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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 20, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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nearly three years after he was released from prison, abdel basset al-megrahi has died in libya. in his homeland, he was treated like a hero, not a terrorist that was convicted. take a look at the pictures. remember when he was celebrated had he arrived home in libya in 2009? that sparked outrage around the world. good morning and welcome. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. when he was released from prison 3 years ago, doctors gave abdel basset al-megrahi only 3 months to live, saying he was suffering from terminal prostate cancer. well, those months stretched into years and there was the contentious controversy over why he was released in the first place. steve centanni has the latest from washington. >> reporter: hi, eric. his brother confirming the news, along with other sources in tripoli, in contact with the family. abdel basset al-megrahi was diagnosed with terminal canckener 2009 and was released
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from jail in scotland, only to receive the hero's welcome in libya. this caused heartache and outrage. the brother of one man who died in that crash, reacted this way. >> i'm very pleased. you were talking to me back in 2009, when he was released by the scottish government, that was the most angry i have been in this 24-year saga. no matter what we do, no matter what the families receive in compensation, it will never compensate for the loss and the way that these innocent people had their lives taken away from them. >> reporter: that flight went down in december of 1988, killing all on board and 11 people on the ground in lockerbie, scotland. it was one of the deadliest terror attacks in modern history. many of the passengers were american, many of them college students.
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muammar al-qaddafi gave him over for trial. two co-defendants were acquitted. qaddafi normalized international relations after he was handed over. abdel basset al-megrahi was a libyan intelligence agent in qaddafi's rule. and the national transitional council, which rules libya says it will work with the scottish government over the possible involvement of others in the attack, as they scramble to distance themselves from the bombing. >> eric: thank you. as you heard in steve's report, the death bringing back memories for the families of those who were killed on pan am flight 103 bert amerman will join us with his outspoken view, later on in this program. >> jamie: another story that is developing this hour. take a look at the live pictures. these are the streets of chicago, where today's nato summit gets underway.
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they are expecting very large crowds. president obama set to arrive at the summit any moment. both the president and the first lady landing in chicago late last night. there they are. president obama will hold his first meeting, according to the schedule, with the president of afghanistan, hamidkarzai. ed henry traveling with the president, joining us live from chicago. ed, what else can we expect? >> reporter: well, great to see you, jamie. what is interesting, this is a chance to show off the power of incumbency in an election year, the president flexing his muscles on the world stage here at the nato summit yesterday, at the g-8 summit. but the down side is the tough issues have you to grapple with, starting with afghanistan. later this hour, the president sitting down for his first real business here, sitting down with hamidkarzai. so much trouble in terms of the corruption in afghanistan, inside karzai's government, the u.s. and ally, pushing for him
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to reform that. and a coalition to finish the mission. the new french president is pulling his troops out of afghanistan, two years earlier than expected. so the president will be doling with all of that. but yesterday, at camp david, to give you an idea of the intensity of the discussions there about the otherig issue here, the european debt crisis. the leaders went an hour and 20 minutes longer than expected, discussing all of this. afterward, the president said, they don't have a solution but they are pushing forward. >> growth and jobs must be our top priority. a stable, growing european economy is in everybody's best interest, including america's. >> reporter: easier said than done, you have the german chancellor pushing for austerity and the french president has been saying no. europe spending its way out of the crisis, but that could backfire because of the spending troubles they have. a mirror of what we are seeing
