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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: and yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the day that the brave men of seal team six delivered justice to osama bin laden. for the past civil days, president obama and his re-election spin machine have been taking a victory lap, waltzing over who the real heroes are. yesterday ttook him around the world to afghanistan. but a brand-new ad is highlighting the difference between heroism and politics. let's watch this. >> osama bin laden has been killed. >> there will be no parades, they have already gone back into
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the shadows, without the outside world even knowing their names. >> i can report, i directed leon panetta, i was briefed, i determined altmy direction, i called the president. i, as commander in chief... >> we don't need to spike the football. i said i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him. and i did. >> spoiz the navy seals had gone in there. suppose they had been captured or killed. the downside would have been horrible. >> the campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do. >> i said that i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him, and i did. i did. i did. i did.
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>> sean: wow. i don't think the difference could be any clearer. and as president obama continues to pat himself on the back again and again, his own words are coming back to haunt him. let's listen to what he said back in 2006. >> i have had enough of using terrorism as a wedge initiative our politics. i have had enough of that. i have had enough of that. i don't know about you, but i think that the wor against terrorism is not supposed to crop up between september and november of even-numbered years. and yet that seems to be the pattern. there is a sudden burst of activity, a sudden urgency about this whole thing, three months before an election, every other year. >> sean: all right. i wonder how team obama will try to spin this one. joining me with reaction, the author of "suicide of a super
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power," patrick j. buchanan. welcome back. quick question -- did they overreach here, especially in the ad against romney? >> well, there is no question about it, sean, what the president of the united states just did was take a 14,000-mile round trip to afghanistan basically to put a partisan gloss on what was a national victory and to do something of an end zone dance to revive the issue of the heroism of seal team 6 and use it for partisan advantage. it was crass. it was exploit eightive and i think it's going to backfire because it was so transparent. >> sean: look at this -- how powerful this ad is. he has had a former joint chiefs come out against him. many navy seals. heroes don't seek credit. heroes don't spike the football. heroes don't advertise acts of valor. the cover of the "new york post" says cabub, obama spikes bin
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laden football. now, obama said back a year ago, he wasn't up for re-election then. remember, in the context, we can't incite the arab world or the islamic world by showing pictures of bin laden. here's what -- you know, the president said back then about not spiking the football. >> we don't try to -- trot out this stuff as trophies. you know, the fact of the matter is, this is somebody who was deserving of the justice that he received. and i think americans and people around the world are glad that he's gone. but -- but we don't need to spike the football. >> sean: i mean -- does anyone -- they were in a pretty smart campaign in 2008. i have to wonder sometimes, did anybody think this through, that this is a potential outcome in this?
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>> what you just had that, that last clip by president obama, as president of the united states, leader of the american people said, look, this is not a partisan issue, not a divisive issue. these were american heros, but i gave the order but they carried it out and it's an american victory. now he is trying to leap on this, put a partisan stamp on it, make it a democratic party victory, exploit it. it's very crass. and the president has the power of the oval office, the presidency of the united states. he is diminishing that by using events which are national events as partisan events. i was in the white house when nixon ordered the sante raid, tore into the prison and was terrible there were no prisoners there, but they killed a couple vietnamese. it was an heroic thing, he didn't take partisan credit. it was an american event. i think this is where the president's hurting himself. >> sean: pat, i have been making this case for a long time. i know some of your former
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leftist colleagues that you were very close to at one point took a lot of issue with this. but here's the reality. weare going to have this discussion about bin laden, we need to have the whole discussion. the reality is that we had jose rodriguez, the guy who led the enhanced interrogation technique efforts, khalid sheikh mohammed. he knows the intelligence that we got. he could not have been more clear. without eit and rendition and black sites and gitmo, we don't have the intelligence for the president to make the decision to send in seal team 6. so we are going to have this discussion, let's put it out in the open here. he was wrong. and we wouldn't have gotten bin laden but for the bush policies that he opposed? >> i think that's correct. getting bin laden was a process that took a long, long time. again, let me go back to nixon, briefly. president nixon in 1969 was on the pacific when the fellas went to the moon.
