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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> rick: hello and welcome it a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. new details about the bizarre final hours of a wanted killer holed up inside an elaborate bunker on rattle snake ridge in the cascade mounts. >> rick: as newt gingrich gets ready to pull out of the presidential race, we'll break down what he brought to campaign 2012 and what it means for the white house race going forward. >> arthel: and the world of computer chat list getting bigger by the minute. "consumer reports" joins with us some brand-new items that you might not have heard of, but you might want to check out after you watch our show.
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>> rick: we begin this new hour with a strict new code of conduct for all secret service employees traveling overseas. the agency now trying to reclaim its elite reputation after a growing prostitution scandal surrounding president obama's visit to colombia earlier this month. molly henneberg is live in washington with the latest fallout. good to see you. what do these new rules say specifically? >> good to see you. they say agents are always expected in a professional examine personal lives to conduct themselves in a manner to, quote, reflect the highest standards of the united states government. secret service director mark sullivan spells out exactly what he means. telling agents that foreign nationals, excluding hotel staff and official law enforcement counterparts, are prohibited in your hotel room. patronization of nonreputable establishment social security prohibited. alcohol use is prohibited within ten hours of reporting for duty. the secret service also will conduct ethics training sessions
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for agents and employees next week. rick? >> rick: any reaction from congress on these new rules, molly? >> well, not everybody is happy about it. as you can imagine, when it comes to washington. iowa republican senator chuck grassley, ranking republican on the senate judiciary committee, which oversees the secret service, says the rules may prevent future, quote, she unanimous begans, and he says it remains necessary to hold the agency and the agents accountable following a complete and independent investigation. part of that independent investigation grassley says includes looking into whether any white house staffers were involved. the white house says katherine romler, its white house lawyer looked into it and found no wrongdoing. grassley wants an outsider to do the investigating and says the white house did not respond to a letter he sent asking for more information about white house staffers on the trip. rick? >> rick: molly henneberg. thank you. >> arthel: it has been nearly a year since president obama gave
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the order that took out international terrorist osama bin laden. the decision widely seen as a pinnacle of the president's foreign policy and the subject of a new ad attacking mitt romney. one that is drawing some substantial criticism. peter doocy has more from washington. >> a year ago this week, president obama gave the go ahead for the raid that took out osama bin laden. but his campaign is suggesting that if a president romney had been given the same intel, he wouldn't have gone for the kill. they're making that point in a new ad with former president bill clinton. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path and the one that produced, in my opinion, the best result. >> after asking which path mitt romney would have taken, the ad highlights a 2007 reuters headline that says mitt romney criticized barak obama for vow to go strike al-qaeda targets inside pakistan if necessary and this isn't the first time this
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week the campaign has hit romney on this issue. >> if you're looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how president obama has handledded what we inherited, it's pretty simple. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> the romney campaign passed this along today from two defense policy advisors who say, quote, killing osama bin laden was a momentous day for all americans and we all give the president credit. but we are saddened to see the president of the united states politicize that event, even reducing it to a campaign slogan. senator john mccain says that no one disputes that the president deserves credit for ordering the raid. but to politicize it in this way is the height of hypocrisy. last month the president gave no interviews with the two-year anniversary of the healthcare law, but ahead of the bin laden raids one year anniversary e gave one to nbc from the white house situation room that will air next week. but aides insist it's not a victory lap. they say it's result of extra interest in this story.
