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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>shepard: many rainy friday. the news begins anew, on "studio b" the libyan terrorist convicted in the pan am bombing that killed 200 americans in lockerbie, scotland, is dead. today his friends and family buried him three years after the controversial release from prison. details ahead. plus, shares of facebook are diving today. down as much as 13 percent from the initial price. some people down 27 or 28 percent and wiped off $nab belt off the market capitalization on only the second day of trading. scientists discovered a link, what they believe is a link, between snoring and cancerous tumors. the doctor is in. unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00, president obama says afghan forces are on track to take the lead on their nation's security
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by next summer. the president in his hometown of chicago for two days of talks with nato leaders from around the world, more than -- after more than a decade war they say the end is in sight but the international fighting forces face challenges. notably the decision from france's new president to break and pull out early. protesters vow dog carry out another round of disruptive demonstrations. the occupy chicago movement. protesters oppose the role of boeing in producing military equipment for u.s. and nato forces. the boeing building is under heavy police protection. >> it was quite a scene in chicago yesterday with police clashing with demonstrators and dozens reported hurt. four police officers to the hospital blocks from where nato leaders were gathered. >> but, first, ed is live in chicago. everyone is running for the exit at long last from afghanistan. >>reporter: well, what is interesting president obama is
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trying to counter that image because he is walking a fine balance at this nato summit of insisting, look, the war as we know it in afghanistan is coming to an end, but he doesn't want it to look like a rush to the exit. fox has confirmed from a senior official a short while ago the president was having a joint meeting with the president of afghanistan and pakistan. that demonstrates how the president is trying to deal with some of the thorny issues such as cutting off supply lines to afghanistan. there has been tense and delicate negotiations over that. they do not have a deal. so the side lines, the president is working through the issues to show the united states will still have a presence in the region after combat troops are out in 2014. >> i am confident because of the leadership represented here as well as the leadership of our outstanding armed forces, that we can advance that goal. today. and responsibly bring the war to
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an end. >>reporter: and this citizens to the american people in appear election year we have seen the public polls suggesting that a clear majority of americans want to see the long war over, but another thing coming out of the nato summit the president is putting more details out about the fact that after combat troops are out at the end of 2014 the united states will have a presence in afghanistan for another decade into 2024 and that will cost billions. >>shepard: and speaking of billions, the matter of the euro zone financial crisis is not a type priority but all the leaders are having a hard time. >>reporter: they are. this is a security summit. so, the focus is more on issues such as afghanistan and iran but over the weekend the president was at camp david with the g-8 leaders hosting that summit at camp david. it was dominated by the euro debt crisis. largely because it is not just impacting europe. big impact way down the united states economy and, again, in an election year president obama
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all over it in part for that reason. he had success in pressing the german chancellor merkel to pull back on budget cuts, austerity measures in favor of growth and spending but that could have long-term political problems for the president because you have speaker boehner, the republican, saying as they start budget talks here at home, the president is more about spending than cuts. >> the issue is the debt. people are not clamoring to invest in greece. we do not think dealing with our debt and deficit in a serious way we will not have many options. i'm not going to apologize for leading. the real issue is, will the president lead? >>reporter: the white house response is that the president has been leading but he believes not in europe we need government spending in short-term to create jobs and the economic growth going but in the long term, thoughts of the debt which is a
