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tv   No They Cant  FOX News  April 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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yes, we can. yes, we can. >> politicians keep saying >> yes, we can. >> yes, we, can. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> people believed them. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> when we need government. the fact this they can't. politicians think they can run the economy and run our lives. but no, they can't. >> that's the title of my new book which explains that individuals you can seed with government spends huge amount of money on trivial things. >> it's trivial to you because you are arrogant. >> yes, we can. >> no, politicians can't. >> do you liberals live in a fantasy land? who thinks the tsa does a great
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job? >> that is disgusting abuse of power. >> they can't protect our money or educate kids. >> yes, we can. >> get out of our way and leave us alone. >> the next time a politician says... >> yes, we can. >>... we the people should say... >> no, you can't. >> they claim they create jobs. but no, they can't. >> we are going to create millions of new jobs. >> my job is to create jobs. >> they keep saying that but does government create jobs? >> the co-chair of the congressional caucus. >> the public sector and the public sector must be working together in order for the market to work properly. >> would it be wise men in
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washington create jobs. >> nobody can doubt that we have schools that are crumbling and we need more attention. my own city of minneapolis we saw a bridge fall into the mississippi river. >> but government doesn't have any money of its own. it has to take money from the private sector to get to these projects. >> you have to take the money from somewhere. >> congressman ellison's caucus claims they have a plan to create 2.2 million jobs. >> if government can't create these 2 million jobs why not 5 million jobs, 10 million jobs. why are you so cheap. spend more. how do you know that 2.2 million is the right balance of taking money from the private sector. >> no one ever does know he gexy the right number. >> i think this guy can give the right answer. owner of nba champion dallas mavericks. >> how many jobs did you create?
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>> a lot. thousands. >> when politicians take money from the private sector they take it from job creators. >> the government is not efficient with using money. >> when cuban was 24 he had no job himself and no prospects. >> you have millions of dollars and a hot wife. what more could i ask for? >> he started a software company. it grew and sold it to comp pew serve. >> my partner said you are the geek there has to be a way to lift indiana basketball over the internet. >> he started another company. >> i put a line in the second bedroom of my house and i just worked. >> without a government program he again created something. >> when this is over either we are idiots it is worth absolutely nothing or we will all be rich. >> five years later they sold that company to yahoo for
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$6 billion. >> to me the most patriotic thing you can do as an american is be filthy rich. you are creating jobs and opportunities. >> he used his 6 million to start another company and create anoth more jobs and bought a lousy basketball team. >> a team not expect to do win won the championship. >> is it what you had or the players? >> if you mention our win loss record you are fired. losing is contagious. we had a survival attitude as opposed to let's win attitude. if you don't think like winners i be tray you i will get rid of you. it took us 12 years but we won a world championship last year. >> now he stars in a reality show that invites entrepreneurs that pitches ideaings that might grow into job creating. >> $500,000 for 45 percent of the company. >> cuban said it would be hard to start his businesses today
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because government has gotten so much more intrusive. >> a lot of these things there's so much paperwork and regulation so many things you have to sign up for that we have a better chance of being successful. >> you want people to start businesses. >> if they are safety. also makes it hard big government demands higher taxes. cuban will provide them but little guys get killed. >> that's right. >> two gore tfor the government for me. >> he bought a small farm. >> how can the farm produce an income that can pay for itself? doing agri tourism business. >> he started doing weddings and other events at the farm. he sold cattle and produce.
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he has been held back by the government. >> i am tired of them telling us what to do and how to live and how to do business, how to can a product. i ask them for permission for everything i do in life. if you want to control everything you come out here and run the damn thing. >> what did the government do to make him so from us freighted? >> this is part of the regulations we have to deal with. they go on and on and keep growing. >> government regulations stopped him from canning and selling his crop. >> we missed an entire harvest because we couldn't get them certified in time. >> they forced him to make tons of little changes to his build. a regulator told him -- >> you need to make another hand washing sink by another sink. before long i can't carry that big ball.