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here. the president clashing with republican speaker john boehner about raising the debt ceiling. boehner demanding spending cuts first. all of this on the backdrop of the u.s. election. the european debt crisis, a huge wildcard. >> jamie: just beginning the reporting today as the talks continue. thank you, ed. >> eric: we are expect dog see some very large crowds of protesters in chicago today. there have been a few arrests. we go to chicago and steve brown with the latest on what is going on on the ground. hi, steve. >> reporter: hey, there. yeah, the biggest demonstration we believe will be taking place in a week of demonstration. last night, a sebastian senate cabinet, police say they arrested him and charged him with one count of terrorism, making a false threat, connected to a plan to assemble a fire bomb, a molotov cocktail and use that in one of the
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demonstrations here. also, last night, there were demonstrations in the street, none of them scheduled, impromptu and there were a handful of arrests, but a small handful of arrest, as the protests, generally speaking went through the financially commercial sections of the city of chicago and then onward, south. later today, you will see this area, the grant park fill up. they are starting to set up for a large rally and march thru the street. this is the only march through the street that has a permit to march thru the street. later on, after hearing from a number of speakers, including reverend jack del jesse jacksony will get near to where the summit is taking place. it is expected to a number of u.s. military veterans who have served in recent conflicts and nato campaigns will be discarding the service ribbons and medals that they may have
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earned in their view, they are trying to bring attention to folks here in the country and around the world that they are not supportive of military action or nato's military tendencies, obviously this is a military alliance. so we are going to hear a lot of anti-war/pro-peace stuff here in what seems to be -- is touted to be the largest rally of the week of rallies. >> eric: all right, steve. i know you will be there all day and bring us the latest. steve brown in chicago. we will be following the nato meetings and the protests through the the day here and will bring you any breaking details as they happen. >> jamie: there is a major diplomatic effort underway that continues to try to stop iran from producing nuclear weapons. in fact, the chief of the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency heads to iran, trying to make a deal to allow him to inspect suspected weapons sites that have not been seen. on wednesday, members of the
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security council will sit down with iranian leaders in baghdad. but still, given all of this, israeli's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu doubts iran will take the talks seriously. let's bring in now the former chief of staff to benjamin netanyahu. welcome, sir. thank you for joining us. >> great to be on the show. >> jamie: there is a slight delay. let me ask you, you have the meetings in baghdad coming up. you have the potential for further inspections as early as today. are we making progress against the rogue nation? >> unfortunately, we are not. the words spoken in turkey and in baghdad are doing absolutely nothing to slow down the race of iran to acquire nuclear weapons. you know, just over the past few months, iran has tripled the pace of high-grade uranium
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enrichment. it is rapidly moving facilities underground. it is testing a neutron generator and at the same time, the international community is talking and talking and talking. it's time to put down a plausible threat and tell iran: you dismantle the uranium enrichment and take the uranium out of iran or we mean business. and that's just not happening. >> jamie: what options are on the table from israel's perspective? >> well, you know, it is no secret that israel has put all the options on the table. sometimes it seems that international community is more focused on stopping israel from protecting itself than stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. but israel is prepared to take any action necessary. you know, i myself served and still serve in a highly trained commando why you want. i have led soldiers behind enemy lines many times. viseen combat.
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i have lost friends. we dont want war. but when i look at the alternative -- that's a nightmare of a nuclear iran with nuclear warhead missiles that could reach paris, madrid and tel aviv -- that is no option. so if we need to act, we will act. >> jamie: it sounds like you would be willing even to be a part of that mission, if it came to that. and if you were willing to be, what would you like to know that the united states is willing to do? >> you know, israel has never asked the united states to fight its war, never. we have asked for help, for financial support. but we have never asked for an american soldier to fight our war. this is a global war. what we want is backing from the united states to know that you will be there for us. you know, the attack alone is know enough. it has to be coupled with paralyzed sanctions that tell
