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tv   O Reilly Best  FOX News  May 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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memorial day monday may 28th. >> 2012. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. thank a veteran if you get the chance. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a very special edition of the great american news quiz. >> and you picked? >> teddy bear because i like teddy bears. >> [ laughter ] >> hi. >> can we replace doocy? is it too late? i guess it is. is it. >> bill: steve doocy, martha maccallum, and you compete for bragging rights. >> next we have child movies for you. >> we have five for you doocy. lacy and shirley temples for doocy. >> i love lassie. >> i like baby you can drive my car. best mccartney car. >> you can do the cover of that. >> do, do, do yeah. caution you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight as we present a special edition of the great american news quiz. for the next hour you will get to test your wits against steve doocy and martha mac maccallum. we begin this evening with the american singer's edition. roll the tape. >> these are the best singers, i think, that have ever graced our shores. elvis presley. >> oh, yeah. >> 18 songs, number one on the charts during his career. which was his first number one hit? heart break hotel? blue suede shoes, hound dog, teddy bear. first hit? cards up, please. pleasure and let's roll the tape. ♪ well if your baby leaves you ♪ you have got a tale to tell. ♪ take a walk down walnut street. ♪ to heart break hotel. ♪ i'll be so lonely.
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>> bill: there he is. they were both wrong. heart break hotel. a is the answer. you picked hound dog, right? >> teddy bear because i like teddy bears. ♪ teddy bear. >> bill: can we replace doocy? is it too late? >> question number two. barbra streisand you know or love her polarizing figure because of her political views. what program parodied ms. streisand? >> they all did. >> the answer is, roll the tape. >> let's go. ♪ >> bill: that was south park. and they parodyies it. >> i got it right. >> bill: you are the driver. >> this the most confusing part of your job. >> bill: you are ahead by one. doocy is totally out of it
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just check the tie out on doocy today. >> purple polka dots, people. >> i get dressed in the dark. you're lucky i'm wearing pants. >> thank god. [ laughter ] >> bill: frank sinatra died in 1998. what song title is engraved as entat on sinatra's tombstone? what is enyafd on sinatra? roll that tape. ♪ the best is yet to come. ♪ and, babe, won't it be fine. ♪ the b.s. is yet to come. ♪ come the day that you're mine. >> bill: i never saw elvis. i saw sinatra. >> so did i. >> bill: so good. just his whole stage presence. >> bill: you got that.
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>> right he got it right. >> bill: it's a tie with two to go. >> it's a tie, wink. >> question number four, aretha franklin drew a lot of attention with president obama's inauguration with her odd choice of head wear. display distracted from her actual singing. what song did she sing that day? there is the head wear. [ laughter ] ♪ the answer is roll the tape again. >> ♪ my country tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ of thee i sing. >> bill: the head wear is distracting. >> it's beautiful. it's fav. >> she is on tour right now. i was in durham doing a show and she was coming in behind
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me. she wouldn't come into town until i left. >> she didn't give you any respect. >> you were the warm up. >> bill: doocy. [ laughter ] you both get that wrong, right? >> apparently. >> still a tie with one to go. and i have the tie breaker in my mind. >> oh, good. >> judy garland shot to fame after starring role in the wizard of odds ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high ♪ there's a land that i heard of ♪ once in a lullaby. >> bill: what actress was originally offered that role but couldn't get out of her contract with rival movie studio to play it? which actress was offered the role judy garland got and made her an excellent icon and the
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answer is is -- that's correct shirley temple. >> shirley would be better in that role. bill doocy is rumored to be that is he on 18 hours a day. what time do you guys start 2:00 in the morning now? >> i forget. >> bill: by the time you get to 7:00 you are all exhausted. >> this is the desk we sleep under by the way. >> bill: tonight show 1962 to 19912. >> i>> have a lot of potato chips. >> and clear this one,. [ laughter ] oh -- carson set a record for longest running host of a single program. that record was broken by whom?
