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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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college at brooklyn center for the performing arts. for more information and tickets visit >>shepard: terrific cause, good for you. have a great weekend. the news begins anew, on "studio b," lawyers for john edwards today hammering the man who helped the former presidential candidate hide a love affair and a love child from his then dying wife. and, today, john edwards form aide says he felt his life was in danger when he asked john edwards to come clean. >> the secret service investigating more reports of agent hanging out with hookers, one dating back to the administration of president bill clinton. >> and, the family of a 14-year-old girl says they are suing her classmates because they bullied the teenager on facebook.
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that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city, these -- the star witness in the trial against john edwards thought somebody was going to kill him during a meeting on a back road with john edwards in 2008. of court, the then senator and presidential candidate, john edwards, is accuse of using $1 million of campaign cash to hide an affair with a woman on the right of street, rielle hunter and their love child from voters. and his dying wife. john edwards claims he didn't know of the money at all and his former aide, andrew young, admit heed helped john edwards hide the affairs and had john edwards mistress history with him. and he admitted he spent "substantial amount of money," from the two john edwards supporters on building his own $1.5 million house and today that former aide said he thought
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someone was going to kill him during the back road meeting where he asked john edwards to go public. the jury must decide whether the money from the donors was campaign money and if so, whether the former presidential candidate knew about them. now defense lawyers are grilling that former aide who admitted to lie about much of the details of john edwards' affair and personally profit from hit. it is the top story and jonathan is on it this afternoon in north carolina. why did andrew young say he was so frightened on the back road meeting? >>jonathan: well the meeting took place inside john edwards' s.u.v., and young says john edwards was driving the s.u.v. himself which was a rarity, he seems flustered, and young said john edwards was driving erratically and this is the meeting where he confronted john edwards and threat ended to go public with evidence detailing the coverup of john edwards' affair with his mistress. look at conversation. lead defense attorney asked, did you panic, then?
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young responded, i panicked long before that. question: were you aid trade of mr. ed wards. answer: yes i was up against two billionaires, a millionaire and a presidential candidate. >>shepard: it seems the former aide made a phone call to another witness and the lawyers really went after him today. >>jonathan: more than one witness and that is something they grilled him over during examination today. again, look at the conversation when young is asked, did the government tell you not to contact any witnesses? he replies "yes." question: did you contact the people? answer: question. maybe. some of them. young admitted he spoke with three witnesses in the days leading up to this trial. asking them how they planned to testify. he says that the witnesses replied they planned to tell the truth but in court today he said he could not recall what he said back to the witnesses.
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>>shepard: thank you, jonathan. and now, arthur aidala and randy zelin, what is your assessment of the graying of the witness who admitted he had john edwards' mistress live with him and his wife to cough it up. >>arthur: the defense attorney is cover what he is supposed to do fight any inconsistency to cross exam him. in direct you said the sky was blue and now you say it is light blue. here's not huge inconsistencies and you use the word "gross," and i still consider this gross but i draw comparisons to trials in new york city regarding organized crime the now he is saying he was afraid of his boss which is like, and she a cooperator and he has gotten immunity which is like all witnesses that come in and testify against the organized crime bosses. they are afraid.
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they thought they would be killed. the government flip them. they get a deal. they are testifying. their gross but their whole testimony is gross and he is gross. >>randy: andrew young's testimony is critical. there is no question the money came if. no one is disputing that. it comes down to a simple question, which is, what was the money used for? was it used for campaign money? or was it used to keep the affair away from elizabeth edwards? andrew young is needed by the government to say the money went to the campaign but the problem, arthur, you call it little inconsistencies but to show a guy is able to lie, and a guy can disregard the government when they say don't do it, the hell bit. >>shepard: well, a juror might say, $1 million to keep an affair away from his wife. >>randy: when you are talking about a couple millionaires and a billionaire and a guy with a lot to lose.
