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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 26, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and welcome to washington, d.c. to rg 3 and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. rg 3. cool fbn one hour from now. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: to crucify, treat with gross injustice,orment and evidently policy at the epa. >> everyone has their own, you know -- [ inaudible ] >> eric: what set off a fire storm from americans who suspected all along that the e.p.a. has had an agenda to crucify oil companies. white house mouthpiece jay
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carney is running for cover from their e.p.a. guy. listen. >> he said it clearly not representative of the president's belief in a way to approach the matters or the way he has approached the matters, either from this office in the white house or the epa. >> eric: hold on there, jay-vo. president obama has been crucifying oil companies for three years. >> do we tant to keep give -- do we want to keep giving taxpayer give-away to big oiler invest in clean energy? >> we have been subsidizing oil companies for 100 years now. >> oil companies are making record profits. that's good. but we don't need to subsidize them. >> his energy policy is kill them with regulations or kill them with taxes but just kill the oil companies. >> bob: first, you take one guy's statement as the e.p.a. and they're probably people like him. but overall the e.p.a. does
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not. what obama said and i hope he repeats it over and over. the idea of tax breaks for oil companies is the ridiculous concept i have heard in got. they make more money than anybody else, except for appl apple. we give them tax breaks for what? >> eric: stay on the e.p.a. you said the epa does not -- what do you mean does not? >> bob: they don't crucify the oil companies. >> dana: is not just some guy at the e.p.a. region 6 administrator. political appointee and one of the highest ranking people you can get at the e.p.a. charge several states, includ including that of texas. one company he went after was trying fracking technology. they went after him that this guy has come up with three allegations proven false about the waste water and the e.p.a. he apologized not for what he did but how he said it. if you are in front of a group of people and say i probably shouldn't say this, but d. friendly advice. stop there and don't say it.
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>> eric: i apologize. >> bob: looks geic junior in high school. >> greg: reject from head of the class. where are they hiring people? he's 14. that is another obama beta mail. where do they get these people? >> greg: the e.p.a. is now enforcement arm for elite. like hollywood's k.g.b. >> andrea: when you look at what the e.p.a. has been doing, it's eliot spitzer strategy. that is what the e.p.a. is doing, going after the drilling companies and accusing them of misdeeds. they realize they don't have a case, so they quietly back off. there was a brilliant summation from the issue. >> bob: keep in mind it's
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not the e.p.a. that rules over the oil companies, it's the states that regulate them. for example, west virginia has 60,000 wells operating the west virginia environmental protection agency who they report to. the e.p.a. has very it will to do with the enforcement of oil and gas. >> eric: that isn't exactly accurate. pull up the full screen. it's not accurate, bob. the e.p.a. has a lot to do with what the oil companies can do. watch under president obama. 75 new e.p.a. regulations costing bidss, including oil companies $38 billion. 219 major regulations are still pending at this moment right now. the top seven of those are estimated that they are going to cost american businesses, including oil companies $100 billion. not one time. but per year. this one, $19 billion in 2011 in fines levied by the e.p.a. you can't see at the bottom -- >> bob: heritage foundation, a right wing think tank.