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answer is yes, bob barker come on down. he is still cooking, right? >> he is. go neuter your animal. >> question number two, early in her career, barbara walters was a today show today girl. female reporter who handled weather, entertainment and even advertisements. >> you know, today's rising prices are enough to upset anyone's stomach. one of the most economical and effective ways to sooth it is with flexeril alamox. quickly neutralizes acid at this and stomach lining. >> makes me want to buy that. >> she is going to kill you. >> she enjoyed that. you can tell. >> what famous tv mom served as towed girl early in her career?
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the answer is a, florence help derson, very good. it's a time question number three. hope from a pra winfrey is a media power house. >> it has been a privilege for me to speak to you here in this studio, in this country, and in 150 countries around the world. you let me into your homes to talk to you every day. this is what you allowed me to do. and i thank you for that. >> bill: you are welcome, oprah but you broke into ohio house. >> oprah winfrey had a modest beginning starting as a local reporter in what story? the answer is a, nashville. >> really? >> bill: yeah. where did i start? >> nod one cares. not that they don't know. they don't care.
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scranton, pennsylvania. >> topeka, kansas. >> where dida, you start maccallum. >> right here in new york city. >> bill: tough climb for you. >> bill: that's mccallum where else would i start? here is question number four. >> little market. >> bill: bill clinton played theke saxophone on arsonnial hall. what song did the former president play on arsenio hall? cards up, please. roll the tape on it. ♪ ♪ ♪ heart break hotel. ♪ heart break hotel. >> appeal to younger audience.
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>> bill: when they liked elvis, they were young. >> i get it. you know, it wasn't exactly a hip song at that time. >> >> bill: something really strange is doocy has got them all right. he is four for four. he has won already you can't beat him? >> it's swimming in the freezing cold pool. >> first host of the today show on nbc. he famously had a chimp as a sidekick. >> do you remember me? i workre here all the time. a long slow look. i'm looking at you. no, i'm not looking at you. take your mouth out of my glasses there. i can't see too good without these. >> the chimp jay fred mugs is actually still alive. 6-year-old chimp is currently at a chimps retirement center of course is he located where? retirement center?
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cards up please, come on let's go. >> d, florida. got them all right, doocy. >> steve: he is not at. >> i could see him driving a cart rose garden. >> that's the best question ever. coming up the great american news quiz. >> meeting he is a trader. don't forget that. >> the gangster edition. moments away. we have great clips to show you after these short messages. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation.
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the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great personal news quiz, the gangster edition. i picked this category for maccallum. >> thank you. >> bill: it was that or chefs we went with the gangsters. >> gangster not gangsta?
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>> bill: real gangsters. maccallum very interested in crime. >> gangster sue chef. >> one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time was portrayed by marlon brando. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know what to do. >> you can act like a man. what's the matter with you? is this how you turn down [inaudible] cries like a woman? [sobbing] >> what can i do? what can i do? do you spend time with your family? >> sure, i do. >> good. because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. >> bill: the character don was based on several real life mafia bosses. the friendship with that character singer johnny fontaine was reportedly based upon the relationship between frank sinatra and which real life gangster
5:15 pm
cards up, please. an easy one. sam giancana. i am writing about that book in killing kennedy. tied. very thrilling so far. question number two. the notorious john dillinger robbed dozens of banks in the 1930s. >> hold the floor, now, now. >> fair game, mr. president. called spin the dial. >> bill: dillinger was eventually gunned down outside a chicago movie theater after the fbi was tipped off to his whereabouts by whom?
5:16 pm
>> the answer is the prostitute. that's correct. >> hooker. >> bill: i knew maccallum was going to rise to the gangster thing. she looks innocent. [ laughter ] >> bill: here it is, question number three. george baby face nelson was portrayed in a george clooney movie. >> george nelson, it's a pleasure. [gunfire] i'm george nelson i'm bigger than any guy ever that lived. >> that's a crazy. to this day baby face nelson holds what dubious distinction in american history? the answer is, correct, killed the most fbi agents.
