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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 14, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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jobs. in one hour, grover norquist on why we keep repeating the same mistakes. on fox business. where we just don't cover the business. >> we give you the business. >> got to work on that. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: well, a risky move by president obama. he wants to talk about jobs. not the jobs he vaporized since taking office but instead going after mitt romney's tin your at bain capital. >> bain capital walked away with a lot of money. we view romney as a job destroyer. to get up on national tv and brag about making jobs when he has destroyed thousands of people's careers, lifetimes,
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destroyed people. >> he is running for president. if he is going to run the country the way he ran our business, i wouldn't want him there. he is so out of touch with the average person in this country. how could you care? how could you care for the average working person if you feel that way? >> eric: boy. with that, president obama declared the season on negative attack ads open for business. what if it's smart for president obama to bring the focus of jobs back in the fray. after all, he is the guy that lost the most jobs under his watch since jimmy carter. speaking of that, bob. what about it? bad idea, good idea to talk about romney's record on jobs? >> bob: good idea all the way around. that time we opened up on bain capital and what romney is about. he says he creates jobs. he destroys guys. he said he wasn't there when they lost the jobs in the steel company. they put a big debt on the company of which romney and his buddies walked away with millions of dollars in profits and then the thing fell apart. the history of romney and creating jobs is a myth.
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he is so out of touch, look, they took away the poor people pension and the health insurance. do you want a guy like that to be president of the united states? >> eric: for the rest of the segment, i want to clarify this. you are going to attach everything that happened to this company, the steel company after the time that romney? >> bob: i date it from the time they took the huge debt on the company which bain took away. >> eric: they went bankrupt -- >> bob: the key was -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: does it mean that romney should get credit for the 85,000 jobs created at staples, the thousands of sports authority, the thousands at dom knees, steel dynamics? the list goes on and on. >> dana: it's a stunning way to run a campaign when you are taking so much out of context so early. but remember, back in december, it was actually gingrich and perry who made despicable attack on boehner. bain. that is one of the reason they had to start leaving the race.
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but an effective ad for obama until you start seeing the context. if you think that there is only 8-10% of people undecided in the country when it comes to who they are going to vote for, i don't think an ad like this is persuasive. people understand economics. what happened in the steel industry overtime. you don't think so in you think people are stupid? >> bob: no, i'm sorry. i had to burp. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. for real? >> bob: yes. >> greg: i told you not to -- you eat the brownies in the greenroom before you go on. i tell you to stop eating the brownies. >> bob: all right, all right. we've been through this enough. >> greg: eat a carrot. >> dana: i don't think brownies cause you to burp. >> greg: the way he eats them. shews them down his throat and chases it with coffee. >> kimberly: i don't find this to be an effective tool. this is troublesome when you think about this. this is the best they have to do to make attack against romney. they have real trouble with
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their messaging. i don't think they want to go down this path. i don't think it will get them a lot of headway in swing states. i don't think it will make headway with independents. that's where they need to focus. apparently they feel they shored up their base pretty well. >> eric: in the ad, he calls romney -- not personally, president obama, but one of the people in the ad vampire. like watching an old friend bleed to death. is that fair? >> greg: the thing, is interesting the ad was paid for by the last george clooney fundraising dinner. it really was. microcosm of the hollywood liberal movie. which is the mean, rich, white guy. and all the people that he harmed. it doesn't matter if it's actually inaccurate. we'll go back and foth. when bain comes up, when did it start? he was at the '99. other tough was 2000. blah, blah, blah. bob did what he did to america. he gave -- he gives everybody
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indigestion. it came back to him. >> eric: but you can say -- >> bob: you can say all you want, gst, the steel company, beginning of the end was when they took a huge debt on. when romney was ceo of the company. 750 people out of work and out of pension and healthcare. that is not funny. that is serious. there is nothing about that, you can try to hide. >> eric: it is funny, bob. do me a favor, pull up the full screen with three faces on it before we do the side. look at the three faces. these are people working closely with president obama. look at the one in the middle. steve ratner was president obama car czar who called that ad unfair. the guy on the left. tony james, also called that ad, unfair. the guy on the right, lavine. jonathan lavnef i'm not mistaken is a director at bain capital. a bundler for president obama. take a listen. >> i think the ad is unfair.
