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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 2, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> dana: i give you props for that. go to i'll post answers to your questions for us in half an hour. good night, everyone. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld in for this special may day. the third stall from the wall. follow the rose petal. let's go to andy looy vee for a pre game report. hi, andy. what is coming up on the show tonight? >> the wall on which the prophets wrote is cracking at the seems. our top story, may day, may day, may day, america. that's right, it is may day. classic tease. and what classic horror has taken a stand and that's if they made rich people experience the misery of higher taxes? well, steven king. they are the titles of two of king's books. and finally is one of the prostitutes from the secret
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service's columbian scandal about to pose nude in an american men's magazine? the shocking story that everyone totally saw coming. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you bet. >> nice work with that steven king tease. >> i thought it worked out well. >> came as a surprise to everyone at the end there. >> a slog to the viewers, but happy for you. >> nothing wrong with a long, hard slog, greg. >> that is true. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that hot wings come in hot, medium and patti ann browne. the notorious pab. and she is funnier than a clown smothering a mime with confetti. and bill schulz is off getting de loused and filling in with him is a jerk named gavin mcguiness. you can find him on a website, and his book is called how to bleep in public. i said bleep so we don't have to bleep it afterwards. it saves editing time. and if insightful commentary
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was a drum i would bang him. and he has a book too. it is new and swrus -- just out and we will talk about it called the tierney of cliches. they are available a any bookstore. did the may day plan include destroying a span? on tuesday a big day for anti-wall vetters worldwide a group of men connected to the occupy cleaveland group were arrested for plotting to blowup a bridge. according to the fbi, the suspects showed interest in causing financial damage with one saying, quote, may 1st is going to be crazy. i prefer off the hook. anyway, on this day of protest, hey meme reined, sort of. the anti-establishment a holes smashed windows and threw paintballs. the police station couldn't fight back. and envelopes with white powder were sent via mail with messages like, quote, this is a reinned mooer that you are on -- reminder that you are not in control.
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the samples tested negative after bill schulz said he tested all of it and felt nothing. with all of the strive he will protect our bikes. >> i guess obama ordered takeout. jokes like that never get old, or perhaps they do. gavin, after the show you are actually going downtown to the east village to an ows benefit. these plotters here are self-described anarchists and part of the ows group. should you be ashamed of yourself some. >> look, i will defend these kids to the death, even if they blow me up. they are what i was when i was that age and i love all of this stirring it up, stirring up the pot.
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the truth comes to the top. >> but so does the [bleep]. >> they are young. give them a break. >> this is not a wet t-shirt contest, and you were cherry picking the worst of them. i was with them today, and there are a lot of stupid, young people, there were people out there trying to expose corruption. the bank thing, i like that being exposed because -- >> with powder? >> i like people talking with the banks. they say why are they mad at the banks? they said did you know they foreclosed on homes when soldiers were overseas ? what? we are stirring it up jie. everybody has hated banks since banks were around. banks are in trouble because of the mortgage mess. we won't get into that here. >> they are shining a light on that. >> that light has always been there. you can't shine a light by sending people powder and scaring them and having the police come to your building instead of going to solve real crimes like that shirt that you are wearing. >> are you contridicting me? we are supposed to be friends. >> i am a little angry at you right now, but that's okay.
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jonah, isn't it a big deal trying to blowup a bridge? >> never mind what he said. >> i am with you on all of the stuff as long as it is free speech and shock feeder, that's fine. let them make idiots of themselves and it will hurt their cause. it is a free country. but blowing up bridges is bad. blowing up bridges it is a thing that is a crime. >> what about nelson mandela. >> the cause is not nelson mandela's cause. when you look at these guys, i have never seen people who more clearly -- you can smell the urine and the pot smoke off these guys from their mug shots. i tell you what gets me is when the tea parties use inflammatory rhetoric they were called terrorists. we were warned that they were domestic terrorists. these guys are domestic terrorists. and i read a bloomburg story and it didn't mention they were part of occupy wall street. it didn't mention the protest.