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>> eric: i did this research. it's via the epa website and heritage foundation. >> bob: i see. >> eric: both. >> bob: okay. okay. >> eric: the heritage foundation research was done via the epa website. >> bob: one people you had denny hartman, a friend of the show. denny has done many wells in west virginia and he reports the regulations come from the west virginia environmental protection agency. period. that's true in every state in the union. >> eric: the west virginia e.p.a. >> dana: this is bigger than this. >> greg: i think americans can have this debate for another 20 minutes. keep going. >> dana: to me it speaks to something bigger, what american businesses have been looking at. whether under a republican or a democratic administration. if you are a republican you can slow some things down but congress allowed the e.p.a. to get out of control. you can levy fines. this individual single handedly trying to stop a lot of the -- i can't remember the name of the company out of
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texas. then he was embarrassed by trying to pull it back. >> andrea: grange resources. >> dana: that's right. so there is state regulations but there is also, bob, i don't see how you say that. the e.p.a. is this to make sure that the companies are doing the right thing. if they don't just work with the state. >> eric: a lot of states tail the regulations after the e.p.a. i talked to denny on the phone and he told me it was true. in texas, strange but they call it the rail commission that overseasees it. do you think oil regulations should haven't any regulation at all? >> andrea: that is not what we're saying. >> dana: the obama administration can claim any economic growth, anemic as it is, it's the work people are doing, the technologies that come up with to find a way to provide america what they need to drive the cars. >> eric: can i point something out. senator in-pointed ou inhoff pot there are cases that the
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e.p.a. was wrong, levying fines to find out later they were wrong in findings. in some cases drove businesses out of it. >> andrea: they put so many businesses, small business out of business. >> bob: c'mon! >> andrea: they have. they lev industry expensive fines on businesses they can't keep up with. no one keeps the e.p.a. in check. i say this is a top down mentality. the president gives lip service to natural gas. he does nothing about it. oil, like it or not, keeps the lights on in the building. everywhere else. and there is no -- >> bob: they try to -- >> andrea: there is no competitive alternative on the market to crude. the president does not want to do anything about that. >> greg: it goes to the initial problem. private enterprise and corporation don't know how to use euphemisms the way the left does. instead of calling terrorism, terrorism we call them man-caused disasters. you bring up wells as if
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they're evil. if you call them petroleum hickies it's okay. why does the government hate oil companies? because they're competition. oil companies have done more for america than government programs have. where there is fracking, there is no dependence on unemployment or welfare. the government needs people to depend on them. they're scared of oil companies. oil companies work. >> bob: the idea to suggest that the company is in a war is ridiculous. >> greg: your opinion validated that. crucify does suggest angry opinion. >> bob: that is one guy in the e.p.a. >> dana: one guy. the head of the -- that is one of the highest ranking positions at the e.p.a. he is not 14. he is 42. >> greg: how did he get the job in from a cereal box? >> eric: the $37 billion that the 75 new regs cost american businesses and others on the way, $100 billion on the way. the $19 billion is that a job?
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>> bob: is $38 billion in oil industry or everywhere? >> eric: oil industry. >> bob: $38 billion. mobil made $25 billion in the last quarter. >> dana: you have to look at the scale. it drives me crazy the things we're like they made money. yeah, well they spend money. their operations are multinational. they have 100,000 things going on and still every day when we go to fill up our cars and turn on the lights, they're providing for us. $100 million a day in taxes. [ overtalk ] >> bob: the oil spill was caused because the company, halliburton and people that drilled it didn't follow rules at all. that was one of the largest economic disasters -- environmental disasters in the history of the country. >> dana: this guy in particular -- i'm glad you brought up the gulf oil spill. this guy, after they put in the emergency order to stop all off-shore oil drilling he sent out an e-mail that said
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check this out. we're about to make big news. then, then they railroaded the engineers, the government engineers that said it wasn't necessary. they had to pull it back three months later. on a one man crusade. literally. >> bob: it's difficult for quin man no matter how high in the agency to control this. >> andrea: if b.p. is so bad why did obama administration give them a safety award? >> bob: when? >> andrea: the year before. >> eric: we need to go because we have to save time on the last segment of the show. first he hung out with jimmy fallen and now the celebrity-in-chief sits down with "rolling stone." a new ad hurts him image as mr. cool. speaking of cool, can you guess which fiver this is in the five's 5-year-old pictures revealed. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five."
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when gwen stefani wrote that, was she referring to the president? we don't know. we talked about this yesterday on "the five," president obama too cool to be competent? he is hit with another add that hit on that again today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm so in love with you >> yeah. ♪ ♪ >> nice! >> andrea: he is so cool. this was an ad released by american crossroads. it reminded me of 2008 when there was an ad against mccain campaign took out against obama calling him the biggest celebrity in the world.