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>>arthur: what about rachel mellon did not know the large check from her personal account was hiding the affair? she thought it was paying for staff and they use it to buy a brand new bmw for rielle hunter. >>randy: but andrew young told her that, not john edwards and he covered it up from bunny mellon and did it twice the he was so afraid he used the money to buy a new house. >>arthur: after he bought the new house. and he went to the feds and cooperation. >>randy: and the police report and he got immunity from the crimes. >>shepard: not unusual at all. >>randy: i cannot believe you. >>arthur: how many cases have you been involved where that is the only witness involved and
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they get a guilty plea. >>shepard: a hand -- man suspected of slaughtering his entire family could be hiding out in the woods after shooting to death his wife, 18-year-old daughter, and all the family pets, and set the family home on fire. one investigators described it as "the crime almost unbelievable evil." and, now, a manhunt for the suspect, peter keller, here is the picture, a man officials say knows how to survive in the wilderness, who may be heavily armed and no doubt extremely addition. and now the news from 30 miles outside of seattle. do we have an idea of what set him off? >>reporter: police are not talking about a motive they don't know what happened in his mind. he may have just snapped thinking and talking about the world coming to an end.
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there are reports of a troubled marriage, but, also, he was very close to his 18-year-old daughter. and this was not a crime of passion. cops say he planned it for weeks as he stockpiled supplies at a banker in the woods and police are worried he has nothing to lose. >> i have been a cop for 28 years and this is the first time i can think of that i am very nervous and uncomfortable for our guys and the deputies and officers on the streets in the area because of the dangers of this guy. >>reporter: the police think he has high powered rifles with scopes and perhaps, armor piercing bullets. >>shepard: do police have leads? >>reporter: they don't. he could be anywhere in the 2,000 square mile mountain region. she very familiar with this area. they are putting out a paragraph of his red toyota pickup truck believing he was using that
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truck to go to a trailerhead and go up to a mountain area where he may have been stockpiling the weapons. he took $6,000 from the bank account on friday, this is just two days before, allegedly killing his wife and his daughter. so, they say that it was just a more risk crime scene, that he shot them both in the head using a silencer that he owned and killing the pets, as well, before setting the house on fire so they are desperate to get ahold of them but being very cautious because the gay is unstable and has nothing to lose. >>shepard: thank you, from washington. republican leaders want to prevent student loan interest from rising but democrats have said the same but neither has a proposal that either is prepared to accept. and the last chance to see "enterprise" in the air, the incredible arrival in the tri-state area if new -- in newk
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>>shepard: the republican controlled house of representatives pass add student loan bill that president obama promises to veto if it makes it through the senate which is not expected. the president and republicans and democrats want the interest rates on student loans to be kept from doubling. and now, the student issue boil down to how to fund it. >>jonathan: same argument. democrats want to fund keeping the student loans at the same interest rate, the current interest rate by bringing it through tax cuts which they say help the rich, mainly. and republicans, on the other hand, voted, today, on a bill which would actually take the money from the preventive care fund that is part of president obama's health care overhaul
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bill. here is a summation of the debate on both sighteds. >> the president if his budget called for reductions in spending in this slush fund that is given to the secretary of hhs. the president called for reductions in spending. he may have already forgotten. and several months ago you all voted to cut $4 billion out of the slush fund. while we passed the payroll tax credit bill. >> adding insult to energy to say now that we finally had to fold on the issue and agree with the democrats that we should keep the interest rate at 3.4 percent rather than doubling to 6.8 we will put women and children first as those would will pay for that. it is not right. >>jonathan: but another bill that isn't going anywhere with no chance in the democratic-controlled senate and if it did by some miracle pass the president said he will veto it.
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>>shepard: but the president is promising education help for veterans. >>jonathan: this is all about the so-called depropose -- diploma mills taking advantage of veterans coming back from afghanistan and iraq and promising an edge which is not there. the president in his speech down in florida talked about a particular college recruiter who said actually targeted manies with severe brain injury. listen. >> these marines had injuries so severe, some of them could not recall what courses the reaccurater signed them up for. that's appalling. that's disgraceful. it should never happen. in america. >>jonathan: the president signed an executive order which will make it much harder for certain college recruiters to get on an army post or any sort of military base and it will make it much easier for those veterans to file any complaints.
