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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 25, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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walking down the street is a beautiful sight. >> kimberly:al eye candy all day long -- eye candy all day long. now it's 6:00 in new york city. that's it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you for watching. see you later. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld for reasons that will be clear. now to mike for our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> levi johnston is living with his parents after blowing a million dollars on guns and boats. america is stunned. we, unfortunately investigate. and new york republicans want to ban anonymous internet comments. a move so dumb it was even condemned by the former millionaire rely johnston. -- levi johnston. 1k3 bill clinton poses for a
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photo with two porn stars. levi johnston declared the photo to be totally awesome. back to you. >> you know it is johnston, right? >> who is he? i never heard of the guy. >> you are not here to fact check, so it is fine. let's welcome our guest. we stole her diary so she has no other choice but to keep coming on the show. and he is america's bad boy and a virgo. it is greg gutfeld and co-host of "the five" that airs at 5:00 p.m. eastern. bill schulz who thinks he is on the set of "tron." and he gets more ha, ha, ha's than a dojo. >> believe that. >> and his bosses are grieving because his readers are leaving. how are you, pinch? >> today in the times, it is the picture of a five-year-old boy, adore blee touching president obama's head that
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was in the oval office for three years now. oh, obama. ♪ it is hard to look right at you baby ♪ ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe >> i cannot wait for to you go out of business. >> it is a top 10 hit. i'm with it. >> be quiet. is going green a smoke screen? the environmental protection agency and nascar formed a sexy partnership to form eco-friendly products. and the deal covers everything except the racing. confirms an epa spokesman, quote, yes, the focus is on suppliers and programs and not green cars. the cars gulp two million gallons of gas a year. but everything else will be green. god bless america. nascar will expand the use of safer chemical products and push products with a small echo footprint and have fans to buy sustainable footprints
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at races. now to slipingy on a treadmill -- slinky on a treadmill. >> i could watch that for minutes. sherrod, as a life long nascar fan what do you make of this? >> you know i am down with it. >> i know. >> what do you want them to do? use cheaper gas to go slower? i thought the whole thing was to use advanced fuel and we can use different octanes in our regular life. so no, it is dumb. i think nascar is doing the right thing. >> so how is it dumb? >> because people get angry because they are not -- >> oh people getting angry. >> why would you try to use a cheaper one when you are trying to advance it? >> i guess i am just waiting for a joke. >> because nascar is close to may heart. >> you don't joke about something. greg, it is easy to laugh at
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this. even if the cars themselves are not green what is wrong with nascar doing other things? >> it is symbolic bs. it is the equivalent of a dentist going to a strip club and justifying -- giving the money to helping a girl through school. it means absolutely nothing. >> how does that mean nothing? it means everything. >> by the way, let's attack that word sustainable. sustainable is the biggest nonsense cal phrase. sustainable is capitalism. you pay to do something and if that is successful, you get more of it. there is nothing sustainable -- >> so you are saying capitalism is nonsensible? get out of here you commi. >> so nasa can't go green because they use the same fuel to go up in space? >> okay, wait, wait, wait. how can nasa go green 1234. >> they can use biodegradable other things. >> they can use recycled toilet paper. >> who would use recyclable
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toilet paper. >> do not knock it, friend. >> that is disgusting. by the way, slinky on treadmill, better than nascar. >> be quiet. >> you said in the green room, they should make the cars green and enforce a faff 5 mile per hour -- a 55 mile per hour speed limit in all races. >> that would be an exciting race for everyone. don't you think? we have a kid to put a carseat in the back and baby on board bumper sticker ssments this plan is crazy. it is like, we are doing everything to be green except the 99% of what we do which is not going to be green at all. i will use that in my life in a lot of ways. i will get a new workout plan that includes everything except going to the gym. i will buy new shoes and a new watch. i don't eat anything special except mcdonalds. >> that's how america works though. people join a gym. they don't work out.
