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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 18, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> greta: thank you for watching our special "on the record," government gone wild. go to gretawire and tell us what you thought of the show. keep it right here, the most powerful name in news. we will see you next time. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mitt romney chose today to release his tax returns. ereveals what most americans will regard as unmanageable wealth. >> bill: while the three network evening newscasts are concentrating on mitt romney's wealth, they virtually ignore john kerry's vast fortune in 2004. we will have the facts and carl rove will analyze. >> you can hear that trayvon -- somebody trayvon hit the grass you? could hear something going on. >> yeah. >> bill: florida authorities release documents that say that trayvon martin had drugs in his bloodstream when he was killed and that a fight between the teen and george zimmerman did take place.
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geraldo with the latest. >> more than half a billion people use facebook every day. >> it's mind blowing from my perspective. >> >> shepard: and facebook exploding throughout the u.s.a. does that mean anything? lou dobbs will tell us. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another sign the media wants barack obama reelected. the media research center is a conservative watchdog group that exposes left wing bias in the national press. today, the center puts out an amazing analysis how the evening newscast on the three networks covered john kerry's wealth when he was running for president in 2004 as opposed to mitt romney's money position now. both men have access to about
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$250 million. but when kerry was running, his vast wealth was mentioned only two times from january to april 2004. nbc news didn't mention kerry's money at all. contrast that to this year when mitt romney's wealth has been mentioned 27 times from january to april, 13 times more than kerry's wealth was mentioned. here is an example. >> mitt romney chose today to release his tax returns from the year 2010. he did it to help stop questions about his wealth. most americans will regard unmanageable wealth and vast investments after a successful career in business, much of it spent buying and selling companies. >> bill: to be fair mr. williams did not begin anchor the nbc nightly news until december of 2004. tom brokaw was the anchor in question. there is no question that the three network news
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organizations are treating mitt romney's economic circumstance far differently, far differently than they treated john kerry's. but why? a logical conclusion is the network news organizations continue to favor the democratic party. and they will try to reelect president obama in november. now, isn't everybody working on the evening news programs. key decision makers are committed left wing idealogues. when i worked at cbs news and later at abc news, the left tilt was obvious. bernie goldberg wrote an entire book on it but today with the country in economic turmoil and a very important presidential election on the horizon, fair play should be a must for the media. it doesn't serve the u.s.a. well to have powerful national news organizations skewing their coverage. so self-identified liberal operations like nbc are not the problem here. it's the nightly newscasts that continue to say they are non-biased. well, those outlets can and do influence independent voters.
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the truth is john kerry's vast wealth virtually ignored by network news. but mitt romney's fortune a huge issue. not fair. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, let's bring in karl rove who joins us from austin, texas. you were right in the middle of the kerry money deal because obviously you were helping president bush run against john kerry. are you surprised at this study? >> i am shocked that there is media bias at nbc, abc, and cbs. we know it they did make it an issue in 2004 democrat. they will make it an issue in 2012 because romney is a republic. it's that simple. i'm sure it's unconscious at some level. democrat rich people are okay. republic rich people are bad. it's also frankly being compliant with the white house. the white house in 2004 was
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not making an issue of white house press corps and three big networks are happy to drive home the message. >> bill: they call you the architect, right, that's your nickname the architect because you are guru that gets people elected and i guess you do housing designs on the side. mr. architect to you. >> why didn't you make a deal out of theresa the heinz woman who has all that money we didn't you say to the conservative democrats listen this man doesn't know anything about you, he lives in nantucket. he lives in beacon hill, boston. is he a lavish spender. he has a lot of stuff. why didn't you try to do that? >> well, for three reasons, first, we had more important
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things to talk about which was bush's agenda in the second term. second of all, we had big issue differences with senator kerry. third we pointed out ewas elitist snob. you didn't need to point out his money. point to him. the guy how could feel comfortable having a beer with or talking over the back fence with. >> bill: can you point to me in that regard. you can mention my name. i know you are thinking that. >> you know what? you know what? i knew that i didn't need to. i knew all i needed to do was throw it out there and you would come up and grab that hook and go with it. >> bill: some people might be confused. >> i gotcha now. >> bill: this wealth thing is not just in the news it's in the culture, roll the tape. >> get this, barack obama president of the united states lives in the white house white
