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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 18, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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history. bombshell news concerning the son of ozzie oz osbourne. his illness that affects millions of americans. we'll talk a little bit more about it with the doctor. it's all "happening now." on this monday morning we start with this big news, the ats agent who exposed the botched fast and furious gun running scandal is breaking his silence only to fox news. we are glad you are with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: what a story that is turn out to be, i'm jon scott. atf agent john dodson risked his career when he came forward with fast and furious a year ago. he blue the whistle to senator chuck grassley. he is speaking out about the
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investigation and the handling of the scandal by attorney general eric holder. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with some of the exclusive details. >> reporter: jon before going to senator grassley agent dodson repeatedly tried to resolve this internally. twice supervisors referred him to a voice mail line and internal affairs never returned his calls. only when his own agency tried to hide their connection to the death of agent brian terry did he go public. >> brian tere he re's death is horrible, and still is, his family doesn't have any answers, that's the sole reason i'm here. >> reporter: he blew the whistle on fast and furious. >> the guns turned up at crime scenes in the united states and in mexico and yet we still did nothing. >> reporter: congress vowed to get answers. >> we will not rest until every single person responsible for all of this. no matter where they are, are
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brought to justice. >> here we are a year later. do the attorneys know anything more now about this program, who is responsible for it? has anybody been held accountable for it? has any of your questions about this been answer stpherd. >> reporter: the justice department denied and discredited dodson's investigators proved him right. >> it's not a matter of me feeling vindicated. maybe the truth will come out. ultimately that is what this is all supposed to be about. to get the truth. >> reporter: democrats have called the investigation a political witch hunt. >> i don't care if you're on the right or the left. nobody has ever asked me my political affiliation ever, all right? to say this is all party games, okay, not for me, not for brian terry's family. >> reporter: as for holding the attorney general in concept of congress. >> we either do it or we don't. either you think he's in contempt or you don't. and if you do then you vote on it.
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you call a vote, you give it the floor time, you play your cards. >> reporter: now a vote is scheduled on wednesday to hold the attorney general in contempt for failure to turn over records. now the attorney general says he will turn over certain records and he could meet tomorrow with congressman issa and senator grassley. the important question here is if they dumped 10,000 documents they will have a hard time figuring out are they responsive to subpoena. they hope to get a document log to let them know quickly whether the documents they are receiving from the attorney general are what they are looking for. this situation is fluid, we don't whether it will be canceled postponed or whether the vote will go forward on wednesday. jon: any blow back on dodson's career from him coming forward. >> reporter: we are preparing a story for tomorrow about the retribution he's received for coming forward.
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it's in the a pretty story. jon: i guess we'll look forward to watching it. jenna: there is a standoff in washington between the white house and a growing chorus of critics who want more to be done to track down potentially the sources of a string of national security leaks. some top lawmakers are calling for the appointment of an independent prosecutor, but the obama administration insists the two u.s. attorneys assigned to this case are enough. national correspondent steve centanni is on this story. he's live in washington. what is the latest here, steve. >> jenna pressure is mounting for an independent counsel to investigate the hraoebgts. it includes marriages that the president had kill lists to target al-qaida fighters with drone aircrafts. information was leaked about a computer virus targeting iran and word of a yemeni double
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agent was leaked. they say it was designed to boost his credentials in an election year. the senate minority leader said even the president should testify when itess deemed necessary. >> all americans, including the president of the united states are expected to cooperate in an investigation for potential criminal offenses, and i would expect the president would need to cooperate if he were called upon to testify. >> reporter: mcconnell suggested a thorough investigation should be carried out, while john mccain and joseph lieberman are insisting an independent counsel be eye pointed. jenna: since that is on going what kind of investigation is being con tkute conducted right now today. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder appointed two attorneys to look into the situation. plouffe refused to say whether the president would testify if
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called on by investigators. he said an independent counsel is not needed. >> what you have here is a situation where an investigation has been announced, by two united states attorneys, including an appointment of president bush. we are going to let that investigation proceed instead of turning this inch tow a game of distraction. we have to continue to fight against al-qaida and continue the progress we've made. >> reporter: mike roerpblgs, chairmarogers said attorney general holder needs to explain why the team of attorneys is the right structure for a probe of white house leaks. jenna: to the fallout over the president's decision to side-step congress and stop the deportation of some illegal immigrants. some republicans are even than considering suing to stop this. and here is how the president's plan works. to qualify immigrants must have come to the united states before the age of 16. they must be in school, or have
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graduated, at least high school or serve in the military. and they can't be convicted of any felonies or significant misdemeanors. the plan is expected to impact as many as 800,000 young people who will now be allowed to apply for work permits and other things like drivers licenses. john mccain speaking out against the plan, bashing the president for refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books. >> the thing that may disturb people after the initial euphoria is over about this is that the president of the united states is now dictating that certain laws will not be enforced. that is a rather serious step. it's one thing to say you're not going to challenge a law in court, or something like that, but i don't recall a time when any president has basically said, we're not going to enforce a law that's on the books. jenna: white house senior
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adviser david blauffe says the president has a right to issue this order. >> this is within our authority to use discretion. this builds on a series of steps we've taken to try to make sure we are focusing on teufr border security, we are deporting criminals, people who pose a threat to our community, not people who are trying to live the american dream. again this is not a permanent fix, this is for a few year period and allows people to try to apply for work authorization, all of those applications will be reviewed. we need congress to act here. jenna: not permanent, not a law. the governor mitt romney, also the presidential candidate criticized the president's decision this weekend but did not say yet if he will repeal it if he becomes president. jon: on supreme court watch at this hour. a decision from the high court could come this week on
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president obama's healthcare law. it will affect the nation's economy and your healthcare. the political landscape in washington and the lives of every single american. shannon bream, live at the supreme court. we thought it might come down this morning, shannon, but i guess the justices have decided to keep us hanging. >> reporter: yeah, today is not the day, jon. we did get four opinions today, healthcare not among them. the justices know the world is watching on this. it's interesting when justice saying and lead on read one of the opinions she authored, and now i present the opinion on x, y, z case, probably not the one you're waiting on. that is being hammered out behind closed doors. a final draft in the many opinions we expect to get the case. we will get more opinions on thursday. we got a case today that is huge for american business owners and employers. it was a case from two
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pharmaceutical republicans who were suing because they wanted to get paid over extra hours they put in on the job. they classified as outside jails man which would make them exempt from over time, but they said they should be getting the extra pay. there was discussion whether people should get paid to play golf with doctor, to take them out and wine and dine them and basically that's what the sales reps were asking for, saying they worked well beyond 40 hours a week. it was a five-four split. they didn't buy it. the more liberal viewed justices were the four in the minority, in the decent this time. it's a tough opinion that came down to a five-four split. thursday is the next day we could possibly get the opinion in the healthcare case. of course we'll bring it to you the minute it happens. jon: i'd like to get paid over time and play golf. >> reporter: or fly your plane or any of the great things you do. jon: if i still had a plane, oh, well. thanks very much, shannon bream
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live at the supreme court. jenna: president obama meets with mexico's president in los cabos. the eurozone crisis will be front in center that is for sure. but the president is planning separate talks with russia to discuss syria, and iran. wendell goler is traveling with the president and joins us now. >> reporter: the eurozone crisis will dominate the summit will you it won't be solved here. just three of the eurozone leaders are here in lo cobso there is a summit of their own in brussels at the end of the month, that's where they hope to come up with a plan to deal with the dry sis. what they want to see overt next couple of days is a commitment to deal with the crisis to strengthen the banks across europe with a common standard so they work better together and coordinate budget policies across the nations so the germans don't feel like they are paying greek welfare checks.
