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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 12, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> so glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> good to see you. topping the news this hour, lots of talk about social issues these days, and more of it today from mitt romney. in a speech in virginia, both candidates are also talking about the economy and getting the country back on track. we'll debate who has the better message. >> summer just around the corner. felt like it was here today in the northeast anyway. but rising temperatures usually mean rising electric bills. how politics could affect your pocketbook when it comes to cooling your home. >> and new hope for haiti following that devastating earthquake. details on the major discovery that could reverse that nation's fortunes. >> we begin this hour with mitt
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romney, and a big commencement speech in a key battleground state today, the presumptive republican nominee speaking to new graduates at a christian college in linkburg, virginia. without naming names, governor romney taking a little swipe at president obama. >> lately i found myself thinking about life in four-year stretches. let's just say that not everybody has achieved as much in these last four years as you have. but that's a theme for another day. >> with more on the speech, we're live in washington, d.c. hi, molly. >> hi, rick. governor mitt romney got hardy applause today at liberty university when he spoke about marriage, and says the prename sense of the family is at the foundation of american culture, even if not everyone agrees. >> the american culture promotes personal disability, the dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion
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to a purpose greater than self, and at the foundation the preeminence of family. >> he went on to say marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman, and that got the most applause. meanwhile today president obama honored the top law enforcement officers at the white house. after setting historic precedent this week by voicing his support for gay marriage the president is again focusing on the economy. in his weekly radio address he criticized republicans for focusing too much on cutting taxes for wealthy americans. >> we tried their ideas for nearly a decade, and it didn't work out so well. we can't go back to the same policies that got introduce this mess. we've got to move forward. >> president obama urged congress to take steps that he says will speed up the economic recovery. for example, help some americans refinance their mortgages and extend tax credits for clean energy companies. rick? >> molly, thanks. >> new york's archbishop timothy
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dolan critical of president obama weighing in on the gay marriage debate after the president announced his support for same-sex unions. >> that union, that sacred rhythm of man/woman, husband/wife, baby, mother, father, is so essential to the common good, that its very definition it's ingrained into our interior dictionary. >> dolan says president obama is undermining "the very cornerstone of society by supporting gay marriage." >> switching gears now, new concerns about what's really going on in the nation's affect traffic control towers. a new report on the faa details years of safety issues at our nation's airports. >> there have been 178 whistleblower disclosures from faa employees since 2007, and 89 of them were directly tied to aviation safety. the office of special counsel,
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which protect whistleblowers, referred 44 of those cases to the d.o.t. for investigation and all but five were substantiated, but now the special counsel is saying that the faa is taking inadequate steps to correct the concerns of employees who reported that first responders' helicopters don't have proper night vision equipment, that air traffic controllers in the new york area are sleeping and using personal computers at work, that small planes leaving new jersey's peterboro airport are allowed to fly close to newark liberty's bigger jets, that unauthorized aircraft frequently fly into our airspace near puerto rico, that there are inconsistent rules for operations on parallel runways, and that detroit's metropolitan airport uses faulty wind instruments. four of those seven things needed to be reported more than once. the u.s. special counsel says preventative measures could be far more effective if the department of transportation listened to its own employees' alarm bells and acted on them
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promptly. while a former managing director of the ntsb says this -- >> if it really gets bad again, you know, you're going to have a situation were you start looking at canada or australia, who has privatized their air traffic control systems, and they work fine. >> for their part, the d.o.t. says they take all whistleblower complaints seriously. rick? >> peter, thanks. >> listen up, guys, a public health warning after a college student dies. 19-year-old nicholas collins was a freshman at central michigan university. he died thursday after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. school officials say anyone who had close personal contact with him, to seek immediate medical attention. >> how rare and how contagious is bacterial meningitis? >> bacterial meningitis is a fairly rare condition. it's contagious, but contagious mostly from close personal contact that puts you in contact with secretions such as saliva, you know, from sneezing, that sort of thing.
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you have to be in close personal contact, usually within a closely confined space, within 5 feet, for a prolonged period of time. >> doctors say meningitis can be caused by a virus or bacteria, however the bacterial kind, like in this case is far more dangerous. >> former pro football player junior seau laid to rest in his hometown today. family and friends gathering in oceanside, california, first for a private viewing on thursday. the immediate family staying in ththenight in a church for the funeral. a christian rock group was flown in for the service. >> they're taking it very hard, especially mother, taking it really hard. it's been tough. the boy who became a man. one of their favorite sayings was to just love everyone.
