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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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of his many marks on american history 237 years ago today. and that is "the fox report" for thursday, may 24th. 2012. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. i will see you back here for "studio b" tomorrow 3:00 eastern, noon in the west. bill o'reilly is next. good night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there is no basis for holding dr. afridi and his staff. >> then what are you going to do about t madam secretary or you, mr. president, as the man who helped america track down bin laden has been sentenced to 33 years in a pakistani prison. will the u.s.a. help dr. shaquille afridi? ♪ kick my hands up and shout ♪ throw my hands up and shout. >> bill: new gallup poll on vice pinpoint what americans think is morally acceptable behavior and what is sinful. ♪ i give.
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>> bill: the culture warriors with the stats. >> sorry. >> that made you decide that? >> i mean i shouldn't have had this many. >> bill: tennessee man has fathered 30 children is asking the state to support them. should this guy go to prison? megyn kelly on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. spitting in the eye of america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many people around the world believe the u.s.a. is in decline. that we're not the great power we used to be with a 16 trillion-dollar debt we are certainly not the powerful economy we should be. also our military has absorbed two ferocious wars in the last decade so there is a weariness
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factor in that arena. recently china challenged america over the dissent chen guangcheng who they were personating. released to the u.s.a. and america stood tall. now pakistan is doing something far worse than china did. it has sentenced afridi to 33 years in-to-prison for helping america find bin laden. the doctor was working for the cia. he has relatives in the u.s.a. pakistan convicted him of treason simply because he helped us find the al qaeda leader. everyone from president obama to secretary clinton to secretary of defense leon panetta has politely asked pakistan to commute the sentence and send the doctor to this country. pakistan has refused. publicly the obama administration has done nothing, nothing in the face of that refusal again talking points believes there are behind the scenes negotiations but the whole thing makes america look weak in the eyes of the world. there is no question that the pakistani government is playing to the jihadist the
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muslim radicals whom they want to apiece. if a good man like dr. afridi can be persecuted for bringing the world's biggest villain to justice, then there is no justice. and other people will not help us. so president obama must get involved and address the situation publicly. is that too much to ask, mr. president? now, i am one who believes that mr. obama done a pretty good job at foreign policy. his drone attacks have devastated al qaeda. seems to in a corner. the president seems to be popular among overseas leaders. i'm not an or. obama basher. just a few moments charles krauthammer will challenge me on the president's foreign policy. there is no question, no question at all that mr. obama is not showing leadership in the case of dr. afridi. pakistan less them operate on their soil.
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and the taliban leadership lives in qwetta, pakistani city near the afghan border. the pakistanis don't care what we say or think. so i am very concerned and believe the obama administration must act decisively and publicly in defending dr. afridi. we are waiting, mr. president. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington. congressman dennis kucinich and from long island new york congressman peter king the chairman of the homeland security committee. congressman king, you have publicly said that the united states government outed dr. afridi, thereby leading to his prison sentence. are you standing behind that? >> yes, i do bill. several things here. one in the immediate days after the killing of bin laden had sources in the government talking about d.n.a. samples, how he wanted to compare d.n.a. then soon after that the pakistanis started to lock up various health officials and there was a story in the
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british papers and also in the news how the officials in our government were off the record confirming that there was a doctor used by the cia to obtain d.n.a. samples. that was two officials in the government that confirmed that. it was mcclatchey then. the worse thing though bill was earlier this year in january, leon panetta went on "sixty minutes and told how the doctor was a cia asset and working for us to obtain. >> bill: he was in custody by that time. and we called and we can't get names attached to this and i hate to do that but the administration denies what you are saying and says that the pakistanis picked up afridi themselves that they knew he was working with the cia and that they leekdz afridi to the press. the pakistanis leaked all the information, not the u.s. government. that's what the obama administration is telling us. >> right. they are trying to put a spin on it the reality is that
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after we started talking about d.n.a. the pakistanis started arresting or bringing in for questioning a number of health officials in the area of abad bad including this one doctor. then when they started zeroing in on him, we had u.s. officials confirming on background that yes, this doctor, a doctor was being used to obtain the d.n.a. samples. set only one who was going around door to door. so, once we had our officials in the media confirming this was the case that strengthened the case against them. >> bill: i don't know if it's fair to say that the united states outed him. >> well, bill, i would say, no, bill, if you were the head of the cia and then he became secretary -- number of people held in custody we weren't confirming anything. >> bill: congressman, at that point it was a forgone conclusion the pakistanis wouldn't give the doctor a lawyer. he didn't have a trial.