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house. we know he is not paying rent. he is worth $8 million. yep. yep. so at least his economic recovery is on track. mitt romney, barack obama is worth $8 million. you know what mitt romney says hell, i have got that on me. what? >> during a speech yesterday in ohio. joe biden criticized republicans for not understanding the middle class. in response, mitt romney is like that's ridiculous. some of my best friend's gardners are middle class. >> bill: all right. so you see where this is going. i think it's just going to get worse. there was you? poll out do you think president obama is rich. do you think mitt romney is rich? like 50-some odd percent said president obama is rich and 60 some odd percent said mitt romney is rich. there is not a big difference in most people's minds. when you get up to having, you know, net worth that are measured in the tens of millions, it all starts to get
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blurry. and i think the obama campaign is wasting a lot of time and making a mistake by engaging in this type kind of class warfare like we saw this past week joe biden. it sounds hysterical. i have greater faith in the american people. >> bill: you know, i always have and i always have a lot of confidence in the american people. but i'm seeing more and more and more that this entitlement society is creeping here. it's getting in more and more people are saying hey, i want mine and that's it it this guy is going to give me it and this guy won't. >> every action there is a reaction. >> i want to throw up your electoral college because this is where it is all about, obviously. six months out. but you still have north carolina, for example, in the toss-up category. i submitted that obama lost north carolina with his gay marriage stuff. can you update this map for us? >> yeah. we will do it every two weeks. i have got to tell you like i put in last week's cover memo,
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the -- we base this on the state level polls there are infrequent, state level polls at this point. they will start increasing in the battleground states. we will get a lot more fresher data and more frequent data and that's going to mean the map for a while is still going to allow the national trend. i agree with you. i think north carolina is gone. just like indiana is gone. obama no chance to win them. i think ohio and florida are leaning today toward rom anymore. places like iowa and colorado are in danger of floating into the republic column and states like nevada and pennsylvania are moving from lean democrat into toss-up category. june 5th. mock my words, we have got more poll date that that wisconsin is a battleground state. >> bill: june 5th carl rove marking his words. next on the run down, authorities releasing troubling information about the travon martin case in florida. the young man had drugs in police his bloodstream when he
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was killed. facebook madness. apparently the company is taking over california or something. lou dobbs will be here upcoming. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, angela curry in charge of the trayvon marpt case has released some documents to the public. they say among other things
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that two witnesses are supporting george zimmerman's contention that he was in a fight with trayvon martin. documents also say that zimmerman yelled for help 14 times. that from a 911 call recorded during the fight. finally an autopsy on the 17-year-old martin shows traces of marijuana in his bloodstream. joining us from san diego, attorney and fox news anchor geraldo rivera who is predicting zimmerman will be acquitted on second degree murder charges heard is on the west coast for navy seal benefit. say hello to all the guys out there for me, please. let's start with you are the prosecutor. you are prosecuting the case. so you find out that trayvon martin the victim has traces of thc, marijuana in his bloodstream. do you do anything with that? does that mean anything? >> i think the marijuana is probably a lot less powerful
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than the surveillance video at the 7/11. the marijuana, he is 17 years old. he is from an urban school district. i venture to say a good majority of the students there and elsewhere in this country have the traces. it stays in your bloodstream for a long time. what's far more relevant what travon martin looked like that night. >> bill: we're looking. >> it wasn't -- >> bill: buying his candy. he has a dark hoody on. what significance is that? what is the significance of that. >> aside from the fact that is he dressed in that thug wear. look at the size of him. is he not a little kid. he is 6'2". is he a strapping youngster. can you see that if this man this young man was a stranger to george zimmerman. trayvon martin looks just like the people who had been burglarizing andthat neighborhot six months. he was exactly the person that