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every morning they'd hear from their family. >> a week-long of remembrances ended last night. tens of thousands of fans flocking qualcomm stadium for a public memorial service. the former san diego chargers star took his own life late last week in his home. >> more arrests could be coming in the murder and killing of a tennessee family. investigators say adam mayes did not act alone when he allegedly abducted 8-year-old kyliyah and 12-year-old alexandria and murdered their mother and older sister. he killed himself during a police standoff thursday night. fortunately the girls were not hurt. >> when i seen those kids, it was a huge relief. just unbelievable. gave them a big hug and they were hungry. you know, highway patrol and people began to give them food and water and cover them up, you know, because it was getting cool out. just embraced them and proud
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they were safe. >> casey stegall is live from alpine, mississippi, where the girls were rescued. casey, what can you tell us about how the girls are doing, how the community is reacting and embracing those girls? >> a big sigh of relief. these are small communities, and a lot of people were terrified with this man on the loose as this whole story unfolded over the last two weeks. they were in this deep wood area back here behind me for three days. and they say they had no food or water. today the girls will be interviewed by police, although what specifics they've given the authorities, those are not being yeah. being released. the girls were released from the hospital yesterday, gone home to their father. they've been treated for dehydration, bug bites, poison ivy. they've been warned not to go into public, simply for a precaution. the dramatic end to this
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nightmare happening on thursday night near alpine, mississippi, chisholm 75 miles south of their tennessee home where they were abducted from at the end of last month. their captor, 35-year-old adam mayes, hiding out with the sisters until a tip from the public led investigators right to them, but instead of surrendering mayes took his own life. >> officers immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands. mayes pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. other agents moved in to rescue kyliyah and alexandria who were lying on the ground nearby. >> police believe adam mayes shot and killed the little girl's mother, joanne bain, and their older sister, 14-year-old ad treen bain at their tennessee home on april 27th.
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then he and his wife drove the bodies to mississippi where they were murdered in his backyard. teresa bain is behind bars, charged with first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping. investigators say that mayes was convinced that he was the father of these two girls, which they say is not true, but they were kept alive for nearly two weeks. >> overseas now, and growing fears that al-qaeda might have a hand in the deadly conflict in syria. an islamist group with ties to a terror organization claiming responsibility for bombings that have left 55 people dead this week. meantime activists on-the-ground say government forces are continuing to shell and raid several rebel-held villages. fox news producer john fiegener joining us from the capital of
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damascus. john what, about the claims of today? >> a group has claimed responsibility for the suicide bomb attack two days ago, the deadliest in the country's year-long struggle. little is known about this group, but it's believed it has ties with al-qaeda in iraq. the method used here bears the hallmark of al-qaeda used in iraq. on a website, the group warns sunnies, threatening more violence. funeral services were held today in damascus for several of those 55 killed. those gathered at the funeral service were shouting support for president bashar assad.
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the assad government, fidgets part, has long played up the involvement of al-qaeda and other extremist groups, because it is telling supporters, syrians still on the sideline, that this shows a foreign hand in the conflict to remove bashar assad. some have suggested that the government was behind the bombs. rick? >> john, what happened to the cease-fire? i mean, is anybody still even talking about the u.n. plan? >> well, the u.n. continues to go out on its daily missions. it goes to cities where there has been tension. it's beefing up its presence. it will by the end of the month have its full 300-member contingent of military observers. so on the ground, they have yet
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to consider abandoning this plan, but yet there's certainly talk about at what stage do we decide that the cease-fire no longer is in effect, and at what stage do we then decide to pull the u.n. troops out. they are unarmed. they do travel around in armored cars. it's become a dangerous situation for them. we haven't gotten to that stage. we're waiting for kofi annan, the author of this plan, to visit syria in the coming days we're hearing. so it has yet to be declared dead, but certainly people are -- are looking for the reasons why they would declare this dead. >> john fiegener, fox news producer on the ground in damascus in syria. john, thank you so much. >> there is new hope for haiti.
