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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 30, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> brian: thank you for having me. welcome to "red eye." i'm mike baker filling in for greg gutfeld. diligence for your host removal needs. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> take a step back, america. our top story, president obama, secret toe lift, are you on it? and homeland security's naughty word list. are you on it? and finally can we build a fully functional star ship enterprise for a trillion dollars? some guy says yes and that is more than enough for us to do this story. mike? >> you will be tabulating as we go along i assume? >> no, i will be looking up facts and boring stuff like that. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with fox business network anchor lori roth man.
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and we would like to welcome a first time guest, keith albert. bill schulz, he is one of america's sidekicks three years running and next to me is liz mcdonald, fox business' stock expert. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> good to see you taller looking host. david talks about adapting seemingly unadaptable books like "crash" and the cosmopolis and the mind bender" everybody poops." baker? >> "everybody poops." >> it is a dwood one for your kids. >> you are looking stellar. he has the last word on killing terrorist turds. or you can say he has the last words on killing terrorist turds. according to the new york
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times when it comes to the secret kill list, a chart showing the baddest of bad guys president obama is the, quote, final moral calculation. sorry i don't mean to laugh. the newspaper interviewed dozens of current and former advisors who outlined his, quote, evolution since taking on the role without precedent and presidential history. they describe a leader and he applies his lawyerly skills. he sounds like a super hero. it is usually to enable his campaign against al-qaeda. even when it comes to killing an american cleric in yemen, the decision mr. obama told colleagues was, quote, an easy one. speaking of easy decisions --
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>> that's fantastic. five years and i am amazed where we get this stuff. lori, is counter terrorism something that president obama has gotten right? >> let's not go that far. i think it is one of his strong suits. if you back it up against his record on the economy that's debatable, right? how he is handling romney's career and how that is being presented in the ads, that's debatable. so his record on terrorism, i know he got a lot of criticism for killing osama bin laden, but that wasn't exactly classy in the campaign ads. but it is interesting that the new york times is doing this piece, and it is very detailed. that surprised me too, the level of information? the art -- the level of information in the article. it is a bit of a love story. it is over the top. >> how did the new york times get such detailed information.
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>> gee, i wonder. >> i suspect they might have made some of it up. they have assessed his record and apparently he comes across something like clint eastwood and charles bronson. dow think the report is or is not accurate? >> it is about the timing though. look, we are not going to -- we are seeing full blown coverage right now in the new york times. it is the so-called scheduled behind the scenes peak. it is around memorial day and around the time we are in the midstream of an election. you can bet there will be possibly more of these full access stories given that times are msnbc. can he do it with health reform? i wouldn't do it just yet because what are you going to see? you know, so can he go full bore? what are his successes? how many more stories will we see? this may be it. >> you think he may use this tough on terrorism thing for more political gain? >> i think so.
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>> you heard it here. aids to obama says he views himself as responsible for the position of the united states in the world. somewhat ego ties staw cal? somewhat lots egotistical? >> when other politicians change their mind, it is flip-flopping. obama does it and it is evolution. that's a little trick. i know i promised to disclose all of my income, but i am evolving. >> the irs is watching this, and my name is jesse joyce. >> that is going to kill him in the south. they are pro wearing flip-flops. >> as you can imagine the viewers are fascinated to hear your opinions on this topic. >> how dare you? >> no, they are fascinated. >> i do have expertise in all things foreign related, you are the harbinger of death on the panel.