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so, yeah, i do think to pick out an example of somebody who lost their job unfortunately, this is part capitalism. and part of life. i don't think there is something that bain capital did they need to be embarrassed about. >> eric: obama czar. >> bob: that is a hedge fund operator that makes money off of bain capital, destroyed companies and jobs. for ratner to say that and use it as an example is irresponsible. it's just, it is just -- >> dana: but like bain capital couldn't survive if they didn't make investments that ended up being good and companies succeeded? how have they been in business all this time? >> bob: this company, they went away with $7 million in profit. >> dana: venture capital firm, they don't just go to destroy. they create. if you have a business that is about to fail completely, you could just close your doors like solyndra did after $550 million of taxpayer money and then nobody has a job. >> eric: there were things they --
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>> bob: there were things that were successful. the idea that this company was doing just fine. until -- >> dana: it wasn't. >> eric: stop saying that. it's not accurate. they took an interest in the company. 1993. >> bob: i understand that. >> eric: contraction in the steel industry that took a ton of steel out of business, almost wiping out u.s. steel completely. kept them afloat for nine years. >> eric: allow me. they took controlling stake or big stake in steel dynamics and now it's a $6 million company. >> eric: you want to say a guy -- >> bob: you want to say a guy that says i know how to create job and put mitt romney and bain company up as the reason for that, you are kidding yourself. >> dana: compared to president obama, i do. what -- >> bob: 1.5 million jobs created. >> dana: what is his plan more jobs? >> bob: he created jobs. >> greg: it's 25 million jobs. why not just pull out any number. you don't have to prove it.
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>> bob: last three years, 4.3 million jobs. >> eric: still more than 600,000 -- >> bob: he lost 600,000 the first month he was in office. that's his fault? >> kimberly: jimmy carter numbers if you find that exciting and you sleep well at night. he is your guy. for him to pick on romney, a losing cause. i hope he has other legs to run on. >> dana: let me add another thing. fueling anxiety. this is why i don't think an ad like this will be persuasive for people undecided in the election, which is that "usa today" reported one in five families owes more on credit card, student loans and other unsecured debt than they have in savings. the number of people with no savings at all is 23.4%. up from 18.5% in 2009. that is all on president obama's watch. if you want to play this game about context, that is where the anxiety is rooted. >> eric: can i bring up a point? the screen with the three faces on it, one of those guys tonight is hosting a fundraiser for president
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obama. it's hamilton, tony james. take a look at the guy on the left. hosting president obama fundraiser tonight. greg, how can president obama attack private equity when this guy is head of the biggest private equity group in america, hosting a fundraiser for obama? >> greg: good question. put the three faces up again. i want to make a point why does the hedge fund operator all have terrible hair? look at that. >> bob: good point. >> greg: it is good. the more money you have, the faster your hairline recedes. >> bob: that guy partner raising money for mitt romney. that is the way they play the game. nothing new about that. the guys are in business of buying influence. they do a good job. >> eric: in the business of making money. >> greg: that is all it is. making money. this is why the debate gets tedious. it never moves the ball forward. you always have people like bob who don't like people making a profit. >> bob: that's not true. >> greg: and others who want to make a profit.
