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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 17, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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schulz, anthony and joe. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. rnalists of fx news, i'm shepard smith. opinion and analysis now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> trayvon was hunted down like a rabed dog. he was shot in the street. >> abc news reporting and fox news confirming that george zimmerman had extensive injuries after his confrontation with trayvon martin. will this turn that murder case around? we will have the very latest. [chanting] we are not afraid. we are not afraid. >> bill: feds say 36% of the american workforce is not working. will that lead to riots in the streets if the entitlements are cut back?
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ben stein says yes. >> because of the steps we took. the economy is much stronger than it was when i came into office. >> dennis miller has some thoughts on president obama'sview appearance. miller also with some advice for mitt romney. >> shake it off, let's roll. >> bill: caution. you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. stunning new developments in the trayvon martin case and is that true subject of this evening's talking points memo. abc is reporting and fox news is confirming that florida doctor examined george zimmerman hours after his confrontation with trayvon martin on february 26th. you'll remember, zimmerman shot the 17-year-old dead and has now been charged with second degree murder. according to the doctor, george zimmerman suffered a
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closed fracture of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and minor back injury. zimmerman had bruising to his upper lip and cheek. obviously all of that points to a physical confrontation between him and trayvon martin. after the initial story broke, pundits went wild. you remember that. you also may remember that i called for restraint when analyzing the case. i asked the commentators who were convicting george zimmerman on television to stop. here is an example of how crazy things were. >> he was executed for wwbnagc walking while black in a gated community. >> trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> bill: obviously those very tense and inflammatory
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statements are now being challenged by the evidence. the doctor will be a key witness in the upcoming trial. once again i do not want to try this case on television. because it has become a national controversy. loaded with racial implications, the doctor's report is major news. this latest exposition should prove to americans once and for all, once and for all the case needs to be tried in front of a jury and people need to stop jumping to conclusions. and exploiting the death of an american teenager for their own purposes. that's right. trayvon martin was used by pundits and politicians to make political and social points. very wrong. mr. zimmerman is out on bail. he is in hiding. his life has been threatened. his next court date august 8th. but a full trial will most likely not begin until next year. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction joining us from tallahassee florida the attorney for family crump.
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>> you were right. you said last time we were on the show that in america if somebody kills an unarmed teenager they will, at least, be arrested. and so i agree with you on that. i think this new doctor's report, it needs to be vetted properly. i think you are absolutely right when you said it should be tried in the court of law. the thing that is real suspicious is if he was so hurt, why didn't the er personnel take him to the hospital that night? that's the questions that the family of trayvon martin has. you know, when you think about it, he said that his head was beat into the pavement repeatedly for over a minute. and we saw that video 30 minutes later, bill. so if objective evidence versus what somebody thinks are there opinion. we think the most reliable
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objective evidence. what we see on that video. what we are hearing those 911 tapes. and this report from his family there needs to be fully vetted mr. o'reilly. >> bill: i agree with you. i think the prosecutor has to cross-examine. doctor. we assume the doctor will take the stand and the prosecutor will have the full medical report. he can have the questions that you raised. why if he was that bad. why didn't you send him to the hospital? i understand the doctor did recommend that he go and mr. zimmerman said no, i don't want to. but all of that has to adjudicated in a court of law and it should be. here is my point and i think you may agree with this. you basically have new evidence now. this is new. that shows there was a confrontation and the florida station, who is also reporting aggressively on the case says that the autopsy of trayvon martin shows that his knuckles, trayvon's knuckles were scraped. all right? so that there does seem to be evidence, strong evidence of a
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confrontation between zimmerman and trayvon. so, when you have that, it makes a murder 2 case very, very tough unless there is an eyewitness. now there may be. somebody may come forward and say, look, i saw what happened, and this, that and the other thing. if there is a physical confrontation, it makes it very very tough to prove yard that trayvon even though unarmed, was stocked and gunned down. and you say? >> my response to that and we are going to talk about the report hopefully in a second. you have to put everything in the full context. george zimmerman, for whatever reason, made a decision to get out of his car on a rainy night and profile and pursue and confront trayvon martin. we have that 911 tape where he. >> bill: there is no doubt about it remember, he was a neighborhood watch guy. is he watching. he sees somebody he deems suspicious. no doubt, no doubt calls 911.