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it's a jobs issue for mr. obama, and that's jobs in the united states. >> europe is our largest trading partner and a key part of the global financial system. it's very important to the united states and the rest of the world that they work through their issues. >> reporter: at the g-8 summit in camp david last month the president tipped the scales in favor of growth instead of just debt reduction which is to say sided with france over germany in the eurozone battle. at the g-20 the pressure will be on brazil, india and china to contribute more to global growth. on the sidelines of the summit are one-on-one meetings, including one with vladimir putin about an hour from now, the first since putin returned to the top stop at the kremlin. the president will press him on syria with russia blocking a u.n. resolution that called for the ouster of bashar al-assad and russia continuing to ship weapons to bashar al-assad. they will talk about iran in making sure that the nuclear
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program isn't aimed at producing weapons. a new round of negotiations with the five memory members of the u.n. security council in germany underway in moscow began today. jenna: the meetings are being held in any area that looks like what is over your shoulder right now, it looks like a nice place to come together, with the palm trees and the pool and everything. wendell, thank you very much. big news coming out of that meeting. we'll bring our viewers up to date as we get it thank you. jon: a off-duty police officer takes a high po high-powered rifle to his ex-wife's house and has an intense standoff with police officers. we'll tell you how he was captured and the charges he faces next. high winds fueling a fire out west. the tools they are using to try and get a handle on this straight ahead. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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jon: and off-duty new jersey police officer now faces 13 counts of attempted homicide. investigators say he fired shots at police during a ten-hour standoff at the home of his estranged wife in the philadelphia area yesterday. eventually he surrendered to negotiators. a frantic search underway for a new jersey boy who has been missing since friday. an amber alert issued for five-year-old david l u.n. dy who needs medication for a chronic illness. police say he may have been abducted by his grandfather. deliberation reese zoom in the roger clemens perjury trial after a four-day break. he's charged with lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using steroids or human growth hormones. jenna: now to this big story out in colorado, powerful winds are helping to spread the most destructive wildfires in
8:18 am
colorado's history. the flames already destroying more than 180 homes. the most for any fire ever in the state. with the flames on the move authorities are issuing evacuation orders for hundreds of homes surrounding the fire zone. joining us on the phone right now a public information officer for the hyde park fire which is the one we're talking about. we've heard a couple different figures as far as containment. where are you today? >> good morning. we are at 45% containment, and the fire has grown to 58,046 acres. jenna: what are conditions like today? we are in a red flag warning, which typically means winds with high wind gusts, very low single digit humidities and high temperatures. jenna: we have been covering this story for the last week or so and it's been such a challenging fire to get a handle on. we understand that you're using some equipment that is rarely deployed to wildfires to try to stop the spread, and we're actually pulling up a picture on the screen of this.
8:19 am
can you tell us a little bit about what you're using? >> they are called fellerb u.n. chers. typically they are used where we are cutting timbers, for reduction or timber sales. they can cut them a lot more quickly than a firefighter with a chainsaw and bunch them up, hence the sellerb u.n. cher, and move them quickly. they will utilize to help build line around the fire, to help support the ground firefighters digging in the line. jenna: why is that a strategy that is being used now? >> part of this fire has very dense forests, as well as mountain pine needle-killed areas. this is just a way to try to clear some of these denser areas a little bit quicker than our folks with the chainsaws can. jenna: how close is this fire as far as the direction its moving to more residential areas where there are more homes and businesses? >> well, part of the concern was with the winds we received yesterday and today coming back in some of these areas, even
8:20 am
within that interior of the fire perimeter we have had to reevacuate some areas that we had thought would be safe enough for folks to go home. we reevacuated them once the wind conditions changed yesterday. the big area of concern is the west side of the fire where the denser forest is and it moving in that direction. jenna: how are your crews holding up? >> that's what these folks train to do. they are out there to dig line, do structure protection, that's what they train to do and this is their time of year, so they are holding up. jenna: we wish them the best of luck. i know you have the day shift going and the night shift going, we hope more progress in this fire. than that you so much for your time. >> thank you. jon: google the sounding the alarm over what it calls a growing trend of government requests for internet censorship, and where some of those requests are coming from, that might surprise you. plus president obama asking voters to be patient on the
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jenna: welcome back, everyone. internet giant google is sounding the alarm on what it calls a staggering rise in censorship requests from government around the world. julie banderas is live on this story. >> reporter: we hate it or like it or don't mind it. once of us know once it's on google it's there forever. it seems many countries don't like the way google works and they've requested the world-wide search engine to take down content from its search results or youtube video in the last six months of 2011. many other requests target political speech. google has received more than a thousand requests in all aimed at having 12,000 items overall
8:25 am
removed. in one case spanish regulators asked google to remove 270 links to blogs and newspaper articles criticizing public figures, including mayors and public prosecutors. so far google has not complied, except for in some countries where google has no choice but to submit to these requests because certain types of political speech are unlawful. among other examples, e regulator site, racist content, child abuse or spam. there is an overview of which officials have asked google to remove content and why, the rules and results expected to be announced before the end of the year, jenna. jenna: thank you. jon: president obama seems to be taking a new approach to his argument as to why he deserves re-election. in the face of a stalling economy he's urging patience. >> this was not your normal recession. throughout history it has
8:26 am
typically taken countries up to ten years to recover from financial crises of this magnitude. today the economies of many european countries still aren't growing. jon: so do we need to be more patient with the president? joining us now for a fair & balanced debate former chairman of the republican party of virginia and vice president of the young america's young's, indicate obenshane. a former consultant to president obama's campaign in separate and a principle with clifton consulting, margerie clifton. you're not working for him this time. give us an honest assessment. does counseling patience work? >> it worked for president bush in his re-election campaign when he asked for pay khepbs on ira patience on iraq. i don't know that voters are patient but they can be understanding and empathetic to
8:27 am
situations. what we are seeing with gallop polls right now is that all of the blame on the economy isn't just going ding ooh larry to presidento president obama, it's looking at a larger context and coming out of the bush administration where we were. the economy is approving, it's anemic but it is improving. that is also a point i think voters will take into consideration. jon: the unemployment rate is also going up, and i can't imagine that vote hrers wil voters will have a lot of patience with that. >> i think it goes back for the trend. president obama would love for this election not to be about the economy. but the fact of the matter is elections always are. i think now it's going to be a contest of ideas, pointing to romney and saying, hey, what are the solutions you have to offer? so i think that is what th the election cycle will become about. there really isn't much to be said about where we are going, again because of that slow recover rethat we're taking. >> this is line about how countries often need ten years
8:28 am
or more to recover from a recession, i mean, maybe that's true, but he could be talking about venezuela, or something else, we are talking about the united states. >> i think it plays well only if the economy is markedly improving, and really we see anemic growth. 1.5%. that is not enough to cut it. what exactly is he asking us to wait for? the full implementation of obamacare? it will hurt jobs and the economy. if his budget is possibled the cbo said it would hurt economic output. the elimination of the bush tax cuts which is agreed upon will create yet another recession. it's not as though he's putting out there a positive progrowth plan that will allow businesses to expand, his policies have created and worsened the economic situation, increasing the deficit by 70%. these things are not inspiring a
