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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 1, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> i am heather childers>> i am heather nauert. it is tuesday may 1st. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it marks the one year time period since the navy seal raid killed osama bin laden. >> we are in islamabad where the most wanted terrorist was captured and killed. dominic? >> sfz exactly 2:30 in the afternoon new york time when two navy seals landed in this site and killed osama bin laden. the site looking different than
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what it looked like a year ago. you would have seen a 3 story building which osama bin laden would have lived. it was knocked down by the pakistani authorities who want to obliterate any memory of osama bin laden being here. a local contractor bought it for 30 bucks per a thousand. that's the only memory you will find of bin laden if pakistan had its own way. >> what do we know about the time bin laden lived there? >> well, he was at this particular house for five years in the country for nine. we are hearing from the only effective independent investigation in bin laden that he was retireed by al qaeda as early as 2003. they found him to be a liability t cutting off al qaeda sources it
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would be hard to keep him there. al qaeda effectively sold him out to the cia. that's how ultimately he was allowed to become vulnerable and eventually fond. looks like he was let down by absolutely everybody including his family>> pakistan was embarrassed a year ago. are the pakistani still trying to pretend it never in fact happened? >> to some extent. we have pakistani spy agency who tried to prevent us were being live on the site today. they got rid of the family a couple days ago trying to ghement out before the anniversary. just removing his house trying to put it effectively behind them. but ultimately pakistan will always be embarrassed by the fact that the world's most wanted terrorist was hiding on
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its soil for up to nine years. >> live from abbott bad, pakistan. >> to hear the kids playing in the background. more on that in about an hour. it is fodder on the campaign trail. kelly wright is in washington for us this morning. >> good morning to you. the sparring between bin laden and president obama and mitt romney. it could be a tough election battle. duri president obama pushed back on charges he is politicizing osama bin laden's death. the president taking aim at his remarks presumably toward mitt romney for appearing to flip flop on whether he would have taken out the terrorist. >> as far as my personal role n
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and what other folks would do, i just recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume that people meant what they said when they said it. >> on the campaign trail romney fought back and said he would have ordered the hit even jimmy carter would have. >> would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> is the criticism from the obama campaign not fair? >> all of this stemming from a campaign ad that was made for the president talking about the bin laden raid and the subsequent death of bin laden. senator john mccain weighed in
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on the fray as well telling bill o'reilly any president would have ordered the action against bin laden. mccain added, real heros, they don't brag. >> kel me wright in washington. thank you so much. time to look at who else is talking. >> this morning of course the death of osama bin laden is the big talk. president obama spoke about the mood instiide the situation roo at the moment this picture was taken. let's listen here. >> it's not a slam dunk yet. >> it is not a slam dunk. at this point all of us understand we are a long way to go before the night is done. and i have said this was the longest 40 minutes of my life. >> to coin a phrase all you know is you have a "black hawk down", it's in the courtyard. it turns out to have been superbly piloted by a pilot who knew to nose it into the dirt to
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kill the torque of the landing and cushion everyone on board. >> right. >> i will tell you when i saw that pilot, i gave him a pretty big hug. >> jose rodriguez he is the former cia agent who is talking about the programs used after 911. >> the programs helped lead united states to bin laden. here he is last night on "hannity". >> we got a lot of information from the detainees that eventually led us to bin laden. >> that's a fact. >> that is a fact. >> you were there and you know you watch this had unfold. >> there is still doubt out there, people are doubting the amounts of information we got from this program that gave us the basis to go after our man and destroy al qaeda.
