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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 12, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> kimberly: "the five" counseling again. >> if you woner why bob is divorced. democrat is it for "the five," i think, until monday. happy mother's welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> thanks, greg. have you walked on the stones of years, america? has this brn the gayest week ever? and a school tells teachers not to correct too many mistakes because it is bad for students' self-esteem. and a houston newspaper reporter says she was fired from moon moonlighting as a stripper. greg? >> andy? >> what's up? >> don't you do a lame, corny joke or that some say thing or the shocking story thing you do over and over? >> i don't think so, greg. >> really? i could have sworn you did. >> there are stories we could
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have been discussing. >> maybe i will look at the tapes. >> no reason to do that. look to the future, i always say. >> i never, ever heard you say that before. >> forward, greg. >> go away. seriously. welcome our guests now, greg. she is so smoky, she is so hot, smoky the bear warns kids about starting her in the forest. i am here with fox newschannel an ter patty app brown. i am losing my -- patti ann browne. i am losing my mind. and if he was the chicken dance i would do him at a wedding. and he can't find a vein anymore. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he was called the funniest and best looking bald man in the business, but howie mandell was busy and so next to me was robert kelly looking sexy. and the nation throws a fit because he is full of -- crap. good to see you pinch. >> today in "the times" he writes of al-qaeda's long-time love of poetry. here is a translated selection.
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"relike flying into towers and hate taking showers. if you are into stoney women give us a holla. death to americans and praise allah." >> there you go. >> there we do go. >> i said that. >> i agree. >> i want to move on. it is saturday morning. has a week in may ever been this gay? you couldn't lose with nonstraight news. to recap, obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. romney reportedly bullied a gay classmate 40 years ago. travolta was accused of masseuse abuse. and then to end his dizzying week we learned that queen, the band, will be touring with a hole law greatly -- hologram, and it is not adam lambert. freddy mercury will take center stage during a show in london of the he is gorgeous. he won't actually be a hologram, but rather an op tau cal illusion. quote, people will come out
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saying did we see freddy? no it is an op tau cal illusion of freddy. despite the rise of the rainbow, there are still a few holdouts. i give uh lincoln, nebraska native giving the get teesberg address of anti-gay speeches. >> tv shows have broken bones and winter wipeout. the winter wipeout show is produced by guys, bi -- gays, bi, and/or gees. why do gays like to see people parishing. it go in to rupture intess steins. the more a man does this the more he will be a fatality or homicider. a high percent of men this school grands molest boys partly because they don't have aids yet. >> really? it gets better, or worse. gyro man senators went to roman bathes to be per miss
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skew us with gay and then went to the coliseum to see christians get mauled and parish. do gays become as sadistic? yes. they cuss and don't like the land they lay on. jesus was kissed by judas, a homo who tried to saab bough taj jesus' ideas. you have to choose. hillary clinton's roommate four years in college was eleanor ordered de atchison, a gay woman, daughter of dean atchison. to avoid going gay like clinton did, college students need single room and single gender dorms. going lesbian is not normal. a college woman is seduced with illegal rahibnol to go gay. >> what made it so adorable was the blue hat. i wasn't even listening. i wase name mored with the -- i was enamored with the hat.
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>> the hat was white. i have to say despite my on air persona on "red eye." i am not a practicing homosexual, but after listening to her talking points i am thinking of giving it the old college try. it sounds awesome. i will correct her on one thing. gays are not the only people who like to see people parishing. i like to see people parishing in any various action movies. >> so much to talk about this week. but i want to talk about the hologram. is this amazing? when the tupac thing came out we knew it was a matter of time. queen is one of my favorite bands of all time, so i don't know how i feel. >> we know. oh, we know. i think it is great. i don't like that jarod from subway was in the background. what was he doing there? i think it is great that there is a -- "tar wars" is here --"
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star wars" is here. i say bring it all back. bring back el -- elvis. bring back morrison and mc hammer, all of the people who have died we should bring them back. how amazing would it be to see elvis? they should make it so you could have sex with him after. >> i would prefer to see holograms than real people. >> absolutely, a lot of the guests we have here. >> i am a hologram. >> yes, you are. >> as a life long queen fan how dowry act to this? >> i am a life long queen fan. >> did you have to add the word fan? >> i am amazed at the fascination with this technology. it is basically superimposing somebody's image. we have seen this before. we are like a bunch of baboons staring at a ferry wheel. that's all it is? so tupac was on at coachella.
