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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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factor. the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking it out for you. >> sean: turm turmoil-- at one f the biggest banks leaves president obama back-pedaling. i will be joined by dana perino and stuart varny talking about this administration. but first, earlier today, the president dropped by to chute with the ladies of "the view." they asked him about the j.p. morgan $2 billion trading loss. >> j.p. morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie diamond, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got.
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they still lost $2 billion and counting, precisely because they were making bets in these derivative markets. we don't know all the details yet. it's going to be investigated. but this is why we passed wall street reform. >> sean: oh? why we passed it? best-managed banks? where is the president who promised to hold the wall street fat cats responsible for their actions? there is always a back story. as politico points out, it seems the president is choosing his words very carefully since jamie diamond is one of the anointed one's wall street friends and since president obama has taken office, diamond has made at least 16 trips to the white house to see the president. it appear there's earlier today, governor mitt romney picked up another coveted endorsement. abc news caught up with president george w. bush after a speech in washington, d.c. and he said, quote, i'm for mitt
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romney. joining me with reaction from the fox business network, stuart varny and dana perino, who does a much better accent than i did. >> [southern accent]. >> i wish i had an accent. >> sean: oh, oh, oh. dana was on jeopardy and you did great. this is amazing to me. >> yeah. >> sean: the president says j.m. morgan is one of the best managed banks there is, you jamie diamond is one of the smartest bankers we have. we don't know the details, it's going to be investigated, but this is why we passed wall street reform. if you passed it, why did it happen again? >> when comes to banking, wall street and the financial world, the president is frankly out of his depth. he has been handed manor from heavenned with the j.p. morgan loss. he can say, look, they lost $2 billion. if they can do that, so can everybody else. i am going to regulate, i am
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going to reform wall street. i am going to make sure that it does not happen again. >> sean: they already passed wall street reform. >> yes, but the rules have not been written yet. they are being written. >> sean: you think it will be more draconian. >> yes. you will have a much bigger, extra level of bureaucracy on top of the financial system and politicizing it-- instead of solving -- >> i think that j.p. morgan made it so much worse than it needed to be. it's private money. it's less than 1% of their assets. they made a decision, they lost. they could have handled this on a friday night t. instead, they wore a hair shirt and we are talking about more regulations that are not going to help anybody. >> that's a distinction lost on most people. the bank screwed up. so regulate them -- >> president obama didn't seem too worried about losing $500 million with solyndra. yet, when it comes to jamie diamond and j.p. morgan, the justice department is going to investigate. what issue they investigating?
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>> sean: that's a good point. the voters say the economy will improve most under romney. romney's ahead in women, independents, he is ahead overall. if you look at the internals, 67% of people think his flip-flop evolution on gay marriage was out of political expediency. people are getting. >> it the president's gone everywhere to try to distract attention from the underlying issue, which i think is the economy. it is detracting from what is a growing sense of unease in america. there's a great deal of unease about this economy, where we are going. the debt's exploding, europe is imploding, even the stock market's down i. european union is about -- >> the greeks -- they are done. does it spread to spain, ireland, portugal, maybe italy? they are imploding and that's a very serious thing. they have a sense of unease over here because of what is happening there and a president
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who doesn't seem to know what's going on over there on top of it. >> here's the important thing. you think the economy can recover enough i. not enough in time. but i think that romney was always going to be at some point, the frontrunner. it looks like he is sitting very pretty and it tightens up over the summer. gallup says there are only 9-12% who are undecided. >> i think dick morris is right, they are more likely to go with the challenger. >> i think that's true. part of this is the exceedingly political nature. the banks, president obama has been very strong in going -- fat cats going after them. he was going to go after them. on the same day, in the same news cycle, he has dinner at 35 or so thousand-dollars apiece with a hedge fund manager and his buddies who are playing both sides. definitely -- well, if you issue not decided by now, you are probably very happy you are going to go with romney.