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and goes toward trayvon martin. no doubt about it. >> but, neighborhood watches you are supposed to watch. and there are different versions of his account. they hopefully are going to come out. he say he was in fear of his life. why do you get out of your car if you are in fear for your life. can you just drive away and wait for the police to come. >> bill: i don't know. >> if he would have stood down. none of this would have happened. there would be no need for him to stand his ground. >> bill: if he had pulled out thereof trayvon would have been alive today. it's further complicated by this florida law that says, you know, if you fear bodily injury, you can use your weapon. but, let's even move it furnished than that how is the family doing? this new stuff basically has got to be upsetting to them. this doctor's report has got to be upsetting to trayvon's family. >> well, not so much, bill. they tried to take everything in. and they wanted what you wanted all along, just a fair
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trial. they always said they want george zimmerman to get a fair trial but they believe when all the evidence comes out, they won't -- the person responsible for killing their son, is just held accountable. >> bill: did the prosecution keep you informed on what they're doing and all of that? do you know what they are doing? >> yes, sir, mr. o'reilly. they call the family and let them know important things. i only want to say this here. travon martin was fighting against his life against a man with a 9-millimeter gun to confronted him. so he lost that fight for his life. and so all this leaked evidence and stuff need to be taken into full context. >> bill: i agree. that's why this trial is necessary. but i think you agree with me, counsel, no more jumping to conclusions on either side. on either side. let's let the justice system play out. that's the fair thing to do. >> and i agree. we needed a lot of things to happen to get to it that address. so now we do want the justice system to play out.
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>> bill: counselor, you are a standup guy as always. thank you very much. here is a brand new bill o' poll question for you. based upon what you have seen, do you believe george zimmerman will be convicted of second degree murder in florida? based upon what you have seen, do you believe zimmerman will be convicted of second degree murder? "yes" or "no," bill o' poll. next on the run down, dick morris on a new poll in north carolina shows president obama slipping badly. did somebody predict that might happen? morris is next.
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>> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, in addition to being a no spin zone. the factor is a no gloating zone. sometimes i have to remind you that our commentary here is usually correct. here is what i said about north carolina after president obama came out in favor of gay marriage. so far seven states have made gay marriage legal but 38 states have passed legislation opposing gay nuptials. so for president obama, this is not a winning hand. he can pretty much say good by to north carolina, which overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage just this week. >> bill: not gloating, just reporting. here now to analyze the author of the big best new author screwed. how getting hosed overseas. let's put up a poll in north carolina. this is rasmussen deal has romney at 51%.
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obama 4%. mr. obama, of course, won north carolina in 2008. this is the biggest margin now. so i'm an oracle again? >> you are. it's too bad you don't have a dinner to win over it. >> bill: that's right. it wasn't very hard once you have a vote on tuesday with 61% of north carolinaens don't want gay marriage and then on thursday the president comes out in favor of it i believe that that trend is present in florida, ohio, a number of other swing states. >> i just did a poll of 400 likely voters in michigan. i have romney two points ahead of obama. >> based on, what? economy? gay marriage? >> economy. >> okay, it's not a gay marriage -- >> biggest problem romney had with the right wing was the evangelicals because is he a mormon and he beat santorum. obama solved that problem from overnight. >> bill: with gay marriage. >> he will have 100% turnout among evangelicals. >> fox news poll just issued today good news for barack obama. good news. if the election were held today, 46% for obama.