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exploration drilling revealing precious metals that could be ce worth $20 billion. one engineer says the discovery of gold, silver and copper will go far in helping this country. >> be fantastic for the country. fantastic. first for in the convention that we have. we have about 50% of the -- 50% of the profits will be split between our company and the government. so it will be a lot of money for the government, and a lot of money we hope for -- to help that region evolve to get some -- some people working around the area. >> many struggling families are already finding jobs working with mining companies. >> certainly nice to hear about folks in that country getting a little bit of a break. >> absolutely. >> we'll see how that pans out. when we come back, president
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obama invoking ronald reagan. mitt romney repeatedly making references to jimmy carter. why this race all of a sudden feels like a return to the 1980s. >> and we're just hours away from mother's day. new concerns across the country, the new challenge for retiring mothers in america. >> and all the talk about social issues, but the economy still reigns supreme with most voters according to polling, and both candidates well aware of that. >> if we take the right course, i'm convinced we'll see a resurgence in the american economy that will surprise the world. donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers.
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>> despite the talk this week about same-sex marriage, both president obama and governor mitt romney are trying to shift the conversation back to the economy. president obama traveling to nevada yesterday, a state hit hard by the housing crisis. governor romney campaigning in north carolina, which is a right-to-work state, this as brand-new polling shows a majority of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy. joining us now is gretchen hamill, executive director of public notice, a nonprofit group advocating for smaller
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government, and a former chief of justice for joe manchin, a democrat. gretchen, the president provided congress with a to-do list. wants congress to help returning veterans back looking for work, businesses that promise not to ship their jobs overseas. he says that these are common-sense ways that we can help the economy and help people looking for work. how do you think it sounds? >> it's a to-do list too late. i mean everyone knows that congress wasn't going to be able to do anything this year in an election year. we should be wondering where this to-do list was years before. we haven't seen it at all. it's something the president has been doing lately, calling on congress to take action, knowing full well they won't take action, so he has someone to blame. >> chris, governor romney says that getting rid of obamacare and getting started on the keystone pipeline are two ways that we could absolutely start
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getting americans back to work. how does that sound to you? >> well, i mean, it sounds, i think, he's playing to his base. the economy is much more complex than just age of getting rid of obamacare. the keystone pipeline, you know, i think has some promise. but in terms of what governor romney's fundamental problem is, you know, too much of his policies and too much of his proposals are a flashback to the past. i think part of the problem he's having in terms of connecting with voters, he sounds basically like every other republican. to be frank about it, these are policies that have failed in the past. simply repeating them, proposing them again, is not going to attract independents or make people think you're a different candidate. i think that's the box that romney finds himself in. >> gretchen, this is the message, what chris is saying, what we're hearing from the president. we can't go back to the policies of the bush years that helped begin the process that got us to where we are right now. so what is governor romney say?
3:23 pm
how does he differentiate him from bush era policies and talk about ways to get americans back to work in 2012? >> i think he's talking a lot about those policies today. i think everyone can agree that where we are right now, what we've seen over the course of the past three years, is something we don't want for another few more years. we've had a 47% increase in debt. i mean that alone is something that it's disturbing. my generation will not be able to see social security or medicare. you have to look at the labor force, too. labor force participation is down to a 30-year low. now, there's a problem. we need more people working. the policies that we currently have going on aren't working either. >> chris, we heard from gretchen about the labor force and the unemployment numbers, while the overall numbers have had sort of been moving slowly in the right direction, a lot of people attribute that simply to the fact that a lot of people are simply not looking for work anymore. what does the president do about
3:24 pm
that as he heads toward convincing everybody to give him another four years? >> this is the big problem that the administration has. i mean, the unemployment rate has gone down. you can debate in terms of why, but clearly we've been creating jobs, clearly not enough. i mean, voters will sit there and judge the president based on his record, what his vision is in terms of going forward. i think the other part -- this is the intangible part in elections -- is the emotional part, do you feel someone's pain, can you relate to them? that's where president obama have a particular advantage over governor romney who does not seem to grasp how important that emotional part is. the record is going to be critical. the administration has got a hurdle there, but it's not enough to say the president didn't do enough. everybody knows he was dealt a really difficult hand. >> gretchen, that's the knock on governor romney, that folks who, you know, who are out of work might not feel as though the governor sort of understands the