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george zimmerman, the property owner feared. >> bill: you are profiling. >> profiling is based on a reasonable comparison. it may be profiling, bill, but if he looks just like everybody else that committed the crimes in my neighborhood. that's the person i'm going to focus my suspicion on. >> bill: i'm just playing devil's advocate here in the sense that i want to know why that is important. you say because that supports zimmerman's contention that? was a suspicious figure, trayvon martin. marijuana you say doesn't matter. doesn't alter anybody's state. the jury is not going to care about that that's your opinion. now, they have -- and i don't know why angela cory releases this to the public. maybe you can tell me. so they have two witnesses that back up zimmerman saying there was a fight. all right. well, angela cory must have known about that before she decided to charge zimmerman
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and now that looks like exculpatory evidence that there was a physical confrontation. we now know there was and zimmerman got hurt, according to the doctor's report. so this bolsters the stand your ground theory that he had a right to do what he did. >> i have no doubt in my mind but that the special prosecutor in this case, angela cory over charged george zimmerman not based on the evidence but based on the enormous pressure she was under from every civil rights activist in this country up to and including the president of the united states. there is no murder 2 here. so you have this big strapping youngster walking around a stranger in a strange neighborhood, george zimmerman, the over zealous neighborhood vigilante, call him whatever you will, he sees this kid, now george zimmerman wants to do the right thing. the tragedy here, bill, and i feel awful for the parents of trayvon martin, is that both these guys were trying to do the right thing. >> bill: i'm not sure about -- i have got to play devil's advocate. i don't know if zimmerman was
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trying to do the right thing. in the sense that he might have just been looking for action. you know, he might have been looking. because if you look at his history, is he always calling 911. he always wants to get in on this stuff. he wants to be inspector. i don't know if that's the right thing. as far as mr. martin is concerned. all right, the guy has a right to go out and buy candy and walk back. but if there was a fight. i mean, it just seems that you have got to have two guys to fight, you know? you have got to have two. if both walk away. there is no fight. and there is no death. so i don't know if they're both trying to do the right thing, geraldo. >> there is no doubt in my mind but that george zimmerman in the words of the officers provoked this confrontation. i could have avoided the confrontation. >> bill: walked away from it like the 911 operator told him. >> to i would rather play the defense attorney than prosecutor there is no way you get a murder conviction. >> bill: you just stack the evidence. we don't want to try the case
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on television and we are not. just that's why i'm playing devil's advocate here. we are not doing that you basically have evidence released by the state. released by the prosecution. florida. okay. they are prosecuting zimmerman. al guy like you, certain live a guy like me they can go you know what? they don't have a case here. almost like sabotaging their own case. >> because they were under tremendous pressure from freedom of information requests from the knead media from the clamoring from the chorus, everybody wants to see what this case is about. i think what she did in releasing these redacted documents was not that unusual but what the documents reveal and it is unavoidable. forget about stand your ground. this isn't about stand your ground. this is about a fight. this is about a big kid fighting this kind of scrawny guy who had the 9-millimeter
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in his waistband and the witnesses suggest that trayvon martin whacks him and his knuckles both have cuts on them. zimmerman's face is now -- his nose is broken, his eyes are blackened. he falls down. he has the cuts on the back of his head, the back of his clothing is wet from being tossed down on the sidewalk and then into the grass. this was a fight. so the witnesses say trayvon is straddling george zimmerman and is he punching the hell out of him like a mixed marshall artist in the words of one of the witnesses. so what does zimmerman do? after crying help according to one of the witnesses, he pulls the 9-millimeter and he shoots him and so close that the muzzle blast sings the clothing of the one man. awful. neither as i said again, neither went out there looking to commit a crime. both are now. >> bill: at this point, i don't know if there even will be a trial. maybe there will be a plea or something like that. let's hope. >> i want a plea. i want george zimmerman. these parents deserve. >> bill: i have got to governmental they lost their
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teenager. let zimmerman plead to a misdemeanor or manslaughter with no jail time. >> bill: that is not going to stop the crowd though. >> [inaudible] federal government. >> bill: we would like to you vote in our bill o' poll we are asking you based on what you have seen do you believe zimmerman will be convicted of second degree murder yes or no? war on women, we told it you was bogus. we will present more evidence of that in the form of jennifer lopez and oprah. facebook rules in california. also, why are oil prices dropping? lou dops will analy ah, welcome to if you're looking for a place to get together, you came to the right place. because here at, we're only about hotels.