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it was five random dudes who unfortunately some do look like you. you were the one who got away. >> by the way, do you look like a ringleader. but that's good. that's a compliment. >> do it now, do it now! get me out of here. reverse a truck now! >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. to be fair they were only connected to the occupy movement through facebook. there was mention of it. they mentioned on facebook which i don't know we can go off of my profile is full of lies. if you looked at it you would think i had a very active social life with like attractive men. >> oh i know. >> you can't go off facebook. it is like we should connect them to farmville too then. they are very active on that. >> if they were connected to farmville they would be blowing up the form. that's the kind of people they are, pab. aren't i right? don't they disgust you? don't you wish they were
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locked up? that's what you were saying in the green room. >> well, i read the whole complaint. they had no idea what the heck they wanted to accomplish. they were talking about blowing up cargo ships and blowing up tunnels under cleavland. access terror during the nato summit and blowing up the bridge. but then one guy says, wait, that would piss off the people who take the bridge every day. they say what about derailing a train? well that will interest fear with the people riding the trains and nome impacting the 1%. and not impacting the 1%. all right, clarify things. as long as things are f-ed up i will be happy with the action. that's the goal. >> the fact is they wanted -- if they were being chased the guy said his name, brandon baxter who is 20, proving his point, a lot of them are young. if they are chasing us we will throw tacks out of the back of the car. >> i love how it is going to get crazy. i think they were talking
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about cry nco-de -- cinco-de mayo. >> they thought they were going to gitmo. they thought they were going to be treated differently so it wouldn't be so bad. but they are going to go away. they will go away for 20 years, 30 years. and they will company out and have campaign fundraisers for progressive candidates. >> in quebec they blew up one building and changed the course of history forever. they made all of canada buy lingual forever. he went to jail for eight years and is a ledge end now. >> i am just saying that we sit here and go, how crazy they are to come up with a crazy idea. but there is all of these ideas of people being effective. >> they killed 300 innocent mothers and fathers and all of the rest. >> it is horrible. i would be totally against it. all i am saying is we live in a climate where these young people keep seeing it work effectively time and time again. the ira, the freedom
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fighters. >> you know what else it is? it is romanticized by the media. why else are they wearing scarfs and masks? it is in movies. they wear the stupid mask and they have the scarfs they see in whatever scarf store that they have. >> it is called blooming dales. >> that's how they found out about me. i went undercover and wore a bloomy's scarf. i wonder what happens to the city when the cops are concentrated on these guy expruz walking home late at night and, nicky, where do you live? >> queens. >> which street specifically? you could be jumped because there is no police. >> but they pull in extra cops. he says, today is my day off and i have to be there, but i don't know what this is. >> you did extra research? >> yes, i did. i talked to the people. >> he is a method actor. >> that's how he spoke to him. from may day to pay day, the burden is too light according to the master of
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fright. steven king has joined the ranks of the rich begging for more taxes arguing the one percenters should pay in the same proportion and charity alone is not enough. the stupid author writes, quote, what charitable 1 percenters cannot do is assume responsibility of the repair of the failing infrastructure and the starving. blah, blah, blah. king notes that he is paying taxes of 28%. that is on his income and adding how come i am not paying 50? his latest book has turned to another movie. can we see a clip?
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>> you didn't see part two. the dog was put down because of that. it is terrible. it is absolutely terrible. >> nicky rushes filthy rich. so you must agree with mr. king. >> i mean, i just like the quote he says -- i have known rich people. i am one of them. the majority would rather douse their beep with lighter fluid and strike a match and sing disco inferno than pay one more percent to uncle sugar. can we just have them do that? i am on board with that. >> by the way, uncle sugar? >> he gave up. >> pab, as most people don'ts know you were the inspiration for "carrie." what do you make of king's argument? >> with all due respect to
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andy levy, i think he might be delirious from insomnia because the stand he is taking would lead to misery and desperation for us all. his dark visions would force the rich to carry -- carrie more of the burden. >> we got. it. >> it would be okay if it went to things like paying for road work on the night shift. >> have i to say that was much better than what andy did, however i am surprised you went through with it anyways since he always did it. >> i am not a comedian, but i know if the opening comedian does a joke, and it is your joke you probe blee -- you probably won't do it. >> i have one too. >> he called the piece tax me for beep sake. i think it would be better if he said, come pay with us. isn't that in "the shining"? >> i don't know.