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iran you have to stop enriching uranium. they have over 130 kilograms of high-grade uranium. and these guys are telling us day in and day out, we will destroy you, we will annihilate you, so we need america to be with us. >> jamie: that's the uranium enrichment that we may know i know you have grave perspective. thank you for sharing your perspective today. >> thank you very much. >> eric: polls show the race between president obama and governor romney is tightening. the latest average shows the president's lead is less than 2 points. some political watchers say the obama campaign could be further ahead if not for what is described as recent high-profile missteps. is that true? for a fair and balanced debate. we bring in the founder of a group and consultant for the
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republican senatorial committee and a democratic national committee member and vice chair of al gore's campaign in michigan. matt, let me start with you. should the incumbent be further ahead? >> without question. look, he's had a terrible month, really, a bad first term. that's what is leading to all of this. he had mitt romney right where he wanted him, entangled in a messy primary. and he missed his opportunity. now, we look at the month of may and one mistake after another after another, you start to look at things like north carolina, may 8 when 40% of the people voted for somebody else, that's a problem. >> eric: you mention mr. rove, karl rove. look, he's a republican. of course, heel take apart obama. >> of course. but you look at where the incumbent should be at this point in the race and barack obama is in a real tight mess
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right now. >> eric: debbie, do you agree with that? >> i have said for a straight year, this is going to be a tight, competitive race. i think the american people are scared, they are worried about the direction of the economy and they don't know who to trust. so we are exactly where i thought we would be at this point. but the fact of the matter is that will karl rove is running negative ads and talking negative because they don't want to talk about the issues. he doesn't want to talk about mitt romney's history as governor and when he was governor, massachusetts was 47 out of 50 states in terms of job creation. that he left a billion-dollar deficit and he created more public sector than private sector jobsful karl rove doesn't want to talk about the issue ofions and the economy. that's why you are seeing. i am very comfortable we are where we need to be. we are going to take on course and talk aboutions and the economy. i think-- you mention that romney record of massachusetts, you
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know the obama record and the whole united states is going to be at stake in november? >> you are absolutely right. but unemployment is steadily going down. not the rate that any of us wanted to see. but do wewant to go back to the policies that put the economy in close to the great depression that we saw how many decades ago-- debbie, you know, they say unemployment -- it's a scam. that people are leaving the job force. that's why unemployment went down to 8.1%, because people are giving up in this economy. >> eric: those numbers stay the same, whatever president's there or not. the president has created 4.2 million jobs since he has been president in the last 26 months. in michigan, where i come from, they have created 200,000 jobs in a domestic auto industry that almost collapsed that president bush and president obama helped.
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i think people are going to look at the facts and they are going to trust somebody who will watch out for workers and the middle class, versus someone who wants to make money -- which is what he did at bane capital, versus taking care of the worker. >> eric: matt, is that fair? >> absolutely unfair. at the end of the day, this will be barack obama's record. he himself said if this wasn't fixed in three years, he doesn't deserve a second term. by no stretch of the imagination do people believe he has fixed the problem. unemployment is going down because 300,000 people have left the job market and that's a good thing? absolutely not. four years of barack obama has not gotten us to where we want to be. if you look at the real clear averages, eric, the tossup states are states that obama won in 2008. that shows you where this election is.
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>> eric: matt and debbie, that's the election. that's on the line. thank you so much for joining us. it won't be the last word on this at lal. thanks. >> thank you. >> jamie: the tragedy of pan am flight 103 lives forever for the families of the victims. now the man convicted in the terror attack is dead. we will get reaction from the brother of one of the victimmings. >> eric: getting a traffic ticket can drive up the cost of your insurance. avoid the auto insurance price hike. >> jamie: still ahead, facebook founder mark zuckerberg had a big week. he even changed his status on facebook. we are not talking about his ipo. [wedding march playing] people with a machine.