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>> sean: i agree. here's what's interesting. you know, for stephanie cutter to go out for the obama campaign and complain that the new york times poll, which over-sampled democrats by 6 percentage points, is the methodology is off because it doesn't show what they want. if they think they're losing cbs news and the new york times -- how big a problem is that in the end for them? >> it's a huge problem. it is going in the wrong direction. if a new york times poll shows the president obama is behind with women voters, i don't care what your methodology is-- it backfired. >> let's grant that the obama campaign-- the ability to complain about the methodology, regardless, what they have done on the fake war on women has actually not worked-- backfired. >> in any scenario, it hasn't worked for them. [chuckles] >> sean: you will get your chance. i have to be honest. i am really proud of you.
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>> thanks? >> not only are we friends. you gr -- you go on jeopardy and bet efers at the end. next to kareem abdul jabbar. he's big! >> i was in 5-inch heels and standing on an 8-inch box. >> sean: you were not standing on a box. >> yeah! 8-inch box. >> sean: was he standing on a box? >> no! >> it took a lot of coirj and go out there. >> you do have to check your ego at the door-- we have to run the dana sound bite here. >> let's do "the five" for $200. the five move teratings are nc-17, "r," p-g, p-g-17 and this one? kareem. >> what is "x"? >> sean: you went in the wrong direction. we were looking for a "g" rating, not an "x" rating.
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remember, this is a family show. dana, pick again. >> let's keep them on the hot seat and go with "the five" for $400. including first, in which the heels are together, there are five basic foot positions in the classical type of this. dana? >> what is ballet? >> we chose the clues that i got right. >> sean: first of all, did you have fun? >> absolutely. the jeopardy people are fantastic. alec trabeck watches the five. they are amazing and their generosity is incredible. they gave everybody $tin,000 to your charity. have you to do it. >> that's awesome. >> i would do it again. but this time, i would know how to use the clicker. it's an interesting-- don't make excuses. >> no, i wasn't-- obama had a kiosk and atm machines, you are saying it's the clicker. >> i take my hat off. >> sean: i know at home, i guarantee i wouldn't know it. >> he didn't know the final
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jeopardy either. the gugen hime. >> sean: coming up in a sign that stay at-home moms are leading, mitt romney leads among female voters. and the president told the ladies of "the view," that the november election will be tight simply because his name is barack obama -- barack hussein obama. i'll ask that of herman cain and much manufacture, -- much more, coming up. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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>> sean: now the white house, may want to listen very closely to this next story. a brand-new poll shows that female voters are turning their backs on the president. president obama's support among women has dropped a staggering 5 points and mitt romney has increased 3 points, giving the former massachusetts governor a 46-44% lead over the incumbent. tonight, we look at what is behind the sudden shift and what are the fallouts of hillary rosen's outrageous comments about mrs. romney or the president's silence when it comes to the sexist comments made by his mega-donor pal, bill maher. you got your -- i gave thut-shirt. what did you do -- wait a minute. have you holes in the middle, on the side. it is not a v-neck.