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but johnson had done a tremendous part, kennedy had. and the greatest part of the the astronauts themselves. but what we are seeing, and it suggests a real desperation in the campaign, an effort to take a positive event for all americans and to say, this was me, this was us. this is what we -- democrats did in the white house, when it was the seal team in afghanistan that did it. >> sean: all right. he was wrong on the policies that gave us the intelligence. if you listen to joe biden, he says, okay, so bin laden's dead and g.m. is still... alive, if you will. they are still in business. now, in investors business daily comes out with a piece today, g.m. and gmac still owe the taxpayers of this country over $35 billion. so is he going to be able to tout -- those are the two things he's touting as his success. does the story get to be hold --
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to be told on that? does that backfire? >> some of us who had g.m. stock can tell you-- are you one of them, pat? >> my wife's inheritance. i tell you, i am glad g.m.'s kept alive and all of that. why did biden turn this into an us versus mitt thing? the thing is, this is so stupid politically, i'll tell you, sean. when have you something like that that the president is associated with and made the call and said go ahead. it was a gutsy call. why don't you just stand back and let people say what you did. take a light bow and point to the fellas. they are the one who is did the job. let's applaud them. you are there. >> sean: last question. suicide of a super power. if in fact barack obama were to get re-elected -- at the end of four years, we are going to have $6 trillion in new debt, over $5 trillion in new obama debt, we
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see what he has done to the economy and he has adpopted the western european socialist model, where do you see the country headed if he's re-electd? >> we will have a republican house. they may lose a few seats in the senate. the republicans may pick up a couple of seats. we will have the same deadlock we have had almost the last year. if that happens and it's going to happen because they are not going to get together f. that happens, we are spain, we are italy, we are greece. i think you will have a real international economic crisis because these two folks can't get together. the one hope you have, i think, is a republican president, republican senate, republican house say, you fellas got two years to make the cuts you promised to make. do it, or we'll throw you out. >> sean: do you think romney wins at this point? >> i think eye think mitt romney's got a far better chance than folks believe. but i do think people are coming around to the idea that barack obama is not necessarily a
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winner and one of the reasons is, the panicked campaign that was revealed in what he did in afghanistan. >> sean: well said, patrick j. buchanan. good do see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> sean: five men who attended up on protests were plotting to blow up a bridge in cleveland. we'll take a look at more of these groups as they begin to look like the group founded by president obama's old friend, bill ayers. we have juan williams to talk about the left-wing fringe group tonight on "hannity." >> the defendants armed the explosive. the defendants left and went to a remote site and they, then, sitting there... entered the codes that they thought would blow up a bridge with innocent people traveling over it. aspirin is just old school.
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>> sean: violence in cities across the country, as up on protesters led anti-wall street demonstrations in honor of may day. in new york city, protesters were a distraction for the nypd on the anniversary of ladeneb's death -- osama bin laden's death. they had to deal with scenes like this. but apparently, the self selfish protesters didn't seem to care. meanwhile, guess who told abc news that he was attending the gathering in chicago. none other than the unrepentant terrorist, bill ayers. this should not come as a shock since he has said he is a huge
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supporter. as more time goes ork the up oners appear to be adopting the same techniques used by the weather underground, which bill ayers helped found. it was responsible for a number of bombings at government buildings in the 1970s. yesterday, the fbi charged five men, some of whom attended previous up on cleveland rallies with plotting to blow up a bridge in ohio near a wealthy neighborhood. there is no longer a question that this is a left-wing movement, seeking to inflict violence here in america. >> we never left. we were just tired. anarchy isn't easy. this is a lot of work. we had to hiberinate, but today, we are resurging. the problem is capitalism that is failing all of these people. i don't care about this election. i know other people are working on it. but i'm looking at far, far more radical alternatives than political alternatives.
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i would like to see a new form of politics entirely. >> sean: joining me with reaction, fox news political analyst, juan williams, author of "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. you have the seal of approval of the president of the united states, even though from the very beginning, we saw a rape, protective tent set up for women in new york. we saw violence in a number of these movements. we saw, you know, cursing of police officers. all of these incidents, but the president and nancy pelosi praised the movement at the time. that's a problem for me. is it a problem for you? >> i don't think they are praising what you think they are praising, sean. i don't think there is any support from me, i don't think -- i haven't heard much support from anybody from people who are psychiatric cases-- no, no. -- if you have to set up a rape protection tent in zucatty park.