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it is just amazing. and make sure that you tune into fox and friends at 6:30 to hear more from jose rodriguez. he will be joining us life with details. he is a fascinating interview. >> time for the 5 at 5:00. the u.s. military is under reporting the number of times that afghan soldiers or police open fire on american troops overseas. the military does report when they are killed by an afghan but we just learned the military is not saying when they are wounded or avoid being hit. they also aren't reporting when troops are wounded next to other soldiers who are killed. there has been a drastic rise recently in afghan troops attacking american soldiers. >> we are learning trach new details about the bronx highway where an suv drove off the overpass killing all 7 family
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members inside the car. officials have dragged their feet for decades or fixing it. just last year it was identified by new york as one of the most dangerous roads. despite several terrible accidents and documents calling for urgent reteapairs the city the state failed to act. the family got some help. a city cabbie donated 1,000 dollars to cover some of the funeral's costs. they could disrupt the morning commute as activists rally on what some consider international worker's day. in new york city alone thousands are expected to swarm the streets making a mess of the morning commute. police keeping an eye on the on the occupy wall street crowd 6 wells far go banks and city owned office building. all of those samples tested negative for hazardous materials. one of the envelopes addressed to the mayor mike bloomberg.
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they plan to bring traffic to a stand till. >> they were clearing the way for testimony surrounding the sex tapes made between edwards and his mistress. both sides agree the video won't be shown but testimony about the tape can be introduced. this ruling came during a day of emotional testimony from edwards former aid's wife sherry young told the court she was disgusted by the financial scheme to hide rielle hunter's pregnancy but said she would help when he told her it was legal. she is expected to take the stand today. >> this is something you don't expect while expecting being struck by lightening and living to tell about it. this is what happened to one pregnant woman in cincinnati. she was walking to her car with an umbrella and then she felt a jolt go through her entire body. both kel leap and her unborn child survived completely unharmed.
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the rubber soles on the sneakers of her shoes protected her from the shock. now it is time to have a great weather update from maria molina. you can expect travel delays as rain enters the region. >> good to see you. we can expect lightening across parts of northeast even into the portions of the central planes. we are going to have a lot of activity. showers early this morning across the northeast. really a muggy start for you guys. plan to see a slow morning commute for you guys. heavy rain across parts of florida that has 1-2 inches of rain local lie higher amounts. we are getting reports of flash flooding over the past two-days because we have had a lirnging fro -- lingering frontal system. more severe weather will be possible along portions in the
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north central including the state of minnesota and city of minneapolis. heads up later on today showers and storms will be firing up. otherwise because of the rain and also thunderstorms we will be seeing delays in boston, new york city and down into memphis. looking at a large area of possible delays early this morning. here's a quick shot of the showers in the northeast and a second area of rain across the central plains. all right maria molina thank you so much. stories you can bank on. looks like a lot more of us are stashing away for retirement. joining us now from the fox business network lauren simonetti. >> great news for savers. maybe we are not so certain about the economy but we are putting money away. average balances and 401 k plans grew 8 percent in the first quarter. that is a record level of 48,600 stashed away since tracking the data in 2008. we are saving more in the first quarter not in april. the stock market did well.
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that's why balances are up. >> fascinating information. companies are saying they will prefer to pay fines to the government rather than include employees on healthcare programs as a result of the obama healthcare law. >> this is exclusive information that fox obtained meant to go to house republicans. it found companies with around 6 million employees they say 29 billion in the first year if they pay that fine with government healthcare exchange ore the course of a decade $422 billion. >> so many of the large companies are self insured. they don't know the risk they would rather have the government take it. >> wal-mart getting into cash business on-line. >> if you thought we were going into a noncash city if you go on-line select your entire order even shipping option you select pay with cash within 48-hours
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you pay them with cash. >> you don't get it right there. you have to wait to have the stuff shipped to you. >> seems like a pain in the neck. >> it is good for baby items that aren't really offered at wall smart stores. plus it's easier to get it all. >> 13 minutes after the hour. one girl refusing to say the pledge of league yance -- alleg class. why is she suing the school? the airline refusing to refund the money after he is too sick to fly. we will have the outcome when we come back. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> it is now 16 after the top of the hour. here's a quick check of some of the headlines for you. the department of homeland security laufrping its own investigation into the prostitution scandal in columbia. 12 have been disciplined or let go after allegedly bringing prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. they have new rules of conduct. they are saying no that is the brutal answer spirit airlines is give to go a terminally ill veteran who asked for a refund on his flight. he told i say his story on fox and friends. >> i did not know that i was terminal when i purchased the ticket. i found out two weeks later asked out of curiosity how do we go about getting a refund. they said there's no way. they won't even change the name to my daughter so she can fly back and forth. unconscionable that's the way i
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feel. >> even after all that spirit is still standing its ground not even agree to go donate the cost of the ticket to charity. >> i e-mailed a company spokesperson yesterday and asked if the company had changed the mind given the circumstances the response was no. all righty. here's what we would like you to brew on today another topic. a fooifrt the pledge of allegiance. a woman in brownsville, pennsylvania is suing hir daughter's school district after she was punished for not resiting the pledge of geei allegiance. >> a 13-year-old 8th grader is being punished to the nor saying the pledge of allegiance.
