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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 2, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> neil: we interrupt this recovery for a fox news alert. the jobs boom went bump. this notion millions are finding work, what a piece of work. welcome, i'm neil cavuto and fox on top of an economy slowing down. the latest from the folks at adp, who process our paychecks, reporting fewer americans than we thought are getting them. 119,000 private sector jobs were added last month. that's tens of thousands fewer than experts predicted and the worst showing in seven months. factories not humming and orders
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slowing, posting their biggest drop in three years and you have a huge headache for the president that year, a recovery in doubt and a reelection as well. it is way too soon to say but market watcher larry glazer says the economy is losing steam and fast. larry, you were talking like this in the middle of some booming data. now we're getting some that confirm your slowdown views. which is real, what we saw if the boom period or now in the not so boom period? >> we were cautioning investors during the first quarter when everybody was getting carried away not to get carried away. the jobs data is nothing short of a disappointment not just for analysts but also for wall street investors. disappointing across the board. this comes on the heels of other disappointing data. we saw the with gdp, reflection of the greater economy, showing a slowing economy.
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housing a bumping along and all data points are reminiscent of the last two years, the spring and summer slowdown. add yogi berra says, it's déjà vu. europe is coming back into the equation, warm weather is heating up unrest in europe and higher gas prices, all weighing on the economy and reflected in the data point. it is troubling and he trend is troubling here. >> neil: you hear from those at the white house who argue the trend, despite the bumps, not troubling because things have been improving and most of the data has been better. we have seen a rough patch but you're saying historically every time we've seen surges we unsurge and this time it's bad timing. >> the bump with the millions of people that hadn't replaced their jobs at the level at which they lost during the recession,
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so all it not well. i'm the first to admit we can't always trust the data and it could be wrong. we will see friday. very important to see the jobs report on friday. what is important, if you look at that data and the disappointment. the fed can interpret this and give them the ammo for stimulus. companies will do nothing, sit on their hands. consumers will sit on their hands. not to spend, not to invest, not to have confidence or hire. those are the things we need to build sustainable recovery and we don't have it right now. it's unfortunate. >> neil: larry, never unfortunate having you here. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> are today's jobs numbers more reliable than the government's numbers due on friday? elizabeth mcdonald has digging. we call her wicked smack for is
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a reason. what's going on? >> i'm geeky. >> you're not kind of geeky. >> i'm very geeky. when you look at the jobs numbers, the adp numbers track what the government jobs numbers are, they've been tracking for ten years. when you dig into the unemployment rate and we've been talking about this, the unemployment rate looks great. 8-point #%. it looks like the strums is working -- stimulus is working. when you look at the full unemployment rate it's 10.9% because the jobless rate doesn't count people who have given up working. when you count those numbers, it doesn't look so hot. we're looking at the weekly jobs. >> neil: isn't this always the case? republicans say that about democratic presidents, democrats say that about republican presidents but the numbers are what the numbers are. >> but you want -- because we're in such a desperate time right now, and i don't mean to overstate that, desperate
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comment, because we're in a terrible recession. >> neil: you argue we're still in recession. >> in the weekly job list revision, the number of jobless out there, 59 or less, 60 weeks, those numbers have been revised higher after the fact. that's rare. you don't see that. >> the jobless figures are -- >> revised higher after the fact. >> so more jobless workers than originally reported. >> correct. >> neil: not like when we get other reports where the numbers are better when redone. these are worse. >> that's right. what happens in the present week and you compare it to the prior week it looks great because it's revised higher. 59 of the last 60 weeks, that's unheard of. the troubling trend we're looking at is labor force participation rate. people who can find and get a job, that has been dropping. the argument is baby boomers are dropping out of the workforce. even when you factor in the baby