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>> this is called leaving well enough alone. >> do you think he is actually -- steven king has spent time analyzing this problem? saying you know what, if we paid more this whole debt thing would go away, or is this some kind of echo chamber from being around people who are super rich? >> i think he is too stupid to be a spell checker at an m and m factory. i don't think he know what's he is talking about. you think rich people don't deserve what they have so the government should take their money away and spend it on people who deserve it. it is a walking cliche. >> here is the thing, gavin, the thing that ticks me off is that he says why shouldn't i be paying 50% 1234* he could just as easily say why shouldn't i pay 90% because he is so wealthy. it is not rich, but it is super rich. if the government took 95% he would still have $50 million or $20 million. what he is doing is punishing people who actually are well off , but mott like him. but not like him.
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he says let them eat cake because i can afford cake. >> i think these guys when they get that rich there is something that happens to the mathematics in their brain and they can't do the numbers anymore. they seem to think that there is this magical -- i think they think the debt is $4 billion and it is a matter of a bit of charity and there is some assumption of a valid debt. if we ban together we could get that done and we would be good. but it is like a shop uh hole lick going to -- a shop uh hole lick saying you could payoff my credit cards with one snap of the fingers and he said i won't do that. i know what will happen tomorrow. your credit cards are all cut up. >> at one point that makes perfect sense and then you go to the ows benefit. >> i just want -- i am light bright bart. breitbart he said -- well he did scream at this one time. he said "i love this. i feel like i am at a rave."
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i just want to get dialogue out. discourse. >> it is a guy in need of a therapist. when you have all of this rich guilt. it is rich guilt. >> they say it all the time. it is a earth ma of one billionaire leaving his fortune to the government. >> richard kind, the most annoying actor on the planet. >> who is that? >> he was in "curb your enthusiasm" and he was in" luck" the tv show where all of the horses died. and it was because of him. >> a horrible, horrible, horrible voice. >> he was in "mad about you." >> i hate him already. from charity to cherokee. is elizabeth warren exaggerating her origin? a massachusetts democrat is under fire after it was revealed that for years he climbed minority status because of her native american heritage. she is running for senate against the gorgeous scott brown, we can admit and insists she never used this to help her get a job. but the boston harelds said she listed herself as a minority in the directory of law professors and harvard law
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school used her to tout their diversity. they say warren needs to come clean, but thankfully they say it is all about sexism. once again the qualifications of a woman are being called into question by scott brown who did the same thing with the supreme court nomination and it is outrageous. indeed monday night and gene yule gists don't know what that is and don't care. he said one of her great, great, tbr grandmothers was cherokee. she is 1/32 cherokee. speaking of fractions. >> god bless people like that for doing stuff like that. gavin, you are an expert because you are married to a native american. >> yes, i am. joy give me your -- >> give me your unique
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perspective -- >> keep doing that. >> not only did i marry a native american, but i made two with her from scratch. i live in a 75% indian home. i notice with them -- when money is at stake they have a cutoff point. so my kids will be 25%. if they marry outside of their race, whatever their race is, they are cutoff from the checks. >> explain. what do you mean by checks ? >> certain tribes get checks for old land deals and casinos and stuff like that. they have a cutoff point. when it is cherokees and in this case i don't know much, but they went, yeah, sure, 1/32, i don't have anything to hand out so i am not going to lose. that's why i believe in the free market. it gets in the nooks and crannies crannies and cuts people off. >> the fact we are talking about this, our society is lost. we are airing gaoing over a -- arguing over a fraction of somebody's heritage and it is mind blowing to me. >> it is not -- someone else didn't get a job because this woman cut to the head of the line claiming to be something
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she wasn't. this is part of the problem with the diversity thing. it is a way for the guys in charge to gain the system and organize things according to the stupid checklists of how they want a society to look. what i love about the campaign campaign -- when did scott brown say she was an indian? >> i should have checked that out first. >> what i love is it is identity politics. she is playing the identity politics. you can't p oi nt out -- point out that i have all of these jobs. >> genius though. it is genius. you can't point out that i made up this other thing or else i am going to accuse you of sexism. it is perfect. nicky, you have done this to get gigs, haven't you? >> yes. >> and i think scott brown has every right to call her on this. he is 9-10 jackass. >> but a beautiful jackass. >> he is gorgeous.