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arthel? >> arthel: peter doocy reporting from washington. thanks. we're going to debate this very issue a little later in our newscast here. political debate coming up in a fair and balanced debate. funny, shear what's happening inside politics, i was going to ad lib that and i'm reading what i'm trying to ad lib. stick around for our political debate coming up. >> rick: let's move to afghanistan now where the taliban is staging an audacious assassination attempt. two militants hiding hand guns in their shoes managing to slip into the compound of a renallal governor there, opening fire in the reception room where the governor's office. the gun battle leaving two security guards and both attackers dead. the governor escaped out a back door. he was not hurt. >> arthel: let's go to malaysia where police had to use tear gas to disburse a massive rally in the capital. at least 24,000 demonstrators taking to the streets, demanding
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fair rules for national elections that are expected to be held soon. police say over 200 people were arrested. three were injured. 20 police officers hurt there. the government insisting the elections will be free and fair. >> rick: the middle east, ahead of egypt's ruling council reaching out to saudi arabia to try to reduce tensions in that part of the world after egypt's long time ally closed its embassy and recalled its ambassador. this after protests over the arrest of an egyptian lawyer. relatives and human rights groups saying he was arrested for allegedly insulting saudi arabia's king abdullah. saudi authorities deny this. they say he was arrested for trying to smuggle drugs. >> arthel: a body found in a bunker in washington state believed to be that of double murder suspect, peter keller. he's accused of hurting his wife and daughter. he went into hiding after shooting them both in the head and setting fire to the family's home near seattle.
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casey stegall is live in los angeles now. i understand it was kind of tough going, especially for the last seven hours for those actually trying to capture the now deceased victim. >> it was. and police say that they knew somebody was down in that bunker that you speak of because they say they could smell smoke coming from a wood burning fireplace inside and they could also see lights being turned on and off last night. police had no official confirmation that it was, in fact, their suspect. so swat teams dropped tear gas canisters down into one of those openings that you see with hopes of forcing the person out. but they were unsuccessful. according to a sheriff's office, this was an elaborate, underground bunker carved into a remote wooded hillside near north bend, washington. that's about 30 miles southeast of seattle. the hiding spot was fortified, equipped with ladders, supplies and a generator. these are brand-new pictures coming into us from inside that
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bunker where finally this morning, the kings county sheriff's office used explosives to blow part of the bunker's roof off. after that went down, they could see a man dead inside. cops believe that it is 41-year-old peter early. but they have not been able to get down there to retrieve the body. the medical examiner's office must make a positive i.d that has not happened yet. we understand the terrain is very, very remote and deep. investigators think that keller was hide how long in that bunker after he reportedly shot and killed his wife of 21 years and their 19-year-old daughter last weekend while they were sleeping. he then apparently set the house on fire in an attempt to cover his tracks. the crime scene for prospectives, not far from that bunker, authorities say it took keller eight years to build the underground fortress because he was, quote, preparing for the end of the world.
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two days before the murder, he reportedly had his cell phone turned off and with drew $6,000 from his bank account. so again, just to recap a fluid story that we have been following, police say the body that has been found appears to be that of the suspect, but they're waiting on the medical examiner to make a positive i.d. here. >> arthel: indeed, keller is certainly a suspect. the wife and daughter would be the victims in this very sad story. casey stegall, thank you very much. >> rick: wild weather to talk about. a rare string of overnight tornadoes ripping through colorado. they injured two people, destroying five homes and there could be more dangerous weather on the way. meantime, there is a brand-new tornado warning on the radar this hour. maria molina is live in the fox whether center. where is it? >> in southwest indiana. unfortunately we're still seeing more severe storms and there is a risk we'll see more severe weather as well as we head into tomorrow for a very large area
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of our country, stretching from the central plains into areas south of the great lakes. i want to focus on this tornado warning that was just issued. in effect until 6:30 p.m. eastern time, including parts of southwest indiana, you live in these counties, you need to seek shelter immediately. davis county, knox county, martin county, it's pretty much across central portions of those counties. again, if you live there, you've got to seek shelter immediately. about to a basement or into the innermost lowest part of your home away from windows into like a hallway or into a bathroom that may not have any windows. there are two severe thunderstorm watches in effect right now across parts of illinois, missouri and also indiana, extending into northern portions of kentucky. one goes in effect until 11:00 p.m. central time. we'll ton track those storms into the nighttime hours and the one that's included in st. louis goes in effect until 7:00 p.m. central time. basically what these watches mean is that conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to develop that could produce damaging wind gusts, large hail and we can't rule out tornadoes.
