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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 5, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> go ahead. >> and remember to check out facebook in an hour for my answers to your questions. go to facebook/thefive. have a great weekend everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to redeye. i'm andy levy. let's go to managing editor. what is coming up tonight. >> our top story. a college student is suing $20 million for going to a jail cell for 20 days. drinking urine can make you very rich man. sorry. [ laughter ] >> it's true though. >> it's true. >> plus, new jersey mother arrested for putting her six-year-old in the tanning bed
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is denounced by snooki is crazy. she hit back saying she is fat and ugly. >> and al-qaeda magazine publishes a shocking editorial calling for a fire bombing against the u.s. andy. >> you made it through. [ laughter ] >> she puts the cute in prosecute and i'm with kimberly guilfoyle that airs right here on "the five" and fox reported weekend saturdays and sundays right here on the fnc. bill schultz, you think she contestant in the hunger games right now. he is considered pioneer but sadly george carlin is no longer with us but joe derosa is called the turn.
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sun and nobody cheers when he appears, hello. >> today, and this is a movie that costs a lot. don't smoke pot. andy? >> awful. >> you are awful. >> you don't use the words like that. >> i said you are awful. >> what does that have to do with the lord's name. >> you said the god word, as well. >> i speak of california man forgotten in a holding cell for days and suing the government for $20 million. last month, daniel was picked up nine suspects in a drug raid and brought to a windowless room. and u.c. student said he was left there to drink his own urine to survive.
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he had a white powder that turned out to be meth. and fourth day, he broke his eyeglasses with his teeth and contemplated killing himself. he tried to cover a message in his arm which he later explained. >> this is f-in pitch black, but i gave up on that one. >> an attorney says he was given torture and i was once trapped to elevator for 10 must not. i believe we have fiap. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> turns out i just forgot. but i got taken out for a couple of hours. kimberly you are an attorney, is he going to get 20 mil out of government. >> i think he should. he should get some kind of
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recovery. i've seen a lot of cases, but this may be one of the best ones fast and furious. >> well played. >> and how kotd dea forgotten about him for five days. what about his buddies and his family. >> he lost 15 pounds in four days. lock me up. you lose that weight. jenny craig is looking for him the other thing that struck me about the story, he said he carved into his arm, i'm sorry mom. he was carving out when the lights went out. i think that is when the urine started. it's completely dark. if you can urinate you are not dehydrated. >> that is not true. >> you can? >> yes. >> you have tried. [ laughter ] >> you are not going prove prove this now? >> i already have.
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i haven't shown you yet. >> no, that doctors will tell you if urine is a dark brownish color you are dehydrated. >> but not a lot. >> and the dea, they have apologized. shouldn't that be enough? the skid fine. >> it made me laugh when i read the statement of their apology, they were clearly putting sides. dea thought he was a drug dealer and then they screwed up so bad you hit in a really vicious argument. [ laughter ] >> and get out of jail free. >> and he said originally they basically told him we're going to let you go and they said
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we're going to give you a ride and that was the last they heard from them for five days. >> that is awful. >> bill, would you go through that nightmare for $20 million or would $20 be enough? >> i would do it for the free meth on the floor, that would be enough. and they had to do this with psychological things in his mind. that might have been the meth. >> don't take meth. >> probably no worse drug to take and be locked alone in the room with nothing to do. >> there is nothing going on. >> there is nothing to do. >> so kimberly, this is more proof that drugs should be legal? >> no. now, i bet you he is thinking twice about hanging out with the people who are involved in the ecstasy ring or whatever it was. they were dropping charges so
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apparently he is innocent. he got into this but nevertheless they are going to make you think twice about doing drugs or being involved in an activity unless you are in to drinking your own urine. >> i think this is living embodiment how the war and drugs have been. he should sue for the trillions of dollars that we wasted for this stupid war started i figure there was rich guy in the cell next to him that is not there for any other reason that must be. >> i agree with you. this is more proof that the war on drugs is a pointless and futile. if for nothing else, oh, you captured 18,000 ecstasy pills. who cares? what damage would 18,000 ecstasy pills really do?