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environmentalism is a romantic ideal to make you feel better about yourself. it is like subscribing to men's health and never going to the gym. >> if you join the gym and never work out, you are creating jobs and not causing wear and tear on the machine. you are sustaining the machine. >> they count on that. >> absolutely. >> that's how america works. >> you are welcome. >> isn't this preaching to the choir? nays co fans are already -- nascar fans are already the biggest echo freaks. >> i saw an opening and i pushed the stereo type right in there. i don't understand why people don't get offset. you are doing something bad so offset by something good. they ask me, why do you run? i run because i do all of these drugs. it is giving me a little more time. i am offsetting one with the other one. >> hang on. every time the green flag waves they are planting 10 trees that offsets their
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carbon emissions for an entire race. >> bill's example is true. i do the same thing. however, with carbon offsets, there is no way to actually prove that it works. and there is no way to prove that the carbon contribution of humans has any affect whatsoever. it is a tiny, tiny percentage of what goes into the atmosphere. termites do twice as much. it is all bogus. it created a carbon offset industry for people to make money of your guilt. >> all i took out of that is you hate trees. i am not really sure why. >> my family was killed by trees. >> were they really? >> i thought they lived in them. >> that too. >> i think the epa should partner with other sports. i think hockey should stop using available ice. when the polar caps melt, we will need that ice. >> when it melts down we will need the ice. >> field hockey, folks. come on, new york rangers. >> but that kills the grass. >> maybe we should play soccer
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like the europeans do. they are saving more money than us. >> no. no one should ever -- well, you can play soccer, but just don't watch it. as you know, as you are well aware this sunday is one of race's biggest day. you have the indy 500 followed by that is car's longest race of the season, the coca-cola 600. i don't have a question, but i want america to know i know what is going on. >> you left outhouse boy 500. >> is that a race? >> i tell them it is a race. it is a race for their lives. it is a very tight circle, and they usually get exhausted. >> it is more like "the hunger games." >> the winner can drink some milk. >> it is the senseless slaughter of 500 souls. >> that's good for the planet. >> true. >> my biggest concern is if they make all of the flags green it will be confusing for the drivers. >> lots of crashes. from going green to being mean. should the bell toll for internet trolls? in an effort to combat nastiness on-line new york
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state lawmakers are pushing legislation, seen here, that would banathon muss muss -- ban anonymous fees. it would ban newspapers to remove comments that don't have a person's name attached. says one republican assemblyman, the bill would cut down on, quote, mean, baseless attacks and turn the spotlight on cyber bullies by forcing them to reveal their identity. unless a first amendment is repealed, it would amount to nill. we would have tape on a commenter. >> to be fare, the kitty makes good points. this bill is clearly unconstitutional. it leaves two choices, the legislators who propose it
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want publicity, and they are stupid. those are your only two choices. >> i agree that there are comments that can be dangerous. i enjoy jill done son's -- jill dobson's blog. can i make a point? you can look in the past. remember crank calls? when you were a kid you could make the crank calls and then what killed it was star 69. nobody gets crapping calls anymore. >> nobody gets crank calls anymore. when somebody says something defaming to you you can call them back. >> this stupid bill aside, but should more sites ban anonymous commenting? there is nothing stoping them. >> you get a lot stronger opinions from people when they can hide behind another name. that brings up the idea of
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pseudonyms which i i didn't see anything in this bill. if somebody named dill done son wants to say something will it counts? >> the internet is the modern day bathroom wall since bathrooms tont have walls. >> and that is uh snob -- anonymous. >> and it is never going to change. >> maybe one site would do it and ban everybody and everybody would go to that site. that's the only way it will happen in america. >> are you a comed yen or you say you r. judging from tonight -- >> it is not even heckling. but if the heckling was coming from a speaker from the street and you have no idea where that is coming from, and it affects your work, jerry seinfield used to say, i don't go to your place of work and yell at you. that's what is happening now. does that matter? >> on the internet that is happening? >> i don't know.