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i thought i would bequeath my position to ask you a couple questions since you are the man in the know. >> if i may i might put on my glasses as i read these unbelievable questions. >> readers from k-mart. >> actually these don't work. i just have them to make me look smart. >> what do you like and dislike as far as this kill list is concerned? >> full credit to obama. once he strapped on the big boy pants and he had a chance to see what the intel briefs were all about. when he came in he was able to pivot and he maintained a lot of the things brrrr going on -- were going that they demonized that the bush administration was involved in. he enhanced the drone campaign and it is very effective. you can argue if it is one of the things that removes us from war, but it has been effective in killing terrorists which that is a plus. >> so you are pro killing terrorist sthz. >> i am pro killing terrorists. >> if you are a terrorist,
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send the letters to baker and not to us. unreal. >> are they falling flat because he did visit with black stone and got private equity donations and a lot of firls joined? certainly bill clinton and wes clark and can he continue to say look i inherited this recession? is he changing the headlines to a success story when these other attacks are falling flat? >> he has got to. this is something that works for him. neighborhood can take this question, but how do the republicans -- how do they criticize his efforts in terrorism without sounding soft on terrorism? >> exactly. this is a no brainer for the president in terms of pushing it forth. somebody brought up health care and that decision from the supreme court is coming at the end of the month or later, and we are going to get a jobs
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report at the end of the week. the economy is tenuous. there are a lot of negative factors going against the president in this election season. >> that's right. how does the gop play that? >> you got me. bill? >> first, the gop prefers to be called gop. >> he has a whole list. >> by the way, i would like to thank liz for trying to get me out of the questions. >> we didn't bring you here for your taste in ties. >> you are wasting time. >> obama considers all military age males in a strike zone at combat tepts. is that the right approach when tallying casualties? >> let's face it. if you have got a couple of pick up trucks and you have a high value target you identified in one of those trucks and say you have half a dozen to 18 to 25 to 30-year-old males with them, but they are not hitching a ride.
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i think you can make a logical assumption that in that situation you have probably got supporters or active terrorists in with that situation. i know i am getting into the weeds here of the go ahead. i think the answer to your next question is william howard taft. >> a vier goes by the name john gibson and his twitter feed is silver fox asks when it comes to all presidents throughout history which would you have sex with? >> i believe i just said william howard taft. >> you are a chuby chaser. go for it. the mustache was a tipoff. >> i am not going there. >> again, say you are the president and you have a high value target and good intelligence you can take a hit, a target strike but there
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is a chance you can get civilian casualties, but this is a high value target, would you still take a chance? >> these are the tough decisions that the commander in chief needs to make. >> which president would you have sex with? >> liz, which president? >> i am not going to say. >> was it jimmy carter? >> no, it was not jimmy carter. >> andrew jackson, he was a badass. >> is the dhs facebook obsessed 1234* you are seeing a theme as to how we lead into these stories. they were forced to released key logs and phrases to monitor social networking sites. so what is red flagged? well, obvious stuff like dirty bomb, assassination, al-qaeda, but also other more interesting choices like pork
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and cloud and mexico and bill schulz. actually that last one was made up. a privacy watchdog group submitted a freedom of information act request otherwise known as a -- >> freedom of information request. >> they describe the words as broad, vague and ambiguous, much like andy levy. and the first includes first amendmented protected speech not related to vhs' admission. but they say the words are just a starting point in searching for natural and man made threats. it is not monitoring the political decent. let's go to the senior national correspondent. >> don't do that after midnight.
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>> what was that thing? >> a mugwat. >> it is in the back of the japanese drugstores. >> this list we are now talking about, should it have been made public, or is it perhaps not such a great idea to let the terrorists know what we are looking for? >> no, it is not a good idea. you are the expert. i am not. i would imagine there are some sources of intelligence who says these lists have been around for decades. so what? if you look at my computer you can stretch it to the next beauty salon. >> is a that what we are going to find? >> everybody is poking fun because it has words like pork on it. in all honesty, it was listed under health concerns. along with e-coli and other
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logical words. so it makes sense, right? >> big brother is always watching. get used to it. it is the world we live in. i was looking at the iran computer hacking story this morning. i know homeland is all over me today. it is unfortunate. >> in your position you are screwed. you are constantly researching stories. >> israeli hackers was another one. so i am looking at the story going, oh my goodness. >> if you are going to stop school shootings or drug gangs or illegal immigrants coming over the border when they shouldn't be, go for it. if you are being a bad guy -- >> what i don't know doesn't hurt me. if i don't know you are watching me, hey. >> they say it will add to the list. if you were in charge what words would you put on the list? >> canada. why stop in mexico. >> canada. can i get another one? >> how about male and pound
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and the business. >> so package, unit, johnson from here i am going to my meeting with dhs. >> bill, were you surprised your name was on the list? >> very surprised. especially since i don't own a computer. second of all, this isn't the list. this is a secret list. everybody knows this is a top secret list. what member of al-qaeda no matter how stupid will actually type in the words al-qaeda. they have all sorts of codes for that stuff. all of them you memorized. and you probably got that and some other list. this is why i only e-mail in cling on. >> you are the only one who can apply. >> thank god you are here. the story coming up later you will be perform for. >> or should i say -- >> get us away from bill thank god.