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huge, huge problem not just in europe but back home, as well. >>shepard: ed, thank you. protesters organizing in and around chicago said they were planning a big demonstration outside boeing's corporate headquarters and miss have the area locked down so protesters have moved on. it is unbelievably quiet there. you can hear a pin drop. that is weird. weird. today, president obama chicago campaign headquarters is there. and steve brown is following this streaming like in chicago. maybe the video did not have sound because it sounded quiet as a church mouse. what is up, steve? >>guest: well, they have been raucous, a smaller group than yesterday, winding down state and madison toward the nato meetings. and, now, the two white chicago police trucks over there, that is essentially where a group of something between 200 and 300 folks have walked through the streets today making their votes
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heard and they made multiple stops and this is the latest, the brew -- this building, upstairs is the obama election campaign. they want to bring a message of nato military spending and whether or not united states should be involved in various military campaigns. they think it is inappropriate to do so and they are making their voices heard. now, the announced target was the boeing headquarters which is about 12 blocks west of where we are standing right new. they did stop there after starting the march on the west side union park and stopped for quite some time and worked through the downtown loop area stopping in a couple of locations. outside city hall for the benefit of mayor rahm emanuel, and stopping at chase, a
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financier, who the folks who organized this have a bone to pick with. so they are here outside the building that houses the president's headquarters and soon these folks will be persuaded, the word they used to go west and away from the building. yesterday, when police tried to "persuade" people away from michigan, there was a tussle and 45 emended up being arrested. police think this is a much more peaceful group than yesterday. >>shepard: steve brown not middle of chicago, thank you. and also at the nato summit five are facing terrorism-related charges, and these two men, quite a sight, landing to bake or use molotov cocktails and in a separate case, three others are accused of plotting to attack chicago police stations. president obama's chicago campaign headquarters and the mayor's home and several financial institutions. their lawyers say undercover crops infiltrated the group and
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encouraged them to make the bomb. our senior judicial analyst, andrew napolitano is here. that's entrapment. >>judge napolitano: the same m.o. over and over and over, you find a dope or someone disenchanted with society, a group of them, and you infiltrate the group and persuade them to talk about engaging in acts of violence and provide them with what they think is bomb-making materials but it is never real. they assemble the stuff, and they utter language as they do so and you arrest them. except this time, all of that was done by federal agents would then with draw from the seen and this time, the defendants are being prosecuted by the state. this is not just an am demic difference. the feds do not invest time, money and resources in an undercover operation with sophisticated surveillance and then let local chicago prosecutors and cops prosecute. why would the feds leave the case? because they probably don't
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think there is a case here. but the chicago folks want to make a case out of it because they want to make an example out of the kids to deter other people from expressing their political opinions in the streets. that is why it was so quiet when steve brown was showing the tape of them marching through the streets because people are afraid to demonstrate. they were locked up and held on $5 million bail, more bail required than for murdering someone. all because they were picked by the feds to infiltrate and then the feds left the scene. >>shepard: how do we is stories like this, two or three time as week and no one in the nation seems to care? >>judge napolitano: because the american public has been deluded into thinking when the government find as dope and persuades them to say bad things and he eventually pleads guilty we are kept "safe," by that happening. >>shepard: that is a load.
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we are made to feel they are doing something and what they are doing is trampling on our liberty. >>judge napolitano: correct, picking the weakest and talking them into thinking they are breaking the law. no harm. no bomb. no one harmed. people locked up because of words articulated if front of a federal agent but had case is worse, the feds themselves said there is no case. we are washing our hands to it and left it to the locals. >>shepard: and looked them up rather than a bond higher than a murder suspect. >>judge napolitano: $5 million in cash. normally you buy an insurance policy for $5 million but if this case they want $5 million in cash. that would be impossible for these kids. >>shepard: all very impressive. thank you, judge. unbelievable. catholic organizations mound a legal revolt against the new health care law. schools and charities suing the white house over birth control. the lawsuits and the reaction in washington next.