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>> he s. i met him in person. even i was slightly impressed by his -- >> i do believe he is 50% brown. >> yes. his name is scott brown. i had to point that out. >> pab, quickly, how great is it warren's campaign manager tried to make it about sexism? >> it is the most bizarre use of the gender card that i have ever seen. scott brown had every right to challenge her on dismrks this prep -- and this premise he would not have challenged her if she was a man, where is the evidence for that? it is a low, low tactic. >> on that low, low tactic we have to move on. it that were a squirrel you would say that is an improbable squirrel. what is next for the prostitute at the center of the scandal? movie, drinks and then you have to pay for sex. look at her. no eyes.
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has she traded tricks for picks? the argument over a bill with the secret service agents captivated and dare i say charled the world and is the bull's eye of boob magazines everywhere. she has already taken it all off for a photographer and looking to sell her body in pri according to an unnamed official, quote, this is the way this is going on to end. she is going to pose nude in "playboy" where renouned journalists will interview her and write an article telling you what happened. that is a pretty good summary. "playboy" denies speaking with her while" hustler"'s larry flint says she posed for pictures, but a deal is yet to be made. while they are turning north and south america upside down, japan remains japan.
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>> whatever, man. the hooker is going to make a fortune while the exsecret service guy is jobless and in hiding. do women come out ahead in these scandals? >> i don't know. but who is surprised by this, first of all? i can't believe she is accepting thousands of dollars to pose nude. tasteful probably compared to what she is used to. it is stories like this. she is 28 -- she is my age. i'm like, what am i doing with my life? i look at that and say where did i go wrong? i can't wait to see her eyes though. >> that's what will happen. that's going come off in "hustler." is the eye shot. >> the eye shots are amazing. gavin, in a way hasn't this
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made her dreams come true? she may never have to turn another trick. she could make millions. >> millions ? >> well ncolumbian money. i don't know what that is. >> i hate to say this, but i am an expert in this too. i have a home in costa costa rica and spent many years in -- there. the way it works with prostitutes, it is like expensive dates. oh that was fun last night. here is $100 for the cab. in this guy's defense, i and i want to go on the record as the only guy who defended him, he probably thought, this was some horsing around. as soon as i pay money this is now a transaction and this is prostitution. i don't want to do that. that's putting it on the books. can we not do that? >> they established what he was doing and that was just about the price. >> the 28 could be for drinks. as soon as you get for -- get into real figures.
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>> she is the scott brown of car tau hain yaw. -- cartagena. >> they talk about these women being stunning, but i don't know. didn't do anything for me, pab, unlike you, you doll. >> oh, thank you. >> that was very creepy. i was just a transition to you to say something. >> personally i think the real scandal is this agent involved arthur huntington's wife and she says she plans on staying with him. what do we know? he is unemployed because he sucked at his job and sucked on the job. he cheats on his wife, and he is dirts cheap. oh yes, i would try to work things out with this guy, absolutely. >> you don't stand by your man, that. well that's good to know, pab. i won't mess with you. do you have a comment on the show or your husband for that matter e-mail us. to leave a voicemail 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he sucks at his job too.
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>> tonight's half time report is sponsored by donkies, those small, domesticated members of the horse family with a gray or brown coat with large ears and a long head. thanks, donkey.
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welcome back. let's see if we have got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you, greg? >> mad at the coller.
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>> i can see why. it is giving you problems. >> i don't like these shirts, but i wear them anyway. >> maybe you shouldn't. >> i am like the flying nun, the flying nun strapped around my neck. >> good talk. greg, you mentioned that in new york envelopes with white powder were sent to seven banks, and you said the samples tested negative after bill schulz snorted all of it and said he felt nothing? >> yes. >> so it was blow? gavin, you said you like all of this stirring of the pot and we should give the protesters who are young a break. i am all for protesting the way too cushy relationship between wall street and the government, but there is no excuse for plotting to blowup bridges and white powder and drum circles. >> let me be clear. i like the protests. i like the fact they aren urge cking people to talk about things.