2:19 am
she said she received threats if she continued to sit down during the pledge. the aclu stepped in and the school stepped down. according to the school solicitor it was all a miscommunication. quote at this point my understanding is the student had not been disciplined. the student elected not to stand for the pledge and the student's decision was protected by the classroom instructor. they are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all of the students. we are going to work with the student council to get the matter resolved. she keeps her reasons for sitting personal. deletes all past records of any punishment. thank you ainsley. >> that leads us to our brew on the question of the day. we want to know what you think. was the student's constitutional rights violated or should this be a punishable offense? >> send your comments over to
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us. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or fox details of the night of the death of jennifer hudson's family. >> those 911 tapes ahead. >> one of the down falls of the economy. >> having their homes foreclosed upon. next we are going to help you prevent this from happening. we tips on how you can stay an top of your mortgage. 20 minutes after the hour. ♪ flush flush
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>> welcome back. 24 past the top of the hour. foreclosures were just under $200,000 in march. that's a 4 percent decrease from february. we certainly want that number to keep ongoing down. so personal finance expert vera gibbons joins us now with five tips to help keep you from foreclosing. >> good morning, heather. your first tip? >> don't over borrow in the first place. taxes and loan should not receive 28 percent of your monthly take in. zolo has them on the web. run the numbers. >> you say you have already gotten yourself in trouble. this next tip surprised me. talk to your lender. >> 50 percent of people who end
2:25 am
up in foreclosure never have a discussion with their lender. if you are running into trouble problems down the road pick up the phone and explain your situation while your credit is good while you are still above oughter you have more negotiating power. >> temporary solutions? >> if you think the problem will be temporary they will offer different temporary solutions. they may extend your payments they may extend a grace period that you are late. these are temporary remedies that may be available to you. they are only temporary. you have to figure out ways to save more spend less and prioritize your bill spending as well. >> that goes to the next step. >> longer term. >> they come in many different shapes and sizes but generally they involve interest rate reduction generally involve extension of the terms maybe 40 years. principal deferment of some sort. more banks view the pod fic indications a greater success rate. they go through the same m
2:26 am
modification save 500 a month. even things the home owners don't know the modifications. >> do it before your credit is tarnished. >> finally short sale consider that. >> this may be an option if you are under water. this is when you are selling the home back to the lender for less than you owe on the mortgage. a lot less humiliating than going through foreclosure your credit won't be as tarnished. you can buy the home in as little as 3 years. >> try not to get in trouble to begin with. >> thank you very much. >> really good information, ladies. 26 minutes after the hour. we have disturbing details about the 911 calls from jennifer hudson's family. >> is governor crist tee changing his tune now? could romney christie ticket be
2:27 am
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers>> i am heal. >> i am heather nauert. >> today marks the one year anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. president obama is getting criticism for playing up the for the campaign. >> we will be hearing about this for a while. >> there's no debate bin laden's death was a victory for the united states but it is touching off this election year battle here. one year after the race there isn't much to see of bin laden's one time compound in bapakistan.
