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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 26, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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helped to track down bin laden? and the vat vat, leaking confidential information. the scandal tock a new twist and how the fall out is reaching the height of power in the catholic church. >> she thought she was throwing out the first pitch. but when the mask comes off. the soldier's surprise that covers aughtful bases . fox news weather alert. tropical storm takes aim on the coast. millions of americans traveling to beaches and hiking areas . a popular corridor for tourist. storm expect tod make landfall and main treat is flooding and it could be sevore. we are several days away from the official tart. a couple of main storms . parts of eastern california
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and georgia and north carolina at this hour. it is 200 miles away from shore. and forecasters are saying it could bring misery to a lot of people. for the area bracing for barrel. fox 30 in jacksonville florida. mike is joining us now. it is expected to be a throw-day event and we'll see the worst of it. >> it is a slow moving storm and moving to the southwest. and it will make its way to the west. 300 miles from jacksonville and moving to florida later tomorrow and monday in particular. it is two o'clock sunday afternoon and 150 east of the jacksonville. tropical storm force winds should be off shore and we'll have the rip current a number of rescues today and early thisining on our own coast.
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and two o'clock monday morning. it is it right over jacksonville. and at that point, heavy rain in northeast florida and threat for isolated tornados and flooding with a half foot of rain. and it is moving right up the eastern sea board for the middle of next week. and and as you pointed on that map, mike. a lot of those people going to the beaches and areas. people are used to this and i wonder what is done for the tourist like you are. >> it is an unfortunate time. and it is a holiday weekend here. some of the beaches are going to be closed down and activity starting tomorrow. it is rough in the beaches and we have had a number of rip currents and rescues this afternoon. and seven people were rescue
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that is a big concern tomorrow and monday it is the peak of the storm that arrives tomorrow night and continues to monday. good side of this, harris. we are in a long-time drought can deficit 30 plus inches. stand point good news and timing not so good. and it doesn't reach any were close to hurricane strength. >> we'll keep an eye on it and we appreciate your report. >> a wild wild alert. complete different end. spectrum. source fires burning in the nation . first in new mexico where officials ordered people to evacuated and the fire in the hela national forest. it is 80,000 arcan res.
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they are attacking this beast and so far not contained. and the so called duck lake fire closing the state farm. flames detroid several buildings and threatening dozens more at this point. the governor calling the michigan national guard to help fight the flames and air tankers also getting involved in the fire. it is it about 20 percent contained new reaction to the conviction. i doctor who helped the united states track down osama bin laden. a quick recap. he was set to be running a fake vaccination program and collected dna information from the bin laden family.
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and that was given to the cia. sentenced him to 33 years in prison and in our response our congress voted to cut off aid to that country. the u.s. took steps to protect the doctor before his arrest. and because we weren't so many say it will be hard to recruit foreign assets because no one wants to end up in ai prison. they are critical in the cold war and to get in the small net works on the war on terror. why would anybody cooperate with us if they think they end up like this guy. >> is prosecuting this man and not those who help tod hide bin laden. senator finestein said the treatment of the doctor by
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makes me wonder which side of the war . >> we are both fighting al-qaida and had this happened with england, france or israel or with yemen f. he had got an empty terrorist and sent in the drones, they would not have reacted that way. >> the senate voted to with hold 33 million in aid a million for every year of the doctor's sentence, there is no indication that theies are considering to let him go. >> who would give away the secrets of the pop? who done it in the vat vat and allegations flying in the scandal with a hollywood twist. back here on u.s. soil. catholic church leaders
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>> a huge scandal brewing in the vat vat. the police have the pope's butler in custody and yes, they say the butler did it the man who served pope benedict meals and help tod dress him was taking documents. the information leaked to the press, and reportedly pointed to corruption in vat vat
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finance. there is secret letters between pope benedict and the personal secretary. >> and we are learning more in a growing legal show down over the president's controversial health man date. and the health care law would require religious institutions to provide coverage for conception . and more cardinals are speaking out. on molly henenburg has more. what are they saying. >> most catholic schools and hospitals and charities will not qualify for religious exemption and therefore would be required to provide insurance coverage for contraception and sterile and abortion inducing drugs. timothy dollan said they are strangling the catholic church. and the arch bishop of
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washington dc said he's not buying the administration claim that catholic institutions will not have to pie for birth control but insurance companies will. >> it sounds great if it were true. it is great accommodation and you don't have to worry because you are not going to have to provide or pay for the experience company, the insurance company will. we are the insurance company. so nothing has changed . >> 43 catholic institutions and the university of dame dame and -- university of notre dame filed lawsuits against the obama administration. >> the white house said the president believe necessary religious liberty and providing women with acess to contraception .