8:29 am
lot of confidence in the american people. and, you know, he tried this argument in 2010, and it did not work. i think it's less likely to work now. jon: margerie the question is has the damage been done. >> they say voters make their decision on these types of matter abouts six months out. what polling is showing is that voters aren't necessarily by saying, this is all obama's fault and this is something that is just pointed to administration. we have to look at bush tax cuts and the budgets, that's a congressional decision not necessarily a presidential one. >> well, kate i think voters probably are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and they like the guy personally, but i mean it's been four years, almost. >> you know, margerie has a great point, in that voters are still for some reason continuing to blame bush, we see that in
8:30 am
some of the polling. what romney has to do is to point out he has a positive plan, a progrowth plan, and contrast this argument that the democrats are putting out there that he just wants to go back to the push policies that have created all of this. what is he talking about? actually romney is proposing a plan very similar to paul ryan's plan. he has a progrowth plan, and he actually wants to stimulate the private sector, increase job growth. they need to be laying out there a positive plan even as they make sure that they place the blame squarely will it belongs and that's on obama for exacerbating the impact of the recession with his antibusiness policies and rhetoric. jon: we are going to have to leave it there. thank you both. jenna: a potentially big issue for this november are the talks underway right now in moscow between world powers and iran. all in an attempt to end a standoff over teheran's nuclear program. why some experts aren't really optimistic about the outcome
8:31 am
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jon: in his latest campaign speech president obama acknowledging that this year's election is all about the economy. still, he's been making headlines of late not with better economic numbers, but with very controversial
8:35 am
pronouncements on gay marriage and immigration. so will this strategy work? doug mcelway looks at it live from washington. the latest reaction, doug, to the president's relaxation of illegal immigrant policies. tell bus it. >> reporter: david plaeffe said it was not political and not designed to win votes in months before the election. >> this again was an enforcement discretion decision. this is not some permanent -- this is not amnesty, this is not citizenship. >> reporter: the governor mitt romney criticized the timing and the method of this executive branch decision, though. >> what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago if he felt seriously about this he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate, but he didn't. he saves these things until four and a half months before the
8:36 am
general election. >> reporter: in the meantime critics of the policy says it throws present enforcement of illegal immigration policies into utter turmoil. >> how are you going to control this? how are you going to track their documents? are there a lot of illegal documents that they've produced during the years to keep in the underground here in the united states? it's going to be a bureaucrat ic mess to begin with. >> reporter: steven king of iowa said he is prepared to sue the government and stop the d.r.e.a.m. act. jon: those also say that the president is trying to solidify his base and this is part of the plan. >> reporter: just part eve of it. even though the president said this campaign will be all about the economy his recent focus has been on other things. the dod just announced that june will be gay pride month to honor those gay, rest bee and members of the military, that after his
8:37 am
recent support of gay marriage. his epa has imposed dictates bypassing congress. it has solidified his support among unions. all in an effort some would say to shore up that all important base in a race that is going to be very, very tight. jenna: talks between world powers and eye rarpb underway in moscow. the two side are trying to end a decade-long standoff over teheran's nuclear program and avoid a possibility that we could see war in the middle ses because of this issue. mark dubowitz is executive director of defense of democracy. and we have the author of bomb scare, the history and future of nuclear weapons. gentlemen, a lot of questions about whether or not progress can be made in any way with this second round of talks. mark, what would progress look like?
8:38 am
>> well, general aeu think progress would look like iran suspending all of its domestic enrichment, coming clean on its nuclear weapons activities and committing to honor the nonproliferation treaty. i think progress would look like an assurance this iran is not going to develop nuclear weapons and i think we are a long way from progress. jenna: joe, what do you think about that? would you design progress the same way? >> well that is definitely the end state, but we are a long way from there. this negotiating process is going to take months. we haven't had sustained negotiations with iran since 2005. tremendous mistrust on both sides. what we're looking for in months koeus incrementamosco weurbgs incremental steps. county u.s. offer iran something in return, perhaps a relief from some of the new anxiouses set sanctions set to go into effect on july 1st.
8:39 am
jenna: the sanctions get teufr. do you think the united states should offer, taking their foot off the accelerator as far as sanctions go, is that something we should consider? >> i think we'll have to do that. iran is looking for two things, one they want to keep their nuclear program going and they want to get their economy restarted. it's increasingly looking like they can't do both. their economy is in shambles. oil experts has dropped 40%, inflation is up 40%. unemployment is going to record highs. they are looking for some relief, something they can go back and show their people they got a victory. we can't end the sanctions for what iran is offering right now which is just initial steps. we could say we'll delay some of the sanctions to see if iran is actually going to implement whatever deal comes out of moscow. jenna: some suggest that when you see the sanctions start to work that's when you press harder on the accelerator, what are your thoughts. >> after 30 years of animosity with iran we are not going to build trust and confidence, we
8:40 am
hate the regime, they hate us. let's put fundamental choice between a nuclear weapon and the survival of his regime. let's ratchet up the sapblgss. we are at perhaps a 6 we've got to go to ten. if you're a friend of spinal tap this one has to go to 11. we have to do what we did to khamenei in the 1980s when he had to drink the so-called poison chalice because he believed the united states was prepared to attack iran. we have to make it clear we will declare economic war on this regime and bring the economy to its knees and if it doesn't work we will bomb their nuclear proceedings. to process in incremental concessions i think is a delusion. jenna: some would say we already are at economic war. what do you think the affect would be as to what mark points
8:41 am
out, ratchet up the sanctions to an 11. >> it has never worked with any country under sanctions. sanctions are a tool, they are leverage. you want to get the country to move in this direction, but in order to get the deal you've got to show that if they do what you want you will relieve some of that pressure. that is the judgment that the diplomats have to make right now. when do you increase it, when do you decrease it. i think what you're seeing now in moscow is we're still pressing forward. jenna: so is making a point about negotiations. if these are negotiations in honest, and aren't negotiations something where one side offers something and another side offers another? so if we're not coming to the table with anything at this point, as far as offering them some relief, then are we really not negotiating with them like we say we are? >> well, jenna it's very clear what iran's obligation are, it's
8:42 am
under multiple u.n. security resolutions iaea reports. it's clear what they have to do. if they satisfy all of their obligations we offer concessions. sanctions are held together by fear. eye the fear of u.s. penalties. if we start to cover premature sanctions relief then all countries and companies will start to ask in their selfinterests and the whole sanctions regime will unravel. i think negotiators in the obama administration understand that, and that is why the real important sanctions, the oil market sanctions and the financial sanctions should only be given at the end when iran has satisfied all its obligations under the nonproliferation treaty. jenna: at the end, joe, you mentioned timeline. i'm going to give you the last thought here. what kind of timeline are we on. if the end is banking and oil sanctions what is the timeline as far as seeing any sort of change in iran, and what is the timeline potentially for a bigger conflict.