6:17 pm
>> i think there are a lot of homeless people and psychiatric cases and troubled souls. i don't think that's the point-- they were having sex and doing drugs in public and taking a crap on a police car -- those are the guys? >> that's sad. that's pathetic. nobody approves of that. they should be put in jail. >> sean: imagine, michelle, i am going to show two cuts here. this is obama praising the up on movement and one of nancy pelosi saying, god bless them. wleets roll the tape. >> i think it expresses the frustrations of the american people feel. that we had the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. so, yes, i think people are frustrated and -- you know, the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.
6:18 pm
>> the message of the protest isn't the message for the establishment everywhere. god bless them for their spontaneity. it's independent, people coming. it's young. it's spontaneous. it's focused. and it's going to be effective. >> sean: it's violent, michelle. there has been law breaking. there has been confrontations with police, sex in public, drug use. god bless them. >> yeah. let me correct nancy pelosi that there is nothing spontaneous about this organized chaos. these up oners and the democrats behind them can no more disown the violent agitators than the stemp that comes from these filthy encampments. from day one, from its inception, the movement has intended to create chaos. they have openly advocated smashing the state, wreaking havoc on our economy and undermining the rule of law.
6:19 pm
particularly the men and women on the front lines, the cops who have been attacked, just over this past may day, demonstration and chaos and eruptions, of course, taken, dragged off of their bikes and demonized and i think that the parallel you are drawing to the 60s and 70s is absolutely accurate. it is no surprise, of course, because many of these same old, rusty encrusted radicals are behind the movement-- -- >> michelle, kimake a point? >> yeah, but let me call you out, juan. >> allow me to respond, michelle. i think, michelle, that if you look at something like tea party movement, if i was on the show with sean and i said, what about the racism in some parts of the tea party-- what racism? >> i, gosh, jokes about monkeys and the president. there is no question about that. >> name me one tea party person
6:20 pm
who said that. >> people have been expelled from the tea party because of racism -- look, i'm telling you, members -- >> you are telling me the tea party people have called the president a monkey. name me one! >> i don't remember the name, michelle. but you can research it online and i know you have that skill. don't forget that the people were showing up -- >> lies. >> interrupting members of congress, being rude to them. that's not the heart of the tea party -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that'sitant amount -- that's tantamount to calling for killing republicans. >> nobody is talking about fairness, which is the heart of the occupy wall street movement, talking about-- that's all the president ever talks about, juan. wait a minute. wait a minute. the same kids, on their computer, the same kids who are destroying businesses that they didn't build and blaming and banks and the violence and the
6:21 pm
destruction and everything else that has happened here. but god bless them. that's what nancy pelosi said. >> in the clips that you played, sean, both nancy pelosi and president obama were talking about people who were pointing out the unfairness that has become apparent that we have a larger and larger class divide. >> sean: give me an example -- andrew breitbart offered $100,000 for evidence that the congressman that you were talking about to show any video evidence when there were a million cameras around. do you have any evidence to prove that? >> i don't have any evidence. what we were talking about is the kind of people drawing pictures of monkeys and insulting the president. nobody said, hey, that represents the heart of the tea party. >> sean: they were called nazis regularly without any evidence. we have to give michelle the last evidence. >> the quote from juan is, i don't have any evidence.
6:22 pm
okay? up on cleveland leaders are being charged with a bridge bomb blot. up on chicago is being investigated. up on leaders in l.a. and denver and oakland and san francisco and seattle and new york have been caught on tape advocating violence for the transformation of this society. there is no, absolutely no parallel between the peace-loving, hard-working people of the tea party. and the anarchist fifty pooh-flg of the occupy wall street movement. >> sean: debbie wasserman-shultz is spreading huge lies. and we continue to expose and vet the president, the real obama and the course he has set for america, if he were to get a second term. straight ahead. ♪ hey, hey, hey
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>> sean: more lies about mitt romney are come from this left, especially from the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz, claiming that the presumptive g.o.p. nominee is engaged in a war against women. >> the agenda of the republican
6:27 pm
party and of mitt romney, have clearly been and can be interpreted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. from the very beginning of this congress, the first priorities and the first new bills republicans introduced, repealing the affordable care act, which would dramatically impact women in a negative way. making sure that we would redefine rape as only being forcible rape. riulentlessly trying to defund planned parenthood and almost shutting the government down over it. >> sean: these attacks come after romney was accused of not wanting to kill bin laden and vice-president biden has to get in on the act as well. watch this. >> in the face of the challenge that we now understand are ahead of us, what would governor romney do? well, the truth is, we don't know for certain. but we know where the governor