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they put him in front of some tribal council in the mountains and sentenced him to 33 years. >> no. that was the other day. bill, but i'm going back to january when this was not all official it was not all agreed to. we have our spy master saying yes the doctor was cia operative. >> bill: that was obviously a mistake. >> also talking about d.n.a. >> bill: zeroed in on him. where is the democrats and party -- >> -- they were talking -- [talking at the same time] >> bill: where is the democratic party on this. supposed to be the party of compassion. you have got this guy who helped the united states and now secretary clinton wishy washy statement. what is the obama administration going to do? what are they going to do? >> first of all, i think that the points that congressman king raises are valid points i
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have never heard of the cia publicly discussing of an operation or operative specifically at a time that he could conceivably be in jeopardy whether he is captured or not at that point. >> bill: we cede there was a mistake to do that. >> here is a point i would like to you think about bill o'reilly. is there a possible double game here. >> bill: i can't do speculation, congressman. i have got to stay on the ball. the ball is you have got a human being who helped the united states get this villain. is he in prison. and our country, the most powerful country in the world. can't get this backwater pakistan to do anything. >> our country is putting unlimited drone strikes into pakistan. we are not hurting pakistan by doing that you understand facts. let's stay on facts. we have launched hundreds of drone strikes in pakistan. the isi knows about it you have got an election coming in pakistan. the government is in trouble unless they show resistance to what the u.s. is doing with
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drone strikes even though the government is cooperating. >> bill: i don't think it stands. i don't think that the united states of america can allow this gross injustice to take place stand silently. and we are standing silently. >> he will get released after the pakistan election. >> bill: when is the pakistan election? >> it will be, i don't know, five or six months from now. he is a pawn. that's my call on this. >> bill: what do you think do you think there are negotiations in the background if congressman says he will be released after this election deal? >> well, i do know that from last july, through january, u.s. was making efforts behind the scenes, trying to get the dock were to released. that i'm aware of. there has been some negotiation since then. the administration, i don't want to second guess them. they are doing, i think all they can. having said that bill, i'm inclined to agree with you. i think we should be more
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forceful on this. >> bill: we look weak in the world. >> we do. >> bill: we want people to help us with the war on terror. if the cia wants to recruit operatives and they see what happens over here to this guy. we're not going to have anybody helping us. and that's more important. >> also let me add to that. >> we are bombing inside pakistan now. >> bill: go ahead, real fast, congressman. >> bill, if i can say cia should also not be talking about operations where they have. >> bill: we see that was the mistake. >> we all see that was a major mistake. >> going back to last may and july. >> bill: i don't think the current cia chief general petraeus is going to make that mistake. that's not a slap at that leon pa net attachment i thought he did a pretty good job. >> i like leon panetta. >> bill: charles krauthammer will debate me over america's foreign policy. then laura ingraham popping mad about a 5-year-old girl being raised as a boy. we're coming right back. ♪
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heard the pakistan thing. i think the president has got to come out publicly and say look, you have got to release this guy. you say? >> i say the pakistan thing exactly what you said makes my case. what's more important than the war on terror. we have demonstrated that anyone around the gleeb who helps the united states on the war on terror we are going to abandon. new reason why this guy is in trouble. number one, the fact as you pointed out the administration representative king pointed out talks about these operations why? because wants a political credit. it talks about in a way that is unprecedented, unconscionable. if it wasn't a direct leak, it was all this stuff. >> bill: we would have gotten him anyway. that was a bigs in stake. go ahead. >> they got it on our authority from the highest authorities. number two, another example we just had this double agent in yemen who discovered the new
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high tech underpants explosive, right? it takes as you know that i know the hardest thing to do in espionage is to plant a double agent. here we went and because the administration wanted to dance on this one, and spike it in the end zone. it blew the guy's cover he had to be withdrawn and we lost all the future information we would have gotten. that's an operation that could have yielded information for years. >> you are saying then that president obama is more interested in getting political currency from the things that he does well than really advancing the cause of espionage and intelligence overseas, he doesn't care about the long term. he wants to be self-enbegan dyes dollars? >> i'm not just saying it i just showed it. >> bill: okay. now, overall, all right. that aside, those mistakes aside, what is president obama's biggest foreign policy