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if you don't know what it is you are not cool. if somebody was taking shots at tupac while at coachella, that would have been news. >> putting a hole in a hologram. >> what are we stunned? >> all of you angry holograms out there, send your letters to bernard. >> you know what they will send, holla-grams. >> what? >> if i had a shovel right now -- >> you know i would like it. i am into some serious pain. pab, welcome to the show. on a scale of one to share, how happy are you about freddy per cure rear returning from the grave? >> it is awesome. but they are careful to point out it is not a hologram. a hologram is a specific 3-d photography. this is much more awesome than that. you are really going to think he is there. i don't know why we have to reserve it for the dead. the whole ghost performer
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thing is catching on. what are we doing here on a friday night? we should do that here. op tau cal illusion. >> it works for guests with odor problems. >> stop looking at me. >> i want to talk about the crazy lady whose thaim i do not know. what was impressive about the demented rant is how absolutely organized it was. it was the most co -- coherent none success. >> i feel she could have benefited from a speaking course. >> do you have a problem saying that? >> i never benefited as well. i was trying to illustrate the example. she looked at her notes too much. she needed to breathe. you have to actually present yourself in an orderly fashion. look at hitly. >> she needed more hand gestures. >> who knew a little old lady could harbor this? despite how you feel about gay marriage i am shocked at the vitrial spewed toward gay
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people. have some tea with your friends. the fact that she is obsessed by this -- >> crazy ladies can be scary. if you ever walk down 6th avenue and bump into one, it is scary. they will take a chunk of flesh out of you. >> you don't think a gay guy speaking about gay rights scares her from where she is from? she must be like, oh my -- he just said they just kissed. that freaks her out just as much as her speech freaks us out. >> although it doesn't freak her out. i listened to that like 50 times at various speeds. and one thing she is amazed with is the specifics of gay acts. she goes really far into that. >> she is a closet lesbian. >> i don't know what she sbut she was enjoying what she was talking about. >> but robert brings up an interesting point. >> thank you. >> i wish i could remember what it was. it has to do with generational
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differences perhaps or cultural differences. are a lot of people this week accepting of gay marriage simply because they don't want to be the robert bird of the future? it is not whether they agree with gay marriage or not. it is that, hey, robert bird, he was a democrat and he was in the kkk. you don't want to be the guy 20 years from now. >> a lot of peer pressure, and it is not cool. all of that factors into it, no doubt. but perhaps she was em boldened. they did a sort of gay joke, almost a homophobic joke when they talked about gays in the military. if george bush had said that maybe she was em boldened by the jimmy kimmle doing the gay joke. nobody said anything, and maybe it is a slippery slope, and then the lady comes out with this. i am just saying. >> you know what you are doing? you are raising questions. >> i don't have the answers. >> just to let you know, i pick jesus.
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>> my feeling is i am all for gay marriage because i believe all men straight or gay are pigs. pigs require restrictions for society to continue. if gays are lobbying for a right that restricts behavior, good. >> how come i acknowledge that as a fat joke. is that a fat joke? >> what? >> we are all pigs. >> you are so sensitive. you are going through your overweight days right now, aren't you? >> going through it? look at the camera. >> were you big as a kid? >> yes. i have been big six times. >> you are the only celebrity that can't say i was fat as a kid because you are still overweight. >> moving on. >> i am going to cry like the indian in the little where shall right now. >> i wasn't trying to make a joke. i was trying to point out the
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fallacy. you were going to 3 that at me, right? >> it is your show. >> everybody calls me short. from freddy to flush, are the well off well liked? according to a new poll, the most exciting way to start any sentence, near 3 two-thirds of the united states feels they benefit from having a rich class. 63% think they are better off having the prosperous among us. and 20 years ago the figures were about the same. despite occupy wall -- wall street, they are not considered foes. the republicans were much more likely that having a class of richys. how does the 1% live? i believe we have this tape. >> i would like one of those and the chair too.