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39% for mitt romney. this poll is among registered voters. not likely voters. that's what morris likes. he likes the likely voters. i asked the fox news people about this or my staff did. and they said at this point, because it's six months away. they want to get the mood of the country and registered voters is a bigger tent. and you say? >> i don't mean fox news democratic bias. [ laughter ] >> bill: democrat bias. >> liberal bias. but i do want to point out that it generally doesn't make sense to do a survey where 40% of the people you are interviewing are not going to vote. >> bill: 40% of registered voters didn't show up last time. >> right. >> bill: the mood of the country is what the fox news poll wanted to gauge. >> there is a real purpose to surveying adults. registered voters. >> bill: shows that obama some strength. >> if you want to know how the election is going to come out, don't pay attention to that. >> you can't really gauge it six months. >> sure you can. sure you can. >> bill: you keep saying -- >> -- especially with this level of intensity in the
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election. >> bill: let me just stop you. do you realize if president obama wins you are through. >> i'm through. >> bill: you will be selling refrigerators in topeka. >> not in boutique can a. there won't be any money in to pica. >> bill: so far out on the limb here. >> i did a poll. 6,000 interviews with likely voters from may 5th to may 11th. margin of error less than one half%. every one of them a likely voter. i have obama behind romney 52% to 42%. >> bill: wow. >> all the polling i have done. >> bill: how many people? >> 6,000. >> bill: 6,000. >> thousand. and all of the polling that i have done in all of the states where i always do likely voters, i have huge margins or narrow margins but margins for obama. i mean romney. >> bill: california. >> not california national sample. obama will carry those states.
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>> bill: 6,000 people was that spread out of the 50 states. >> all 50. >> bill: you have romney up by 10. gas prices are coming down. >> and up by 10. and i also believe that the undecided vote always goes against the incumbent. >> bill: here is the interesting thing about the fox news poll. i'm glad you reminded me because there is so many polling things here i have got such a massive headache. among independent voters. i want you to explain. this among independent voters in april it was 46, 33 for romney. romney still leads 34-29. romney is down 12 points in a month among independence. is that gas prices going down or what is that? >> i have no idea what it is. those aren't voters. it's like a poll in china. what's important here is to poll the people that are going to show up on election day. >> bill: i got t because i didn't know why he dropped 12 points among independence. >> when you do that you have a huge margin for romney in this thing. >> bill: isn't it to president obama's advantage. >> by the way, in almost every poll fox news is the outlier almost every poll obama is
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doing worse than he did that same poll a month or two months ago. in almost every poll obama is trending down. it's not that romney is doing such a great job. it's that obama's campaign strategy is so horrible he is alienating voters every day. >> bill: what campaign? >> gay marriage,. >> bill: do you think gay marriage is a campaign strategy. >> it's a strategy to get money. >> bill: he doesn't need any money. >> he needs money. >> bill: why? >> he does, bill. >> bill: look at all the money he has in the bank. >> by the time election day happens, given the trend lines we are looking at republicans and their pacs will have twice the money obama does. >> bill: you think it's a money play. pure money play? >> republic packs are a 5 to 1 ahead of the democratic pacs, super pacs. >> bill: what about george soros? >> he could write out a check but he hasn't. and in terms of the candidates, owe boom that has the lead. but at this point, in 19 -- at this point in 2008, he had
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236 million. now he has 180 million. at this point in 1996, bill clinton had five times as much as he had in '92. for a president -- if there is one point of disagreement it's that everything i'm looking at is showing a tremendous romney victory. >> bill: all right. the book is "screwed." dick morris. about 36% of americans who could work are not working. that could lead to major trouble, perhaps even violence. and later, dennis miller on president obama going on "the view." how you cannot watch miller analyzing "the view." upcomi
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, according to the bureau of labor statistics about 36% of americans who
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could be in the workforce are not. some of them can't find jobs. others have stopped looking. obviously these people need to live somehow. many of them get by on government entitlements, if those entitlements are cut back as they will have to be, and they have been in places like greece, some believe it's going to be violence here in the u.s.a. and one of those is ben stein who joins us now from los angeles. that's what it is, right? you are looking into the future, progress miss at progres any at prognosticating to even eat. if that's cut back they are going to get violent. >> what i'm saying is that every single problem we see in greece is coming our way. huge deficits. going to be difficulty at some point, selling our bonds. there is going to have to be some austerity. people are not going to like it. some people will riot. we have already seen riots in our sister stiff oakland. we don't know exactly what those people are rioting
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about. but we do know they were rioting over alleged mistreatment by the government. now, os stearate becomes a rule of life in america. that won't happen everywhere. >> well, you know, we don't like to do speculation here. >> okay. >> well, we won't do speculation. >> bill: i'm actually agreeing with you. i don't like to do hypotheticals and i don't like to do speculation. but a few weeks ago we reported that about half of the american population now is on some kind, is receiving some kind of assistance. now, some of that has been earned, social security. >> yes. medicare. that's been earned. so that -- those people have a right to get that government check. but if they reorganize and they for the people who are of a certain age that will never happen in america. if they say to the people under 40, for example, we are going to have to change medicare how it goes, you might have to be a little older. social security the same
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thing. i don't know if that's going to do it. if they start to cut back food stamps and they start to cut back other direct payments to people who aren't in the workforce, then i think you are right. then i think there is going to be a lot of trouble. the occupiers and the far left cranks and kooks on certain cable networks we won't mention are going to. you got to get -- >> i saw that segment about you last night on msnbc. >> they do that every night. they have nothing else to report about than our high ratings. that's right. he they will whip them up into an indignation that somehow they are getting hosed. the media can do that in this country. they can really really whip people up. look at trayvon martin how they whipped people up there. >> sitting by our televisions and watching the riots in greece or spain and italy and saying it can't happen here in glorious peaceful america.