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>>shepard: politics 2012 and dozens of catholic offices sued the white house over the new health care law, the contraception mandate. remember, that part of the law requires insurance plans to cover birth control for women. the first group of plaintiffs filed the lawsuit including health care provider and social welfare agencies and schools including the university of notre dame. the lawsuits filed in federal courts across the country argue that the contraception mandate violates religious freedom of catholic institutions. federal health officials say they adopted this rule to improve women's health. get this, the health care law includes a religious exemption not mandate. houses of worship can opt out of it. but the catholics want more and now the news like in washington. >>reporter: there is a key distinction which i will explain. 43 catholic organizations have joined in a dozen lawsuits filed
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against the federal government all challenging the constitutionality not over the individual mandate but this one over what the archdiocese of washington called "unprecedented man difficulty requiring religious organizations to provide coverage and drugs and procedures in direct conflict with their religious beliefs," stemming from an interrogation by hhs that only catholic institutions such as churches are exempted from providing coverage for contraception and even abortion-producing drugs which violate catholic beliefs and teachings. that definition, however, leaves out dozens of other catholic organizes including universities, schools, charities and hospitals and who hhs insists must provide the full range of coverage. >> it is remarkable the obama administration has gotten bogged down in such minor decisions as to when people are going to get contraceptives and what kind of contraceptives they will have.
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>>reporter: and just today a university dropped their insurance coverage for students because of requirements in the in you law were going to drive up the price by 66 percent but mainly because it requires the university to cover contraception newing abortion inducing drugs. folks say the lawsuit is not about contra session, birth control bills are available at $9 a month from host drugstores and no cost at clinics and under hhs definition not even jesus and his disciples would have been considered religious enough. >>shepard: now the supreme court decision in a controversial in vitro case, a woman in florida used her late husband's frozen sperm to give birth to twin as year after he was dead of cancer. the high court has rejected more social security benefits for the children. the justice ginsburg said under florida law, if children apply
12:17 pm
for survivor benefits, their father must be alive at the time of conception. and now to the legal panel, fox let analyst is here and the criminal defense attorney randy zelin. the point they make is simple. you can't get survivor's benefits if you weren't born to someone would had, who was still alive. >>arthur: physically conceived you. they are basing it on black and white law. social security act, written in the 30's and again in the 60's and the way the federal law applies is how the state laws apply when you die. so, if this individual could inherit property after, from his father, he would have been entitled to benefits. but if the state of florida the state of florida the law is very clear, you can only inherit property so in case not house
12:18 pm
goes up for sale or something like that, this new child is not entitled to any of the money that comes from the sale of the house. >>shepard: because the child was conceived after the child's father was dead. >>randy: what was interesting about the court's decision, the way that justice ginsburg wrote something and they said, you know, we think of social security administration got it right and their interpretation is the appropriate one, and it wasn't as if they came down so hard on the position of mom and her twins. it was almost as if they suggested, why don't you go change the law. courts are there to interpret not to change. it is up to the legislature to change. so, wraps we may see as technology evolve this is an instance where the law has to catch up to technology. >>arthur: interesting. one little line. just television ginsburg, just delivered the president for a unanimous court. if this day and age ... not a
12:19 pm
lot of unanimity going on and justice ginsburg is rarely the one would writes the opinion but you could hear she feels bad about the result. >>shepard: everyone does. >>arthur: but again, she says, congress can easily open up the books and adjust the law which was made in the 30's and maybe it is time to fix it again. >>shepard: what if mom saves sperms for years, decades, and daddy could have kids 100 years after he is dead. >>arthur: correct. and say she was 25 and she decides to do the in vitro decades later and now the government is still having to pay if his children, that doesn't make a lot of sense. >>shepard: if this is a different mom, this generation --. >>randy: that is probably why the court said we will not get into it.
12:20 pm
a little too much information. >>shepard: hopefully a good weekend. good to see you. >> majoring can give you cancer. i read it this morning and i am like we are not doing this story this is a loafed -- a load of it. but it a very well done study. we will explain the link coming up. snoring and cancerous tumors and the first launch fizzled. now, engineers at a private space travel company will try to make history again and get their rockets to the international space station. space x.