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>> the president has worked with leaders of religious institutions on this issue. has instructed his team to do that and will continue to do so and take further steps to plementing the rule. >> barring intervention or change by the obama administration. this man date is set to go in affect in august of this year. >> tomorrow on fox news sunday and an exclusive interview with the arch bishop. check your local listings for time. >> it is a big week in space. tonight a historic step and this one 200 miles above earth. they are opening the hatch first ever private spacecraft. hello, we'll tell you what they found inside. >> and throwing out the first pitch. things are col.
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in afghanistan, where we have been at war for a decade. the afghan parliment approved a partnership a the vote and overwhelming
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majority of a show of hands . president obama and cars -- karzi signed earlier this month. the partnership will now go to the afghan senate where it is expected to be approved next week. it is a key weekend with thousands of sailors and marines and coast guard men in new york. for fleet week for 200 warships and navy vessels that are docked around manhattan. the annual celebration coinicides with memorial day. and they are live for us tont outside of the amphibous ship.
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>> it is unbelievable sight to see fleet 2012 is special because of the war of 1812 ask star spangled banners . they are docked for fleet week new york. and total of will i men and women in uniform are looking for a good time in manhattan they are giving tours to the public. anna how are they enjoyed the city so far. you can see them everywhere. i live on the river and it is special to have them here. >> they are everywhere and folks in the city are rolling out the red carpet for them. and much needed time off for them. a caught up with a couplele -- couple service members. >> we areler and everybody
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comes out and loves to get on the tank and it is it a main attraction. we are having a blast. >> can you tell us what it is like to be a part of 2012. is this a great experience for you. >> it is awesome the city is awesome. never been here in fleet week before. and people thank us all of the time. i am having a blast and my wife is really jealous right now. >> it is an opportunity for people to come out and tour the ships and see the assault vehicles . but they are able to thank the service members as well one little girl handed out cards that she and her little sister had made. it is it a great opportunity to remember the memorial day as well >> thank you very much. you have a great assignment tonight. >> a young woman whose boyfriend serving overseas in afghanistan got a huge surprise. she got a chance to throw out
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the first pitch. behind the catcher's mask was her solder boy frepped home for a two week break. >> shellby fire it in there and good throw and not bad. and the surprise to shelby we brought in her boyfriend. specialist william johanson. >> wow. >> specialist johanson. member of the military out of the air base and the surprise for the girl friend didn't end there. [applause] oh, my gosh. our floor director. right the army specialist proposed to his girl friend. and they are all teary eyed. he's been playplanning this
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for a while for the -- and with the help of the commanding officer. >> oh, my god. they met through a mutual frepped. and congratulations to them. and the destination was disneyland, but's bus load full of high school graduates had their trip delayed to the home of mickey mouse because of one guy. what he did could have sparked. most reasonable people run away from twisters but not these guys this is just the start of what they caught on tape. a huge monster on the ground. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> in one state when you are convicted of driving drunk and want to get your driver's license you have to prove you are sober. it is requiring to pass a breath test before they start
4:27 pm
to drive the car. critics argue that states can't afford to do it here is adam houseley with more. >> more than 10,000 people are kill million arrested for mixing alcohol and driving now there is a renewed push to stop drunk drivers and save lives by using emission interlockings . >> it is requires a breath test to be passed before the vehicle is started. only 16 states require that for anyone driving under the influince. they found having a mandatory interlock law lowers the chance of repoot offend. they could go further than that so that all drivers and
4:28 pm
not just people convicted of dui know that they are caught one of the penalties they would receive is putting a interlock on their vehicle. the american institute that restaurants disagrees with the one size fits all punishment. arguing thrait shouldn't be up to states but judges. and argue that it would call 434 million to supervise offenders. you are throwing out judicial discretion. and talking about dui offenders and eliminating the response. as a industry we want to see that our laws work. and right now the first offender man date are too expensive . >> and congress is encouraging states to go for interlock laws for first ofeners and put the device in all cars .
4:29 pm
>> this is the fox report. time now for the top of the news . we are keeping a close eye off of the water was east florida. tropical storm beryl churns. and bringing with it and potential for flooding. tropical storm watchs and warnings in affect for three states . here is the fox station in new york joining us now. >> it is slow move thal be a problem with the flooding . >> exactly. it is not a wind storm but it is a wet storm. it is churning right now. it doesn't look like a well defined eye. and its name is beryl. wind is moving in the southwest at 6 miles per hour.
