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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 11, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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anything. >> greg: that is the goal. >> eric: that is it. leave it there. thank you for watching "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: a congressional committee sets a vote on a contempt resolution for the attorney general. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. tug-of-war over documents related to fast and furious entered a new phase. republicans on the house oversight committee are going after attorney general eric holder. this time with more than just strong language. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on the latest move. >> the house oversight and government reform committee scheduled a hearing to vote on holding attorney general attorney general in contempt
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of congress. oversight chairman darrell issa has been investigating who authorized tactics used in the botched "fast and furious" program. two weapons tied to the program found at the murder scene of border agent brian terry. issa wants answers months after first asking for them. >> not our time to spend time going after con tempt. our goal is close this up for the terry family. >> the spokesperson insisted that the d.o.j. has been cooperative and holder ended the operation adding chairman issa distorted the fact, ignored testimony and plunge accusations and the latest move if its with the tired political playbook that has so many americans disillusioned with washington. >> at the white house -- >> given the justice department effort to accommodate the committee investigation, i can only refer you to the republican house judiciary member who concedeed that this investigation is "politics." >> house speaker john boehner
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expressed support for issa moving forward, saying the justice department is out of excuses. issa says it's possible for holder to stop this con tempt effort. >> one, we need to know about the post february 4 period where there was an coverup made to congress. we need a chain of accountability for fast and furious so we can have those people responsibility for brian terry's death held accountable. >> it was clear thursday that issa had drown frustrated with the attorney general not turning over more information to house investigators. >> have you and your attorneys produceded interimly the materials responsive to the subpoenas? >> we believe we have responded to the subpoena. >> no, mr. attorney general, you are not a good witness. a good witness answers the question asked. so let's go back again. >> holder is due to be back again on capitol hill tomorrow testifying before the senate
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judiciary committee. late today, james cole sent a letter to issa expressing surprise to suggest they meet to try to resol tv matter. >> bret: more on this on the panel. thank you. g.o.p. lawmakers set sights on the president attorney general, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle looking for answers in the probe over high-level leaks of national security secrets. chief intelligence correspondent herron has the latest on that. >> -- catherine herridge has the latest on that. >> i don't think there is any doubt it came from the administration. we need to find out who and what as best we can. >> speaking to fox and friends, senior republican senator john mccain said the appointment of two u.s. attorneys by the justice department to investigate leaks was not enough given severity. >> they are two of our most important ongoing intelligence operations. our allies. it's revealed israelis were with us in the cyber effort. i can't imagine how they feel
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today. >> late friday, the justice department sent out announce fire department the attorney general who says two u.s. attorneys, one from the district of columbia and rosenstein from the district of maryland will lead the criminal investigation. the attorney general said they are fully authorized to prosecute criminal investigations and follow investigate il leads within the executive and legislative branchs of got. sunday talk show, the head of the senate and the house intelligence committees weighed in. >> some of the leaks, public leaks are self-described aides or people in the situation room. a pretty small and important group of people. my question to the attorney general is good start, maybe. but we need to find out if they will have that independence. >> i take the president at face value. chairman mcmorris rogers said the investigation has to be nonpartisan, vigorous and move ahead rapidly. >> the white house press secretary was pushed to explain why the administration was so confident the leak did not come from pennsylvania
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avenue. >> internal investigation. >> i can tell you that this administration -- i mean this white house under the guidance of the president takes very seriously the need to protect classified and sensitive information. >> veteran of the bush justice department the attorney general seems to follow well established procedure. >> but i think one slight twist it's unusual in that he is having a u.s. attorney from the district of columbia investigate conduct that apparently occurred in the district of columbia. >> in addition to fast and furious, the attorney general could expect aggressive questioning from lawmakers tuesday on the scope and the independence of the leak investigation. holder's aperience on capitol hill is the first since the two u.s. attorneys were appointed. >> pick this up with the panel as well. thank you. >> commerce secretary bryson is back in washington after being cited for felony hit-and-run tied to two traffic accidents in los angeles. the administration says he suffered a seizure in connection with the mishap
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saturday. police say so far there is no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved but the investigation in the car crashes is continuing. union membership is in freefall and last week's failed recall of wisconsin governor has some suggesting the movement in past its prime. the percentage of workers in union fallen to just under 12% last year. public sector unions lost 273,000 members in 2011. some labor leaders push back insisting the wisconsin vote awakened and energized the rank and file heading to the fall election. one of the biggest public sector union is teaming with super pac to target ads against romney. i uses short clip of romney to make it appear he is unfriendly to the spanish. it's running in colorado, florida and nevada. gallup poll of union members say 57% favor president obama and more than a third, 35%
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like mitt romney. we will talk about the governor's 3-2-1 strategy to electoral success with karl rove and joe trippi later. up next, everything apparently is not fine in the obama re-election effort. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> bret: talks with pakistan stalled oaf reopening ground supply roots to afghanistan. pakistan shut them in november after air assault killed 24 of the soldiers. it's demanding an apology. the pentagon is bringing the negotiating team home to the u.s. urian markets gained and then retreated after announcement of $125 billion bail-out for spain's banks. officials are portraying it as a bid to contain the continent widening recession and financial crisis felt around the world. here at home, markets were significantly down. the dow lost 143.