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>>shepard: sounds like the right thing. after years of negotiations 10,000 u.s. marines are now scheduled to withdrawal from their base. in japan. some will return to the united states. others will relocate at other bases in asia pacific. this is part of a deal with japan to ease tensions over the u.s. military presence on. it will cut the presence by half. in word on a timetable. >> secret service scandal is expanding by the day. first, the hooker report in colombia. then word of a similar story out of el salvador. and, now, now questions about the age's culture dating back as the age's culture dating back as dozen years. you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working,
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>>shepard: seems like there is a pattern. the secret service scandal in colombia could be the tip of the iceburg with some of the agents stopped by the hungry duck, a nightclub then for wild parties in russia's capital city back in the year 2000 just before bill clinton was set to arrive. the secret service spoke persons calls this a rumor but the age is answering for reports that the workers brought prostitutes back to the hotel rooms during incidents in chop i -- in coloma this area and el salvador last year. some lawmakers argue that one wrong move inside the hotel room could have opened up major security risks. doug, what do we hear on these matters from congress? >>reporter: with all the reports, allegations and rumors coming to the surface, some on capitol hill are questioning how
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much superviseers and upper level managers at the secret service really necessity about their own agency. listen to senator charles grassley ranking member of the senate judiciary committee. this morning. >> we asked secretary napolitano before us on wednesday. she said that they have gone back 2 1/2 years. and nothing has happened. well, we had the reports come out and we need an independent investigation. >>reporter: and now the colombian ambassador is demanding a further apology from the u.s. government for the behavior in cartagena telling the colombian newspaper and i quote, "a more clear expression of remorse is required to protect the reputation of cartagena." but a senior administration officials says there are no plans for an apology and earlier colombian officials were concerned the accomplishments of the summit were overshadowed. >>shepard: from very good sources we are getting to
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completely different reports. some of our good sources say this happens all the time. men will be men. and others say, no, the secret service is squeaky clean and these are outliars. >>reporter: i spoke to a security consultant who hired employees and says is an understanding among the rank and file what happens in las vegas stays in las vegas or stays wherever it may be. i spoke to another former white house official assistant would was 30 years tabling trips with the secret service who describes them as "above reproach." you are right, two entirely different pictures. the truth must lie between the two. >>shepard: or both. depending on would you know. and now, chris wallace, he ought to know. >>chris: yeah, like you had never been to the hungry duck in now. come on. you have a running tab there. listen, this is a, first of all, a very serious story talking about the people who are charged with protecting the president, and other top officials of this
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country. and, you know, you have the investigations, obviously, by the head of the secret service, mark sullivan, he reported to janet napolitano the head of homeland security which oversees the secret service and if you if it turns out there were no complains for 2 1/2 years, no indication of any problem, if that continues out no to be true i would think both of their jobs would be in jeopardy. >>shepard: they are calling for investigations and special this and the other. it feels like a crazy election year distraction but sometimes these weird things get not way. >>reporter: this is serious. >>shepard: guys go to a whorehouse, it is not like it is a new thing, chris. >>chris: but these are secret service agents and they are people who might have information about president's plans and security and, you
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know, it is like, saying, william, a pilot will be a pilot. you want him to be clear-headed when he gets on the plane and i think it is a serious deal and given the fact that both are reporting and reporting from various agencies and investigations, has turned up a very mixed set of messages and i think the idea of an independent investigation is very good one, grassley is talking about the inexpector general of homeland security doing something, he said out of the political arena, at the least that is what should be done and perhaps there should be congressional investigations. you have to get to the bottom of this and find out what goes on so we can clean house. >>shepard: you make a valid point and chuck grassley says the same thing, the republican who is the top man of the judiciary committee says if heads don't roll, it is the same old washington. >>chris: look, maybe it is not true. and that would be wonderful to find out, but we need to get to the bottom it and find out because the statements that we got from janet napolitano this
12:25 pm
week, the head of homeland security, there were no problems in 2 1/2 years, we are not so sure. >>shepard: doing sunday school? >>chris: i thought i would drop by. you are not normally here on fridays but i will be here on sunday. >>shepard: i try not to be here on fridays. >>chris: does that have anything to do with the fact i am on your show on friday? >>shepard: chris, great --. >>chris: wait, wait, wait, i need to tell you about the show. firsts and of the osama bin laden take down. we will talk to president's chief counterterrorism advisor. about where al qaeda is a year later. hard the threats to u.s. security. and we, talk to the osteens, ten million people watch them on a weekend. they are here in washington for a "night of hope," they feel up a baseball stadium, prayer, music, and their message of