2:31 am
it has already been destroyed. people gather around it to take pick turls of the place where bin laden was brought to justice by a navy seal team. white house chairman chief says it was part of a turning point. >> it's a decade before 9-11 with al qaeda's rise. after 9-11 it was a time of decline. i believe this decade will be the one that sees its demise. >> president obama raised eyebrows at the white house when he used bin laden's death to take a not so good swipe at mitt romney during a press conference with the prime minister of japan. >> i said he woui would go afte laden if i had a clear shot at him and i did. if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then i would go ahead and let them explain it. would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> you would have given the
2:32 am
order, governor? >> is the criticism from the obama campaign unfair? >> i would have give than order. >> as far as the anniversary is concerned u.s. officials say there are no specific threats to coincide with it but they also recognize this is a day that carries a lot of significance to the recommend nance of al qaeda. heather? >> thank you very much, doug. while bill o'reilly riley is also talking this morning. he is responding to comments made by cia agent jose rodriguez. we played those comments for you. rodriguez asked the question how can it be more ethical to kill people by drones than capturing them. rodriguez makes a good point. >> we are blowing the hill out of these people in space, no trial, no prufrpesumption of innocent they are dead and so are the people around them. the same president that orders that will not dunk people in the water. does that make sense to anybody? the president well understands the difference between dproeron
2:33 am
and waterboarding. his decision to ban it is a political one playing to his crew. tough to make the argument on that one. he will be live on fox and friends today at 6 clrn 30. want to tune in for that. he has so much interesting information about that whole time. now time for the 5 at 5:30 the top five stories making news at this hour for you. while you were sleeping secretary of state hillary clinton departing for china as the diplomatic storm intensifies between the u.s. and china over a blind chinese disaccident. the dispute threatens the annual talk. he is staying in beijing after exposing forced abortions. a chicago judge releasing the 911 call made by jennifer
2:34 am
hudson's sister julia. this is minutes after her mother had been found shot to death. >> horrific for that family. that tape was played for jurors at the trial of this guy william belfour he's julia's husband ex-husband. testimony continues later today. a music festival in australia hits a sawysour note concert goer takes a terrible tumble. he climbs to the top of tall scaffolding. after sneaking past security he was up there dancing to the music for several minutes before
2:35 am
he lost his footing and took the plunge. incredibly witnesses say he wasn't hurt just brushed himself off and kept on dancing. looks like chris christie might be changing his tune when it comes to a possible vice presidential bid. yesterday the new jersey governor reportedly telling a high school class mitt romney could quote possibly convince him to be his running mate. >> on a lighter note christie commenting on the ribbing he took over his weight. >> let it roll off your back. i was sitting next to sophia. whatever jimmy kimmel said doesn't bother me one bit. >> over weight or not polls show governor crist tee's popularity is at an all-time high in his home state of new jersey. mcdonalds big sizing in a big way. they are opening the biggest restaurant ever for 6 weeks in
2:36 am
london. this is what the restaurant will look like over 32,000 square feet. that's about half of the length of a football field. 2,000 people will work there. the restaurant says they will feed 1500 customers at a time. those are your headlines at 5:30. >> the size of a shopping mall it looks like. >> before you leave the house this morning get your weather update with maria molina. she has more on the rain expected in the northeast. >> good morning, guys. it's already here. it is starting to move through areas like here in new york city and portions of philadelphia and into new england. it will be a slow morning commute for you early this morning. you will need the umbrella and rain. overall this is expected to be generally light stuff and quickly move offshore by late afternoon, evening. ( we are expecting the areas to stay quiet. we have a system bringing in heavy rain across oklahoma and missouri.