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>> it would kill 18,000 unsuspecting teenagers. >> and would sell. >> and lot of glo-sticks. >> someone has to lose their job over there th. >> there is a lot ofs going on. i don't know if anybody will lose their jobs. >> but they left him in the room and forgot him for five days but the meth. why was there meth in that room. >> tsa is not even checking pockets in a police station involving narcotics. >> there is something wrong with that. >> during the investigation, they took them from room to room to room. that is how he got lost in the whole thing. they had so many rooms. where are they doing this, like the set of lost. >> i love that show.
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>> no windows. five by ten cell. >> it raises an interesting point. i don't understand how there could be any space where it goes uninspected for five days straight. >> if you smoke pot once you will end up in a windowless cell? >> i have never smoked potted and i ended up there. >> by choice. >> kimberly, last question. along with whatever cash settlement he gets shouldn't he get a get-out-of-jail-free card? >> he should get a get out of jail card. dad is like what about me? what is up. this guy is never going to -- he is not going to exceed the speed
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limit. he is not going 35 in a 30, no way. >> i would add you can't be lost and be anti-drugs. >> and like lost, why not? >> it was fantastic. >> moving on to holding cells to hooker sells. to the secret service scandal has a message for the agents. actually she says they are big bag of dumb. she called them idiots and if she were a spy and sensitive info she could have easily snatched it. escort of her date, the man slept all night. ifwanted to i could have gone through his wallet, suitcases. >> she made her point the first
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time. >> as part of a new secret service rule, as part of new rules, on trips, agents companionship will be outfitted with one of these. >> it's minimalistic human phone and you can put your mobile phone transforming it into a physical communication medium. >> i can feel it from here. >> and she says her life is destroyed, her name is in the gutter. she is about to cash in. >> this is woman who said i didn't go through the belongings and i had been a spy, there is some organizational hooker spies and she is going to lead them. she did get a magazine cover, she is not going to be a prostitute. she has changed.
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>> but the russians are very good at it. >> do you think she could be a hooker spy? >> i don't think that individual is. but they are definitely out there. be aware. >> how dare does she call our secret service idiot. >> something like that. and then they were cheats. it's an embarrassment to united states. they tried to get it for $30. that will get you the local police call especially in place where prostitution is legal. they should be fired for that. >> i said this before all the agents had to do is pay their proxy bill and none of this would have happened. we wouldn't know about any of this. >> you are right andy. of course they should have paid the bill but a lot of things people should do. i don't think it's an embarrassment to the united states. the moronic behavior falls in line with the moronic behavior
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of this country constantly. it's not that big of a deal. a couple guys went to overseas where it was legal to solicit prostitutes. >> and they tried to had rip her off. >> that part sucks but everybody is not up and n arms about that. they are up in arms about secret servicemen with prostitutes. >> i don't hate america, andy. i hate... i've always loved this country because i came here with a dream. >> like, look. >> he spent eight hours with a hot woman and it sounds like marriage. no wonder he didn't want to pay her. [ laughter ] >> my point is this. sentiments about this country
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aside, is anybody really, with the way the white house has been run over the last 12 years with various presidential candidates, is anybody surprised at behavior like this? >> this has happened before. >> this is what they do and they party. not all of them. i know some secret service guys and they are cool. >> had i known you were an agent i wouldn't call police. >> in the '80s, you hosted a variety show in colombia. >> we didn't stream but they didn't speak english. you gave me a great idea. this girl should not do men's magazines, she doesn't have to go back to be a prostitute.