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that didn't necessarily work. do you think it will work this time around? is it smart going after him for his coolness? >> dana: of all the mccain ad i think it was the most effective. at the time, looking back you go my gosh, that ad was brilliant. they could see it coming. people should go on and finish watching the rest of that ad. it juxtaposes what is happening now, unemployment, student loans, healthcare, the other stuff that makes it not so cool. >> andrea: paints him as unserious. >> bob: that was brought to you by karl rove crossroads, keep it clear, bush's chief advisor. that is suspect. >> dana: why? >> bob: the guy is cool. that's why he appeals to young people. just post with mitt romney? cool and whatever he is? if you talk about a personality versus non-personality. >> andrea: i want to agree with you. remember the republicans went after bill clinton when he went obmtv and played the
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saxophone and talked about his underpants. everybody thought he was cool. i didn't work. it didn't hurt him. is this the right tactic? >> bob: it's ridiculous. if they think it's funny, it's not. rove is better than that. surprised he would approve to that. better ways to attack obama than he is cool. >> eric: the second half of the ad pointed out that coming out of high school, you have a 66% chance being unemployed or underemployed. gas prices are rising. but you don't vote for cool. you watch "dancing with the stars" for cool. you vote for presidents for someone who is going to make the economy better and get your family a job to make your life better. >> bob: i think people like people with good interesting personalities. i'm just saying if you put his personality up against romney, zero personality. it's a good if it. >> andrea: greg, what do you think? >> greg: i ask would you rather have a cool doctor who can kill you or an effective doctor who is a jerk?
11:18 pm
i'll take the jerk any day. right now, america needs a jerk. i mean, i think the -- >> bob: are you calling romney a jerk? >> greg: i think we should have a jerk, someone who isn't cool. obama is cool. that is not the debate. if you are running for president, the more you appeal to a 16-year-old suburban kid the less you should have a right to be president. you couldn't vote until you're 35. i was voting in my 20s and going in a voting booth looking for a coin return. i didn't know what i was doing. when you talk about the apple and the garden of eden, that apple is cool. people will trade anything, forfeit anything for the moniker of cool. even the state of the nation. >> andrea: people are watching the 401(k)s dissipate and watching the market crash. why does it work this time around? >> people think obama is cool. no doubt in elementary school everyone says -- >> andrea: adults think he's
11:19 pm
cool, too. >> eric: they are probably in the hole and in a couple more years it could be $100,000. what if my son said i want the ipad or iphone or download music on itunes. sorry, you're $50,000 in the hole. when you make that up -- >> greg: that is not the point. kids are stupid. if they vote for somebody to make the economy work -- >> andrea: he is always going to win that. if he always wins that argument, should republicans take him on? if he will always win, why bring the coolness in? >> greg: i don't know. there should be more effort on campuses to essential kate kiz. but maybe obama should say it's cool to live at home. tell everybody your parents moved in with you.
11:20 pm
>> dana: this is effective. i saw a week of comedy shows and slow-jamming and i know somebody that thought president obama was superimposed because it was unbelievable that the commander-in-chief would be doing that. >> greg: jon stewart, the patron saint of the smirking liberal came down on obama about this. saying you should don't this. >> andrea: he talks about rolling stone and mick jagger and pop culture. he got himself in a bit of a pickle here. he said i don't think that their nominee will be able to suddenly say everything i said for the last six months i didn't mean. i'm assuming that he meant when you run for president, people are paying attention to what you are saying. that was an attack at mitt romney. bob, how does he get away with -- this is my point. shouldn't republican goes after the promises he made that he didn't fulfill?
11:21 pm
>> bob: they already are. but romney said the things he said, he went way far right to appeal the tea party people and the idea he can walk back to the center again is something we won't let him do. remind him what he said. >> andrea: you said before, quickly, if republicans were smart they would go after him for something else. what should republican go after him on? >> bob: on things that have not worked out on substantive policy. but to go after him because he is a cool guy -- >> dana: it's like it's a joke. it was funny. that was the point of it. >> bob: i don't think it's funny. >> dana: it was his lairous. >> bob: it's a bad ad. >> dana: fabulous. >> eric: do you think putin and others go he's cool -- >> greg: cool is one thing. not being serious is another. that is the point. >> bob: being a cold fish is another. >> greg: i'd take a sold fish who can run an economy. >> andrea: absolutely. we're going to go. we won't be serious. up next a little serious then we'll be funny.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: that is the most perverse song i ever heard. the daily caller reports the department of labor plans to apply child labor laws to youngsters on farms, keeping them from working in grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed stock, stockyards and livestock exchange. i.e., every place bob has taken a date. while it's done in the name -- [ inaudible ] it's another government intrusion and killing a chance
11:27 pm
to instill the value of hardwork. more important, how is it going to be enforced? the only way, empower the kids to rat on their parents. the administration thereby manages to raise another generation of snitches who will fink on anyone not towing the obama line. as soviets used to say get them early. where will the overreach end? what about suburban chores like lawn mowing? who would iron her giant flag of genghis khan. children should do more work, they should be used for heavy labor. hook them to the sled and yell mush. i, myself, grew tobacco in rural oklahoma. it did me nothing but good. you wonder how many kids from farms ended up occupying wall street? zero.