2:37 am
6 inches of rain reported in spots. we have had flash flooding issues here and we can still see more rain with this system. we will continue to head eastward and bring us heavy rain as we head into late tonight and tomorrow. cities like philadelphia, boston, atlanta you are fine. sunshine and yet again another relatively warm day shy of 70 degrees by 8:00 a.m. this morning. in chicago you are going to stay much quieter today than yesterday. we have a risk today for severe weather across parts of minnesota and northeastern portions of kansas with large hail damaging winds and tornadoes will be possible as well. including you guys in the city of minneapolis down into omaha. stay alert through out the day today. otherwise across the south it is warm above average temperatures 88 the high in atlanta. 89 in memphis. for us in new york city milder than it has been lately. 74 will be our high. >> thank you so much. and moving now to hollywood. taking overour nation's capital
2:38 am
this weekend at the white house correspondence dinner. before it all started we sat down with some of the biggest stars who were in attendance. >> i love this city. i have loved this city since i was a kid. i love the history. i love the people here because everyone here is passionate about something. >> it is my first time here. we have been here for a few days. it has been extremely fun weekend so far. >> hitting all of the parties? >> we went to a two-parties, yeah. >> it is good to get out of dallas and the hollywood scene and check out the politics and everything. mainly the roast. jimmy kimmel the roast and the dinner, it's a good time. up next can't say we didn't see this one coming. octo mom filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy one month after being on welfare. court documents show she has as much as $1 million in debt.
2:39 am
she says filing for bankruptcy is what is best for her kids. >> cops finally recovering tv chef guy ber reese $200,000 yellow lamborghini. after more than a year it left the dealership they made a huge break in the case when they arrested a 17-year-old boy on a gun charge and they decided to search a storage unit that belonged to him. found the car inside. we are told the teen is a person of interest in the theft. >> how can you miss that car? bright yellow. 39 minutes after the hour. a roundup of the sports stories. check out amari sod meyer. you can see his arm it is all bandaged up and in a spling. we are told he punched a glass casing of a fire extinguisher after losing the game. looking doubtful for game number three. they will be without rondo
2:40 am
for game two. rondo said it wasn't intentional but they feel otherwise. >> major league baseball suspending young for 7 games without pay after he is arrested. >> the tigers outfielder was arrested after a fight outside of his hill. he yelled anti-sematic slurs during the dispute. cal ripken, jr. will be here to talk about the roger clemens perjury trial. cal ripken is such a nice guy. he always spends time signing balls and all that stuff. coming up running with romney. they take a look at a series they are doing on some of the possible contenders for the vp list. we will look at marco rubio and his life. dramatic video of debris from japan's tsunami from over one year ago. a harley and a trailer.
2:41 am
stay tuned for this.
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>> it is 43 after the top of the hour. what stories are making headlines over the seas. finally admitting to drone strikes overseas against terrorists. counter-terrorism advisor calls the strike wide but civilians have been killed. army divers and rescuers working through the night to pull 103 bodies. 100 people are still missing. the packed boat carrying 350 passengers capsized and broke into two pieces. talk about an amazing discovery. take a look at this. this harley davidson motorcycle that washed up on the shores of canada might actually be from that japanese tsunami.
2:45 am
he found it hidden inside the trailer. >> last night bret baier kicked off a special series called "running with really knee." he takes a look at the republicans considered to run with romney as his running mate. we have a piece of that report. from west miami city commissioner to florida state house representative to the youngest speaker of the florida house. to a long shot senate campaign backed by the tea party. >> i think it should be about the future of america. >> to the republican frontrunner in one of the most watched senate races in 2010. to a u.s. senator in the spotlight and now to something else. >> you are 41 at the end of may. >> yes. >> you are a u.s. senator.