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even though they're not tornado watches, there is that possibility that some of these storms could rotate and produce a tornado touchdown and that's exactly why we do have that one tornado warning across southwestern parts of indiana. otherwise we've been getting plenty of reports of large hail and also damaging winds. 60 to 70 mile-per-hour winds reported across parts of missouri just outside of the city of st. louis and also large hail has been reported across st. louis area. there is one report that numerous cars were damaged due to the large hail. the wind shields were shattered. this was in the st. clair region outside of st. louis. there's a second area that we will be watching as well, across the plains from oklahoma city into abilene, texas, where that same risk for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. here is a region we'll be watching, texas into kentucky. similar areas that we're keeping an eye on today for more severe storms. rick? >> rick: that tornado warning in southwest indiana until 6:30.
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another 20 minutes or so for people to take shelter. >> exactly. >> rick: thanks very much. >> arthel: indeed. hackleburg, alabama coming together to mark one year since a deadly tornado ripped through that town. more than half of hackleburg's residents paid tribute to the 18 people who died there by forming a cross. while the job of cleaning up from the twister is far from over, some of the residents say they will never lose faith. >> god was with everybody the whole time. god has been with everybody from day one. >> we are here to remember the ones that have passed on from this tornado. we're here to remember the ones that survived this tornado. >> arthel: indeed. the tornado was just one of 62 twisters in an outbreak that hit the region last year. rick reichmuth is live in tuscaloosa, alabama, another hard hit town. how is it looking today? >> they've made a lot of progress. that was just 62 in the state of alabama. in that outbreak, it was the
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largest outbreak we've ever seen in the u.s., over 350. such a huge event and this mark the one-year time frame. they've got a lot of work. you can see behind me, this was all debris. this was a neighborhood that had been completely destroyed and it was full of debris and rubble. anyway is all gone of the you can see even grass has grown over it. they've had to rezone this, it's in a flood plain. they're turning turning this ina commercial use area. a loft pride here in alabama over the work they've done in the last year. yesterday we had a chance to talk to the governor, governor bentley, who was at a golf ehave not raising additional funds they need across alabama area. take a listen to what he had to say. >> they did such a wonderful job. they care about each other. they loved each other. they looked after each other. not just from alabama, people from other states came in. everyone did their job. that's what made it easier for me. that's what made things go so well is because of the people of the state. >> yeah.
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it's really true. and we're now hearing more stories from people who are maybe just now able to talk about their story. one of those is a case of a girl named kelly arthur. she was college student here at the time and she and her two roommates lived together. she was not at home at the time that the tornado hit. you can see the pictures of what ended up happening to her home. the two girls that were in the home called a friend of theirs to come and to help them. he sheltered them and shielded them. unfortunately, all three of them died. you can see now the new home that's been built in its place and kelly and her family have planted trees in the area or in the yard to remember each one of the people who passed, as well as kelly, so they can have a place to always go back to think of their fellow classmates and roommates. but one other big change happened in kelly's life because of this tornado. take a listen what she shared with us the other day. >> we actually were going to be getting married, i guess around right now, but we pushed it up
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about half a year, eight months just because we didn't -- not every day is promised and we knew we wanted to be together. if anything was to happen, we could at least have taken this chapter together. >> her husband tells a story that when the night the tornado hit, they went into try to get to the house and he saw a little card on the ground. he wanted to know what it was. he picked it up and it was a queen of hearts and he saw this and he said, i need to marry this girl right away. so there are some nice stories like that that are coming out a year later. arthel? >> arthel: we like to hear that. thank you so much. >> rick: fox news alert. we want to tell you about a problem that's taking place right now near bush stadium in st. louis, missouri as we look at the weather that moved through the area. we heard from maria about the entire center part of the country that is either under bad weather threats or experiencing
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bad weather right now. a tent collapsed near the baseball stadium where a game was just played earlier today, as a matter of fact. we had one confirmed death as a result of this tent collapse and there have been 100 people who have been transported to local hospitals with various injuries. again, a tent collapsing near bush stadium, not at the stadium -- this is a picture. but near the stadium. as get more information, we'll bring it to you on fox. >> arthel: also ahead, a prisoner makes a bold attempt at escape. captured on airport surveillance video trying to evade his police escorts. how did he get away in the first place is the question we're going to ask. >> rick: president obama using the killing of osama bin laden to go after mitt romney's leadership skills and now governor romney is slamming the president for trying to, quote, divide america. is that what he's doing? we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> arthel: it was a heart wrenching story of a scared little puppy who ended up head first in a prickly cactus.