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>> bob: i don't have a problem with profit. i have problem with people profiting off the back of other people. >> greg: with profit comes risk and with risk comes failure. >> bob: try to say so nastily -- >> greg: that wasn't nasty. that's the way it works. you learn it as a kid. >> bob: when you are a multimillionaire you can say that. >> greg: i'm not a multimillionaire. >> dana: he didn't call anybody a vampire. that is nasty. >> bob: i don't think it's that much of a stretch. [over talk ] >> kimberly: it's crazy when people misunderstand the concept of how businesses run and the basis of private equity companies are. they restructure. they go in and it would be grossly irresponsible if they didn't restructure. they take this in, make investment and make them more profitable. if you want to say that mitt romney shouldn't president because of what happened with gs steel, then go for it. >> bob: this is hedge funds an the one unregulated ridiculous operation. take companies apart.
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they could care less how many people lose their job. >> greg: here is the point. as long as it's the government using your money to lose it, it's okay. that is your point. as long as the government is losing your money, because it's not really our money, right? according to the left, it's our money. government money. do whatever they want. spend it on high-speed trains or solyndra or fisker, do whatever you want. private industry loses money, they're evil. >> bob: what about the defense department loses money on lousy investment? >> eric: we have to give a quick shot out to the president, who is laying it up a with pop star ricky martin at a big nyc fundraiser. coming up, media is focusing on j.p. morgan chase. headlines buried. california billions of dollars in the hole and on the brink of bankruptcy. why isn't the media covering that? fair an balanced discussions on those stories coming up. thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." the admission by j.c. morgan chase they lost $2 billion was big news over the weekend and the morning shows today. listen to what ceo jamie dimon had to say. >> heads will roll. three top executives at jp morgan chase, including one of the most powerful women on wall street expected to lose their jobs as early as today. >> this woman, one of the top executives on wall street is out. and the market set to drop this morning. now the billion-dollar blunder at jp morgan chase will slam your wallet. >> heads begin to roll at america's largest bank. as jp morgan chase tries to limit the damage from the $# billion loss. we will hear from elizabeth warren, the chief watchdog in the 2008 bank bail-out. >> dana: that wasn't jamie dimon. let me tell you about what he said about the trade that went wrong.
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the trades were flawed, complex, poorly viewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored. other than that, they were great. along with goldman sachs, j.p. morgan is considered a bank filled with talent. smartest of the smart. but it happens to even the brightest on wall street. give us a summation how it could have gone wrong. >> eric: it's an vinnestment bank on wall street. investment banks do well. they have a natural walk on the market. when the economy gets better, they do well. they are already interested in a better economy, what j.p. morgan did. the head of the division that put the big trade on, bet on the economy going north as well. they had a double bet pro economy, american economy didn't work out that way. so they lost on the one side. of note. jamie dimon, they found out and got out there, top of the talk shows over the weekend. this morning. he cut the loss and told everyone this is what is going
2:18 pm
on. this is a very admirable move. >> dana: does the buck stop with him? >> bob: absolutely. when he found out about it -- he is the ceo of the company. somebody's neck ought to be on the line and guillotine and it ought to be his. if you had any guts, dimon, you would resign, like admirable people would. >> eric: why dimon resign? know about everybody trade the bank does? >> bob: $2 billion. >> dana: the investigation will come out i suppose. but they did say he had been keeping an eye on the trade for a while. to me, kimberly, if it's $2 billion, and that only .1% of jm morgan asset. why with the self-flaglation over the weekend. this is what the banks do. i think a press release would have handled it. >> kimberly: but i guess in term oshe was management style he wanted to get ahead of story not look at what was
2:19 pm
hiding. the numbers for jp morgan, the overall success, juxtapose to what happened here. the balance sheet is in favor of jp morgan. a lot of support in the banking industry for the bank, the company and jamie dimon in particular. when you think about it, i know that this end of the stable blood thirsty. bob is heavy be guillotine metaphors today. >> dana: greg, given all of that, is it surprising that the first thing that someone aed in washington was we need more regulations, even on the regulation they put forward wouldn't have cover this in the first place. >> greg: this story has absolutely no meaning for me whatsoever. i don't care. this is a private company. the net worth is $189 billion. this is 1%. it lost half my money in the last ten years. nobody cared about that. it's my money. i don't care.