3:25 pm
problems they face while he's, you know, busy building extensions on to his home, buying new cars and the like. how much does that hurt him when he's sort of trying to get a message out this to everyday americans? >> well, i think personally, you know, the governor is doing a little bit better than some americans, but you have to look back at his past history, what he's done for other businesses, what he's done for the olympics, taking the olympics out of the red and being out of debt and making it an earner. you look at things he's done in the past with businesses and his career, his experience, and he can point to that. he should point to that and use that to his advantage. >> chris, your old boss says he's not sure, senator manchin, that he's going to vote for president obama. this is a democrat. i'm just wondering how this president can maybe seal the deal with some of the independents, some of the moderates who were behind name n 2008, but others like senator
3:26 pm
manchin are not so sure this time around. >> every election is a choice. the incumbent, whether it's a republican or democrat, is a tougher hurdle, because they have a record they have to defend. when you look at the choice and vision between a president obama and governor romney, who is going to stand up and protect the middle class, do the kind of policies, not basically go back to the type of policies that helped create the very type of mess the president had to come in and help address. so, i think, listen, this is going to be a tough election. unlike some of my colleagues, i consider governor romney a formidable candidate, but he has major flaws and disconnection with voters that won't simply be washed away by pointing at president obama and saying he didn't do enough. >> americans are just now starting to focus on this race. so we'll be watching very closely over the next cul couplf months. gretchen and chris, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we come back, three students
3:27 pm
studying overseas are killed in a crash. how it happened and an emotional tribute to the victims coming up next. >> plus, why people may feel the pinch of new environmental regulations in their wallets. ahead, something that might make you think twice about cranking up the ac barack obama made it's a pledge when he was running for office a couple years ago to declare a war on coal, and he's lived up to that. we have things coming down every day, new rules, new proposed regulations, shutting down our coal industry. i'm really going to miss you.
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>> let's get you caught up on the headlines this day before mother's day. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now in pakistan. general john allen holding talks aimed at improving security and preventing terrorists from crossing the borders that those two countries share.
3:32 pm
>> a sonic weapon used to ward off pirate attacks will be used during london's summer olympics. the american-made device fires a sound that's louder than the sound of military jets. >> boston university holding a candlelight vigil for three students killed study ag broad in new zealand. at least five other students from the university also injured when their minivan crashed. >> all right. right now we'll get back to one of our top stories. governor romney delivering today's commencement speech at liberty university. he used the opportunity to speak to the evangelical base from one of the nation's largest christian universities. lauren green is live now with the latest from our new york newsroom. >> liberty university is to evangelical christians what brigham young university is for mormons. for mitt romney it was an opportunity to bridge a gap between the two faiths. delivering the keynote commencement address at liberty university, republican presidential candidate mitt romney, a devout mormon, focused
3:33 pm
on common ground, hammering home themes of family values and strong work ethics to a crowd he's had a hard time winning over. romney praised the students for the values learned at liberty. >> not all colleges instill that kind of confidence, but it will be among the most prized qualities from your education here. moral certainty, clear standards, and a commitment to spiritual ideals will set you apart from a world that is searching for meaning. >> though romney is not the first mormon to address the graduates at the evangelical institution, there's also been a catholic and jewish person, but for romney, white evangelicals who make up a large portion of the republican party have been a stumbling block. so have faith leaders, dr. robert jennifers, of first baptist dallas, has been critical, saying mormons are not christians. >> mormonism is a theological
3:34 pm
cult. there are vast differences, and the only one who doesn't recognize the differences is someone ignorant of mormonism and christianity. >> romney got the loudest applause when he talked about marriage, stating that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman, a stark contrast to president obama this week who announced his support for same-sex marriage. >> lauren green, tell your mother, miss betsy green, i said happy mother's day. >> i will indeed. thank you very much. >> starting to get warmer outside. just as you're getting ready to crank up the ac, new concerns about manage energy costs, and a energy regulations when it comes to the coal industry. some saying the president wants to steer america away from coal and natural gas, leaving consumers footing the bill. doug mckelway has more from washington. >> it was 2008 when senator barack obama offered this forecast about america's most