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blunder in your opinion? >> i would put that in the top three. the other two are in 2009 we were given historic undeserved historic opportunity biggest adversary in the world iran was hanging by a thread. regime hanging by a thread. popular revolution we had nothing to do with. here was an opportunity to change the entire strategic relationship of the huddle 'east. and what did obama do? he did nothing. what should very done. >> he should have spoken out on behalf of the demonstrators. >> bill: come right out and said we support the people who are going up against the mullahs. we support that what else? >> he did worse than that he actually supported the mullahs for the reason he wanted to keep the regime in office in power so he he would have somebody to negotiate with on
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the nuclear program under the assumption that he is who he is that at the could sweet talk the iranian and mullahs out of their nukes. >> bill: that doesn't make any sense, charles, why wouldn't he want a pro-western government took over make it a lot easier to negotiate nuclear than with crazy mullahs. >> that is exactly the question that history is going to ask him. how could there have been graffiti in the street by the democratic demonstrators getting shot and tortured that said obama which side are you on? this is a disgrace. >> bill: what else could he have been other than rhetoric. >> rhetoric is one thing and not support the legitimacy of the regime. clandestined operations. why do we have $50 billion in secret operations in the cia if not for an opportunity like this. he was hands off. he did nothing and we lost one of the great opportunities in history. and the other policy i would look at is russia. the famous re-set. this is where he gave russia
5:18 pm
everything they wanted. >> bill: we didn't get anything back. >> world trade organization. they hungered for that for years and complete cancellation of the missile defense system we had worked out under the bush administration with the pols and checks. he canceled it without -- >> bill: we didn't get anything for that. >> got nothing. >> bill: giving him the drones, right? >> i'm giving him the drones. i give him a d. >> bill: charles, everybody. thank you. directly ahead, laura ingraham outraged over the parents raising a girl as a boy and it's very public. big gallup poll on how americans see sin. bad stuff, vice. culture warriors upcoming. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon
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>> bill: week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight, last night we reported on a-year-old catherine who lives in maryland. her last name is being withheld. that's because catherine, being raised as a boy. her parents now call her tyler. >> the therapist just really confirmed what i already knew which was that he is most likely transgender and that it's not likely to change and with the consistency over time that that's generally how they know that it's not going to change. >> we have time to just allow him to live as a boy and make sure that that's the right thing. >> bill: now, laura ingraham believes that is the wrong thing and joins us from washington. so what is the importance of this story? >> well, look, i happen to know one family who has gone through something very lame tore what was described in this "the washington post" piece. it is not an easy situation for a family to deal with. it's very confusing.
5:23 pm
you feel like your child would be picked on in school. and a lot of parents don't know where to turn. the concern though about this, bill, is that these are children they can't give informed consent for hormone blocking drugs that are now being given to children as young as in california famous case from last fall an 11-year-old child of i guess it was lesbian parents who decided to give this little boy hormone blocking drugs that prevents him from going to pursuant. these are children who most of whom, you know, we wouldn't trust to pick what they want to eat for the day, right? they don't naturally want to eat broccoli or they naturally might want to eat candy all day. we as parents guide them according to our own moral convictions about what's right and wrong. according to the research done on, this a lot of the kids
5:24 pm
majority of them grow grow out of this gender variance or gender dysphoria by the time they are adolescent. most of them grow out of it if you intervene especially medically which may or may not be done in this case those kids might grow up to regret that and heaven forbid be really unhappy about it and we don't note long-term effects of it. >> bill: there are two issues here. number one is the issue of parental freedom to do what they want to do with their child. >> yeah. >> bill: number two, i don't understand in. maybe you can explain it to me. if i'm the father of catherine, who is born a female. birth certificate. physical makeup is catherine is a girl. okay? so catherine at 2, when she starts to be able to talk or 3 says i want to be a boy, daddy, say okay, catherine you can be a boy but we are still going to call you catherine and you are you still going to have girl things and dress like a girl. if you want to climb the tree or get a bazooka you can do it. you can be a tom boy.
