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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 1, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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when you take a seat, you take a stand. earthjustice. because the earth needs a good lawyer. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg put felled who is ordering steak sandwiches. let's go to michael moynahan for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> mayor michael bloomburg wants to ban large sodas and sugary drinks. the mayor's office confirms the the -- that he is the worst person in american history. and do you want to live in a world where mike tyson isn't on twitter? and a manhattan high school student collects a $400 bet after sleeping with his 26-year-old teacher. in response, mayor bloomburg put a blanket ban on good looking educators.
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>> thank you. see you at the half. >> you bet. let's welcome our guests. she is smart, gorgeous and way too busy for this operation. mary katherine hamm. and he knows belly laughs like i know giraffes. they are exswriz zit animals. and he is known for throwing the sexiest parties east of the mississippi. fox news senior correspondent, rick eleven ven that will. and he is barely afloat, but still loves to gloat. how are you, pinch? >> today in the home section, they profile the rich history of the remote control. next week we will look at extra value meals, driving short distances and 10 other reasons you are morbidly obese. andy? >> i'm pretty sure our viewers were exploring their remote controls just then. hang on. i think we have a delivery. >> andy gram. >> a wednesday, michael
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bloomburg uh united states nod his intention to ban the sale of large sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and other places regulated by the health department. the words i would like to use express my opinion of the dear leader and the plan can't be said on television. th is nothing new for bloomburg. this is a guy who takes the pathological joy in lecturing us in things we enjoy. 24 is a guy who thinks it is his job or calling to ban cigarettes, trans fats and what are ever else -- and what ever else he can get his grub emits on. this is a guy who puts salt on his pizza. not only does mad mike put salt on everything he loves burnt bacon and peanut butter sandwiches and can't get enough of hot dogs and chicken. he loves to exempt himself. think of the hipocritical leaders of the soviet union who never want for anything. especially if the communism causes worse for ordinary citizens. consider the ban meets the board of health and this is considered likely because all
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of the members have been appointed by them of the i have nothing but contempt for prohibition. why shouldn't i? they have nothing but contempt for me and all of us. they think they know what is best for us because they are smarter than we r. and the fact that they were elected to office gives them the right to treat us like children. >> andy gram. >> nice job. >> how are you, man? >> i'm well, andy, how are you? >> greg, i am prepared to be the brave heart of large, sugar redrinks. are you with me? >> you mean they can take away your cup, but they will never take your gallon? >> something like that. i haven't thought it through. >> are you wearing anything under your kilt? >> we can talk about that later. >> you don't want to get dunkin in your drink. i think bloomburg can do
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anything he wants. he has proven that over the years. when the occupierss were in the park he said the police force in new york was his personal army. you know i love when people smoke and drink giant sodas and put salt on therapy swraw, -- on their pizza, but then tell you you can't do it. that's leadership to me. >> help me out. my whole life i never understood the pro -- the pro huh business. >> i think they are doing it for good reasons, but first they never have proof it might work. and second of all they don't ponder whether they should be telling us what to do. you take a city like new york and it should be like anything goes, it is happening, it is great to be here. and now it bans more things than salt lake city. you can get more stuff to eat and drink? salt lake city than this city. >> or lake city as mayor bloomburg calls it. >> oh, nicely done. >> you salute mayor bloomburg
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for looking out for our health. >> i think super sizing is what is wrong with america. he has the guts to stand up for something. he is looking out for everybody else who is not smart enough to do it for themselves. >> really? >> yes. why do you need more than 16 ounces of soda at any one time? jay why do you need to tell -- >> why do you need to tell people how much soda they need? >> i hope he bans chewing gum next. >> i hope he bans correspondents. can you do one of those first they came here rants. >> first they came for the pepsi and i said nothing. if they come for my coke i would say something, wink. i am against -- this is well, but i have known you for faff years now and i have never seen you as passionate about anything as you are about someone taking a liter of mr. pibb away. >> i was sitting at home last night when this story hit on
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twitter. i was so outraged and i was thinking, really? this is what i get outraged about? there is atrocities in syria going on. this is horrible. this happens and it is like, this must end. >> i am with andy. i have had the biggest fight i have ever had with my husband about the fda may be regulating salt. he was not caring about it and i said it is not the salt. it is the sphree dom! -- it is the freedom. >> as far as how much you -- how big they are doing -- like are they making it so there is no way you can sell the cup, but you can -- you can just drink out of the bottles, right? can't you do that? >> you can buy the 2 liter bottle. >> why not do that? >> why do it at all? >> you just get free refills. >> then why do this? >> exactly. you have no answer. >> it is true. last night after the show we were doing an e-mail list.