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>>shepard: troubling news for folk whose snore. they could have a higher risk of cancer. scientists say they found a
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possible link between cancerous tumors and sleep apnea, a disorder that disrupts breathing and leads to snoring. researchers say sleep apnea can deprive the blood of oxygen. that can bring on the tumors. a university of wisconsin study shows patients with severe sleep apnea are five times more likely to die of any type of cancer compared to those would breathe normal when they sleep. and now we have a family physician and medical center for comprehensive medicine. increasing brings on tumors. it sounds hocus-pocus. >>guest: here is something we all have seen or heard. friends or family members. someone who snores. and we laugh it off. it turns out from the two studies and these are the studies that doctors and scientists and researchers lover, 20 year follow-through study at the university of wisconsin, a seven year spanish
12:25 pm
study, both showing there was a significant increase in the risk of cancer for people that snore. and have sleep apnea. >>shepard: people who are now freaking out, because their partners or spouse have been mad at them for years because they snore all night, now they have to worry about cancer. >>guest: talk to your doctor and figure out what you can do do make the proper diagnosis from this study what they found is that those individuals with the lowest oxygen level, below 90 percent, they are the ones that had the five times increase in the risk of developing cancer. so the first thing to do is find out if you are to that group and there are simple studies to do. one study can be done at home that tests how much oxygen you have in your blood overnight. another study can be done at a sleep disorder center. but this are a couple of things people need to think about. there is a lot of people do not know they have sleep apnea. if you have daytime drowsiness,
12:26 pm
you fall asleep in a moment, that's one indication you may have sleep apnea so fatigue is a big issue. snoring is another. >>shepard: fatigue and snoring. this is about oxygen deprivation. >>guest: right and what is fascinating, low oxygen levels are linked to cancer because it promotes something that is a process with blood vessels from tumors actually grow and they spread out through the tumors allowing the tombor to spread throughout the bodied so low oxygen levels appear to have that adverse effect and lead to the increase. >>shepard: people with low blood pressure are susceptible, too. >>guest: that is a big problem. thing of those that suffer with allergies and congestion in their sinus, there are simple things we like to do and in my office and in offices that treat this problem, we recommend a number of simple techniques to try. one, lose weight.
12:27 pm
people with a large neck there is a way to make a measurement 16.5 or 17" neck have a bigger brother expensity for sleep apnea, so when you look at your own particular situation make sure you are cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates that produce excess carbon dioxide. listen, sinus sprays and do not think we will not recommend oxygen for a lot of people, too. simple things people can do, lie on your side when you sleep, that is a way to help, make sure you get enough oxygen, cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume, cut down on smoking, big stuff. >>shepard: but not fun things. people will not do it. day two of trading for facebook, oh, no, you are not de-friending, are you? the stock is plunging, context and perspective at the bottom of
12:28 pm
the hour. it's very important to understand how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith at the bottom of the hour and time for the tonight news. facebook taking a beating in the second day of going public, now down about $4, roughly 10 percent today. remember, for every $2 drop the c.e.o. zuckerberg loses $1 billion. on paper. today's sell off comes despite
12:32 pm
weeks of anticipation. and now our reporter from the fox business network is with us. a lot of people on fox business network last week were saying "hang on, make sure, see what happens after a few days." and sure enough. >>guest: here we are and a lot of critics are coming out of the woodwork. the fact remains whether this is a if deal or not depending on what side of the table you it is on. people are calling this even though doubters, a perfectly surprised deal. here is why if you facebook and you see a pop, 5 percent, 10 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent it is pocketed by investors so it perfectly priced that it rose only 25 cent on friday and today it is coming down by 10 percent use mentioned but, for all of this, there were glitches along the way. in its debut the company saw underwhelming investor demand and no big stop "pop," and the bankers had to step in and prop up the stick to keep it above
12:33 pm
the price of $38 and a lot of trading problems on the nasdaq, it was delayed by frye -- 45 minutes and morgan stanley may have sent billions to weapon it up above $38 something that is normal to do on i.p.o. day but today the stock is down so that is all lost money. they are not propping it up today. this is it. >>shepard: they admit they bungled eight and we talked about it on friday. >>guest: and they did because we are learning more about it. the company c.e.o. and executives meeting over the weekend in an emergency meeting and, today, they are saying they are having to revise the entire i.p.o. process calling this "not our finest hour," not necessarily a spotlight you want to have considering this is the biggest technology i.p.o. ever so they revising who they will doing things. >>shepard: so you get in now? >>guest: a lot people are