5:17 pm
three questions, three correct answers, i don't think that has ever happened before. ladies and gentlemen, should we quit while we're ahead? >> good night, everybody. >> bill: this the is easiest question coming up. >> uh-oh. >> bill: al capone one of the most famous gang members in history. >> i want that son of a bitch dead. did i ask you what you are trying to do? i want you to get the [bleep] where he breathes. i want you to find this fancy boy. i want him dead. i want his family dead. >> bill: sounds like a factor meeting. just kidding. for you media matters people. get that right up on your web site. capone was busted for tax invasion. inmate at what famous prison. alcatraz, attica. where did capone go on the federal tax wrap? the answer is alcatraz.
5:18 pm
doocy, how could you not know that? >> i had to miss one. >> i guess you did. >> bill: congratulations four for four. you could still blow it. >> i could. >> bill: number five, bernie madoff back in the this week was the owners of the new york mets settle a lawsuit stemming from investment in the fund. >> when fred wilpon met in federal court today they appeared happy. the legal settlement with the investor's trustee including tropic that wilpon and willfulfully blind when they took money from bernie madoff's ponzi schemes. they did not know they helped madoff steal other investors money. >> play center field for the mets this season. cruel and unhuman punishment, i believe. all right, now, there is also another madoff baseball connection. another one of his ripped off investors was which hall of fame pitcher?
5:19 pm
cards up, please. the answer is sandy koufax. i knew you were going to blow it? >> gangsters i know. baseball i don't know. >> bill: i'm going to call it a tie. in a moment, 50 years of james bond movies. the news quiz will ask you all about it. >> and now your -- >> strange. sylvia strange. i admire your luck mr. . >> bond, james bond. >> bill: and we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes...
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the james bond edition. here now fox news anchor martha that callum and steve
5:23 pm
doocy. 50th anniversary of james bond movies. do women care about james bond. >> yes. women love james bond. >> they love him. >> absolutely. >> there have been seven of them. do they love every james bond. >> we will find out. >> bill: you are engaged here. >> absolutely. >> bill: doocy worried this may be too macho for you. >> handsome james bond. we like that. >> bill: we are looking out for you maccallum. question number one, the james bond film franchise as i said has been entertaining movie fans for 50 years. ♪ [gunfire] >> i admire your luck, mr. -- >> bond, james bond. >> bill: all right. now, what was the name of the very first james bond film released in 1962?
5:24 pm
first film, cards up please. dr. no. maccallum bursts out. so she may be, doocy,. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves here. we will find out. >> bonded for your protection. >> there was casino royal starring woody allen. we don't count that. that's true. question number two, sean connery wowed audiences with his portrayal of bond in the aforementioned dr. no. >> james bond, 007, licensed to kill whom he pleases, where he pleases, when he pleases. >> bill: excellent. now connery was not the first choice for the role. which actor turned down the part of 007? the answer is d, cary grant.
5:25 pm
>> i didn't know that. >> bill: now you do. >> that's what i love about this. cary grant. >> you want to be james bond. >> i do. that's just donned on you? >> yeah. >> if i do get james bond. license to kill doocy of 00 planet. here is question number three. british author ian fleming the author of the james bond novels wrote the first one in 1953. what popular children's book is ian fleming also write? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is -- roll the tape ♪ chitty chitty bang bang ♪ near, far, in a motor car ♪ what a happy time bang bang chitty chitty bang bang ♪ our find old fender friend. >> bill: perhaps the most annoying film of all time. >> it is. >> child catcher.
5:26 pm
>> bill: we have a tie with two questions to go. action and suspense around the only things that draw 007 fans to the theaters. some go to see the beautiful blonde girls. which academy award winner was also a one time bond girl? answer is roll the tape. >> magnificent view. >> it is, isn't it? >> bill: yes -- no, got lost in the moment there. >> got a little distracted there, bill. >> bill: okay. you both got that right. oh, my favorite bond girl i have to say ursula anders in the very first one dr. no. question five, let's try to break the tie here. james bond films are known for their wide array of interest
5:27 pm
villains. one of bond's more popular enemies was odd job who had this interesting weapon. cards up, please. the answer is -- roll the tape. [suz -- sizzling] >> bill: maccallum wins. what a wimp you are. did you know that? >> he was electrocuted in the movie. >> bill: you didn't know he had the hat? >> electrified. >> bill: gold finger? >> you want me to talk? >> i want you to die. >> very good, maccallum.