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they found this and this and this. it keeps rolling and rolling and rolling. >> the time and money he spends obeying government could have gone to create jobs. >> without the government deterring the growth of this business we could hire 10 more and say get out of our way and leave us alone we can create all of the jobs. >> big government sgoo get odoe out of the way. it keeps helping us. for example, are you disabled? politicians say they can help you find jobs. but no, they can't. >> must take strong action. this is the position that is blata blatant discrimination. al gore helped convince democrats and republicans to overwhelmingly pass the americans with disabilities act. >> the point of the ada was to get people with disabilities employed and it has had
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absolutely the reverse effect. >> a reverse effect. when the law was passed 51 percent of disabled people were in the work force. now it's just 33 percent. one reason is if a law makes employers see the disabled as a legal threat, fire a disabled person he may sue you. in addition, politicians promised the ada which forces businesses to accommodate handicapped people. the law includes hundreds of pages of detailed rules. every new doorway must be 32 inches wide. every mirror no more than 40 inches above the floor. if they aren't, they may sue you. he filed hundreds of ada lawsuits every year. >> what would you do, john, if you were in a wheelchair and you couldn't move your legs. don't you want something to froekt you and to protect your rights? >> as usual the politician's protection did nasty things. now some businesses are sued by disabled people who have never even been in their store. drive by lawyers call them.
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a disabled person or scout working for them drives up and down the streets looking for businesses that might not be compliant. eric why eric wyatt was asked to do that. >> eric got an e-mail go to the following 19 businesses get 19 businesses part of the receipt and i will pay you 1,000 dollars. >> get a business card to prove he was there and the lawyer would find a reason to sue. eric said no but he could have made thousands of dollars a day. >> about 19,000 all together. >> the disability rules are hundreds of pages, so most every business violates some rule. >> it could be that a mirror is an inch too high, unsecured floor mats, round door job. >> a round door job is illegal? >> it could subject you to a lawsuit. >> george sells carpets and flooring in san diego. his father was disabled used a scooter to go around the store. >> we had must kerrs who never
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complained and we always felt we were in compliance. if an attorney comes in and his or her motivation is to make money on noncompliance i think they could be very creative. >> one person sued claiming the store isles were too narrow for his wheelchair, but they aren't. >> so we decided let's look in our security cameras. lo and behold we couldn't find him. he never was in the store. >> the phony plaintiff lawyer still de p manneded money. >> he would go away for 14,000 dollars. >> so george paid even though he had proof the man was not in his store. in total being sued cost him 100,000 dollars. >> they are faced with these claims even when they are not true they pay them anyway because it would cost them much more to win? >> it is as simple as that. we know a number of defendants who spend 100,000, 200 thousand, 500,000 dollars dealing with these cases. clint eastwood was one of them.
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>> he runs this hotel restaurant. he has a handicapped accessible bathroom. a woman sued him because she claims she was directed to a regular bathroom. eastwood is rich enough to say, go ahead, make my day. he fought back in court and won. usually business owners pay the lawyer a few thousand dollars to go away will it is extortion but it is legal. >> it feels that way. it is an ugly, ugly process, but it works. >> you sue about all kinds of trivial stuff. >> it is trivial to you because you are arrogant. you don't see the point of view of someone -- >> you are parra sites. you are freeloading off of productive people. >> if it wasn't for people like me, thousands and thousands of businesses would not be compliant with the ada right now. if you want to call it a racket, okay, it's a racket it's the legal system. >> it's legal extortion. >> the entire league system is driven by money.