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the s&p 500 dropped 17. nasdaq off 49. the white house is in damage control. president people trying to dig their way out of the comment friday about the health of the private sector cheech white house correspondent ed henry has today's efforts. >> as president obama continues to take heat declaring the private sector is doing fine. white house spokesman carney today suggested the problem is the media took the comment out of context, not highlighting the public sector layoffs. >> in the recovery that has seen 4.3 million jobs in the private sector created. it's seen massive layoff of teachers, firefighters and police officers, reduction in the public sector. that it was context he was seeking. >> to measure the unemployment rate, bureau of labor statistics surveys a dozen sectors. in may, government workers had the lowest unemployment rate
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of all. just 4.2%. others in the private sector doing far worse. 7.1% for manufacturing. 14.2% for construction. >> i appreciate the unusual cherry picking of statistics there, ed. >> after dismissing the obama administration own statistics that show of nearly 23 million federal, state and local government workers about 900,000 are looking for work. carney blamed republicans not doing enough to help. >> one element of the president's american jobs act aimed at the need to put construction workers on the job. unfortunately, republicans rejected that. >> top surrogates for mitt romney counter the real problem is the president's philosophy. >> he believes that having federal, state, local government hire more people it's the answer to the way out. romney believes that business creates jobs.
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>> the romney campaign says obama administration is out of touch. obama cam pape is jumping on romney's comment friday that cops, firefighters and teachers should face more cuts, charging he had the same approach as governor. >> the man did not care what was going on in the community. >> romney camp knows last month the president defended his record on government spending noting that the government employment is down on his watch. now his campaign countering that argument to argue and beat up romney for not wanting to hire for government workers. >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. brit hume has thoughts tonight on the president's original comment about the private sector. good evening. >> hi, bret. president obama assertion that the private sector is doing fine was no gaffe. his later comment that the economy is not doing fine was no backtrack. in fact, both remarks were consistent with each other and
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with mr. obama's clear belief in the primacy of the public sector over the private. remember his graduation speech four years ago at weslyan university where he spoke proudly of his days of community organizer and suggest that the private sector career betrays a poverty of ambition. remember, too, how much stimulus money went to shore up public payroll across the country. friday, he fretted the economy was suffering because public employees faced layoff. as you just heard, the unemploit rate among government workers was 4.2%, half the national average and the lowest of any sector. the president wants more teacher, cops and firefighters hired using federal money. never mind 4% of the money must be borrowed from china or elsewhere. in his mind this is the way to extend vital government work. not just politics that keep him close to the public sector union. it's the genuine belief in importance of the work and the spending that the members do
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compared to that in the private sector. this is who he is. >> bret: what about the statement by mitt romney and the reaction to all of that, that it's time for to us cut back on government? he specifically members firemen and police. >> bret: he was responding to president suggesting we need to hire more of each. it's not clear whether romney meant that anybody should be laid off but sounded enough like it, it gave obama campaign something it didn't have, way to respond to fire storm created by the comments about how well the private sector is doing. >> bret: which sticks more? >> i think the comment about the private sector doing well was jug so startling, it's not subject to any other interpretation than the way he said it. it really is, i suggest it's not inconsistent with the way he believes. it's probably going to stick. >> bret: thank you. the supreme court decide -- declined to take a new look at the right of foreign detainees at guantanamo bay terrorist prison. justices rejected cases involving seven prisoners. they refused to hear appeal challenging president obama
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american citizenship. officials in hawaii repeatedly verified that president obama was born there. the federal government is preparing to sue the state of florida over its efforts to clean up the voter registration roles. the justice department says florida is refusing to share information about the efforts. that there are already plenty of laws in place to keep non-sits from voting. we'll -- noncitizenning from voting. still ahead, love them or hate them. political ads are a billion char industry. we get the inside story. first, political strategist joe trippi and karl rove on mitt romney's 3-2-1 strategy and where we are today. called an puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> bret: we are going to talk for a few minutes about the magic number this november. 270. 270 electoral votes to win the