2:46 am
>> i feel 42. >> do you? >> yes. >> you are a u.s. senator who made it through a campaign that was at the beginning there was no chance for you. now you are on the short list whether you say so or not for vice president. do you ever pinch yourself and say, holy cow, how am i here? >> i pinch myself because of the understanding that i have been blessed with a real rare opportunity that few americans ever get to serve their government and their people at this level. it doesn't escape me that less than half a decade ago my family lived in different circumstances. my dad was a bartender my mom was a madid people that came frm where they came from. those things strike me. the other stuff is fleeting. what will matter is what i do here. >> his resume show as politician on the move one who credits his success to hard-working parents who came to the u.s. from cuba. >> that's a tribute to them no
2:47 am
doubt about it but it is a greater tribute to america. it is one of the few societies in all of american history where a story like that would even be possible. >> he is a father of four young children also a driving force in his life. >> my kids are going to come back to washington 20-30 years from now hope they can say my dad was away a lot but it was for a reason. he made a difference. i hope they are proud. >> what an interview. it is more than 8 minutes long. you can see brett's entire interview at report. tonight the series continues with a focus on rob portman of ohio. it is 47 minutes after the hour. lawmakers are trying to help job seeker rs fight back against employers who are asking pass word to social media accounts. we will have the details ahead. >> another bear on the lose in colorado. how this ended. and it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. we want to know if you think
2:48 am
it's a stew aent's constitutional right or punishable offense to not say the pledge of allegiance. >> let's take a look at brian kilmeade and what they have coming up on fox and friends. only on your show would you have a baseball great and cia agent. >> you are giving away my tease. >> cal ripken junior. joel is going to be the floor manager. he he will be giving me the cues. oh we are going to have senator tom coburn on. what else does it say. we are going to have jose rodriguez the cia agent who did the enhanced interrogation and saved millions of lives. andy garcia. look how thick this is. we are going to do all of this stuff in three hours. i don't know how we are going to do it. i have to go in. this is good coffee.
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>> time now 52 past the top of the hour. you may have heard recent reports of employers and schools asking for applicant's facebook log in information. maybe that's happened to you. a new bill wants to put a stop to that. fox business network has more. >> the bill is known as snopa. they are reducing legislation that would protect job seekers from being asked their log in information. violators would face a fine of 10,000 dollars. this would apply to schools all of the way from kindergarten up to higher education.
2:53 am
re lee he issed a statement requesting user's log in information and says this you are der minds the security of the user and user's friends. it also potentially exposes the employer to unanticipated legal liability. this isn't the first time congress has tried to address the issue. in march it said no to a bill that would allow facebook to regulate the issue. it is the first federal legislation that would deal with this issue head on. >> thank you very much diane mess said d macedo. >> the fooifrt t fight over thef allegiance. they are suing the school district after the girl was punished for not resiting the pledge in class. was this her constitutional right not to recite the pledge . >> she shouldn't be punished.
2:54 am
that's her free tomorrow to do. we live in the land of the free. >> don't know about all of the punishment but where does the pride in our country go. >> this is america love it or leave it. show some respect and pledge. >> thanks to everyone who responded. keep your comments coming. send your comments over to us. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at a little balance in our responses. >> why does everything come to a threat of a lawsuit. >> i remember growing up saying the pledge of allegiance putting your hand over your heart sol looting the flag. i think we turned out a okay after doing that. >> everybody was happy to do it. >> it is now 54 minutes after the hour. there is another bear on the lose in the state of colorado. we will tell you if this one ended up good, bad or ugly. now for your word of the day
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >> before you leave the house
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this morning, let's get your weather update and more on today's temperatures. >> if you live in the east, a little warmer than it's been. in the 50's in new york city and currently 60 degrees in cleveland. as you head southward, warm and muggy out there. 70's from memphis to san anto o antonio, texas and we have moisture across parts of texas into portions of the northeast so new york city, heads up. boston, you'll need the umbrella early this morning but this storm system will quickly exit off the coast. late tonight, we're expecting generally dry weather behind this storm system and the good news with it, it's bringing in some warmer temperatures for us. across the center of the
2:59 am
country, it's been raining a lot from missouri to oklahoma. 6 inches of rain reported in some spots. unfortunately, we're seeing some flash flooding earlier this morning there. >> lot of rain. lot of rain coming down. 2 minutes after the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. let's start out with the good news this morning. rascal, the boston terrier is finally back with his original owners in texas. the mayfield family said that someone adopted their dog before they could claim him at a shelter. rascal went missing about two weeks ago but now he's back home. that's the bad. it looks like obi one kanowbe has gone to the dark side of the forest, talking about this guy


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