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boomers an immigrants and students, it's still declining. that's bad for social security because you need workers. labor force participation rate is at the levels of 1969, 1979, 1982 when we had a bank crackup in 1982 which some grew is worse than today. >> neil: i know you got things to do. but that was very revealing. a woman who scored a perfect 1600 on her s.a.t.s. >> i got a 16. we have that much in common. will the weak economic reports hit the president in the polls? a poll shows the president's approval rating is stuck below 50%, suffolk university pollster says the economic numbers could be toxic for the president. is there a point at which that is the measure by which americans go to the voting polls? it's either three months, six
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months before election day but that's the snapshot, the time frame they're using to get a speculative on where they stand. >> that's according to what the polls say. we're talking about issues with the business cycle, now let's talk about the election cycle. there are only five more reporting periods with these jobs reports before early voting begins. and absentee battling begins in the swing states in october. the game is getting late in terms of the economy and we're still above 8% unemployment, not to discount the underemployment numbers as well. >> neil: still, with the president around 49%, some polls showing him even, if not a little ahead of mitt romney, some showing him behind. for all of that -- and he's president and has advancing -- he's doing all right and that surprises me given this sort of
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tepid recovery. what do you make of that? >> i think you have a point there. in our last suffolk poll only 14% said the recession was over. the government said the recession has been over three years now, since june of 2009. yet obama is competitive. but i think if you drill down and look at the swing states, states that will matter, you see nevada with 12% unemployment. that's going to be a tough win for barack obama as will florida where with a 9% unemployment rate currently. >> neil: but in those states -- i'm sorry to interrupt. they're down from their higher levels, as is ohio, a crucial swing state, as it wisconsin, a crucial swing state. reason i mention both is in the so called battleground states, the president's doing better than he was. now, republicans argue republican governors are turning things around at least two or three of those. what do you make of that?
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>> there has been a corresponding bump in the polls in those states even though unemployment rates have come down. that's the problem for president obama. in many states he's stuck in the mid 40s and you can't go into an election, in the mid 40s because history tells us that the undesideds go with the challenger. >> time is running out and even if we have a good jobs report in june reflecting may we'll go into july with a mixed bag. the best jobs report will probably be in june. but people will have tuned out by then when it's released in july. so with diminishing amount of time, it's going to be very difficult for barack obama, based on the economy issue, to rebound in the swing states. >> neil: interesting, as you always are. thank you very much. >> my pleasure.
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>> neil: man, did you see this? we're getting more video in. police clashing with occupy wall protesters. similar scenes being played out in san francisco and portland,
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oregon. while this is going on, a tweet by a homeland security advisor nate snyder saying happy mayday with the hatch tag solidarity. this is a happy mayday? they would only say snyder is a liaison. snider's tweets are biased. she's with the young america's foundation. it says in this case he's sympathetic to occupy wall streeters. he used to be a liaison to the white house. he's tasked with protecting americans and this guy, he used to work for the obama campaign. and before that, he worked for the service employees international union, the largest contributor to the obama campaign. this guy is relatively high up in the department of homeland security. he advises janet napolitano
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based on what we can find out. his twitter page which is public is that i'm and obama administration official. yet the obama administration has not distanced themself from the comment. they tried to distance themself to occupy wall street but this is a message of support for mayday, international workers day, these mayday -- the mayhem that took place in seattle and portland and new york. >> i see where you're coming from but maybe to give him the benefit of the doubt, they could not or did not envision that this would turn violent as it did in oakland and san francisco. so he or homeland security were not endorsing that behavior. >> the tweet was posted last night. i could be wrong about the time.
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it was taking place during the day. at least it was unwise. when you look at what occupy wall street. >> you don't side with one group or the other. >> no, but it's the department of homeland security. occupy wall street has been possibly involved with this cleveland bombing of the bridge, a white powder substance that was sent around. those are things that raise a lot of concerns among americans. they've not been exonerated or implicated but then they have rallies on international workers day, traditionally the day that socialists, union, antifree marketeers rally to promote the class warfare and violence around the world. then this official, high official within the department of homeland security, endorses, cheers them on, while this violence is going on.