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>> somebody needs to make a site where you can say what you want to say, but everybody keeps track of each other. >> it would be great -- if you try to ban it like the government is trying to ban it you get everybody's panties in a twist. >> are you a magnet for abuse on-line and in your face. which do you prefer? >> just to be clear we are doing something on anonymous internet threats and you came to me last? that's what you did? >> you say the expert -- you save the expert for last. >> there is a reason you are not a permanent friend. >> on ?ail mail some people -- snail mail some take the time to do that. there are many ways to spell socialist. it is not the commentators. it is the caring. it is funny to me at this
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point, but people have to stop caring. as far as new york doing this bill, imroa up. look at my venom and grow up. >> we do need thicker skin. >> well everybody brings up the federal list papers, but i love breezy 69 and it is not exactly alexzander hamilton. >> somebody is saying something about your kid and that's annoying. >> and it lives forever. i think the whole thing is if it is something that can damage your career, then there is reason for that. i just don't know how to police it. i am not a policeman. >> the other night you were. my birthday by the way is tomorrow night and then again on monday. monday from 7:00 to 9:00 and wednesday from 8:00 to 10:00. jay that's your girth day.
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>> it is nice when there is is a natural point you need to move on. from nameless to penniless. he went from a joke to flat broke. levi johnston's pockets are empty and he is reportedly living with his mom after blowing through a million dollars in earnings. according to "us weekly" the former fiancee to bristol pay lynn squandered his money on boats and guns and four whilers. the 22-year-old has been less than punctual with child support palins and has another baby on the way after accidentally knocking up his new awesomely named sunny ogilsby. what is next? a pinch of copenhagen and a kick ass come back. but first, let's go back to slinky on a varied mill. slink?
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>> slinky is working hard tonight. sherrod, he blew his money on guns, boats and four wheelers. he is the ultimate white guy. >> that's alaska for you. i would have spent it on guns. i'm from the hood. no he is good. he had his five teen minutes of of -- 15 minutes of fame. nobody thought he would get into the movies or anything. so he is back where we thought he would be. >> when you have the talent and the work ethic of levi johnston it is totally reasonable to expect the checks to keep on coming in. >> greg, i think you may have a theory about levi and maybe it involves a metaphor or two. >> it goes back to my -- i described this earlier, the cut in line theory. we know when people cut in line in terms of success. we know he didn't earn his success. he was used by the pawns by the kathy griffins as a thorn in the side of sarah palin.
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when people were board of him they let him go. he thought he could parlay this into something else. now he should be a greeter at a bait shop. i am actually jealous. that girl is cute. by the way he is naming his kid, baretta after the gun. >> he is named after jeans and his kid is named after a gun. >> he is looking for an endorsement deal. >> guns are currency. >> why do you hate alaska? >> people trade guns. they barter with guns. >> i don't think they do. >> when was the last time you were in alaska? >> 19903. >> i was there three months ago and it was great. >> were you? >> yes. >> wow. shocked. >> jill, let's face it, he may be broke now, but it sounds like he had fun spending the money he deserved. >> why not? four wheeler. live it up, go hard or go home. >> that's his problem.
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>> the new girlfriend got pregnant in a hunting lodge when they had a romantic weekend there. he has a theme throughout life. if you are not hunting or fishing -- >> who kneads money for that? he has all of the girls he needs for hunting and fishing. >> bill, will levi reinvent himself and make a glorious come back? >> he doesn't know what that means. the real issue is he spent all of this while still waiting for the "play girl" check to come. i have been on that site every day for the past month. it ain't coming. they haven't updated since last year. every day. 18 and over. 18 and over. >> i just got that. coming up, should cable tv host apologize to viewers for mailing it in. first, is bill clinton still bill clinton? of course he is still bill clinton.
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you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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well, could bill clinton be anymore bill clinton? i refer to this picture of the exprez and a couple of porn stars. slick willy posed at a gala event attended by several celebrities and, yes, a bunch of adult actresses. he has brooklyn lee and tasha rain with him. lee won for best new star let and "mission impossible." and clinton has been seen on a beach in monte carlo. i believe we have tape.
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now the porn stars make sense. greg, the two actresses told tmc sme were going to take a picture and the secret service brushed them away. but clinton had secret service call them back to take the picture. does it make you love him more or a lot more? >> it doesn't surprise me. by the way the saddest two words together are porn star let. when bill clinton is with those women he is thinking, i am president why not invent the porn pod. it is a thing that would come over him like a sex pod. the minute he was with them it would drop over him and allow him to have sex immediately and then he would put his clothes on and it would come back up and still be like that. he would have invented the sex pod. he is standing there going i wish i had a sex pod.
