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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's two in a row. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shep. tonight, on "the fox report," newt gingrich shutting down his campaign. there is something he wants to do first. plus, the secret service prostitute scandal. was it really just an isolated incident? the likelihood that this was the first and only time you think that's great or not so great. >> we're looking to see and see that this was not some kind of accept stem systemic problem. >> the new report that claims this might have actually been pretty common. >> the nation's top court now examining the legality of arizona's controversial immigration crackdown. one, which requires police to
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check the papers of a person whom they suspect is in the country illegally. tonight, what the ruling could mean for arizona and the nation. >> i'm really questioning whether we should eat this right now. >> trace: shoppers on edge after a new case of mad cow disease california dairy farm. is there really cause for alarm? the father who had his as you cities autistic son wear a wire to catch some bully teachers. >> you should be walking around with your head in shame. >> trace: but we begin tonight with a new report that claims the secret service prostitution scandal may be far from an isolated incident. in fact, an unnamed agent told the "the washington post," quote: of course it has happened before. the whole fiasco came to light last week after an agent in colombia apparently refused to
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pay a prostitute the money he owed her. since then, we are told eight agents have lost their jobs and another lost his security clearance. today on capitol hill, the senate judiciary committee wanted answers from homeland security chief janet napolitano, and a major line of questioning involved whether this scandal is evidence of a wider problem. >> to your knowledge, is this the first time something like this has happened or have you had reports of similar incidents in the past? >> mr. chairman, i asked the same question. and over the past two and a half years, the secret service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaint. >> but the "the washington post" also details an internal secret service briefing and the newspaper quotes one source as claiming that not all of the agents may have had sex with prostitutes because some were so drunk that they brought the women back to
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their rooms and fell asleep. that's all well and good. but what if one of those prostitutes had stolen an agent's identification, his passport, or even his badge? doug mckelway is live for us in washington with the latest. doug? >> secretary napolitano said provided protection 900 foreign trips and 13,000 domestic trips, through none of that was there any suggestion that this kind of behavior would happen. we spoke today with ron kessler who is the author of in the president's secret service, which is highly critical of the secret service but not because of any culture of patronizing prostitutes. >> it is a symptom of larger management problems that condone corner cutting and laxness. for example, the secret service will very frequently allow people into events without magnetometer screening under pressure from the white house staff or campaign staff. >> also in washington today, members of the senate armed
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services committee were briefed on the separate investigation of military personnel involved in the scandal. one senator in particular came away from that briefing very unhappy. >> i'm -- a very disappointing briefing from the military today. they had no details. didn't even know who was in charge on the ground at the time. >> and trace, another prostitution scandal came to light today. the secretary of defense said three u.s. marines in brazil were punished a little last year after a prostitute they had engaged tried to get into their closed moving car, fell, and was injured. that prostitute is now suing the u.s. government. the three marines and one u.s. embassy staff member involved have been punished and removed from that country. trace? >> doug mckelway live for us in washington. doug, thank you. republicans and democrats are finding something they can both support. a plan to keep your tax dollars from going down the drain. this drain. that's mr. hot tub jeff neeley
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who organized the gla conference in vegas that cost us nearly a million bucks. where they gave awards for videos like this one bragging about wasting taxpayer money. today the house voted to limit the number of government get aways and how much they cost. the bill also creates a web site where we can see how federal agencies are spending our money. the senate is working on a similar bill. >> well, apparently living with john edwards' mistress was no picnic. that's just some of what we heard today from the star witness at the former senator and presidential candidate's trial. edwards is facing 30 years in prison on charges of using campaign cash to cover up his affair with rielle hunter and their love child. edwards claims he didn't know about the payments. this all happened back when he was running for president and his wife elizabeth was dying of breast cancer. today andrew young was back on the stand. he is the former campaign staff who once pretended to be the baby's father. he says edwards told him