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>> and a hologram. i want it all. >> bernie, why shouldn't we embrace the rich? we aspire to join their ranks. is that the point of the united states? >> the implication of the story is that the rich will forget the paying their fair share. it doesn't negate the argument. but i will say this about president obama and his fair share. he is a jay z fan. i am a hip hop fan too. the whole message is republican message. it is about getting stacks of money and working hard and working hard and bragging about it and showing it off. that's the hip hop, the youth message right now. ironically, and despite obama's class warfare method. >> he is such a -- he is more of a capitalist than anybody. that's why you don't see a lot of hip hop artists on wall street. they say to go out and get a
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job, pab, which i have been saying for years and you ignore me. it means occupy wall street has failed. >> i would say so. they are out there trying to make their point. i thought the funniest part of the survey was 35% preferred not to be rich if they had the choice. that same percentage of men say they #r* 8 inches. >> i don't know what she was talking about. >> i already got in with hr as it is. >> what do you think of this, robert? the point that 35% claim that they don't want to be rich? >> no, it is stupidness. >> you need rich. you need the rich, you need the poor. you need the poor to look at that guy luging a 90-pound sack of bananas on his head to say, my life isn't that bad. you need the guy in the trash
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bag in his own urine to say, i am not him. >> you're welcome. >> bill provides that inspiration. it is true. i always wonder, is that the rule in countries? any country where you carry things on your head is a country that needs free markets. all of the countries that accept free markets have you place to put things. not on your head. that's a good sign that you need help if you carry like huge things. >> i am amazed at how thin their neck r.z. >> it is amazing. >> they should be able to live in their necks. >> you need rich people. you need to have hopes and dreams. >> by the way donate all you want. >> regulations prevent them. >> they were there in the 90s. >> raise it to the clinton era tax rates.
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>> how many regulations have been enacted this year. look it up. hundreds of them. >> and the unemployment rate in poor countries. >> look at the employ meant rate of germany. germany is the new america. >> let's go to germany, shall we? we will see how that works out. it always goes back to you, right, schulz? >> it is always race that comes into play when i make a point. no one hates the rich. there is no class warfare. >> what are you talking about? with president obama saying fair share! 99%, 1%, no class war fair. where have you been sleep ?g. >> there is no war fair. here is the poll you should be looking at. they think the current tax code is unfair and benefits the rich. no one hates the rich. but being taxed is not right. 30%. >> two things.
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you are right. th is what is nuts. people who want to be rich can still want to tax the rich until they get rich, and then they don't want to be taxed. taxing capital gains is taxing the same money and that is not fair. >> that's your money you already got after you were tax. >> it came from your paycheck and it was taxed. >> it was a small amount of money you invested. >> i'm glad you feel it can be taxed twice. >> it was taxed once. if you are a trust fund kid you have not paid that tax. your father is get -- has paid for that. there should be a differ wren differentiation. >> mr. rich guy let's demonize him. >> the trust fund kid. >> he is not a trust fund kid. he gave away all of his money. >> so he didn't get money from his dad? >> he did, but he gave it to charity. >> i like when you get angry. little veins come out.
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>> somebody has to be out there and talk and defend the rich because they don't. they are too busy making money. so -- >> i love the rich. >> there you go. >> i saw you buy that on the street. >> just to let everybody know at 4:00 a.m. our studio is on 6th avenue if you are looking for a ouch what. for a watch. >> i thought we liked the witch. >> wonder bread terpanne, we will play another round of what is in bob's belly after the break. but first, can this reporter also be a stripper? if john gibson can do it, so can she.
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is it better to feel good? teachers have them there. they were told not to correct multiple spelling mistakes to avoid hurting students' self-esteem. one mom worried her kids were not learning the basic building blocks alerted a member of parliament. i thought that band broke up years ago. just kidding. the policy states that teaching staff are not to highlight anymore than three incorrect spellings on any piece of work. this is an order that the children's self-confidence is not damaged. i am not even sure that makes sense. they call it a false kindness that will result in kids not learning basic skills they will need later in life. they should reach higher just like this cat.