5:28 pm
very impressive. maccallum would have been very popular in my neighborhood. got a lot of free movies. >> bill: you are a wimp losing to maccallum oh my god. >> i will take you to the movies. >> bill: next we will bring out child movies for you. >> you had chitty chitty bang bang. >> bill: lassie and shirley temples for doesy. >> i love lassie. >> great american news quiz in a moment. we are not talking about our cable news competition. we are talking about real disasters. the quiz is next. right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards. ♪
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>> great american news quiz. the disaster edition. the first one we have chosen is hollywood's take on earthquakes has led to some terrifying movie scenes. >> wow, now, the deadliest earthquake in world history occurred in 1556. t killed how many people in what country? >> the answer is china. now you should both, using sherlock holmes deduction. >> there are a lot of people.
5:32 pm
>> where would they be? in china. >> there is not 830,000 people in scotland today? >> bill: there aren't even 830,000 people there now. >> there used to be until the earthquake. >> bill: i know all you guys got t and trained professionals, allegedly. >> allegedly is right. number two, when the titanic went down in 1912. many prominent and wealthy passengers died. >> i won my ticket hand of poker. >> you find that sort of ruthless existence appealing do you. >> yes ma'am i do just the other night i was sleeping under the bridge and now i am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you people. >> bill: can't get better than that the wealthiest passenger to die on the titanic was a member of what prominent
5:33 pm
family? astor. john jacob who died? he went down with the ship. >> walter matt thousand was in the earthquake and not the titanic? >> he is scottish. >> bill: does anybody in the world care about that question? no. >> sorry. >> bill: like temperature let's tourette's syndrome for doocy. comes out he doesn't know why. elvis presley tragically died in 1977. ♪ caught in a trap. ♪ i can't walk out. ♪ because i love you too much baby. >> some claim the autopsy covered it up. what did the coroner list as the cause of death for the king? >> stroke. heart arrhythmia.
5:34 pm
respiratory failure. how did the king die according to the autopsy cards up, please. heart arrhythmia. pulls out fourth disaster question history two planes collided on the runway in the canary islands deadliest runway in history happened when two jumbo jets crashed on the ground heavy fog 19. 583 people died. >> bill: airlines and another plane from what u.s. carrier. >> finally, deduction, the only international carrier back then. >> finally. >> bill: we put them in so everyone can figure it out.
5:35 pm
>> bill: maccallum is leading. a rare he occurrence with one question to go. >> stop. it is not. >> it's a disaster. >> bill: i should point out at this junction that letters come in and say doocy is cheating. >> bill: marilyn monroe died of a bar bit overdose in 1962. >> loveliest of the lovely. she leads an atlantic city beauty pageant. marilyn monroe is mourned by the world. >> bill: buried in los angeles. what celebrity later bought the crypt next to hers? >> hugh hefner. >> is he not dead. >> he bought it for when he dies. >> bill: he bought it from when he might die, doocy. not everyone is going to be set on fire like you. they are lined up to do it.
5:36 pm
maccallum, you won it, why did he have to buy the crypt? what was the connection to monroe. >> because he wanted to be next to marilyn who doesn't. >> he wanted to lay next to her for the rest of his life. >> two bogus. first cover of playboy ever marilyn monroe. >> you would know that? did you buy the first issue. >> i know the implication you are making. i'm a historian. >> do you still have it in your garage, bill? >> in a moment, we'll have the sitcom legend edition. [ laughter ] >> how is life on the red planet. >> i can't eat. i can't sleep. all i can see it is that giant red sun in the shape of a chicken. >> bill: you'll like this one. coming right back with it. ♪
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>> bill: continuing now with our special news quiz edition of the factor. how much do you know about
5:39 pm
america's greatest sitcoms? here again, steve doocy and cheryl casone filling in for quiz kid martha maccallum. >> question number one, mary tyler moore a huge success as you know with audiences and critics. >> mary, you have to be there. one, you're my friend. two, you will be neutral. three, if you're not there, i will rip her face off. >> i will go with you. >> thank you, mary. >> hi, mary. >> hi ted. >> hello, phyllis. >> bill: now, mary tyler moore showed won precedented 29 records. record was broken by what other sitcom? >> bill: the answer is d, frazier. >> we're off to a good start, aren't we? question number two, the
5:40 pm
episode of i love lucy where lucy goes to the hospital to have they're baby. one of the most watched programs of all time for a series. >> lucy, you are really serious about this. >> well, i am but ricky isn't. we argued about it all the way home on the train. you know how pig-headed he can be. >> hooray for pig-headed ricky. >> bill: okay. now, 72% of the tv's in america were tuned into the episode where lucy has her baby. that percentage has only been surpassed about one other time by what other broadcast? >> the answer is a, elvis. >> that's not a sitcom. >> the king. that's amazing. 72% of all the tv's watched lucy but more watched elvis. i thought it was amazing these two were staring at me who are you again? what am i doing here?