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♪ want to go to college? else' expensive. a year at harvard now costs more than $50,000. state schools often cost $30,000. the politicians in there say we can make college affordable for everyone. but no, are they can't. they have tried. federal spending and college aid has doubled and then doubled again. but as government aid grew so did tuition. inflation was 160%. we are upset that healthcare costs grew more, 400%. but college tuition rose 750%. >> the first thing you are >> the first thing you are struck by is our jungle lobby
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all of the trappings of a jungle retreat. >> one place your money goes is the luxuries to entice students and their money. >> this is the rec center at the university of missouri. >> you will find yourself in the jungle gym. welcomes you into our cardio gallery. fibro layer is our spinning studio outstanding especially the mural work done by the international artist lampo. zoo life is our in house day spa. >> it is no surprise tuition is high. >> we keep feeding the problem. >> naomi wrote a book about how colleges waste money. >> colleges hike their prices the federal government says okay we will contribute a little bit more. >> today almost half of college students get federal aid. >> we have to make sure education is affordable and available to everybody who wants to go. >> people are looking to the government to help them out of this mess but the government got
6:17 pm
them into this mess. >> because the government pays for everything. >> the cost of college is not just a number that comes out of thin air they know they can keep increasing the cost because the government saws they will keep paying for it. if the government said we are not going to make up the difference no matter what you add to your costs, the costs would start to stop or they would start to go down. >> progressives say government should spend more. >> there is no evidence that college loans or any type of student aid increases tuition at public universities. >> if you give people money tuition goes up. >> it doesn't, tall lie. >> tamara draut works for the think tank. >> if you look at what has happened after there's a recession -- >> prices have fallen? >> state funding has been steadily and aggressively cut. >> it has gone up from 55 billion to almost $80 billion. up isn't a cut. >> it has gone up in absolute terms because there are a lot more students that is being
6:18 pm
educated. >> do you liberals live in a fantasy land? >> there are a lot more students, john. >> not muf to make up for all of the money you are throwing at them. >> per student the amount of financial aid -- >> today students get an average of 12,000 in federal and state aid up from 7,000 in 1987. >> good morning, mr. vice president. >> at least vice president biden understands. >> how do you feel about the idea that government subsidies by artificially increasing the availability of student loans is at least partially responsible for rising tuition costs? >> government subsidies have impacted upon rising tuition costs and it's a can nnon drum here. >> they advertise lobster dinners and expensive dorms with luxury pools. >> pools and spas and sushi for lunch. isn't that where you would like
6:19 pm
to matake your next vacation. they say why do you spend so much money on this? we have to compete with the next college down the street. >> climbing pour 200 feet with a variety of lights on it so we can simulate different times of the day. >> the administration says i will build a new rock wall. >> i would like to know where the rock walls are? >> more than 600 colleges now have rock walls. >> what is important to any leisure resort and what's important to any red blooded american college student? spring break. give our tigers spring break every time they step in to the student recreation complex. >> when you go on a tour here. they throw that in your face. it is completely awesome. >> stew denudents will come to say this is what seals the deal. used to be reading, writing and rit ma tick. we have a fourth r, recreation. >> i want to go back to school
6:20 pm
or how do i get back to going to school. >> we are putting colleges on notice. >> now progressives are upset about the rising cost of college. >> we can't just keep on subsidizing sky rocketing tuition. >> in the same speech he says... >> my administration is increasing federal student aid so more students can afford college. will politicians see the irony? no. coming up image a place where fewer rules create prosperity. >> buildings are coming up, thoels are being built. >> every communications provider is different but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company. ♪ we link people and fortune 500 companies nationwide
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♪ what in the world is happening on wall >> what in the world is happening on wall street. we are freaked out waiting to see how low the dow will go.
6:24 pm
>> when the housing bubble bursted and housing market fell people thought they must do something. >> the politicians said we know what to do. senator dodd and congressman frank will write more rules make sure it never happens again. >> so they wrote and wrote hundreds of pages. they say this will create a new financial system. >> one that is innovative, creative, competitive and far less prone to panic and collapse. >> why is that good sense? >> consumer protection an agency dedicate to do make sure financial products like mortgages, credit cards have simple contracts that are easy to understand. >> dodd frank said that? did you read is it it? >> yes. >> did you understand it? >> yes. >> all these pages understand this? >> yes. ing banks already had to follow
6:25 pm
thousands of pages even before dodd frank. >> if you want to open a bank you have to follow these regulations. >> a former bank regulator. >> people have trouble remembering the ten commandments let alone 10,000 pages of something. >> ron used to work at the cayman islands. the caymans. sound familiar? >> assets hidden in the cayman islands. >> we are not going to beat barack obama with someone withing swiss combaing accounts, cayman bank accounts. >> mitt romney supposedly hides his money. >> you know the reputation of the cayman islands. >> people keep telling us it's where rich people go to cheat on taxes. >> there's a little building in the cayman islands over 12,000 businesses claim this building as their headquarters. >> it is monkey business. >> either it is the largest building in the world or largest tax scam. >> you hear it all over the
