what is important here. process is not what we should be accepting. >> and the senate senator is saying he will not take up a budget. and he said back in february it's done. we don't need to do it. it's clear now, they're not doing it. what about that? >> i'll say what you said that night. because focusing on process is not what the american people are interested in. what they're interested in is making sure the budget that ends medicare as we know it allow interest rates to double. and asks. >> and say hey, listen we understand but there is not a democratic budget on the table. >> there is a budget. >> it's not being voted on. >> right. because house republicans... >> there is senate controls by democrats. and if they wanted to vote on the budget all they'd need is
11:27 pm
51 votes to pass it. so why don't you call senator reed and say bring up president obama's budget and vote on it?. >> i don't speak or tell hairy reid what to do. we have to make sure there are two different directions we can go. and the romney ryan budget takes us back to the bail. >> people are talking about it. >> and it's past the house. >> you can debate the president's budget. >> and there is -- you know how congress works. >> there are two blueprints. two they show the different directions of this country. >> there is really interesting instead of focusing on details to focus on process. details are painful. >> solutions are the end result. if you're trying to get solutions.
11:28 pm
you know have you to get it past congress. so? again, i'll say to you, hairy reid or a senate democrat on the show and ask them. i'm none of those things. i'm a house democrat. >> bret: you told greta he was going to bring it forward. >> i didn't think there was a likelihood the budget would come to the senate floor. what you're trying to do now and i understand it. the romney-ryan budget is painful for americans and makes sure what we don't do by making sure millionaires and billionaires... >> bret: how do you fix it? >> by working together. both sides coming together. >> and not walking away from a $4 trillion opportunity opportunity to reduce the deficit. >> bret: you can't work together unless two sides come together on a conference committee. some people get what they
11:29 pm
want. others don't get what they want f there aren't plans then you just democratta going one plan on the table. >> republicans had numerous opportunities to work with president obama and they have repeatedly demonstrated they have no interest in doing thachl the president has shown he's willing to sit down and compromise on deficit reduction ask on tax reform, making sure we can create jobs. the rbi republicans have an interest in one job, his, they don't want him to be successful. that is why we haven't been able to be successful together. >> bret: i well have senator reid on. >> and listen to what voters are saying in big swing states, next on this special
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>> bret: in november the state of pennsylvania could play heavily in the election so what are voters there thinking about? >> as a focus now turns to general election in critical swing states voters have politics over a local staple. anthony works at gino's steaks. >> this republican is watching
11:34 pm
the presidential race. >> we want someone who is going to row lower taxes. he's going to say, you know we're going to start bringing more jobs to the united states. and it's going to be hard to beat obama. >> i think romney is probably the one to do it. >> this democrat says not so fast. obama will win by a landslide. >> because i believe he has what it takes to get back in. and going to help people behind him. i don't think romney is going to have a shot. >> voters are focused on fiscal issue autos economy, jobs. i don't like the way the country is going. i don't. i don't like big government. i don't think people should depend on government for handouts. >> dr. terry madonna says the pennsylvania contest could be close this fall. >> 48, 49, even 50% of the voters over this past six months have said time for a change. one of the reasons pennsylvania will be important is not just because of the 20 electoral votes, second
11:35 pm
largest numbers of the sweng states but because polling now looks competitive. >> key stone state has not been kind. the president by more than 10 percentage points and g.o.p. carried pennsylvania 24 years ago when george hw bush beat dukakis. the id law requires voters to show photo id at the polls. and letting those coming to cast ballots know about the change. >> democrats nationwide argued this disenfranchised foreign minority voters. and it's unclear what impact the new law will have here in pennsylvania. registered democrats 50-37% in philadelphia fox news. >> mitt romney won
11:36 pm
pennsylvania and four other states tonight. we're starting to hear broad themes of the general election. >> we need to send a message to folks to don't seem to get this. that you know that is not an education plan. you're on your own. that is not an economic plan. we can't just cut our way to prosperity. >> this president putting us on a path where our lives will be ruled by bureaucrats and boards, commissions and czars and asking us to accept washington knows best and to provide all. we've seen that where that path lead. it erodes freedom and hurts the very people it's supposed to help. >> let's breng in our special panel tonight. brit human and juan williams.
11:37 pm
>> i thought it was a good new speech. we heard a lot of the same remarks from mitt romney in primary victory speech. he's turned to try to take on president obama's message which is that the rich are not paying enough and that is not fair, he's been pushing this tax fairness issue and mitt romney's case he's taking to voters which is that you're paying more for health care, more for gas, more for food. you're not getting good housing prices. when you try to sell. you fear for your job if you have one. it's a way to take a dead on and directly. i think it's a good pivot for him not only to try to get to focus on it but to take on president obama right away.
11:38 pm
in a positive way. i mean he is questioning his leadership. i think it's very appealing. and it's a difficult message. >> and he had an answer tonight i hadn't heard before about the fairness issue. which is a theme for democrats for a long time and hasn't always worked and you know we're going to hear about it this fall. and are hearing about it already. he spoke of the unfairness of the children being denied access to schools of their choice. politicians giving taxpayer money to friends, union workers -- government workers getting better pay than taxpayers they serve and unfair hes of one generation passing larger debts on to the next. are those legitimate examples
11:39 pm
of fairness? this is an issue of romney has a way of throwing back in the face of the president and democrats. and because we've heard the president go at that line, numerous nims week autos yes. i think this is interesting. i had not heard it until tonight. i think brit is right. the question is how will mitt romney refine it? i think it's a struggle for him right now and there is a bit of a retort raernl than a strong point to be made. the larger fairness issue is the growing economic divide so this is i think romney did sharpen a message against obama. what i heard him say was if s.this the best american can do? this is the best obama can do
11:40 pm
if not the best america can do. he said to the people listening are you better off now than four years ago? he said a better america begins tonight. and so it seems to me we're coming to this fine point i heard tonight is that you know what? this obama is a nice guy. but he's over his head. i think that is the point that they're driving home now. the point brit is making is that a message going to have to be developed. >> there is a decent mitt romney going to embrace this tough choice. and say that republicans are the ones that are ready to do solutions and take on the tough things like medicare and social security and government. is he going to go that way because you see what democrats so far have gone with that. >> well... look at this week.