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finding you the perfect place is all we do. welcome to today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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i say it's fiction. here is some backup. forbes magazine ranking the most powerful celebrities four out of five are ladies. jennifer lopez, oprah winfrey, reanna, lady gaga. look at the salaries there. that's money -- that's money they get every year. so, if you are going to have equal pay for equal work a lot of male singers are going to be very wealthy. joining us now analyze janine turner and leslie marshall making a rare appearance in new york city. i didn't know that was alouded but leslie is here. this is so bogus. and you know to hear this barbara boxer say we want a bill that says women have to have equal pay. you know, everybody's
8:25 pm
circumstance is different, leslie everybody's circumstance. some work 30 instead of 40 because they want to be home. women in america make 82% of what men make. and women unemployment is lower than men. so, where is this war, this economic war on women? where is this? >> first of all, it's 82%. it's not i agree with you. it's not 100% though, bill. >> bill: no, unless you want communism or socialism. warps make more than irish guy. guys named chip. they make more than i do. all right? so we have legislation there? i have got to make more as much as chip makes is that what you want? >> right now what i do want is i would like to have-to-see more women heads of corporations we have approximately 15%. that means 85% of the heads of corporations in this country are men. that means 40 years or more for us to be equal. >> bill: would you like to see
8:26 pm
more women short stops? i don't know. they are not going to hire me to run a company. all right? do i want legislation? you know bill ought to be rung the company. it's just insane. all right, now janine, what do you attribute the forbes list with the top four out of five and justin bieber is the only man. anyway. four out of five are women. what does that mean? what does is a say about america? >> i think what that means is that they didn't need the government to accomplish it. they certainly didn't. they did it all in their own right. what i find interesting about the democratic party is how dependent they want women to be on the government. with all this lily led better act and the fair paycheck act and all these things. this is the 19th amendment when it brought republicans majority? congress. women wanted independence. we don't need to be dependent on the government.
8:27 pm
composite julia is dependenten the government until she ends her life legacy of her life in the community garden. she doesn't have her own garden. >> bill: laws on her own book can't discriminate against anybody. lawyers take your case on for free all day long. we don't need this legislation. you know what it would do, ms. boxer. if you would think for one second. it would prevent women from being hired. because men are ceos why do i want to hire this? i'm opening myself to a lawsuit. i have got to give katrina a raise. if your katrina is going to sue me because of this legislation or i will will go to jail. that's insane. you can't be doing this. >> i don't agree. >> you don't agree. >> i want the playing field leveled for women. for this generation. women don't need it. >> bill: you are incompetent and the guy is 10 times worse because the job description insane. you have got. >> regardless.
8:28 pm
>> it's hard to fire people now unless you have cause. so they could be the biggest idiot in the world if they show up. you can't get rid of them. >> women are doing really well. >> what? >> women are doing really well now. >> as they should. they go to college. look, american women are much smarter than men. i want everybody to understand. this i'm not a chosen chauvinist. women are much smarter than men. get more college degree degrees. they are neater, they look better. there is no down size. you don't legislate. >> yes, i agree with that all that does is create what's happening now poverty for single mothers. more women are losing their jobs. more government ircht convention means strangling businesses. >> bill: it scarce the hell out of people. that's why this obama care has constricted hiring like crazy among small business. they don't know what they're going to have to pay. not going to hire until they figure it out. >> don't don't go outside if
8:29 pm
you can help it proabortion politician kathleen sebelius speaking at a catholic university today. now that university may be in trouble. and lou dobbs on why gas prices are falling. also, facebook taking over the world. dobbs is on facebook. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, you may know the name marcus la tremendously. he is the navy seal who wrote the big b and e best seller brutal shootout in afghanistan. he has a new book called service, navy seal at war. it's about iraq. he joins from us dallas tonight. first of all, what did you do in iraq, marcus? >> business at usual. our primary mission in iraq was to disrupt, eliminate enemy activity. >> bill: well, you have got to tell us, you have got to take us there. most people will never ever be on a battlefield. they will never do what you did. so you are trying to disrupt.