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and we get one from andy and the subject goes, "unreal." >> i see you want to jump in. i have a question for you, but go ahead first. >> i was going to say you can change this argument by moving to california where we live and you can have your own swimming pool and fill it with mountain dew and drink however much you want. >> but you can't use plastic bags or stuff like that? >> no, we know what is good for you over here. >> is it unfair to wonder what happened to liberalism? liberalism used to be keep your hands-off my body, free love, all of the fun stuff. and now it seems liberalism has become a sort of -- it has turned into fanyism -- nannyism. >> i have never seen your -- i have never seen you be a huffy bunny. we can't do anything about
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syria because we are sitting at home. but it cuts to the heart of america. if people want to be gigantic and eat so many carbohydrates or drink so much soda, what is the problem with that? >> the other thing is people say -- oh like mary katherine says oh it is just salt, but every day it is just something. and then every day it is something else. >> they are softening you up for what is coming next. >> first she couldn't smoke in the theater and then the people living down the street are gone, boom. >> some drink giant sodas the size of new york city. >> love it or leave it? you are a petty little fashist. >> if you want to see how much this affects andy, go with him like i did to "the avengers" and see how much crap he puts in before the movie starts. >> it was a long movie. i was excited. >> it is astonishing. >> people say you can just buy two smaller drinks.
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then that means two cups which is more garbage and bad for the environment. why does he hate the environment? >> and what right does he have to say you have to drink two of something? drink what you want. >> new york city later today is celebrating donut day. >> oh good. >> a little hipocritical though? >> only have one. >> she is right. they made a proclamation. >> you mentioned the -- >> shouldn't it be munchkin day? >> you said the new york times said the mayor put that out about food. >> 2009. >> maybe he learned he had high blood pressure. >> i have a whole thing on that as well. >> he stopped eating salt. >> good for him. i don't care. >> have you walked down the streets of new york? we are gorgeous. and we have mayor bloomburg to thank for that. >> thank you. is it oxymoronic to want to ban pro businessists? >> if i knew what thatment i would comment on that.
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i am certain of the moron nick of you. whether there is oxygen in forming your opinion is another matter entirely. the people against prohibition should be banned from their opinion of being against prohibition. >> that's sort of the opposite of what i think, but we can still be friends. >> have you ever dunked a donut into a gallon of soda pop? it is awesome. >> but if you only have the small cup you can't fit the donut in there. >> you have to eat half first and then dunk the other half. >> more work for people. don't like it. well, it is expensive gear for a leader they hold dear. obama supporters can purchase from the designer item collection. the upscale goodies available at barack include an $85 vera wang tote bag, and an $85 wallet.
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decent chance i miss pronounced every word. and a $95 sweatshirt that says let us be clear. it makes me feel inspired. and the pricey crap is all made in france. meanwhile, urban outfitters is elogy is mitt romney t-shirts including mitt is the [bleep prts and too legit to mitt. that doesn't make sense. you know who is too legit to mitt? this little guy. adorable pig. >> he was. >> have you bought your $45 obama t-shirt designed by beyonce yet? >> yes. i am a sharing, caring liberal who pretends to have black friends.
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but i will still cut you off in the parking lot. >> obama pretty much has the coveted fashion designer vote locked up. it is basically over, right? >> as far as i can see. where is mitt romney's gear being sold? urban outfitters? i don't get that at all. i know he has a new t-shirt that says a salamander told god i should run. i think that was my favorite. that was a subtle one. >> a little mormon human there. the obama stuff, isn't it proof that he is a rich guy out of touch with regular americans. >> it would be enormous if they were selling $85 totes. it would be validation. but i think mitt romney needs to find his own designers. so i suggested the air brush guy at the nascar racers. we can get that guy, and he is good. >> mitt knows a guy.