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kellogg's should hire this girl, frosty flakes, in a bikini and you get a free condom. >> that is so grosses. >> kids cereal. [ laughter ] >> tony tiger, he was a pimp. >> my word. >> and spanish language alternative. >> that would be the thing. >> offensively good. >> oh, she is great. >> wow! [ laughter ] >> is he is a good mother because she applies cocoa butter and tanning mom seen here had
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choice words with her five-year-old daughter was sunburn. she says, quote, there is somebody out there for my whole life that doesn't like me because they are jealous and fat and ugly. and they say far up as queen bee of all things jersey snooki said that bitch is crazy. and some of other places is better the way they treat themselves. >> kimberly, i want to go back where it began, she asked the daughter why she looked sunburn and she said she was taken to
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the tanning bed. >> she was scarlett red like a red lobster. daughter was. and didn't happen in the tanning booth and now has anyone noticed that the mom is getting more tan by the moment. she is all over head to toe. >> i think you might be right about that. >> i wanted to ask the important question, when people think they are hot and when they are not. remember the woman in england. >> i thought devuims people like you and me. >> we're jealous of her tan. mine is natural. she the is orange. >> snooki is orange, too. >> they are like a basketball. >> i'm not going to take this anymore. you will not make fun of my little glazed ham. this happens to be the mother of one of my i will legitimacy kids
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and she was taken away by child services. we don't know if the kidd got tan. >> inside the tanning booth, she said it was 85 degree sunny day. if that child were left out to get the burn, that is a problem any way. >> either way. >> tanning booth, but nevertheless the mom leaving her out to the point where she has the same physical injury because her mom. you are dealing with the same mental problem there. >> every kid i knew growing up got so sun burned they couldn't lay in bed at night. >> but this is another case of other people sticking their nose way too deeply of business that should not concern them. whether this girl was brought into a tanning bed.
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>> and because one is intentionally burning your child >> beyond a shadow of doubt, put it into your legalese language, can you prove that she did. >> but the father has said. >> but the point here, she is trying to make sure her daughter looks fabulous. she went a little far. >> okay, andy. >> i rest my case. >> needs the spray can. >> coming up, can i guy that is all not that funny make it in come day. joe derosa talks about his new book. should the "new york times" worry? you are watching redeye on fnc
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so stick around.
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just had my makeup redone, apparently there was an issue. responders are gone. al-qaeda's english language magazine has two new issues, despite it being blown to bits by drone missiles. and spirit and tongue of inspire respectively adding quote to the disappointment of our enemies inspire magazine is out against all odds. great movie. and how to start huge fire storms. in america there is more houses built in the countryside, it's difficult to choose a better plates than the valleys of
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montana. it's how to make a great salad. secret ingredient is love. persevering in the face of obstacles. >> sometimes gravity is the toughest of all obstacles. >> that is not funny. >> kimberly talking about this forest fire thing. it's not new for terrorists? >> it's not new. the when you look at a situation like this, they are trying to show this in fire magazine and we did aaa, but there is people going to put out propaganda to rhetoric to try to intimidate people. they have severe defamation done to whole organization so it's kind of joke. >> it's a sign how much al-qaeda
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influence has waned. >> they have a want ad and looking for web designers, because they have so many typos on the website. >> maybe julia is available. >> and they are looking for sisters to write articles. i did not know they were seeking african-american women. >> it's an equal opportunity unemployment employment thing. >> but starting forest fires, has al-qaeda waking a sleeping giant, maybe smoky the bear? >> no, i don't think this magazine will have any effect. i don't think the publications are the first of this kind. many religious books from passive have made the same sorts of provocative statements against other cultures for years and years, centuries. so i don't think this is going to do anything.
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i don't think anything will be awaken. it's business as usual and nobody is going to pay attention to it. >> sorry. >> bill, you've worked a lot of magazines most of which have folded. say what you want about our rocky but inspire is not the same. writing has no flair and the typos. >> first thing they got rid of the cartoon section. quite frankly, there used to be a snarky voice to it. like there was a wake of everything you saw. now it's just sort of marose and chest thumping. >> i think it had a chance to be jihadist version of spy magazine >> and they lost on the website, the back cover you can fold in
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half. >> and they were given lectures preceding 9/11 and his where boutsz are unknown. >> imus dating column. he gave very good. he ned something. >> how to fire up a date. >> this is like a classic rock band goes out on the road 30 years later. it's only half the band. it's not the same thing. >> do you have a comment on the show, do you? go to or call the direct line. still to come, a report from michael. >> it's sponsored by football, sports played by two games that kick and oval ball. thanks football.
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♪ >> welcome back. find out if we got anything wrong so far, let's go to michael. >> i'm doing better now. at the beginning, the prompter it was in sfan spanish and i was translating. >> sure. i told you maybe not to do that but you like the challenge. >> i do like the challenge.