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>> okay. first of all-- hold out the sleeves. >> first of all -- it was in a bush war. it's been, you know, 10 years of war zone. and i needed the cutout to have it say, let your heart be troubled, not not troubled. my heart is totally troubled-- because you are about to lose. >> absolutely not. >> sean: my heart's not troubled because i see obama being a one-term president, building habitat for humanity homes. >> i would like to know what medication you take, especially when i move to new york because you are in a land of milk and honey. >> sean: they called the polls, how is it that the president with the big war on women and now he is down 2 points? now mitt romney's up 10 points among independents. now in every major poll, mitt romney's winning -- how did that happen? >> what is your obsession with women -- sandra fluke, michelle
6:15 pm
obama -- >> conservatives are obsessed with women. ic it's because they know that women are an important -- are violets-- and the president is losing to women e. why, michelle? >> the fake outrage about contraception can't hide the fact that women really want a better economy. what women want is a president who will produce the regulatory burden on entrepreneurs so they can expand existing businesses, create businesses and put americans back to work. >> that's what president ork bottomma has already done. he has done that. >> sean: we have a net loss of jobs. he will be the first president in history to have fewer people working than when he took office. the deficit $5 trillion in four years -- >> that's one number -- [overlapping dialogue] >> wait! let me ask you -- we are talking about women here. what about-- women and the dev sympt we can walk and chew gum. >> let's talk about mitt romney, the guy you want to be
6:16 pm
president, who was originally pro-choice. then when he decided to run for office, he's pro-life. >> sean: president obamma was pro-gay marriage, then he flipped and then he flopped and then he was nudispral now he's back [overlapping dialogue] >> you can't talk about flip-flop. you can't talk about flip-flop. >> you want a guy who can't admilt to his wonderful, you know, he is the god father of obamacare. he didn't bring jobs to massachusetts-- here's the problem with all the pols are showing that you are wrong. here's the problem that i think you have. the president has a roird. his record has failed -- miserably. she doesn't want to talk about the $5 trillion in debt. she doesn't want to talk about no new net jobs. she wants to focus on the super fluous. this war on women has backfired. >> exactly, exactly. it has backfired. >> if you you want to attack
6:17 pm
obama, that's fine-- i want a new president because i love my country. the country can do better than not create a single job and lose a million jobs because of socialist policies that have failed. >> so mitt romney had, what -- 47th worst state in job creation -- how is he going to bring jobs to the ?uz he sucks in massachusetts. >> sean: those are obama talking points. did you talk to the white house today? >> i did. >> sean: you are reading from their talking poigns? >> actually, i'm not. >> sean: you are reading from their talking points. >> absolutely not. >> sean: tam ra? why don't you call them up. >> sean: they won't answer my call. >> i bet they will. >> sean: the president's going to try and divide. they had a meeting to instruct congressmen and -women on how it inject race into the campaign. al sharpton saying there is a war on wlak blacks and then the war on women. is this capable -- and granny over the cliff.
6:18 pm
is any of this going on work for the democrats? do they have any chance? >> no. once the election moves forward, people will focus on the main issue. if you look at poll after poll, it's about the economy and obama has a disastrous record on the economy. he will try to create distractions, but it is not going to work. tam ra, let me stick with the figures on the economy. $5 trillion in new debt. look at me. here's the point. not one net new job. we have a million fewer people working. tell me how he has succeeded. >> he has brought small tax breaks to women, small business owners-- where? where?! >> 12,000-- 12,000 -- what? >> 12,000-- 12,000 women -- >> have benefitted from tax breaks. >> sean: the biggest loss in jobs since he has been president. excuse me. 90% of them are women who have lost their jobs. >> 90% -- >> sean: net loss in jobs. >> proven to be factually
6:19 pm
incorrect. >> sean: this is from the bureau of labor statistics. 90% of the job losses came -- women were the victims. >> were the jobs government jobs? that were mostly short-term jobs in the first place. >> sean: you make this up as you go along? can i see the shirt again, please? before we go? give me the shirt. kisee -- can i see this? this is not a v-neck. look at the back of this thing. what did do you -- you actually -- what did you do to my shirt? >> i didn't cut the american flag because fidid that, i would really be a communist. >> or a socialist or whatever. >> sean: you are a socialist. pastor harry jackson, mocked by chris matthews for daring to disagree with president obama on same-sex marriage is here, along
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>> sean: as we reported earlier, president obama took time out of his busy fund-raising schedule to sit down with the ladies of
6:24 pm
"the view," when he wasn't discussing critical issues, he talked about the 2012 election. watch this. >> so now you have kicked off your campaign for a second term. it was tight with john mccain, in 2008. how tight do you think it's going to be with mitt romney? >> the name is barack obama, it's always tight. [cheers and applause] >> barack hussein obama. >> sean: i would be more worried about your record than your name, come november because tonight, along with the female vote, african-americans are voicing displeasure with your performance. we're learning a number of leaders in that community are expressing frustration with the president's decision to change his position yet once again on the issue of same-sex marriage. as usual, if you disagree with the and the his left-wing allies in the media, you will be the subject of ridicule. take a look at this. >> i don't think this is a re-definition of marriage.