6:26 pm
news. >> about the whole -- indiscernible) >> the irs says cayman officials provide all requested information in a timely manner. >> mitt romney pays taxes and all of the money earned from the cayman entities. >> i would say it's pirate heaven. some pirate would go and steal the money. >> that actually doesn't happen because the rules are understandable. >> our laws are so complex even regulators don't understand them. the fcc investigated bernie madoff 6 times but didn't stop him. >> bernie madoff would never have gotten away in cayman who he got away with in the u.s. >> american complex laws only prepe pretend to stop laws. remember the solution in the enron scandal? >> it is a tough new law for those shaken confidence in our
6:27 pm
system. >> it cost america billions in paperwork but did not prevent madoff's fraud or the next bubble. >> the economy crisis big bank in a death spiral. >> banks make bad decisions. it makes sense you should have a rule to stop that. >> no. >> what about that cayman building. doesn't it suggest tax fraud? thousands of companies are registered here. >> it has nothing to do with taxes. in delaware that's buildings that have ten times or 100 times as many registered companies. >> it's true. companies register themselves in delaware because delaware has simpler rules. i once started a business there in one week. >> fox t-shirts, fox hats. great stuff here. >> i could have registered even faster in the caymans. >> what i set out to do was design a system that was market responsive. >> john helped create the simple
6:28 pm
rule. it takes just ten pages to register a hedge fund. and the simple rules work. >> look at the records just in the past decade we look at the crisis of 2000 and 2004 and ser crisis in 2008. no cayman financial institution needed any type of government intervention or needed any type of bailout. >> simple rules created prosperity. >> today we have the highest standard of living in the world. >> it is real good. >> jobs are always opening up. >> businesses are booming out of nowhere. buildings are coming up. hotels are being built. >> simple rules are good for people. it is counter endue tive. people's reactions is they protect people with more rules. >> i go back to the ten commandments. the bible said you needed ten. they didn't say you needed
6:29 pm
100,000. >> coming up, you hate the tsa. >> that's disgusting abuse of powers. >> but good news. there's something better. >> people here are willing to help and friendly. >> that's next. high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. standard keyless access, and standard leather-trimmed seats, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards.
6:32 pm
that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies. >> live from america's news headquarters. in arizona authorities talking about a break through in the search for missing isabel celis. police referring to them as witnesses not suspects in the video. they are expanding the search over the border in new mexico. they are awarding money for isabel's return. a 4th crew member after a deadly racing yacht reck off of california and mexico. the 37 foot yacht may have been hit by a much larger vessel somewhere in the night leaving the other three crew members dead.
6:33 pm
it passes through shipping lanes race participants in the area at the time say they saw a tank. it is conceivable a bigger boat could hit a little bolt and not even know it. back to "no they can't" with john stossel. >> aft september 11th politicians said government must take over airline security. >> get federal law enforcement to do the job. >> he said you can't professionalize unless you fed ralize. >> take over the airport security screening. is it now professional? >> these people don't think so. fliers complain -- >> disgusting abuses of power. >> tsa employees ordered the
6:34 pm
elderly woman remove her soiled diaper because it was preventing a thorough pat down. >> this former miss america said she felt molested. but didn't the tsa keep us safe? >> there haven't been successful attacks since september 11th. you might say that shows it's working. >> actually every report shois the tsa missed things. when actually it was the passenger and crews. >> he helped create the tsa now he chairs the transportation committee. >> richard reid, it wasn't the tsa that saved the day. if you look at the diaper bomber with tit was the passengers and crew that saved the day. the times square bomber called on his cell phone ordered the ticket on the way to jfk. >> the tsa is such a lousy place to work more than 50 percent of the work force has quit. >> the agency keeps losing the
6:35 pm
employees and hiring new ones. >> a career where x-ray vision is standard. not because the tsa is under funded. it spent 10 times what the previous private screening company spent. he was shocked how much money they can waist. -- waste. >> you don't want to know. they have a warehouse they spent money on pufferers that didn't work. >> they were supposed to detect explosives but they didn't work. >> they sat in warehouses. they paid $600 a piece for dod to destroy them. >> the tsa wastes money. infuriates passengers and creates long lines. isn't there a better way? the lines are shorter at san francisco airport. they move quickly and passengers even say the screeners are nice. >> people here are friendly and willing to help.
6:36 pm
>> i think they are a little more understanding. >> everybody here is friendly. a lot more are friendly than dallas. >> san francisco is the one major airport working for a private company. not only are these screeners nicer they are better at finding stuff. they found they were twice as good as finding contraband. why would private screeners be nicer and better? here's a reason. they practice. they are racing matching the security cards. the faster will win 5,000 dollars. there is even dramatic music. the ts a-trains theirs, too. in this competition they race to search bags to identify forbidden items. a pipe bomb. they rush to repack the bag.