2:20 pm
why does the media care? why aren't you screaming for head of steven chu of solyndra or fisker? that is public. this is private. why do you care about the private money? >> eric: it's not even steven chu. it's president obama. steven chu equals drew in this case, they put the bad bets on. >> greg: why does the media obsessed with the private wealth, not about our money? about the public use. >> bob: this is a public company. >> greg: you mow what i'm talking about. >> bob: i do. as opposed to the government. the idea that this guy dimon led the charge against regulations in washington, he has been the chief face down there lobbying against it. supposedly, he had the strongest of the big banks in the crisis. here it is. this guy did violate rules. the volker rule. >> eric: no, he didn't. >> bob: yes, he did. >> eric: he did not. >> bob: regulations been in place that were supposed to be in place, he would argue against and they would have been brought down. >> eric: it's not in place. it's not a rule yet. when it gets -- >> bob: rule-making process.
2:21 pm
>> dana: every article i said today said that the laws they pass, dodd-frank, when president obama signed it, it would not have addressed this particular problem. >> eric: is there a washington prescription for every problem? if jp morgan made $2 billion profit, they would have been calling for higher taxes. >> andrea: buried the lead. >> kimberly: give me the break. >> bob: do you not think they should be regulated? >> bob: they are regulated. >> kimberly: obama was betting on the economy going north and everybody knows that didn't happen. just like solyndra. >> bob: you want to endorse jamie dimon >> kimberly: i'm just telling the facts. >> eric: i don't think dimon did anything wrong. they didn't do anything illegal. in that breath, i think it's actually not a bad idea to separate the banking, consumer banking, deposits from the trading side. which technically they don't have to do yet. this is not a bad idea. >> bob: the regulations they put in place would have
2:22 pm
impacted. if dimon and those people -- >> dana: i'm not sure. get greg in here. you got a point? >> kimberly: quick one. re's right that the capital ratio 8.4 to 8.2%. like greg said, a drop in the bucket. guess what? they are not asking for a stimulus or bail-out or handout. let the market work. >> dana: the higher capital standards put in place after tarp that probably helped them. >> bob: can i say carl levin that wrote the law. they call it volker rule. they prohibit these bets made here. for him it's specifically he has -- >> eric: can i explain this to you? jp morgan, all they have to do is split themselveses in half. jp morgan betting side using your term and chase deposit side. draw the line between the two companies. they could still put a trade on. they're not required to. >> dana: volcker rule is so vague.
2:23 pm
they haven't done what they need to do to make it clear. washington gets in whatever. we need to have greg wrap us up. >> greg: i completely lost interest in this discussion. >> bob: thanks. >> greg: i did. it lost interest. i was reading from my next segment, actually. >> kimberly: i know you were. it could see you doing this. >> greg: coming up -- start with the heads roll thing. no more heads are rolling. hate that. >> dana: the new banned word of the day? save it for your one more thing. everybody, all right. did the obama campaign try to silence obama's ambassador jeremiah wright in the 2008 campaign? details on that. bombshell allegations up next. right after you get to hear from greg. ♪ ♪ [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to indigence today. -- indigestion today. jerry brown has proved logic wrong. four months ago he said the state was $9 billion in debt. now he claims it's $16 billion. it takes a special guy to be wrong. nobody thought he'd find work as nutty ride as governor moonbeam in the '70s. then he was mayor of oakland. now he's captaining the titanic that is california, a state so broke it may ask greece for a loan. how dis it happen? pension, spending and regulations, businesses bolted, the state is not making money and the bureaucrats looted the joint. you remember bell, california.