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presidency. romney's camp says it has a plan called the 3-2-1 strategy. get insight on it, where it stands today from the former bush senior advisor karl rove and democratic strategist joe trippi. thank you for being here. let's start by taking a look at the map as it stands today. the different colors of the map. as you look at it across the country, there are seven what are called tossup states based on the public polls. 30-day average of the public polls of today. you have pink states that leaning romney. light blue lean obama. start out west and what you have seen in critical states out there. >> in the last, since we last visited two weeks ago two western states arizona and colorado moved in romney's direction. arizona moved from toss township lean romney. colorado has gone from lean
3:21 pm
obama to tossup. we have seen other changes elsewhere that might indicate a little move in the the southwest in the romney, toward romney. >> bret: what about your view of the west? >> one of the things that happens when you look at a 30-day average of polls is you have old stuff in there. keeping the states even closer than they really are. i don't think arizona is really, should be in the lean category right now. i also think oregon in the west is state that is a little tighter than i suspect. more of a tossup than arizona is. so as we see more polling come in. this map is probably going to change a little bit. become redder for romney in arizona. >> bret: arizona currently stands at plus 6% for romney. you expect that to increase. oregon is 4% for president obama. but you say that possibly would tighten up. >> when you are only up by 4 if you are president obama in
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a state like oregon. they are likely to have to start putting money in there. it dun mean you will lose it. but it does mean you to go in there. >> oregon was a battleground state in 2000. it was won by al gore by 5,000 votes. it has been a battlingground. it could be battleground again. i agree with joe. to show joe's point we have three polls in arizona and recent months that allow us to come up with an average. the earliest one has romney up by two. the last two have him up by nine and seven. >> go to the midwest're and what you are seeing there midwest. >> we have three states that changed. two toward romney. ohio went from lean obama to tossup in the latest map. iowa went from a solid obama to lean obama. one state went the opposite direction, wisconsin. went from lean -- went from toss township lean obama. again, apropos of joe's comment about polls, iowa, joe and i both agree that iowa is closer than it looks. there are only --
3:23 pm
>> bret: at five 5% for president obama. >> the first poll we have is sometime ago has obama up by 10. and today, the latest poll has dead even. let me tell you this state is getting more money spent per capita by the obama campaign on television ads than any other battleground state. >> i agree. it's not 10. it's not even. but it's probably closer than that. >> bret: iowa. >> in iowa. what about wisconsin? joe, it's moving toward obama even after the, what we saw in the recall election? >> i know the exit poll are questions and we saw in the commit poll that people that day thought okay, gave obama the lead. we saw a new poll come out that shows obama leading. i never thought that wisconsin would be swing state. carl and i disagree with this. he thinks it's in play. we will see. early indications are obama has lead there. >> this is the second quandary about the polls.
3:24 pm
poll shows -- i agree, seven point in exit poll. seven-point margin for obama. but obama is under 50% in a state where, you know, romney not had much effort. the campaign has long way to. go battleground state. but give the edge to obama. running to a guy that won a state by 414,000 votes, 14 points, to be up by four is not good. >> bret: eastern seaboard, don't see a lot of change but virginia is the big state everybody is looking at. >> yeah. look. not much change. the eastern states, most of the point change is within one or two. >> interestingly. north carolina, the democrats have convention there karl and i talk about this. my gut says it will go to
3:25 pm
romney. it mean whence you look at the 3-2-1 is that thegy, indiana, north carolina, virginia, it could come down to virginia still. that has gotten, just gotten more wind to obama right now. >> bret: right now, 3%. separating. >> florida an ohio are minus one. obama by one in ohio and tied in florida. there are other ones to fill out the dance card if romney fills out the three and two card for the other. looking good in colorado, iowa is up for grabs. the latest poll in michigan, one point. a lot of places that the context will get. >> bret: it shifts week to week. we'll have you back to look at the map every couple weeks. thank you, gentlemen. no grapevine tonight. bring you part one of a new series. we go behind the scenes to show how the political ads that cause an uproar are put together. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ?