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that's what he is thinking. >> i am floored by your perfect mimicking of clinton. i can't get past that. >> i wish i had a sex pod. >> sherrod, i have to say, when clinton wasn't i got to the point i loathed him. now when i see him i say do your thang willy c. >> and he had to tell the secret service dude to bring the girls over. he was like, look, i am not the president anymore. let me live. >> is there any chance he didn't know who these women were? >> he knew at least one, a 50/50 chance. brooklyn does good work too. >> does she? >> she is a team player. >> clinton knew how quick this would get around. this is his message that he still has it. >> he had no idea who they were. how can he know this. he can't find out the job title of everyone. you are like, of course he
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knows. my whole take on the story is out the door. >> i respect the honesty. bill, what sleezy tabi or guys brought the torn stars to the event. it is not like they brought them them -- they just walked in. >> it is the prince of monaco. the difference between he and clinton he doesn't care who knows. but i agree with jill in that i don't think bill clinton knew they were porn stars. did he have sex with them? absolutely. that goes without saying. but he didn't know who they were. >> you can't be shocked a porn star is at a casino, right? that's where they go. >> that whole place is a casino. that entire island. that was club man gnaw co. it was a store opening. >> that's where i got a
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skirted. >> i don't have anymore questions or if you don't have anything more to say? >> no, no. the saddest part is a porn star can meet a president, where none of us can. hot women have more status than anybody on the planet. >> i am not sure i agree about the limited means. do you mean money? >> no, status. you don't need status if you are a porn star. >> i am the president of the salina fan club. >> we did get a thumbs up. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox sherrod, when i am reading something you can't talk. >> to leave a voice mail call 212-462-5050.
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still to come, the half time report from michael money gnaw han. >> tonight is hosted by beagle. thanks, beagle.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to michael
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moynahan. >> how is it going? >> good. >> i looked up the kid, levi johnston. it is johnson, and he is no good. it is johnston and he is no good. i believe he is a nare do well. >> is he some. >> he is is a meddling kid. jay he is a meddling kid. where do we begin here? nascar is beginning these different octanes that sherrod was talking about. they get the dentist strip club analogy. you can't fact check things that are completely incoherent. jay michael? >> yes. >> you could have brought up the fact that nays cage uses e-15 fuel. >> they do. it is a ethanol mix and a great boom to the corn scam and all of these subsidees. you can look it up in home. >> let me call you out.
12:31 am
>> absolutely. >> you said if the epa partners with other sports and then you trailed off on something. they do partner with other sports. the nhl is the first to join the epa's green power partnership. i don't know what it means. source power from the wind farms. >> rangers. >> what? >> rangers. >> oh, the rangers, a hockey team. >> the nhl was so green, give the glaciers their ice. >> the major league baseball is also according to one -- >> yankees -- >> -- has emerged with a powerful leader in the movement. >> teams are in canada and canada are already behind more than this country. >> in what?
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>> in the green energy. they have the tar sounds. they have the tar sands. >> i have one more bone to pick with you because imreg is on the panel. i want to come back and not focus on him, but you said this creates jobs. you are a libertarian. aren't these make work jobs? like you give a guy $50 to dig a hole and another $50 to shovel it in. >> >> the biggest was me joining a gym and then not going. >> i stand by that. >> i was bothered by jill talking about not going to the gym anymore. >> rangers. >> i go to jill's gym. >> i have seen her there too. >> i am into sports. >> jill was so much more effective.