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okay let's start with joe, who very author taifl said that doctors will tell you, you said that twice that you cannot urinate when you are dehydrated. he is right about this. according to a website that i looked up on the internet. this is real one, it's a medical one. urination will be greatly reduced and may be painful. >> but you can still urinated so -- excuse me. but spend a week in the hospital. >> doctors knew if you are dehydrated. >> can i ask you a follow-up question. >> do you honestly really had that conversation urination this in the hospital. >> when you are in the hospital
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you ask questions. sorry. >> you know. sometimes i hang out at hospitals. [ laughter ] >> that was really depressing. [ laughter ] >> kimberly, you said, also twice, why authoritative, this young chap in a cell for five days, drinking his pee, now he would be thinking twice about getting involved with drugs. right? are you saying this is like an appropriate punishment for somebody? >> no. >> it kind of sounded like that? >> this is what i was saying, he wasn't charged, they were going to release him and he was not involved but whatever.
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if you had the thing in the future wouldn't you think about trying drugs, wait a second because of what happened the fact he was innocent. he got swept in. i would think about it. >> my response to that would probably be to what joe and bill said that the drug war is stupidly wrong. >> that is a separate issue. >> they are combined and also went to the point of somebody why were there so many rooms? because of the drug wars. they arrest a lot of people. >> so this guy was totally innocent when all this happened to him. >> that was my point. >> he might as well have done the drugs. >> this show, competence has 5,000 levels. it might have been pointed out you.
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he was hanging out in the cell, doing trying to figure out what to do. he found drugs in the cell. >> he is addicted to meth now. wouldn't you be, if you were there five days. you get on drugs when you get in places like that. >> he had a bad trip being on methamphetamine and had a loses nate go so that deserves something. >> they should arrest him for that lose nate go. >> shouldn't he be doing time for doing the meth. >> as much of the logic of the other thing. >> exactly another reference for the people at home that are not as it will rat as andy levy.
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[ laughter ] >> i don't know if i said that. >> no this is all making up for what i couldn't read earlier. >> you are very attractive. >> let's go to the prostitutes. i love saying that sentence. let's go the the prostitutes. one thing that wasn't pointed out by anyone, it was pointed out by peter king, they have not been able to locate the woman despite the fact that she has been on television and radio. it's not just the secret service our government is incompetent on most every level. that is more editorial. joe, you said this is not an embarrassment to the secret service. you rightly pointed out you hate the country of your birth but you said look what has happened in the past 12 years.
12:37 am
are you saying this has some relationship to how the bush administration governed. i was unclear on that point? >> i don't know if i did the math correctly because i'm not smarted like you. >> that is true. >> i don't own a suit or nothing. [ laughter ] >> honestly i really don't which is sad. i was trying to go all at way to the clinton administration to say with the behavior of clinton's sexual escapades through the bush administration through obama administration, is anybody really this hung up for secret service people. what a disgrace. i don't think our presidents are setting the greatest examples either. >> you say its minor letdown? >> i love this country, yes.
12:38 am
>> for a second though. there were some bad decisions but the secret service has had a pretty good damn track record all the way back since 1963. >> a shining moment. >> bill, can i just say, the al-qaeda magazine, tha they got rid of the jumble. let me read you what is in the al-qaeda magazine. there are some new features including a quiz in the table of contents. there is long feature on the pakistani army and regular humor feature mad magazine asks a cold depth. >> wow! >> so i'm just saying. >> innings dental? >> i want to see that quiz show. >> i haven't gotten a response to that.
12:39 am
i'll finish up on that. tanning business, a lot back and forth on that. it's against the law in new jersey for somebody under 14 to go into a tanning bed. is this is a lone responsible. kimberly you are lawyer in this. shouldn't be the ones prosecuted? >> not necessarily, it depends if they allowed the child to go in knowingly and in facts the mom just said i'm going in the tanning booth and brought the child into the room with her. that is what the police going to figure out. yeah, they could get shut down or loses their license. all that is definitely a possibility. >> they had to go to new york to get snooki. >> as i may, it's an excellent point. it's funny to me with all the hype the story is getting, they can track the mom down the
12:40 am
street for an interview. nobody from the tanning salon said it happen. it sounded like it didn't happen. >> they should be shut down for what they did with the mom. [ laughter ] >> that was an interview with george hamilton. >> i think she looks carmel and delicious. [ laughter ] >> i think the woman is clearly innocent. i will be starting a fund to raise money for her defense. >> yeah, sure. >> i'm not registering it either. >> coming up, what is up with the movie about a haunted box of porn? sometime teases right on film especially on the insider.