6:37 pm
>> they look at slides of people. >> how many buttons are on the screen. >> 4. >> yes. >> the private company makes these screeners special. >> you are a protection officer you have to be able to look at something, look at a lot of people and be able to maintain what they saw. these are things you find out who is very good at that stuff. >> we are competitive. >> skreerns love the contest. >> usually it's did you go? yes. what's your score? i am not telling you. you tell a person your score they try to beat you. you want to be the winner. it's like bragging rights. >> i suppose they get better with these contests? >> oh, yes, they have to. >> if you don't have a passion for it you need to find another job. >> who knew privatization would create better attitude. >> i bet you are making money. that's money coming out of my pocket. >> i don't mind making a little profit. it's a capitalistic way. >> profit makes you try harder.
6:38 pm
makes you work hard. we have to do awell. (phone rings) >> that also means getting passenger throughs security quickly. wait times here are shorter. they nov screeners around. >> moving stuff from pier b to checkpoint. >> we show red there we know we are short of staff somewhere. we try to back up to see how many people we can send to thhe them. >> the director of this airport wishes her screening company would work hard to keep things moving. >> we get a high number of visitors in the summer. >> of course she does. her airport is next to montana glacier national park. people go to the park in summertime. traffic triples. but the tsa doesn't respond to that. >> screening levels remain constant year-round. the same number in the summer as the winter. >> because of that and the delays it creates. passenger complaints about rude
6:39 pm
screeners. cindy wanted to switch to a private company. the law aallows that but they have to ask the tsa permission. her and others asked but the tsa didn't respond for a year and a half. then they said no. >> what reason did they give you? >> they didn't give a reason. >> we asked them who come on the show to explain the decision. >> the spokesman also lied to us when we asked permission to fill the competition they told us the private company is camera shy and wants to stay out of the limelight. >> i don't know if i would do that. i really don't. the only reason they are given there is no clear advantage for the federal government. >> i beth mcleod donald would like to tell burger king you can't open here there is no clear advantage to you coming here. >> the tsa creator says the
6:40 pm
bureaucrats are protecting their turf. >> it is typical government. >> gives them more power. >> keeps the power in washington. >> what were you thinking? you did this. >> there's no question. it is grown into a monster. they become a huge person nil op ra ration instead of a security operation. >> come will up people any the program "head start" give the poor kids a head start. but no, they can't. >> follow the wings.
6:41 pm
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>> there is one government program that people say is a big success. that is head start. >> head start has been such an extraordinary success over all of these years. >> it is a program that is working. >> it gives underprivileged kids a head start before regular school. the lobby says it's a place... >> where dreams are born and bond are nourished. talent can grow curiosity flourished. >> head start is a great program. it gets results? >> i think there is tons of results. >> everybody thinks that but it's not true. >> we spend 180 billion on a program that has 0 advantage of the kids. >> there was a study put out in 2010 funded by the federal government. it took 114 indicators didn't find one positive outcome. >> we couldn't tell the
6:45 pm
difference between the kids that had the large head start investment. >> the government's own study found positive impacts while the kids were in head start. one year later all gone. >> by kindergarten and first grade no difference between the kids that went and kids that didn't. >> the president taking a strong stand against infective programs. >> we have to eliminate programs that don't work. eliminate programs that no longer work. >> we spent more than a billion dollars and find the company oops there's no difference. >> we said we have to stop. >> it's a billion dollar industry. and then the next year 2012 this year it's a $400 million increase. the 2013 budget had a million dollar increase. >> i have to say it got me a little choked up.
6:46 pm
>> we should be choked up. government keeps spending more money on programs that even they admit don't work. i want to confront the administration for the people in head start about this but they wouldn't talk to me. i am glad congressman allen did. >> i am not doing these kids tremendous benefit. >> i would like to believe they did a lasting benefit the government's own data finds none of that. >> that is not a problem with head start that's a problem of not adequate investment in our public education system. >> what would be enough. 50,000 a kid? 100,000 a kid. the line is always we have to spend more money. if we are better funded we will get better outcomes for kids. >> that is what the big spenders always say about most everything government does. >> yes, we can. >> more money and government
6:47 pm
power will fix everything. but no. no, they can't. >> okay. although government can't. when we return we will see how free people can. this at&t 4g network is fast. hey, heard any updates on the game? i think it's final seconds, ohh, shoots a three, game over. so two seconds ago... hey mr. and mrs. harris, where's kevin? say hi kevin. mom, put me down. put...the phone...down. hey guys. did you hear... the choys had their baby? so 29 seconds ago. well we should get them a gift. [ choys ] thanks for the gift! [ amy and rob ] you're welcome!