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>> you just start shouting out minor league baseball teams. >> yours was more of a question. >> if andy was doing half time he would be so annoyed right now. >> and what about the fact that people are talking about this? >> come on. >> okay. everybody shut up. >> new york free speech. greg said jill's website was i hate it is in denmark for some reason. >> there is such a thing called the ip address that people can if they are violating the law be tracked down as we saw in the recent case of the hacker group anonymous. >> that's a lot of work for
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the layperson. >> a layperson can't do this. only authorities. >> somebody needs an app. i don't even know what that means ssments -- what that means. >> i have an ip address, but it is a fetish site and 18 and over, 18 and over. >> a disgusting website. greg, let me keep going back to you. seinfield heckling analogy. true, but that is not illegal. there is no legality there. the clubs can uh -- adjudicate things and kick them out. >> there is a face-to-face thing and you can answer people by responding to you. anonymousy callers are people heckling you from outside the club. people like to face their tormenters. freedom of speech is for
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people who want to say what they want to say. we are looking at people tormenting other people cowardly, and that is different. you can't legislate it. all i'm saying is there has to be someway where i can say i know you are you little -- >> yes, you are on tell -- television. i was going to say, it did sound -- >> is this a new experiment they are doing? did one of our cameramen have a heart attack and lean against the camera? >> nobody is even questioning the fact it happened. >> why would we question that? >> somebody in the control room had a stroke and landed on a button. >> i'm sure they will be fine. michael, continue. >> i can see them from here. he looks okay. greg you sounded soft we all
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get the right to free speech. the thing that is problematic is the quote from the legislator there who said this should eliminate baseless political attacks. who decides what is baseless political attacks. >> i agree completely. it is dangerous territory. however, there has to be a way for somebody to be able to say i know it is you. it needs to be the easier way to get an ip address or somebody's name. find out who it is. it is like star 69ing. >> should that be in america? you are talking about people who post anonymously because they will get killed and go to jail. >> it is all moot because they would have to be in new york and they could off load them to another country. >> why are we doing this story then? >> i don't know. nobody runs them by me. >> what was i saying?
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andy said the bathrooms don't have walls anymore. >> mine do. >> i guess you are old school. >> mr. uptight. >> i don't want andy looking at me. >> do you have locks on your doors too? >> are you still talking? >> unbelievable. >> nobody -- when we were talking about levy johnston the alaska multimillionaire who lost it in a upon swree scheme of jetskis. you said he named his kid baretta. you are almost right. it was the middle name. it was breeze baretta. jill was right when she said the hunting lodge he conceived or she or whatever the gender breeze baretta is was conceived at a hunting lodge.
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i want to read you a quote that is walt whitman esque from little levi. "we were out in the cabin for like four days. i forgot the birth control" this kid will go far. i think andy in his lead in said he is not punctuation actual with his payments. that's a generous way to put it. he is two years behind. >> if he made a million, what is going on there? >> who knows? i tried to find out where he is making the million. it is not from a defunct magazine like "play girl." some people thought he would go far. and his book was blurbs my an irish chat who has a television show. and he said he is honest. he is straight forward. he is not embarrassed.
12:39 am
he should be, but he is not. >> that goes back to what you are saying. people used them and then tossed them aside. >> a lot of people make money in different ways. for example if you look at the back pages of a muscle magazine you can be paid hourly for posing. >> you're telling me. >> i am not arguing. >> is that the night stalker? richard ramirez? >> maybe they are making money posing for certain celebrities. >> the final thing -- >> i am just asking questions. >> i am out of time, but i want to say your porn part idea is awesome and you totally stole it from get smart. >> i thought it was similar to the or tab asma tron. >> it is a melting of the two.
12:40 am
>> that's what a great inventer does. thank you, greg from america. >> thank you. >> are you done? >> i think i am done. >> thanks, man. >> thank you. coming up, does worshiping the dark lord help when it comes to entertaining reporting. we look at her new book. first, should a man be able to sue his exfor break an engagement. if it was a night at the opera, hell no, that sucks.
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should she pay her part of a breaking his heart? a new york city woman is -- a new york city man is suing his former fiancee for nixing their engagement twice in two years. claiming she should pay back her share of the rent and the money he put down for the wedding. steven silver steen, he doesn't sound chilean. he paid it for 15 months and put the down payment for the venue, dj, photographer,ett
12:44 am
set raw. now he wants his exto cough up the more than $50,000 she owes him. sounds like this is a job for -- >> lightning rrroooooouuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> i hate that graphic with the blazing hot fury. >> i like it with sherrod. >> sherrod, the girl moved from california to live with him and she paired her share of the rent for six months. he has a point, doesn't he j. >> no. that's what happens. sometimes girls change their mind. you can't see thumb for it, nerd. i don't care if it was one engagement or two. good luck getting a next fiancee. you are the guys who sues girls? good luck for that. ji she plans to counter sue.