2:29 pm
the payroll boasted seven-figure salaries with the manager robert rizzo getting $1.5 million for a year. they were the kids trashing the candy store. where is it headed? you keep digging. underfound the state spent $2.1 billion more than expected. the new bullet train requires spending $3.5 million every single day, including holida holidays. and weekends. if it's going to be done by 2017. this is what happens when junkie gains control to stash. they can only expand the dependence so all that is left is a deeper hole that now looks like an open grave. >> kimberly: that was depressing. >> greg: depressing topic. it could do something on puppies if you'd like. >> kimberly: that would be sweet and precious, versus california. >> greg: they can't afford puppies. dana, he did this, he announced the stuff via youtube, which is an internet destination. >> dana: thank you.
2:30 pm
i was going to call al gore to find out. on one hand you say how innovative. the governor of california using media and youtube to get a message out to california, soft lighting and the music. by the way, you're so in debt your children's future is not to be had in california. i have a problem with this for one reason. i think that the media should have been allowed to ask questions. doing that is something done by dictators where you don't have to answer to the people. he has to answer for it eventually but chicken move to do it by youtube. >> greg: the democrats control the legislature have resisted his cuts. she trying to make cuts because he's probably responsible for the way that the state is now. what will happen? >> eric: california doesn't have -- >> bob: california doesn't have control like jp morgan does. they don't have control over the national economy or trade
2:31 pm
with the asia, which is a big part of its business there. it also does not have control of the tax receipts that are off by $3.5 billion. i'm not saying that it's what is done here. but the legislature are a bunch of punks and cowards. >> greg: democrats. >> bob: right. it say it about them. they won't increase the taxes. cut spending the way they should. taking up for people who vote in november. on a referendum. that's what he should do. you have to cut spending and increase taxes. keep get republican, no more taxes, no more taxes. >> greg: that's like i'm saying i will only cut back from drugs a little bit. >> eric: they can't increase taxes anymore. they have 11% tax already. this is what is happening. people in businesses are leafing california, they are going to no tax states like texas. last year, there was a 1% slide in the number of jobs that california created,
2:32 pm
versus people needing jobs. so they lost ground. the third worst in the nation. texas was tenth best, because there is no state tax. the agreement is they need to cut spending but they can't do it either. they can't seem to figure out they need to cut -- therein lies the problem. not a tax problem. spending problem. >> bob: it is, too, a tax problem and a spending problem as well. california has expansive welfare system and very expansive border interdirection program and expense i police force. it's got -- >> bob: why is it expensive? >> greg: because they control the till. that's why salaries were created in bell. declaring bankruptcy. >> kimberly: they never met an entitlement they didn't like that. is the problem there. they spent $2.1 billion more than they were supposed to. so it a spending problem as well. now he is sayingthe has to make cut cuts in the public education in addition to increase taxes, the sales tax
2:33 pm
additional quarter percent. he is in big trouble there. i don't know who would want to be for of california. >> greg: i think he comes on yesterday and says by the way, p.s., the bullet train. >> dana: the high speed train is not happening. take it off the table. some sort of a good will gesture on his behalf in order to -- >> kimberly: right. bullet train to nowhere. >> bob: businesses are leaving to go to texas from california, but imagine, california is a wonderfully beautiful state. the ocean. imagine going from santa barbara to midland, odessa? >> greg: i grew up in california. it's really a depressing thing for somebody born in california not to be able to afford to live there. even in your neighborhood where i grew up in san matteo. can't afford that. >> kimberly: no way. >> bob: move to el paso. >> greg: i would love to live in texas. it's the greatest state. >> bob: austin is a nice
2:34 pm
state. >> dana: or city. >> greg: coming up, was obama's 2008 campaign worried about jeremiah wright to stay quiet? if i said no, we probably would don't the story. explosive details next. if you leave now, eric won't do one-handed push-ups from the ceiling. ♪ ♪ [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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there's no going back. at the sleep number memorial day sale, save 40% on our innovative sleep number silver edition bed-for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the new attack on romney's business report. tonight on "special report," president is hammering romney. as his credentials as a businessman. new ad portrays him as greedy entrepreneur that wipes out jobs. the romney campaign is firing back. and the republican national committee has a new ad denouncing what they call the president's broken promises on debt reduction. newsweek hits the stand today
2:39 pm
with the cover anointing president obama the first gay president. meantime, president obama trying to capitalize his support by addressing the subject at a handful of events and on "the view." horrific discovery in mexico. police found 49 mutilated bodies near the u.s. border. result of drug cartels. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ equilibrium everybody remembers president obama's former pastor, jeremiah wright. >> god bless america. no, no, no. god tam america in the bible for killing innocent people.