3:35 pm
abundant energy resource. >> if they want to build a plant they can, except it will be bankrupt them because they'll be charged a huge sum. >> the cap and trade bill that would have imposed penalties died, but new regulation has taken its place. >> we have new rules coming down every day, new proposed regulations, shutting down our coal industry. >> the administration hopes natural gas, now abundant through the new technology of fracking will serve as a new fuel as the nation transitions to renewables. >> there's been a doubling of solar power in the past few years as batts point out that cl still generates 42% of the nation's energy. natural gas 25%, nuclear 19%, and windpower a scant 3%. natural gas is almost four times more expensive than coal,
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founder and managing partner of harrington capital management. good to see. >> you good to see you. >> i have a few scenarios i want you to advise us on. scenario one, you're in your 40s or 50s. you've got one or two kids in college. maybe one in high school, which is still expensive these days. your mom is close to retirement, if she's not already there. she's got limited income. depending on you. you have a decent income, but
3:38 pm
it's strapped. okay? any way for you to save for your own retirement? >> well, you know, it's interesting, i mean we've done a recent study with the retirement council, which stipulated that the average 65-year-old woman in this country, 50% will live to the age of 88-year-old. you work 40 years, then you're supposed to have saved for another 30 years, right, without work, so you need earnings, right? i think what the issue is to protect and preserve earnings in a way. so you have to figure out, whether it be mutual funds, aknewities so you can provide for an aging mother, for example, or the mother providing for herself. we've figured out in the indexed annuity world that you can start putting away money in these annuity products that will provide a lifetime earnings stream as you age and as your
3:39 pm
parents age. >> it's not too late, that scenario? >> absolutely not, that scenario. that's the time to start engaging in these annuity products. it doesn't have to be a lot. just every little bit counts out of your paycheck to preserve and protect your wealth going forward. >> let's take this scenario. let's say you are that mom, the aging mom so-called. >> right. >> or the grandmother in most cases. you're 60 years old. you're still working. you haven't stoppe stuffed awaya comfortable retirement, because like most grandmothers you're helping your children with their kids, helping with the grandkids. what do you think is the best way for that person in that scenario to expedite their savings over the next five years? >> that's a more difficult scenario. now you're trying to put away money later in life. at that age, your risk tolerance, you want to be more conservative. however, if you're trying to accumulate wealth and grow your earnings stream, you have to
3:40 pm
take more risk. there's variable annuities, which would be you're -- in the fixed index annuity world you're protected if the market goes down. in the variable annuity side you're open to more of the upside gain in the stock market, but not protected on the down side. okay? start putting money away from a variable annuity product. if you own real estate at that age, pay down some of the debt. if you're renting out that real estate, that can be an income stream for yourself in the retirement years. >> before i let you go, kyle, just a short answer, if i could, because you're so knowledgeable, i know you could go on, but you speak about the annuities, this and that, and some people are going, what the heck are you talking about? i know that you advise that you get a trusted advisor. >> that's right. >> i need to ask you, what do you look for in that person? you need to trust them, how much money will you have to pay them, and also isn't it true that no matter you never sign of power of attorney over your finances to anyone, you have to stay involved? >> i agree 100%.
3:41 pm
it is your right with these annuity products, they can get complex and difficult to talk about within a short period of time in terms of this segment, but without question is you have to assess and find a trusted advisor, if you're not going to do it yourself. what you have to look at, especially in the vol tin markets, we saw the jpmorgan debacle, the bernie madoff thing. you need to find out about that person, be proactive about finding out about them, where they are in their life. >> can you find somebody at your local bank? >> sure, you can, but i would definitely do my due diligence finding out where people are in their career, how long they've been in the business, how committed they are to the business, what their track record is. >> and no shortcuts, bottom line. >> no shortcuts. >> kyle harrington, thank you very much. happy father's day to your dad. i know your dad. >> my dad is a big man. >> i know.
3:42 pm
tell him hi. hi, dad. thank you. >> when we come back, the year is 2012, but it's not uncommon these days to hear about ronald reagan and jimmy carter on the campaign trail. why former presidents are being used to define today's race for the white house when we come wee right back. on my journey across, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby.