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>> i am not sure that is real. you must like this. >> i love it. this is like bill's saturday night. build it now and pay later. we try to make these kids feel good about themselves. when they get out into the real world -- don't roll your eyes at me. >> please stop picking on bill. it is the dumbest idea because when they get out in the real world eventually they will pay for it. it is one of those ideas across the pond i hope never learns to swim. >> can i call you bernie? >> by all means. or better niece. >> that was my grandmother's name and she was a doll. is her desire to kill self-esteem killing society? >> no, it is good to feel good about yourself. if it was -- if it was a math
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class the spelling doesn't matter. if it is a spelling class -- but in this day and age there is spell check. let the little dummies go out there. they are not going to make anything of themselves anyway. just get them out of the school and get a job. >> you have given up on the generation. your ability to spell hasn't hurt your career at all. >> i am a failure on twitter. >> you are stupid and dumb. it sucks. i would be a better person. i would be a drug addict. i would be a happy person with self-esteem. >> self-esteem occurred too early in life leads to low
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self-esteem later on. it makes them better people. go back in the room. >> exactly. i love that. it is just only on the receiving end though. the only thing you can spell 1* please kill me which is use lipstick on the pavement where you sleep. >> it is in the mirror and in the fox news bathroom. i like to freak people out every once in awhile. >> i think this is an issue that is going on much longer than we think. you can go to twitter and see the results. my favorite is john cusak. he is the worst. he will unfollow you if you tell him he needs to correct his spelling. he is like, i don't use spell check. as if it is bad to correct somebody for being stupid. my recent one. fastaation instead of gas station.
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he screws up all the time and somebody has to call him out on it. >> i want to link this to many of you. you fix the windows and the crime goes down. this is an educational version and you give up on the little things and give up the big things. pretty soon you accept looting and rioting and you might as well just, you know. >> you want to be serious for a second. the crime rate went down. it was very deep, very deep. >> you want to be serious right now. >> on that note we must take a break. sometimes we can be serious, and sometimes it can be fun. why not mix it up a little bit. >> i like to do things in the bedroom. i like to read and watch comedies. >> is that all? >> yes. >> e-mail us.
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red eye at fox leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by butter. the yellow, fatty food made by churning cream. used for cooking and spreading on food and sculpting. thanks, butter.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have
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gotten anything wrong so far. i have a lot. andy levy will explain. i am down on myself. >> why? >> i messed up on a few words earlier. >> no one even noticed. >> i noticed. you know how it is. i am a perfectionist. >> should i stop correcting your mistakes after three? >> please. it will make me feel better. >> gayest week ever. you said the freddy mercury thing, it will be a hole hologram. and then you said, he won't actually be a hologram, but an op tau cal illusion of sorts. >> yes. it is a hollow hologram. >> it is a holla gram. >> didn't greg make that joke? >> might have.
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>> when greg said queen was one of his favorite bands, what did you mean? >> he wears tight jackets. hi, andy. >> if somebody would have taken shots at the hologram that would have been news. it accidentally raises a good point. i think it is the future of security. >> that's an excellent point. if tuac was at coachella, who cares? it is new technology. they have been superimposing people forever. >> if you understood thug life -- >> it was tupac and biggy. that would have been news. >> and more important, way to steel my idea about the military and use it for personal security. i saw what you did. >> we can now invade countries
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with 20 troops and then nobody can tell. >> i think that was my idea. >> no, it wasn't. you are an idiot. >> but my point, it is the high-tech version of -- remember saddam hussein had all of the doubles? >> that was the point from two weeks ago, three weeks ago. glad you were listening. >> so we are clear about the whole freddy mercury thing, queen is not touring with freddy mercury. it will just appear on stage for the musical "rewill rock you." >> i believe they are lying. they want everybody to be shocked when he starts singing. that's my theory. >> but queen's drummer has come out and said he thinks it is i cany. it is kind of icky. >> he backtracked. he said that and then there is a big pay day here. so i will get on the hologram wagon. >> he said he wasn't going to appear on stage with him and
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they aren't. it is only happening during the musical in london and not during the queen concert tour. >> people appeared with larry king and they didn't think it was creepy. >> yes, they did. >> that's the great thing of having a hologram with larry king. no fartherring. >> no squishing sound. >> the technology is not there to perfectly replicate the suspenders. >> true. >> it looks like it is part of them. it is bad. >> i want to talk about this crazy homophobic woman. you marveled at how organized she was. actually i am going to be suing her for plagiarism. all she did was read my pamphlets and replace the word jew with gay every time. >> i knew it is sounded familiar. >> this is not cool. >> bobbie, you said two guys
12:35 am
kissing is freaking people out. and you said it is a generational thing. there is old people being uncomfortable with homosexuality and then there is that woman. so you are saying she shea is really not that old? >> if she took that hat off, it is actually -- she wouldn't be as opposed to gay people. >> how do we know that wasn't bob denver. >> i thought you were going to say if she didn't have the hat on she would -- what she said would have made more sense to you. >> he made more sense when he was wearing the little hat we have here. >> and the last thing on this story, excellent job blaming obama for this woman's rapt. >> if you peel it all back, this is where it started.
