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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 19, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>>. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert. brand-new protests underway in chicago. protestors clogging the streets near the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel one alleged terror plot foiled by chicago police. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. shocking details in alleged plot at nato summit in chicago. those three suspects appearing in court just a short time ago. there they are. each are accused of planning to attack high profile targets around the chicago area with molotov cocktails. those targets included the
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mayoral's home and president obama's chicago campaign headquarters. steve brown is live in chicago with more. >> reporter: interestingly this is not a federal case. this will be very first illinois own terrorism laws. that will be what the charges are essentially are against the three individuals that were arrested. they are brian church, jarrod chase and brent -- they were picked up on the south side of chicago. they were picked up on wednesday night. we were there yesterday friday afternoon. still saw cops milling around and talking to folks in the neighborhood. a total of nine folks were arrested in one particular raid. the state's attorneys office said it was a targeted raid and had informants working with them. >> the individuals we have charged in this investigation are not peaceful protestors. they are domestic terrorists who
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came to chicago with an bent to harm our police officers, intimidate citizens and to go through with their politically motivated causes. >> reporter: recovered in the raid were molotov bomb making materials and number of different weapons, both actual and improvised. the folks working at defense attorneys from the national lawyers gild are on the site to observe police and protestors but act as defense attorneys, they are acting as defense attorneys in this particular case. they believe it is the informants that brought in these materials that police confiscated. that is their allegations. all three suspects named at the top of this report all three being held on $1.5 million bond each. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. >> heather: we are waiting for a statement from president obama from the g-8 summit just over 90
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minutes from now. focusing on the european debt crisis that is threatening markets here in the u.s. wendall? >> reporter: the leaders here didn't find a way to resolve the crisis but did agree on the need to grow the euro zone economy. they will continue to work on how to do that next week and the g-20 summit in mexico next month. here is president obama. >> all of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both europe's stability and consolidation are part of an 6 an overall package to pursue in order to achieve the prosperity for our citizens that we are looking for. >> reporter: europe's divisions over growth versus fiscal stability is similar to the
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divide here between republicans and democrats over budget cutting. in common statement they said, we commit to take all necessary steps to strengthen and reinvigorated our economies and combat financial stresses recognizing the right measures aren't the same for each of us. they still haven't decided on the short term borrowing. leaders also sent a signal to iran they won't back off on sanctions on oil industry even if supplies run short. they told the international agency to be able to tap strategic petroleum reserves if needed. merkel is the strongest leader demanding budget cuts in exchange for bailout loans. aides to the president said he wouldn't weigh in during the summit but he and she will talk after they leave a short time
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from now. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: as wendall mentioned. nuclear showdown with iran. a major issue with the g-8 summit. white house are saying they are committed to sanctions and diplomacy but john bolton the unity may be skin deep. >> there is a surface unity but nobody wants iran to have nuclear weapons but just below the surface it's the disunity begins and this disunity that iran has been able to take advantage of for many years. >> heather: unexpected action in the skies near the g-8 summit. military ear aircraft intercepted go two small planes flying around camp david. two planes, failed to respond to radio communication. secret service says the violations were not considered to be threatening.
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>> gregg: to the race for the white house. new reports that big wall street donations are drying up for president obama's campaign. this as some democrats are calling for far more regulations on financial institutions. they do like the volcker rule and dodd-frank in the wake of j.p. morgan's two billion trading loss which seems to be growing minute by minute, day by day. $3 billion, it could be $4-5 billion. so a lot of wall street folks may be gravitating toward governor romney. could it makes a difference come november? we'll talk with jamie weinstein in just a moment. so stay tuned for that. >> heather: in the meantime, in the race for campaign cash, the governor giving the president a run for his money. romney raising $40 million in his first month as the likely nominee. not far from the president's $43
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million haul. 95% of the nearly 300,000 donations were $250 or less. coming up, new evidence that this election is anyone's race. scott rasmussen with the latest snapshot of who is ahead at the polls. >> the chinese activist qiarl in the middle of the international standoff heading to the united states. what will he have to say when she safely on american soil? >> plus, raging wildfires, firefighters working around the clock, a live report on efforts to contain the flames. >> paying for the tab for securing afghanistan. is the united states getting help from the nato allies, a closer look at who is footing the bill. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn
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>>. >> gregg: in the race for the white house, new reports that some of big wall street donations are beginning to cry up for president obama's campaign, quite different than what happened four years ago. jamie weinstein is joining us. thanks for being with us. wall street famously votes with its wallet campaign contributions, is there a
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discernible shift the direction of governor romney? >> in 2008 president obama got more from the financial services industry than john mccain. he got about $15 million compared to mccain at about $9 million. it stands at romney has about $8 million in contributions from what has been disclosed compared to president obama at $3 million. so there is a difference, you can see there. however, if you take in the rnc and dnc, it's somewhat even but wo it would make sense that romney would get more since he came from that worls. >> wall street word is bit pejorative and opponent has hurled, fat cats, he called them shameful at one point. is wall street nevertheless still giving him money in some measure because, in classic fashion, wall street and hedging their bets? >> they are going to play both
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sides in the election. even if romney winds up with more money, obama i think will get quite a bit from wall street. he a big fund-raiser in the house of one of the partners of the blackstone group, private equity group and raised quite a bit of money. they are not going to cut the president off completely. >> gregg: couple months ago, obama campaign manager meant here in manhattan with powerful wall street donors. he promised them the president would stop demonizing their industry and at the same time in the same breath he was encouraging their contributions financially. a lawyer might call that extortion but is the president beginning to tone down some of the rhetoric toward wall street? >> i don't know. he just had a big attack campaign against mitt romney's time at bain capital in what
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they did. he has attacked mitt romney from that point. i think he is.... >> gregg: but that is a little bit different. targeting one individual in the industry? >> i think to some ex sent. he has toned down the rhetoric as a whole, but i think she going to run to some degree as the anti-wall street guy that mitt romney comes from that world that collapsed the financial markets in his opinion in 2008. i think we'll see that. to this extent he has not gone as far as he did when occupy wall street was in full bore several months ago. >> gregg: the hypocrisy was lost on no one not long ago when the president was condemning corporations for outsourcing jobs and not paying taxes. then he appoints to his advisory board the head of big company that did both. is that a ready made ad for the
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romney campaign to throw back at the president? >> and president obama's omb director worked at bain capital. a firm that romney headed. as he attacks romney from this ankle angle and he has people it's hard to run away from. >> gregg: as unfortunate as j.p. morgan has been, dodd-frank and volcker rule, but it hurts romney's rule that he is vehemently against them? >> romney is making the argument he is against dodd-frank because he doesn't think it's clear and the people on wall street don't know what dough. he is saying he would have clearer regulation. when you press him what that would be, specify what that looks like, so far it's been as clear as he needs to make it.