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hiding the affair important job on the campaign. young even let rielle hunter move in with him and his wife. apparently hunter was a pretty demanding house guest. young says edwards stopped returning his calls. he said that's when their friendship and the coverup started to fall apart. jonathan serrie is live at the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina. jonathan, what was the last straw for these guys? >> well, andrew young described a couple of contentious meetings. there was one in particular that allegedly occurred on a rural road near edwards home in chapel hill in august of 2000 will. during that meeting young said edwards denied having any knowledge of checks a wealthy philanthropist had been funneling to young to hide rielle hunter. when he informed hunter he had evidence of everything that happened. edwards looked at him and said you can't hurt me, andrew. you can't hurt me. trace? >> trace: and today, jonathan, the defense got a shot at the
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star witness, right? >> they did, indeed. during cross-examination, you saw the defense team trying to point out inconsistencies between what young has said in court and statements that he has made previously. most of them minor details but followed by a major question. for example, you really hate him, don't you, referring to edwards. trying it to portray young as opportunist writing a tell all book and using some of the donor money in question for his home. how well young is able to hold up to cross-examination could effect what john edwards does later in the trial, listen. >> i think if andrew young's testimony is strong, john edwards is much more likely to testimony testify. if andrew young's testimony is perceived to be weak and not very effective less likely to see john edwards on the stand. >> cross-examination is scheduled to resume tomorrow. trace? >> jonathan serrie live for us in greensboro, north carolina, jonathan, thank you.
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it looks like brad ass 87 will go on trial for the leaking government. he called himself brad ass 87 online. is he accused of giving hundreds of thousands of secret documents to the wikileaks web site. the charges including aiding the enemy which could put him away for life. manning has not yet entered a plea. the trial is set to begin in september. newt gingrich may be wrapping up his run as a presidential candidate but he is he just getting started running as a citizen. we'll explain his plan next. plus, airport screeners won't let you through with a bottle of water. but, a suitcase full of illegal drugs, apparently not a problem. the new scandal at the tsa is coming up.
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>> trace: well, newt gingrich has apparently gotten the message he is not going to be president. aides tell fox news the former house speaker is finally dropping out of the race but not right away. gingrich admitted today mitt romney probably will be the g.o.p. nominee. >> i think obviously that i would be a better candidate. but the objective fact is the voters didn't think that. >> even so, the staffers tell fox news gingrich will stay in the race another few days so he can take a farewell tour. is he really going to drag this out until next week. >> it gets more bizarre by the hour. gingrich's aides are frustrated. republic establishment types are losing patience with what little he had left. gingrich does plan to keep the schedule. the original plan was to hold a conference in d.c. next week to withdraw.
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gingrich spoke with mitt romney this morning and told the former massachusetts governor exactly that. after he we broke the story today that it he was going to dropped out on tuesday he confirmed it to the rest of the media in large numbers. believe it or not, there are murmurs inside newt world that he could take it past next tuesday, extend it several more days in part because his wife calista wants to hold some sort of a sendoff party at one of the posh georgetown parties and getting a booking might be hard to get done before tuesday as bizarre as that sounds. >> trace: mitt romney already made it clear is he moving on. >> he is. made it clear. last night romney called himself essentially the general election nominee. the standard enterer. to go up against president obama. prebusiness said not only are the rnc and the campaign begin to fund raise. they will begin to share
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resources and staff back and forth. all sort of trying to improve cohesion. better rapid response. all getting ready for the barack obama general election with rnc in one big team. trace? >> trace: our chief political correspondent carl cammeron live for us in d.c. look at that the general election battle is as close as it gets according to a new fox news poll. it shows mitt romney has gained four points on president obama since last month. they are now tied at 46% each. well, two current and two former tsa agents now under arrest on charges they allowed suitcases full of illegal drugs to pass through security at los angeles international airport. now, according to investigators, smugglers paid the agents up to $2,400 each to look the other way. we're told large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana sailed right through the airport's x-ray machine. in a statement, the agency said, quoting here, t.s.a. has