8:33 pm
what does that mean? >> you know, fighting in the city is a lot different from fighting in the mountains because every -- behind every corner, every window is a fighting position. and basically we're in the enemy's backyard. and front yard for that matter. you know, urban combat is in my opinion it was a lot crazier than up in the mountains. but did you have to go into situations where you didn't know, yeah, in the mountains you know where the enemy is, they are shooting at you in the caves. but you got to kind of distinguish hot bad guys are from the civilians because of all that stuff. that's a tremendous amount of pressure, right? >> it's tough with the collateral damage, the women, the kids. because they intermingle in between them all the time. it's not like they push them aside when they know a battle is going to go down. they bring them. in that's one of the things we have to contend with. that makes it a lot more difficult, actually.
8:34 pm
>> now, a lot of people coming back from both afghanistan and iraq. a lot of service people, very well trained service people having trouble adjusting back here in the united states. did you have any trouble coming back? >> i did in the beginning. you know, it was the hardest part for me was getting out. i mean, i got cut from everything that i knew, you know, that lifestyle that i had been, you know, i had been training for since i was a kid. and being around those guys, and all of a sudden it's over with. i get tossed out into the civilian world which is not a bad thing. i mean, it's not that i'm not ignorant. i mean, can i figure things out. when you go from a pace like that and then it kind of goes from 100 miles per hour to nothing. you just sitting there with your head spinning trying to figure out, you know, what to do and where to do it. so, it's -- it's causing a lot of problems for a lot of guys. i would imagine. you know, a good thing about it. >> bill: the rate is 41% post-traumatic stress syndrome of people coming back from the
8:35 pm
battlefield. that's enormous. i think we had that in vietnam as well. they didn't diagnose it as well back then. that's enormous problem, is it not? >> i think it is. i didn't think the wars -- a lot of people probably didn't anticipate that the wars were going to last this long. you have 18, 19, 20-year-old kids who join the military for college education. next thing you know they are sitting in there 10 years fighting a war. i think that might have something to do with it. i mean, i will say this, though. you have got -- one of the things that happened to me is that i got away from all the people who were telling me that i had a problem. you know, if you sit around and listen to people telling you you are messed up, what's wrong with this, that, and the other, that stuff startle to get to you. i completely shifted focus on my end and put my focus into my family and what i was doing today to kind of help me push through what i was dealing with. and i'm not going to say that i got over it 100%, yeah. but when i have problems, you know, i talk to the guys that i was over there with.
8:36 pm
we talk back and forth. maybe they know something that i didn't know. how they solve their issues and it kind of works itself out. but, yeah, i mean, that's the pretty high ratio. >> bill: there are a lot of people suffering. i think you just gave them sod goom advice. try to get away from the nay saras, the ones that, you know, you are doing this and try to get in with your guys, develop a network of support which is what they do in aa and a lot of other things. >> absolutely. >> bill: when you were training the navy seals they train you to be a warrior and effective as possible in the battlefield. do they ever say to you hey, it's all going to be over some day and when it's over you are going to have to take certain steps to decompress? do they give you any of that at all? >> absolutely. i mean, they do a really good job with us. i mean, i was a different case. but for the most part, when we -- after we train up, we go out, we come back, there is is a big decompression time. a time for us to come down off the high and turn everything back around before they kind
8:37 pm
of release us into the wild. so that is is one of the things that's different between our community and a lot of the other conventional forces. >> bill: all right. the book is service. a new year's eve seal at war. when we come right back, lou dobbs on gas prices and facebook getting even more powerful. and then your humble correspondent visits rachael ray today. there may be a pinhead or patriot involved here. and we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. lou's the boss segment tonight. facebook, today that company began public trading and ceo mark zuckerberg put on a dog and pony show? california. why should anyone care? here now fox business anchor lou dobbs. do you care about facebook? >> you know, i do. >> you do? >> i do like it. and the thing i love about it today is we're talking about a