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>> gregg: you did mentioned the dnc had blamed romney for a bunch of things. there was one, of course, that he allegedly closed down the kansas city steel plant. turns out romney had left two years earlier so it wasn't quite fair to blame romney for that. the other dnc ad, it uses santorum's words, that he won't the worst job creator. he was the third one of the. 47 out of 50 among the states. that could be pretty effective, couldn't it? >> they are going to use, pretty nasty republican primary, there was harsh things said between the candidates. they will use rick santorum and definitely uses newt gingrich's attacks on romney business experience and vowel where capitalist and those are ready made ads to be released when
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obama wants to use them. >> gregg: there is another method by which the obama campaign can also tarnish mitt romney and that is the tax plan. it was evaluated and analyzed by the non-partisan tax policy center which said, i'm reading here from it -- it strongly favors the wealthy-e americans while raising taxes on the bottom 20%. that is a tough sell to americans, isn't it? >> but if i were mitt romney i would try to turn it on president obama who would be spending all this time attacking him instead of showing what he has done to pull an economy out of ditch. he hasn't done on number one concern is entitlements. i would try to turn the argument around to president obama, yes ways in the business world. that is why i know how to turn things around. you don't have that experience. you don't have people that are really around you that has the
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experience that i have. >> gregg: jamie, always good to see you. thanks very much. >> heather: right now, hundreds of firefighters are battling wildfires in the western u.s. in colorado a fire burning near fort collins, firefighters are setting back firings and favorable winds are giving them the upper hand. in arizona, crews are still trying to get the handle on the fire there. it's destroyed three homes. adam housley is live in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: the gladiator fire is nearly 13,000 acres, it begin last sunday. it continues to burn today. good news for the first time in about four days is that the winds have died down. these are flames that came in through video obviously, aerial and on the ground. it's very difficult locations for firefighters to get to. good news it's burning away from homes, winds are blowing it
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away. there is always a chance that those winds could change and turn it back around towards some of these areas. about 90 miles or so from phoenix but at this hour, a burn fast, about 10% contained it's burning away from homes. having said that locals in the area are cautiously optimistic and are saying while they hope it continues to burn away from their homes, they always know that mother nature can change everything. take a listen. >> we're praying that it doesn't hit us. there are people that said it will go around us but i don't want to follow them. >> in livermore, colorado, another fire that begin earlier this week continues to burn there. good news the temperatures have dropped, humidity has come up which means that is better fire fighting conditions. you can see hundreds of firefighters are on the ground, visibility is difficult. there are helicopters. a number of helicopters dropping retardant and water on these
1:20 pm
fires. the west is really tinder and very dry as you can tell from the fire season already. when you talk to the firefighters here in california, of course, the state has dealt with these massive fires, as well. they will tell you they are keeping a cautious eye oh what is happening to their neighbors. >> this is a typical beginning of fire season for folks in arizona and new mexico and texas. in normal year we would expect to see higher level of activity before we do in california but that is get our radar up and going, yeah, we're ready and what is going to happen. >> reporter: fires burning in new mexico and utah, but forecast for cooler temperatures as well as rain in the area, but here is with what is happening in the west. in arizona and new mexico, a number of dry years. in california you haven't had a major fire in at least two years. you had a couple years of heavy rain and this year a dry year. a lot of firefighters are
1:21 pm
telling us they are concerned about what they may face into the summer and fall. it's a big change from what we saw ten years ago. back then the fire season used to be considered from late may to early november but now, the fire season is absolutely year round. you can have a fire at any time. as we're seeing in arizona it's a difficult fire, but that fire is burning away from homes at this hour. >> heather: that is good news. adam, thank you. >> gregg: we do have breaking news this hour out have chicago. hundreds of protestors gathering outside the home of the mayor rahm emanuel ahead of the nato summit that begins tomorrow. latest on this developing story and today's arrests coming up. >> heather: plus brand-new polls in the race to the white house. why, this is anyone's race. we'll break down the tumors in for the campaign.
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>>. >> heather: time for the top of the news, three men facing terror charges ahead of the nato summit in chicago. prosecutor is say the suspects plotted attacks on president obama's campaign headquarters and rahm emanuel's house. >> a teenager girl has been killed, ten other injured in an explosion in italy, a gasoline fueled bomb exploded as children were getting off a bus. no one is claiming responsibility. >> heather: in georgia more than 50 children examined for injuries after a terrible chain reaction crash. accident involving about six buses, happened during a trip during six flags amusement park. >> gregg: g-8 leaders meeting at camp david. the international diplomacy
1:27 pm
continues at nato summit in chicago, and on the agenda is afghanistan and who shoulders the financial burden of security there after nato troops pulled out in 2014. so far it would seem that the united states will be footing much of that bill. marvin kalb joins us a former diplomatic correspondent and fox news contributor. marvin, great to speak with you. certainly the greatest cost has been in the loss of human life. we never forget that for a moment. but financially it has been an expensive war for american taxpayers. what about the future costs after withdrawal? >> up until this point, the u.s. has been spending tens of billions of dollars in afghanistan. it adds up to about 100 to 110 billion every year. when we get to 2014 the end of 2014, u.s. troops and all of our
1:28 pm
troops for that matter will have been withdrawn from afghanistan. the u.s. is now signed a ten-year agreement with afghanistan that runs through 2014 to 2024. in that ten-year period there has to be about four billion dollars a year being spent. who is going to pay for it? $12.5 billion will be paid by the u.s. that is already agreed to. the president in chicago is going to try to get other nations to fill in the other $1.5 billion. if he can't get them, then the u.s. is going to have fill in the 1.5 that means we'll be putting up even after 2014 about $4 billion a year. >> gregg: so take us to chicago what will happen tomorrow. does the president have any leverage to try to pressure these other countries into contributing?