5:41 pm
>> what is this place. >> beverly hill billies started buddy epson as judd clampett. >> find the right place for you. >> i will go to ucla. mit. vmi. >> um doggy. isn't enough like the wind listen to him spell. >> buddy enson was supposed to be in the wizard ofes o, the film was forced to drop out when he developed health problems caused by the makeup required to play which character? he was actually on the film set. he had to be made up. he got sick because of it and he had to drop out. what character? whoa, doocy. >> i was going to say. >> that's correct, tin man. how did you know that doocy? >> if you put tin on your face you are going to break out. >> perhaps it wasn't tin. it could have been tin foil. something like that.
5:42 pm
doocy, you knew that. did you know that? >> nope, i guessed. >> you just guessed? >> whatever. >> bill: it's a tie. >> i would like to apologize -- >> bill: doocy was the square crow everyone in the revival in kansas where they had a little play. >> believe me, in kansas the wizard of oz very big. >> the sitcom friends revolved around the group of attractive 20 somethings who hung out in ha manhattan coffee shop. >> sometimes i wish i was a lesbian. >> did i say that outloud? [ laughter ] >> bill: according to the producers, what was the original title of the show "friends" supposed to be? and the answer is insomnia cafe. doocy leads by one with one to go. >> that was my generation of a show.
5:43 pm
not his. >> excuse me. i drink coffee back in the 1940s. >> bill: sorry, did i interrupt? so fascinating i can't tell you. here is question number 5. when seinfeld ended in 1988 it was the most popular sitcom on tv. >> i didn't get any bread. >> just forget it let it go. [ laughter ] >> excuse me, i think you forgot my bread. >> bread $2 extra. >> $2? everyone in front of me got free bread. >> no soup for you! >> wanted jerry seinfeld to do one more season he turned them down. how much money per episode did nbc offer sign tell to stay on the show? the answer is b. 5 million. that means it's a tie. >> all right. >> bill: here is a tie breaker know the guy who played newman in seinfeld, right?
5:44 pm
>> right. >> he was in a big movie. a spielburg movie. what movie? >> oh my god, i have no idea. >> bill: okay, doocy. >> jury jury jurassic park. >> bill: ancient rock band edition. this is a blast. right back with it. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach.
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until she heard about the value plan. see how much you could save with allstate. are you in good hands?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tent. the great american news quiz, thehe ancient rock band's edition. all right. you are both rock fans, right? >> sure. >> got the little undershirt going on. u >> got my rocker t-shirt on for you. >> bill: very good. here is question number one. 42 years after the beatles sadly ended paul mccartney still going strong, which one of his songs has been dubbed the most covered song in
5:48 pm
history? a cards up, please. ♪ i said something ♪ how i long for yesterday. ♪ >> bill: that's correct, d. maccallum is right. yesterday. one of mye least favorite songs. pick it up a. >> bill: bill i like baby you can drive my car best mccartney song. >> you can do that. >> bill: sure. do do do do. >> bill: beach boys brought the rock sound to the nation 1960's. ♪ u.s.a. ♪ everybody gone surfing. ♪ surfing u.s.a. >> bill: doocy has shirts like that.