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the same people who are complaining about this right now would also be the first people to jump up and complain that dhs was unable to stop and attack. >> that's right. it is always after the fact, is monday morning quarterbacking. i am wondering what the code word for bill schulz is for. >> let's do it now. they say bill schulz, bill schulz to you. >> no, there is another reason for that. >> but i avoid hr because it is a code. >> hr? >> it stands for human resources. in cling on -- >> the meter is coming off. we have to get restraints for bill tonight. from words to wheels, are we not far from self-driving cars? a convoy of so-called autonomous autos cruised along the highway in spain in normal traffic. a world first apparently.
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viewers are sitting up now i think in their chairs. a professional driver took the lead in the truck and was followed by four volvos equiped with safety systems like camera, radar, bubble wrap and laser sensor usa louing them to monitor the -- allowing them to monitor the lead vehicle and other vehicles. and the cars talk. >> amazing. >> these are the stories i get when i replace greg. that lady is a volvo project manager. she said afterward, quote, it is quite funny to see the passing vehicles. they are surprised they are not driving the car, but reading a magazine. >> was that an ago sent? an accent? >> yes. >> that's a great way to trap the terrorists, don't you know. >> speaking of passing vehicles.
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>> she looked at us and said, that's not funny, well, it is funny. >> keith, are you excited or are you terrified about self-driving cars? before you answer that you can use the words agnostic or just board. >> duly noted. i am both. i am excited that one of my favorite tv shows from my youth "knight rider" is now a reality. david hasselhoff has to be a spokesperson for volvo. but if this catches on, funeral processions are going to get a whole lot creepier. you are ging to have a herself and -- you are going to have a herz and like 20 ghost cars. >> they will show up and make
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it look like they had friends. and what was the name of the car in "knight rider"? >> kit. >> can i just ask a question? that's how i drive. >> it is in self-parking. do they render humans useless? >> i think it is one of the most idiotic things i ever heard. i love how you bring up "night rider." this is so absurd. this is why we have trains. the thing that bothers me, what if you are driving along and see this in the rear view mirror? why so you can text and read and floss your teeth so you don't have to drive? i mean this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. >> to answer your point we have trains that smells like urine. bill, you have not yet gotten your driver's license what do
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you make of this story? >> it is a mental thing. >> i got back and forth as to which movie is pro prophetic. >> they were big in touch screens before that was invented. and now they have the self-driving cars which was in minority report. >> got it. >> times up. >> i have theories. >> how long would it take to fill the enterprise 1234* i don't know. i was never a star wars fan.
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is there too much glare from the guy with the hair? it is perhaps overshadowing the man he wants in the white
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house, mitt romney. "the apprentice" host said obama told troops and listed himself as a kenyan born many years ago. his remarks came as team romney was touting an upcoming donald fundraising contest. >> i don't agree with other people who don't support me. i did get 50.1% or more and i am appreciative of having the help of a lot of people. >> shockingly that's not good enough for the obama campaign who just released the following ad.