1:29 pm
>> yes, and no but mostly no because what is happening now, the new french president, everybody in the white house the last couple of days has been saying, he didn't mean what he said. he did mean what he said in the campaign. he said in france he is going to withdraw french troops from afghanistan by the end of this year. the u.s. had already said that it's going to stop combat operations in afghanistan in 2013, next year. so when you look around the table the president is going to see people like france looking for the nearest exit door. president as many as looking for an exit so it's very difficult for the u.s. now to turn to our allies and say, hey, you guys ought to chip in. he has very little loewlg them. >> gregg: the ceremony needed to
1:30 pm
keep a afghans armed and fighting. but if they are unable to maintain security and if the taliban regroups or rebuilds and poses a serious threat which may be a wreak afghan government, a government that, indeed, could claps, what then? the cost in so many different ways may be far greater? >> two things. one is that the u.s. is now spending $110 billion roughly a year in afghanistan. if after 2014, we have to spend only 4 billion dollars a year in afghanistan that is a big savings. from that point of view, the president is looking for the exit but also looking for a way to save a great deal of money. the other thing implied in what your question says, if at the end of the day we have to depend upon the afghan security forces
1:31 pm
and afghan police to take care of the job of security and if they fail, then everything will not have been worth very much at all. i was thinking of another phrase but at this particular point the u.s. government is hoping to get out with a minimum of dignity but some of it not lose and not appear to be losing in afghanistan and try to save some money. >> gregg: afghanistan could revert back to pre-9/11 conditions with the taliban? >> yes. >> and al-qaeda allowed to essentially have free rein. i want to transition to something else. one of the reasons why the other governments, especially the europeans are so reluctant to assist financially. they are facing severe economic problems which is the principal issue is at the meeting at camp david is it fair to say that the debt crisis in greece and spain
1:32 pm
and euro zone grows worse, it will have depressive effects on world economies including here in the united states? >> absolutely. that is biggest fear right now at the white house. biggest fear is that if europe collapses we will end up in some way or another paying a terrible economic price at a time the american economy is improving but still not strong enough to withstand the blows of european collapse. the president is trying to say at g-8, look, you can't do it all by austerity. you have to put money into develop the economy and struck a balance. put more money into develop your economy at the same time you continued to live with austerity. i'm not sure that is do-able proposition. so far a number of states in europe have already indicated they can't do both. so you've got to do one or the
1:33 pm
other. the president is asking them to do both. let's hope the president succeeds because if he fails at this point we all fail. >> gregg: marvin kalb, a pleasure to get your insights. >> heather: new concerns to tell you about as blind chinese dissident is hours away from arriving in the u.s. here is video of the new famous activist boarding a flight in china. he sparked a nearly month long diplomatic standoff after he escaped house arrest and sought safety at the u.s. embassy in beijing. he may be close to u.s. soil but his worries may not be over. doug mckelway is live with the latest. >> reporter: chen guangcheng and his immediate family are now over northern canada aboard united airlines flight scheduled to arrive in new york about 6:30
1:34 pm
this evening. their arrival an a positive ending to a tense diplomatic standoff that threatened to disrupt talks last month. he was taken to the beijing airport early this morning and then after his arrival he was told he was going to united states. a deputy security advisor at camp david reacted to the release of chen guangcheng. >> we welcome this development and fact he'll be able to pursue a course of study here in the united states upon his arrival. we are pleased with the efforts that have been made within our own government and by the state department and with chinese authorities with mr. chen to reach this resolution. >> reporter: we know that chen will accept the invitation to study law as a fellow at new york university law school. they quoted an official saying i'm very happy to receive the news that chen guangcheng is on his way to the u.s. i look forward to welcoming him and his family tonight and working with him on his course
1:35 pm
of study. he gained recognition for crusading for the disabled and fighting against forced abortions but he angered chinese authorities and convicted on what supporters say were fabricated charges. after serving four years he was put under house arrest which he escaped last month. he sought refuge at the u.s. embassy just before hillary clinton was there to arrive for high level talks. he also remains deeply concerned about the treatment of his extended family back home in china. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: a facebook could founder accused of unpatriotic move to avoid u.s. taxes, but now a very well known conservative commentator is coming to his defense. >> plus, a white house cabinet member booed and applauded. what this has to do over the
1:36 pm
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>>. >> gregg: fox news alert. new pictures of protestors, this is live in chicago. now, we understand this is an aerial view of the intersection of jackson and lasalle and these protestors ahead of nato summit that begins tomorrow is marching toward daly plaza. there has been arrests against three individuals that were going to use molotov cocktails that were going to be thrown at mayoral's home and campaign
1:41 pm
headquarters of president obama. a great number of protestors, how to pay for support of afghan troops beyond the american withdrawal. we'll continue to tomorrow what is happening in chicago. >> heather: protestors heckling health and human services department secretary kathleen sebelius at georgetown university. >> having spent my entire life in.... >> protestors and catholic leaders accusing kathleen sebelius and president obama to a direct challenge of religious freedoms, specifically a health care mandate to offer birth control coverage to employees. let's bring in our power panel.
1:42 pm
angela mcgowan and senteta jackson. so why the decision by georgetown. i'll begin with you deedee. >> they are catholic students. they want the expression themselves. i think it's a terrible thing. they spoke out and they were escorted out. that is all right. you are in college and you are learning. >> heather: what about georgetown. the incident to begin with? >> i think it was very wise political decision invite her. she catholic. she was raised in a roman catholic church but you have institutions that are very upset because she is impeding a rule that necessity don't believe in spiritually. i think it was a let the obama administration know how upset they are. >> this is a democracy, it's not a theocracy.
1:43 pm
while i appreciated their protests. heckling makes me a little hesitant but we have to remember as catholic university, many of these young people will have sex without marriage. they will use birth control. they will still be catholics and they will still be citizens. that is really important. >> as a part of america and freedom of choice and free will being a christian, should we force things on people. they are going to do what they do. but should taxpayers have to pay for it and should religious institutions have to pay for it. that is the problem i have. >> it's very upset to go them. it's a catholic university. >> but your religion is a matter of conscience. we're a nation of laws, that is why we separated church and state. i'm not in to forcing any institution to do what they don't want to do. i don't believe it when it comes to healthcare.
1:44 pm
either you are going to support someone and give them healthcare or you are not. >> it has nothing to do do with healthcare from a contraceptive standpoint. >> contraception for women is a medical issue. >> if it deals with, painful monthly -- >> you know, they don't agree with it. they go with the government forcing them. >> it goes against our. >> gregg: i see what you shall saying. >> it goes against my constitution with a small "c". someone that doesn't have to deal with female issues telling me what to do. i say birth control for women, you have to complete our physical health and reproductive
1:45 pm
health. >> heather: part of what she talked about in her speech there at georgetown, she talked about, invoked president kennedy, separation of church and state. she also urged graduates to weigh different views and policies and follow their own moral compasses. you you follow your moral compass when you are requiring religious hospitals and universities, you are requiring them to offer birth control coverage in your employee health care plans, how does it allow them to follow their moral com pags s? >> can it come from the government, really? >> freedom to practice your religion. if you are of religious institution the government should not force you to go against your core behavior. >> this is my issue.