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>> an air brush company? >> yes. some can avoid the stuff and others can't. >> it is sad. we should redistribute it. >> we all know romney isn't cool, and we know that is important. what is up with the urban outfitter shirts? are they supposed to be ironic? >> i like the one with the guy with the -- mitt with the football uniform. that's a good one. >> and the mitt is the [bleep prts shirt is my top choice. i can't believe they took all the time to come up with this crap. why are they spending this time making this stuff and nobody meets? at least the mitt t-shirts are $17.99. >> do you think it should be banned? nobody needs it. who needs an $85 shirt? >> i agree with that. >> ban it. ban t-shirts over $7.95. >> bill, i know you believe --
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i want to go to bill and then greg. bill, i know you think this hinges on who has the cooler t-shirts? >> yes. and here is hoping that after november a bunch of kids in uganda will be wearing romney t-shirts from the patriots of last year. and as far as the blogosphere and i go on the fashion blog and i put my stuff in and they are like, oh, urban outfitters is selling out. has urban outfitters ever had anything to sell out from? are they just not a little more upscale target? >> they apparently also have obama shirts. >> they have great t-shirts at urban outfitters. >> i was along confused by that. >> did you want to jump in? >> yes. if you buy one of these awesome t-shirts, one thing
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you know is you have something to clean your car with maybe a week later. mary katherine says you don't have a lot of good designers. on the conservative side you will come up with poets and designers. >> does the obama campaign get obviously a large share of the money and that is why the stuff is so expensive? >> yes, it is a fundraiser. >> that explains the $45 t-shirts. >> it has to be a luxury item to put the luxury designer's name on it. >> my favorite part is this website that did the story on it. murdering in the republican evil.
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>> i am getting too legit to mitt. >> what was that you did with your hand? >> too legit to mitt. >> what is that saying? >> it makes no sense. >> i don't get it. from facebook to fashion. if they done their time should they be banned on-line? registered sex offenders outlawed from social networking sites are fighting back saying it infringes on their free speech. one says to broadly prohibit a group of persons from using this form of communication is something the first amendment could not tolerate. but authorities say it is a need to protect kids from pedophiles on-line. so far the federal judges in two states have thrown outlaws that are too stringent. louisiana was forced to pass a new law that narrowly defines which sites are prohibits. prohibited. here is what the inter thet is really meant to. meant for.
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>> see, i don't want to live in a country where only nonmolesters can look at that. what do you think? should convicted sex offenders be banned from places like facebook? >> i am just trying to get clear if i just saw a man punch a hamster. jay for purposes of this broadcast you did not. >> moments ago i was beguiled by a small pig and i thought my heart would thought stop flying around the room. two seconds later a hamster is being revialed with a stiff fore finger. i know one thing. when i was little we didn't have phones to carry to school. we had to deal with predators up close and personal. i think they made it too easy. i don't even know if predators go to schoolyard. they are like, have i candy. the kids say, bug off. i am on a low carb thing.
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>> is this a constitutional issue? can people who serve their sentences have their constitutional rights infringed upon? can i ask a more pompous question? >> my law and order said screw it. they are dangerous. it is hard to start drawing the lines. my proposal is we make them communicate under feingold's rules. they are arrested for various communications. they never know what they are doing without a lawyer. >> i don't think that would work. >> i think you are betting you have a solution. >> first of all, i think the guy had a trained mouse. i don't think it was a hamster. i think it was a mouth. it was a mouse. >> i did no not know you could train mice. >> the mouse pretended to die. >> i am so glad i don't have to be the guy that defends sex offenders' right to use the internet. we should make sex
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offenders -- there should be a death penalty and you won't have to worry about it. or if you are a convicted sex offender you have to put sex offender in your on-line id. like sex offender joe or sex offender sam on-line. people will know. >> they do make them register. >> i don't think sex offense is a capital crime. >> go to plan b. >> i went to college with somebody called sex offender joe. >> do you have a question? >> no. i will just sit here. >> say something. >> i think that you guys are over looking something here. you can't get a job without the internet these days. do we want sex offenders in our home, home alone or amongst us in the workforce. coming up, are street per formers the backbone of this great nation.
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but first, the hot teacher went from a song to a game. you are watching "red eye" on fnc.