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>> actually that was an old beginning rich ad. here is your huckleberry. >> a candidate can't be responsible for everything their supporters say. >> i was having a great time and i was doing fantastically in the polls, but i really became friendly with mitt romney. you're fired. >> what a maroon. he came out and condemned it, but he also lost. do you think that's why the romney campaign is dragging its heels on this one? >> no, they are dragging their heels because they are tolerating donald trump because he has a lot of money. trump is the rich, crazy uncle who says nuty things, but nobody says anything because he may give them an allowance next week. it is a combination of scrooge
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mcduck 1k3* gary busey. >> good call. you lead into the next question and that goes to liz. it is like a game show. why is trump viewed as an asset? >> because he speaks cash dash many people in the american population are thinking that. there are the independent voters. i get it. the mystery about president obama is he won't released his college records. i think that's where the mystery eminates from. many american presidents have not released their college records. there is a miss try about where he is born. i find this whole thing about donald trump a distraction. >> should romney come out and say enough is snuff? >> -- enough is snuff? >> trump is a great pittbull. >> he is the gop's joe biden.
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>> lore reerks you know about lots of things involving the economy and it is not going as well as it could. should obama's ad talk about the birther thing or talk about the economy? >> it is interesting. should obama take a little credit for the economy? it didn't fall off a cliff. it is real debatable how you look at it. we are sub 3 percent growth which is not a recession, but nothing to write home about. >> but i don't want to get geeky, but better fan key ramped it up. it is easy to flip the spending switch. >> you are not going to get -- bill is talking cling on so you are will not get geeky. >> did you and obama happening out as kids? >> no -- hang out as kids. >> no, but the problem with trump is everybody says we
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hate him for the birther stuff. there are plenty of other things to hate him for. he talks about how he knows the economy. he has a huge history of using government to get what he wants. whether it is em inept dough -- domain or using the new york state government to suppress competition. he has a whole line of that but listening to what he has to say and not what he has done. >> we will get to the second part after this. >> i have a point! >> e-mail us at red eye at fox and to leave a voicemail on greg's direct line call 212-462-pief 050. still to come the half time report from andy levy. he is america's ninja warrior. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by carnival. the festive periods with street processions, costumes, music and dancing. thanks, carnival.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you doing, mike? >> i'm doing okay. >> good. let's talk about obama's kill list. first question, mike, do you -- i'm curious, do you cross-reference the diligence kill list or are they
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completely separate? >> we like to keep them separate. ours is a little more focused. >> cool. >> also, hike, you read the -- mike, you read the part of the story that said it is the final calculation in the kill or capture debate and you were laughing through that. why is that, sir? >> it is like saying, you know, president obama, he decides who lives and dies. there's a lot that goes into this. i don't buy the idea that he is the guy who is putting the stamp on there. i think he is getting a lot of advice and he is rubber stamping what people are saying. >> that's not what i learned from the new york times. >> did they say something different? >> they did. >> i should have paid attention. did we talk about that all right? >> -- already. >> that's what we are talking about now. >> sorry. >> lori, mike asked you if counter terrorism was the one
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nhing president obama has accomplishment by the president is so easy to come back and argue that point. pick anything in the economy, anything in foreign policy, but you killed osama bin laden. that's easy. who can criticize that? >> andy could. you got an hour? >> you said you were expriesed by the level of -- were surprised by the level of information and where they got it. >> you know it is election season. >> and the new york times, yes. >> i think we have a pretty good idea where they got all of the glowing testimony. >> and memorial day and the romney camp has been awfully quiet, especially with all of the dirty ads. not dirty like pornographic dirty, but low blow hitting. >> i wish. >> move on, move on. jay nothing to see here, folks -- >> nothing to see here, folks. >> you say you have expertise in all thicks -- things foreign related.
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>> you understand in the new time line established by the reboot there are no more romneys. they are all dwon. >> that's what i said. >> do you have another hour? mike, you mentioned the new york times demonized the war on terror. it is a slightly different take now isn't it? >> i give obama credit for being uh twres sigh in the war on terror. -- for being you are agrees sigh in the war on terror. i take exception for the new york times stand about obama's actions when they spent seven years demonizing bush and cheney. >> also, mike, you asked how
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the republicans -- you asked how republicans should attack obama on terrorism. that brings up an interesting report. these terror tuesday meetings, great name by the way. >> merger monday. terror tuesday. >> david axel rod is in the room. he says, quote, in other words the person in charge of owe obama's political for -- fortune the leader decides who lives or dies. think about if karl rove did that with george bush. >> everything he does has a political calculation. i think that's why he probably finds this war on terror an easy thing. i don't think he has a principal stand on it. i think from a political calculation it is a good thing. i hate to say that because it sounds so negative. >> it is okay. let's move on to homeland security.