1:46 pm
catholics at school, these kids are going to have sex without marriage and some will have abortions. some will not just graduate but divorce and they will still be catholics. >> but can you legislate slate moral values. >> if you can legislate slate law. >> heather: i have to wrap it. >> we have to go to our next topic. >> they shouldn't do that behavior. >> so our next topic, i'll begin with you on this one. [ laughter ] >> accused of renouncing his u.s. citizenship to skirt taxes. rush limbaugh is coming to his
1:47 pm
defense, so is he a tax refugee or did u.s. policies force his hand? >> no. i'm very upset about this. this is an immigrant who came to our country when his father who is a wealthy breathalyzerian industrialist needed safe haven. he said i want my son to be safe. he comes to this country. he goes to our finest schools. that is where he meets mark zuckerberg. you back billionaire and he leaves? no, he was not stateless when he needed protection. >> he lived the american dream. >> he is living it. >> do we have some policies here that i don't like that actually cause businesses to go across the overseas to do their businesses for cheaper labor? yes, but he has renounced his citizenship. >> he gave up his u.s.
1:48 pm
citizenship last year. he currently does live in singapore. so this isn't something that just happened. >> he was planning it. >> he runs? it's just terrible. it's unpatriotic. i think rush limbaugh is wrong. i'm not sure why he went there. >> to say that the obama policies are so bad. kid makes the american dream and now goes away. >> this is about patriotism and not about politics. this is american issues. if there is a time we need to lower our corporate taxes. we have the highest corporate taxes, i think we are number one. that needs to change immediately so we have a good environment for business. >> when you live the american dream you should give back. >> heather: on that noted, we'll be right back after a quick break. coming up next, who is happier, stay-at-home moms or people that
1:49 pm
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>>. >> gregg: fox news alert to tell you about.
1:53 pm
tropical storm alberto first name storm of the season is about 140 miles east-southeast of charleston, south carolina. if you are in the carolinas or heading down there, you wanted to keep an eye on this. we don't have any word whether it poses a danger but it is first tropical storm. so just about anything can happen. we'll get you details as we receive them. >> heather: thank you, gregg. a new gallup poll suggests that stay-at-home moms may be more unhappy than employed moms. mothers that work inside the home they feel negative emotions feel worry and sadness more. our power panel is back. is this really a supplies to a lot of folks? >> i don't know how they do it. i don't have children, but this is what i do, i take children
1:54 pm
from other folks, give them lots of sugar. [ laughter ] >> give them anything i want and give them back. it's a 24-hour job. >> i'm amazed and awed at mothers. >> we wouldn't be here and i thought the feminist movement. i think it's one of the most important. moms take care of these babies because it's an important job. >> of course, my mother is here today. give a shout out for her. she took a lot of heat for that. remind you, she did not have the resources of ann romney. i defended her because many of us do not appreciate that. i do believe that hilary rosen was trying to say that a lot 6 mothers don't have enough resources and i don't mean just financial resources, but the
1:55 pm
spiritual resources because if we do not pay the foster profession what we pay -- the softer profession. >> the nurturing of kids. >> you know, i defer to my wife ann when it comes to those economic issues or certain issues that impact women. she was trying to denounce him that he didn't have any policy advisors except for ann romney. >> a regular job we can take over and run over 5:00 and we're done for the day. with mothers it was 24/7, morning noon and night. you are never off. >> that is tough job emotionally. >> another part of the study, mothers that were not employed cited more stress. they said they felt stress yesterday compared to 48% woman
1:56 pm
that work outside the home. i don't find that surprising. >> the mother gets all the blame if something going wrong, very little of the credit. so you know, i hope we can begin to appreciate the role. >> and maybe something else. >> heather: we have to go. sorry to cut you off. sthout shout out to my mom as well. >> gregg: we'll have the latest on tropical storm that is in the south and the chicago protestors converging on the home of the mayor there. stick around for that. nato summit begins tomorrow. we'll be right back. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
>> heather: hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour, three nato protesters charged with terrorism. the men allegedly plotting an attack ahead of the 60-nation summit. wait 'til you hear who and what they were targeting. >> heather: and he begged the u.s. for help and now the blind chinese actives who escaped house arrest is on his way out. we've got his plans once he lands in america. >> gregg: and no end in sight. dozens of wildfires burning across several states. why experts believe this could be one of the worst fire seasons
2:01 pm
in years. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert. right now we are waiting for president obama, expected to make a statement this hour, closing the g8 summit. he's might meting with world leaders at camp david seeking solutions to developing problems like iran, syria and the economy. end ago short while ago, we will bring you the president's remarks and any developments as they happen. >> gregg: from the g8 to nato, the president is heading to yet another international summit after leaving camp david. going to be flying straight to chicago where nato plans to map out an exit strategy from afghanistan. hundreds of demonstrators are marching through the streets of chicago. police are on high alert. the summit will feature delegations from about 60 countries, including 50 heads of state. topping nato's agenda,
2:02 pm
developing a plan on how to pay for the war. ed henry awaiting the president's arrival. steve brown is covering the protests. let's begin with ed henry. ed, what can you tell us about this? >> what's interesting, this is the power of incumbency. the president getting a chance to flex his muscles. tomorrow and monday, chance for him to talk about these important security issues like afghanistan. these trying to keep the coalition together. the new french president is saying he wants to pull out french troops two years early. they've got to try and finish that mission, but then of course, the real story that dominated the entire weekend, both summits really just 'cause of the conversation between president obama, european leaders and others, is european debt crisis. we see it weighing down the u.s. economy. the session president obama was having with the other leaders went more than an hour and 20 minutes longer than expected
2:03 pm
when they were talking about the debt crisis and the president added a surprise one on one with the german chancellor, merkel. that's because she's been taking a hard line on austerity measures. president obama and other leaders want to see some spending among the european governments as well to get the economies going. the president earlier talking about some balance. >> all of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both growth and stability and fiscal consolidation are part of a overall package that all of us have to pursue in order to achieve the kind of prosperity for our citizens that we are looking for. >> we see some similarities to what's happening in europe to what's going on in the debt crisis in the u.s. battle the president is having with republican speaker john boehner says he won't raise the debt ceiling later this year unless the president puts spending cuts on the table. the bottom line is, that battle is looming after the election.