12:34 pm
saying the hype was not lived up to, but being down now 10 percent makes it a good entry point but the stock is not up so that means not enough buyers are coming in to tradeoff to sellers so if it is a game of cat and mouse for a long time. >>shepard: thank yous fun to watch. thank you. the difficult after facebook founder zuckerberg's company went public he married his long time girlfriend. the timing was a coincidence. of course. and they signed a pre-nup, a smart business move to wait until after the company i.p.o. the judge said it would not have made that much difference because you have to declare everything you have or you are about do have in the pre-nup. >>arthur: i believe california is a community property and what you bring into the marriage you can take out of the marriage. you do not have to share it. so, therefore, because the i.p.o. took place on friday and getting married on saturday the $19 billion made the day before
12:35 pm
the argument would be made, if they got divorced, according to the report, the wedding had plan planned for a long time and the date of the i.p.o. was not told about it until a week before. >>shepard: but it is not just what you have. but what you should reasonably anticipate that you will have. so, either way, he had it, returns with the pre-nup. >>randy: arthur and i may have to agree to disgrease because my understanding of community property in california, it doesn't matter whether you brought it into the marriage if it is separate property. if you get married, it all goes into the pot. so, what the pundits are saying, well, smart give, got married, must have a pre-nup so that puts on paper what the wife is entitled to, what he is entitled to but what it also does is societies valuation point. they get married so what they have starts from the marriage date. if the marriage is dissolved you can figure out who entitled to what and what it's worth. >>shepard: sounds like too much work to me.
12:36 pm
>>arthur: a lot of money and sad the day after they get married we are talking about this. >>randy: and we are cynical saying it is tied into the i.p.o., i love you, you love me, let's do this. >> i would need breathing room before the day you make $19 until and the most important day of our lives. it is squeezing too much in one big week. >>shepard: just seems like that is not headquarter are going to remember, long time. >>randy: we are so cynical. >>arthur: it -- they have been together if 10 years and they agreed not to get married until when she graduated from medical school, and she graduated we last monday. >>shepard: not amount of time that -- look at this thing now, facebook is now down too, and
12:37 pm
zuckerberg's value has gone down $100 million in the last hour. rather rather do you thing she will leave him now? >>arthur: i would. >>shepard: the libyan terrorist who helped blow up pan am flight 1303 died from prostate cancer on sunday, and he was the over one ever convicted in the bombing over lockerbie scotland that killed 270 people. most victims were americans. three years ago the scottish government freed him from prison and muammar qaddafi used him as a scapegoat. jonathan hunt has the news. the victims say it is bittersweet but we know how this thing went down it is all in black and white and ugly. >>jonathan: you would be hard
12:38 pm
pressed to find any relatives of the victims who are sorry to see him now dead but many of them remain absolutely furious at scottish and british government officials who allowed him to go free back in 2009, allowing him to die at home surrounded by his family rather than where they believe he should have died, in a scottish prison. new york senator schumer has remained in close contact with many of those victims' family and she summed up the feeling. >> it is just a grave injustice that he caused such havoc and heartache died in freedom rather than behind bars where he should have been. and that's where he belonged, it is particularly despicable that he was able to die with his family but he took that right away from 200 others. >>jonathan: senator schumer accused the british and scottish governments of "not coming
12:39 pm
clean" over the reasons for his release nearly three years ago. obviously, there has been a great deal of speculation this was all about oil deals between british companies and the baby -- british government and oil. >>jonathan: the suspect did not offer a loan. there is no one who believes the plot to bring down flight 103 could be carried out by one man it went to the high level of the libyan authority. muammar qaddafi is for longer around to ask the question, of course, but, scottish officials tell fox news today, they will keep investigating it, although, again, many of the relatives of the victims do not have much faith in scottish promises given they released him and let him go home to die. >>shepard: but they got their oil. thank you. the supreme court today refused to hear a man's legal challenge
12:40 pm
to a massive music downloading fine and the recording industry sued this guy right here from rhode island for illegally downloading, get this, 30 songs and sharing them on the internet. 30. neither. among the sinks were "pink" and eminem song and the jury ordered the guy to pay the music label more than ... $600,000 for down ling 30 songs. he asked the supreme court to review the case but, today, the high court denied it so he pays. $600,000. watch your downloads. the tallest mountain has claimed more victims now. a handful of climbers dead on mount everest and another is missing. this is $100,000.
