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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: i give you props for that. go to i'll post answers to your questions for us in half an hour. good night, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: president obama on the ground in afghanistan. on this, the anniversary of the killing of bin laden. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. like with more iconic events, you probably remember where you were and what you were doing one year ago. when you heard that usama bin laden had been killed. but now, in an effort that once united americans divided some of them. today, president obama continued what many feel is a very long victory lap. this one extending all the way to afghanistan. chief white house correspondent ed henry begins our coverage on the bin laden
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anniversary. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. president will address the american people live in from afghanistan in primetime. #:30 p.m. eastern time. in a preview to the u.s. troops he again mentioned bin laden and said the battle is not over. this is the beginning of the end of america's longest war. >> we have been able to decimate ranks of al-qaeda. a year ago, we were able to bring usama bin laden to justice. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness, president obama secretly left washington around midnight for the third unannounced trip to afghanistan. a chance to mark the first anniversary of the killing of usama bin laden. aides insist the real purpose was meeting with afghan president hamid karzai, to sign a strategic partnership agreement. >> there will be difficult days ahead. as we move forward with our transition, i'm confident that afghan forces will grow
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stronger. the afghan people will take control of their future. >> it covers the relationship with afghanistan beyond 2014. when the u.s. combat forces are scheduled to lead. it does not commit the u.s. to a specific level of troops or money. but guarantees some support from 2014 to 2024, to try and prevent al-qaeda from gaining a foothold depen. like it did before 9/11. >> neither americans, nor the afghan people asked for this war. yet for a tect, we stood together. to drive al-qaeda from its camps. >> the war was sparked by bin laden masterminding the 9/11 attacks, and the way the president is marking the first anniversary of terrorist death may intensify republican charges he is politicizing it. especially since the white house has been inconsistent. last month on the second anniversary of the president signing the controversial healthcare reform, the staff down played the silence. >> the anniversary is not
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something that the president is going to have an event around. but it's quite clearly a major accomplishment. >> this trip comes ahead of the nato summit that the president will host in his hometown of chicago, with afghanistan front and center. pentagon report out today about profres in the last six months claims enemy initiated attacks decreased by 9% and dropped by 16% so far this year. but it klos glosss over the rise in attack by afghan security forces on u.s. and nato trainers. he is pressing the president to focus on the commitment to afghanistan. not just the plans to withdrawal when he addresses the nation in less than # 0 minutes. >> bret: let's focus in on the policy of the verse version. ed touched on some of that.
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criticism that the president is receiving. correspondent shannon bream has that part of the story. >> appearing in new york, with rudy giuliani, presumptive nominee mitt romney marked the one-year anniversary of usama bin laden's death applauding the intelligence community, military and their commander in chief. >> ik knowledgeed a year ago when it was announced that president deserves credit for the decision. i would have take than myself. >> that is following monday's remarks seemingly that romney flipped on his decision to go in to afghanistan. romney said he's disappointed that the president is using this as a political football and said his position was the same as joe biden. >> i thought it was a mistake to announce he would go in. rather say what i did, we reserve the right to go what we feel is appropriate to secure interest of the united
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states of america. >> you hire the president to make a call when no one else can do it. >> the back and forth stems from web ad released by the obama campaign, highlighting the president's decision to launch the successful strike against bin laden. it's sparked backlash from a diverse critics. the obama supporter adrianna huffington called it despicable and took offense to the suggestion that romney would not have taken similar action. >> if there is no way to know whether romney would have been exercising and to speculate that he wouldn't be is not the way to run a campaign on either side. >> republican senator john mccain, the man who went head-to-head with mr. obama in 2008 said the president is taking credit for something any commander in chief would have done. >> i have had a great honor of serving in the country of heroes. heroes don't brag. >> days after the mission, then defense secretary robert gates worried in celebrating the victory, insiders were too busy taking credit and not focusing on the security of