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cooperated with the investigation and will continue to do so. the employees involved are no longer performing screening duties. well, a texas congressman says t.s.a. got a little too personal and hurt him during a patdown at san antonio airport. listen. >> he touched me in my private parts, and it hurt. and it's a natural reaction to move the offensive hand away not in a violent way and to move back. but what was even more offensive was, that he didn't recognize the reaction as being normal and claimed that i assaulted him when i was the one being assaulted. >> and nobody ended up pressing charges and so far no response from the t.s.a. the congressman says he is all for airport security but there has to be a better way to protect passenger's dignity. we are hearing from passengers who are aboard the jetblue flight that emergency landing bird strike that news was breaking during last night's
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fox report. the jet was headed from florida to west chester new york when it ran into trouble. listen now to the pilot. >> jetblue 571, we have got to come back. we hit two big geese. >> jetblue 571, roger. would you like to declare an emergency? >> we are declaring an emergency. >> trace: the plane turned around and landed back in west chester. here is how passengers reacted. >> it was awful. everything seemed fine at first. and then we took off. and it was evident we hit something. and the plane just kept swerving. >> turning a little bit and then he came on the loud speaker and said we have to make a landing. >> the minute he said that we were like that's certainly not good. >> this is the second bird strike in the new york area in less than a week. last thursday a delta flight returned safely to jfk airport after running into birds. and who can forget the miracle on the hudson when captain sully as you will sullenberger
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successfully ditched a plane after geese took out both of its engines. you have about as much chance of catching mad cow disease as getting hit in the head with an asteroid. that's how one expert put it that's not stopping one store chain from yanking american beef off their shelves after con first case in years. just how hard hit the cattle industry may be. if you are tight on cash for college, you might want to re-think your major. turns out what you learn could determine what you pay.
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>> trace: fear of mad cow disease has some international chains pulling u.s. beef from their shelves. this after the feds announced
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yesterday that random testing found the disease in a dead dairy cow in central california. the first confirmed u.s. case in six years of course, mad cow can kill people who consume tainted meat though it's very rare. today two of south korean's largest retailers stopped selling american beef. one resumed sales when the government announced it would increase inspections. it's still a big deal because south korea is the fourth largest importer of u.s. beef. previous cases have crippled the cattle industry. during one scare back in 2003, u.s. beef exports fell more than 70% fox business network is live in our new york city newsroom with more on our economic impact. what's the latest. >> the usda tonight is looking for herd mates and off spring of this infected cow. wall street is talking about the potential impact on the industry which is worth $4 billion. six years ago both japan and south korea stopped buying
4:22 pm
u.s. meat when we had similar cases. look, here are the numbers last year we had just 29 casings worldwide of mad cow disease. that's a drop of 99% from 1992, which was the peak. that is good news. >> trace: i see the burgers and steaks on the screen. should consumers be worried about this. >> the usda says no. that's how we found this cow in the first place. the good news about the specific instance that cow never got into the food supply to begin with. never anything you would find on a grocery store shelf. what's more, the usda says what you should worry about is e.coli salmonella, much bigger threat to americans tonight. trace? >> trace: appetizing. gerri willis from the fox business network. gerri, thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: apple's iphone helped the nasdaq surge to best day all year. index closing up 68 passing the 3,000 mark. after apple announced it sold
4:23 pm
235 million iphones between january and march. twice as many as in the same period last year. the company's earnings also doubled for the quarter. big day for the dow as well. up 89 closing above 13,000. well, a new report claims more universities are charging higher tuition for certain majors. according to researchers at cornell university, the schools argue majors like math, science, and business cost more to teach. and can earn grads higher paying jobs. more than 140 universities reportedly charge differential tuition up nearly 20% since 2006. well, burger king has made a new pledge that could please animal rights groups. the fast food giant says within five years all its eggs and pork will come from cage free chicken and pigs. the president of the humane society says this will improve living conditions for tens of thousands of animals. earlier this week mcdonald's and wendy's made similar