8:43 am
>> here's two pieces of good news, one the iranian regime is hugely unpopular. i think it's oepbl a matter of time until the people of iran do what they can do, overthrow the regime. the nuclear program is going slowly forward. iran is at least a year, perhaps three years away from being able to make a nuclear device that would work. the time is actually on our side. as months go on the sanctions will only get worse, the pressure only increases, we have to know when to use that lever and when to get what we really want which is an end to iran enriching its uranium to 20%. if we can get that, that is a real gain e we should b, we should give something for it. jenna: thank you, we look forward to having you back. jon: a devastating medical diagnosis for the son of ozzie osbourne. taking a look at a disease that affects thousands of people here in america. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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jon: fox news alert now in the jerry sandusky trial, pro prosecutors have rested their case against the former penn state football coach. it came after more emotional testimony and the decision to drop one ever the charges against him. david lee miller is live at the courthouse in bell informant, pennsylvania, what is happening there, david? >> reporter: a short time ago the defense began its case. they put on the stand as first witness a coach that worked with jerry sandusky and who sandusky actually played with at penn state, his name richard anderson. essentially anderson told the jury, jon, that jerry sandusky had a very demanding schedule as did all the coaches and it would be very, very difficult for him to have committed so much time to young boys as the prosecution has alleged. also this morning the prosecution decided that it was going to drop one charge, a charge of endangering the welfare of a child, that charge
8:48 am
was dropped on a technicality and we heard some very powerful testimony from the mother of one of the alleged victims who has claimed that her son reached a point where he did not any longer want to spend time in jerry sandusky, although she never asked him the reason why. jon are. jon: what about sandusky himself, that interview that he did with bob costas? did that come up at all? >> we expect thaeut that is going to come up. last week during the trial the jury was played the bob costas interview. there was some sort of an editing mistake when was played for the jury, they heard the same segment twice. now it appears the prosecutor's office has asked nbc for an unedited version, transcript of the interview with bob costas, and a portion of that interview said and it was not originally
8:49 am
broadcast, quoting jerry sandusky many more young people that would come forward and say that my message and have what i have done for them made a very positive impact on my life. this is where the interview gets question interesting, quote, and i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many that i didn't have -- i hardly had any con contact with them i have always helped in many, many ways. it appears that there is some acknowledgment that sandusky may have had some sexual activity with young boys in the interview section that was never aired but that the prosecution now has a transcript of. it will be very interesting to see what jerry sandusky has to say about that if and when he testifies, which we are told could happen as as soon as tomorrow. jon: thank you. jenna: the government is expanding its investigation into reports of fires starting inside the doors of some toyota cars.
8:50 am
how many cars may be impacted by this. and is a recall potentially on the way? ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. see your lexus dealer. just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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jon: some shocking health news to share with you regarding the 26-year-old son of rocker ozzy osbourne, he's the reality tv star jack osbourne now diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a sometimes devastating disease affecting the central nervous system with no known cure, and he's far from alone. an estimated 400,000 americans are living with the disease, including people like ann romney, talk show host montell williams, and many more. let's talk about it with dr. lee vanoker a professor at lsu
8:54 am
health science center in shreveport. doctor, jack osbourne has talked about how shocking this was. i can imagine, there are 200 americans a week that think they are the picture of health and all of a sudden they find out they've got this disease that can be debilitating. >> yeah, and i think he found out relatively soon within his symptoms. some people will go years with these intermittent symptoms of trouble walking, unsteady balance, and then visual loss, and he had a visual loss that finally drove them to do the diagnosis, and they do a spinal tab to look for immune cells in your spinal fluid, because it's a central nervous system problem with the nerve cells in our nervous system. jon: i don't think there is any chronic illness that can be described any other way. it seems particularly cruel, it hits people between the ages of 20 and 50. you think you've got even out of
8:55 am
the childhood years and your whole life ahead of you and all of a sudden wham. >> some can have a mild form, some can have a progressive form. it's a autoimmune condition. we have something called mylen, it's a protective sheath, it's like insulation on electrical wires and it helps the impulse go through. our immunity system will attack the mylen, it will block the nerves from sending an impulse or slow it down and that's why you get all these problems and there is no cure. you can just sort of treat the symptoms, treat the attacks with steroids, try and monitor the course of the disease with drugs, but it's a life-long problem. jon: what symptoms should people be on the look out four? 200 people a week are being diagnosed.