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>> eric: well, facebook founder mark zuckerberg tying the not after the billion, billion, billion, billion-dollar stock offering. he married his girlfriend from a decade ago. they met at harvard. the nuptials were a surprise to
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just under a hundred guests. they thought it was a graduation party for miss chan, who just graduated from medical school with a doctorate. he gave the bride a simple ruby ring at his california home. not bad for a multi, multi, multi, multi, multi-billionaire one day -- next day hitched. >> >> jamie: i heard he designed the ring. i'm sure it was lovely. there is nothing worse if you have ever been there, than seeing the flashing lights in your rear-view mirror because you are about to be pulled over. when you do, we want to teach you how to save monocar insurance because after you get that ticket, it's likely going to go up. senior vice-president of public affairs for the insurance flsmgz institute is here. it's great to have you here. i was reading through some of the comments huon this topic, i guess you shouldn't drive the billion, billion, billion-dollar
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car because your rates will go up more. >> the choice of car is one of the considerations in terms of what you pay. more expensive car, more expensive to insure. >> jamie: let's talk about undermighting. they are going to look at your driving record, i noticed and i guess it varies from company to company and state to state, if you drive 1 to 14 miles over the speed limit, your rates could go up, let's say on average, 11%, just on one traffic stop. look, don't get stopped, is tip number 1 -- >> no, don't speed! don't speed is tip number 1. you want to be a good, safe driver. there are things that you do have control over. so you don't speed, don't drink and drive, you don't do distractions, try to put on makeup or text while driving. all of those things are really unsafe. if you get into an accident or if you get a ticket for any of this, you are going to be paying a lot more for insurance. >> jamie: does it help to go to
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traffic school? can that reduce the penalty and increase in rates? >> it depends on the state. you can take a defensive driving class and that is the type of thing that will get a discount. but you can also shop around, comparison shop, different companies offer different rates. there are many, many things that you can do. >> jamie: will another company take you if you have a violation on your record? do the citations go off your record? >> it takes a few years. so dpow get into trouble for drinking and driving or for speeding, it is going to take at least 3 years. but sometimes more, depending on whether or not this is the first time. so one of your best defenses is to stay a safe driver. but if you do get into trouble, especially for something like drinking and driving, it's one of those things that basically, an insurance company could say, no thank you. >> jamie: they could. even if you drive too closely to
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the driver in front of you, your rate can go up more than 10%. it could be an innocent thing and you are hit with a ticket. how do you shop for insurance? will another company take you? >> yes. depending on the severity of it. if the situation that you just outlined, different companies are going to look at that same situation differently. insurance is a highly competitive business. there are a lot of insurances companies to pick from. so it really makes sense to take a little bit of time and shop around. but you can also work with your insurance company. say you really like the insurance company that you currently have. if you have your home and your auto with the same insurance company, that will save you money. but talk to them. ask them what steps you can take that will also save money, raising deductible for instance,. >> jamie: that's a good one. use leverage if have you other business with them. does your organization have a web site. >> we have a wonderful web site.
8:25 am, how it save monoyour auto insurances and a number of tips to really save you money. >> jamie: bingo. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> jamie: if you want more on the take charge consumer segment on a number of issues that can save you time and money, go to and click on america's news headquarters, the page for this show. at the bottom of the main page, there are segments that we did today and in the past. we hope it helps. eric. >> eric: great advice. don't drink and drive and don't speed. coming up, more reaction on the death of a terrorist behind the bombing of pan am 103. the brother of tom amerman. tom was 36 years olds when he was killed on the flight, allegedly at the hands of this man. his outspoken brother, bert, will join us with reaction, coming up. >> jamie: notice doubt, that will be an emotional interview. one of the first tropical storms of the season is gathering steam over the atlantic. we will go to the extreme weather season.