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the jackpot was super hot. this week a new york city high school senior was caught locking lips with his teacher, and now the new york post reports that he won a bet with his pals to see who could seduce her first. eric ardy locked up to the pool and hooked up with the global studies teacher julie mourning. the not unattractive 26-year-old , sadly not seen, has been assigned to an administrative job. the boy s who full on flirt with her, and at first she tried to resist throwing them out of class. here is what one student had to say about the sorted
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sortedness. >> they are always so nice to each other. this morning, oh. >> that's a real quote, actually. speaking of canoodling. >> that can't be legal. there is no way. this kid, has he won high school? >> that was a penguin molesting randy quaid? >> it is entirely possible. >> no one knows, greg. no one knows. >> okay. i know rick is going to correct me and say it was a pheasant.
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>> no, that was a penguin. you are right. >> all of my teachers in high school looked like dick cheney in drag or barbara bush, so this never came up. and none of us had $100 to form a pool to see if one of us could nail our teachers. we were playing with lincoln logs. >> how did five kids each have $100? how is that possible? >> they are like that now. >> obviously they are saving up to buy some obama gear for this hotly contested election coming you. when i went to high school it is like did you get an "a"? now it is like no i got syphillis and five to ten. jay were you uh febded that the boys -- offended that the boys made a bet about bedding her? i was. >> they are teenage guys. i'm sure the behavior sounded perfectly normal for teenage dudes. unethical on her parts.
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this is one of the stories i am not sure about. i had a twinge of the feeling of the underdog won. i'm not sure how to feel. i'm sure it would feel different if it was female students and a male teacher. i don't know if that is okay. am i supposed to feel the same? >> that's an interesting question. rick, would it be different if it was a male teachers ander and female student? >> we always hear the student is the victim. the student is always the victim. the teacher is charged with a crime for having sex with the student. here the tables were turned and she is victimized because she believed that this kid really liked her. he was just trying to win a bet. it is crazy. >> it is true. jay like you i can't believe -- >> like you i can't believe they had this money. $100 in a pool in high school? >> i don't get it. >> that's crazy. >> they must be doing something on the side. >> maybe. >> bill, what do you have to say about this? >> well, my favorite part of
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the story is -- i will take an even handed question. >> i had something nasty to read about you, but i decided not to. >> thanks, appreciate it. my favorite part of the story is the day after the post broke it, they describe a scene outside of his washington heights home where his buddies were holding the post like this like it was palm sunday and he was jesus and they were just praising him. that's the image i hold dear in this beautiful, beautiful triumph of the story. >> i feel like if somebody challenged me in high school to make out with a teacher i might have got it. >> maybe could have won that. >> we will never know, rick. >> i wish i was that teacher. >> e-mail us at fox and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. a waste of time. and still to come a half time
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report. >> it combines an accordion and flute and creates a musical experience.
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welcome back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to michael moynahan. >> that was a barn burner of
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an intro. >> good god. you were upset about this. >> look, i rarely make comparisons to stalin. >> let me point out you made a nazi comparison and a communism comparison. >> you talked about facism a few times. you should have compared the mayor to verner blumberg. look it up. it is a real dude. >> i am just saying. jay maybe you can tell me that before the show. >> mate katherine ham. you said that new york used to be great and this is eroding the greatness of new york. that is partially true. new york also used to be horrible. there was stabbings of needles. >> if you do less crime with
12:33 am
more soda you would be perfect. >> that's your hands and grass. >> that's true. you pointed out something about your husband. i just want to point out that mary katherine is married and i went to her wedding. >> thanks. >> that's true. >> i am just trying to confirm you. >> the hilarious and brilliant greg said huffy bunny which i have never heard and there are 300,000 results for that. >> you are learning things too today. >> i am here to both teachers and and learn. there you go. >> what are you doing now? >> both. greg, while i am on you i might as well point out you
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made a good salamander joke that was met with incredible silence in the studio. they are not clever enough to know what that reference was. one of joseph smith's do disciples said he did not get the book from an angel, but a white sal salamander that trans figured itself into a spirit therefore passing on mormonnism. >> why does it have to be a white salamander? >> maynahan, i did tell uh mor gone joke. >> you did, but you are hosting the show. >> there are not many conservatives, republicans, gop types that are fashion designers. i looked this up and that is a bit of an over statement. there are none. >> my puppy paibted a t-shirt
12:35 am
-- painted a t-shirt once. >> they latched on and said there were no conservative fashion designers nor were there poets. there are two i can think of both conservative. >> they are also both deceased. >> well you didn't specify they had to be alive. i would have said you are right. >> he helped out with a lot of fashist people. >> such a nice cut though. >> that's a problem. >> bill said urban outfitters why are they never accused of selling out. the ceo of urban outfitters can't possibly sell out because he got in trouble a few years ago forgiving a lot of money to rick santorum.