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>> neil: that was a blanket endorsement of this movement. but we've seen other cases where nancy pelosi has spoken highly of occupiers, the president in a rolling stone interview spoke of what he learned from occupiers. the questioner never brought up the tea party but just what he might have learned the president from the occupiers. among the main street, among politically elite, occupiers are cool, tea partiers are not. their goofiness notwithstanding, they're hip, the others are not. >> i don't think that's what the american people think. they're alarmed by the escalating violence and the incidents. the cleveland thing, the powder. and obama does not have a blank slate to have this homeland security official praising this group that's turning increasingly violent. he had van jones, a self admitted communist on the
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administration as the green jobs czar and announced his campaign for public office and -- he has a history he needs to be careful of and mayday, international workers day, has serious socialist overturns and then the whole freedom slogan, he needs to be careful. this was obviously a marxist slogan throughout time. lennon used it for a pro marxist public publication, he needs to rethink the direction and the message his administration is sending out and surely someone within the administration could have said something so distance themself quickly. >> neil: and they didn't. >> no, they didn't. >> neil: you were right and i was wrong. he did issue these remarks post all these violent outbursts in california. >> it's worrisome at the very
1:19 pm
least. >> neil: if speculators to blame for gas prices running up, where the investigation is now that for 16 days in a row they're running down. bullied on facebook, one teenager is suing. does she have a case? all rise. the judge is in the house. [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do, consider this... today training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athleteeverywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold.
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>> neil: they succeeded. the news at the pump looking sweet. gas prices declining and lower by a dime. you heard it here but probable won't hear it in washington. no calls from chuck schumer demanding investigations into speculators gunning prices down. apparently only when they gun prices up. proof maybe that speculators have very little influence on prices moving up or down?
1:23 pm
phil flynn says precisely. >> that's the fact here. i think it's kind of funny, every spring we hear from these politicians looking for somebody to blame for higher gasoline prices and oil prices and when the prices come down, it gets out of sight, out of mind. once again, it's proof speculators don't drive prices, they're driven to the market because of the fundamentals and that's why speculative interest in the oil market. the risk has been high and it's a place where money is going when there's nowhere else to put it. >> neil: i might give them an idea with this suggestion that all of this is in response to those promised investigations. >> absolutely not. every time we are hear this, every spring when we get the run-up, the switch over to the summertime blends of gasoline, year in and out, gasoline prices tend to rise as soon as we get done with the switchover they come down.
1:24 pm
it's happened this year, it happened last year and the year before. politicians of course, they never want to take blame for anything or say it's -- it's normal fundamentals that are driving parkways. price, they react to angry constituents and if they find someone to blame, it takes the heat off them. >> take the credits and pass the blame. i built a year career on it. you can understand. i want to know whatu think about the direction of the prices. we've had about as man down days -- many down days as up days. >> i'm telling you the trend for gasoline prices is down. we could see one of the most significant selloffs in green prices since 2008. the reason is very clear. we knew what the fundamentals, why gasoline prices were rising, the cost of oil was soaring. why was the cost of oil soaring?
1:25 pm
we were worried we wouldn't have enough because of a war with iran. now the oil prices are down and europe replaced barrels of oil. opec's producing the most oil they have probably since 2008. and guess what that means for gasoline prices? once refiners kick it into high, prices could tumble. >> i'm going to hold you to that. phil flynn, obviously putting the kibosh on the conspiracy theories. >> cyberbullies, did you hear this. a 14-year-old student in georgia slapping her classmates with a lawsuit for slamming her on facebook. the judge napolitano is here. >> very difficult to sue minors for obligations. they'll have to sue the parents and show the parents were willfully negligent. they intentionally looked the other way while their kids do they say things.