8:56 am
>> optic neuritis. you can have tingling and loss of feeling in your legs. it's your body not working very well. it's tough to diagnose. it can be intermittent, get better, get worse. all through the course of the disease it kind of waxes and wanes. jon: we certainly wish jack osbourne well as he tries to deal with this diagnosis. thank you doctor. jenna: mitt romney's bus tour rolls into key battle stat battleground states, including the state of wisconsin. we are live on the campaign trail next. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
8:57 am
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jon: an autopsy being performed now on the body of martin luther king jr.of rodney king, whose
9:00 am
beating led to riots in los angeles. the 47-year-old allegedly drowning in his own pool. thousands of firefighters across the west fighting to contain fires now spreading across dozens of miles in a handful of states. now the weather forecast actually could dramatically change things. and a serviceman gone awol nearly three decades ago turns himself n. why he sai in. why he said he left, and the foreign government he's now working for. jenna: the clock is ticking for the president's healthcare law, its fate now in the hands of the supreme court, and we could see a ruling as early as this week. we didn't get it today, but it could still happen at any moment, jon. jon: everybody is on pins and needles. jenna: we are seeing major changes in new backlash over the impact of this overall. it's an interesting law to take a look at, one of our top stories today, we are glad you
9:01 am
are with us, i'm jenna lee? i'm jon scott. welcome to a brand-new hour of "happening now." while the supreme court remains silent on a possible decision there are many questions today on the possible reaction to a ruling for or against the law. jenna: more than two dozen states are challenging the overall on whether it's constitutional. what can we expect? lee casey is a former justice department attorney for reagan and the george h. w bush administration. he represented the 26 states in their challenge to the healthcare law before the trial in appellate courts. nice to have you with us today. we are looking at you sort of like an expert as we take a look at what we can potentially see. they say until it's public last-minute changes can be made. what do you think, are last-minute changes being made right now? >> well, last-minute changes may well be being made to the various opinions that the justices will have prepared, but it would be pretty unlikely, indeed i would say pretty much
9:02 am
impossible for them to change the decision at this point. jenna: they might be making some grammatical changes, not necessarily a change of how they would vote? >> right, grammatical or perhaps tightening up an argument, that type of thing, but no change in result. jenna: one of the things we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks is leaks from the government on national security issue, they are big, big international news, but no leaks from the supreme court. why? >> well, that is how it ought to be. the supreme court actually has, of the three branches of government, the best record when it comes to leaks. they are very, very few and far between, and part of that is the dedication of the justices, and the people that work for them to the judicial process, which is not a political process, and does not lend itself, ought not lend itself to leaks. i think we are right where we ought to be with respect to
9:03 am
that. jenna: ruth bader ginsberg just said, those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know i guess we know which category we are in today, lee. but that's all right we have to talk about it. when we get the decision and it comes out, do you think there will be one huge head loin about the healthcare law overall? what do you expect to see? >> well there are a number of issues before the court, and it's not clear what the split of the justices is going to be. of course if they strike the entire law down then we will have most likely a majority opinion to that effect, with a decent, and a number of concurrencess i would think. if they decide to uphold the entire law we can expect the same. if, however, as many believe likely, the court strikes down part of the law, but maintains other parts, then we will be
9:04 am
getting to really having to analyze very carefully the opinions that the judges release as to each and every issue that they are considering. jenna: does that mean more lawyers and more trials potentially as we take a look at different parts of this law? >> probably not. at this point it's pretty much a question of law for the court, and so what we'll be looking at is, is the court going to strike down the individual mandate or is it going to uphold it? if it does strike it down will it take the entire law with it, or just that piece? what will the court do with respect to the state's challenge to the medicaid provisions of the act? the states have argued i think very correctly that that part of the act is coercive and therefore unconstitutional and the court has accepted that issue for decision. so that is a very important one we are looking to as well. jenna: just to be clear, we mentioned to the audience that you represented some of the
9:05 am
states. was that part of the trial and case that you were a part of or is that something different? >> that issue has been in the case from the beginning. at the trial court and at the appellate courts we lost on that issue, but the supreme court decided to review it, which we were very pleased with, obviously, because that suggests any way that the court will have something to say on it. jenna: it feels like everyone needs a law degree just to look at this story at one point or another. it's good that you have one. just really kick here, what is your gut on this? >> i think the law is going to be struck down. jenna: the whole thing? >> my gut is that the whole thing will be struck down. i think that's what the court ought to do rather than leaving congress with a mess to cleanup, less congress start over again. jenna: lee, we will have you on speed dial, that is for sure,. >> thank you. jenna: thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you. jon: and fascinating, those nine justices know what the decision is. the whole world is waiting, they know, their staffs know and no leaks. jenna: and no leaks.
9:06 am
as lee says, maybe that's the way it should be. jon: it is the way it should be. we'll see if it holds. governor mitt romney is take being the pulse of america's heartland targeting key battleground states. this is the fourth day of a five-day bus tour, today he's in wisconsin where scott walker survived a recall vote pushed by democrats and unions. carl cameron on the campaign trial live in jamesville, wisconsin. what is going on? >> reporter: hi, jon. well mr. romney had today a whole bunch of republican luminaries all about capitalizing on the scott walker recall two weeks ago. it was scott walker, paul ryan, talked about as a vice
9:07 am
presidental pick. ron johnson, reince priebus, i had an opportunity to speak with him. he just very tough on the president about owe need he needs to get serious with syria. i asked him specifically about concerns about national intelligence leaks, and the possibility of the appointment of a special counsel or a prosecutor to investigate who he would be separate from the department of justice and free of any partisan perception in an investigation of this and romney had a surprising response. he's for a special counsel to fully investigate, watch. >> i do believe they are very serious, i do believe a special prosecutor should be looking into them. i sheu we should make every effort to understand how those matter has relate toot relate
9:08 am
to the safety of our american men and women around the world could be put in jeopardy. >> reporter: lots more on this interview, we'll be revealing more of it as the afternoon unfolds and you'll site on the internet shortly. a tremendous amount of criticism on foreign policy from mr. romney on the obama administration, and he didn't take any questions seriously about the vice presidental running mate but he did not rule out the possibility of making the announcement earlier. a lot of speculation historically vice presidental nominees are usually announced right before the presidential convention for the opposing party. the g.o.p. convention isn't until the end of august. there is a distinct possibility and you'll see it in the interview that romney will announce his pick before that, although he gave no hints as to
9:09 am
what it will be. jon: carl, thank you. jenna: the feds expanding their investigation into reports of a prap in som problem in toyotas. >> reporter: a fire probe has extended to 1.4 million autos. among the cars on the governor's list. 600,000 toyota camrys and some of its suv's including rav4s. the fires taking places in power window switches. the national highway traffic administration says the power window switches in the driver's side doors can overheat and then catch fire. the extended probe covers certain camrys from the 2008 and 2009 model years. also affected are some 2007 to 2009 subcome packets and 2008
9:10 am
highlander suv's. it's cause fires and nine injuries. the vehicles have not yet been recalled. jenna: we'll stay on that story, julie, thank you. jon: in less than five months voters will decide whether or not president obama gets to keep his job. the president running on a message to save the economy. is it enough to reelect him? we'll tell you why some democrats might be ready to push the panic button. also rodney king found dead at his home this weekend. new details on the autopsy set to get underway. the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts.
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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. jenna: let's take a look at a few stories making headlines today including this tragic skydiving accident that took the life of a real estate
9:14 am
executive. they remembered the 49-year-old at a funeral on father's day. he plunged to his death during a tandem jump. an investigation into the accident is underway. overseas china is making history launching a shuttle. she and two colleagues will begin to build a memory space station. a top secret unmanned spacecraft reportedly returns to earth after 469 days in orbit. it launched last march and landed successfully at vandenberg air force base. they say it did orbit experiments and will be sent back into space this fall. jon: there is growing concern among leading democrat democrat. they say the white house re-election bid needs intervention.