2:40 pm
>> kimberly: he's in a new book saying he was offered a bribe to stop preaching until after the 2008 election. wright claims he received e-mail from one of the president's closest friend to offer him $150,000 to stay silent. shortly after that, he says mr. obama met with him face to face and pleaded for him to stop preaching. wright said obama said he was hurting his campaign. but wright was speaking the truth. dana? >> dana: i haven't read the book and i don't like to comment on ones i haven't read yet. this is getting attention and for good reason. people are interested in it. i'm skeptical of it for good reason. you have to imagine it couldn't happen. but in your read i say everybody thinks john edwards situation couldn't happen either. but that's true.
2:41 pm
we need to see what they come up with. >> kimberly: both of your eyebrows are coming up >> greg: unlike dana perino i only comment on books you don't read. this blows the thing off the thing. that was there. who do you trust? you can't blame klein for interviewing wright. obviously wright has a chip on his shoulder. vendetta, ticked off because obama threw him under the bus. you have to put that piece in the recipe. why would wright lie, too? i don't know. >> kimberly: you are making powwow chow. >> greg: i don't know what that means. it sounds racist. >> kimberly: you didn't read the rest of it. >> eric: he wrote about it the right way. it's -- the relevant part is president obama did spend time with that guy that you just heard say god bless america, he said god whatever america.
2:42 pm
you are judged by the company you keep. he kept company with reverend right. he has to say wow! i think if i were president obama or candidate obama, senator obama i would have had something going on the same way. gregg candidates paying off the ex-girlfriend and mistresss. >> we have a former governor in jail now, blagojevich, for like trying to sell president obama senate seat at the time. i guess it could end up going. >> eric: you can't make it up. to go over facts here. this interview took place in november 11 at 2011. face to face interview. this is 2008. face to face, recorded 3.5 hours with the -- this is
2:43 pm
substantiated that wright said it happened. but is there further proof in fact the president came to reverend wright and had the discussion. >> bob: begin with mr. kline who is a liar. for example, he wrote something that the right wing picked up on how obama walked out on netanyahu so he could have dinner with his two daughters and michelle when the daughters and michelle were not there. i'd rather talk about the "national enquirer." the idea that reverend wright, someone tried to bribe him in an e-mail is silly. i bought off a few people in my life. never by e-mail. an always with bags of money. reverend wright credibility he hates obama. but ed klein is a liar and phony. why we're giving him time is beyond me. >> eric: no dispute that
2:44 pm
president obama spent time -- >> eric: time -- >> bob: nothing to do with the topic. he got out of the church. >> bob: is that what you want to run on? >> greg: talking about romney four days ago about incident in school there. should be statute of limitations. >> bob: this is ed klein. freddie questionable witnesses in the "washington post" story as well. >> eric: this is less about the book. more about what was the relationship. is president obama ticked off at reverend wright? or is reverend wright ticked off at obama? that is relevant questions. >> kimberly: this isn't about klein. we are talking -- >> bob: yes, it is. >> kimberly: hold on. we are talking about reverend wright on tape. trying to get a copy of the tape. if we get it, we bring it to
2:45 pm
you tomorrow on "the five." >> bob: i don't believe reverend wright either. >> kimberly: time to go. "saturday night live" to represent obama. but guess who ferrell did when he returned to the show? debate on politics of parity when we return. -- the politics of parody when we return. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, here i am ensconced in my comfortable place at the end of the show in "e" block. kimberly mentioned this last week, "saturday night live" had, were supposed to do a bit on president obama. they decided to can that. they got conservatives to be wining normally they do. this week, will ferrell came back alumni of "saturday night live" and repriseed famous and
2:50 pm
what he is noted for impersonation. take a look. >> you wan to -- sure. hey, here is the rest of my sandwich. >> mucho gracias. >> yeah. >> i heard about that pizza, too. that will be sweet. >> i'm sick of the way that presidents are always writing me. i'm an adult. >> i have been there. i have been there. i used to catch votes for president cheney. >> hmm-mm. >> oval office, the slurpie machine. settling in a "charles in charge" marathon. the penguin would come waddlalling in and yell "fete your damn pants on we're about to bomb wable-wee-bee-blah-blah-blah." >> bob: this is where he made his -- does this offend you? >> dana: no, i'm laughing the hardist.