12:41 pm
we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
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>>shepard: five climbers died and one guide is still missing.
12:44 pm
they all attempted to return from the to which mount everest which is the tallest mountain in the world. at 29,000 feet above sea level and 3,000 have climbed to the top and survived since 1953 but according to experts high wind and heavy snow fall this year made conditions especially dangerous. trace has the news live this afternoon. do we know exactly what happened up there yet? >>trace: well, we know the friday and saturday were the first clear days of the spring climbing season so there a rush to the top of the mountain. on saturday alone, more than 150 people made it to the summit so there was a traffic jam on the mountain, and the climbers are advised to make sure they summit before 11:00 not morning but at 2:30 in the afternoon, some were still climbing to the stop. the weather began to turn bad, they kept going. here is a climber who summited back in 2006. >> pet gem rushed. people are in the way. you are not fully oriented.
12:45 pm
you are sleep deprived. dehydrated. you did not have a lot of oxygen in your brain and poor decisions can be made and those lead to accidents and often to death as we see if this case. >>trace: the deadliest day was in 1986 when eight died and that was chronicled in "into thin air." >>shepard: they all carry oxygen, right? >>trace: but limits amount. that last mile before the summit can take 12, 13, maybe 14 hours, and they are moving at 100 yards per hour. these are often and of the best chillers in the world, and they are trying to make the snap decisions on the my and that's difficult to do when you start running low on oxygen. listen. >> when you do not have a lot of oxygen going to your brain, first, it starts to expand at
12:46 pm
your cranium causing severe headaches, and you cannot stand up, and you are essentially very, very drunk. >>trace: not a go state when you are literally on top the edge of the world. and the bodies of those who died up there will likely be left up there because the experts say it is simply too dangerous to bring the bodies back down. very difficult on the families. >>shepard: i am sure. thank you, trace. witnesses describe the aftermath of a terror attack in yemen as "piles of torn body parts limbs and heads." the last 90 people at least 90 reported dead today. al qaeda in yemen the biggest threat to american security and claiming credit, we are told. military officials say the bomber was a yemen soldier would lined up with fellow troops as part of a military parade rehearse a.m., and reportedly blew himself up ten minutes before a 207 defense official was set to arrive and today the al qaeda branch in yemen
12:47 pm
released a statement calling the bombing may back for a united states war on the terror group and the white house said the counterterrorism advisor called the yemen president and expressed his condolences. and the pentagon confirms yemen militants oned fire yesterday on three u.s. contractors helping to train yemen's coast guard in a port city west of the capital. and we are told this caused only "minor" injuries and the united states has kept a close eye on yemen. early this month, a c.i.a. helped unravel a plat linked to al qaeda to attack a united states bound airliner with a new kind of underwear bomb. >> two months after a jury convicted a former rutgers university student on hate crime charges for spy on his roommate, a judge sentenced that man to a month in prison. and probation. you will recall back in 2010, this man, 18-year-old, jumped to
12:48 pm
his death from the george washington bridge between new york and new jersey after learning that the camera broadcast his dorm room encounter with another man. early this year a jury found the roommate guilty of more than as do charges and most serious was bias and intimidation based on sexual orientation. that is a hate crime. the roommate was not charged with his death, but, today a judge called the actions "cold, calculated, and conceived and the biggest mistake the dead person made was to trust him with his privacy." and he was sentenced to 30 days in prison and three years on probation. >> the first mission to send a private company rocket to the international space station got put on hold and we will tell you when you can see space x try again, and what it may or may not mean to the astronauts on the international space station who are waiting for a delivery. and folks who tries catching a look the ring of fire say it was worth the two decade long wait.