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3:30 pm
>> the staple of mod earn american politics we love to hate. intruders in our home, that howl for attention. with seasonal predictability vanish. sometimes dark and foreboding. >> three men. one vision. more big government. less freedom. >> sometimes humorous. >> would be up one more morning and it was there. big government on my back. it is a huge problem. >> political ads have become music and necessity. this year alone, $4 billion business. >> local spot advertising isn't comprised half of what is raised and spent in politics, a presidential race, senate races or house races. allthed up. >> while they are hardly a new phenomenal, political ads are evolving as fast as the media. traditional commercials coexist alongside internet search and banner ads. spots for which no airtime has been purchased, simply been uploaded to youtube. >> as we continue to move through the election cycles and people spend money, you
3:31 pm
have to find your voter and advocate on platform they're comfortable with. >> roughly 50 firms do this work. >> i am romney and i approve this message. >> evenly split between republican and democrats. inside this house in delaware, ohio, built in 1827 as stagecoach stop 30 miles north of columbus, visitor finds most of a wall taken up with the polly awards. the emmys of the political consultant. since the founding, the strategy group from media, leading g.o.p. ad firm researched, scripted, shot, edited and bought airtime for tens of thousands of t and radio spots. before the year is out, company will produce another thousand and gross hundred million in revenue. >> what is the fastest an ad is put together on the air? >> we turn our top of the
3:32 pm
line, upgrade it at all times. if we get tax on thursday, we will propose a script and produce an ad in two hours max. one hour to the station. we can have it at the traffic department in an hour so the next moment the traffic folks can put it in rotation and have it on the air. rapid response. three hours. >> nick joined the group a decade ago fresh out of college. now the president. >> city council. congressional. presidential. reality is that there is no cookie cutter approach to any campaign. >> when i first met. >> on this day editor is putting time touches on a 60-second spot for congressman mike pence of indiana, who is running for governor. has been a strategy group client since the first election in 2000. it has pence and his wife returning to scene of his first date. took a day to shoot. it's to introduce pence to the
3:33 pm
hoosier state voters. >> i will never forget the very first date. >> this isn't really the first message. people in indiana. >> great point. >> when you transition from being a member of congress to being governor, people have a different perspective and understanding it's a leadership job. job being back home and focus on the job creation. a reintroduction. we are not done fighting. >> since rick santorum dropped out of the g.o.p. primaries, the santorum tracking shows political ad have been 51% positive, 49% negative. >> the new ad attacking republican mitt romney -- >> he sees negative ads as a good thing. >> both sides only ran positive campaigns about themselves i don't think we learn the full truth about the character and lack thereof. the voting record and the truth behind things. we have 75 words in 30 seconds. my job is tell the story that best advances our client's chance of success on election night.
3:34 pm
if you can't back something up, whether you put a viation on screen or not, it has to be built on truth. >> whether it's the personal story or what people call contrast messaging. you take to tas it can opponent's record. that is subjected to criticism. the reality is that survey research and focus groups and all that information shows that it's, it is frankly some of the most honest information voters get in a campaign. >> do you feel people harbor misconceptions about political consultants and political ad makers? >> close in a lot of uncertainty. but so advertising in general. the idea of madmen. there is an entry with someone creating something creative. >> the other industry veterans we spoke to rejected the notion money alone can mount effective air war. you need two things to use political advertising successfully. money for sure. also a storyline that will resonate with voters. bret?