5:25 pm
>> i was a big tom boy. >> bill: that's hard to believe. i just see you as such a girlie girl with the mattel toys and everything. >> you wanted to be call bell as a little boy, right? >> bill: i dressed like marilyn monroe when i was 3. >> you wanted williamna. >> bill: father sent me to boot camp and that was the end of that what i'm trying to say is this. i don't understand all. this just let catherine be catherine. if it evolves when she is 18 that she wants to be jake. then she can make that decision like chaz bono. >> right. and i think, these are children. we as parents guide our children. >> >> bill: why at a years old do you define psychologically you don't know? >> we are worried about them walking home from school by themselves at that age or deciding what they are going to eat or what school they are going to go to but we're going to allow children to
5:26 pm
determine -- >> bill: this is unnecessary drama, with two dopey parents who just control their environment. >> there is another issue here raised. this is a second grade class where this "the washington post" author writer was going to to talk to her -- her child is in the second grade class. why don't we write an article about what it means to be transgender. i imagine there probably may be some parents in the school who have young children, maybe first grade, second grade who maybe haven't talked about this with their child. >> bill: i don't want that i don't want an article involving my kids. >> kids should be kids for a while until they are -- i just think it's very early for schools to be going in there and a lot of parents wouldn't approve of this. their faith wouldn't approve of this. that pushes that conversation on the other kids. i don't think anyone should be
5:27 pm
picked on. i can't stand bullies. i never liked bullies. >> bill: nature until they are 18. >> choose when they are older. actually give informed consent. i know it's difficult for the parents to me the "the washington post" was really border line pushing an agenda by putting this on the front page above the fold. >> bill: all right, laura. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. new gallup poll on swing what's morally acceptable and morally wrong. culture warriors will weigh in. megyn kelly man fathered 30 children and will not support them. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. morality in america. new gallup poll questioned people about what's right, what's wrong. birth control 88% say it's morally acceptable. 8% say wrong. divorce 25% wrong. 67%. gambling 64% okay.
5:31 pm
31% immoral. >> having a baby outside of that we differ from france. joining us laura green from washington and jeanine pirro in new york. we asked the ladies to select three of the morality categories and tell us what they think. what's the first one that jumped out at you? >> suicide. 80% of americans are against suicide. which i found kind of stunning. especially given the fact that people are living longer, they might get sicker and they shouldn't have the decision or the permission to kill themselves. >> bill: suicide or assisted suicide. >> here is the key. 48% say it is okay if a doctor. >> bill: door tore assisted 45% say that's okay. >> that tells you that 32%
5:32 pm
more think it's okay if a doctor assists you. think about that. in the ultimate libertarian act i own my body if i want to kill myself, they are saying i need a doctor's permission. that's some last step. i thought that was kind of stunning. >> bill: still reflects judeo-christian traditions that we have in this country, i think. lauren green what was the first one that jumped out at you first? >> first one is the catholic church. i hear this all the time catholic parishioners don't agree with the hierarchy. 21% say morally acceptable. a will the of the problems. hh mandate over contraceptives. the problem is that true catholic church is not a democracy. they don't create their doctrine off of a poll. that's why it is called the catholic church. there is a standard right and wrong that is objective outside of what you and i would like. >> bill: this is a secular poll. it doesn't have anything to do with religion do you find it right or wrong. >> 89%. and they said catholics. when you say catholics.