2:04 pm
the president has to get reelected before that plays out a. huge factor in that reelection battle is going to be this european debt crisis and what kind of impact it has here on the american economy, gregg? >> gregg: all right. ed henry live in chicago. thanks very much. >> heather: we are getting new details on the three nato protesters arrested in chicago on terror charges. prosecutors claim they were plotting attacks on high profile targets using molotov cocktails. one of them being president obama's campaign headquarters. steve brown live in chicago for us. steve, do the police or the prosecutors say what the motivation may have been behind this alleged plot? >> speakly no. but the prosecutor did paint a picture of them being anarchists and belonging to an anarchist group. the three have all been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, material support for terrorism and poe something of explosive devices. these are state charges, not
2:05 pm
federal. they were picked up wednesday night in the bridgewood section of chicago on the south side. federal informants working with police sparked a raid at a residence there, confiscate kateed were weaponed and newly purchased gasoline for use in molotov cocktails. >> the individuals that we have charged in this investigation are not peaceful protesters. they are domestic terrorists who came to chicago with an anarchist agenda to harm our police officers and intimidate our citizens, and to attack targets. >> among the targets alleged by the prosecutor's office and police were the obama campaign headquarters, the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel, and various police stations around the city. heather? >> heather: all right. thank you very much. by the way, we understand that the three accused have attorneys. what are they saying about the charges? >> the attorneys flatly deny that absolutely anything that
2:06 pm
the prosecution is saying about these three men is true, other than they got the names right and that they've been charged with these particular crimes. and asked what the motivation potentially would be for police to trump up charges this large, this was the attorney's response. >> to discredit protesters that come to the city and to make it seem like the police are under attack when people are peacefully protesting. >> now, we do know that the police have been getting ready here for months and have been working hand in glove with a number of different agencies, both state and federal. and that counter intelligence is a key component of getting ready for these big events and it does look like it was at work here again. again, they had federal informants working with the chicago police to ferret out what they say is this plot. heather? >> heather: thank you, steve brown reporting live for us. thanks. gregg? >> gregg: the naacp is wading into the gay marriage debate. the civil rights organization reloosing a resolution
2:07 pm
supporting marriage equality. in a statement today, the organization's president and ceo said, and i quote, civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. the naacp's support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection for all people. >> heather: we are following a breaking story for you out of georgia. six school buses crashing on a georgia interstate, injure 51:00 people. they were on their way to a theme park taking students from the burke county middle school in wanes burrough to six flags. it happened on interstate 20, according to police, traffic was slow on the road because of a lane closure. that's with one bus rear-ended another, setting off a chain reaction. >> gregg: overseas, a horrific school bombing to tell you about. a teenage girl was killed and at
2:08 pm
least seven classmates in southern italy were wounded. the bomb going off outside a high school this morning as students were arriving for class. the school in question was named after the murdered wife of an anti-mafia prosecutor. no immediate claim of responsibility. it's unclear if organized crime had any link to that attack. >> heather: a string of massive wildfires burning out of control in the western u.s. right now, charring tracks of land in california, utah, arizona, and colorado. so far few structures have been threatened, but the number of fires is growing and experts say this could be the beginning of one of the worst fire seasons in years. adam house israeli live in los angeles with details. hi, adam. >> hi. yeah, the worry that it could be a big fire season here because we had a couple of years, at least in california, of heavy rains and this year, a dry year. you add to that arizona and new mexico that had a couple of dry
2:09 pm
years in a row and firefighters are worried about what they could be facing, especially since we've seen a couple of large fires already, including the one in colorado. we'll start there. near fort collins, colorado. started burning this week up into the hills, are threatening homes. there are hundreds of firefighters on the ground. they have aerial attack as well. you can see the terrain is difficult. a lot of pine, a lot of high altitude, a lot of steep climbs and rocks to get to some of these flames. you can't get to them as the fire continues to burn. evacuees say while it's beautiful in those location, there is always this danger of wildfires. take a listen. >> just have to deal with it. it's beautiful up here, new comes with the territory. >> it's scary because we have friends, neighbors. this is a tight community right here and i'm worried. i'm really worried about it. >> the same type of comments you'll hear from people
2:10 pm
throughout parts of the west, including this part of arizona near presscot. the fire continues to burn of the while it's been burning incredibly fast because of winds in recent days, the good news is the winds have died down. that's allowed firefighters to get they say a better chance on getting a handle on it. still officially 10% contained, but they are much happier with the possibility that they have a better grasp on it by the end of the day. we had a hearing from people out of there about how difficult the fire conditions are. here in california, we are talking with california fire officials about what they're worried about in the coming season. take a listen. >> our focus right now is to make sure that both our equipment and our people are prepared for whatever comes to us this summer. with two relatively quiet years, we want to make sure our folks are keyed in to being safe in the fire line, to fight the fire aggressively, but make sure they're watching out for themselves and the safety of the public as they do that.
2:11 pm
>> the other fires in california, it was burning down by the border with mexico. firefighters are happy with the handle they have on it. in utah and in new mexico, cooler temperatures and rain is forecast in helping firefighters there. again, this hour, everyone is watching the big fire in northern arizona and the fire also in colorado. >> heather: thank you very much, adam housley reporting live for us. we appreciate the update. >> gregg: extreme weather alert. we're tracking a tropical storm called albert doss. the first named storm of the season. there you see it. about 140 miles east southeast of charleston, south carolina. we're also tracking a system that could bring severe storms across the central and northern plains states. large hail, damaging winds, likely from north texas all the way up to southern minnesota and a few tornadoes are possible here, especially across the state of kansas as well as nebraska. so we're keeping a very close eye on both of these storm
2:12 pm
systems for you. >> heather: brand-new private rocket bound for the international space station is stuck on earth. the launch in florida canceled at the last second this morning because of technical difficulties. space x falcon 9 was scheduled to make a delivery to the international space station. it was the first launch attempt by a private company and the earliest to relaunch scheduled for tuesday. >> gregg: it is armed forces day, when we honor the brave men and women ho serve our nation, past, present and future. this week at fort carson in colorado, a very big welcome home for 300 of our soldiers returning from war. rachel from our fox affiliate, kxrm has the report. >> a party in the middle of the night welcomes home 100 soldiers from afghanistan. their arrival long awaited by many.
2:13 pm
>> i'm here it see my husband, mike, who has been gone for a whole entire year to afghanistan. this is literally the best day of my life. >> rick: her husband, first lieutenant michael perry, deployed three weeks after their wedding last spring. the couple now looking forward to spending time as husband and wife. >> it's been a really long year and i'm so happy it's over. i'm so happy. >> right now i'm just very, very, very excited to be home, very elated and going home to relax, you know. >> a few hours later, another group of 200 soldiers arrive at the post. the scene similar to the last, complete with hugs, kisses and lots of tears. >> we drove from new york, 2,000 miles to be here. we would never miss it for the world. >> angela and her family came to the united states 30 years ago for freedom. the main reason she's so proud of her son, his service and sacrifice. >> thank you, soldiers, that you give us freedom. that's america all about. we love america. >> gregg: what a nice story.