3:35 pm
>> bret: the second part of the series airs wednesday. thank you. not enough information to congress, and too much information to the media. we talk eric holder a fast and furious and the hunt for national security leakers when the fox all-stars join me next. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage. mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is,
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but there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed. -better taste. -better taste. -better taste. -mmmm... [ female announcer ] eggland's best. better taste and now even better nutrition make the better egg. when you have an attorney general who says he won't give you anything more and admits there are 100,000 documents you haven't seen you have to take a next step. not our goal to spend time going after contempt. our goal to close it up for the terry family. >> under investigation. involving the ongoing investigation. xen squaw debt scand 13 -- when you get beyond that, it's fishing expedition. >> bret: john boehner
3:39 pm
released a statement supporting darrell issa saying that the justice department is out of excuses. now the government reform committee scheduled to vote june 20. hearing to hold attorney general in contempt of congress for failing to cooperate in the investigation. start with the panel. jonah goldberg. a.b. stoddard of the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, a.b., it has gotten this. the justice department says they have done everything. republicans say it doesn't matter. >> there is an argument about thousands of documents have been provided. there is an argument about the one that have not. mr. holder's defenders say he is complying with the best he can and the documents in question are not dits closeable. this is not something that sounds like it is going to go
3:40 pm
all the way to a full house vote of contempt. this sounds like it will be reed before then. i think it will be worked out. they got to threaten him with contempt. >> bret: charles? >> a.b. is right. i find it hard to get terribly excited over these arguments because they are centuries old debate between the executive and the congress over oversight. how much the executive is required to release executive on all the government democratic and republican hold back. the congress pushes and they usually feel like a compromise that probably happened here. >> yet, they haven't, the administration hasn't cited exactly privilege or any of that, the reasoning behind it. you heard eleanor holmes-norton saying some of those things are under seal.
3:41 pm
>> that could be a kabuki dance. all we got is moving through contempt of congress and the committee and raise the stakes. they are raising their bet trying to force the administration's hand. we have seen it play out before. i agree. we haven't seen contempt citation of senior administration officials in the last 30 years. it would be shocked if it came out to that. no reason that the perspective he hasn't tried to move the ball down the field. >> bret: politically does it play? >> i think people who are following this investigation the most closely are not going to support president obama. this is not an issue. the leak investigation is a higher profile situation. it's not serious -- even though it's serious i don't see it as a big political
3:42 pm
problem. >> bret: let's tourn the leak investigation. national security leaks resulting in a few articles where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have concerns. take a listen. >> we are talking about the president's actual words he said. how decisions were made. what they factored in. all of us dealt with the classified information that can only come from somebody close to the president. >> i can point you to the authors of some of the materials that have led to this discussion a what they said about the fact they're not directed to or provided information by the white house. >> i can tell you that this administration, this white house under the guidance of the president, takes very seriously the need to protect classified a sensitive information. >> bret: so the white house press secretary catching himself in the last answer. the administration, the justice department has pointed
3:43 pm
two u.s. attorneys to investigate leaks. republicans said it's not enough. >> i don't know how carney can say what he is saying and he is repeating what the president said on friday when he said, the writers of the article themselves stated it didn't come from the white house. how is that possible when one of the articles on stusnex has the author saying it came from three dozen current/former advisors, interviews with them. on the drone story, the author is quoting members of the president's national security team. in reporting about a meeting, a secret situation of a meeting. how could that not be coming from the white house? how can you possibly say that the writer is saying it didn't come from the white house? obviously it did. who else was in the room? pizza delivery guy? plummer in the corner working on the sink? it had to be somebody from the president's entourage. this is a real contradiction that has to be examined.
3:44 pm
on the pintment of the attorney inside the justice department. the republicans are letting the administration off really easy here because it allows the administration officials to answer all questions from today on. an say oh, i cap answer because there is an ongoing investigation. how independent are the people? how long are we going to give them a leash to see if they are going to produce a real investigation? >> lock, the most telling line, arguement is that president obama or his staff releases information to make themselves look tough as john mccain put it. my favorite is the kill list story in the "new york times" it says one of the reasons why president obama personally overseas the kill list is because, why he immersed himself in low counterterrorism operations is because he is a student of the writings on war by augustin and thomas aquintis. this was leaked bay grizzled c.i.a. operative who wanted it
3:45 pm
known that the president is the philosopher king who weighing this seriously? i have my out thes. when bush leaked stuff -- he leaked a lot of stuff. he did. but most of time when he leaked things, first, he was leaking it to advance a public question. matter of public policy. or just outright declassifying information. this to the extent it's discernible what the motives are about building one man up in the re-election effort. >> bret: the president can declassify what he wants to. democrats push back leaks happen in washington. but people like john mccain an dianne feinstein, democrat from california said this is differentchsh >> i think this is dangerous game. it is offensive as the president said. if this comes from the west wing. but thiss, it's also leaks like this, hard to prosecute.
3:46 pm
not likely to go far. >> the answer to jonah's point is the pizza guy saw him reading that in dead of night. that's how we know. >> bret: next up. the president is not doing fine apparently after the friday comment about the private sector. we have look at the damage control when we come back. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. that is the reason i had the press conference. the folks that are hurting and where we have problems and where we can do better is small businesses having a tough time getting financing.