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optimism to the american people. it will be interesting to talk to them. >>shepard: well see you on the "next." , >>chris: are you coming down for the white house correspondent's dinner. >>shepard: i regret i will not be able to attend. kim kardashian was taken by greta. >>chris: i will be there, mrs. wallace will be there. >>shepard: i didn't realize, your former statement is part of the reason i chose not to attend. i look forward for seeing her. some time. soon. >>chris: not saturday. >>shepard: not saturday. see you on the next fox news sunday. chris wallace, troublemaker extraordinaire. and george zimmerman is a freeman but that could soon change. we are now told. new revelations that could lead to the judge denying bail? or adding to the became amount? that is coming up. and, the couple who caught this
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foul ball seemed oblivious to the sobbing child a few seats down. told you about this. but, today, the ball catching couple is talking. what they are saying about this picture which became an internet sensation and why the ball catching couple want an apology! " so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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>>shepard: i am >>shepard: -- shepard smith at the bottom of the hour. and a judge is considering revoking george week the family members testified they had little money to help with bond and the judge, as a result, set bond at $150,000 far less than the $1 million which the prosecution was seeking. but the judge did not know at time that donations had been pouring in to a website that the shooter created for his own defense. george zimmerman's lawyer said today he just found out about it, too. >> at time he was before you, there was about $150,000 or so, available for whatever purposes. the family members represented they had no money when in truth they really did. i don't know if they did it
12:32 pm
intentionally or what so i submit there is a change in circumstance regarding bond. i ask the course to consider possibly raising the bond. >>shepard: the judge has yet to decide. and now, steve, george zimmerman is out and free. is there, what is the likely hood in your estimatemation -- estimation could change? >>reporter: the bond could go up. the martin family is saying george zimmerman lied to the test when he said he had no money and the bond should be revoked and he should be thrown back in jail and the attorney said most of the $15,000 put down for george zimmerman's bond came not from web funds but from family members including george zimmerman's mother who said she would put a mortgage on her house, if necessary. >>shepard: the case files on this are all sealed but florida has very bright sunshine laws and media organizations are asking to look at it. >>reporter: they are fighting for the documents in this
12:33 pm
criminal case, a second-degree murder case and the judge is saying they will be released most likely on a case-by-case basis. there are real concerns especially over potential witnesses, that if their names and addresses are made public, they could face threats and, perhaps, even violence. a judge said, also, as of now there is in gag order. george zimmerman's attorney was against that saying it would be wrong to mute or side in the most important legal case right now in the united states. >>shepard: steve, thank you from florida. and now the lawyers, the most important case in the united states. arthur and randy are here. florida sunshine laws and freedom of information laws are some of the best in the nation if you are one who believesness should be free and out there. and, the chance this i don't happen in your estimatemation is good? >>arthur: shepard, a judge is basing a decision on bail based on --.
12:34 pm
>>shepard: i'm talking about getting the information. we will get to bail. >>arthur: it is wren to black and white. there are procedures the judge had -- it is the judge's discretion what to turn over. and the judge's discretion to have a gag over what the prosecutor wants and the defense attorney is exaggerating, that this is the most important case in this country? >>randy: he said the world. >>shepard: i have heard you say crap like that. >>arthur: never the most important case in the world and the judge is saying i will let the defense attorney say what he needs to say but when it prejudices the procedures i will stop. >>randy: as i understand it the judge has decided, no gag order. and, number two, the express going to have access because if this country we want transparency in the court. so as far as that aspect goes, everything is fair game. the judges found no reason at this point to believe the lawyers are going to do anything to infect the jury or do
12:35 pm
anything else inappropriate with regard to the case. >>shepard: the matter whether the bailey ought to go up. he told the court, i don't have any money, which was true but now he has $200,000 in money that came to the wednesday, so he does have money. >>arthur: all his family members testify through the conference call, they said the same thing, and we will have to mortgage our home. and the judge businesses his decision on the facts before him. i will give an exaggeration, what if he found out, by the way, i didn't know we had a private plane, we want to bring that, so he could flee. he has more money to disappear with. so, the judge will seriously take into consideration whether he could raise the bill. >>randy: a change in circumstances as we hurt the prosecution discuss has nothing to do with finding out that a defendant has more money because the bottom line is, bail, being set, has nothing to do with one's ability to pay. a judge in florida looks at ten
12:36 pm
factors and, basically, are you coming back to court when you are suppose the to and are you a danger to the community. that is it. >>arthur: how much money the give has does not affect your ability to flee? >>randy: no, no, no. if i am a millionaire -- no, no, no, no. and aside the case of strauss-kahn, he was show he was flowing. george zimmerman --. >>shepard: have you to dinner but not at the same time. what did you have for lunch? >>randy: salad. salad. a salad, yeah, i am eating healthy. eating healthy. but i am still hungry. >>shepard: the soon-to-be married couple in texas, fans of the texas rangers who celebrated