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the military personnel involved. >> a week ago sunday, in the situation room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin laden. that all fell apart on monday. the next day. also today, bill daley the man who was the white house chief of staff when bin laden was killed gave credit to agencies around the world who contributed to the mission, adding the president has a right to celebrate. bret? >> bret: more with the panel. thank you. now to the part of the world where the 9/11 attacks were planned and where bin laden's life ended. connor powell is life in afghanistan, world affairs contributor, dominic di-natale is live in pakistan. we start with you, you're on the spot where the compound once stood, where bin laden was killed. >> one year and two hours ago bin laden had been killed a few yards from where i'm
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standing now. today you wouldn't recognize the compound. the pakistanny authorities a couple of months ago demolished to start eradicating the memory of bin laden being here on this side for up to five years in country for up to nine whole years. we know that pakistanis want to get over this, particularly getting rid of the wives in the last couple of days and rebuilding the relationship with the united states. but the country hasn't forgiven the united states for that unauthorized raid here. however much it was necessary to bring closure to the usama bin laden story. the relationship between afghanistan and pakistan is complicated. a member lingers here, this is going to play out in the relationship until they can patch things up. >> bret: now to you, you have been based there n kabul for a long time and since the killing of bin laden. what have you seen or
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noticeded on the ground in afghanistan? >> the death hasn't had much of an impact in afghanistan. the war rages on. it's fought against not al-qaeda but cal based insurgency. the big change in the last year is rise of anti-americanrism in afghanistan. we saw large violent protests across afghanistan. after u.s. troops accidentally burned copies of the quran and they killed 17 in han kandahar. there is a sense they want the u.s. to continue to support afghanistan but they don't want them to patrol and fight in villages across in the next few months. the u.s. troops will hand over responsibility to afghan security forces. the question is if they can
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maintain the security here. by all accounts they have not been able to do that. >> bret: what about the trust level between the u.s. troops and afghan soldiers that the u.s. troops are training? you have a president now on the ground. in afghanistan. obviously, the security umbrella is huge around him. there has to be concern about the trust between the two after the incidents, the killings of trained afghan seasonals killing u.s. seasonals. >> there is a real lack of trust between the united states and the international coalition. an the afghan military. something like 20% of all deaths this year have come international or u.s. international troops come at the hands of afghan security forces. i will tell you today, the afghan forces did help secure the city today when president obama was coming in to the main area of kabul where the presidential palace is. they are involved in the security of the president coming here. but there the a real lack of
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trust, bret. >> bret: connor powell live in kabul. dominic di-natale live at what was the bin laden compound. thank you. one year after the bin laden killing are you a your family any safer? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge takes a look. >> al-qaeda is weaker, but the network is diversified. current and former intelligence officials say the next wave, like india in 2008, where the terrorists relied on the cell phone and handgun to kill more than 160 people. the spree in texas. >> it will be less organized, less complex. less likely to succeed. less lethal to succeed. but i fear they will be numerous. >> al-qaeda in pakistan led by the deputy, numbers in the low
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hundreds, affiliates are gaining ground. >> with several thousand members, affiliate in yemen operate openly to decide about the glass banner. new concern is tied to the saudi that developed the underwear bomb. al siri was not killed in a c.i.a. strike last fall. from the base in yemen, he remains active. >> we are concern about their ferocious a tide to find new ways around the world. >> in 2002, they took out leaders of yemen and seven years later, they tried to take down a plane over detroit on new year's day. >> bret: they have been
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convicted of planning a suicide bomb attack on a subway. facing life in prison now. two high school classmates also involved testified against him. who will the secret service keep face this summer? we look at a contender for the number two spot on the g.o.p. ticket, continuing our series. up next, making history, but not enjoying it.
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>> bret: wisconsin republican governor scott walker says he raised $13 million so far this year. to fight her his job in next month's recall election. walker is not the only target. mike tobin tells us another official is making history. >> give a warm wisconsin welcome to governor chris christie. >> big guns are joining with scott walker if recall battle. new jersey republican governor ris christie was stumping for him today.
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other republican like rebecca kleefisch don't fete as much attention. >> when they don't get what they want, they learn they can use recall to exact revenge. >> he is supports walker's policy of restricting the union. but it's been bitter and personal, trechted at her children and her husband. a radio station attacked her with a level of crudeness unlike anything directed at men in politics, accusing her of among other things of having oral sex with talk show host. >> if you validate those things with response, it brings the entire conversation down to the level that i don't want to play at.