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it absolutely can happen there have r. a lot of young people especially who don't have jobs. very angry, don't have nothing better to do like to riot. rioting is fun for them. they can be provoked into doing it at a drop of the hat. >> bill: what do you do because it sin evident tillable that if mitt romney wins the election in november i expect that there is going to be a huge cut in government spending. this is going to come very very quickly. particularly in the republics control the senate and the house. it's going to be totally reorganized. romney is going to have to do it. do you expect this to come very very quickly? >> i don't expect romney to win. i would like him to win. i will vote for him. but i think obama is a far more formidable campaigner. contrary to your friend and mine dick morris obama will swamp him in terms of money raising. if romney does win i hope he does. there will be cut backs in government spending. people will be whipped up by a frenzy by people at msnbc and elsewhere at least that's my
1:26 am
prediction there will be rioting in the streets and they won't even need msnbc. they will be whipped up into a frenzy why their local friends and family. they goal out and riot and we will see things like we saw in greece here in america. then i don't know what we do. i am old enough to remember, you are too young to know when we had rioting during the 60's. it was a very uncomfortable situation. >> bill: well, it is. once you start to have anarchy, then you have the kent states and then you have the authorities have to come out and there is always mistakes made. my final question is, barack obama is a smart man. you would say that right? he is a smart man? >> no, i wouldn't say that. >> bill: you wouldn't even say is he a smart man, huh? >> i wouldn't say is he a smart man. is he not in the same league of presidential genius as nixon, for example. but he is smarter than the average bear as they say. >> bill: that's all i'm saying. don't you think he understands that if you build an entitlement society like they have in western europe, particularly in greece, and if you build that kind of society, where 36% of the workforce isn't working, that
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you are sitting on a powder keg. do you think he understands it? >> i think he understands it, but i don't think he understands that there is going to be a problem after he leaves office. is he like the french king louie the 15th. after deluge, he will get the voters lined up entitlements and it will be the next guy's problem after him. >> bill: ben stein, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. body language on the president andview ladies as well as actor will smith dennis miller on thoughts about obama on "the view." as well as mitt romney.
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>> bill: body language segment tonight, let's begin with president obama appearing on "the view" for the fourth time. >> it was tight with john mccain in 2008. how tight do you think it's going to be with mitt romney. >> when your name is barack obama it's always tight. [cheers]
1:31 am
barack hussein obama. >> why do you say that now after four years? >> i think it's going to be tight because the fact of the matter is that, you know, the country has gone through a very difficult time. >> bill: all right. here now body language maven tonya reiman. because i have been on that program a number of times. i want to ask you questions about how i conducted myself as opposed to barack obama. >> okay. >> bill: first of all, i never cross my legs. i usually lean in because i have got to be aware. i have got to be. >> ready for the attack. >> bill: i have got to be swivelling here. i have got to -- is he leaning back and crossing the legs. >> you go on to say hey, i'm going to take over this room and get the crowd on my side. >> bill: um-huh. >> when he goes on, he wants to blend in, just be one of the people on scene. >> bill: all the ladies have his legs crossed so he does. >> even his hands.