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do you cross-reference the diligence or is it separate? >> we keep them separate. >> you said big brother is always watching. >> you haven't even talked to emac. >> she is next. >> i will have some water. >> i will go to her first, but then i will come back to you after that. >> if you said you are being a bad guy you are getting caught. but the electronic privacy information center which is the organization that got these documents released through a request, they point out this manual says analysts should identify, quote, media reports that report adversely on response activities. that sounds like they are keeping tabs on people who say bad things about them. >> this is a hard question. i will ask for a lifeline. lori? >> i knew it was coming back to my court. move on to me. disip it.
12:37 am
skip it. >> i thought it was a great question. >> thank you. you said big brother is always watching and get used to it. why should we shrug our shoulders? >> choose your battles. >> you have to pick your battles. this is insur mountable. >> what if your toddler grew up to be a terrorist? >> that won't happen in the big brother society. >> i don't understand people. >> it is never ending. >> if you are going to look at the word pork. >> comedy and snow and ice. >> it goes on forever. you might as well work on something where you can make a preens and can be eye effective. >> it is like a lot of things takes place in counter terrorism. when you go through the list and read the wersdz on the list there are some that make absolute sense. that's what you would put on a
12:38 am
list like this. but then what they do is they tend to throw out a wide net. it was created not long after 9/11. they cast a wide net. and then it is tough to refine it. >> and then they now say that they admit they need to update the list. back to your point, the fact that epic got this thing released is now forcing them to adjust the list. instead of saying you can't do anything about it, they are doing something about it and it is leading to change. >> that is a great point and i am against over reach. but that is a monumental effort. it should be noted and congratulated. that is a baby step and we have miles and miles ahead. >> baby steps are on the list. >> those monsters.
12:39 am
>> night industries 2000. >> amazing. >> and how date said that acro anymore now? acronym now. >> that's all i have to say about this awful idea other than when only cars can drive themselves, only cars will drive. think about it. >> i'm crying. i have a tear in my eye. >> by the way, these things keep this touch with each other wirelessly. >> creepy. >> i would say three out of five nights a week when i get home i have to reboot my wireless router. this is not a good idea. i don't like this. >> what is a wireless router? >> it is the thing that lets you get wireless -- >> are you sure you work for the cia? >> he needs a booster. >> a couple things. you said you think trump speaks to what americans think.
12:40 am
>> i didn't mean that. i meant on the economy. >> people have questions and put it to rest. >> it would show where he was from. isn't that also the debate? >> not just claiming to be an a student. trump goes after the president's economic policies. >> every time he opens his mouth the obama campaign cackles with glee. that's not good for the republicans. >> i hear what you are saying, andy. >> but the problem with that is if rom loses trump -- if romney loses trump how will he find anybody else to support him? >> lastly, mike brought up the fact that bill was born in kenya in a quiet suburb outside lagos. lagos is in. nigeria.
12:41 am
so glad you worked in the cia for 18 years. >> we hardly ever did operations in africa. i put a few things off the top of my head. >> it is funny because during the commercial break you were referred to as the country of africa. >> mexico city is the capital of africa. >> are you done? >> i am returning control to you. >> coming up, is justin bieber a photog beater?