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>> eric: a voter fraud investigation out west naallegedly involves prostitute, a topless stripper, illegal voting and a mayor in jail and a dozen public officials charged. the district attorney in the shocking and growing case will join us live. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪
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>> jamie: welcome back. it is time for a quick check of the headlines. italian investigators say that yesterday's bomb blast targeting a high school is likely an isolated one. a 16-year-old girl died in that blast. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. a wildfire in northern colorado under control now. the flames forcing hundreds of residents to leave their homes outside ft. colindz. take a look at this. storm chasers capturing video of a tornado -- a big one -- in kansas yesterday. yet, no reports of any injuries
8:31 am
or serious damage to homes. >> eric: now to the fox news voter fraud unit and an astounding story out west, allegedly involving city money going to prostitute, strippers, this lap dance video and illegal out-of-state voting. prosecutors say it was all meant to steal an election and take control of a city. the candidate who got the lap dance told us, the election was fixed, we sat down as he outlined how he says the election was stolen. >> the people started to tell me that every time there were elections, there was a lot of cheating, fraud. [yelling commotion] >> eric: the people of sunland park, new mexico, are fed up. their mayor-elect and almost a dozen others are charged in a
8:32 am
wide spread scheme to steal the election. was the election stolen from you? >> yes, absolutely. it was. >> eric: how did they do that? >> by manipulating the absentee and the early voting? >> hernandez lost by 85 votes. it's a wonder he stayed in the race. supporters are accuse of extortion, using money secretly taping hernandez of taking a lap dance, hoping to force him out. did your client try to steal the election? >> absolutely not. the people made a decision. the people voted. he didn't steal the election. he won the election. >> eric: but prosecutors say the salinas faction stuffed the ballot box with votes from out-of-state residents. one from a city official. when you said you lived in texas, she said, it's no problem. >> no problem. >> eric: you could vote in sunland park. >> she was saying no problem. >> eric: the estradas don't live
8:33 am
in sundsunland park, but they were registered by a city official to vote there. >> the fundamental right to vote, toos what our democracy is based on. so you take away one vote by it being illegal, you take away the voice of someone who is there and voting honestly. >> eric: but arturo came to the country in 1974 to pursue the american dream, says he is so disillusioned by the fraud that he no longer wants to cast his ballot. >> we don't want to vote no more, nowhere. >> eric: they told me, when they voted in sunland park, they were told to cast their ballots for daniel salinas. from el paso, we have the district attorney who is prosecuting the case. amy orlando. how bad is did? >> good morning, eric. it's widespread in sunland park. the more that myself and the task force look into the
8:34 am
allegations, the deeper it seems to run. >> eric: how do you feel about this. a dozen or so public official, including the mayor elect charged in this case? >> yes. as of friday, we had 12 individuals charged. we made some more arrests and i think we are up to 15 now. and the investigation is ongoing. >> eric: what were they trying to do? >> what started out was, their vote -- their election was in march. i received calls of concerned citizens that the election was not going properly. so i put together a task force within a day. the day that they were down on the streets in sunland park, they discovered the extortion charge against the opponent, trying to make him drop out of the race. from that point forward, it led us to the voter fraud charges and to bribery charges, then to kickback charges. the corruption was running deep. all of it-- go ahead. >> i'm sorry. all of it was really a scheme to
8:35 am
keep mr. salinas and the people on his ticket in power. >> eric: what was the person of that? to control the city monies? it's a $12 million fund for a border crossing there? >> exactly. the area we are talking about in sunland park is a border town. and there is the possibility that some day there could be a border crossing into mexico. and there is a $12 million fund set up to help that get depped. so part of that became a slush fund. as mayor and having all the people on your ticket be the city council people, run the city, you have access to that money. you also have access to the city funds that are paid for by the citizens of sunland park. >> eric: so you see daniel salinas right there, he is charged, of course. you heard his lawyer, who says he didn't steal the election, he won it fair and square. he calls the case political. >> as a district attorney, my
8:36 am
job is to investigate corruption and investigate voter fraud. when the task force was on the streets, we have proven by the facts of the case that voter fraud was happening. not only the two individuals that you spoke to in el paso, but as of friday, i think there were four more that were illegally rengster -- registered. they live in el paso, texas, and voted in sunland park. there are ongoing cases we are looking at for those same reasons. the right to vote is a fundamental right. and if one illegal vote is cast, it silences the vote of a legitimate citizen. >> eric: you know, amy, finally, that's the point of voter fraud and what we do here at fox news, investigating the cases. you are talk about this tenets of our democracy, the credibility and integrity of election process. >> that's exactly it. we have to have confidence in our election process. we have to make sure that our
8:37 am
elected officials are serving their constituents. i think that our tax force is finding that a small group of corrupt individuals are using the sunland park fund as a slush fund to further their goals and their agenda. >> eric: all right, amy orlando, the district attorney in new mexico, up to 15 people now charged, she says. thank you for joiningous the fox newschannel this morning. >> thank you, eric. >> eric: we will have more on voter fraud cases across the country and how allegations of illegal voting may have changed this nation four years ago. it's our one-hour special tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. fox news reporting -- stealing your vote, anchored by yours truly. i hope you catch it. you will be surprised by what we are finding nationwide. we say it every sunday, if you suspect voter problems where you live, tell us.