1:32 am
>> bill: interesting observation. all of them look exactly the same. all hands crossed. all legs because they all want to be friends and get along. >> here is the thing. normally you know. this normally i would say his hands are closed legs are full. body language is closed. because he is mirroring the rest of the women, tells you he is trying to build rapport with them. >> bill: he doesn't have to build rapport. he knows he is accepted and loved on that panel. >> it makes things that much easier. one of those little subtle moves that you make that just kind of builds up your credibility and your liking factor. >> bill: is he fairly relaxed in this setting. i'm not saying i'm not relaxed when i goen on the program but i'm on guard on the program. >> that's evident. feet are pointed out. hunched over a little bit. >> bill: not hunched over. lean. in my spine is always firm. >> you lean in and you lean forward as if to be ready for both sides. whereas is he more pulled back and relaxed. >> bill: charles lawsuiten
1:33 am
kind of -- lauten. the lady's body language is also interesting. roll it? >> who is going to win? >> i'm going to win. [cheers and applause] >> we'll be back with more from barack obama. >> we hear that you are a cool and aloof and hard to reach. have you been on with us four times. you are always easy to be with and you answer our questions. >> i'm sure you guys just bring out the best of me. >> so come on with us again and again. >> bill: all right, now barbara, in the first part of that question doesn't look at the president. she is looking outward. >> well, she is leaning in. and when you start leaning in. >> her eyes, she is not making eye contact. >> i get that when you are leaning in to someone that close, sometimes it's hard to make eye contact with them. he he kind of looks off a little bit as well. see that hand gesture? >> bill: yes. >> he has got it made. let it be written, let t be done. >> bill: 10 commandments,
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everybody, brenner. not only does joy clap fast and high. >> bill: the secret service had to drag joy off him. she wouldn't let his hand go. >> she likes him and that's very happy. >> bill: very happy and go to club med together. >> i noticed that elizabeth did not clap with the rest of them. >> bill: elizabeth is thinking about her book. okay, now, will smith. >> yes. >> bill: goes to france and is informed in french by a french person that the income tax for him if he lived in france would be 75%. go. [speaking foreign language]
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>> well, you know, god bless america. >> that was a great clip. >> it was. >> bill: in the beginning see how is he engaged and leaning toward him and the nice smile and then he hears the 75. >> bill: doesn't know what to do. >> the right shoulder pulls back immediately. >> bill: what does it mean right shoulder pull back. >> distancing himself. >> bill: distancing himself from the 75% tax rate. >> no good for him. then he does something more interesting is he puts his finger to his mouth, which is two things. number one, it's uncertainty but also to close up so that nothing comes out o. he then follows that up with the stroke of the chin, which is that i'm going to think about this long and hard. and then. >> bill: he was stunned. >> repostures but doesn't make eye contact. very funny, good clip. >> bill: when we come right back, the sage of southern california dennis miller will analyze the ladies on "the view."
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miller time moments away.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. get to the sage of southern california who was in new york city tonight terrorizing the local population. >> billy, just walked 30 blocks down on my own. four people coming towards me texting and not paying attention. i put a shoulder into each one of them like ronni lott. felt good, bumper cars. >> bill: when i walk out on the streets of new york they yell o'reilly. >> they are yelling that at me. i'm like the dwarf on shoulder in willow. they don't even know who i am anymore. >> bill: i'm sure you were glued to to "the view" when president obama was on there. >> is he quite the gossip gal.
1:40 am
he ought to get a blog site called perez white house. he knows the whole thing. i think it's appropriate. like i have said before, i find obama to be kardashian presidency. is he likeable guy, if you press anybody and say why do you like it? they don't really know. same sort of deal. >> they like him because is he nonthreatening, i think. is he a president that basically looks like he could play basketball with him. and, you know,. >> everything on the planet save one thing being president for three and a half years. >> he doesn't understand the economy. he doesn't understand the economy. do you feel that he gets anything by going on "the view"? does he get any votes? does he get any credibility? does he get anything for taking the time? >> four women looking at him like is he jesus christ and he gets elizabeth in the shortest skirt ever so, yeah. he gets it all. >> bill: that's the benefit. >> he maxes it out over there. >> you know there are only 10 blocks away from us, miller. he could have been here with you and me. >> listen, barack obama could be further down the desk i wouldn't do down and say hi.