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should we turn the fictional into functional? an engineer and "star trek" fan says the space ship end prize can be built in 20 years at a cost of $1 trillion. the dude who goes by dan, just dan, lays out the undertaking on his site build the
12:45 am
enterprise .org. the first nine years dedicated to research component testing, drawing blueprints and presumably not having sex with anyone. the next will be developing manufacturing and then says the massive project could pursue young people to pursue careers as scientists and engineers. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooouuunnnd. lightning round. >> are you really michael? >> i am. considering the government spent nearly a trillion on bailouts, does it seem like a lot of money to spend on a cool space ship? >> i think it is a great debate to have. we poured a lot of money into a lot of banks. lots of things came out of it, memory foam and invisible braces. >> these are the things you
12:46 am
come up with? >> star trek inspired cell phones and robotic life detectors on other planets and the quarter that scans you to -- it is a handheld device. i know it sounds geeky and weird, but i don't care. >> what character would you want to be? >> the captain. >> the world space program needs it. is this what they are looking for? >> space x was a success last week. nasa is losing money left and right. the coast is dismal. i think privatizing on going space research at what was it -- i blanked on their whole schpelle. >> the final frontier.
12:47 am
>> i think private industry is what the space industry and exploration needs to depend on right now. >> there is something like this, but do you think it would inspire children to pursue science careers? >> maybe if there is a hipt of the movie involved. but we are blurring the lanes of what research is. there is a lot of research that could be done, but building a space ship? no maybe you should build a u haul and move out of your mom's basement. >> bill, to be fair you spend most of your nights at home in your sulu costumes. what response are you seeing? >> get your diligent spy cameras out of my basement. stop wasting money. secondly, sure. i get you could probably build a star trek enterprise over 20
12:48 am
years and spending trillions in the the time of doing it. or spend a quarter of that in 10 years and adhering to the laws of physics. as they say in romulin -- >> good god. >> that's how you say it. >> the laws of physics would not allow the doors to go -- >> no. maybe it would, but it will cost a trillion. >> it is time for a break. stop. you are like pausing my kids. when we come back i will talk about something s.
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well, the lapd, that's the los angeles police department is investigating claims that justin bieber, you may have heard of him assaulted a photographer outside a shopping mall. the papparazo reportedly blocked the pop star's car and tried to snap pictures of biebs and his girlfriend and a scuffle ensued. the biebs complained of pain
12:53 am
in the upper torso and taken to hospital. he is being investigated for battery. shouldn't the papparazo be investigated for being collective jerk? >> he is so intrusive. he is trying to get publicity. i am surprised justin bieber had the muscle to go after him. >> do you want to be the one that says i had to 2 to the hospital? >> good point. >> if charged and convicted, he could receive up to 25 years, i was a lawyer for quite a period of time. isn't this the street ed that bieber needs? >> i am not allowed to comment on my upcoming case. that would be good for him. he should come out of jail if he spends time there with a teardrop tatoo to mess up his nice, nice -- >> do you think there will be
12:54 am
a celebrity stand your ground law? >> there could be. he was a stalker, but there will be a law betweens. naomi c. >> we are talking naomi. >> she -- i remember that story. let's move on. >> bill 1234* paparazzo are punching you out because you get in their picture. how do you trerp interpret this one. you are are your best publicist. secondly, this is true, and i was watching entertain meant weekly before the show as i do every night, and accordingly -- apparently bieber is hanging out with floyd merriwether. he has been taking boxing lessons. he may have given this guy a
12:55 am
good look, but i hate when gorgeous people get into boxing. don't lose the money maker. that's why i got out of it. >> name one justin bieber song. >> ♪ baby, baby, baby sthoat. ♪ >> my sherona. >> ♪ baby, baby >> ♪ who took the dogs out >> we are in unanimous decision. justin beeber is being framed. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" return appearances from the great anthony and jedediah bila.
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>> and maxine. >> that is the female version. >> love the recipes. >> lori, how is everything going on the 1:00 p.m. hour? >> how are we dismog. >> great. >> that's how it is going. >> keith, upcoming shows? >> stress factory in new brunswick, new jersey. >> elizabeth, white house in the catholic church, they have been going up and down on the man -- mandated birth control. >> my mother said yes, right. mine is nudity. >> what a loving family. >> sharp and funny. >> back to you, michael. >> thank you very much. a very special thanks to lori roth man, bill schulz


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