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>> rick: check on the headlines. police in washington state say a body found in an elaborate underground banker is believed to be that of fugitive peter keller. keller suspected of murdering his wife and teenage daughter last weekend. earthquake rattling southern california. the magnitude 3.8 quake shaking homes and rattling a few windows in downtown l.a no serious damage reported. an escape attempt caught on tape. police in phoenix say airline workers captured an inmate after he managed to break free from two law enforcement officers. the man was being extradited from detroit. >> arthel: politics now, a growing debate over a new campaign ad for president obama. he questions whether mitt romney would have had what it takes to take out osama bin laden. now romney's camp is slamming the president's team for, quote, dividing the nation on an issue
3:22 pm
that brought so many americans together. joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, matt, founder of the heelen group and consultant for the national republican senatial committee. and tim punk is a former clinton economic advisor and former advisor to senate finance committee and a partner at the monument policy group. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> arthel: i'm going to give you both a shot. but tim, i'm going to start with you. so as you know, the gop has been beating the president obama is weak on foreign policy drum and now the democrats are saying, hey listen, one year later, guess what we did, we took out the president's -- per his order, took out osama bin laden. this good strategy? >> well look, first of all, let's be really clear here, it's entirely appropriate for obama's campaign to compare and contrast the decisions that the president has made with those that romney says he would have made. this particular instance, romney said two things in 2007, he suggested we shouldn't go into pakistan to pursue al-qaeda and
3:23 pm
that he wouldn't move heaven examine earth to get bin laden. he was wrong and he exercised bad judgment. and i think -- >> arthel: he said he wouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man? >> that's right. and it's appropriate for the obama campaign to compare and contrast that. what is ironic is that remember that mitt romney was making those comments specifically criticizing obama's aggressive stance on terrorism. the romney campaign position seems to be it was okay to talk about those issues then. but now that we've been proven wrong, they don't steam to want to talk about them. >> arthel: matt, how do you see this? >> i thee as president with very, very bad economic numbers who is longing for jimmy carter-like economic numbers and trying to change the subject. he also promises that he was not going to trot this out as a trophy and not go into to spike the ball on taking this out and making it a political event. i do look at also bill clinton coming out and naturating this
3:24 pm
commercial is ironic to me given the fact that bill clinton had several times that he could have gotten osama bin laden and took a pass. so it's kind of like little bo peep lost her sheep and accusing little boy blue of not being able to watch the sheep. i think it's kind of crazy for bill clinton of all people to be doing that. >> arthel: tim, we're going to move on in a second. i want to jump in, based on what matt is saying. i guess it's easy in situations like this, unless you are the commander in chief, it's really hard to know who would make what decision at that particular crucial moment. >> well, except that in this case, we know. in this case we actually know what romney would have done because romney said so. romney said, we shouldn't into into pakistan to pursue al-qaeda. he said he wouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man. he was wrong. >> do you really think romney wouldn't -- >> arthel: yeah. >> i think -- >> arthel: matt, i hear what you're saying. tim, hang on 'cause matt, i hear what you're saying and that is -- that's my point, that i think most people, everybody applauded the president's obama
3:25 pm
very crucial decision. but it's easy for anybody to say what they would have done or not have done had they been the one sit sitting in that seat, the commander in chief. that's what we're saying, matt, is it's kind of not fair to say you know or anyone would know what romney would have done or would not have done had he been in that same situation. it's hard to call. >> i agree. i think most american people think that if mitt romney had the chance, was sitting in the oval office like he tried to do in 2008 when he ran for president, he would have made the same exact call that barak obama did. i don't think there is anybody watching tv today that believes something different. to say so i think is disingenuous. >> arthel: matt, let me move on. the whole thing here is this is the anniversary on tuesday. we'll hear lot about this, both sides will have a lot to say about it one way or the other. here, though, the republicans will now start to increase the
3:26 pm