9:15 am
there is growing criticisms among leaders in the party the way the campaign is being handled. they say the president should stop telling voters it is better since he took office. joining us now is a fox news contributor steven hay. it's interest nothing 2008 the obama campaign had the reputation of being disciplined, on message, organized, all of those things that point to a well-oiled machine. this time people are saying the wheels have fallen off. what's happened? >> yeah, and they are saying that very early. i think jon you're right to point out it wasn't just this column by al hunt today in bloomberg news. you've had james carville, maureen dowd criticizing the president and his campaign team for running what they see is an undisciplined scatter-shot campaign. if you look at the past six weeks, for instance it looks like that. but i think the problem is bigger for this obama campaign team in chicago.
9:16 am
they've got to defend a record that a lot of voters are just not happy about. i think that is a more fundamental problem than tactics on a campaign. jon: the president tried on friday, when he said in ohio that the problem is that, you know, many times it takes longer to crawl out of a recession, and he's counseling patience. he says give me another shot because this hoeuls bigger and deeper than we thought. >> the problem for him is he proposed solutions back in the 2008 timeframe when he was running then. i think it didn't work, or at least it didn't work in the way that the obama white house wanted it to work. his trick now is if he proposes more stimulus, this he offers voters more of what he had begin them before that they don't think was terribly effective are they going to buy it? i think that is a tough sell. jon: even some of the members of the media like chris math taous,
9:17 am
for instance who fame just lee said he had the tingle go up his leg when he heard president obama speak, even some of those media people have turned on him. >> they sure have. in defense of the obama campaign team, you often see that you see someone ike maureen dowd that has praised him at every turn of his presidency, write a critical column and it's short of a signal to campaign strategists or commentators that they can be more out front with their criticisms. i think we've seen some piling on. i don't think the problem for the president is so much his message or campaign tactics, or what he's saying and doing on a daily basis. i think it's three and a half years of a presidency that increasingly voters are skeptical has worked the way that he said it would. jon: we'll be talking more about his media treatment with our news watch panel in just a bit. should we expect more negative campaigning, i mean if as you say the president is not exactly able to sell his
9:18 am
accomplishments, what is left for him to do? >> well, i think we will see more negative campaigning over the next four and a half months. this is really a trick for the president as well, because the interesting thing if you look at a series of polling over say the past month is the president does better on favorability ratings, people generally like the guy, than he does on approval rate eugs, how people think he's done his job, and the problem with the president i think is if he goes very negative on mitt romney or if his campaign team does it has the potential to erode his favorability ratings in such a way that i think could see an erosion of his broader overall numbers. that would be trouble for the president. jon: steven hayes from the weekly standard. always good to have you one. >> thanks, jon. jenna: the video of his beating stunned the nation and a decision by the courts in that case sparked one of the worst race riots in u.s. history. today we are learning more details in the death of rodney king, and what was happening in
9:19 am
the moments right before he passed away. we'll take you live to los angeles with the latest on that investigation. also, russia accused of supplying syrian forces with weapons and now it's preparing to send its marines straight into the crisis. we'll tell you why. ♪
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jon: it's the football scandal which has led to the suspension of the new orleans saints head coach and a handful of player, an alleged reward program for striking players so hard they'll be put out of the game with injuries. now some of those players are appealing the suspensions. banjulie banderas is on it. >> reporter: four players suspended for the roles in pay to injure scheme are appealing their suspensions today and all of them appeared at nfl headquarters this afternoon
9:23 am
hoping to eventually get themselves back on the football yield and off the sidelines. lawyers for the players and the nfl players association are also attending. the union, by the way, recently lost two grievances challenging nfl's commissioner's roger goodell's authority to handout suspensions. they have requested head coach shaun patton to attend the bounty appeals hearing as well. peyton's suspension runs for a year by the way the request is reportedly a means for the union to try to gather evidence used against the players. one of the players, jon, actually walked out of that hearing today, calling nfl commissioner roger goodell, and i'm quoting, judge, jury and executioner, end quote. he says they are not getting a fair hearing. the nfl has so far declined to comment, jon. jon: and the mess continues, julie banderas, thank you. jenna: right now an autopsy gets underway today in the drowning death of the man whose
9:24 am
video-taped beating by police and the acquittal of some of the officers involved led to that 1992 los angeles riot. rodney king's body was discovered yesterday at the bottom of a swimming pool at his southern california home. anita vogel is live in l.a. with the latest details on this. anita? >> reporter: hi, there, jenna, that's right. the investigation is underway now. there are still so many unanswered questions about exactly what happened here. here is what we know, police got a 911 call very early sunday morning from king's fiancee telling them he was at the bottom of the the swimming pool. when they arrived they performed cpr but it was too late an was pronounced dead shortly after at a local hospital. there are some who say they heard a bit of commotion overnight into sunday in the neighborhood, but police yesterday said they can't confirm any of that just yet. >> i've heard some reports that there was some type of argument, however, the information that i've received from the investigators, and from the fiancee herself this morning, there was no evidence, and there
9:25 am
is no indication from neighbors, any other people that were inside of the residence that there was in fact some type of commotion or argument. those details i have not been able to determine as factual. >> reporter: now police add they didn't find any drugs or alcohol at the scene, but tmz is reporting that king's fiancee told friends he was drinking and smoking marijuana saturday. he had admitted in the past to having a prescription for medical marijuana, but we won't know too much until toxicology reports are released. in the meantime there is a lot of debate over what kind of degree gas see king will leave behind. those who study race relations say at the very least rodney king will be remembered for a couple of things. >> whenever somebody says, can't we just get along, they'll think of rodney king. that was the words that of course made him famous, other than the beating. so he is a part of sort of los angeles culture. he's a part of an incident that
9:26 am
will forever be -- will mark the city in terms of the riots and his beating that played a role in those riots. >> reporter: and, again, we understand that rodney king's autopsy gets underway today, but we probably won't have results for a couple of weeks. jenna back to you. jenna: more information as we get it. interesting comments about the legacy. a lot of things to consider with this story. thank you. jon: there are new developments to tell you about in the travon martin shooting case. we now know what george zimmerman said to his wife in calls he made to her from jail. we'll play you portions of those conversations straight ahead. plus, extreme weather conditions raising new concerns in the fight to control that growing wildfire in colorado. coming up we'll tell you the new danger that firefighter crews are facing now.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
jon: just into the fox newsroom, take a look at this. a private jet slides off the runway at an atlanta area airport. we don't know exactly what happened here. four people onboard we are told. we don't know the extent of any injuries although that would have been a very abrupt stop as you can see. good weather conditions in atlanta this morning. 10 miles visibility. four knot winds, fairly mild winds. exactly what happened here we do not know but you can see that thing punched through what appears to be a fence at the edge of the
9:31 am
runway. that is a multimillion-dollar aircraft. and it is not going to be flying again. we'll try to get more information about what happened there and bring up to date. jenna: not a good way to start a day if you're a pilot. jon: not a good day if you're pilot or passenger. jenna: four people on board. we'll find out if there are any injuries on that. there is a news conference wrapping one the fires raging in colorado. there are powerful winds forcing more families from their homes. folks on the ground are trying, trying to stay positive. take a listen. >> the number our preliminary assessment came up with is 181 homes destroyed by this fire. my understanding that makes this the most destructive wildfire in colorado. >> i am emotional about it. it is like we have kids to look out for and trying to make it so that, everything works out. jenna: entire families affected. alicia acuna is in denver with the latest. alicia?