8:38 am
jamie? >> jamie: great work, eric. it's happened again. they have had to face the reality of losing family members, victims killed in the 1988 lockerbie bombing. when news circled the globe today that the only man quicked in that bombing is dead. tom amerman was only 36 years old when he was killed on pan am flight 103. his brother bert is live here in the studio. i want to ask him if now justice has been served. that's next.
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male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you liked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- you cod move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor -- the way grownups move mountains. and with autoconnect implemes, it's the easiest tractor to use what will you create? discover the 1 series at great financing available irk this is a fox news alert. the only person ever convicted for the lockerbie bombing of pan am flight 103 has died. abdel basset al-megrahi has died of cancer at 60 years old. he was home at the time. here's some video. but he didn't die in prison. that's right. scotland released him in 2009. here was the celebration on the ground in libbia. they said they released him on
8:43 am
grounds of compassion because he only had 3 months to live. folks, that was nearly 3 years ago. there was outrage at the time because of his release. of course, there were no compassion really shown for the victims on that june flight, 270 people died, including 189 americans. tom ammerman was one of those victims, only 36 years old at the time. his brother, bert is joining us now, as he has -- i know you and eric have a very long history as well, 20 years, we are talking about. now, abdel basset al-megrahi is dead. i wanted to ask you, has justice now been served because the authorities always said all along, he probably didn't act alone? >> no, justice hasn't been served completely. today, i am pleased with his death. if this was two years ago and cadawt doffy had not been overthrown and killed, i would be very angry today. but the day that cadoff was
8:44 am
killed, he was the big fish. that day, abdel basset al-megrahi became a small actor in this play -- >> jamie: intelligence soldier, who carried out orders? >> he carried out orders. there were more people involved, there is no question about that. we arrested a gentleman who was qaddafi's right-hand man in the intelligence -- he is the key -- >> jamie: a relative. >> but he knows what happened in pan am 103. he knows the other individuals and what other countries are involved. there is no question in my mind that iran and syria, either/or had been involved. i don't know if our government or the british government has the stomach to find the truth because it might go to the door of iran. >> jamie: what do you think the motive was here? >> it was a retailiation to the downing of the vincennes that our navy did. there is no question that iran and syria were involved in the planning. but a terrorist cell was
8:45 am
arrested in october of 1998. i believe they turned it over to qaddafi. i have become good friends with a scottish policeman and fbi agent and spoke to both of them after abdel basset al-megrahi was indicted and i said, is he the only one involved? they said no, there were other libyans. i said, was syria and iran involved? they said, we personally believe that, but we don't have any evidence to prove that. but we believe that syria and iran are involved. we are at that chapter. we do have the ability to find that answer. >> jamie: do you personally -- bert, can you make a difference in the investigation to find those others who were responsible? what about working with the libyan government at this point? >> ironically, we are here, 24 years later, there is an indictment on my government, the british government. vimore confidence in the libyan government because they want to get the truth out about other countries. two years ago, when they released abdel basset al-megrahi, that was an act of betrayal by our administration and the british administration, for oil and big business.