6:28 pm
starts. he starts with a profound, a profound misunderstanding of the responsibilities of a president and the commander in chief. >> sean: so dull. it's funny because joe biden said that about somebody else, back in 2008. >> what does barack obama's runningmate say about barack obama? >> you were asked if he is ready. you said, i think he can be ready, but right now, i don't believe he is. the presidency is not something that lendz itself to on-the-job training. >> i think i stand by the statement. >> sean: joining me now elyse jordan and chris hahn. all right. at some point, do we say enough is enough? redefining, you know, rape and war on women and by the way, romney, who did say back in 2007 that bin laden would die and we would kill him. do we not say enough is enough in terms of the distortion. >> it's an outright lie what
6:29 pm
debbie wasserman schultz is saying about romney and women. they are trying to paint him as an extremist when nothing in his back background is extremist towards women. i think it's sad, partisan politics. >> but he had pledged to be a party man for the republicans and hr3 would redefine rape and call it forcible rape in that bill. there have been 500 bills passed, introduced in republican legislation. >> sean: explain that nonforcible rape is. >> statutory rape. >> sean: is that forced? >> i don't know f. it happened to my daughter, i would say it was forced. >> sean: stop! even if by definition, you are playing word games, like when they say, he wouldn't have killed bin laden. obama and biden -- [overlapping dialogue] >> if somebody is drugged and raped -- it opens up the door to a lot of questions. rape is rape. republicans shouldn't be playing with it. it will hurt them in the .
6:30 pm
>> i it's very lame to try to dw mitt romney into that. he is completely separate from the discussion over this one word. let's go back to bin laden -- >> let me go over -- >> it is ridiculous to say that mitt romney would not have gone after bin laden. i think the events of the past couple of day and it is politicizing of this great moment has totally backfired. the special forces community is secretive for a reason because they need to get the job done and -- >> romney was very aware he would not move heaven and erght earth -- and earth to get bin laden. >> sean: stop -- stop distorting on purpose because the entire context what have he said was that he would get bin laden, that he would die and that he would kill him -- >> the republican policy -- wait a minute -- wait a minute. the republican policy was not to go after bin laden. >> sean: you know what your problem is -- let me tell you what your problem is, what you democrats' problem is.
6:31 pm
ure don't have a record but $5 trillion in debt. a million fewerrions, 17 million -- >> 2-- you know what you can't do, you can't run on your record -- so you lie! you are lying through your truth! >> 2.1 million private-sector jobs, less people working in the public sector, which is what you always wanted-- if you thinks this is going to help -- elyse, if this is going to help the guy, hope and change, it is not red america, blue america, the united states of america. i don't think that them lying and attacking and distracting is going to work. >> i think it's really problematic, this war on women has started to backfire. you will get president obama and how he has run his white house, there is a real war-- you like grover norquist. he said, we don't care who the president is, as long as he will sign our bills. republicans have been passing bills all over the country--
6:32 pm
excuse me. you know what this is? this is the president who said, republicans, their plan is for dirty air and dirty water. lie. the republicans want kids with autism, down's syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves. this is pathetic, for to you echo the talking points. the president has failed. he didn't cut the deficit in half. he didn't eliminate earmarks, he didn't get rid of lobbyists. he hasn't created a single job job -- you are left scaring the crap out of every american with lies. republicans don't want dirty air or water! we want clean water! >> g.m. is still alive, that matters in this election? how much does g.m. owe the government -- >> they are paying back-- let me educate you. it's $35 billion. plus, between gmac and g.m., so in other words, if i gave you $35 billion --
6:33 pm
>> gmac -- gmac, which is part of the t.a.r.p. bailout, proposed by who? not obama. gmac was bush's plan. let's be honest with the american people. >> sean: give the small business owner the same gift -- give me $35 billion, i will be the most successful businessman in the world -- >> i are doing okay. on your own. even after yelling at me. >> sean: i kinda like you. coming up next, the vetting continues as we take a look at obama in his own words. the mainstream media won't do it. we will do it here on "hannity." today, we stand against the tyranny
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>> sean: tonight, as the vetting continuous, we will once again show you the president in his own words, the romney campaign is reminding us all about his many failures, particularly when it comes to the economy. >> you see, we democrats have a very different measure what have constitutes progress in this country. we measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage, whether you can put a little extra money away at the end of each month, so you can one day watch your child receive her college diploma.