9:32 am
>> reporter: jenna, we learned more homes are likely lost including one that belonged to a firefighter. assessment crews are out with surveillance equipment. they said they are being aggressive as they can be and very patient when they can because mother nature is tough on them. triple-digit temperatures and single digit humidity and fierce winds the fire burned another 1500 acres yesterday. that brings the total to 58,000 acres so far. the good news workers were able to hold some lines butt a n redstone last night. that is the first one we lost in that subdivision and that home was owned by a firefighter that is assigned to this fighter. not a computer authority firefighter but a fire assigned to this firefighter. this is hitting home and making very personal. the dragon tried to lure us into image it was as sleep
9:33 am
but it sold us yesterday it is not sleeping. >> reporter: in new mexico 24 homes and businesses have been destroyed by a fire that crews have 60% containment. the problem lightning in the area is what firefighters are on the lookout for now which could make matters much worse. >> this is our biggest fire in terms of the property loss. my heart goes out to them, to their loved ones and, and i just feel very strongly about their losses. >> reporter: back here in colorado evacuations in the southern part of the state are underway in colorado springs in camping and areas. because a fire sparked up in that area. homeowners were told they could go back home. they have been told to reevacuate. imagine to having to repack up everything and getting out in a hurry again. jenna: so many folks
9:34 am
affected. alicia, thank you very much. jon: where is that fire headed next? what are the chances that mother nature might help firefighters with some much-needed rain? let's check in with someone who knows, janice dean live in the fox weather center. janice. >> jon, i wish i had better news. every year we see the fire danger increase this time of year for the southwest but the stories are just, your heart goes out to all of those families and of course the firefighters that battle these ongoing wildfires. unfortunately not good news this is the fire danger. we have red flag warnings meaning fire conditions are imminent or occurring. all the area in pink including the fort collins area where we've been focusing on the third largest wildfire in that area, that continues to burn. relative humidities as alicia was pointing out to you, 4%. that is really incredible. so very low humidity and very high temperatures. in some cases we could see record high temperatures for
9:35 am
this region. and then the winds, gusty winds, that will continue that fire weather danger, it will continue for the rest of the work week unfortunately. look at these temperatures, soaring into the 90s. a little bit of a break into the 80s on wednesday. you see thundand lightning there. you would think rain comes with that, most cases the rain evaporates. the rain is not getting down to the ground and potential for lightning to strike and fuel more wildfire danger. so that is unfortunately the bad news for that area. we'll of course continue to pray for those areas that are affected by wildfire danger. satellite radar imagery over the last six hours, upper midwest and northern plains, we could see the potential for hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados. the other big story we're watching jon, the heat that will expand eastward and bring temperatures to new york city upwards of 90 degrees by wednesday. we'll watch all of those weather stories from the fox extreme weather center. jon: you will be busy this week.
9:36 am
janice dean, thank you. jenna: turning overseas now, suspicion driving a new round of nuclear talks with iran. six world powers meeting with the islamic regime in moscow, just hours after the meeting began signs of a possible roadblock in negotiations. steve harrigan streaming live from moss would you with more. steve? >> reporter: jenna, those talks just broke up the first day a short time ago and no signs of any real progress, not even optimistic statements from either side. on the one hand you have the u.s. and five world powers making a demand that at least iran stop enriching uranium to the 20% level. it is at that level the uranium quickly can be used for a weapon. iran on the other hand saying nuclear program is entirely for peaceful means. they're trying to get sanctions against iran reduced. those sanctions in two weeks time are getting ready to be ratcheted up when the european union starts an embargo on the iran's oil. if they fail to agree to
9:37 am
keep on talking to have more negotiations, that could have an immediate impact on the world oil markets. concerns about possible haven'tal military action, israeli strike against iran's nuclear program. israeli officials are not involved in these talks, they have said, they accused iran of simply using the talks to buy time to create a nuke -- nuclear weapon. jenna back to you. jenna: steve, thank you. jon: president enjoyed widespread media support when he ran for election the first time in 2008. but is the tingle gone? are the mainstream media changing their mind about this president, or just changing tone? let's talk about it with our "news watch" panel straight ahead
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
jenna: he says he is happy to be alive and when you see this video, you will understand why. pretty tish race car driver anthony davidson is now recovering from a broken back. he is on the left of your screen here. this horrific crash at the le mans endurance race in france is why he got injured. the british driver was clipped early on as you can see. it is a 24-hour competition. early on that happened. he smashes the barrier after what you're going to see again this midair flip. davidson is recovering in a french hospital right now. he has broken two vertebrae but other than that appears to be okay. jon: doesn't look like that was his fault either. jenna: doesn't look like it but wow. jon: i'm just saying. jenna: be angry at the other driver. jon: yeah, if that happened to me on the freeway and my neck weren't broken --. jenna: you would really make something of it. jon: i would have words with the other driver, yes. hey, it is a story we
9:42 am
first told you about on friday. the mainstream media's coverage of president obama seems to be getting a little more critical all of a sudden. there is growing evidence the once glowing coverage he received is dulling some. over on cnn candy crowley grilled a presidential spokesman about a lackluster campaign message. even chris matthews seemed disappointed by the obama campaign. joining us now to talk about it our "news watch" panel, jim pinkerton, contributing editor and writer for the "american conservative" magazine. alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes radio show. jim, i asked earlier, is the tingle gone? >> i think it is. there is clear disappointment in a lot of reporters you mentioned, dana milbank, jonathan alter and joe klein. there is another mead waa wave of the president, he is not as good as he was in '08. he was not transformational figure like like we hope he was. we have to give him advice how to win.