6:25 pm
this is an extension of civil marriage protection i. why not let the muslims have polygamy. >> i hope you evolve. thank you very much. >> sean: here with reaction, the author of the best selling 9-9-9 and the army of davids, herman cain. and bishop harry jackson, the pastor of hope christian church. welcome both of you to the program. pastor, don't you like being lectured by an nbc liberal that your views need to evolve, pastor? >> it's funny. he didn't want to hear our point of view. all the programs we have been on so far during this season have characterized my views as being the neander neanderthal, that tread filled, with a very serious problem in our culture, the disintegration of family and marriage. >> sean: it's very interesting. herman, you ran. you know what it's like to be a candidate. it is interesting.
6:26 pm
even the new york times poll, of all people-- the president's campaign is now complaining about the methodology, where democrats were over-sampled by 6% because two-thirds of the people see this for what it is, political expediency. this is the president's old position. he changed it 3 times in between that he had in 1994. >> this was clearly a political decision, a political move. you know, democrats have long taken black people for granted. now this president, coming out with this issue -- he's now taking black people for granted, not just their votes. secondly, this is a states' rights issue. why does he want to hijack this issue and make it a national issue when it is not? it is clearly a political move. unfortunately, not all people of faith are going to be gullible
6:27 pm
enough to follow him, simply because he says he has evolved. it is not going to work. >> sean: by the way, if you are a republican and you change your mind, you're a flip-flopper, but if you change your mind back and forth and back and forth again, you are evolving. bishop, will this impact the african-american vote in this election? >> i think it will, sean. remember in 2004, george bush was elected, re-elected based on an 8% switch in ohio, 9% switch in florida of the black vote. if there is an organization and folks really come out and say, we want to defend traditional marriage, we could see this thing actually blow up in his face and frankly, i hope that we organize and get this thing together. >> sean: herman, what did you think about the line on "the view" where the president said, we played it, when your name is barack obama, it's always tight.
6:28 pm
barack hussein obama. prior to the '08 election and his swearing in, poor bill cunningham in cincinnati said barack hussein obama and he was excoriated for saying it. >> i think that was his way to try to add some humor since he was on that show. i can tell you, a lot of people are not laughing. he doubled down on this issue, sean, when he said he also wants to put congress on notice, he wants to repeal the defense of marriage act. for give me for sounding as if i'm frustrated -- who does he think he is?! he's not god. he is the president of the united states. and that's what is turning a lot of people off. let me give thustatistic, sean, that i just read tonight. that is, 25% of the people, if you dig down in the polls say they are less likely to vote for him because of his stance coming out on this issue and only 10% are saying hip-hip-hurray!
6:29 pm
that's a 15-point percentage differential oomph gtsing to a tight race. it always is. that's going to be a difference make sneer let me play one other thing. this is a problem. i mean, even when stephanie cutter suggests, the methodology of the new york times is off, the president continues to go back to blaming. now, bishop, i don't know, you know, my church -- i am taught that i got to take responsibility for my choices, my decisions, my actions in life and that, you know, i am responsible this. president, it's tsunamis, earthquakes, kiosks, atms and george bush's fault. he does it again today. >> i want to spend the next five years doing is recreating that america where if you work hard, you can make it, regardless of where >> we have all the ingredients for success for the next hundred, 200 years.