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>> the democratic opponent wants to keep it dignified. the head of theture it's union and part of the anti-walker protest. >> you have to make two chang changes. i'm running to make a change, change going in. >> now the governor and the lieutenant governor recalled separately. there is the offchance you could have the top two executiveexecutives in wisconsit along the bitter party divide. now in terms of the fundraise something far, kleefisch raised four times what mitchell has. >> bret: mike tobin live in madison. thank you. a federal appeals judge stepped in the fight over a law in texas banning planned parenthood from the health program. another judge said texas could not enforce the law. today, the appeals judge issued emergency stay. gave planned parenthood attorneys until 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight to present the arguments. the dow hit a four-year high
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on better than expected news of growth, in manufacturing activity. industrial finished up 66. the s&p 500 gained 8. nasdaq was ahead four. still ahead -- he admits he has sizzled. before he ran on the ticket. and first, why the f.b.i. says the plot the blow up ohio's bridge was not national terrorism. where's it going to come from ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ in here, the landscaping business grows with snow.
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>> bret: once again, celebration of workers' rights evolved to a day of protest around the world. may day was marked by huge demonstrations in several major cities. the occupy movement trying to breathe some new life in its cause. this is what it looked like at
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bryant park in manhattan. the f.b.i. says the effort to blow up a bridge near cleveland, ohio, was not tied to international terrorism. correspondent doug mckelway is here to tell us what it was about and who was behind it. good evening. >> good evening, bret. the five suspects under arrest are self-described anarchists infiltrated by f.b.i. informant in the occupy cleveland protest in 2011. from the official meeting, the informant was able to cultivate a relationship with the five men, anthony haney, 35, douglas l. wright, 26, brandon baxter, 20, 23-year-old joshua stafford and 20-year-old connor steve stephens. they planed to use smoke grenades, but the informant suggested he had access to plastic explosionive c, 4 they decided according to the complaint to take down to t route 82 north bridge over the
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cayoga valley national park. they purchased what they thought were eight-pound bricks but it was inert material actually. last night after months of surveillance and recorded conversations by the informant, the cosponnors went to work. >> they placed the two at the concrete support for this. northfield, high level bridge. they attempted to detonate devices from the location they deem safe. one to give them an alibi. >> they were all five arrested. ranging from conspiracy to use o explosive material. >> thank you. >> bret: secret service agents will be receiving ethics training this week. the class was expanded.
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>> a report by british lawmakers says the charity of news corporation, which owns this network, is unfit to run major international company. that comes days after rupert murdock testified he didn't know the extent of abuses at the staff at now defanged news of the world tabloid. conservatives on the panel said they disagreed with his conclusion. they called some of the commentary unjustified and partisan. former g.e.cee says -- in a memo today, murdock wrote that the company take an long hard look at the mistakes and he is proud to say he has been working hard to put it right. david cameron says there is no evidence that the culture secretary broke rules dealing with the corporation over the
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abandoned takeover bid for the british sky broadcasting. no grapevine tonight to continue our series on republican vice presidential contenders. tonight, the man president bush called dr. no. tight wad and penny-pincher. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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>> bret: tonight, we continue the series running with romney. profiling the possible govern vice presidential candidate --
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possible vice presidential candidates. a senator who concedes he's not that flashy. >> i happen to be watching colbert a couple nights ago when i was on and my son has been pushing me for years to go on. it never had the guts to go on. >> bret: he did not need to see the show to know how many people describe him. >> nothing fires up the base like boring. because romney doesn't want somebody to upstage him. look at the two together. the bland leading the bland. maybe romney should go with something blander. white bread. >> my kids love that. >> how do you respond? >> i like to think i'm a serious legislator, trying to get things done. that is my goal in life to get it done. it's not about the sizzle for me. it's fine. i mean, america made a decision in 2008 to go with
3:30 pm
the president who did have sizzle. he was a celebrity. he had a message. then? we'll bring people together to solve problems. it didn't happen because he didn't have the experience. he didn't have the record. he didn't have the policies to do it. >> bret: so 2012 is the anti-sizzle election. >> i don't think that romney has no sizzle. don't get me wrong. he is a dynamic guy. ann romney is dynamic. we will be well liked. think about the olympics, financial problems and scandals but he turns it around to make it as a group to get it done. >> experience is something portman has as well. he has been around the block in washington from the lawyer in the white house council office and office of legislative affairs to congressman from cincinnati,