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that's one thing in a box. separately, we are talking about the kids coming out with these terrorist plots like it is a crazy thing that makes no sense, and where did they get this idea from? history time and time again shows terrorist acts being rewarded with fame, fortune and incredible success. >> i don't think anyone is saying they are wondering where they are coming up with these ideas. >> you are right. it just doesn't make it right. >> i know. there is an indig nens about what are they doing? how dare they? >> well, it worked for the flq. >> i still think it is okay to say how dare they? >> it is okay to say how dare they want to blowup bridges. >> you got me. you are right and i am wrong. are you happy now? >> i have to disagree with gavin in the sense that i don't care about root causes. i just don't. i don't care about a root cause. >> root canal though.
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>> if you read the unibomber he talked about how effective it is and everybody criticized about it. >> he was cite sized about blowing people up -- criticized about blowing people up. >> he had quite a few critisisms. >> you pointed out that gavin looks like the people who were plotting to blowup the bridges. i believe the correct term is ringleader. that's the technical term. nicky, shouldn't anybody ect cked with farmville be thrown in prison? >> yes. stop the requests. i am not going to join. >> it cuts into your mofia war games. >> i am a busy gal. >> i think they need to start 5* social network in farmville. and then inside that social network start something like farmville. >> within farmville they should start a thing called farm book. within farm book you can play faceville. >> faceville, yes. it is like a mirror against a
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mirror. did you ever do that with a mirror? >> no. >> you just look at them and smile. >> i don't smile. >> no, you don't. >> greg, you mentioned the protesters do these things because they have been glorified by the media and people like gavin, obviously. they wear masks because of a vendetta and they wear scarfs on their faces because -- they trailed off. i think it was called scart face. >> yes. jay there was that -- >> there was that movie scarfed! do you remember that? >> i don't. >> ted danson and whoopi goldberg. >> that's where they met, actually. >> they were a million laughs. scarfed2 didn't do well.
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>> they introduced the dog that caught the fries gee. frisbie. >> steven king wants to be taxed more. pab, i can't believe you used the title of his books. >> i left out the best one. if the government keeps taking more of the green mile-e-cyrus -- did you see what i did there? >> not really. you said a bunch of words. >> you milt -- you might have made the worst joke. that is a great thing in the history of "red eye." swree been on for five years. -- we have been on for five years. >> you may have made the worst joke tonight is a bad thing, but let alone the history of "red eye." >> but look at how you are laughing. i can take it. >> i have your shining reference. come play with us forever and
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over. >> i knew it was a thing. but it wasn't funny. >> it was funny. >> thanks, andy. >> have i said it before. if a joke doesn't have to be explained, it is not funny. >> confused people don't laugh, says the guy who wrote "gilligan's island" explaining his one minute intro to the show. >> that explains the theme song? >> and "the brady bunch" and that was his explanation. confused people don't laugh. >> sherwood schwartz. >> i am going to start thinking thinking about that all of the time now. >> like you weren't before? >> no, clearly i wasn't. >> you said steven king is just a walking cliche. does that make him a tyrant? >> no, but the idea is that he is throwing out t out there is tie ran nick cal. >> i am skipping all of that because it is boring. nick gillespie took a great
12:37 am
take down on king's piece. go read that if you want to learn. >> did you just say don't watch this crap? >> yes. >> you are like a more air brushed version of paul mccurio. >> that's the most disturbing thing i have ever been called. >> you both have problematic arms. >> that's true. elizabeth warren claimed to be 1/32 cherokee. you said you made two more from scratch, meaning two kids, so you live in a 75% native american household. but since they are 25% the math doesn't work out. if you assign a value of 100% to each person's heritage. your wife gets 100 and your kids get 50 and you get 0, so that comes to 200 out of 400 so my po nie t is stop the lies. >> the premise for the 75% is the tribe recognizes you as
12:38 am
all or nothing. every one of these indians is considered 100%. as soon as my kids marry anyone else but that tribe, they cease to be. in fact, i list in their -- i am listed in their papers as caucasian. they don't have my name. they don't recognize my existence. >> your kids themselves cease to be cherokee or their off spring? >> no, my kids will stay who they are, but their off spring, sorry. >> are they renegades. >> and they are not cherokee, they #r* hochunks. >> i apologize for that. >> no problem. >> and you said somebody else didn't get to a job because of the jump to the front of the line and there is no proof of that. >> no, but at the same time, if she got jobs as part -- even if some of it was because she was a native american, if she got any points at all, she had some advantage over some other person who was very close, except they didn't have