volume on the economy is not doing well under president obama's watch. tim, let me go with you on this. what do you think the people care about? >> i think there is no doubt that the people care about the economy. i think it's the number one issue. i think frankly president obama is going to have a great story to tell when it comes about the economy. let's remember when bush left office, the last month that he was in office, we lost 750,000 jobs that month. we've now had 25 straight months of economic growth. so i think whether you're talking about fighting terrorism, i think whether you're talk being responsibility in the war in iraq or the economy, barak obama is going to be perfectly happy to talk about his record. what will be interesting to see if mitt romney wants to talk about his record in massachusetts. my guess is he won't. >> arthel: matt, i'm giving you the last word. beyond that, if you believe that governor romney was successful or not in massachusetts, bottom line is, if he does become commander in chief, what will he bring to the table, the economic table, that is, specifically? i think a is going to be the crucial message for mr. romney
3:27 pm
moving forward. matt, you get the last word. >> i think we'll hear from mitt romney talk being growth. the only way we can get out of the crisis that barak obama policies have put us in is we have to grow out of those policies and grow into prosperity. barak obama cannot run against george bush. he's got to run against mitt romney and he's got to run against the poor record over the last 3 1/2 years. when he was elected president, people's gas was 1.75. remember those days? now it's almost $4? >> arthel: well, listen, it's going to be a very crucial next seven months. lots of messages out there. going to have to resonate with the people at the end of the day. matt, thank you. >> good to sigh. >> arthel: you take care. >> thanks. >> rick: very interesting. when we come back, an update. the latest on the tedly weather system in the middle part of the system. brand-new video just in of a tent that collapsed right at busch stadium in downtown st.
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3:32 pm
several people critically injured. 17 people transported to local hospitals. about 100 people treated overall. these details are coming in. as get more about them, we will bring them to you. in the meantime, let's talk about this storm system with maria molina. seems like this was something that came out of nowhere. >> we actually had a tornado warning on that particular thunderstorm cell as it rolled through areas just to the east of st. louis. when it was in st. louis, there wasn't a loft rotation that indicated there could possibly be a tornado on the ground. when it moved east of that, it started to rotate and we got that tornado warning and we did bring it on the air for people out there. right now there is over 56 reports of large hail and also damaging winds in that area, in the st. louis area and also across areas further off to the east in illinois. we have reports of damage to wind shields of cars because of that large hail and also golf ball size hail being reported, as well as winds as strong as 60 to 70 miles per hour in the st. louis area and to the east, in
3:33 pm
the st. clair area. we have more severe weather on tap for today. brand-new tornado warning issued out for once again davis, lauren and martin county. davis county, you were under a tornado warning. that same particular thunderstorm further off to the east. in indiana, still showing rotation and could have a tornado on the ground right now. you really need to seek shelter. if you live in these areas, this particular tornado warning does go in effect until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. question have a new tornado watch that was issued until 10:00 p.m. local time, including southern parts of illinois and also northern parts of kentucky because there is still that possibility to see more severe weather here, including tornadoes. >> rick: all right. dangerous stuff. people need to listen to the warnings. maria, thanks so much. >> arthel: rick, thank you. the search for six-year-old isabel celis is expanding to mexico. while police in arizona continue searching for clues, they are now turning to surveillance video of a group of people seen near her home the night she went
3:34 pm
missing. now more from our new york news room. anna, what's the latest? >> the press conference late this afternoon, law enforcement told us about eight to ten tips have been coming in each other since posting new surveillance video on their pages. officers say at least one male has come forward identifying himself as being on the video. and we'll talk with detectives. the individual joe from the day six-year-old isabel was reported missing from her bedroom april 21 by her father. a window open and the screen removed. the video was taken about 1:30 in the morning, showing five people, three women, two men, leaving a parking lot close to a nightclub and restaurant not far from the celis. police are calling them witnesses. not suspects. detectives are also looking for any video from a baseball game isabel's family attended the night before she went missing. authorities have not said they are ruling the parents out as suspects, but say they are fully cooperating with investigators. acting on leads, they checked
3:35 pm