6:30 pm
but what's happened is that our politics breaks down. we have become more obsessed with winning an election than setting things up for the next generation. if we can break through that, i could not be more confident or more proud of this country. did. >> sean: you know, i don't think there has been a more divisive president, bishop? >> i agree with you. i think he is looking at seven group it's women, blacks, hispanics, he is looking at the radical green movement and he begins to cater to these folks and paint everyone else as a bad guy. as an african-american, it's been especially difficult to feel like you are being called uncle tom. you must be because you disagree with him. i believe this is going to shift. i believe marriage is the issue that will make it shift. next week, we are going to bring a group of african-american leaders to washington, d.c. for
6:31 pm
a draw a line in the sand summit, in which we believe we will make him accountable. >> sean: bishop, i have no right to inject myself in the workings of your church, but may i humbly suggest that you invite herman cain to sing at your church. i promise you, it will be enlightening and uplifting. >> i think you are absolutely right. >> it's going to take more than singing to basically cover up this president's failed record on the economy and energy and a whole list of other things. >> sean: that, i agree with. i was hoping to enlighten one small congregation here, pastor cain. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up, our celebrity president has anointed himself media commandener chief. that and more on our great, great american panel, all coming
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>> although he never turns down an opportunity to be on television, president obama has now anointed himself media crit nick chief. during his commencement yesterday at barnard college, he railed against any and all gormists who dare to point out that things have not gone so well over the last three and-a-half years. >> no wonder that faith in our institutions has never been lower, particularly when good news doesn't get the same kind of ratings as bad news anymore. every day, you receive a steady stream of sensationalism and scandal, stories with a message that suggests change is impossible. you can't make a difference. that you won't be able to close that gap between life as it is and life as you want it to be. >> sean: somebody may want to remind the president, it is his administration that is responsible for a lot of those scandals. joining me now, jennifer stenano
6:37 pm
and chris hahn. here we are geafnlt he is president cry-baby. i said this before, i teach this to my 13-year-old son -- the worst thing he can do to me is make an excuse. i would rather, yes, dad, i did it. i was wrong, i'm sorry. man up. put your pants on, sit at the table. you got everything he wanted and he's blaming atm machines create in the 1980s -- >> are you saying we should be blaming reagan if-- he's blaming the media, take responsibility for his failed policies. >> sean, my friend, he did what every president ever does with the media. they talk about how they only report the bad news. bush did did it for 8 years. every president does it. >> let me tell you something -- did you read or listen to the full text of the speech -- at barnard's women's college.
6:38 pm
>> it's a good new york institution. >> don't make fun of the accent. let me tell you, my favorite -- when it wasn't smacking of the pulpit, it was smacking of perternallism and pretention. the favorite line as he lectured over these women -- excuse me -- excuse me. i am playing the gender card now. you are a liberal -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i am playing the gender card. i am going to play my gender card. this is one of my favorite lines. ladies, have you to fight not just for a seat at the table, but at the head of it. mr. president, weren't you the guy who took out hillary clinton in '08, an under-qualified male got a job from a far more qualified, far intellectually superior female. >> maybe -- >> we need a law to -- >> let me explain -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: let's talk about the reality of this president's
6:39 pm
policies and republicans' policies toward women. not one republican voted for the same pay for the same job for women. and the tea party head said, we don't need this law -- >> my pal?! >> sean: hold on. let's go through this more slowly. >> yes, sir. >> sean: the president had nancy pelosi in the house. got the stimulus hhis budget passed and health care bill and bribed a few people -- moral equivalent. he got it through. everything he wanted. guess what -- no job, $5 trillion in debt -- wait! stop! kiosks, atms, earthquakes, tsunamis, george bush, karl rove, edgillespie, sean hannity. >> the jobs have gone up every