1:41 am
>> bill: come on, if i said listen, mr. president, you come on with miller and me. >> you are more of a fan boy with him. >> bill: i'm not a fan boy. >> when ben says he doesn't think he is that smart. i think he is okay. >> bill: when you wouldn't you want to sit here with me you and him. >> no interest whatsoever. >> bill: you could hit whim oblique references he wouldn't understand. >>, what like balancing the budget? [ laughter ] >> bill: oh. miller. >> who wants to get in that deep. most astounding part on "the view" he not only knew who kim kardashian was but he knew the exact date when bruce jenner turned into mr. driesdale secretary. >> that's beverly hill billies. >> except for you. we are old men. >> bill: you have suggestions for mitt romney's campaign, right? >> listen. i have got two. i called on campaign. i worked for like three
1:42 am
politicians in my life or tried to. the only one who gave you decent bounce was w. at least he could talk to you. the other two you can't get ahold of. they are stars. i called romney pitched good idea that debt clock. like the birth clock outside hard rock cafe flipping along, he steps in for 30 second commercial and says hi, i'm mitt romney. >> bill: the clock is right next to him. he doesn't say anything, he looks at it. 25 second mark. i approve this ad. i don't approve of that good solid ad. >> bill: debt is rising 30 billion per second. how many billion soldiers? you will would have him sit there. >> like with the hands in his pocket and walk off. the second one is, and this one is probably time sensitive. can i do it now. i was going to give it to him. nobody called back like i said. they should find a guy in the middle of america, regular joe, must be a million people.
1:43 am
george clooney hold a dinner party of a his house and charge only 40 bucks a head. then at the end of the night. romney comes out with a check for $1,500 and says we made 1500 bucks tonight. and you know what? we made a statement too. and then just walk away. everybody gets it that they pitch him as the swell. >> bill: he goes to albuquerque, new mexico, gets george cleany, working the mechanic, opens up has a little barbecue, he raises 15 hurricane bucks. you would run as an ad. >> i just love that him with his chef's hat tilted over flipping burgers. >> bill: associate romney with the regular folks. >> exact mundo. now if they run with it they will say stole it off miller. >> bill: they need something over there. >> they will do okay. trust me they will do okay. >> bill: university of gophers. they have approved gender neutral bathrooms. >> how appropriate their nickname is the gophers.
1:44 am
>> what do i got to go for. [ laughter ] billy, is this where feminism has led us to the point where women can go into the men's room and sit across the stall next to a lacrosse player taking a growler? they got oversold on that. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's my point. why would you want to? >> you don't want to be there. >> bill: i barely, you know, if i can avoid the men's room. i'm avoiding it especially if that idaho senator is in there. i don't want anywhere near that. >> the tapper. >> he could be in there. >> he is over there doing the code in the next booth. >> bill: why? why? who is pushing this? >> ladies, go in for two days. trust me. you will see road runner clouds heading off into the distance. you do not want to be there. i know life is one big virginia slims commercial. stay in your own bathroom
1:45 am
because ours is a complete freakin' war zone. >> bill: there are people who are confused that don't know which way to go in there, do you know what i mean? >> go on the -- >> i don't know what to say because i'm on your show. >> bill: i know what miller was thinking. if he had said it we would have been under arrest. dennis miller, everybody. >> that's how much i respect you. >> bill: wild in the big town. miller and i had a great time bolder fresher tour in new york city. we hope you guys that showed up did too. minneapolis june 22nd. chicago june 23rd. atlanta, georgia, september 7th. details on bill o' did you see that up next. halle berry furious. right back with that. ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] did you know there's tempur-pedic for everybody? and right now is the perfect time to buy. save up to $200 during our mattress set savings event and up to $600 on tempur-cloud supreme.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with actress halle berry being hounded by the paparazzi. they each follow her when she brings her child to school. >> i'm doing something honorable. you are [inaudible] >> the oscar winning actress angrily confronted the reporters when they reportedly got a little too close for her comfort. [bleep] >> there are no laws here that protect our children. and as a mom, coming to the school not only my child but all the children that are there it's just wrong wrong wrong. i'm going to continue this fight. and i'm going to -- i think i'm going to call obama and say, look, can you help us? i know this seems like a little little issue to you right now. it's big in our lives. our lives at the school and our children being protected. i think it's really really important. so, you know, i'm going to keep -- i hate that i lost my cool but, you know, i'm human, that happens when it comes to my daughter. i'm ferocious. >> bill: good for you. here now to put things in perspective juliet huddy. i thought that schwarzenegger