12:39 am
that advantage. >> absolutely. i am just saying as of yet there is no proof she did. >> no, but if someone else loses -- >> she beat somebody who was 1/64th cherokee. >> lastly on the cartagena thing, columbian money is pesos. >> i knew that. >> 1,7 five 9 and a half columbian pesos equals $1. >> that's highly specific of you. >> i looked it up. >> of course you did. that's what you do, professor look it up. >> crunch numbers. >> because i don't know anything without my wikipedia. >> i don't use wikipedia. people think i do, but i don't. >> i don't know. >> do you have ask jeeves? >> what's that? there was actually a guy who works behind me named jeeves. >> and he as yous the alta vista digital. i can't believe i remembered that. too much crap in my head.
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are goatees the latest afro deash yak. he says, ladies love my awesome chin co swree. do onion rings belong here? yes, according to the ancient greeks. thanks, ancient greeks. >> they don't have onion rings.
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do fast-food chains arise at the games? doctors claim the arches shouldn't be near the arch re resaying it sends the wrong message to the fat population. the largest franchise a 1500-foot palace and the burger and fries will be the only ones sold at the games. says one doctor, quote, it is sad an event that celebrates the best of athletic achievement are sponsored by p
12:44 am
cs contribute -- contribute together obesity problem and unhealthy habits. they say without sponsors the games wouldn't happen. shut up, doctor. let's discuss this -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> gavin, clearly the u.s. dominates the summer games, as it should. aren't the brits just jealous that here again even in their cafeteria they are dominated by the great americans? >> yes, i am actually an expert on this because i was born in england and spent many years there. >> that's true. >> if you add up all of my holidays. there is definitely anti-american resentment -- that's european wide. remember the french farmer plowing his tractor into mcdonalds. but in this one case they are wrong. it is actually good to have mcdonalds at the olympics. if you look at what a swimmer eats or professional boxer, they just have to eat and eat and get it in like fuel. they can eat sawdust.
12:45 am
what mcdonalds could be saying, and what the olympics could be saying is get in shape, people. if you get like this scelt you could -- svelt you could eat a cake and big macs and be fine. >> they burn like 8,000 calories, but they are putting the mcdone nationals in the athlete's village. is that a good message to send to our nation's youth? >> i don't mind the mcdonalds there, but it is the only option? that's troubling. but there is one psychologist expert who says it is so nanny state. we can't decide hot to process an ad. there is a sub blip national association made that may affect your behavior in the future. in other words, if you see a commercial, you will have to buy the product. we are sheep. we have no minds of our own. that part is troubling. >> no need to bring sheep into this. is it a fact that everybody knows british food tastes terrible? it has been proven in and out of various research
12:46 am
facilities. don't know what i am saying. mcdone thalds is delicious. it is the best tasting food ever. >> and you don't have to be unhealthy at mcdonalds. there are salad options. one of which the southwest chicken salad is one of my favorites. i travel a lot on the road and i recommend that one. dressing on the side. it is fantastic. >> you sound like a yaw nutrition columnist. when you are traveling, you can go to mcdonalds, but try the healthy side options. >> i swear, it is really good. the southwest chicken -- grilled chicken salad and dressing on the side. they give you the cheese and the beans. it is flavorful and healthy. >> i feel like i should be saying thank you, nicky. we will be right back with tabooed morning -- good morning daytoma. i bt didn't even know where that is. >> i don't either. i wanted to be sincere. >> not everything has to be snarky, greg. >> i was waiting for her to say, and then i smear it with
12:47 am
whatever. >> it is not going there. i am being honest. >> even though this is england this is obama's fault and he should be impeached. >> is that it? >> have you 30 seconds. >> the chinese chicken salad at mcdonalds is a nice, healthy way to go at a fast-food chain. >> i didn't even know there were salads there. i haven't tried them. >> you really should. >> i like their big macs and cheese burgers. if i were an athlete, i would. >> take the bread off. >> if i were an athlete, i wouldn't be doing the show and looking at your beard. >> okay. >> on that note you have to go. >> yep. >> you don't have to leave right now, but you have to perform a set in the east village. >> please get in the time machine and check me out six hours ago at the 99 comedians for 99%. >> they do one minute sets. excellent. time to take a break. when we come back, a
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hard-hitting interview on jonah on his new books. don't you leave.