12:36 am
>> really? >> yes. >> interesting. but he is apparently pro life, and he has been accused -- cannot confirm this. he denies. it but he is not so cool with the gays. >> really? >> that's what they say. >> who am i to say what is hip or not? >> some say santorum is not hip. >> i will go on record and say santorum is not hip. >> we will get letters and we will gladly read them all. >> i want to go to rick eleven ven that -- leventhal that mostly included banning things. >> leventhal, i just want you to know that if our super pack that we are forming death to
12:37 am
the sex offenders, if that goes through you would understand that we would have killed pee wee herman 1k3* mike tyson? in your face. >> that's what got them in trouble. >> who are you again? >> i just wandered in. >> andy, sexy teachers. you were offended by the beck? >> no. >> i couldn't tell. >> of course i am offended by it. >> you don't have anything to worry about. mary katherine hamm beat us all by saying the underdog made it sound like the triumphant football film, "rudy."
12:38 am
it is like the kid is a little chubby and lumbering and a little slow witted. but he had a heart of gold, and man could he seduce the ladies. that's what dwash dash. >> that's what offends me. i believe they sell the affairs of the heart. >> that is beautiful, andy. >> thank you. >> and leventhal, you said that -- >> why do you laugh when he says my name? >> because you have these fanaticals. you said that $100 was a high bet for them? >> yes. for a high schooler, yes, that's a lot of money. >> i did want to get to this. the high school itself is closing. this is true. it is for poor performance. it has only been opened since 2004, and it is closing because the kids are such bad students. rick i know you have $100 to
12:39 am
bet because we were betting at the bow day go. >> and i will bet tonight on the rematch. >> you have a problem. end of story. >> i have $100. i am not in high school. >> mr. big shot. >> it is a fair . fansy pants. >> must be nice. >> to bet a -- to bet on high school -- >> by the way, this kid is no underdog. he is a pretty good looking kid. >> not a bad looking kid. >> they are running him down in the courtroom. >> that's what i got. >> thanks. >> see you at the end. coming up, what is the latest addition to the cereal aisle? they are poop loops. and our new york -- are new york area high schools ruining the fun of this year's prom? i will bet my best come better bun on it.
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cumberbun on it.
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is there no escape from thinking you are being taped? psychiatrists are reportedly seeing a bump in the number of patients who think they are the unwilling star of a secret reality show. according to buzz feed so-called truman show dilution may be stem frght 21st sen -- stemming from the 21st century fame. take a dude who is suing for, quote, filming and broadcasting a show depicting his day-to-day activities without his consent. they describe several patients with a disorder including a journalist who believes his colleagues were faking tv print for his amusement. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndddd. lightning round. >> i love the story. it is actually my favorite story of the day. reality is finally catching up with the books.