9:43 am
he obviously needs our help. people like frank rich saying that obama should blast romney with like a 1964 daisy ad. see david gregory look, remind people how terrible it was under bush. see chris matthews every show is pretty much an invitation please watch so i can tell you how to win your election that is the new plan. jon: on, over the weekend, alan, matthews said to his panel something like, you know, can he still win this thing? >> i'm confused because for so long all we did was criticize chris matthews and criticize people like frank rich who are liberal commentators for being too pro-obama and, wait a minute, are we now saying we're criticizing them because they're not pro-obama or enough or not liberal enough? is that what the problem is? i'm very confused. jon: the point is they seem to offer obama campaign advice as jim pointed out. >> conservative hosts say on and what romney should do or
9:44 am
what might they have for conservative candidates. these are opinion hosts. all of sudden i thought we had such a liberal media. all the narrative campaign are falling apart. surrogates are not doing their job. difference between what bill clinton says and barack obama says. jon:. >> let me help you, alan. let me help you. david gregory of nbc is not opinion host. supposed to be interviewer. supposed to be reporter. just down the middle. instead he is saying how obama can win reminding how terrible things under bush. might be good advice clearly advice from certain partisan point of view. >> i thought associated press would be nonpartisan as well. obama headline the other day. we can pick apart any media narrative we want. we attribute to any media organization we want a particular point of view but i'm so relieved finally not just liberal media we have in the united states. i can breathe easy now. jon: maybe they are the disappointed media, alan. jonathan alter was on msnbc
9:45 am
after the president's speech in ohio last week. he lambasted the speech. said it was boring. got all kinds of responses on twitter. he finally was compelled to tweet back, he wrote, just cheerleading bo doesn't help him. he needs a sharper, more coget message with some memorable lines. i ain't walking my criticism back. >> when the media says something about the president they're pro-, they're too liberal. when the president says something negative about the president they're liberal because they're trying to help him. i get it. >> alan, they clearly are. >> you can spin it either way. i get it. >> got to sharpen his message. alter were saying i'm disappointed in the president. therefore vote against him that would get him fired from msnbc. he is saying i'm disappointed in the president. here is how he should do better. >> you can't bring it into your brain the media has a narrative that supports the weld being of media. media says whatever the media needs to say to pick
9:46 am
up on narrative to read the media. there is always liberal media when they're saying negative things about so-called liberal president. jon: alan, even when george w. bush got up on the fire truck with a bullhorn, which was widely well-received message, i don't remember tingles going up the legs of too many television correspondents. >> start with tucker carlson defending what "the daily caller" does when a rude reporter does something if a liberal were to do to a conservative president the conservative media would go absolutely crazy about it. carlson and daily caller defends this kind of behavior. i have never seen a president treated like this. how dare they do that and defend that kind of behavior. >> alan, actually you might want to look at "american spectator" website today. a fellow named jeff lord, worked in reagan white house, dug up old video from 1986 sure looks to me like president reagan was getting heckled. two wrongs don't make a right. >> only argument the other side does it too, rather than renouncing behavior.
9:47 am
only argument does it too. >> i was pointing out something you might not have seen, alan. >> how about announcing something when bad behavior happens. going back 25, 30 years to ronald reagan. >> we should renounce bad behavior, on both. >> good. jon: a rare moment of agreement between those two. jim pinkerton, alan colmes, thank you both. jenna: who defines the bad behavior we have to agree on, right? that is an hour segment with them. jon: that was rude. the interruption. it was rude. it was absolutely was. jenna: thank you, alan, and jim for that. are you a serviceman that went awol 30 years ago and reappears and reveals his secret life. we'll find out why he left and his chances at facing justice in this country. tensions running high between the united states and russia over the crisis in syria. coming up we have details on a key meeting today between president obama and vladmir
9:48 am
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jon: nearly three decades ago a us air men in covert electronic security program vin vanished in europe. now he suddenly has resurfaced. julie banderas has more on the mysterious case. >> reporter: in 1984 david hemler was 24-year-old airman serving in germany with top secret security clearance working on a program with russia. he got involved with a church and became disillusioned with policies from then president reagan. he went awol from his post hitchhiking from germany to sweden, getting rides from at least 10 different people on his journey. there he took on a new last name, worked at a burger joint and an elder care
9:52 am
facility and eventually went to college. he now has a thai wife and three children. he says his desire to see his parents outweighed the risk of potential punishment by the air force. sweden has an extradition policy with the u.s. but it does not allow for political or military reasons. he says the reason he never reached out to his parents was fear they would turn him in. he thinks he will get a maximum sentence of a few weeks in jail. the air force isn't saying anything about this case as of yet. back to you, jon. jon: i bet he gets more than a few weeks. what a cruel thing to do to your family. julie banderas, thank you. >> sure. jenna: prosecutors are disclosing new evidence in the trayvon martin case including some jailhouse phone calls made by george zimmerman. that is of course the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with the death of this teenager. phil keating is live in miami with more. phil? >> reporter: hi, jenna. prosecutors allege that these phone calls between the zimmermans clearly show this couple trying to be
9:53 am
tricky, turn a profit and be totally deceptive how much money they had while claiming they were destitute. george zimmerman in total made about 150 phone calls while in jail. six of them now made public. here the zimmermans are allegedly speaking in code about transferring tens of thousands of dollars from his defense fund into their personal bank accounts. >> i asked him to double up on it, $10 in the morning. $10 in the evening. you can put into mine and take 10 for you and 10 for her, suzie. >> okay. why can't you do just both of them? >> because he can only take it from "peter pan"'s line. >> okay. >> reporter: apparently "peter pan"'s account is the defense fund established by his website. in another call the zimmerman's looked beyond the unarmed teenagers death and the national outrage to
9:54 am
better times on the way. >> all over -- [inaudible] have a great life. >> we will. >> yeah. we will. >> reporter: in another call the zimmermans also discussed her getting a bulletproof vest. she remains in hiding right now, out on $1,000 bond, charged with perjury. his next bond hearing, george zimmerman, is friday. next week. back to you. jenna: phil, thank you. jon: a texas teacher allegedly orders a classroom full of students to take turns slapping a 6-year-old boy for being a bully. america live has details next hour. first, that pro tennis player who lost his cool on the court, whoa, that's next. now, tre's gentle, dependable constipation relief fore...
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jenna: it's normally such a civilized sport. tennis player's frustration gets the best of him an could be facing criminal charges nor what you are about to see. this is david nalbandian. he was upset over a play and kicked that advertising board right into the shin of a line judge. the judge as you can see on the screen there is bleeding because of this. which automatically disqualified the argentine player from the tournament costing him 56 -- y i-k es -- thousand dollars. this is under investigation by london police after the line judge filed a criminal complaint of assault. nalbandian said he made a mistake and has apologized. we'll see if that apology gets him some slack. i don't know, what do you think about that?
9:59 am
jon: stupid november, but criminal charges? i don't know. that seems a little extreme. jenna: what a kick. bill: looked like a soccer game. jenna: you're not guess towed supposed to do that in tennis. bill: a gentile sport. jenna: i don't do that kind of kicking, i play fair. even during commercial breaks which you guys don't get to see, but i play fair. bill: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a new poll showing big economic worries for what the pollsters call a massive majority of americans. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. fears of a new era of economic stag nation as a poll conducted by "the hill" shows some 75% of likely voters are very or somewhat worried that america is slipping into a recession again. just 2


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