2:14 pm
thanks to rachel from our fox affiliate in fort carson, colorado. >> heather: while many of those military families celebrated with their soldiers as they landed, one colorado dad turned his homecoming into a real surprise for his two little girls. sergeant first class bernard johnson, take a look, sneaking up on his daughters in band class. the girls had no idea their father. actually, he returned in the middle of the night while they were sleeping. he was home in the morning, but he was hiding in the house while the girls got ready and left for school. >> gregg: they didn't know it. look how surprised they were. >> heather: but they do now. no doubt they're celebrating. >> gregg: i bet they suspended band practice for a little while there and everybody was happy about that. >> heather: or maybe they played a special song for him. thank you o all of those armed service members today. >> gregg: absolutely. we appreciate your service and sacrifice. all right. after seven years of prison and house arrest in china, a legal activist and his family are on their way to america.
2:15 pm
new details on the political intrigue and reaction from washington. >> heather: and the olympic flame beginning its final leg to the games in london. the torch attracting big crowds as it lands on british soil. the latest details just ahead. >> gregg: governor romney facing a blue wall in the electoral college. here is the question: maybe it should be light blue or even yellow. how solid is it? we're going to debate that fair and balanced, coming up next [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the head leans. big protests underway in chicago ahead of tomorrow's nato summit. meanwhile, into enappearing in court on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism there. investigators say the suspects were trying to make molotov cocktails. and the olympic flame is now on british soil. a torch relay kicking off this morning. it ends 70 days from now when they light the cauldron to start the summer games in london. the preakness set for today. it's the second jewel in the horse racing triple crown. the question is, will the horse
2:20 pm
called i'll have another have another? >> heather: we shall see. you are at america's election headquarters and right now president obama is leading in the race for electoral college votes. that is according to real clear politics, which averages several major polls in each state. take a look. governor romney is facing a so-called blue wall along the west coast, northeast and upper midwest. states that democrats can count on with a large number of electoral votes. how solid is that wall? that is the question. so let's bring in republican pollster adam goaler, founder and ceo of national research up coppedded and jemu green, fox news contributor as well. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> heather: so let's talk about this so-called blue wall or as greg referenced before he weapon
2:21 pm
inspector to the break, he said should it really be yellow? which makes a lot of sense because that would be a combination of red and blue if you know your color scheme. this so-called blue wall includes 11 states from maryland to maine, except new hampshire, which is a toss-up right now. plus nevada, michigan, minnesota, illinois and hawaii, plus district of columbia. that's the question. is this something that governor romney could penetrate or does it even really matter? i'll begin with you, adam. >> the answer is it doesn't matter at all. of course there is a blue wall. there has always been a blue wall. there will always be a blue wall. go back to 2004, these are states that john kerry won in 2004. the real name of the game are the swing states. here is what we want to look at. take a look at the states that george bush won in 2004 that barak obama won in 2008. those are the true swing states. some are indiana, florida, indiana, so forth. that's where this is going to be decided. this blue wall, northeast, the
2:22 pm
coastal west, i mean, anything could happen, but that's not where most of the smart money says the obama campaign -- or the romney campaign will be did she. >> heather: republicans faired well in 1988. since 1992, they haven't had a chance. jehmu? >> exactly. for a 20 year period, there were political operators and journalists talking about the impenetrable lock that republicans had on the white house because of the electoral college map. clearly -- it wasn't inpenetrable because starting with am president clinton in 1992, that's when you see the strength of the blue wall, states like california move over to the democratic camp. so on one hand, yes, nothing is ever going to be permanent in politics and perhaps a republican can break through this blue wall. it may not be governor romney because i think that in many ways in the republican primary,
2:23 pm
he boxed himself out from many of the voters that make up the voting coalitions in these states from the more educated, more minority populations, large immigrant populations. he's kind of boxed himself out. we've seen they may make a play in wisconsin and karl rove, super pac indicated they will spend a lot of money in wisconsin. they think maybe they may make a play in michigan, but i think it's a better strategy for him to go after those nine states that obama brought over to the democratic column that he has to win. going -- >> the republicans have really been able to, with some exceptions, run the table for the last generation presidentially going back to ronald reagan, with the exception -- you could go to jimmy carter after watergate. there is a map and it has a very little to do with the blue wall
2:24 pm
states. it has a lot to do with the swing states. ohio, florida, new hampshire, which could be a critical state. it's only four electoral votes, but you can deny barak obama 270 by the republicans winning new hampshire. >> heather: i want to talk about the electoral college. as we've seen in many elections in the past, the candidate who wins the popular vote doesn't always win the electoral vote. ask al gore in 2000. real clear politics say if the election were held today, the president would have 243 electoral votes. governor romney would have 170 electoral votes with 125 as toss-ups. so how does president obama win over those states that are still leaning? the same for governor remain knee? >> heather: because you need 270. >> you need 270. so the way that mitt romney would go about it, and i'll let
2:25 pm
jehmu talk about the obama strategy. here is the deal, i mean -- >> heather: leaningleaning and s to-ups. >> it's very simple. you got to win florida and ohio. you've got to contest some of these states that have flipped. pennsylvania, barak obama won by ten percentage points. his job approval rating has consistently gone down. they've elected a republican senator. you can perhaps contest pennsylvania. perhaps certainly contest north carolina and some of these other states. and really honestly, you come back to new hampshire, that could be a big huge deal at the end of it. >> heather: you mentioned florida. 29 electoral votes. >> for sure. >> i think the obama campaign has several different paths that have been laid out particularly by jim messina. if obama keeps the 2004 blue wall states that john kerry won, all he has to do is pick up florida. that's win. or another path is he can go the western state route, colorado, new mexico, now arizona is in play. western states is another path. he can go just the route of
2:26 pm
winning ohio. there are several different ways that will solidify the 270 votes needed if he is able to maintain the blue wall. that's why i think it's important that you see some of the romney folks thinking they can go after wisconsin and after michigan. but again, the republican party, their base has shrunk when it comes to electoral college votes and democrat, it's grown because of these 18 states. >> heather: but they were including north carolina. not so sure about north carolina now. >> north carolina is down for obama and the problem is, when you look at the gallup polling of his economics. you just are to win 50 states and you'll be president. >> heather: on that note -- >> democrats have registered more people. you can't discount it. >> heather: of two wrap it up. thank you so much. you're right t does come down to the numbers. 270. that's what you have to win.
2:27 pm
thank you very much. gregg? >> gregg: the obama campaign now ramping up its fight against a series of new voter i.d. laws passed in 17 states. why it claims these laws could hurt young and minority voters all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day!