12:37 pm
a foul ball chasm -- catch in front of crying baby, they did not know the baby was crying over the ball. >> my god, they gave -- took it from the kid. >>shepard: this is new york, texas, new york. you do not get an apology. you get a kick in the children. >> any mortified what happened and would never have kept the ball from the kid when he was upset, good grief, and in a statement to the big division station in dallas, the woman would got the ball wrote and i quote, "it is very hurtful when you know you would not intentionally hurt someone or hurt their feelings especially a little bitty toddler." well, the announcer is responding. and she a new yorker, and, i
12:38 pm
mean, trace is here, isn't he in michael was making good tv on the best behave network in the world. that is all. >> but the parents said they were wrong. you can see, they didn't even know the kid was crying, he gives the kid to his fiance and by the time he the kid is crying he is talking to the guy behind him. he cannot see the kid's face. he had no idea the kid was upset but michael continues to go of at couple. listen to michael followed by the mother of the boy. >> look at the greedy people, oh believe vows, well, let's make out. at least the kid has a night smile on his face, now. and those people are oblivious. my goodness. my goodness. >> we were talking about the ball and he said if you did not get that ball i was beginning to
12:39 pm
give you this balls so, he said he would give it to him if he didn't get another ball. >> they started chatting after, and the dad and the or give talked, and they said it was actually a very nice couple. after all of that. >>shepard: whatever. one is texas. one is new york. that is the difference. >>trace: yeah. listen, the deal is, michael would not apologize, and he did back into it. he said, look, i feel this couple's pain because they are getting married and they do not need announcer getting all over them but he refused to apologize saying and i quote, "i am not apologizing i feel sorry they are going through this but i did say they are oblivious." the the man says if we had known, there is not a person that knowses that would not agree that we would have given that ball to the child and he
12:40 pm
took an event and sensationalized it and never checked or validateed the situation. they have seven kids, come binned. >>shepard: they would say in the bronx, forget all boat -- forget all about it. win a game. and they did. they won that game. have a great week, sir. folks in new york, today, witnesses second shuttle ride of the month. look at that shuttle. arthur aidala wanted that shuttle. "enterprise," arrived at j.f.k. airport on the boeing 747 but not before a dramatic fly over near the statue of liberty expel police island and the george washington bridge and one world trade center, lower right of the screen, the building on monday
12:41 pm
will replace the twin towers, set to replace the empire state building as the tallest building in new york. nasa uses it for as do test flights but it never want up in state and they scrapped the shuttle program and "enterprise," heads to the uss intrepid now a floating museum on the west side of new york city. early this month "discovery" arrived in washington, dc. you saw the bird flying around. >> i ran up to the top floor of the courthouse, it went right by the empire state building and all the new york special landmarks. >> i did the same thing not gym. >> a little sad. >>shepard: we are out of money, arthur. no one wants to cut their stuff. but we are out of money. newt gingrich if he can have been president would have build a colloquy up there and everything with have been fine.
12:42 pm
>>arthur: you would have loved there. good tennis. >>randy: but you hit a tennis ball and it never comes back. >>jonathan: i have nothing. >>randy: i have my salad now. out of my teeth. >>shepard: we are learning more details that led up to the osama bin laden raid and the top intelligence for opened up about al qaeda's capabilities without the figure head.
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>>shepard: and approaching the marking of a year since the raid that killed osama bin laden and a judge blocked a conservative group's request for the release of for photographs but this
12:46 pm
picture has been released of osama bin laden watching television. the justice department argued that the image of osama bin laden's dead body are classified, and a federal judge agreed and catherine is covering the story from washington. this conservative bunch is expected to appeal? >> the president is telling fox they have appealed the decision in the 29 page ruling the federal judge said a picture could be worth 1,000 words and moving pictures have a higher value and this court will not order the release of more. officials including the admiral who over saw the raid say this could insight violence, and they maintain they never sought to compromise the method claim there is no provision to keep the documents secret. >> we think the court is bronx
12:47 pm
and we think the obama administration is court. if the obama administration was so concerned about bin laden's killing, offending the terrorists, why are they making it a centerpiece of their campaign. >>reporter: so we could be looking at this dragging on through the second anniversary. >>shepard: for the first time we see a memo that got the ball rolling, right? >>reporter: today we obligated a hand written memo by c.i.a. director person nature -- director panetta after he got the go ahead from the white house. the letter that started the raid killed bin laden is dated april 26 and there was a again call from the white house saying president made the decision on the compound, and the direction was to go in there and get bin laden and if he was not there to get out. this memo was carried by time magazine, and they reported that defense secretary gates and the vice president had reservations about the operation.