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>> you went right down the rabbit hole. >> two-thirds of americans benefit from having a rich class. you said everyone wants to be rich, but as patti ann brought up, according to the poll, somehow 35% of americans say they would prefer not to be rich if they had the choice. >> it is called mo money, mo problems. >> you know you are not going to be rich, so i don't want to go anyway. >> they have so many problems and i don't need those problems. >> pab, when greg said the fact that the same percentage of americans believes the country benefits from having a rich class as it did 20 years ago means occupy wall street has failed. you agreed. i don't think that is true. you can believe benefits of having a rich class and they are not paying their fair share or getting privileges they shouldn't.
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>> that is true. they have more than one theme. one of the themes is there shouldn't be a rich class. everybody should end up with the same amount. but there are others who as they say would say no they can have the rich, but this whole capital gains, i want to get them started again. but they go down that route. >> the don't ask, don't tell, it is raining men joke. he would not be accused of homo phobia. dowdy. -- dowdy. that? >> there is a good chns he wouldn't. >> a good point and a tabooed song. >> fun fact, paul schaefer wrote that. >> what do you mean by that? >> i just love the song. ♪ it's raining men ♪ hallelujah what is that face? >> i don't know. i am glad robert got around to answering a question.
12:38 am
>> not correcting spelling mistakes. >> it is getting better and better. >> you said if it is a math class, spelling doesn't matter. but it also leads to a good point and why not stop correcting math problems after three mistakes. i don't think they would ever do that. >> isn't there a group about who thinks that the absolutes of math are too masculine and too patriacal like two plus two is four and it is a structure and there should be a fuzzier math? >> it is too rigid. >> one plus one may not always equal two. there is an actual movement. >> my brain just shutdown. >> am i the only one who heard
12:39 am
of this? >> yes. >> somebody watching at home google it and let me know. i wear -- i swear. >> google it and get it back to greg. >> because they say women think differently and math is too absolute. >> they put u's in words and they shouldn't be talking about spelling mistakes. >> what do you have against u's? >> i'm done. >> always blaming the u's. >> the u's run the media. >> they do. >> it always comes back to u's. is heroin the perfect mother's day gift? patti ann browne discuss herself memoir. first, what is the latest on john travolta? probably some dude's hand. he loved a massage.
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will another masseuse cook his goose? a chilean man was the third man to accuse john travolta of sexual harassment. he claims the actor accosted him in 2009 while he was working on a cruiseship. saying travolta offered $12,000 to have sex with him. think about it. he recalled one of travolta's advances. as interpreted the only way "red eye" can using" red eye" robots. >> he said he had something on his neck. i thought it was a fuzz. as i approached he took off his coat and was naked. he hugged me and asked to do a massage. >> the suit has been dropped by his attorney. after admitting he got the january 16th date of the alleged assault wrong. this is good news for travolta.
12:44 am
they said during the encounter the wild hog star said stuff like this. >> hollywood is controlled by homosexual jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity. >> it is about time someone said it. >> and there is one more. >> come on, dude. >> that's called being nice. >> robert, do you buy there is going to be an avalanche of men coming forward to stake their claim? it is almost like a class action suit. everybody comes together because of one product. the product is john travolta. >> it is the same thing that happened to tiger woods will happen here. >> getting men and women to come out, that's next. >> the guy went in and got a
12:45 am
massage. whatever he is and whatever he does, he did it in supposedly the privacy of -- and i'm sure a lot of these -- maybe these guys guys -- i mean $12,000, that's my number. >> it is. i talked about it a longtime ago. >> when ever i have this discussion it is always after taxes. i know that if i agree to a fee and then i engage in some unsay vor reactive tee, i am really angry. >> it has to be for me, patti ann browne. it strikes me that it is the tax thing that bothers me. st's not the fact i will whore myself out. >> let's do nine grand so we
12:46 am
don't have to call it a gift and then no taxes. >> exactly. >> pab, do you think there might be a travolta press conference coming up, or do you think this will go away like the book did? they had a book that went away. >> "battlefield earth" didn't hurt his career, so i don't think this will. have i to correct you. you said masseuse. if it is a guy it is a masseur. >> could i have rhymed with masseur? >> it is hard to rhyme. >> that is hard. >> door. if you have a boston accent. door. >> this is what happens in our office. sit and rhyme words. >> has a sexy masseur put john's career in manure. >> and now he is going out the backdoor. >> bernie, you don't have to rhyme. >> please, rhyme. >> what is your take on this? have you been following this
12:47 am
closely as i have? >> yes. first of all, al gore had the same problem. your little dummy sounded like al gore by the way. and can't a brother get a happy ending? he was on a cruiseship and the fact that the guy, $12,000, if he looked like bill i could see. travolta will not pay somebody $12,000 for a happy ending massage. $12,000? >> that's nothing to him i think. >> the thing is what i think, bill, when you are that big of a star, there are rumors about him swirling con constantly. >> you have to say swirling. >> you always jump on the most obvious word. why not walk around with a contract and say here is $5,000 and the contract. >> many have the nondisclosure agreement and by many i mean talented actors. >> hey, touchy, touchy, sign that.