4:24 pm
announcements about their pork supplies but those companies did not set a timetable. well, the battle over arizona's immigration crackdown, the supreme court heard from both sides today. but this is one case that could end in a tie. plus, u.s. marines finds out whether he will lose his job for criticizing president barack obama on facebook. and what do you do when the school bullies are the teachers? how one dad says he caught them in the act next. cording to,
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responsibility. what's your policy? >> trace: new jersey man says he caught two bullies in the act when he sent his autistic son to school with a recording device. those bullies he says were the teachers. >> stinging words from a teacher's aide to this autistic child. chastising him for crying. >> go ahead and sneeze, guess what, your mouth is shut. >> she also spoke openly with the teacher about drinking the night before. >> the father reports the school fired the aide after hearing the audio. but he says that's not enough for him. he posted the recording online. >> i'm not looking to sue anybody. i'm not going to file a lawsuit. it's not about money. it's about dignity. this is to proclaim my son's dignity. >> he he says he hope's his
4:29 pm
son's ordeal will start a national conversation. >> if this can happen here, then it can happen in every state in every town and as long as we keep this quiet, it will continue to happen. >> the school district issued a statement saying it conducted a rigorous investigation after hearing the audio and that the individuals who are heard on the recording raising their voices and inappropriately addressing children no longer work in the district and have not since shortly after we received the copy of the recording, unquote. i'm trace gallagher, this is "the fox report." the fate of arizona's controversial immigration crackdown now rests with the supreme court. hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside as justices heard arguments on the law. it requires cops to check the immigration status of anybody they stop if they suspect that person is in the u.s. illegally. it also bans illegal immigrants from working or even applies for a job in the
4:30 pm
state. government lawyers argued the law conflicts with federal policy and would lead to mass incarceration undocumented immigrants. observers say that the justices chipped away at that claim. justice sonia sotomayor even told the administration's top attorney, quote, can you see it's not selling very well. of course, there is no telling how the high court will rule. but the arizona governor jan brewer who signed the bill into law two years and two days ago left the court saying that she was, quote, very, very encouraged. shannon bream with the news. she is live at the supreme court in d.c. shannon, what is the law supporter so optimistic tonight? >> they could see most of the justices whether they ultimately agree withholding up portions of this law or not arizona has 360,000 illegal immigrants and felt the need to pass its own law. here is a little bit of what justice ask scalia asked today n that point if in fact somebody who does not belong in this country in arizona hearsz has
4:31 pm
no power. what does sovereignty mean if it does not include the ability to defend your borders. he wasn't the only one that seemed supportive of the ultimate goals of sb 1070, trace? >> yeah, shannon. what about the justices who had some concerns about arizona's law? >> in particular, we heard that a lot from justices breyer, ginsburg and sotomayor wanting to know how the law would play out. justice breyer gave the example of a man who said he was a resident of new mexico but went jogging in new mexico with a backwater. looking sketchy to police who didn't know exactly where he was and where he was from, would he wind up in law jail because of this law. can you represent to us he will not stay in jail in detention for significantly longer period of time than he would have stayed in the absence of section 2 b, referring to the law? so there are definitely concerns there as well, trace. >> as you noted, shannon, only 8 justices on the bench today.
4:32 pm
she was solicitor general when the administration was preparing its case against arizona. if there is a tie, it means the lower court's decision out of the ninth circuit stays in place. in that decision, the court struck down four key portions of the law so if there is a tie, those portions stay struck down. >> shannon bream live in the supreme court today. shannon, thank you. arizona's governor jan brewer told reporters today that she thinks the obama administration is fighting the law for political gain. listen. >> i believe that it was staged at the time, that they knew this was coming up, and they are playing to the left, you know, community and he they are trying to use that scare card if you will to generate a support for elections. >> but critics say arizona's immigration crackdown would lead to civil rights violations and racial profiling by effectively treating allah teen knows as potential criminals. live in phoenix, arizona.