12:44 am
>> i think you are right. philip k dick did more speed than any other sci-fi writer. his paranoid dilutions were not just dilutions. they were manifested and real. >> absolutely. >> i feel like i am on tv right now and people are staring at me. i know i am having a dream. >> nobody is watching right now. rick, do you still believe your colleagues are faking tv print and on-line muse for your amusement? >> what? there are a lot of crazy people in the world. we thew that. we knew that. >> i disagree. this story tells us there are a lot of nare saw cystic jerks in the world and there are more every day. >> one of these people believed that the 9/11 attacks were faked for the benefit of his show. >> a lot of people think they are fake, but here is my question, are they really unwailing -- unwilling
12:45 am
participants? and would you be an unwilling participant if hbo was filming yours. >> there are cameras everywhere. we are being taped all the time. >> i think all of these people are partially right. it is the government behind it or perhaps an alien power. >> this whole thing -- have you seen "the matrix." >> it will be long and boring. >> i don't think it will. i don't think it will at all. jay i'm trying to picture a -- >> i'm trying to picture a reality show based on your life and i don't think people would relate to it. >> i would insist on a lot of nudity. it is not so great. a very over rated movie. >> i will take the letters. next topic, a new
12:46 am
documentary released by al jazeera says sesame street was used to torture prisoners at guantanamo bay. the doctors and they were forced to listen to the theme song on her headpiece for hours and days on end. heavy heavier tunes were used to torture inmates. what would torture you more? >> let me answer your question with something funny. first, if you have ever been a baby-sitter, having to listen to the sesame street theme once is enough. if it is good enough to torture american children it is good enough for terrorists. secondly if you are high, ac/dc is not torture. it is awesome. it makes you want to buy a giant soda and dip a donut in it and make a bet and try to nail your teacher. it spurs america to raid the bar a little higher to the
12:47 am
rick leveth thal level. >> first of all, you don't have to be high to appreciate ac lsh dc. >> i disagree. >> i think the barney song would be mine. >> really? >> all right. >> rick, why do you know the barney song? >> i have kids and they were 1 once. >> he is very religious and hates dye dinasaurs. >> uh the lo of people are surprised, but they say a lot of parents understand this. >> you are stuck in a mini-van for six or seven hours. my children are only going to listen to old des. the only sesame street song is that. ♪ one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 1112 ♪ >> the only problem is i can't count past 12. you can only memorize so much. >> they would love elmo and not want to kill us. >> that's a good .
12:48 am
they could learn the togetherness and the primary colors. >> i love watching yo-gabba-gabba of the but the pref physician is, you are high. you watch it without something in your system like we could give to these guys, you could go nuts. their ears will melt. that's what we do. >> okay. >> you weren't even listening. >> nope. >> don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about.
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so, a bunch of schools in long i'd land, new york are using breathalyzers to crackdown on drinking at prom. said one quote, once the students know the devices are there, that's deterrent are enough. ids c who are caught face suspension and being banned from graduation ceremonies. why do i feel there will be more drinking at after parties now. >> my prom -- i am a little older than most of you, except rick. my prom was in 1976. we bought weed from our teachers, let's be honest. things were different then.
12:53 am
this puritan cal, parochial, kids have to take a breathalyzer, the whole point is to go to prom and sneak home and maybe even get a hotel room in your dad's name. if that is not what a prom is about, i don't want to be an american anymore. anyone who disagrees with me should be killed like a child molester who would use twitter. and also like anyone who would ban the use of. gigantic soft d. >> do we still have yardarms? >> my high school is one of the ones mentioned. should i be proud? >> they were doing this when i was in high school or threatening to have breathalyzers there. i just can't imagine how much they can. this is how prom works. sometimes you get caught.
12:54 am
>> have you been to 27 proms in your life with various girls you dated throughout the years. and your vast, vast experience of going to proms, most as an adult man, are breathalyzers a good idea? >> first of all greg is three months older than m why. i looked it up. than i am. i looked it up. >> i love it. >> and you changed the fact that you have been to 27 proms. >> i think i went to one and i probably drank. my question to you is do they get the breathalyzer at the prom whether they are driving or not? >> okay i am against that. >> they are just there as a threat. you can get caught. >> bill, do you worry about your kids drinking at prom? >> i worry about where my kids r. if they are at a prom somewhere safe, that's much better off than a week ago.
12:55 am
the prom i had we had breathalyzers because our teacher used something and they used their nose. if you were drunk -- they knew you were drunk because you were not sober enough to clean your breath. the fact that your school is doing this shows me you are dumb. >> have i to say goodbye to greg. greg, where can people find the smartest man in the world? itunes and download it for free or go to my website and download it for free there. let me be the one who takes you to that pink and perfect world where only you and i exist. >> can people go somewhere where they can pay to are it? >> no, but there are commercials on it now. i am trying to get it on the back end if you will. >> greg, thanks a lot. we will close things out with the post game wrap up.
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to see posts go to fox eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from lauren sivan, thaddeuas mccoter and amy schumer. >> time to go back to michael for the post game wrap up. what is up, mike? >> nothing. just hanging out here. >> cool. >> waiting for you guys to come back. >> mary katherine. where are you? >> hi. >> tell me about your unusual slip and slide. >> well, for memorial day, the holiday weekend i built a -- well some friends built a 200 foot long slip and slide into a baby pool and it was wonderful. >> bloomburg would ban that. >> he totally would. >> but i live in virginia so we can do that. >> rick leventhal am i invited to your ekes a


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