5:33 pm
that's the thing that kind of gets me. >> bill: i believe the polls think birth control is okay. janine number two. >> number two is pornography. 64% of americans think it's morally wrong. but as you peel back the layer of the onion you see that 42% of republicans think that sex outside of marriage is morally wrong. but 21% think that pornography is less wrong. let me sigh if i can explain that again. more republicans think it's okay to have sex outside of marriage than to view pornography. does that make sense to you? no. >> bill: pornography is a crime though. >> no, no. child pornography is a crime. obscenity is a crime. not pornography. >> bill: you are the judge. >> child pornography is a crime. >> bill: you see inconsistency. >> okay to do it but don't look at it. >> bill: lauren, number two. >> my number two is adultery. 89% of the people believe that adultery is morally wrong. yet the statistics show more than 60% of married women and more than that of married
5:34 pm
women actually admitted to having adulteress affairs. here you have a situation that our standard that we like to set we actually have a disconnect between the standard and what are -- >> bill: it's hard to justify adultery. unless you are a polygamist or something like that. and, again, it goes back to our culture. judeo-christian culture very hard to justify that number three. >> finally death penalty. 58% of americans think it's morally acceptable. i was honestly surprised to see it was that high. although it has dropped from last year. given the focus on things like d.n.a. exonerations, the innocent wrongly convicted. i think it speaks to the fact that many americans are touched by violent crime. which is why it still at 588%. i think it's a high number. >> bill: your third, lauren. >> this is about out of wedlock births. 54% say it's morally. 42% unacceptable. i think it's unacceptable on all levels. the out of wedlock birth 70%.
5:35 pm
>> bill: that's interesting number. 42% think out of wedlock births are morally acceptable. it shows our culture is becoming more and more acceptable. ladies thank you very much. when we come right back, megyn kelly on the john edwards trial and that tennessee man who has fathered 30 children. he can't support. kelly is next. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. day five of the clicks john edwards charged with crime relating to donations. jury taking its time. here is megyn kelly the with the latest. remind me again what long deliberations usually say. >> usually they are not good for the party that has the burden of proof. the prosecution. if i were john edwards i would be feeling more confident as
5:39 pm
the days went by. >> bill: as the days go on. there has got to be a lot of debate. the jury asked for a whole slew of things to be brought in for review. >> they have been asking for evidence virtually every day. today judge relatively knew to the bench says take all the exhibits which isn't so good for the media we like to glean something about the case based on what the jury wants to see: now they got it all. >> bill: can this weasel edwards be convicted of lesser charges or anything? >> no. >> bill: can they equit on the main charge and say we hate you and you have to go away for 10 years. >> that will be up to the american people. >> bill: we can incarcerate him. >> i will tell you. this the one caution to my initial statement that is probably good for the defense is this is a really complex case. it appears the way they have been asking for the exhibits that they are going through in medicined this to dick call way. he was alleged to have gotten money from two donors. bunny mellon that's the 101-year-old lady who love the job edwards. >> bill: still alive.
5:40 pm
>> still alive. hard of hearing. they didn't make her testifying. the interior decorator took the stand. they went through her evidence first. today they seemed to have moved on to the other guy fred barron and his donation. they do seem to be doing this as a matter of course. okay, what's the evidence, let's go through it. i wouldn't be too cocky if i were razzle dazzle. >> nickname for edwards. >> razzle dazzle, thank you. let me just tell the viewers what they have been asking for. they wanted a handwritten note from one of the donors to this guy andrew young the edwards' aide that he wrote on the note when he gave him a bunch of cash to be used to hide the mistress. old chinese saying use cash, not credit cards. that doesn't sound above board. >> bill: guilty. >> convict him on that? then they wanted phone message from andrew young six months after campaign ended? why is he doing this six months after the campaign ended if it's not to further his own.