12:48 am
honest to god. >> it is like a pre up in. >> i used to go to massage parlors all the time. i used to pretend it was my first time every time even though the lady saw me last tuesday, have you been here before? >> no, i don't know what happens. oh what is that, i'm sorry. that's part of it. >> did you spill some food on? >> are you butt naked 1234*. >> not right away, but at the end hopefully. >> have i a feeling they will have a similar conversation on the great american panel next week. >> if it is sick to love a masseur does john want a cure? >> they are working on it. >> i think these masseurs massage me. these guys stipg. and no one is going to go to them anymore. look, i know girls who are legitimate massage ladies and they get -- stuff happens. they say, no, get out, go. that's what they should have
12:49 am
done. you know what, dude, get out of here. so they did something too. if you went to the end and he got to say gad by and give uh hug, something else happened. if you were that uncomfortable, get out. go. >> i have to get out. i love that he is becoming the consumer reporter, the watchdog of the massage therapists. we have to take a break. more stuff when we return.
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does she get the boot for showing her glut? she was fired for moonlighting as a stripper. the houston chronicle says sarassation. they found out about her gig and discovered the blog and ran with it. it was called the angry stripper and she should have disclosed her erotic employ meant. >> i don't believe i should have been terminated because of a claim i did not disclose on my employ meant application i worked as an exotic dancer. there was no question on the form that you ever cked -- that covered my dancing. >> she is represented by the
12:54 am
lovely gloria allred. ii don't even have to finish the story. everybody is rooting for the stripper, and then you hear gloria allred is involved and then you go oh. >> that's like when al sharpton shows up. it is like, oh god. >> her and bill have the same hair do. >> that's true, actually. pab, she worked her way through school and says occasionally she makes cash on the side. is there anything wrong with this? you are a working woman. >> that's what is hipocritical. on one hand she says how she does this -- she did this to make money on the side, blah, plaw, blah. and then she said, well i really did it as a workout. doing all of that in seven inch heels is a workout. i do it to workout and i don't have time to go to the gym. paleese. i can try to tell my husband i was going for a workout and just stripped. >> wouldn't the newspaper be smart and give her a column. somebody actually might buy
12:55 am
the paper. >> what is red and white and hot all over? her column. put her on the local affiliate. she has to get a news reading job somewhere. >> she is fantastic. it is not often you see a -- i was doing to say you never see a good looking blogger. that's the first one. >> perez hilton. >> you are right, greg. >> it touchy meed. it is -- it touched me. it is funny it is happening in newspapers. what are those? >> i like this one that talks. >> i can't stand -- first she is uh -- ashamed of it. she didn't tell them on the application. she knows it is bad. no more crossovers. >> she knows it is bad and agrees it is bad. >> we have 30 seconds. we will close things out with the post game wrap up with andy levy.
12:56 am
fox eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. hi, andy. >> hi, bobbie, how is the pod cast going? >> it is going great. you know what? i am ryan >> speaking of strippers. >> i am glad somebody started a comedy pod cast. >> it is amazing, the first one. >> where can we see you next? >> a full half hour on public broadcasting this weekend. imus in the morning fox business 6-10 and 6-9:20 monday through friday. >> patti ann, what is going on? >> fans of the red eye raps will be happy to hear my son's school had a rap contest where the kids had to write raps about respecting other kids and my son won the rap


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