11:28 pm
you lived on a farm but a ranch. how is the difference? >> dana: how much livestock you have, i believe. >> greg: you lived on a ranch and you saw animals die, correct? >> dana: yes, i saw them born, too. that is my cousin. please forgive me for showing pictures without asking permission. they were in n little boys they started working on the ranch. the only reason they were able to do what they do today, help uncle matt run the ranch when they were little they didn't go the department of labor regulations and safety checks. the parents took care of that. the uncle and the cousins and the neighbors took care of that. so now they run the ranch make sure we can buy a steak for $10 down the street. >> bob: as a former owner of the grassry mountain ranch in montana -- >> greg: that is a real ranch. not one in nevada. >> bob: it was serious.
11:29 pm
1,000-acre ranch that my partners sold off. we had, a dude ranch. we ran cattle on it. we leased it for cattle. taking cat to livestock yards to transportation. a lot of these have them drive cattle. >> greg: it's fun. >> bob: but this is the thing to take in account. in that area, farming and ranching and transportation to stockyards, largest number of injuries to children happen in those areas. almost 7,500 who were hurt in farm related injuries. >> dana: senator john thune was on greta and talking about that.
11:30 pm
many senators got together and said the department of labor trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. they are concerned about the government overreaching and the nose under the tent. what is next? diners. >> eric: let me ask the right question. where will this end? do you know the white house rural council? put together council with head of major departments and the cabinet, the secretary of defense, secretary of homeland security, all of them. social engineering, they want to make sure that the rural areas brought back in the urban areas. i don't know. but this sounds like more social engineering. tell farmers what they should do. >> bob: 7,800 injuries is not a small amount. >> greg: but a lot of is it recreational, not because they're working. >> andrea: this is so stupid. the administration gets in lives of the people, businesses and the lazy -- first of all, the less prosperous the business
11:31 pm
becomes. the lazier the kids get. this is good to have kids working. okay? i'm thankful they are not regulating diners because my childhood would have been different. it's good to have a kid on the farm learning value of sweat equity. hard work. how to make a buck. getting up early. >> greg: get up in the dark and you can do anything. >> andrea: it makes me mad. >> eric: opposed to playing video games and listen to the iphone. >> bob: do you want a 15-year-old kid hauling a truck full of cat? >> andrea: why not? a lot of kids can do a -- >> dana: that is extreme. a lot of parents don't allow their kids to do that. >> bob: in montana they do. >> andrea: what is the difference between the young person or old farmers match. yourty of farmers are old. are they next? go a them. >> bob: majority are owned by corporation. >> dana: no, 4%. 90% owned by families. why does the deparent of labor get involved with these people? leave them alone.
11:32 pm
>> andrea: parents want free labor. never going to rat them out. >> greg: in the previous block, i said no one should vote before they're 25 and this block work hard and hard labor. no hypocrisy. sometimes i jump out behind corners to scare the he can out of beckel? but when is a frank far more deadly. coming up we have a horrible prank that leaves on criminal. if you leave now you will miss eric shaving his chest in the "c" block. ♪ having one of those days?
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that's "special report" at #:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bob: how are you? i have done pranks in my life. i'm sure you have too. this one caught our eyes. watch a video of a guy who pulls a prank on his girlfriend when she comes home from work. watch this. >> i snuck in my girlfriend's apartment waiting for her and her sister to come home from work. once they get back here, going to be wearing this mask. i'm going to be carrying their tv and their laptop in my hand, acting like i'm robbing the place. in talking ] [ screaming ]
11:39 pm
>> it's only me. >> bob: what kind of night do you think that dude had with his girlfriend? that's what i want to know after that. >> greg: she did not jum dump him. if that happened in a red state, he would be shot. drill right through him. >> bob: pranks are funny. they can be. >> andrea: that was not funny. that was not funny. >> greg: he is lucky, and what language was that? >> eric: one girl who ran in the wall. >> bob: what is the best prank you pulled? >> greg: i lost a job because of a prank involving mmidgets. it hired little people to infiltrate a publishing conference. a month later i was promoted. it was about creating buzz.