11:41 pm
if you said you're going to listen to marco rubio legislation and a new version of the dream act provide legal status for those who were brought here illegally then were serving military and he is now been accused by democrats of flip flopping on college loans because he says just months ago the government can't go around doing that anymore. >> and is that he says it should be extended interest rates for the rest of the year and cuts paid for by cutting something else oor those going to be secondary responses? are first responses? now, i think he's trying because he's been a presumpive nom neechl he doesn't want to get an issue
11:42 pm
with young voters on something like that. he needs to be, if he's going to be a candidate of true fiscal reform, it needs to be message he gets out. i think he's waiting to do that. and he's trying to lien to the and he's trying to lien to the center a bit.ving one of those ? tired. groggy. can't seem to get anything done. it makes for one, lousy day. but when you're alert and energetic... that's different. you're more with it, sharper, getting stuff done. this is why people choose 5-hour energy over 9-million times a week. it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done.
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we're back with a special panel for mitt romney. we're painting a picture from the general election. talking about if there will be a moderation and there has been talk about for mitt rom nee. perhaps on the issue of immigration, polls showed that there is some softness there in the hispanic community in america. >> and maybe so. and there is
11:46 pm
going to come back to what this election is going to be more about obama than about romney. obama's record on trial here no question about that, people goring to ask what was he elected to do? i don't know he knows it to this day. he was elected to fix the economy. that was the issue. the kpe remains unfixed does anyone think the issues that have been for 2012 mid term have gotten better for democrats? they haven't at all. and there are people seem to think it but you have issues that barack obama responsive for still in my judgment working against him. as long that is the case mitt
11:47 pm
romney needs to be a plausible alternative. people think he's an acceptable president. a plausible candidate? i think the answer is yes. >> bret: on big issues democrats have said first two years when president yob yauma had the white house, senate and house to tackle health care was the wrong move. they're being public about it. and a number of barney frank came out and said he lost a little bit of credibility in that move. how will that play? >> this comes back tots idea is he conservative? and answer overwhelmingly is yes. because he's responding to tea party imperatives and to the hard right positions taken on the states during this process. and he has had to say i am conservative so. what you're
11:48 pm
going to hear from the obama campaign is briefly they're going show every time he said something hard line right is going to be replayed and they're going to say don't buy the idea that suddenly this is now a model. >> and this is about what the president did or did not do. won't it be that democrats haven't brought up a budget as debt continues to skyrocket they're not dealing with medicare and social security. and there is a different frame on it. say do you know what? we're at war in two countries, we'll be right back for -- war with iraq for war in afghanistan you look at osama bin laden is dead. the reality of america trying to come out of a desperately worry some some might say mini depression or harsh recession.
11:49 pm
we're on the road to recovery. that is a different narrative. not to say other narratives are corrected. because most are still worried about jobs and 401(k)s. >> and this is easy to beat up about the stimulus. health care is an awkward issue for mitt romney. and at the federal level that is a tough issue. >> they're going to hang the ryan budget around his neck. >> listen people keep talking at this table of being conservative is unpopular. conservatives are 40% of the country. how about liberals? 20%. >> bret: will rick santorum endorse romney? what is next for newt gingrich?
11:50 pm
>> we're going to think about how we can be the most help tofl this country and how we can make sure that barack obama is a one-term president. period. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass
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and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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>> bret: newt gingrich in north carolina said i think you have to be realistic. was hoping for a win in delaware tonight he says he's going to keep his north carolina campaign event but there will be an announcement according to senior staff, soon. and what about the gingrich campaign and where things stand? >> what we've known for weeks and months now is that his campaign is fishished. and if he keeps it going or
11:54 pm
not it doesn't matter. as for rick santorum i think he's in a difficult place personally achieving remarkable things in this campaign. and i think he must feel some level that something needs to happen that recognizes that before he will endorse romney and sort of get on board. and i kind of don't know what that is. but i think he's holding out for it. and when he sees it but hasn't seen it yet. >> scheduled meeting may 4th and that is planned one would rum. >> and he refuses to endorse. he went on television with his wife tonight and has been asked about whether or not he'll support mitt romney. and he says he's going to support the nominee. and brit is right there has to be something in it. i don't know if he's pushing
11:55 pm
for platt form agenda items or a role of the convention. >> and this negotiation. >> it's interesting. and immediately after exiting the race and what and could be the presumpive nominee. >> ron paul gathering delegates and he's done raising money and may get to plur yalt of five states needed to put your name on the ballot for nomination in texas. >> i think that is at this point so what do we know? ron paul swril a prime time slot at this convention that. is what he wants. i don't think there is a question. with santorum, it's more problematic. i think he'd like to be considered for vice president. i don't think that is going to happen for mitt rom nee. i
11:56 pm
think he wants to help maybe with some of the money stuff. and i think rick santorum believes he recess stated his loss and thinks maybe looking forward that he could be a player. and i don't know if that is true or if mitt romney can give him that comfort. >> one word. vp? >> and wright. >> no idea. >> no idea? that is all? >> sorry. >> another winning night. >> yes. >> and another winning night for mitt romney. vampkished all but two challengers. we're waiting for a withdrawal from newt gingrich. ron paul promised to keep going until the convention, still raising money adding
11:57 pm
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