4:33 pm
folks are out protesting the law right now, right? >> yeah, trace. several hundred demonstrators are taking that message from that stage you see behind me to the police station, to the sheriff's department, to immigration and customs enforcement before ending at the state capitol. while what they say is not going continue to influence deliberations in washington. the organizers are aware of the power of public opinion. it was two years ago this week when the governor signed jan brewer 1070. large in vocal protests then that helped drive the debate nationally. prompting conventions to boycott arizona even after federal injunction suspended the law, that opposition never disappeared. many of those same groups were out here today with their signs and their slogans, claiming that the law is bad for the economy, that it breaks up families and discriminates treating all immigrants as criminals and allah teen knows as undocumented. >> the real problem with 1070 is racial profiling. [inaudible] community asking them for documentation whether they're documented or not, i
4:34 pm
think police officers need to do their job of protecting and serving the community not asking for documentation. >> but supporters say that the law plugs a hole in america's broken immigration system. that it allows local police, gives them a tool to step in where the feds have failed and admit they don't have the resources to enforce the law. law enforcement says 1070 and laws like it have already encouraged some 300,000 illegals to leave arizona, reducing the cost to taxpayers and they believe the law could be implemented fairly. >> we never got a chance as a law enforcement community to demonstrate to those within maricopa county in the state of arizona let alone the federal government and the rest of the nation that we can effectively implement this law in a way that is respectful of our constitution and mindful of the civil rights of everybody who resides within maricopa county. >> now, if that law is upheld, there still could be some
4:35 pm
state choice political fires and volatile election year. back to you. >> william la jeunesse in phoenix. connecticut today became the 17th state to abolish the death penalty. the governor signed the bill into law calling it a moment for sober reflection, not celebration. the law only applies to future sentences. we're told 11 people on death row skill could face execution. including the two men convicted in a brutal home invasion back in 2007 police say the man raped and strangled petit's wife setting the house on fire. secretary of state announced that a measure to abolish the death penalty in that state will appear on the ballot in november. >> well, the marine corps has announced it will discharge the sergeant who slammed president obama on facebook you will recall that sergeant called the president a coward and quote the economic and
4:36 pm
religious enemy. a military prosecutor said the sergeant ignored warnings from his superiors about those comments. keep in mind the military has banned troops from criticizing their commanders since back in the civil war. that marine's lawyer says he will try to appeal and the sergeant himself told the associated press, quoting, i'm having a hard time seeing how 15 words on facebook could have ruined my nine year career. well, five years after young madeleine mccann disappeared there are new reports that she may be alive. ahead, her patients are not the only ones saying they are optimistic. police apparently agree. plus. [speaking foreign language] >> that ball cannot be going in the basket. or can it? find out next on "the fox report." the capital one cash rewards card
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psychiatric report that found him insane. he says the doctors who wrote the report are trying to make him seem irrational and unintelligent. the self-described resistance fighter says he carried out the massacre to protect norway from multi-culturallism. he said of the doctor's report, quote, to a political activist, the worst thing that can happen is to end up in a mental hospital, that would delee jit mize everything you stand for. last july the suspect bombed a government building before opening fire at a youth camp. a second psychiatric report today found the suspect is sane. judges will consider both of those findings. well, british police say madeleine mccann could still be alive five years after the little girl disappeared after a family vacation in portugal. now cops are asking to reopen her case.