1:26 pm
>> i would assume they knew what they were writing on facebook. >> correct. what it is alleged the defendant did was set up a falls facebook page and had this woman say who are rending things about herself and as a result she was embarrassed. something that's traumatic for the child. can the school punish the kids for doing that? under a recent supreme court case, yes. a public school with punish children for noncool behavior if a classmate is harmed. question, can the parents of the girl who was harmed sue facebook for allowing the false page to be posted by not requiring proof it's she who is posting her own facebook page? such a lawsuit would be novel but probably the court would let it go forward. >> neil: explaining this. years ago before these sites, if
1:27 pm
people were to do the same thing, put up poster boards or sandwich boards or cards, this person is a jerk or whatever. that would have been very clear, right? but not if it's on an electronic site, is it different? >> the federal government attempted to regulate this with the anticyberbullying statute that has prosecuted people who misled viewers about who was saying what on a website. no children have been prosecuted for this but only adults. the writers of the statute didn't anticipate children might do this. so it might be a novel use of this statute, where a federal prosecutor in georgia to prosecute these kids for it. but if a bizarre confluence of bullying, which is out of hand, and use of the internet to make misrepresentations and find a
1:28 pm
appropriate remedy for it. >> neil: when my kids do something or -- which is constant. >> are you sure you want to say this on air? >> neil: i'll say or my wife will say you should apologize to this child. they apologize a lot. but my point is, if these particular kids who are older here were to go on facebook and apologize for those remarks they made, would that be a way to put this to -- >> that's the type of thing a juvenile court judge -- when the complainant is a juvenile or the defendant is a juvenile, frequently the proceeding is in secret to protect the children from the unwanted glare of publicity. in a sect court proceeding with the courtroom door locked. juvenile court judges would appreciate that kind of apology, even if the family doesn't accept it. there has to be some end to
1:29 pm
this. you can't litigate a case like this for weeks or months or years as if it were ibm suing mobil. there has to be an end point and perhaps an apology is the appropriate end. i have not seen a case where a minor sued another for cyberbullying. i have not seen a case like this. >> neil: they're out but will the backers be in for him? [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network... a living breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. look. it's so simple. [ male announcer ] in here, the right minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea. adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud all in real time. good idea. ♪ it's the at&t network -- providing new ways to work together, so business works better. ♪
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as to the presidency, i'm asked sometimes is mitt romney conservative enough? and my answer is simple. compared to barack obama? you know, this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in american history. >> neil: he's being kind of nice to mitt romney, newt gingerich making it official. dropping out of the race saying the other guy's charles manson. friday rick santorum will drop by the mitt romney campaign for a chat. romney may be able to win his support as well. but what about all these guys' loyal supporters. what do you think? >> well, i think newt had a good point. it's a sports analogy.
1:34 pm
say the republicans are notre dame and the democrats are usc and north dame has to pick a team captain. so the other fraternities are the team captain and the other two are mad, not in a good mood for a week. but by the time game time comes along, forget it. the fighting irish are not going to let trojan man win. and the other fraternities are going to rally around their guy because they're part of the team. everyone's part of the team now and they hate the other team. so those are two reasons to rally. >> neil: i understand that but it does -- no, i'm kidding. here's where i might differentiate. you're right. in the end there may are a hatred of usc that trumps the feelings you have about who is leading your team. but are you concerned that there -- you know, that comment
1:35 pm
was not efuse as i have and it's not a good under pinning. >> it's like before a game day, you've got to give him time to be upset that they lost. they got big egos and wanted to win and be team captain. >> neil: what did you think of newt gingerich today? >> he's not happy but he's trying and at least he wants to now be part of the team. >> neil: those loyalists of gingrich's, say what you will in south carolina he got out the vote, in georgia, but there are a lot of people passionate about him. a lot of people, rick santorum won ten primaries and are passionate about him. they're not necessarily going to run to barack obama but they might not vote at all. >> that's why it's key for mitt romney to bring them up. >> neil: and do what? >> let them speak and if newt
1:36 pm
gingerich is going to be passionate about it now, look, it's a primary. people fight. that's what we do. we try to pick our candidate, work for them and somebody wins. now it's a different ballgame. it's a different game. the semi-game is not there. we're at the championship game running against barack obama. so newt gingerich gets up and he's passionate about now mitt romney and santorum as well. their folks will come in line. maybe they may hold their nose when they vote but who cares, we get the vote. >> neil: in 1976 a lot of those conservatives, the ones who backed ronald reagan, who ultimately lost in the convention to gerald ford, a lot of them didn't vote. you don't see that happening? >> i don't. because barack obama is that bad. there's that much of a hatred. that big of a riflery. -- rivalry. >> neil: did you go to usc or notre dame? >> i'm from indiana so i'm going
1:37 pm
with a red state versus a blue state. there's a reason. >> neil: the red state went blue last time. >> not this time. >> neil: thank you very much. you brought the a-game here. >> of course. >> that's the new pressure on all our guests, quick analogies. that man has mitt romney's back. could he have the plan to get the jobs back? bill marriott is here and only here. >> what do these miniature horses have to do with washington? it's got is to stossel fired up. it doesn't take much to fire him up. man: 1939 -- my parents ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace."