11:40 pm
i had little people put phones on vibrate and put it on a clipboard so when phones would ring it would create buzz. over in 15 minutes. >> bob: excellent. i imagine you haven't pulled many pranks in your life knowing you. think of one thing you have done. >> dana: one time i got in trouble, april fool's day, night before march 31, i tied a rubber band around the hose. why are you laughing? >> greg: this is going to be the height of your evilness. >> dana: my dad turned on the faucet and got him all wet. [ laughter ] >> greg: that is the worst thing you've probably done in your life. >> bob: if you go through life to say that's the worst thing you've done. i would do anything for that. >> eric: eric, you have to do better than that. the first time the new york lottery, whatever lottery in the northeast. 20 of us got together and put 100 in a pool.
11:41 pm
2,000 lottery tickets in a bag. 19 of us got together to pull a frank on one guy. we pit 2,000 tickets in there plus one, the next day of the winning ticket. the winning numbers from the night before. but it was next week's lottery numbers. in the 2,000 he is going through them all. going through them all. no, no, no. all of us are watching this. he pulls it out and checks the number. look at the newspaper. checks the number. his face turns red, he jumps up. throws the tickets up. "we won, we won!" and didn't last. >> bob: that's great. >> andrea: all day i just remembered one. it won't say who i did it too, but they couldn't hear very well. they could hear, though. so i started talking like this. i was like -- they started freaking out because they thought they were deaf. >> bob: not good. >> andrea: i know. i hate myself. >> bob: my brother and i
11:42 pm
turned down a garage. >> greg: that is not a prank. that is a garage. >> bob: i had two guys visit my girlfriend house and say i was killed. true story. killed in a car crash. she said, "that's terrible for the family. but thank god." so it's -- >> andrea: that is terrible. >> andrea: no fake dog poop or whoopie cushion? >> bob: no. burn down your neighbor's house. i don't mean it. i don't mean it. coming up! did you know that christine gregoire looks the same today as -- do you know that greg gutfeld looks the same todayed a when he was five years old? we show you pictures of all of us when we come back. ♪ ♪
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11:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: usa i.d. which is the u.s. agency for
11:47 pm
international development. bob is a former employee when you were a peace corps volunteer. they launched a new program called u.s. i.d. every child deserves a fifth birthday, helping kids overseas and everywhere, but with our foreign aid efforts making sure they get to their fifth birthday. we have want to call attention to that. it's u.s. administrator shaw came up with this. you can put your 5-year-old picture up. we want, to remember we had yearbook photos up. we're going to participate. we went back after the families to find 5-year-old photos. andrea, kick us off. let's reveal yours. >> andrea: all right. here it goes. [ laughter ] >> bob: oh, no. >> andrea: always in a leotard, dance class, gymnastic class and i drove my mom crazy. you think i have energy now, bob? it was boundless. violin lessons. overachiever to the end. >> bob: what are the balloons for? >> andrea: i don't know.