with local hospitals, including bodies of water in city parks. >> going canvassing five times in that three-mile radius, i think now we can say we're comfortable we checked that entire area. that's a way of measuring the progress. i know there is still quite a bit more to do, but that's where we're working at. >> we're told there are still 50 detectives and investigators on the case. 40 additional officers assisting them. police hoping a new $50,000 reward will lead to new information. law enforcement is looking into the possibility that someone may have abducted isabel and taken her to mexico because of tucson's close proximity to the mexican border. u.s. marshalls are working with mexican authorities who are checking hotels and terminals. a picture of the first grader is also being circulated in mexico. >> arthel: let's help we get her back safely. thank you very much. >> rick: teen-agers looking for summer jobs may be in luck.
3:36 pm
analysts say a lot of businesses are planning to increase their hiring this year. after a rough couple of years, a lot of kids might lack the skills to impress employers and this is where mom and dad can really help their kids out. right now there are about 850,000 teen-agers currently in the work force. their weekly median income last summer was $350 a week. and the unemployment rate for teen-agers was at 25%. that is well above the national average of 8.2%. what can parents do to help their kids as they're on the job hunt? joining us is aaron capone, with the life skills program overcoming obstacles obstacles e executive director of the community for education foundation and a friend of mine. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> rick: i think that summer jobs are good tore everybody. good for the kids to get a feeling of sort of self worth, maybe earn a little income examine good fort parents to get the kids out. >> you're so right. i think whether you're 16 or 60, there is a core group of skills you need to hone in on and keep
3:37 pm
fresh, keep them warm. so that's the program i lead is all about that. it's helping adults teach kids the skills that they need to be successful. today, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives. so this is right up our alley in terms of the skills we need. >> rick: the summer is fast approaching. so this is the time, really. the number one thing you say the kids should do is start their job search early. you also say parents can help them to identify some skills they may have and set some goals for work. like what? >> exactly. you mentioned there is kind of an average income and it's $350 a week. one of the things they want to consider is, is your teen looking to put extra money in their pocket or saving for college or are they looking to get into a particular field? because those goals and those skills that they have are really going to drive them to what's a good fit in terms of a job. >> rick: okay. so the next tip is to prepare a resume. this is a daunting task even for adults. what do you do if you're a kid? i can just hear teen-agers saying, i don't have anything to
3:38 pm
put on a resume. >> you're wrong there because it can be really intimidating, but you have to think outside the box. resume is really a way on paper to sell yourself. everybody has something to bring to the table. if it's not previous work experience, then what sports are you in? are you proficient with computers? have you had volunteer experience? really for parents, it's helping the kids take a personal inventory of what they're good at, what they like to do and capturing that all on a piece of paper. >> rick: couple more tips we'll go through. network and parents can help their kids network by contacting family members and friends who may be able to help their child as they look for a job. too your research. every company your child plans to approach, your kid should know about that company. and cast a wide net and then this one jumped out at me, make a stellar first impression. i know from my work with your program, this is really one of the things you focus on teaching young people when they're meeting someone for the first
3:39 pm
time, there are ways you can make that good first impression. >> you've got three to five seconds to make a initial first impression and good luck getting someone to reverse that. some of the things our program goes over and that parents should drive home with their kids is you're really communicating a lot without even saying a word. how are you dressed? are you dressed professionally? are you making eye contact? are you showing energy? when employers bring new to meet with you, they want somebody who is invested in the work that they do. they want somebody who is interested. so just offering a our -- our curriculum goes, how do you offer a firm, professional handshake? all of these things give an employee a total package kind of overview of who you are. that's key. >> rick: overcoming obstacles curriculum is available all over the country. i've been involved with it for many years. erin is great. the whole staff is. there is a web site on the bottom of the great if you want to learn more. erin is about to have a baby any day. good luck to you. >> due yesterday. >> rick: you look great.