8:46 am
i met with bush 41 on april 3, 1988. i would love to meet now with president obama, just to inform him of where the final chapter is. i just don't know if they have the gu.ion or the stomach to do it. >> eric: bert, it was 24 years ago, when i first met you, reporting on this story, just such a long journey for you and your family. have you never given up. did you think it would come to this day? you want to meet with president obama, what two tell him? do you think you will get that meeting? >> president bush, we have always dealt with the government, embarrassment of pressure. they have never really beenan advocate to help us. there is an election coming up in november. i would imagine some people would advise him to stay away from me because it would only be a political problem. i have confidence in president obam a. i do believe he thinks for himself. if he is listening and the administration is listening, i would want to tell him, here we are, 24 years later, this last chapter has been written 8 times. but the last chapter is in his
8:47 am
hands. he has the person who can get that information and he can find the truth. i never thought we would get this close. but with us and the help of the media. i have learned that the media controls a lot that goes on. the media bought into our issue, 24 years ago, realization of a legitimate issue. so if the media stays on it and the families continue to pursue, i think we have a chance. >> jamie: we are with you. >> thank you. >> jamie: our thoughts and prayers with and you all the families affected by this tragedy. >> appreciate t. >> jamie: we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> you know when they name tropical storm, they start with "a," which is why we have alberto. he has triggered a tropical storm watch for parts of the east coast. we go to the extreme weather center for the latest. alberto, huhr? >> hurricane season starts june 1. we are 12 days early on this. you can see the orange, those are storms that are not part of what is alberto. i circled this because it's hard to see. the center of the storm is over water, but most of the moisture is moving inland, georgia and south carolina seeing light rain. this is want going to be a big problem for us, which is great
8:52 am
news t. doesn't have really enough warm water this early in the season, it's moving over shallower water with a lot of dry air and conditions are not favorable for any kind of significant strengthening. so winds down to 45 miles per hour, will likely weaken, but it's drifting and bringing scattered showers in south carolina. it is going to pull off to the northeast by monday and probably at the most with this, a few people are going to see a half inch or inch of rain in a two-day period. not a big problem. we get the "a" name out of the way. >> eric: maybe seeing you a lot this summer with the fancy graphics. >> jamie: also, we are expecting thousands of protesters to gather at grant park ahead of the nato summit, hosted by president obama. we are live on the ground and we will bring you the latest, next hour. ests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives.
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spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >> the big nato meeting in chicago is being heavily covered. but is the media middling something in the real story in afghanistan. liz trotta, fox news contributor is here every sunday with her commentary. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: what do you think is not being told? >> as we discussed last week and to continue in that vein, there is so little reporting from afghanistan that it's very difficult to tell what the real situation is there. but any bit of news seems to be bad news.
8:57 am
i call your attention to a bbc report this week in which it discusses the killings of afghan troops, killing nato troops, this is an increasing problem. so far this year, 22 flateo troops have been killed by afghan security forces. last year, there were a total of 35 for the whole year. but the bbc piece i refer to has a wonderful little morsel of information. it says that nato has said it will do much better in its reporting now. one of the things they are going to do is give both afghan and american troops cultural awareness training. now... i mean, what does one do -- laugh or cry -- when you hear that at this stage of the war isn't most politically correct, pathetic statement to come out so far from the command. >> eric: do you think the media
8:58 am
is almost intentionally trying not to put this together? >> no. i think first of all, news organizations don't have the money to staff. they have obliterated most of the foreign bureaus. so have you to rely on papers like the new york times, that can afford to put people in place. they have done a pretty good job with one piece this week, in which they sent mathew rosenberg, to a combat outpost to sort of investigate what happened because there were americans killed there, by afghan troops, that they had been living with and fighting with for months. they took over the outpost one night and began killing people. so that's a very good on-the- scene report, the kind of thing we used to get from afghanistan but we are really not going to get anymore. another "times" story worth considering is that there is a
8:59 am
new group of taliban extremists. now, they may be taliban or they may not be. but there is another group, apparently, the most vicious so far. and they're being held in connection with the killing of afghanistan's chief peace negotiator who was assassinated on the way to work 2 weeks ago. all of the news is bad news. the only good news we have is coming from the command, of course, people like general john allen, who has goteb a promotion to be the head of the command in europe. it's great for military careers, but not so great for the troops? >> 10 seconds left. do you think the green-on-blue narrative will become dominant? >> yi do. it's the dying stages of a war that has not worked? >> liz trotta, always good to see you, of course. >> jamie: nice to see you, liz. >> eric: that's it forrous this sunday


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