4:30 pm
and going to make landfall sunday night or early monday and sits and spins for a while before making an exit back out in the atlantic. >> potentially dangerous heat and humidity from the great lakes all the way to mississippi, ohio and tennessee valley. >> yes, we do have very intense heat. and so fast forward through this one. tomorrow's high in the 90s. you can see kansas city at 90 degrees chicago at 96. and many of these places, we are looking at temperatures above normalabout 25 degrees above the average for this time of year so records are broken. >> i am looking at memphis at 96. heat indexes is off the charts . >> you know how twister victims say one house is flattened and another is not touch. here is floof.
4:31 pm
>> there is it a huge twister tearing through the nebraska and destroyed a family's house. it ripped off the roof and leaving a few walls tanding and the homeowner, said he and his wife and children took shelters just seconds before it hit. apparently no other structuresed in it. >> state department joining the white house in reaction to the mass cure in syria. 94 people were killed in one town 30 children under the age of 10. secretary of state clinton blaming syria for the mass cure. and they call it inhuman brutalit etch. egypt and round one of the presidential election. these are the two men who got so many votes. muslim brotherhood and the
4:32 pm
last man who served as prime minister under the egypt's now gone leader hosni mubarack. and streaming live from cairo this is a big week for them. >> it is a huge week and it is going down from 13-2 talk being a lot of first. egypt's first election and the ability to cover real news about a presidential election. on the left a one from mubarack's regime. and on the other he will turn egypt in islamicitate and sharia law. >> we don't like to be like iran.
4:33 pm
it would be that bad? >> yes, very, very bad. he is a bad person. he must go away. >> we caught up with her as they left mcdonalds and she like many egyptians worry about what muslim brotherhood candidate would do. above the traffic circles and office buildings is election posters. people are learning about tough stories. >> it is the end of egypt. and talking about egypt and one man. >> he is that, revolution is dead. >> some are talking about the former prime proim under president obama revolutionaries who speak weeks to kick mubarak out and that mines it is in vain. if he wins in office. will they go back to tahir
4:34 pm
square. >> it is three weeks was campaigning and there is a run off election and who ever wins from that, the army promises to transfer over power july one. >> coupem of thingings, telling you when it appears the rev -- revolution is dead. will the army give up power? >> exactly, the army took over after mubarak left last february and many say the army doesn't want to stop being the power. behind the throne. there is a lot of money in the army and battle lines and in the muslim brotherhood candidate comes in, they feel the army will try to hold on to its power. but he is part of the army still. and you would see more dynamic
4:35 pm
power shive where you are the president now, but clearlies had its own ways of taking order maintaining control over the country here this country is the mother of the arab world . >> wow. excellent reporting, thank you very much. >> fresh round of deadly nighting -- fighting in the al-qaida forces. yemen. 7 soldiers were killed. fighting started yesterday and lasted to this morning . top commammeder said they are pushing militants out of the area. yemen is a hot bed of al-qaida activity in recent years. >> twisted wreckage and a deadly path. top store tore as we go around the world in 80 seconds. , that bus unrecognizable after driver lost control on
4:36 pm
the national highway heading to karachi. it overturn killing 14 people and including a child. early reports that speed may have been a factor in the crash . finland, someone taking shots from a roof top and hitting people outside of a restaurant. they arrested a teenager they believe is the gunman . >> and a man and woman were killed and others wounded including a police officer who responded to the scene. >> japan. environment and nuclear physicists min mr. #2: er taking a tour of the sunshine -- it is used for coling safety concerns about that pool when a world saw things bulging in the wall of the building. >> thiland, 138 ant eaters
4:37 pm
rescued from being smuggled off china and vietnam. they arrested the driver. and the plan now to release them back in the wild. that's the wrap in 80s. >> foit for the oval office over who is best qualified to tackle the nation's debt. a big welcome for young marines who put his life on the line. his story is coming up.