6:40 pm
month -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: not less! >> the number-1 group of people -- >> the worst losses were-- go ahead, jennifer. >> thank you for deferring to a lady, how nice. here's the deal. the number of people dropping out of the workforce are -- stay with me -- women -- take that. women. the president of the united states could not be more condescending. have you to read the speech. i encourage everyone. if you want a good laugh -- wait -- let me demonstrate. he said, you know what you ladies are going to struggle with, balancing work and family. gee, thanks, mr. president. then he went on to say that this is the worst economy, a tougher recession -- [overlapping dialogue] >> kiget in here. >> this is incredibly entertaining. you are incredibly entertaining, jennifer. but you are missing the point. -- >> no, i'm making the point. making a point. >> you are not acknowledging the fact that the economy was bleeding 800,000 jobs the first month he took office --
6:41 pm
[overlapping dialogue] >> sean: i was saying this election should be about, you better off than you were 4 years ago? are you better off than you were $5 trillion in debt ago? he called george bush unpatriotic. are we better off $5 trillion in new obama debt than we were 3 1/2 years? ago. >> yeah, we are. >> sean: you are insane. >> we are going down -- by the way npolling, the number-1 concern is not birth control from the federal government -- number 2, here's how i phrase it. aren't we the americans better than this? better than what this president is doing? -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: are we better off borrowing 40 cents for every dollar? >> borrowing and promising
6:42 pm
things to get yourself elected. it's so immoral. >> we would be in a much deeper hole. private sector jobs and the jobs that are leading are public sector jobs. you should be happy about na? you are really good at what you do. but i gotta tell you, 3 1/2 years to fix t. he blew it. he wasted our money. he blew it. >> i don't think he spent enough. >> sean: you want more in debt. >> i think we should have been investing in this country i. i am going to help him. we are going to help him. >> sean: we have to run. >> we are better than this. >> you know -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: greta, what's on the record in 18 minutes? >> i will tell you one thing, i sat down, i put my earpiece in, i hear your voice and i hear -- let me read it to you -- put your papts on. i thought, what in the world is going on tonight on this show? put your pants on?! i thought, maybe i should just -- i thought, this is like
6:43 pm
an x-rated "hannity"? we have governor daniels coming and congresswoman michele bachmann and they are all fully dressed. it's a very different show tonight at 10:00 than that triple-x one at 9:00. 10:00 p.m. maybe you should stick to the radio. >> sean. >> i have tears in my eyes. >> greta: put your pants on. >> sean: take responsibility. all right. our great, great, great american panel is coming up, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪
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>> sean: ron christie is back. the former chairwoman of the virginia republican party, current vice-president --
6:48 pm
[laughter] -- he says he's a peabody award comedian, appearing on saturday at the bridge -- >> why do you always minimize my credits? >> sean: paul mecurio is here. ditell you me works for jon stewart. >> i will be there saturday night. put your pants on. [laughter] it's really uncomfortable. >> sean: i thought he was swimming nude in camp as a kid -- not a visual we wanted to think about. >> it would do well for you. a what is wrong with you? maybe if you were friendly -- >> keep your privates to yourself, my friend. >> boy, have you hairy legs. >> sean: excuse me. i'm wearing jeans. my brand-new -- 505 levis. >> you are like a conservative gorilla. hairy. >> sean: you are getting straight. you are hanging out with every
6:49 pm
one of those liberals -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean, he doesn't want to talk-- all right. the president believing our founding documents are flawed. he has expressed this a few times. let's take a look. >> it was 225 years ago today that the constitutional convention opened in philadelphia and our founders, citizens all, began crafting an extraordinary document. yes, it had its flaws, flaws that this nation has strived to protect over time. >> sean: all right. so -- you think our founding -- you know, it's very interesting. we now have a supreme court justice -- go ahead, kate. >> i so want to jump in. he has been doing this all ways. it's because, the greatest experiment in the history of mankind is america. all right isn't founding documents are the product of genius and of courage of our founding fathers.