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so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> gregg: it is bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. president obama addressing the g8 summit at camp david today. the talks focusing on the european debt crisis that is threatening the global economy. >> heather: and britain celebrating its queen, the royal military paraded past windsor castle. part of the diamond jubilee, celebration of queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. >> gregg: if you happen to live in the western united states, you are in for a real treat tomorrow. a solar eclipse. that's right. the moon will slide across the sun, creating a ring of fire. do not, however, look at it with
2:32 pm
the naked eye. you would need eye protection for that. you don't want to damage your eyes. >> heather: weeks of diplomatic wrangling between the u.s. and china bearing fruit. chen guangchen and his immediate family are now on their way to america. they departed beijing on a commercial flight earlier today and they're expected to arrive in newark, new jersey this evening. doug mckelway is live with the latest. >> hi. united flight 88 should be nearing final approach to newark airport at any time now. it is unclear whether chen guangchen will make any kind of a statement upon his arrival. learned from a statement at new york university law school he will take up the offer to study law there. it's not known when his studies will commence. it was not until this morning when chen was taken to the beijing airport bikini authorities that he was told where he was going. he, his wife and two children were provided passports there
2:33 pm
and u.s. government provided expedited visas. this afternoon, deputy national security advisor, ben rhodes commented on the release of chen guangchen. >> i think there was good work done by the state department in this instance and the white house fully supported those efforts and we're pleased that this was able to reach a resolution. >> reaction also coming in from capitol hill. representative chris smith of new jersey issue ago statement late today that reads, quote, after years of enduring physical and psychological torture, imprisonment and hate, the man, chen guangchen, who defended chinese women from the crime of forced abortion, is finally free, smith said. america welcomes this extraordinary family with open arms. he gained recognition for crusading for the disabled and fighting against forced abortions in his rural chinese community. he angered chinese authorities and convicted in 2006 on what his supporters say were fabricated charges afterer then put under house arrest from
2:34 pm
which he escaped last month and again, he should be landing within the hour. heather, back to you. >> heather: thank you very much, doug, reporting live from washington. thank you. >> gregg: there is certainly been a tremendous build-up to the nato summit in chicago this week. is it sort of media hype? liz trotta is a fox news contributor and joins with us her commentary. hi. >> good afternoon, gregg. not since 1952 when a.j.lebling of the new yorker wrote chicago second city, has there been this much con sternation about an event in chicago. this is full of hype and but it is a lot of other things, but not a story. the only story as far as the media goes really is if the protests get large enough and if they get out of hand, then it's a very big story. of course, everybody hark back to the riots in 1968.
2:35 pm
generally speaking, whatever goes on, it's certainly not going to do anything to advance the cause of how we get out of afghanistan and how much all of the nato partners are willing to pony up so that that will be possible. so it is in the words of john cass, a columnist for the chicago tribune whom i love, he says obama and rahm emanuel, mayor of chicago, are going to hold the big nato summit that no one wants except them. >> gregg: listen, let me play devil's advocate. i was talking to marvin calvo about this. there's a lot at stake here. we're talking about the money to finance the afghan security forces, so that they can control their country and prevent the taliban from regrouping, rebuilding, and taking over afghanistan, which would be tragic given the costly war in terms of human life, not to
2:36 pm
mention financial sacrifice that taxpayer high school to make. and this is top of the agenda, paying for that security post 2014. >> none of that will get solved at the nato summit tomorrow. >> gregg: pending twisting arms. >> let me give you an example of how nato, which is controlling all reporters, all cameras, you can't get anywhere without a nato minder with you. they put out a videotape on their in-house network, which is accessible on the internet, of course, this is a couple of weeks ago, in which was a sort of a promotion to all the members of nato to what chicago really is and they got a couple of things wrong. let's hear just a little bit of it. >> i'm sorry. the leaders of the member nations of the organization created by the 1949 washington treaty will meet in the capitol of illinois this time.
2:37 pm
>> whoops. americans are being told they have no cultural sensitivity to other countries. but this is really something. nato comes to chicago and calls it the capital of illinois. i guess they never heard of springfield. that same tape also says that obama grew up in chicago. this is the city he grew up in. i wonder what happened in indonesia and hawaii? best of all, their comments about mccormack place, which is named after the great chicago tribune baron, colonel robert mccormack, the tape says it's created by the legendary founder of the chicago trick, colonel mccormack. it was named after him, but it wasn't created -- the chicago tribune certainly wasn't found by him as an alumna of the chicago tribune, i feel particularly peeked by this. the tribune was founded in 1847.
2:38 pm
so what do you think that they'd get something right if that's their owning bit coming to america? >> gregg: they got one fact right. mrs. o'leary's cow kicked over the can in the barn. >> heather: right now we are waiting president obama. he is about to make a statement wrapping up the g8 summit at camp david. we will have his remarks live after a quick break. so stay with us [ captain ] sorry folks, our landing time got moved back another hour.