3:40 pm
>> glad we didn't go into labor on air. >> rick: keep us posted. >> arthel: let's make it interesting. have a healthy baby. thank you so much. fantastic tips. very good. i enjoyed it. a new home and new lease on life for a puppy from arizona. his run in with a cactus nearly killed him. but his story of survival made international headlines. kza. >> 's cara lake has the next chapter of his life. >> he may be the -- giddy may be the best way to feel how she was feeling when she held her new puppy. cactus jack became a media sensation when these pictures were released yesterday. the eight week old yorkie terrier mix had somehow wound up face first in a cactus. and when his plight became public, the arizona humane society was inundated with people wanting the precious pup. this morning, more than 70 of them showed up hoping to adopt
3:41 pm
cactus jack. >> this story was heart wrenching. the thing that drew my heart was the fact he kept wagging his tail through all the hard times of pain. i didn't think twice. the best happened. >> she's new to the valley and has big plans for her new best friend. >> we're going to go hiking. we're going to maybe i'll teach him how it swim. he's going to be very active. he's going to have so much fun. >> but first things first. she needs to get cj a bed and some new toys. >> he's my baby. >> rick: oh, how cute is that little puppy? >> arthel: so glad he's okay 'cause she said she's my baby, she's my kid. >> rick: i know, they're machines of your family. >> arthel: that was cari lake reporting. thanks.
3:42 pm
good story. >> rick: coming up next, newt gingrich says he's prepping to suspend his campaign. >> i think obviously that i would be a better candidate. but the objective is the voters don't think that. >> rick: what has his candidacy meant fort 2012 race in we'll take a closer look at that straight ahead ♪ ♪ ♪ and i never thought i'd fe this way ♪ ♪ the way i feel about you [ male announcer ] it's time to clean out your garage for a car that's worthy of being the 201motor trend r of the year. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ it must be love ♪ love, love
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>> arthel: welcome back. newt gingrich is set to officially suspend his presidential campaign this week. the former house speaker says he will throw his support behind mitt romney while gingrich's campaign may be over, his impact on the 2012 presidential race may prove to be longer laking and here with a closer look is susan estridge, also a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: it's all going to go down next week 'cause today is saturday. let's talk about this. without newt gingrich on the campaign stump, what are we going to miss? are we missing a conversation or a dialogue or a wow factor or a wild card factor? >> all of the above, i would say. i've been rooting for newt and it wasn't just because i think obama could have beat him. newt gingrich brought a certain energy, intellect, new ideas to this campaign. he wasn't scripted. he wasn't careful.