4:41 pm
madeline's disappearance in 2007 prompted a worldwide search and a plea from her parents on othe oprah winfrey show. cops ultimately cleared madeline's mom and dad as suspects. now, police have released in new computer enhanced image showing how they believe madeleine mccann would appear at age 9. and as investigators search for clues, one former top detective reportedly says, quote, one thing is sure. the person who did this will be watching and listening. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live in our new york city studio. do we know if they have found new evidence. >> this seems to be about less the discovery of new evidence or any new witnesses coming forward, nor desire on the part of british police to put everything together from their investigation from the portuguese investigation and from private investigations and see if they can come up with any new leads that might give them that new evidence
4:42 pm
they so desperately need about the what happened the night that madeleine mccann disappeared from that resort. but police have also been careful to state the blindingly obvious that there are two possible outcomes here. listen. from the outset of this case from our approach to the material, we have taken two positions one is that madeline is alive and the other sadly that she is not. in relation to the former of the two. we believe there is a possibility that madeline is alive. >> and the aim clearly here, trace is, to find out once and for all which of those is actually the case, trace? >> madeline's parents say they are hopeful. >> they always have been. they have never given up hope of finding madeline. despite the facted that the portuguese police made them suspects in the disappearance protest ited their innocence,
4:43 pm
any were cleared by the portuguese police and they have done everything to keep madeleine mccann's case front and center in the media family spokesman says they are delighted but that british police are now taking this step. listen. >> the family will draw great strength from. this they do see it as positive. and, of course, they are hoping and praying as they have been for five years that this will lead to that break through and somebody somewhere will recognize her and she will be able to come home. >> of course it would be an extraordinary story, trace, if madeleine mccann is alive, is found, and does one day come home. trace? >> it would indeed. "the fox report" chief correspondent live in new york. thank you. news corporation chairman rupert murdoch testified today in the british phone hacking investigation. news corps is the parent company of fox news channel and the former owner of the news of the world. the company should down the tabloid last summer after investigators revealed reporters had accessed voice mail messages of people in the
4:44 pm
news. rupert murdoch has apologized for the hacking but insists he did not know about it. >> i don't believe in using hacking. i don't believe in using private detectives or whatever. i think that's just a lazy way of reporters not doing their job. >> rupert murdoch also denied accusations he called in favors from the powerful politicians his papers covered. a top advisor to britain's culture minister resigned today after emails showed the minister's office may have helped news corporation with its bid to buy the satellite broadcaster b sky b. that deal fell apart after the hacking scandal. the advisor says he was hacketting on his own and the minister is vowing to clear his name. while police arrest a gunman they say shot his ex-girlfriend on a college campus. leaving her in serious condition. our top story on a fox trip across america.
4:45 pm
arizona. it happened last night at the itt technical institute in phoenix. cops say the suspect went there to confront a counselor at the school. they say he forced her outside and shot her when she tried to run away. one witness describes the scene. >> could hear her screaming i got shot. i got shot. that's when the school went into lockdown. >> trace: around 200 students were on campus at the time. >> florida. an armed robbery at a wal-mart near miami caught on a store surveillance camera. the suspects went right to the customer service area. one jumped over the counter while the other stood on top waiving a gun at the cashier. cops say in seconds the crooks got away with some money. no word on how much. now that three earthquakes have hit the quake this year. it's time to prepare folks for the next one. the state's geological survey launching a statewide educational program with this so-called quake cottage.
4:46 pm
we're told it can simulate a magnitude 8.0 quake. california. a tow truck led police on a two hour chase last night near los angeles it started after the driver assaulted an officer. they say the suspect was pretending to be a tow truck driver after taking the vehicle from his dad, a mechanic who was fixing it the driver finally pulled over and vure rendered and that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by grasshopper, your next mower. >> a girl school in saudi arabia is defying a religious ban by letting its students play sports. it reportedly put up a basketball hoop the girls played during recess. this in a country where strict religious law prevents women from drinking or driving and opening bank accounts. in the past only private schools had offered spores for girls. well, you know what's even more unusual than girls playing basketball in saudi arabia? shots like this.
4:47 pm
watch. [speaking foreign language. >> trace: here it is again. right behind the back up and over and right in the net. nothing but net, by the way. the guy flips the ball behind his back blindly and a rare three pointer helping his team score a win in the league semifinals. a new report on the state of the u.s. economy could boost president obama's re-election prospects. americans may not be convinced things are really getting better. details on that ahead. plus, imagine you finally get to meet the president and what do you do? you spill frozen yogurt on him. it happened to this college student today. and there is photographic evidence, and that's next.