12:49 pm
pretty cool pictures of a rare solar eclipse ahead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: scientist call this a ring of solar, the rare form of a solar eclipse. the moon passes in front of the sun but does not block it entirely. so that gives us a flowing ring of fire. johnny cash would love it. this has not passed over the united states in nearly two decades and some folks celebrating by having viewing parties and this map will show you where the ring of fire path went over the united states and nasa reports the eclipse separated just east of lubbock, texas. last night. >> first launch of a privately owned spacecraft to the international space station now set if tomorrow after emergency
12:53 pm
systems aborted it half a second before lit off. the company is spacex attempting to launch the rocket over the weekend and nasa has been working with the company to try to make it happen. if it happens it will mark a milestone going from a government run office to a privately backed operation but the flight computer detects an engine problem and aborted launch. the company try again early tomorrow morning. just about 30 seconds ago. and now, we have physics prefer with us, and the author of "physics of the future." good to see you. this is not that big a deal, standard stuff, used to happen to nasa all the time. >>guest: this is different. 9 future of the space program could rest on launches like this, and we are witnessing historic transition away from government sponsored rockets to private enterprise taking over, and, president obama's fortunes could rest on this. if this succeeds it means costs
12:54 pm
could be driven down a big success for president obama. if it fails, we will be hitchhiking on russian booster markets at the mercy of putin and any kind of political deterioration. so, there is a lot riding on this. we are witnessing historic transition from one era to the next. >>shepard: why does it all rest on this? there is more than just company spacex and more opportunities than this, the payload will just bring the trash home. >>guest: there are ten companies, now, looking for contract great nasa, and spacex got $1.6 billion contract, but the key thing is cost. can it drive down the cost of access to space? to put a pound of anything in orbit costs $10,000. that's your weight in gold. to put you in orbit, just around the planet earth. your weight to diamonds could put you on mars. that's prohibitive so obama wants to reduce the cost of space travel by giving it to
12:55 pm
private enterprise but if it fails, if there is a misstep, it means we could be vulnerable because there is a squaddruple whammy, the space shuttle was canceled. the replacement was canceled. the moon program was canceled. the mars program was canceled. and who controls the future of the american space program? the russians. >>shepard: of course we are out of money. >>guest: so, in the difficult times we have to find ways do get access at a reduced cost. that is the name of the game. >>shepard: we have to get to space, right? >>guest: all our telecommunications, whether satellites, g.p.s., internet, this television station, all depends on satellites in space. >>shepard: thank you, sir, good to see you. a big day. underwear bomber is behind bars serving a life sentence but the cops say the underwear robber is still at large.
12:56 pm
uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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>>shepard: the man who problem add local business in idaho preferred briefs over boxers. they know because they had his underwear on his head. the man walked into a coffee shop and made 50 with $500, and the owner of the business asked, who robbed someone with underwear on their head? trying to get the answer to that and at last check the underwear robber was at large. so if you decide on the fly to problem someone, you do not have a mask handy, you take the underwear off and pop them over your head. >>randy: so far he is "at large." >>shepard: the dow is way up, the dow is up 136 but that is not the dow. that is the zuckerberg. so, there is the


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