4:38 pm
i mean, it is the amount that we sustained. men and women were doing something for themselves. i had to leave. i had to be strong for the guys i was over there with . i think that people should understand on an island that was once the size of central park in new york. over 6000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> it is on the front, and i
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get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. drug bust may have alerted a tragedy for high school stupes in disneyland. they are suspecting he was high on something and officers say he boarded the bus before the trip started and took with them a drug dog to check out the bags. hinoid brandon gilman fidgeting. he had pills and items and cocaine. the teens headed to dizz no land with a new driver. >> and top story on the fox trip in america. minnesota, a helicopter hit power lines and smashes to the ground. the chopper was dusting crops in the southern part of the
4:43 pm
state. and the crash caused electrical power outages in a nearby town. pennsylvania, extra crispy french frys on a semitruck. it was carrying frozen french frys and caught fire. crews had to shut down the highway to fight the flimes. no injuries. >> hundreds of people inville getting a big welcome home. shawn adams lost both legs and thumb and pinky finger when he stepped on an ied in afghanistan. >> my brothers are over there and they deserve the same. >> he's receiving a perple heart from the president. >> and in the general election. emerge being as key campaign issues and mitt romney is
4:44 pm
accusing president obama of driving deeper in debt. the president said spending slowed and governor romneyee proposal would raise the debt and hurt the middle class. president obama rolled out a new and novel explanation to deficit spending to which he is adding a trillion spending. >> saying it is not his fault. >> my opponents don't agree. since i was president federal spending rose lowest in nearly 60 years. >> white house argued it increased 1.4 percent. only way he claims that is start from bloated federal spending and one-time bail out bank put all of that on the
4:45 pm
bush administration. >> apples to apples of what george obama and bush. it is 8 percent. >> president bush soined them in law and president obama continued them. he passed a stimulus of 900 million which he admitted did not work well. stimulus was expensive if you don't include those numbers you are not telling the true picture of what spending was done. >> the president entered knowing the state of the economy and pledged to do more in the deficit. >> i am still committed to having the deficit i cutting it in half. >> total debt was 10 trillion. and before the end of the year it will hit 16 trillion. >> when president obama came
4:46 pm
in office it was below 60 percent gdp on the course by the end of the decade it could be 90 percent of the gdp. >> he call would on congress to pass additional stimulus items and more subsidies and wind power. >> i am calling on congress to extend tax credits that are set to expire for clean energy companies like tpi . >> mr. obama want to increase federal spending boy an average of four and half percent a year. his budget was defeated in the senate and would have driven debts higher. >> increase that debt from 15-20 trillion. and go up another 25 percent. in the recent meetings with the european leaders, he argued against austerity
4:47 pm
spending and he argued that that was one of the trade markings was his president so. in washington, jim angle fox newings. >> it is a week of space history making. new land mark above the earth. astronauts are now taking a step that could have a huge impact on future missions . >> is there life out there somewhere on other planets. deproge effort to seek out intelligent life in addition to our own. you can join the search. ♪ ♪ ♪ somewhere out ♪ that find one another. ♪ ♪ n. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities,
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>> one step for mankind future space exploration. the crew hours ago opening the hatch to the first ever spacecraft to supply the station. you may have seen it on fox. astronauts will unload items from the capsule including food, water and clothing. one member said the capsule can same as many supplies as his pick up truck. >> you think there is life beyond earth. >> there is intelligence life. and inlisting every day people with the mission . now anyone can get in on the hunt
4:52 pm
a. no computer acess and desire to help out. search for extraterrestial intelligence is recruiting citizen scientist to help unscramble radio signals and isolate them from sources quite literally out of the world . >> signal that said somebody out there clever enough to build a radio transmitter. >> right now telescopes are gathering data from tar system that contain earth like planets. but there are too many for the computers to an liz. and the data is posted on line available for free to amateurs interested in finding et. >> the kind of data that scientist are studying live is waterfall plats. this is one here. >> the computer allegorithims
4:53 pm
can't discern as well as the human eye. they can identify odd patterns. >> what looks to me is as a faint line there. and report the findings and maybe discover long fought signals. >> it is so tandalizing and 60,000 volunteers examined millions of pieces of data. if enough identify the pattern, those teletelescopes will take a closer look and confirm what aliens say all along. we are not alone . now members of the crew are reportedly suing because of what their former captain d. what was it? and why are they suing? we honor soldiers and sailors
4:54 pm
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and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. remember captain richard who surrendered to somalia pirates. they are suing twost shipping cutches involved in the thing. according to the virginia pilot newspaper claims that the captain sailed too close to the coast and claim that his actions put them in danger. navy seals rescued him after a five day stand off . the seals killed three pirates in that assault. >> a weather advoysory saying subtropical storm beryl is getting stronger as it moves close to us. and threatening to make memorial day weekend and flooding in the coast and
4:58 pm
warnings and watches for georgia's coast line and florida and south carolina. the storm is expected to bring a lot of rain and wins are picking up 50 miles per hour. and officials in the kathryn confirming pope benedict 16th butler was arrested. on this day, drackula hit store shelves. irish born author spent part of his child hood bedridden. he became a soccer star. and then he had a story of a vam pine who makes his way to and preys on innocent poem. he made money selling bocks
4:59 pm
today. >> and that is our news. huckabee starts in 10 seconds . i will see you half way through with the latest news. have a good one. >> tonight on huckabee. a fight from the start. he dislocated his shoulder as he was born. >> he overcame the addiction . >> he was addicted to crack . >> and debilitating injury. >> ark dam. your fingers are gone. >> no matter how hard he got hit himself he came back harder. >> he's the ultimate description of the friend. >> friend family honor him. >> and defense


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