12:45 am
chicks am i right? what do you think they are doing with her make up? >> that's not the question i should answer. she should counter sue for him being a woos. how dowry kindle a relationship? you can't rekindle. he wasted her time. she should sue him for wasting her time. >> unless you give somebody else a kindle. >> say she gets in an accident and gets reconstructive surgery and is different. >> absolutely. and does president talk. and doesn't talk. >> jill what do you have to say for yourself and your so-called gender? >> if you look at what they do and clearly he goes i have a lot of money. leave your house i will pay
12:46 am
the rent and plan a big wedding and then it didn't work out. >> you can't put a woman on lay away. i got that from hobart. >> bill, what do you have to say about yourself. >> i am mold two. and we are growing the fact if they spend $50,000 on a wedding that never happened the real cruelty is the act of marriage itself. down payment on the house, an expensive dog, it is better than putting it on one day. $50,000 for a wedding though is half a cake and a dress. >> they would say that is stimulus. >> time to take a break for real. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about.
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a mississippi 6th grader was told by a school to turn his marine corp t shirred inside dab -- t-shirt inside out. the boy was given the shirt by his older brother who is a marine in afghanistan. the 13-year-old's mom decided
12:51 am
to take him out of school rather than bring a change of loathing. clothing. they say the shirt -- the school is super conservative and love our military, but it was too graphic. do you buy this cover up? >> if we can show that shirt on fox you can wear it. that's the way i look at it. you have to make an exception with this kid. if you care take duct tape and block the general tills. should the school have made an epgz exception because he got it from his brother in afghanistan. if you are behind that kid and looking at thing bay end of a dog you are not hearing what she is saying. >> you know what, that is not like us. on fox they watch.
12:52 am
around kids it will distract the whole class. bill, first they came with the t-shirt, right? >> yoipg it is -- i don't think it is a poem. i think the school has a poi it. if it is something they find graphic they can take it off. when i was a kid i thought it was cool to come with a spudz mckenzie t-shirt, but i had to take it off because it supported beer. then i learned my favorite thing. >> i was a alcoholic. personally that was not graphic enough. i want a close up. >> the only question here is should the school have made an epgz exception because it is a marine corp shirt. if it was not a marine corp shirt we would not be arguing this, right? >> yes.
12:53 am
i would be aping gree if he was on a -- angry if he was on a plane and they threw him sov the plane. >> not cool. the father of all sorrow will im arrived at oxford university in a private helicopter. the 186 trip released three quarters of a ton of co two into the atmosphere. i even took a picture of his hip hop. >> a professor claims that will im is helping create a better understanding of climate changes. basically it is okay to create climate change to raise awareness. >> he is not participating in it? >> he is. >> he is participating, but not actively. he is coming in a helicopter, but to save your bough fan ma -- cor you banana peels.
12:54 am
i heard he took two bald eagles and then made them take him home. >> he is the father of all sorrow. >> that is edge lock clear good. >> should we cut him soming slay. he didn't want to be 2008. there is the reason we did that story. we can do home now. those hip hop eagles take them home. so many celebrities do this. they fly in private jets and they say all of you should do good work and offset what i am doing. you can plant trees and then get everyone else responsible for them. >> as somebody that is am -- am pitch lent and hates calling them out, i will skip you. >> that's fine.
12:55 am
can i make one point? they defend him because he writes and performs about climate change. his songs suck. >> i like black eyed peas. >> we willed dit that. what would taboo say or do about this? >> are you referring to taboo, falling up? we are ?ot going to do negative -- we are not going to do negative. if i may? >> quickly. >> i live by the maxim you can learn a lot by looking at someone's shoes. there are three rules i buy by. smell good, look good and taste good. on that note we will close things out with a post game wrap up with michael moynahan. go to fox eye.
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attention all greg gutfeld fans. greg will be back on "the five" at 5:00 p.m. eastern
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time. tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from mike baker and nicky and tom shalou and maybe greg will show up. who knows? time to go back to michael moynahan for the post game wrap up. >> it came up and it is a quote and not a poem. sherrod, are you there? what is going on with the gma? >> i am going to be on "good morning america" from july 9th to september something. we will talk about hot topics topics and pop culture stuff with robin roberts and josh. i will be on two to three times a week. that's big news. what is the latest on the blog? >> i will update it right now. once i realize you are on good more than america i have to switch it all up. >> grege, how is the book -- greg, how is the


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