2:51 pm
republicans are v a sense of humor. the fact that "saturday night live" cannot find anyone in america to play obama is amazing. theist was obama is just so smart and boring he is a party pooper. he is intelligent. even when they have obama in the skit, it's a salute to obama. they're bush. they are don'ts but more entertaining. that is the message. it was fun. >> eric: he was hilarious biden. the gist of it for me is owe said what about me? i want attention here.
2:52 pm
really joe's idea. >> eric: it was funny. >> bob: bide took a hit here, too, as well. the comeback about being, i thought the problem, too, with president cheney. interesting. >> kimberly: this is a cute piece. they're talented. let's not kid around. they don't find anything that obama does to be uncool or not. he is mr. charm after america. bring back a president to enjoy and have laughs. >> greg: they complain that he can't get a handle on playing obama because they like him. their heart is not in it. palin and bush because it's fun to them. >> bob: you know -- you ought to play obama then.
2:53 pm
>> kimberly: what are you doing say about obama? tall, handsome and can dance kind of. he can sing. he likes to do brackets and spend american people's money. >> bob: okay. let me say this. one more thing! is up next. don't go anywhere. we'll send greg to your house. yea! ♪ ♪ my name is robin...
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>> eric: time for one more thing. greg? >> greg: when you are a kid and you do something stupid like running withzy czars, fall -- running withsy czars, stab yourself in the eye, your mom says that will teach you. i'm tired of teachable moment. where the academics learn a lesson. stop it! don't ever use this phrase in public again. if you do, i'm going to punch you in the face. >> bob: very good. >> kimberly: violent. you want to punch everyone. he wants a guillotine. not nice. >> dana: this weekend i went to brooklyn flea market. give a shout out to entrepreneurs. i bought soap. this is record by monkey.
2:58 pm
he takes old vinyl records to make them into iphone covers. gnome enterprises, you bought a t-shirt. one for greg. the two mon stores fighting. >> greg: cool. >> dana: but then they had a t-shirt for me that was different. which is a sweet one. >> kimberly: i wanted that one, too. freddie those are bunny slippers. >> kimberly: that is a little low cut. >> dana: they work very hard. >> kimberly: that is a parent. someone missed the rules. supposed to bring someone for everyone at the table. >> eric: we have to move along quickly. famous -- do you know this guy? take a look. there he is. mr. rush limbaugh. honored as one of the most famous ever.
2:59 pm
>> eric: bob? >> bob: i want to show a picture of one of the really, well, not very bright congressmen from the republican party. this is james langford of oklahoma. look at that picture. that's all you have to do. tell you something. mr. langford says that it should not be laws protecting gays from workplace discrimination. homosexuality is a choice and you should be able to fire them. keep that in mind, look at this guy's face. remind yourself what your country will look like. mitt romney in the white house. >> kimberly: that is not very nice. now sad topic when you eat, fat reaches your waist three hours after a big meal. put that down. >> eric: three hours? >> kimberly: three


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