8:41 pm
company that has got $100 billion in market capital. a little above that it's bigger than half the dow 30 companies. and here is a 28-year-old. there he is. mark zuckerberg worth over 2 will billion dollars today. we got folks in washington, d.c. and other parts of the country, this country just lost its edge. we don't innovate. >> bill: you have to admire the innovation. i want you to explain the inel know investigation to me. number one, you are on facebook, right? >> you betcha. >> i'm not on. >> you are not on? we will talk. >> bill: i'm too shy to be on facebook. you on facebook. your face is there. and tell everybody about you. >> would you have me deny anybody. >> bill: come on. you lou dobbs tell everybody about yourself on facebook? i just went fishing? i just played tennis? is that what you do. >> i like to talk about issues. i like to talk about the news of the day. >> bill: here is what i think about this. you are not a rank narcissist you try to contribute
8:42 pm
something. >> i'm not a rank narcissist. >> bill: that's what i think facebook is about. it's narcissism and everybody wants to be a star you can be on this thing. how do they make money on this thing? does it cost you any money to be on facebook? it's free, right. >> what it does cost a bit of your time and also you're sharing private information. >> bill: zuckerberg worth billions of dollars. how does he get money. >> advertising just like in television or any other part of the web. but more importantly, perhaps for the future of this company is the way in which they use all of that information about the users of facebook. >> bill: sell it to other people. >> absolutely to marketers. >> bill: this is interesting some of the advertising is advertising. it goes up, it goes down, it goes in, it goes out. you can have advertising on facebook if you want to. what they are able to do is compile a tremendous amount of data about the millions of people who -- all over the world, right? >> usage patterns. what you are involved in.
8:43 pm
>> bill: can you talk to somebody in poland or any place like that. >> hundred million people. >> bill: they get this data. destill it down and sell it to big companies that want to market and figure out what people are into i understand that. they go out and it's $38 a share. >> 38.16. >> and then mark gets a big cut of that because of, why, why does he get that money? >> well, now they have got just about -- they put out just about a half a billion shares. >> bill: right. >> the biggest ipo in technology. >> bill: can he take that money. >> he gets his little cut. >> he does it. he has 55% of the company. >> bill: is this a ponzi scheme or something? >> no. this is a really smart fellow. really good advice. brilliant idea. >> bill: california is going to take. he he got 19 billion. probably going to take 18 billion away. jerry brown is going to come to his house and take it all.
8:44 pm
>> take care of that deficit. >> bill: that's true, right? they are not going to be able to get it? >> they are not going to be able to get it the other part of it is that they are going to be a lot of people clamoring nor a piece of this action. we'll see how it works out. >> bill: the state of california is going to tax jrvettle they are going to get. >> bill: this is a boone for them. >> absolutely. >> bill: gas prices were coming down. remember we were here and discussed gas prices and they were going up. and the gas prices, i think it peeked in april and then it's gone down 23%. 23 cents since then: last time we said iran was a threat. >> um-huh. >> bill: driving oil prices up. is iran still a threat. >> by the way. >> bill: i'm not saying you. i'm not saying you. iran was a threat? iran is still a threat, right? >> that's part -- >> bill: iran was a threat, still a threat. china buying a a lot of oil, right? >> not
8:45 pm
>> bill: greece? >> no, i'm kidding. we are seeing a slow down. give our friends from saudi arabia credit. they said they were going to produce oil and they are pumping it. >> bill: who is selling short? >> who is selling short? >> bill: the speculators driving it down. >> that's right. we have got to get rid of those guys, don't we? >> bill: got to execute them. line them up. >> but the markets is working. >> bill: now we do it. the markets. >> the market is working. it's going down, come on. >> bill: supply and demand should dictate the oil market it does not. lou dobbs, everybody and lou is on facebook. check him out. all right. >> thanks, bill. >> dumbest things on deck. another liberal media person
8:46 pm