1:50 am
signed a law. >> he did. it was an amendment to a 1999 law. essentially it sort of had -- it sort of addressed the guys who sneak on to people's property. you know, who crawl around private property. the guys and women, these paparazzi who tape things illegally. not talking about the paparazzi that go up and shove literally like right in your face, you know, an inch from your face a camera or that go chasing you down when you have your baby in your arms. that's not what it is addressing. >> bill: so in california or i guess most other states if he they find out where the child goes to school, which they did in ms. berry's case they stakeout the school. she shows up with the little -- how old is the child by the way. >> preschool. like 3. >> bill: preschool really young. there they are recording her and the child. you don't want your child's picture in the media. that opens it up to all kinds of security problems. so she is absolutely right. there should be stronger laws. who is this. i have no idea.
1:51 am
probably another parent no blame her either. that's crazy. that's ridiculous. >> bill: chris christie and cory booker. governor of injuriesy mayor of new -- jersey, mayor of new york. >> have you watched seinfeld thing. hello newman. >> bill: jerry seinfeld and newman, wayne knight was the actor. >> whoa, look at you. >> bill: thank you very much. they had this tension in the program. so christie and booker twri to mock that in this video. go. >> what was that? >> oh, hey, steve, hey, listen, i have got to get going. i think we might have a flat tire here. all right. i will will hang up first, good goodbye. >> gov, sit tight. i have got this. >> booker. [shouting. >> booker, stand back. i have got this. i have got. this.
1:52 am
>> booker. >> governor romney, governor romney, yes, yes. that was me running into the fire. yes. i do shovel snow as well. yes. you are very persuasive. i'm not a number two guy. i'm not a background singer. >> excuse me, mayor, i got. this christie. >> bill: all right. >> i love it. >> bill: you who might not know the mayor, cory booker saves somebody in a fire. that's what that is. >> threw his security detail out of the way so he could run into his neighbor's burning out to save them. >> bill: christie is supposed to be jealous of. this cory booker the mayor of newark has done a bunch of other things, fixing people's tires. that was the parody. of course, at the end, you know, cory booker gets the phone call from mitt romney. >> bill: booker is a democrat. they have had a good relationship that shows that you governor christie, this is why people love him. he can span the spectrum. he can cross the lines. >> bill: can he make fun of
1:53 am
himself. >> self-deposit pro-indicating, bill, learn something from this guy. >> i never learned that juliet huddy, everybody, once again. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. featuring the most powerful celebrity in the country, not me. see if you can get who it is. she acts as well as sings. p and p just over two minutes away.
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>> pinheads & patriots, starring
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the most powerful celebrity in the country, according to forbes magazine. but some were asking why we are touting father's day stuff so early. well, it's because our mother's day stuff sold out. you want to get dad this nifty restore the usa map? order now. if you get the big one, we will send you a pen free of charge. if you buy a signed copy of "killing lincoln," we will send you a free american flag. check it out on bill o' all the money goes to charity. now to the mail... >> one of the pastors supports gay marriage, reverend. it is not fair for me to speculate about ethnicity. i believe i asked the right questions so you can decide that.
1:57 am
>> why not, jerry? you are entitled to your opinion. >> that can't happen under our constitution, vivian. >> how many good drivers do you know, rob? come to long island.
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