3:47 pm
he was a guy with big ideas. that's really unusual in presidential politics and i think democrat or republican, we'll all miss that. >> arthel: but listen, of course at this point, mitt romney and president obama, they have o stick to ideas at this point. >> well, you would think, art. i mean, voters probably wish that. but i think what they're really stick to go is the script. you can hear it sometimes. don't you notice you sort of hear these lines and you say to yourself, ah, page 472 of the briefing book. i think i've heard that line 16 times before. the president calling mitt romney, he's a radical extremist, i mean, how many times have we heard that one this week? romney saying the economy is going downhill and women have been let down. the one thing you could depend on gingrich for was that he wasn't going to stick to script. he would get throughout -- i'm sure his handlers were driven
3:48 pm
crazy by it, but he really would throw out some ideas. i think these guys are throwing out standard lines. >> arthel: of course, no one would debate that mr. gingrich has lots of experience and lots of good ideas. whether or not you like them, but does he have something to bring to the table. so i ask you this, moving forward, i want to know what impact mr. gingrich will leave behind on this particular election and also i want you to tell me, susan, in the same breath what will be the -- in the wake of his campaigning, what will be the relationship with the gop party, because some of his colleagues inside the republican camp criticize mr. gingrich for not getting out of the race soon enough for what they're calling or assuming they're figuring this is a race for the life of the party. >> right. remember, art, we talked about this before, a lot of them were criticizing him while he was in the race and doing well, saying he wasn't a good leader and he hadn't been effective as house
3:49 pm
speaker. so i think there is going to be some bad blood. i'm sure next week he'll say all the right things and everybody will say the right things and they'll say oh, he's made a tremendous contribution. but behind the scenes, you and i know newt and we know that he's the kind of guy who is not going to forget this stuff. the other question, since i'm in the same breath, is what's he going to try to do at the convention? to what extent is he going to try to influence the party platform which, well, nobody pays particular attention to the platform after the fact, is going to force some confrontations about just how conservative mitt romney is going to be. >> arthel: susan, we haven't heard the last of mr. gingrich, of course. susan, we appreciate your time. i have to run. always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure, art. >> rick: new tablet computers fighting for your attention and cash. which ones are the best? take a look at this. doesn't exactly look like a tablet. but wait a minute. push this button, i think. and then look at that. mike from "consumer reports"
3:50 pm
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>> arthel: the tabloid wars heating up. with so many choices, how do you decide? >> rick: "consumer reports" putting the newest one, android
3:54 pm
systems to the test. joining us is mike from "consumer reports." these are the androids that want to compete with ipads? >> right. it's the only other real horse in the race here, android. for most people, they're going to choose an ipad. you just can't compete when it comes to just downloading content. there are more choices. the ipad has a superb screen. but it's expensive. you can spend over $800. these are lower cost alternative and they have a few tricks of their own. alternatives. >> rick: this is one i separated. >> this is the asus transformer, tf 300. it's $400. comparable in price to an ipad 2, but comes with twice the memory and has more ports. and it has a very interesting option. maybe that's why they call it the transformer. it's key pad doc that you can just snap right in and you have a netbook just like that.
3:55 pm
>> arthel: good. >> rick: i like that. about the same size? >> ten inch screen and it has a faster processor than the ipad 2. even the new ipad, ipad 3. >> arthel: i was looking at the other one 'cause it's smaller. samsung. >> this, too, again, going on ipad, you only have a choice of ten inch screen. some people want to be able to hold a tablet in one hand and samsung has their cheapest tablet yet. the galaxy tab 2, 7.0. it's for the screen size. and it's comparable, instead of an ipad, it's biggest competition is probably the kindle fire, which is another color player. but again, hardware wise, it's got a lot more going for it. it's got a faster processor, two cameras, front facing and rear facing camera. samsung has taken an extra step by creating -- what people use the kindle fire for is viewing content from amazon. and what this has is there is a media center and there are lots of movies and things you can get on there.
3:56 pm
only $50 more. >> what is that is that, 250? >> 250. >> rick: good stuff, as always. a couple different options for if you you're in the market for a tablet. i like my ipad. >> arthel: i know you do. >> most people who don't want an ipad. >> arthel: good to see you. thanks so much. that's going to do it for us. don't go anywhere. fox report with harris faulkner is coming up next. i'll see you tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. with eric shawn. stick around for that one. >> rick: take care. today, we stand against the tyranny
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