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so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years. when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees...
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1:41 pm
understand them. >> do we need all these laws, so many no one understand them? even the government admits it can't count them all? no. is this regulation what is killing job creation. >> neil: job losses are adding up big time. >> practically the worst economy in america's history. >> if i wanted america to fail, bullying americans out of their dreams and property rights. >> they've done that. now the feds demand every store must admit these service horses. now hotels must spend millions on devices that may never be used. >> the public pool owners cries across the country are scrambling to comply. >> you could be fined thousands of dollars if you sell one of these things? regulated to death is our show tonight. >> neil: john stossel with me right now. by the way,on john has a new
1:42 pm
book called no they can't, running up the bestseller charts. i can see why. john, it's amazing what we do in the name of goodness, i guess, where we go crazy. what is going on here? >> goodness, exactly right. and we want to do good and if you're a regulator, your way of with doing good is pass more rules. they called bush the deregulator. he hired 91,000 new regulators. and obama has increased spending on regulations at five times the bush rate. they always do more. >> neil: but where does it go? i can remember democratic mayor ed koch in new york, doing ramps for wheelchairs saying it would be cheaper to get those who need them all limos or something at the time because it would be cheaper. but we do this -- i don't know
1:43 pm
whether out of guilt or whether -- enormous costs without the longer term repercussions. >> definitely. that's why i'm going around the country with my sign. they say they can make life better with these rules and trying -- i'm trying to say they can't. it's just -- the miniature horses rule? they are legitimate service animals but you can't toilet train a horse. >> neil: that one you snuck up on me. what do they -- what's the rule for them? >> this is the americans with disabilities act. another parallel. i'm a stutterer. had the ada exist the when i got my first job in tv, i doubt i would have been hired. what employer would hire me and hope i get my speech under control knowing if i couldn't and they fired me, i might sue and cost them half a million dollars just to win because
1:44 pm
that's what lawsuits cost. the ada was supposed to help disabled people get jobs. 50% were in the workplace when george bush sr. signed it. now it's 32%. fewer got employed because they make disabled people lawsuit threats. these laws have the opposite effect and now the new version of it is you got to let in the horses. >> neil: amazing. sounds like a pile of horse -- whatever. john stossel, no we can't is the book. sometimes -- >> wit, we can as individuals. >> neil: why do you call it no they cannot? always good having you. >> they can't. >> neil: you can't. it's a usc game. thank you, buddy. continued good luck. with jobs checking out, maybe it's time to check in with bill marriott. he employees more than 300,000 workers and after 35 years in the business, he's handing over
1:45 pm
controls. now he could have gone anywhere to give his exit interview and decided to stop by fox first. one of the nicest, most decent men in corporate america. i hope you occupiers are paying attention. this is the good side of the 1%, after this. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown.
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>> neil: all right we started the show talking about job-seekers licking their wounds after a report confirms what a lot of them knew. companies are in no hiring mood like they used to be. elbow a couple months ago. my next guest, bill marriott, employs more than 300,000 workers and loathes laying off
1:49 pm
people at any time. it's an exception in the rule that sometimes it's paramount in the financial community. one of the world's most recognizable brand and hotel groups, marriott, is hanging up his hat and checking in here. bill marriott. bill, good to have you. congratulations. >> thank you, neil. good to be here. >> what a career you've had, young man. let's get into the careers a lot of people are worried about, it's slowing down and they're not going to get many opportunities and your hiring notwithstanding, the environment is turning inhospitable. >> we're seeing good results in our hotels. rooms are more occupied than since '07 and business is coming back, transient and group business and we'll open 15,000 rooms in the united states and hire 5 to 10,000 people.