6:39 pm
[ominous music playing] >> sean: now wall of that in mind, the obama campaign may want to reconsider the new slogan, you know the one -- forward, in the past three and-a-half years, his policies have taken us backwards. sand rasmith is here and monica crowley. and think about this, you know... it's pretty amazing, 17 million more people, you know, getting food stamps. we have, what? 14 million more people that are in -- under poverty in this country. 47 million americans. if we are going to judge progress by that and homeownership numbers today were tential i. stubbornly high unemployment, home foreclosures at record highs, median income almost at record lows.
6:40 pm
every economic indicator has been in the negative column for 3 1/2 years. the reason the ad is so devastating is that it is obama in his own words and he said manage else a couple of years ago, he said, if i don't turn this economy around, this will be a one-term president. >> sean: i play it a lot here. >> we know it by heart? he doesn't have a story. maybe that's why they tried to make it a big week on the killing of bin laden and even that backfired, seemingly because he said he wasn't going to spike the football. now he has to eat those words. >> the business community is terrified right now. businesses are sitting on piles of cash and unwilling to spend it. small business confidence is still very, very low. and most recent small business surveys show their number-1 concern is the government's involvement in business. their policies are failing. in fact, they're hurting the
6:41 pm
economy. two federal reserve officials today, sean, this was big news. two federal reserve officials warned that our country is at risk of entering into another recession. i mean, the numbers are staggering. you showed 23 million people are still out of work, unemployed, under-employed or have taken themselves out of the workplace. what record does he have to run on? >> he doesn't. that's why he made a big deal about the bin laden killing and he created a bogus war on women and why he is demonizing oil companies and industry speculators-- because they work. >> he has done everything but talk about his record. >> sean: i understand what romney is trying to do and the rnc. i think they have come up with great ads. you keep playing, you know, the president in his own words and deponent stop and hammer it, have you, what? 188 days to g. don't stop. >> that's t. i think that's why mitt romney has been so
6:42 pm
effective. he has only been in the general election campaign a couple of weeks. he is staying on message. he is pointing out obama a record, how abysmal it is and he is talking about-- let's be fair and balanced here. let's show you an ad that the obama campaign has put out. >> instead of working together to lift america up, republicans are waging a campaign to tear the president down. >> virtually every republican has decided to just say no to anything the president proposes. >> put me in the no column. >> vote no. >> vote no. [dramatic music playing]
6:43 pm
>> sean: stem cell, fuel economy. you know, these are not big accomplishments -- did you notice i made that up? that was the best part of the ad. >> very good. that's only merely temporarily distracting from the fact that unemployment rate is still above 8%. homeownership this week, we saw fell to 65%. i mean, sean, the big numbers are the most staggering numbers and the scariest numbers that are out there. if mitt romney eye think he stayed on message. but i think recently, he has focused it more. i love that he said today, i will make america a great place for entrepreneur and small business. with we are talking about jobs, we look at the president, demonizing success and business. mitt romney's trying to prop them up. i think that message is going to win. >> sean: good to see you both. we have a great, great, great american panel that. and much more coming up next,
6:44 pm
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>> sean: tonight, on our great, great american panel, jamie weinstein is back. and she is the former chairwoman and chief executive officer of playboy enterprises, christie hefner is back. and he's the former governor of the great state of maryland and his brand-new book, turn this car around, robert ehrlich is back. >> nice to see you, sean. >> sean: we are talking about vice-presidents. you are very close to governor romney. >> yes. >> sean: i keep saying marco rubio -- >> i have the list here, actually. >> sean: you keep trying to say rob portman -- >> sean! >> sean: he's boring. >> rubio is a great choice. rob portman's a great choice. governor mcdonald's a good choice. >> sean: go to kasich in ohio. >> i love kasich. but don't degrade rob is my
6:49 pm
point. >> sean: i like him. >> we just had charismatic. we just had hope and change and we have had a disastrous four years. >> sean: maybe you will be chargen charge of the vetting and you will pull a dick chaino everybody. >> that's not true. >> sean: i said -- there is no way you are voting for obama. you said, how do you know? >> right. >> sean: who are you going to vote for? >> i'm going to vote for obama -- as if you didn't know. >> sean: why?! you are a businesswoman and a very good one. >> i appreciate that? do you think his economic policies have been good? >> here's why, as a businessperson i am going to vote for him, although like all of us, vimany issues that i care about and the economy is an important one, although not the only one. because i think that we are at a point where we need a balanced policy that starts to pay down the deficit but also doesn't pull back too quickly in terms of stimulus -- [no audio]