5:41 pm
>> bill: make money. >> he writes everything is on go. i'm going to meet privately with this elderly donor bunny mellon and make sure you are protected. the jury just seems to be looking at the evidence that the prosecution put in to prove their case that money was changing hands that was nefarious and edwards knew. >> bill: you know what i think about this case and if the jury comes back and acquits him i'm not going to second guess the jury. >> no way not on this case. >> bill: this is a really interesting story for me because i'm a big personal responsibility guy. and fathering a child is really the most important thing a man can do in his life. so this idiot desmond letchet is he a hug in tennessee. reports are that he has fathered 30 children by 11 women. that might be high. now they may say it's something else. >> may just be 26, bill. >> bill: this guy runs around and he he doesn't care what he does. there are stupid women who, for whatever reason want to get pregnant by this men.
5:42 pm
is he in prison right now. >> many of them. >> bill: he has a 12 page wrap -- rap sheet. society can't do anything to him for impregnantating these women. he doesn't support the children without us, you and me, good people of tennessee, they would starve to death doesn't provide money. in america, he can't be charged with anything, right? >> he can be put in jail civil contempt for not paying the necessary child support to his children. >> bill: he could be incarcerated for that. >> right now is he in jail for assault. >> that's a serious beef. you can put deadbeat dads in jail when there is order to pay child support and they don't. in his case making minimum wage 30 kids and literally some of these women are now entitled to a check of a couple dollars a month and is he not even paying that. >> bill: they get welfare
5:43 pm
checks. >> hence the taxpayers step in. >> bill: entitlement culture they are not going it die these kids. they are certainly going to be deprived. my thing is, if i were the judge in this case in tennessee. i would take each of the 30 children and put him in jail, each time, maybe for a year for each kid, which adds up to 30 years so the guy never gets out. >> does that really benefit society? >> bill: yes, absolutely benefits society. >> he says he doesn't want any more kids. >> wouldn't you want desmond out there practicing safe sex and working. >> bill: no. >> pay some of these expenses? no i would rather have desmond in jail for 30 years one year for each kid for punishment. >> something that bothers me about this story. i'm no fan of desmond's. >> bill: good i'm glad, kelly. >> ladies, there is personal responsibility on the women's side as well. when old desmond comes along and his reputation for fathering children was very notorious when old desmond comes along and you know he has upwards of 20 children with 11 different women who is he not taking care of and
5:44 pm
extensive criminal history 14 page rap sheet very long serious criminal history. multiple assaults, evading arrests and so on, maybe think twice before jumping in the sack with old desmond. move along. >> bill: you are preaching to the deaf: you are preaching to deaf people. >> covering the story you don't give the ladies a pass. >> bill: read my lips. they don't care, period. that's the way it is. they are going to be taken care of by society. they know that will happen. they don't care about their personal behavior and that's why these children are getting hammered from coast to coast. >> they are creating another generation that will be just like them because they have no good parents to raise them. >> bill: all right ms. megyn thank you. great american news quiz on deck. getting away with murder edition. and then outrage in south carolina as a union boss disrespects governor nikki haley. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: back of book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, the getting away with murder edition. literally. here they're, the quiz kids, fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for david marcos from battle creek,. >> and steve doocy representing beverly out on long island. if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up on bill o' >> they are nifty. >> bill: at love people get away with murder. >> mainly our children. >> bill: figuratively. these are ones that realty did. you will be offended many will because we are -- we are convicting these people of murder right here in the news quiz. here we go. 2005 actor robert blake found not guilty of murdering his wife bonnie lee blakely. prosecutors could not place the gun in blake's hand. >> there is no forensic or physical evidence whatsoever that links robert blake to the
5:49 pm