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♪ >> striking back against a pop
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attack. jackson slammed film critic scott for marvel movie avengers. it can't come over the bloated cynicism that left the film of this kind of jenre. actor tweeted, "new york times" critic he needs a new job, one that he can fully do. and then one wrote, disappointed to hear samuel jackson's response. people are not entitled to their own opinion. jackson responded that is my opinion. what is irrational about it. they not going to fire his ass and you know it. >> lightning round! i'm going to go to you first.
12:45 am
we saw the avengers last night and it was awesome. [ laughter ] >> good for jackson. >> good for jackson. and less for scott i respect the role that the film critic plays in our society, unlike you. his review was ridiculous. it's one of the better movies i've seen in long time. i know the laws of the universe. >> the thing i liked about it was santa claus is real. samuel jackson tweets exactly as i talk. that is my opinion. >> and all he had to make everything all caps and it would have been perfect. >> and hey, we're going to see
12:46 am
more of this stuff. >> the only thing i got out of story i found out that samuel jackson thought it was you on twitter. >> we don't need to talk about that. >> i have no idea. he probably won't. >> why does he care what his critics think. >> this film is making more money than any other movie in europe right now. >> the movie, hates 93% rating. >>. >> people love it. >> it's gotten great reviews. >> and he is not afraid to take on the "new york times." i think it is good. he is jackson and he can say it. >> who is scott now?
12:47 am
>> and joe, let me ask you this. he is apparently jaundiced. >> and let him get it all out. >> scott is going to do a negative review to be a jerk, he is different and he is better than the rest of them. >> are you saying that a critic has self-servitude, come on. i would say to this critic. two thumbs down. >> two thumbs down. [ laughter ] >> i would add three thumbs to that. >> final word here, samuel jackson, you keep doing what you are doing. time to take a break because i said so.
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all right in a christian horror film is coming out about a haunted box of porn. a husband and father and battled with a box of porn that is found
12:52 am
in the closet and it begins to torment the family. here is the trailer. >> and from the website. >> i think i would be scared of that monster, too. >> and with that, it's dark. >> the boys are so infected. >> there is something going on.
12:53 am
discretionary stuff. >> joe, you remember horror movies except for payer love of porn, are you going to see this >> i'm doing it all. movie or buy the movie. [ laughter ] i love the anti-porn movie is so cheap it looks like a morno movie. [ laughter ] i'm on board with this film. >> howard, on a serious note. film is a social commentary on pornography how it can destroy a family. is horror movie best way to get a message across. >> when it's shot so poorly. they can fear whatever is in the box. no, i didn't really get -- i was more frightened when the door opened. >> the porn was going to jump out. [ laughter ] >> that is what porn will do. >> and on the top of my makeup box. >> and the door open and closet
12:54 am
with the laptop. >> and kimberly, to try to raise money, they have raised $260 and they said they a need to raise $12,000 and raised is this even going to get made? >> it's terrible and why are they pitching it. it's wrong on so many levels. it's not even good. >> he likes it. >> bill, what is said it's not shot in 3-d. >> four did he force. i feel bad. i wish i would have been consulted in this movie, who has morn anymore. maybe this was made, someplace that wasn't america. but lots of porn sort of went the way of that. >> actually the north pole.
12:55 am
>> i did read an early review of this movie that it continue overcome it. [ laughter ] >> and samuel jackson would be there again. how dare you make fun of this? >> and coming up, michael has more go to schrr7b8g
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>> is that true. we had to tweet him before he leaves new york. >> that is amazing. >> all right. freaked out about the trailer. harris, what is your second favorite weekend activity? >> anchoring prime time fox report on saturday and sunday. i'll see you then. >> i'll see you, too. >> second favorite. >> kimberly where next. >> i brought my sleeping bag and i'm doing a show tomorrow. it's not that far from the truth yeah. >> joe? >> yes, sir. >> what do you got coming up? >> may 23rd, 24th and 27th i'll be heading three shows at caroline's. get tickets and also that same


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