6:50 pm
>> >> sean: we are back. we lost our audio for a second. so you can repeat yourself. >> where did we lose it? >> sean: i don't know. this is two incidents when you have been on the program. i am not talk about this other one. >> i was talking about why i was voting for president obama had something to do with losing the audio. >> sean: i think it put me in such a state of shock that the system collapsed. >> i don't think there is any question that the number-1 domestic challenge is entitlement reform. the robberies, the house have gone on record twice, politically risky move, the paul ryan plan. they are not winning votes. spl people might lose house seats because they voted for it. the president has done
6:51 pm
nothing -- [overlapping dialogue] >> demagogued ryan. >> exactly. >> sean: that's granny over the cliff. >> you said $5 trillion in debt. i will go back to what i said before. when it was simpson-bowles or the grand bargain that bainer and obama were working towards, there is a path that both sides when they are away from the political pit will tell you is the right path-- why didn't it happen? >> i am not an inside baseball kind of person to tell you that. but i have confidence that this president is running on a platform that is a balanced solution-- let me ask you -- >> i am not so confident-- he said he would cut the deficit in half and he gave us $5 trillion in debt. >> that is true. >> sean: if you think this is balanced, why would you expect a different result, running on a platform, he ran on a platform last time to cut the deficit. >>ic it's a misunderstanding that the president controls the economy.
6:52 pm
we are all going to be a function of things like what happens in europe, what happens in terms of -- collapse. >> prices of oil. and that's going to be true no matter who we elect. i would prefer to elect someone who would make the right choice about investment and spending cuts whoi. better understands how to create a private-sector job isn't president or mitt romney? >> i think that running a bbs business, which i have done, is not the same as being the head of government. i am more impressed by what he did in massachusetts-- we lost a million jobs since obama has been president. >> we gained 2.1 million jobs according to the cbo. >> sean: they are parsing the numbers. >> you like to count -- [overlapping dialogue] >> not what happened. there are more people working-- since he has been president, a net loss of a million. >> you know there are more people working in the private sector. that's not even-- it's like people who say, i
6:53 pm
have the best ratings from 18 to 19. that's want the entire picture. >> i think we know what the -- we are better off than we would have been without the changes that were made. will we make investments going forward? we will show you the propagand anbc network pushing for obama. you will love this. chris matthews, thrill up his leg, he's back. orthopedic docts recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. john loveits, its comments about president obama. watch. >> this this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is [bleep]. i voted for the guy and i am a democrat. what a [bleep]. >> sean: all right. we all agree, the language, a little over the top. it was like bill maher land, right? fair enough. you know, putting that aside, is it okay when the democrats say that republicans plan is for dirty air and water or to have a paul ryan look-alike throwing granny over the cliff, or to say that mitt romney wouldn't kill
6:58 pm
bin laden. >> the top 1% pay-- top 1% pay 40-plus%. >> if it was 42, 44, 46, if it was 52 twouldn't matter. it's never enough. i have been there. been in congress. it's never enough. for the nancy pelosis of the world. never enough. >> i think the debate has been around whether we go back to the tax rates we had in the clinton years which were prosperous years and those who made money felt pretty good about our chance to make money. i think there is a set of parameters around which we have the discussion, not that there is never enough. >> the language that is that they are not paying their fair share. maybe, if he said, look, i know the rich are paying 40% of the taxes. we near tough times, maybe increase t. i would disagree with tbut go about it that way. but they demonize it -- >> they demonize wealth that way. >> sean: let me ask a very simple question. out of every dollar that anybody
6:59 pm
makes that works hard, all right. you pay state, federal, fica. property sales, all of your tacks how much out of every dollar you should be able to keep? >> in maryland, it's 50 cents. you take home less than you earn. >> sean: what would be fair? what's fair? >> well, i support going back to the clinton tax rates. that's up a few points where from where we are, as opposed to going down to 28. >> sean: in new york, i get less than half of what i make per dollar. >> right. >> sean: is that -- i get a baseball hat. >> do you feel overtaxed? what do you think would be fair? >> sean: i get to keep 75 cents of every dollar i make. >> there was a poll on this. and they asked, what is their fair share? it was 30%. on average -- that's the american people -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the numbers, a third have been consistent. that's the entire


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