4:48 pm
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>> trace: the nation's economy should pick up gradually that's according to the federal reserve. today it reported that while unemployment is still high, the job market has strengthened slightly. that should translate into moderate economic growth. ed henry is live at the white house with more. ed, some good news but the fed chief is giving the economy mixed reviews here. >> that's right, trace. is he adding key caveats when you look at the numbers more optimistic than they were a few months ago. is he basically predicting that unemployment could be as low as about 7.8% around the election, around the end of this year. obviously that could be good news for president obama. he is also suggesting that the fed is now more optimistic about economic growth more broadly. but the caveats that were added were important. that housing is still a big problem in the country. weighing things down as well as the european debt crisis. take a listen to the fed chairman. >> most frustrating aspect i guess of the recovery has been
4:52 pm
that it has been that it's been quite slow. as a result here we are almost three years from the beginning of the expansion and the unemployment rate is still over 8%. >> it was just last national security as mitt romney basically claimed the presumptive republic nominee title and whatnot that he said the economy is going to be front and center. going to be a rrch dumb on the president. if some of these numbers continue to get berst though. that's going to complicate the case for romney. trace? >> trace: we talked earlier about the good learning numbers. but there is other economic news really not so good. >> the earning reports were better than expected across the board. that moved the markets. when you look at durable good orders for example, it was the worst in three years. so that's obviously bad news. we are talking about appliances in the house. washing machines, we're talking about cars. orders for all that down. heavy machinery for businesses. even commercial aircraft. there are bad signs. look at the latest fox news poll. people are still not feeling any kind of a recovery. when you add up all those numbers, 83% of voters
4:53 pm
basically say they think the country is still in some form of recession. including 35% who say it could still get worse. that obviously is much worse news for president obama and i think the very bottom line is even if there is some statistics and reports from the federal reserve saying things are getting better if voters are not feeling like it's getting better, that's bad for the president, trace. >> trace: yep, you have got to feel it ed henry live at the white house. thank you. things got a little messy during the president's visit to colorado last night. watch. >> oh, look at you. you got me. >> i'm so sorry. [ laughter ] [cheers] >> trace: someone spilled frozen yogurt on the president's leg after his unscheduled shop at the sink that's a local restaurant and watering hole at the university of colorado campus. the president wiped off the bottom of his pants as he told the freshman girl who spilled the yogurt, quote, you have got a story to tell. the girl told nbc's today show the photographer actually kicked the bowl that she
4:54 pm
placed on the ground blame the photographers, different girl who did not spill the yogurt took the picture with the president at the sink. she had to throw her excitement into the picture. well, the senate today voted to send the postal service a cash infusion in order to help it avoid immediate bankruptcy. as you know, the postal service has been struggling financially for several years. the vote also delays a decision on closing post offices. and ending saturday delivery. the issue? now goes to the house. from saving to choking baby to nabbing robbery suspect all in about 300 minutes. the story of one cops very busy day next. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years.
4:55 pm
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[ male announcer ] it's time to clean out your garage for a car that's worthy of being the 201motor trend r of the year. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ it must be love ♪ love, love ♪ it must be love or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> trace: well, a cop in one california town had a busy third minutes earlier this week. he saved a choking baby and caught a suspected bank robber. first a 911 call shows how
4:58 pm
that officer swooped in to help when the young boy began choking. >> oh my gosh. >> we have a police officer that's getting to your house right now, okay? >> he is here. he is here. >> okay. let him take over, okay? >> is he still choking? okay, is he breathing. he is breathing. >> trace: a half hour later that officer spotted a van linked to a bank robbery and arrested the driver. police awarded him the department's life saving medal, his supervisor says the cop went from saving a life to risking his life in less than an hour. well, your dog might want to stick with you wherever wherever you go. what if you spend most your time up on roof tops. a roof thatcher in england has the answer. a-year-old new finland seems to enjoy the view while his owner does all the work. >> he loves it a lot more than being at home. yeah. he is always meeting new people. he gets out and about everywhere with us. >> trace: when the dog has had enough for the day his owner
4:59 pm
carries him over his shoulder down the ladder. >> updating our top stories tonight. the former john edward's aide who claimed he had fathered a child with mistress said in court he he had a falling out with edwards right around the time the former democratic senator dropped his 2008 presidential bid. arizona g.o.p. senator john mccain said the pentagon was woefulfully unprepared to answer questions about the involvement of military personnel in the sex scandal in colombia. and on this day in 1859, a french diplomat swung a pick pickaxe to kick off construction of the soyuz canal. shoreddens the journey from agent by 4,000 miles. labor disputes and cholera epidemic delayed construction for a number of


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