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yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> no, they can't. that's a nasty title for my new book but politicians can't do what private individuals can. over the year politicians promised energy independence world peace an end to poverty. if we just give them more money they will solve those problems. no, they can't. >> their plans go bad. head start doesn't work, college tuition pays for spots.
6:51 pm
the tsa is awful. >> hundreds of other examples of how government can for years. >> you can find that on john if government can't how about cutting edge science lick nasa. they did send a man to the moon. we all like this. but think about it. it cost billions and what did gee gwe get? >> promos for breakfast drinks. they brought us the cat scans but sdn get us much. we have lots of delayed project he cans. government science is plummeted by contrasts for a fraction of the cost a private group does better. >> offer a prize and they will come. >> they promised 10 million. they launched 3 men into outer space.
6:52 pm
>> i have never been myself as creative as i have eyeballing this (bleep) prize. >> spaceship 1 won the prize. >> they brought the right -- >> a company that plans to run a tour bus in space. already tom hanks, ashton kutcher katie perry and brangelina brought tickets. the fare is 200 thousand now but some day it will be as cheap as normal air fair. >> i am told private companies doesn't want to do this. there is no money to be made. this has to be done by the government. >> all of the innovation comes out of entrepreneurs. >> how do they make money? >> by charging for the ride. >> government support is critical in helping businesses off the ground.
6:53 pm
>> programmed to believe it is real high tax future information has to come from the government. it is just the opposite. >> they thrown millions in failures like sol lyindr and hundreds of billions wasted on sin fuel. >> progressers say government boondoggles are worth the risk. >> i like the government taking my tax dollars and investing in the technologies tomorrow. >> progressives also like government for private companies to do it. >> fuel efficiency standards have forced detroit to innovate in ways it might not have without that. >> if government didn't tick date 35 miles per gallon we wouldn't get there? we need government to force it? >> i think we do need government to force it. >> no, we don't. while government spent billions they offered $10 million prize for a car that gets 100 miles
6:54 pm
per gallon. >> the announcement sparks a worldwide response. >> they have to do that. we are going to go for them in a big way. >> to meet the challenge some use gasoline, electricity and even compressed air. >> it is proving what is possible. >> the design phase was first. cars had to face a looks test. then came the safety and performance test. most were eliminated. >> they had range, millage and 0-60 and the transmission didn't hold up. >> this team won the prize with a car that got 102 miles a gallon. >> they are productions and components are going in auto manufacturers. >> thousands of gallons of crude oil are losing. >> government took charge after the bp oil spill. >> make no mistake we will continue to do whatever is necessary. >> we brought in the best and brightest of all of the minds
6:55 pm
that could deal with this. >> no government hadn't. >> we look at re-inventing how to clean up oil on the surface, how has it changed since the exxon val disease changed earlier. >> how did he improve it? >> i don't know. but the competition will bring the best ideas to the top. >> it is odd to hear you say i don't know. the government assumption is someone in government does know and can pick but you are giving away all of this money and you say i don't know. >> the research shows funding agencies you are a researcher here is money. hundreds of teams are the best one but the one who chooses us we will pay you. we only pay for success. >> i am waiting for that great big chess. >> it is a faster way to clean up. >> 420 teams entered the competition. >> gave it our best shot. >> some teams had no prior
6:56 pm
experience with oil spills. >> we get asked how long have you been in the oil industry? counting today? oo the top ten teams cleaned up in new jersey and 7 of the ten teams doubled the preexisting standard for the last 20-years. >> one of the teams that doubled it the team that met at a las vegas tattoo parlor. i kid you not. can't make up this stuff. they built a scale model in one of the guy's pools and it still doubles the ability to clean up oil spills in the last 21 years. >> for 20-years they tried and tried and they can clean up oil spills but only at a certain speed. with a prize you double it. actually the winning team for the prize quadrupled it. >> why can't the environmental protection agency lead something like this? >> they could but they didn't.
6:57 pm
>> just because government can't that doesn't mean we can't. we can. individuals succeed governments pay it. >> that's our stole. i am john stossel. thanks for watching. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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