murder weapon or this homicide. >> blake said all along he could not have killed his wife because he wasn't there when it happened. he says he left his wife alone in their car in order to retrieve, what? his gun, his glasses, his cigarettes, his watch. what was blake's alibi? >> i thought he had to retrieve his parrot. >> bill: and the -- his gun, that's correct. lucy. so he left his gun in the restaurant as anyone would if you were packing. >> some people leave a tip. >> bill: you leave your phone and gun right on the seat. >> honey, could you go back and get the gun for me? >> not guilty we all do it. here is question number two. oj simpson's 1994 murder acquittal sent shock waives throughout the country. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant orenthal simpsons
5:50 pm
not guilty of murder in violation of 187 a a felony upon nicole brown simpson a human being as charged in count 16 the information. >> bill: one celebrity planned on releasing a book called get away with murder featuring a photo of that celebrity posing with oj simpson on the cover. now, he ended up, the celebrity did, changing the book title and photo at the last minute. who was that celebrity? >> bill: the answer is c, howard stern. that's correct. that was an easy one we threw in. >> bill: so doocy leads 3 to 1 with one to go. >> i will blow it. >> bill: don't get nervous. gangster al capone rose to infamy in chicago. gained power using bruit force on his enemies. >> on may 8th when greasy
5:51 pm
thumb jack whined that he had been kicked around by local booted legger he unloaded six loader in front of three witnesses. no one forgot it but no one would say they remembered it. >> bill: that's right and capone was never charged with that murder. africa pony's 1932 conviction on tax charges, federal charges, his bullet proof limb swleen was seized by the u.s. treasury. who eventually became the owner of capone's limo? who got capone's limo? cards up, please, the answer is a stunning fdr doocy guess. >> bullet proof. >> bill: isn't that interesting? fdr driving around in capone's limo it was seized forfeiture they seized all of capone's stuff. franklin delano roosevelt. armored, bullet proof and a safe vehicle.
5:52 pm
very few people know that but now y'all know it. >> i knew it. >> now we do. thank you bill o'reilly. >> bill: question number four, out of hitler's reign of terror left millions dead. many regret he was never brought to justice instead died a coward's death in a bunker. >> executed. you lied to me. i have been betrayed. everyone has betrayed me. even the ss. traders and cowards, every one of you. you. the general star. >> bill: all right. before his rise to power. hitler spent some time in ventriclena, austria as a young man. how did he support himself there? and the answer is b, selling paintings. >> i thought he was a wallpaper hanger. >> bill: he was a terrible artist. final question. doc holiday became famous as one of the deadliest gunslingers in the wild west.
5:53 pm
>> i'm afraid the strain was more than he could bear. >> wasn't quite as sick as i made out. >> bill: okay. all know many say holiday should have died in a prison cell for his crimes. did he not. how did doc holiday expire? cards up, please. and the answer is, b:' maccallum. >> that was a bad night for me. >> bill: you got something kicked today. something was kicked. >> yeah. take that! >> bill: i'm sorry, david, maccallum is usually better than that doocy won by three. a rout. >> i know murder. >> >> he did need a win. doocy does get away with murder every morning. >> every day boxing ring this morning. >> bill: union boss
5:54 pm
disrespecting south carolina governor nikki haley. p and p just over two minutes away. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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to learn more, contact an amway independent business owner. >> pinheads & patriots, starring a disrespectful union boss in just a moment. but first, if you are in the midwest and the south, consider bolder, fresher tickets as a father's day gift. go to bill o' we will stick you over to the box office. matinee tickets available. check it all out on bill
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o' dad will love the miller/o'reilly exposition. to the mail... >> well, if these protests continue to be violent, john, that will help the governor. i think the up on movement is anti-american and has nothing to do with party politics. >> not fair. mario cuomo believes that abortion is wrong but upholds the legislation... >> well, you're paying for the
5:58 pm
obama administration's contraception mandate, sarah, so maybe should you care. this is a constitutional issue, not a moral one. >> the word is out, mike. >> you're welcome, jim. glad you like it.
5:59 pm
don't forget to check out the no-spin news every day. >> bingo! persistence pays off, dave. there you are. finally, pinheads & patriots, south carolina governor, nikki haley, not popular among some union leaders, among them donna dewitt, with the afl-cio. >> wait until her face comes around. wack her! [cheering] >> you give her another wack. wack her again! [cheering] wack her again! this one's for me! [cheering] >> she is a pinhead. that's it for us. check out the fox news factor web site. and we would like to have you spout off about the factor from anyw i


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