3:31 pm
to u.s. trade representative. then the budget director under president bush. many analysts see portman as the safest of safe picks for romney. >> he can govern. he gets along well with alum romney. he is from ohio. it could mean a lot in a close general election. he is a budget walk. romney is a budget walk. you have compatibility there. romney is well versed on economic issues and somebody that the press knows and vetted. you don't get the shock and surprise effect. >> bret: portman was seen as a budget hawk in congress. and in the bush administration. he earned nicknames from president bush. and some of them were revealed as portman step down from the office of management and budget. >> although, my title was director of o&b, other titles came my way. dr. no. tight wad. budget hawk. bennpenny pincher and some not suitable for television
3:32 pm
audience. >> critics in and out of the republican party aren't laughing. charging that the bush administration is definitely not a good approximately of fiscal restraint. >> this is a bush administration that also ballooned the national debt. and some sees it as a negative thing. to be part of the bush administration. to bring up the bush years. in the current environment. what do you say to that? >> i was fortunate, i guess, to be part of, you know, some good fiscal discipline of the bush administration. i came in, as you know, in 2006, 2007. a budget i proposed was a balanced budget. can you believe that? a five-year balanced budget. it was hard to put it together. as i said, i put together budgets. i know it's hard. that's what we ought to be doing in congress, putting together a budget, one over time that balances. so the year i was there in 2007, deficit was about 1/8th of the deficit today. $161 billion.
3:33 pm
i would love the times again. it did leave to go home, prior to the financial crisis. when revenues went down. the spending went up. >> when you hear president obama refer to bush years and refer to what was handed to him, and the fact that much worse than projected and democrats point to the bush years saying this is why there are so many problems now, what do you say to that? >> look, inherit at tough economy. no question. but the question is what did he do with it? living through the weakest recovery since greatest depression. 5.5 million jobs down. four years after, 5.5 million jobs down. 1981 we had a tough recession. at this point four years after we gained 6 million jobs. instead of losing 5.5 million, we gained back all the jobs we
3:34 pm
lost and added 6 million jobs because villaraigos ronald reagk tough steps to get tax relief and the economy moving again. 3.5, four years later it's tough to say it was the other guy. >> bret: that other guy gets blamed for sour u.s. economy according to recent polls. including a fox news poll. so some see a serious responsibility for portman for his dies to george w. bush -- ties to george w. bush. >> that is something they want to avoid. you want them to talk about romney. >> most political watchers tell you portman has midwestern appeal in stump and he can get in the weeds of economic policy when prompted. he sits on the powerful senate armed services committee.
3:35 pm
>> what is the most serious threat? >> if you look at syria and terrorism, that's still there. >> portman says the second round across-the-board pentagon budget cuts sequestration is a top fear of his as well. >> the secretary of defense said it would be devastating to the military and hollow out the force. we live in a dangerous world. we can't make those cuts. >> bret: he has three kids and met his wife jane on a blind date. >> it didn't go that great, actually. she thought i talked to much and she jokes that i would be a great senator because i could fill buster in this place. >> are you a religious guy? >> i am i'm a methodist. i was the presbyterian before i got married. jane was a democrat. we got married. i was a republican, of course. a good trade for me. she became a republican, i became a methodist. she was a methodist. >> bret: how does faith
3:36 pm
factor in your life? >> every day, and in a fundamental way. i pray every day. it helps me. it may not work for everybody but it works for me. it's just part of who i am. part of what motivates me. gives me direction. >> what is surprising that somebody wouldn't know about you? >> i have broken my collarbone mountain biking and dislocated my shoulder in the last year-and-a-half kayaking. >> bret: outdoors -- >> i love that stuff. i like to hunt and fish. >> which brings us back to sizzle. does it matter? >> ron is one of the nicest people you'll meet in life but not a flamboyant figure to jump in consciousness. >> now that i see them side-by-side, i wonder if portman has too much charisma.
3:37 pm
blue shirt, red tie, they're colors in the visible spectrum. >> bret: but the key question: does it matter to mitt romney? >> it's what in mitt romney campaign's head in terms of how they look at the race. if it's risker race. obama has a lead financially. demographically. electoral college whened up against them. they will pick woulder to try to close the gap somehow. >> if they think it's close, it will be safe. probably portland. because he helps you with ohio. but he is not going to blow you up. you know what you will get. >> bret: you can see all of the senator portman interview on the website see the running with romney play list. on wednesday, the series continues with wisconsin congressman and house budget committee chairman. paul ryan. when we come back, the bin laden raid anniversary. how president obama is handling it as he gets ready
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i am so, so sorry. it was this close.