5:49 pm
who knows if they would have been so wildly successful if the beach boys had kept their original name, which was? the answer is a, the pendletons, how did you know that? >> what else would it be. >> bill: that means he guessed, ladies and gentlemen. all right. it's tied with three to go. question number three, in their 50-year span, the rolling stones have made millions of fans all over the world, even president obama is a fan of the stones. what does he say the president say is his favorite rolling stone song? come on, doocy, get that card up. roll the tape.he ♪ if i don't get some shelter.
5:50 pm
♪ i'm going to fade away. ♪ a shot away ♪ just a shot away. >> bill: i must say it's an exceptional song holds up even after all these years gimme shelter. >> you agree with him on that. >> bill: i do. give me sympathy good too. >> could be the theme song for hud. give me shelter. >> bill: dew points to insert politics. >> why don't youg sing some more? >> bill: doocy. a sing off, want man. you put the 10 grand up there. maccallum, you can be the judge we have. >> 1-1. >> bill: 1-1 with two to go. question number four, what front man for a long running band was savaged by the press for awful national anthem performance at the
5:51 pm
we will roll that tape. ♪ land of the free. ♪ and the home of the brave -- indianapolis 500. >> bill: i would have deported him, ladies and gentlemen. now i hear that he and roseanne barr are going to do the duet on the national anthem. one more to go. which rock band has the distinction of having the longest standing original line-up dating back 40 years
5:52 pm
the answer is, roll the tape. ♪ she got legs. ♪ she knows how to use them she never begs. ♪ she knows how to choose them. >> bill: zz. top, d. that guy hasn't shaved in 40 years. rip vanwinkle. >> guitar. >> bill: maccallum wins again. flamboyant women's edition. you will like this one upcoming.
5:53 pm
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you'll want to get up and go. >> the great american news quiz. the flamboyant women edition. michelle obama went on tv to respond to the controversy over a new book. >> i guess it's more interesting to imagine the conflicted situation here and a strong woman and, you know, but that's been an image that people have tried to paint of me since, you know, the day barack announced that i'm some angry black woman. >> she's the third first lady to hold a postgraduate degree. who was the first? betty ford, mrs. carter, hillary clinton, nancy reagan? the answer is d, hillary
5:56 pm
clinton. she has a masters degree. and then laura bush, i believe, has a librarian master's. >> you both got it wrong. marilyn monroe, no responsed degree, often played a ditzy blonde and although she was nominated for an oscar, she did win a golden globe for her role in what film? golden globe, marilyn monroe, where did she win her golden globe? roll the tape. [. ♪ >> i'm terribly sorry. >> you won't tell anybody, will you? >> tell what. >> if they catch me once more they will kick me out of the
5:57 pm
band. >> doocy got it right. no surprise there. >> because he's flamboyant. >> did you she that film? >> yes, i did. >> those were men dressed as women. >> really? really, doocy? >> nothing gets by him. nothing gets by him. >> they are flamboyant men. >> i think i have a rick right here. >> this is going really well so far. >> margaret thatcher, portrayed by meryl streep on a movie called "iron lead." >> but with all due respect, when one has been to war -- >> i have done battle every single day of my life and many men have underestimated me before. >> oh, mrs. thatcher also known by another name conferred on her in 1992. what is it? all right. the iron lead is also what other
5:58 pm
moniker? the answer is d, baroness, very good. we have a tie with two questions to go. doocy, could you forego the ad lib? is that possible this evening? >> sorry. thought it was a talk show. >> not for you. >> they don't pay me enough. >> and 90-year-old nancy reagan, fairly robust for her age, still participating in events at her husband's presidential library. she gave people concern a few months ago. she almost fell down and was saved by who? who saved nancy reagan a few months ago from hitting the ground? the answer is, roll the tape. >> okay.
5:59 pm
you should have gotten that one. >> all right, rubio. that was very disturbing. >> you still could tie him. question no. 5, hillary clinton was named, one, the most admired woman in america. it was the 16th time she hit number one. what other woman came in a lot, topping the list many times? okay. 13 times, most admired woman. the answer is roll the tape. >> the experience which is the most valuable is the experience of doing things for yourselves. >> that was aunt bee, wags it not wouldn't you like to wake up to that every morning? eleanor roosevelt. doocy, why are you smirking? he's smirking. again, thank


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