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>> what ronald reagan was calling for then is the same thing we're calling for now, a return to basic fairness and responsibility. everybody doing their part. acted if it will help convince folks in congress to make the right choice, we could call it the reagan rule instead of the buffet rule. >> would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> of course. >> is the criticism from obama fair? >> jimmy carter would have given
3:47 pm
that order. >> there's mitt romney repeatedly comparing president jimmjim obama to jimmy carter, president obama comparing himself to ronald reagan. what's behind this? hi, susan. >> hi. >> governor romney uses president carter's name like a bogeyman in the republican party, if you will. what does that name coninjure up? is it a fair punching bag to use president carter as a punching bag? and are the comparisons between presidents carter and obama, are they fair? finally, susan, is this good framework for governor romney on the campaign trail? take it away. >> take it away. well, you're probably not even old enough to remember, but i was around in 1980 for that election, and it just seems to me an odd choice by mitt romney. i think most voters today weren't even around to vote back
3:48 pm
in 1980 or 1976. jimmy carter is better known as an ex-president who, you know, builds houses once a year for habitat he is as the president. so i think mitt romney is going to have to run against the barack obama, the president today. as for ronald reagan, it's certainly a more popular choice on barack obama's part to associate himself with ronald reagan. i'm not sure that's going to get him votes from folks either. >> okay. but maybe governor romney is counting on the older vote anyway. specifically what the governor is saying about the obama administration is the most anti-small business administration since carter. is that an accurate comparison? >> you know, i worked in the 1980 carter campaign. i worked for ted kennedy first. i can't remember for the life of me what jimmy carter's policies toward small business were. so if i can't remember, and
3:49 pm
literally i was there, i'm just not sure how meaningful that comparison is going to be to anybody else. >> so do you think governor romney is going to get off this whole comparison between presidents and obama and carter, and, on the other hand, do you think president obama will continue to conjure up positive thoughts that president reagan's name provides? >> well, president reagan is still known and admired as the great commuter. so i think in a way that's a sort of natural comparison for president obama, and obviously he's going to try to wrap himself in that one. i would think that mr. romney mighmight do president wrapping himself around president kennedy, a president from massachusetts. i don't think it helps romney. i don't think it's a comparison that hurts barack obama. we'll have to go back to the future here. >> okay, back to the future.
3:50 pm
hey, did you have big hair in the '80s? just quickly. >> i had long straight hair, but i look better now, i think. >> you look good. you're like fine wine. >> wine fine, you and me! >> when we come back, what would you do if your prom date cancels at the last minute? one girl in ohio took to twitter and lined up a dream date with one of her favorite nfl players. >> hey, joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me because my date backed out and didn't come. >> oh, my god. mom, i'm scared. get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> it's prom season for high schoolers across the country. when one girl lost her date at the last minute, she went on twitter to line up a new one and ended up going to prom on the arm of one of her sports heroes. emily valdez with wjw in cleveland has the story. >> 18-year-old independence high school senior joyce grendell is putting on the last-minute touches before her prom date arrives. she's extra nervous, because she asked him out. >> yeah. i didn't think i had a chance. >> did we mention she asked out
3:55 pm
browns quarterback joe haden, via twitter? >> i said, hey, joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me, because my date backed out. this is bigger than i ever imagined. >> within a few hours he replied and said yes. >> i said, i haven't been, so i'll take you. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. mom, i'm scared. >> forget the limo, friday night hayden picked up joyce up in his lamborghini. >> we were legit. we were getting ready. is everything all right? this is my prom todd. >> 23-year-old hayden never got to attend his senior prom, because he graduated early. in reality, this isn't the first time he's met joyce and her friend lacey. >> thank you. >> i knew her, because she tweets me a lot. she's been a really good hayden nation supporter. she always shows up, her and lacey. >> as for dad, this is one date
3:56 pm
he approves of. >> we met him last year. as a matter of fact, the other kids went bowling with him and everything downtown. you couldn't find a nicer guy. i talked to him a little bit there. he's just your average -- no different than another guy. just a quality guy. >> with a really nice car, too. >> sure is. classy guy. >> i love that story. >> i love that. >> happy mother's day to your wife kelsi. >> thank you. >> and happy mother's day to my mom. >> and happy mother's day to my mom and grandmother. enjoy your special day tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> stick around. harris faulkner is coming up with "the fox report." happy mother's day. invent the minivan. ♪ today dodge grand caravan is the most awarded minivan ever. ♪
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