12:48 pm
>>shepard: thank you, former c.i.a. convert operations officer, mike baker, the president of global intelligence security firm. >>guest: i will answer to anything, that is the good news. >>shepard: i know the feeling. so, i don't, al qaeda doesn't do were anymore and they have not made attempts in the united states on a long time. >>guest: this is still valid. we have welcomened them, but it is a little confusing when the justice department argues that the death photos classified, a dead guy, witholds in him. so, will it insight others to violence? it will inflame smell to some degree but there is another argument that there is in need to release them, it is confirmed he is dead, everyone has acknowledged that including al qaeda, releasing a death photo, we will end up with his picture on t-shirts and cart teens on youtube, so it is just not necessary. it is being done for monetary
12:49 pm
interests. >>shepard: and political interests, often. a democratic president and a conservative group. >>guest: if it was political you could argue, well, again, the obama administration trying to make hay out of this or say this is a key thing we is done so maybe they would argue in favor but they are not, they are saying we did not want them releases. i would be hard presentationed to argue they are classified. >>shepard: bin laden's wives and all the kids just got -- went on a trip to saudi arabia where they will live as a family. the should -- the saudis are all tight, it is saudi, saudi, saudi but we are buddy. >>guest: there is a long history of the bin laden family father, that is where he made the fortune, in construction in a variety of other companies.
12:50 pm
early days of the kingdom he was instrumental in building the infrastructure. so this is a long history. and a great portion of the bin laden family that had nothing to do, wanted nothing to do with so, the idea -- obviously his wives is a different story. >>shepard: so they are going over there, the wives, to be protected ask the country of bahrain what they think. >>guest: but this is not bad from our perspective to be under control of the saudis, it is a dysfunctional relationship but we have a good relationship with the saudis. >>shepard: i am glad we have a good and dysfunctional relationship with the saudis. >>guest: and don't get going on pakistan. >>shepard: mike baker great to see you. a family of a teenage girl is suing classmates over this facebook page full of insulting photos and messaging. more than insulting. and that is not what she looks
12:51 pm
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>>shepard: a 14-year-old girl from georgia is suing her classmates for cyberbullying with a fake page set up for the beneficial with a profile picture doctored to make her look, well, larger than she is by a long shot, and the lawsuit claims the page included racially offensive and sexually explicit posts. the police and school officials said there was little they could do. so they sued. >> we were kids bullying was on the lay background and now it follows you 24/7. >> it feels bad. >> we want to protect our child
12:55 pm
and other children. >>shepard: they hope to raise awareness of cyberbullying and get more laws to help police it. back to the lawyers. this is tough because when you make a big spectacle around the child the child is set up for more ridicule. so your parents are suing ... it feeds on itself. a tough decision. >>arthur: and even the at school yard, it is, your mom came to the school yard and pulled you out of trouble. when we were kids it was more tangible and laws in every state and randy can articulate them but with limited budgets, cops and d.a.'s, we need them to focus on rape, robbery, murder, but cyber bullying is not a continue prior to. >>randy: but it starts out at
12:56 pm
such a young age, we need do something. if litigation, now, she can be deposed and all kinds of discovery, already only knows what comes from this. but if had were statutes that had teeth like in wisconsin, it is a misdemeanor to do this. you can be prosecuted. >>shepard: okay. >>jonathan: all too easy to do, that is the problem, and something needs to change so i kind applaud them. >>shepard: you have to try something. they used to stuff you in the locker. i can remember being stuffed not locker. if you fought your way out you were better guy for it. but this is a little girl. >>arthur: and the parents of the kids who are putting this stuff on facebook? how about them getting involved? say this is wrong. >>randy: the lawsuit is appear intentional act and their insurance will cover it. >>arthur: but it gets them involveds -- involved, randy.
12:57 pm
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