2:39 pm
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>> heather: fox news alert. president obama about to make a statement at camp david following the g8 summit. after the statement, the president will be holding a bilateral meeting with german chancellor merkel. she is staying behind after the other leaders head home, or head to chicago for the nato summit. the president and the chancellor will be talking one on one about europe's debt crisis and germany's demands for strict austerity measures. we will have the president's
2:43 pm
statement live when it gets underway, along with any other developments. stay tuned for that. gregg? >> gregg: there is a new twist in the nfl bounty scandal involving the new orleans saints. linebacker jonathan vilma has been suspended for the entire 2012 season for his alleged role in the saints' bounty program which purportedly doled out cash for taking out other team's star players. now vilma, get this, is suing the nfl commissioner, roger goodell, claiming goodell made false statements that hurt vilma's reputation and hindered his ability to earn a living. joining me, judge gentleman mean pirro, host of "justice." i needed some comedy, so i read vilma -- >> so you called me up? >> gregg: i read the lawsuit. it's true comedy. >> why? why is it a joke. >> gregg: first of all, is it a defense and goodell hired one of
2:44 pm
the best former top federal prosecutors to conduct a thorough investigation, comes up with documentation that incriminates the team, multiple independent witnesses. you can not possibly win a defamation lawsuit against goodell. >> wow. here is the issue. the issue, because vilma is a public figure, the issue is that goodell, when he issued these statements that are clearly devastate to go vilma's career and to his ability to make money, did he know what's saying was wrong? and was there actual malice in his statement? now, here is the thing, when he comes out and says -- you and i cannot disagree on this -- defensive captain, i have a lawsuit here as well, jonathan vilma offered $10,000 to any player who knocked brett favre out of the nfc championship game in 2010. now, if that's true, that is actionable. you and i both know it. here is what's going on. vilma is trying to get discovery it find out who his teammates ratted him out and once he does
2:45 pm
that, then he knows that there is no way because do you think someone tape record this? do you think that there is, other than someone ratting him out, what other forensic evidence might there be? >> gregg: as long as roger goodell has a reasonable basis for believing that his, goodell's statements are true about vilma, there is no defamation here. you point out correctly, you have to prove actionable malice. what does that mean? it means that goodell knew the statements were false or acted in wreckless disregard. jeanine, you have already got three people on the team, including the head coach who have issued written apologies -- >> you see, you are absolutely right with that, gregg. i always say a smart guy. you've got the written apologies. you've got the fact that you've got a federal prosecutor brought in to review -- >> gregg: one of the best. >> and what you've also got is the fact that these people,
2:46 pm
forensically apparently did an analysis that on the video, they could show that if this person's intent was to knock this person out, it appears that that was a movement. so now the question is, why would he sue? and he's suing, gregg, if you'll notice in federal court. the issue is aren't they under the collective bargaining agreement and with the nfl and the nfl players association bound to have this decided by an arbitrator and not in federal court? >> gregg: my guess is that defamation would fall outside the collective bargaining. >> no. you know why? it's relevant to his job as a football player and that's why the nfl will argue move to dismiss this out of federal court. they have no jurisdiction, and it belongs in the players' agreement under the collective bargaining agreement with the arbitrator. so we'll see. there is an argument to be made on both sides. but at the enof the take, vilma loses because you don't sue original goodell and think you'll have any future in the nfl. >> gregg: vilma insists he's
2:47 pm
innocent of any involvement in the bounty program. that's utterly irrelevant. you've got to show goodell knew vilma was innocent and there is a plethora of evidence to suggest he knew otherwise. >> well, there is a plethora of evidence that suggests otherwise, but at the same time, what he's going to get is a discovery. he's going to get that evidence -- >> gregg: the judge is going to kick it throw the case out on a motion to dismiss. >> by the nfl of the then does it go back to the arbitration and does roger goodell, if he appeals the one year of suspension, does he get to decide on the appeal of the one year suspension? a nightmare. >> gregg: maybe it will be a summary judgment. it's not gog get in front of a jury. no way. >> i agree. we agree on that. >> gregg: perfect. >> one thing. >> gregg: there's a couple of things. >> that's right. >> gregg: you can either agree or disagree when you catch "justice" with judge jeanine at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. okay.
2:48 pm
heather? >> heather: love the two of you when you go back and forth. coming up, the race for the white house now heating up with president obama and governor mitt romney attacking each other's economic credentials. we've got some brand-new polls up next. [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. hend i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer.
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>> heather: more evidence that this presidential race is anybody's contest. >> gregg: last weekend at this time, rasmussen reports daily presidential tracking poll had governor mitt romney leading. >> heather: and today president obama ahead by one. making the race for the white house a dead heat. independent pollster scott rasmussen, author of "the people's money" and he joins us now with a little bit more insight. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> heather, great to be here. >> heather: what do you think the difference is? what's making the difference between last weekend and this weekend? >> to begin with, it's not a huge difference. both candidates have been in the mid- to upper 40s for quite a while now. right now, president obama is kind of at the top of his range. mitt romney is down a little bit. but overall, with a couple of exceptions, last week earlier, a week and a half ago, mitt romney had a little lead. but ultimately it comes down to the economy.
2:53 pm
i got to tell you, the president is talking about european issues right now. americans do think that what's happening in europe is hurting our economy, which will hurt the president's prospects. but most americans also believe that our economic troubles are the result of u.s. economic policies and not somebody else's fault. >> gregg: a lot of people blame wall street and that's a very populist point of view. the president, of course, has been scathing in his invectives toward the financial services industry and now we've got jp morgan chase in this $2 billion blunder that i would guess you can multiply by 2 or 4. how do americans feel about it? >> in terms of the general attitude towards wall street, seven out of ten think the government has not been aggressive enough in pursuing criminal prosecutions against major wall street figures. they think somebody did something illegal in there. i'm not sure you can tie it directly to what's happening with jp morgan. confidence of the stability of the banking system is unchanged from before and after that
2:54 pm
story. but there is a belief that we have a system, almost a legalized extortion in our political process and that somehow all that money that went out on bailouts went to the very people who created the problem. people are fed up with it. >> heather: speak of that, the same percentage amount, 71%, they now believe that no bank is too big to fail? >> that's right. they think if a bach can't pay its bills, let it go out of business. doesn't matter how big it is. i know that this is an issue that was discussed back in 2008. we do have deposit insurance so that smaller depositors and good size deposit railroads protected. but people think that if a bank goes out of business, their officers should be fired. they shouldn't get to keep their jobs, especially if taxpayers are bailing them out. >> gregg: the so-called misery index is sort of a multiple or combination of everything from unemployment to interest rates and importantly, inflation. a loft folks say, well, we're not as miserable because
2:55 pm
inflation isn't so bad. well, tell that to the average consumer. you looked into that. what did you find? >> 88% say they're paying more for groceries now than they did a year ago. 70% expect to be paying more next year at this time. it's true. the overall inflation rate has gone up a couple of points in the last year. it's been offset a little bit by some declining prices recently at the gas pumps. people are concerned and a majority of americans do not have confidence that the fed can control inflation. i hope they're wrong. but this is one of those economic indicators that sometimes sneaks up on people and then it's very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. >> heather: so people are paying more for things like groceries, but there is some good news. apparently people don't quite owe as much. >> 40% tell us they owe less than they did a year ago. that's the highest we have ever measured. people have been cutting back. they have more power to control their own financial system as consumers and as savers than they coo as voters. so they're taking action where
2:56 pm
they can and it may be cutting back on sales in the short-term, but it is getting people in a little firmer footing in their personal financial situations. >> gregg: you know, one wishes that perhaps was a reflection of the federal government that has increased the deficit by trillions of dollars. thanks so much, scott rasmussen. always great to talk to you. have a great day. >> thank you, you, too. >> heather: thank you, scott. we appreciate it. >> gregg: stay tuned for the president's statement. it will be momentarily from camp david. he's been meeting with the g8 nations there. top of their agenda, what to do about the eurozone and the crisis, the economic crisis in several of the countries there, greece and spain of the that's going to do it for us. >> heather: we will carry that for you live. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. we'll see you tomorrow. right? >> gregg: right, 4:00 o'clock. >> heather: bye-bye most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy.
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