1:50 pm
>> neil: you're hiring but a lot of colleagues are not, a lot of them are hanging on to cash. we started with news alcoa was hanging on to a record sum of cash. apple leaving $100 billion in cash but company after company, the same deal. >> they're waiting for something to happen in washington and they're concerned about regulation. they're concerned about the policy of our current administration and what's going on in the country. i think they're just waiting to see what's going to happen to obama care and all the uncertainty is why they're holding on to this cash. >> neil: what do you make of republicans and democrats alike earlier saying we've crunched the numbers on this healthcare thing and we might drop our plan, pay the penalty, and suck all that up because it's still cheaper? >> i don't know that anybody really knows. we keep trying to put a tag on it but we're not sure what obama
1:51 pm
care will cost. we try to figure out what it means but we're not there yet. >> neil: a lot of your colleagues are. you're generous with benefits and coverage. that's most unusual. you must have crunched the same numbers and said that it really wouldn't be in their interest. >> wouldn't be in their interest to -- >> neil: keep it going. keep offering benefits to say even part time workers because they need a waiver. they got a waiver. better than a few hundred. that must say something about the underlying healthcare plan that so many opted out. >> we noticed healthcare costs have not risen as far in the past year as they have in the
1:52 pm
past so we're optimistic we'll figure it out but we've not made a decision yet. >> what about the presidential race this year? many saying mitt romney has an uphill battle and not the least of which is because a lot of people don't know him or know the whole mormon thing. as a fellow mormon, is that going to hurt him? >> i don't think the mormon thing is a big issue. i think the issue is the economy and the jobs that you've been talking about. and what's going to happen in our economy. mitt romney is a fabulous businessman who has been on our board ten years or more and got off it twice, once to run the olympics and one to run for president but he's competent and capable and i think he has a real run. >> neil: i know you abhor cosmetics but in this world today, we like candidates who are cool, i guess.
1:53 pm
the president's cool. the rap against mitt romney is he's not. not that that doesn't mean anything. i'm sure in his day no one would have called abe lincoln cool but are you worried the media will never warm to mitt romney? and might never give him any fair treatment as a result? >> well, that's a big concern. ofa lot of the media are pro oba and not ennam ored with the republican party. mitt romney has a good chance. numbers are good for older people who will vote for mitt. >> neil: then you see occupy wall street rallies that grew substantially with mayday events. protesting better than 130 u.s. cities, some in california turned violent. many largely young people target
1:54 pm
1%ers, like yourself, me by exception but they go after corporate guys, even though they don't like fox news anchor guys, and they argue that you disproportionately benefited to their expense. what do you say to that? >> i say we're providing opportunities for people around the world. 50% of our manager came from within the hiring ranks. we started out with one hotel 30 years ago and we started out -- or 50 years and started out as a company 85 years ago with a root beer stand. now we have 300,000 employees so we're about hiring and bringing people onboard and giving them an opportunity. >> neil: so when you talk about i think there was an author on not long ago on the "fox business" and he was saying something to the effect, service is a lost art in this country. a lot of young people in
1:55 pm
particular don't smile anymore. cashier doesn't look you in the face. the concierge doesn't gets back to you and service workers aren't what they used to be. i know you ride rough on this issue. your counterpart at disney, bob eager. but there might be something to this that so many complain about it. >> our top goal in the company is customer engagement and we train our people to teach them to engage with the customers and solve customer problems, to meet our customers with a smile and confidence and do everything we can to get the customer onboard and have them return. our philosophy is take good care of our people and customer and they'll come back. as long as we foster that culture, we'll give outstanding service. >> how would you weed out, you're firm but nice. how do you weed out the lemons you are stuck with.
1:56 pm
they're either not preaching from your hymn book or they're just losers. >> my experience is the lemons weed out themself. they're not comfortable in an environment where everybody's friendly and they're not and they say this isn't for me and we agree. >> neil: what do you do? >> let them share their abilities with some other company. >> neil: is that what you tell them? >> sure we do. >> neil: how do you says as a i it? >> resay are you enjoying your job and they say not really, we say why not. they say they don't like to deal with customers and we say maybe you ought to be in manufacturing or something where you don't have to deal with customers and they buy into it and they find something else to do. we're totally committed to the customer and if our employees are not onboard with that program, they're going to go somewhere else. >> neil: a lot of them show up at msnbc, so weird. it's a joke. bill marriott, good luck in
1:57 pm
retirement. good luck with anything you try. >> thanks, neil. >> bill marriott, executive chairman. trying to live the example. not all of the 1% are evil. i know that's the popular thing to say. ♪ i'm making my money do more. i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions. i'm making the most of my money. and seven-dollar trades are just the start. : i'm with scottrade.
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