insulting ann romney and hitler is mentioned in the diatribe. diatribe. dumb is n all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. dumbest things of the week. here they are to help us celebrate that arthel neville and five guy greg gutfeld also on red eye whenever that is on. i don't know. arthel has chosen a "newsweek" contributor michelle goldberg who apparently objects to ann romney writing, quote: one hat that moms never take off is the crown of motherhood. there is no crown more glorious, unquote. >> that phrase the crown of motherhood really kind of creepy, not just because of its somewhat -- you know, it's usually really aauthoritarian societies that give out the cross of motherhood, that give
8:50 pm
awards for big families. stahlian did it, hitler did it. >> bill: that is really dumb, correct? >> you know why it's dumb because ann romney is not running for president. she is not fair game. of course, there is never necessity for a stalin or hitler reference. >> bill: the crown of motherhood. >> listen, it's okay that ms. goldberg is is a working professional woman and hats off to her for that reason. >> >> bill: crowns off to her. >> tiara off to her. >> bill: whatever it may be. >> >> we cannot denigrate women who have just as proud to wear the role of the hat or the crown or the tiara of motherhood. >> bill: he he will never wear the crown of motherhood that we know of. >> it means something else to my apartment. what's up with chris haze? is that like an infomercial for supplements? i have never seen that before. >> i have seen it. >> bill: dragging stalin and hitler into the discussion is unbelievably stupid.
8:51 pm
gutfeld has chosen some problems in the california public school system, go. >> take, for example, the given to fourth graders. >> tell a story about riding a camel. >> sounds easy, not for all students. >> i was surprised because i know that some children may not even know what a camel is. some children even at the fourth grade cannot even read the word camel. if you can't read what the directions are it effects the validity of the task. >> bill: of course. that was florida by the way. some fourth graders 10 years old don't know what a camel is. >> parentally there are no zoos in florida. i never knew this. i guess they are banned there this goes to show that education right now is a protection react for incompetence. >> bill: to be clear, the teachers don't want to change -- they want to change the test. it's too hard arthel because kids might not know what a camel is therefore they can't write a essay about it? >> their writing skills have not sufficient enough. are you kidding me? this is a special kind of
8:52 pm
dumb. if the kid's skills need to be improved. you improve the skills not lower the test. >> camels are overrated ever since we got bottled water. >> bill: everyone who knows a camel isn't a cigarette. >> that's how i learned it. >> never should have gotten rid of joe camel. >> bill: we only have a minute. kathleen sebelius speaks today at georgetown, go. >> having spent my entire life. [shouting] >> [crowd booing] [shouting] child killing. >> bill: they are mad because sebelius is a very proabortion person. even vetoing a bill that would have prevented late term abortions in kansas. that's how extreme she is. and she is invited to georgetown university, a
8:53 pm
jesuit college. it's just inexplicable. dumb, yes, and a lot of other things. thank you very much, guys. pinheads and patriots up next featuring me on the rachael ray program today. boy, was she surprised. p and p just over two minutes away. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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8:57 pm
>> amen to that, celest. as long as you don't save it, or forward it, it is want possession. if the user brings child porn into his machine, it's possession, rich. technology can prove that.
8:58 pm
>> next time martha wears that dress, allow doos tow stand in front of her, thereby creating an eclipse. >> we will try our best, mitch. bolder, fresher tickets make outstanding father's day gifts. indianapolis on june 22 and go to bill o' finally, this morning, i appeared on the rachel ray program. >> "dancing with the stars" is really big right now. i wonder if you would ever consider being a contestant. >> somebody actually asked me that -- would you be interested and i said to them, only if you have a twist show. i am a great twister. remember the twist? i can do the twist -- >> feel free, bill.
8:59 pm
>> if you get into the pony and the mashed potato, it's all over. i can do the twist. >> can i do the "saturday night fever" deal, too. vitwo things to say. number 1; rachel ray read "killing lincoln" and she is very busy. it was a very smooth ride over there. so she and all the people who work with her are patriots. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site, different from bill o' we would like to you spout off about the factor. anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be callow. do not be callow when writing to the factor. we want you to write to us from exotic places. we got a letter from antarctica. and a letter from the arctic circle. all right? so we are -- i think we


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