6:50 pm
obama constantly minnizes it. wait a minute, it's the notion that freedom comes from our creator and government can't take it away that directly contrasts with what obama believes. he believes that government should take our freedom away. that's his goal, in the name of fair inns and equality of outcomes, he wants to rob us of our freedom -- >> this is not a partisan issue. it's a flawed document that has been amended 27 times. >> it's a philosopheical issue. >> this is why they are wrong n. their genius, they put in place the mechanisms to right wrongs, correct injustices and -- they made -- >> the issue that he said it's a flawed document. >> sean: the fact is he didn't have the great appreciation for the greatest document governing man in the history -- >> that's exactly it. for supposedly having been a former constitutional law lecturer, this president has no respect for our greatest document in america, the constitution. they want to amend tbend tdo everything, but they don't want to follow the law --
6:51 pm
>> anybody should admit there is a flaw in the constitution, it's you. i can't believe you are saying that. >> no. what i would say, of course -- >> exactly -- >> exactly as sean said. our founding fathers had a mechanism in place to amend the constitution. that's why we have the 13th amendment. >> 2012 -- -- hang on, but if you go back to the founders and the constitutional convention, the contentious issue of the time and some would argue historians have different takes on it -- we would not have had a country formed. >> that's exactly right -- at the time. >> sean: as many as opposeed slavery and it was their defining issue at the time. >> that's right. going back to the president, though, again, he cannot accept and follow the rule of law. he would rather interpret it any which way that allows him to have more power and consolidate more power. >> they minimize -- >> no, they don't. >> not just the founding documents and the great experiment, but america itself,
6:52 pm
american exceptionalism. never does he say this is the greatist country on the face of the earth. he doesn't building that freedom is inherently ours -- >> he said it's a flawed constitution that he doesn't imbrace america -- >> yes, absolutely! he said -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i believe in american exceptionalism. >> i am listening to you and it's wrong. i'm sorry. >> he said i believe in american exceptionalism, like the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism -- >> if you are going on tell me -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you are missing the point. >> sean: i will educate you on the break. >> because i disagree with her, i am missing the point? [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: we have to take a break. more with our great, great, great american panel. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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>> we continue with our great american panel -- you are playing the victim. poor, baby. oh, they're ganging up on my. >> i wore a new tie for you and everything. >> sean: take it off. it doesn't do you any good anyway. take it off. all right. we are not picking on you just because you work for jon stewart. >> i can't stand you. i love you, you know that.
6:57 pm
>> sean: you warm up his show every night. did you not get good jokes from me? >> one was a cereal moment, hisean hannity telling me a joke on the air. i used it and my head exploded. [laughter] >> i had to tell all of my friends, i made it in show business, i was talking onto the set and sean hannity was, like, all right, clinton's up on stage. >> sean: i asked, do do you hava clinton voice? >> considering this... >> sean: all right. here's the point. you are upset because he's going -- his president's about to lose. so him and his liberal friends over at the comedy central channel are in meltdown. >> they are melting down. >> romney doesn't have a chance. >> sean: you want to bet you? are -- [overlapping dialogue] >> because of the poll? >> sean: no, it's not the poll. >> it's the new york times poll. which is bias, of course, according on to --
6:58 pm
>> look, i think obama hurt himself, i do think he politicized the gay marriage issue. i haven't seen a public official politicize the gay agenda since the policemen in the village people-- that was a funny line. >> when you kids go loam, you can google village people i. it is not just that he politicized it, it's that 7% of americans give a rip about gay marriage -- i was laughing. >> but there is what they do, they try to distract-- this is a distraction. >> 62% of americans think jobs is the number-1 issue. and obama is talking about attacking the supreme court on health care and attacking anne romney. >> it's the sandra fluke and the student loanful he can't run on his record because he doesn't have a record. he runsarn the country, on our taxpayer dollars, campaigning away. and the american people said, enough! >> sean: wall street -- you know what the funny thing is -- you have to admit this --
6:59 pm
>> i am agreeing-- you are sweating [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: you are sweating. but here's the deal. in all seriousness, when they do a story on the romney dog on top of the kennel. >> i love that story? >> sean: and obama has eaten dog -- which dog would you rather be? >> i would rather not eye am not denying the numbers are low. they haven't been this low since he won the immigration lottery in east kenya, i get that. >> that was a good one. >> you know the economy's bad when the clippers are improving -- >> look, a president whose approval rating is under 50% heading combo an election, he's in trouble. liberals know it. that's why they are so freaked out. >> sean: would you rather be the dog that was eaten or the one on the roof of the car? >> the one on t


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