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i've come to afghanistan to mark historic moment for the two nations. to do so on afghan soil. i'm here to affirm the bonds. between our countries, to thank american and afghans who sacrificed so much over the last ten years. to look forward to a future of peace and security and greater prosperity for our nations. >> bret: a surprise trip by president obama to afghanistan, signing a new agreement with afghan president hamid karzai talking to troops. and the president will deliver a speech in primetime. 7:30 eastern time. from afghanistan to talk about the end of the war. what he sees it and, of course, this is the anniversary of the killing of usama bin laden.
3:42 pm
panel, steve hayes, "weekly standard." juan williams, with the hill. and charles lane, opinion writer for "washington post." steve, this trip, how it's received and what comes out of it? >> what the president wants to do is take what was a one-time success, killing of usama bin laden a year ago today and translate in the minds of the american public to a broader long-term foreign policy accomplishment. he risks spiking the football celebrating too soon. though i expect his remarks tonight will be sort of calibrated not overselling it. just the imagery he risks trying to he rissics reaction from the american people we succeeded when we haven't. there is a lot of work to be done. we are drawing troops down. the original plan was to win in the south. to achieve foot holes in the south, relative peace and security, swing our troops to the east, along the pakistan border. not in a position yet to do
3:43 pm
that. the troops are being withdrawn earlier than most of the commander wanted. more than people expected. before the fighting season is over. he risks sell britting a victory when there is no victory. >> bret: the white house released excerpts from the speech tonight. he will say last year we removed 10,000 u.s. troops from afghanistan. another 23,000 leave by the end of the summer. after that, reduction continue at steady pace. more of the troops coming home. by the end of 2014 he will say afghans responsible for their country. the agreement today extends the relationship and support from 2014 to 2024. >> it says the u.s. troops will not be in combat, in combat mode. there to supplement, train, support afghan troops. the president makes note he will have the nato summit in
3:44 pm
chicago shortly. in the course of that summit, he will get his nato allies to commit that they will also be supportive of afghanistan. afghanistan troops as they seek to establish and maintain the sovereignty and go forward with fight against al-qaeda. and possibly the taliban. although it's not clear. the largeer point, the president risks appearing unseemly, being politically expeedient. going to afghanistan. i don't think there is any debate that president deserves credit for making the call for the mission. it could have turned in to a failure. everybody involved, including the military says it was a risky mission. he made the call. >> bret: you mean surge to afghanistan? >> no. not only today but going in to get bin laden a year ago today. >> i got you.
3:45 pm
>> the president eliminated that going to the campaign season and he is trying to heighten it. he did it today. made a choice. doubled down. >> we talk about the politics of this after the break but i want to get to the pentagon report out today. the last six months the enemy initiated attacks. 16% so far this year, down. enemy initiated attacks. the most important development perhaps is the rise in attacks by afghanistan security forces. i talked about that with connor powell. the lack of trust between the u.s. and the afghan forces on the ground. kind of sets the picture behind which, this trip is happening. >> yeah, i mean, you know, they gave a number, pl 50 or so in this report of the so-called internal, blue on green or something like that, attacks from the friends.
3:46 pm
the number is different from what it creates, the fear between americans and supposed allies. if you look down the road for ten years who we support and pay and troops will be there. that issue doesn't go away. a lot of us have been asking him to say more about afghanistan, visit the country and address the american people about the commitment. okay. maybe it's the middle of the election. he is doing that. this is mess for him to do. he has been reluctant to spend his time explain it. >> not political capital either. >> this personal rates failure to do it beforehand. 48% of americans saying stay until the situation improves. now that number 21%.