3:50 pm
we have seen teachers and police officers and firefighters laid off. >> only time government employment went down in a recession has been under me. i make that point just so you don't buy in to this whole bloated government arguement that you hear. >> bret: p obama on friday -- president obama on friday cleaning up if you will his news conference where he said the private sector was doing fine. then the second sound bite may 8 when he was talking about cuts that have cop in government. the white house secretary jay carney said they were cherry picked numbers but this is from the bureau of labor statistics. unemployment rate, government workers 4.2%. nationally, of course, 8.2% of may. unemployment rate public versus private, government workers 4.2. manufacturing 7.1. leisure and hospitality 9.78. construction, 14.2%. then you see this public versus private nearly 23 million government workers, 900,000 unemployed.
3:51 pm
from the bureau of labor statistics. charles? >> what he is saying about the public sector workers is his belief they are equivalent to the private sector job. if you say the private sector is okay or stalled, you want to buff it up increasing the number of the government bureaucrats that are hired and that is what he believes. public -- a private sector job is job that the government doesn't have to put a penny. in it gets re-knew from the taxes, where the public sector job is somebody who lives entirely off other people working. off their taxes. hugely different. we can see in europe, the meltdown of the councilmembers from greece to portugal, spain and italy, which hugely expanded the public sector to provide employment. they are in collapse. but this is what he believes. now he will say on the stump as we showed in the sound bite, yes, if he is hit on debt and deficit, i'm a guy who wants to shrink
3:52 pm
government. that is a contradiction. obviously insincere. he believes big government is the answer to every problem including up employment. >> bret: speaking of slinking government, democrats are pointing to mitt romney's comment on friday about doing just that. >> he wants another stimulus and wants to hire more government workers. he says we need more firemen and policemen and more teachers. did he not get message in wisconsin? american people did. time to cut back on government and help the american people. >> bret: so the politics of this and how it's playing out. clear the white house has been in damage control since friday. what about the pushback on that statement? >> they have been in daniel control mode since the terrible jobs came out. they are grasping at something to get out of this terrible
3:53 pm
freefall of friday when he said the private sector is doing fine. going to come back to him again and again. particularly, because the economy is not expected to improve for remainder of the campaign. it's something he use with his base to say mitt romney doesn't understand the middle class. he doesn't, he doesn't, he thinks we have firefighters and teachers and cops and he wants to fire them all. that will help them in the terrible moment. the private sector is doing fine. it is not going away. every job report friday from now on and numerous other occasion and commercials he will hear the line back. john mccain's line of the fundamentals of the economy being strong was thedp of his dam pain. democrats used it and whacked it until it was dead and bloody. romney campaign will do the same. >> bret: brit hume argued earlier in the program in his commentary this is how the president thinks.
3:54 pm
another stimulus, another big influx of money for the government workers is really what he wants to do. >> brit is right. the second he cleaned up his second, he didn't clean it up. nowhere in the statement did he actually sort of rebut a logic or reasoning from his press conference statement. david axelrod on another network asked three times yes or no, is the private sector doing fine? david axelrod could not answer the question. obama theory is that what we need is the new government control stimulus. he has to have that theory about the government jobs, because if he concedes that the private sector is doing terribly, then he is conceding the fundamental argument of the romney campaign. that obama has failed to fix the economy. he has to say if republicans are stopping me from hiring
3:55 pm
more firefighters or police and that keeps us from having robust economy. that doesn't tract politically. >> or empirically. obama had a dry run with a lot of money. $1 trillion in stimulus one. huge amount of it went to the government jobs he is talking about today. we tried it and we have had 40 straight months of 8% plus unemployment for the first time in u.s. history, in the most anemic economic recovery since the second world war. ve already had the experiment. it failed. >> their pushback is the hole was deeper than we thought it was going in. and now there are many democrats saying the stimulus wasn't big enough. >> look. they can argue that. i'm not sure there is anybody who believes it. after four years, and such a slow growth, if you were to say that it's merely a delay in all of this and it is going to happen, perhaps you believe it. when you are seeing that in the fourth year of the expansion, 1.7% growth. you know that it's a disaster. it hasn't done what it was supposed to do.
3:56 pm
i think that is the definitive response. it isn't unemployment. it's the growth rate that cannot sustain a dropping of unemployment. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for something that may be a problem for one couple for some time. ♪ [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create?
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