11:48 pm
i was tap dancing and playing my violin once at the same time. >> dana: we'll save bob, because you are a story. eric? >> eric: this is 5 years old. myself and my niece who now, by the way, has seven kids, lives up in chicago. i'm the boy. >> bob: which one are you. >> eric: i'm the boy, she is the girl. >> greg: bob, you always have that problem. >> dana: before we get to greg, reveal mine. one thing to know, my mom kind of handy in the kitchen gave me a personal the night before i had my kindergarten school picture. there i am. juan williams yesterday said i looked like a boy. but i had short hair with a personal. go ahead. >> greg: eeverybody got a personal. that is me. >> eric: that's greg. i also got a perm. >> greg: there i am. at this age i had already published my first book
11:49 pm
entitled "do you smell like poop"? >> bob: one of my hobbies is serial killer. that is a picture of a serial killer in the making right there. >> greg: thank you. >> dana: bob. you to see yours. your sister sent it. i haven't seen it yet. >> bob: well, it's just a sweet young guy. that was a terrorist. good, did we lose it? i hope so. because i really prefer not to -- >> dana: did your sister take care of the family photographs? >> bob: there he is. look at that. >> dana: that's five? >> greg: that is not five. >> bob: it is. >> greg: you have a beard. >> bob: if you notice that was taken near a cemetery. and i was wearing -- where do you get this stuff from? >> dana: look at the slippe slippers. >> bob: i mentioned this in the last segment, shortly after this, that my brother
11:50 pm
and i really did burn down the neighbor's garage. we weren't seven. we were five. >> andrea: you were a bad kid. >> dana: you played with matches at five? >> bob: we went to burn the garbage. because it always smelled bad. it was a block over. i mean behind us. the yard behind us. it stunk and she never put it on the curb. so we burnt it. we put lighter fluid in it. then lo and behold, the entire garage burned to the ground. it took them three minutes to figure out who did it. >> eric: don't we have two more? >> dana: yes. kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams participated and sent in their photographs. this is juan williams. so cute. >> andrea: oh my gosh. >> dana: his mom is gorgeous. then we have kimberly guilfoyle who looks like she had a blow-out, her hair looks fantastic as always.
11:51 pm
>> bob: looks the same as now. >> dana: look at that gingham skirt. i think that is a dress. very cute. don't you think? >> bob: very cute. >> dana: what happened to you when your mom and dad found out you burned down the neighbor's garage? >> bob: my old man kicked the hell out of us. but the police came. they couldn't arrest a 5-year-old. they gave us a stern lecture. the old lady was upset. there was a car. >> andrea: tell them what bob bought today. >> bob: i was trying to get a camp at 42nd street. i don't have much patience. i was walking and i couldn't get a cab. next to a bicycle shop so i walked in and bought a bike and i rode it home and almost got killed. 15 times. 15 different ethnic taxi drivers. that was the extent of it. i'll continue to ride it and get better. >> eric: throw my picture
11:52 pm
up. my niece, her oldest son, she has seven kids and her oldest son signed up with the marines. >> dana: great. >> eric: jeremiah. >> bob: did you serve with marines? >> eric: no, i didn't. jo you're blonde. >> dana: a lot of us were. are. [ laughter ] >> bob: are. look at difference in color. >> greg: bob, your hair changed a bit. >> bob: it depends who i am dating. >> dana: should i bail you out of this in >> bob: please. give you a shovel right back. >> dana: we have one more thing coming up next. ♪ ♪
11:53 pm
having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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♪ ♪ >> eric: time for one more thing. >> dana: as press secretary sometimes you fete a call from the vice president's office that says you might get question about this. jay carney today.
11:57 pm
>> now is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick. end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. >> greg: i don't see what is so funny. what does that mean? >> andrea: now he is really cool. >> greg: explain it to me. is there a doubl double double . >> dana: i just thought it was too much information. >> eric: i called to do the same sound bite and they said dana wants to do it. >> bob: she is blushing. >> greg: time for greg's banned word. my banned word is a banned phrase. today with all due respect. what follows is usually
11:58 pm
disrespectful comment. with all due respect you're a stupid jerk face. >> andrea: usually no respect for you. every thursday i write for the new york daily news. today, my column is out on student loans. it talks about the rising cost of tuition. every thursday, ny daily news. >> bob: i'll get right on that. [ laughter ] i want to point out a place called the prairie center in urbana, illinois. i spoke to the people before. they're innovative group and they help thousands of people. new model on drug and alcohol addiction. workinworking with the universif illinois, champaign. i wish them world of success. the little rehab centers like
11:59 pm
that make a worldwide difference. i congratulate you all. >> eric: today is thursday. it's the n.f.l. draft. tonight new millionaires around new york city tonight. g. andrew luck, will go to the colts and bring down $23 million. rg3, robert griffin iii, okay. we don't have it. he will get $20 million. this year the average salary is $375,000. >> dana: do they pair their fair share? >> eric: they will be. collective bargaining the numbers are only $20 million. >> andrea: worked hard to get are they are. >> bob: yeah. >> eric: last thoughts on obama's big stick? >> dana: i have no thoughts on it. >> andrea: i do. does it make him cooler now that beinart said that? >> bob: the president has a big


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