3:47 pm
that is half of what it was in 2009. at a time when we made strides on the ground. the failure there is a failure of the president to sell his policy. one of the most important jobs is to support troops in combat. he has been awol in that. >> you just cited poll numbers that indicate the american people want out of there. >> he is following the polls. >> i don't know about following the polls. the american people speak to leadership and say we're tired of the war. he said later today it's been ten plus years. >> what do you call that? leading from behind? >> no. we achieved the goal in afghanistan. >> we haven't achieved our goal. >> i don't think there is a goal that will be achieved in the short-term. that is part of what this is about. channeling of putting the order are great, especially as
3:48 pm
long as pakistan is playing both sides of the street. if a republican is in office, challenges are the same. difficult. >> bret: up next, politics and juan touched on them. the politics of the bin laden anniversary. (spoken in mandarin) i've still got hours of battery life. it's an ultrabook. you bring great shame upon this coffee hut. with a long-lasting ultrabook, everything else seems old fashioned. ultrabook. inspired by intel. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night.
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i acknowledge the president's success and i think he has every right to take credit for him having ordered that attack. at the same time, i think it was very disappointing for the president to try an make this a political item suggesting that i would haven't ordered such an array. of course i would have. any american, any thinking american would have ordered exactly the same thing. >> bret: presumptive republican nominee mitt romney talking about the politics
3:52 pm
around the bin laden killing anniversary. chuck, what about this? is there a point at which there is a backlash here? >> there is. we don't know exactly where it is. for every voter it's a little bit different. the president has to be careful not to overdo it. we have to see whether this is something from the anniversary or whether it's something they will keep doing all year long. in which case i think he is running a little bit of a risk. there is an irony here. he is criticizing mitt romney for not wanting to do this raid. but his own vice president joe biden has gone public saying he didn't want to do the raid. he advised the president not to do the raid. so -- >> if there was ever anything to convince you to do it. >> that might have been what happened. >> but trying to make the case that romney was totally, you know, off the reservation by thinking don't do it. his own number two had the same view. >> bret: adrianna huffington not that well known conservative, she doesn't usually come from that point
3:53 pm
of view but said there is no way to know that romney would have not made that decision and speculate he would about is not the way to run a campaign. >> well, you know, to my mind, this is politics. we are in a political season. the official starting date for the campaign is supposed to be saturday. we have been in the political season now for some time. the fact is mitt romney when he was running in 2007 said you know what? it's not moving heaven and earth to atch one person. catch one person. then you have hillary clinton chastising barack obama saying he would go in to pakistan to get bin laden. >> bret: saying it publicly, juan. >> correct. right. they're politicians. yeah. he said it publicly. >> bret: that was the criticism, that he said it publicly. not that he would haven't done it. >> at the time, bret, they were running for office and they were laying down markers to who they were, especially in the aftermath of the fact that president bush who was a clear, strong advocate of going after al-qaeda had been
3:54 pm
unable to get bin laden. >> bret: but you acknowledge you cannot say something on the campaign trail and do it privately? >> correct. but remember then mitt romney changes his position and says of course i would go in and fete him. so now, in this political season, again, i understand the politics. i understand why the obama campaign is bringing it up and i understand why they had bill clinton talking this now in a video for political reasons. to me, there is an element of appearing unseemly. >> bret: i want to play this quickly. former defense secretary bob gates after the bin laden raid talking about intelligence. >> a week ago sunday, in the situation room, we all agreed that we would not release any of rational details from the effort to take out bin laden. that all fell apart on monday. the next day. >> bret: steve, there has been a lot of concern about the fact that intelligence wasn't fully mined because it
3:55 pm
was already out. >> yeah. i agree with secretary gates as it relates to the operational details of the raid. but i would make the opposite argument in a broader context. i think we should declassify everything we can, without affecting the operational ability that we got in the compound. we should declassify intelligence that led us to get usama bin laden. we have been having the national debate now for a deng about the way we bather intelligence and interrogate. it would clear up a lot if they declassified the documents. >> bret: that's it for panel. but stay tuned as the first lady takes some hard-hitting questions. with this droid razr... motorola... verizon 4g lte... video... skype. you're gonna get lost. this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too.
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3:59 pm
was happening in washington one week there was one subject that seemed to catch mrs. obama a little off guard. >> i want to welcome you guys to the white house. so now i'm going to take some questions. all right? i see a red jacket, a young man. >> hi, my name is jackson and i grow up i want to be a secret service agent. >> we could not do what we do if it were not the secret service and police officers and they do a great job. >> and yeah they had get a lot of hookers too. [ laughter ] and only $30, that is so gross. >> yeah, it's really cool. >> bret: president obama will speak to the nation 7:30 eastern time tonight. a speech you can see right here on fox news channel. shepard smith will


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