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jonah goldburg's book
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passes off as wise west dom and -- wisdom and media. i read it four times, twice in reverse. it is called the attorneys of cliche. jonah, welcome back. why am i well coming you back when have you been here all this time. i want to talk to you about last night. pierce morgan interview. how did that go? >> it was bizarre. it was a comedy of errors. the guy was like a bully cross-examine minuter who was trying to win idiotic debate points that had mob to do with anything. it was very weird. >> this morning everybody in the office was saying, it was the strangest thing. did he even talk to you about your book, or just -- >> no, he clearly was just reading the cover. it has a picture on the cover and it says these words here. it is not a clear shea in the book, but -- a cliche in the book, but it says judging a book by the cover. you could maybe move on. it was weird. and he came off toolish. >> enough about him. you got the idea for the book speaking at college campuses
12:53 am
and whatnot? >> in prison. no, yes, college campuses, it is amazing. we have trained whole generation of kids to be skeptical of ideology. you say something and they say that sounds like an i had logical thing. these cliches sail through our mental defenses, and so they will say better 10 guilty men go free than one go to jail. >> why is that cliche wrong? >> factually it is not true. we are worse off if we let 10 rapists and murderers out than put some innocent accountant in prison. >> i am glad you said that. i always felt that way. so the guy in jail, you know what that is better than 10 free weird owes. i am more likely to get away. >> the principal is right. they should earn the side of the accused, but the serious argument is why 10? why not 20 or 100 or a million people? why not let everyone out of jail tomorrow and we can be sure no one innocent is in prison.
12:54 am
>> it is a way of winning an argument unearned by reason. and so words like social justice just mean good. everyone is for social justice. it is social and it is justice. who could be against it. >> i am. >> i like violence never solved anything. we can admit that is not true. violence solves a lot of things. >> it solves all sorts of violent situations. >> police have guns. they see a bank robber and they say, oh, damn. it is useless. my point is it is a radically i had logical point. we just treat it as a truism, and that's how they sneak these trojan horses into the defenses. >> are there cliches that are dangerous? it can steer the public into a dangerous direction? >> you mentioned one earlier the let them eat cake thing. marine antoine net never said it.
12:55 am
but if she did it would make sense. she championed a system that scruze the poor and she thought it made sense. a lot are bad on economics. the competitiveness or the center or the slippery slope. 24r* are all of these things -- there will be a great line that says cliches do our thinking for us. i am not against liberals being i'd logical. what offends them is when they say i don't believe in labels. i don't believe in all of this partisan stuff. just do what works. you never hear anybody say, i don't believe in labels. let's get beyond this partisan divide. i will give up my principals and agree with you. they say it when they want you to shut up and go with their program. >> it is called the tierney of cliches. it is available everywhere. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. he is a cliche. go to fox eye.
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welcome back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> do you have upcoming gigs? >> i will be in tacoma this weekend, friday and saturday at the tacoma comedy club. >> where can people find you? >> at nicky glazer. >> excellent. >> pab anything special about today? >> yes it is my eighth wedding anniversary. we are going to celebrate on the weekend. week nights are not good date nights. might as well not see him at all. >> wow. happy anniversary. jonah, any truth to the rumor that you and pierce morgan just bought a cabin in vermont? >> only a little truth. not a lot of truth. >> which part was a little truth? >> i will show you the pictures on twitter later. >> vow saying you didn't just buy it? >> join what -- i don't know what that means. >> that is indeed all you have.


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