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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 22, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning and happy friday to everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. this is friday june 22nd. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". it is time for your 5@5:00. an assault by the taliban on a lakeside hotel in kabul ending overdmiet leaving 17 people dead. >> security forces and gunmen armed with rockets exchanging fire after dozens of people taken hostage. the standoff lasting over
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12-hours. the five taliban militants also found dead including 3 homicide bombers. it is dangerous and deadly conditions there. the rain washing out a highway in wisconsin killing three people who tried to drive through that rain. they estimate the flooding is at least $80 million in damages. more on that later. the u.s. and south korea holding the largest joint live military firing drill fighter jets attack helicopters and 2 how ally troops all involved. the war games meant to be a strong warn to go north korea against any type of aggression. the drill taking place ahead of money days 67th anniversary of the start of the korean war. developing storing reovernight a mountain ranger was killed while trying to rescue 4 climbers
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stranded on washington's mount rain near. the ranger nick hall sliding more than 3,000 feet down the mountain after he was able to reach the climbers. three were picked up by military helicopter overnight. the 4th one is still on the mountain side with park rangers. they are waiting for a bad storm to pass through. all four climbers had injuries. the miami heat are once again nba champions. lebron james catches that title he so desperately coveted. >> the heat beating the thunder 121 to 106 to win the title. lebron james named the mvp of the finals. >> outside american airlines arena miami also won the title by the way in 2006. that is your 5 at 5:00.
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now time for a look at who is talking now. >> defending the use of exec 2i6 privilege saying it's about the principle. >> in terms of the assertion of privilege it is as i said on a number of occasions already today absolutely about principle. it is not something the president takes lightly. it is because it is his responsibility as steward of the executive branch retain the capacity of this administration and every administration going forward to function appropriately and independently. charles kraut him krauthamm taking exception. >> i am touched about what he said about the need to hold a document back because of a respect for the separation of
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powers. this comes 10-days after the immigration laws after obama himself said it is a gross attack on separation of powers itself. we have a lot of stuff happening as well as intimating the attorney general stopped the program that by his own words he hadn't heard about it. all of this is rare curious. >> they are also talking reacting to president obama and attorney general eric holder's handling the botched gun's program. i would image as parents of a lost son who in fact authorized selling guns to kidnapers drug dealers and drug cartels weapons ultimately used to sikill your n another agent and involved in other crimes. >> eric holder has been before
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congress so many times and the first couple times you can tell there is something being hid and something not being said. after a while you feel like throwing the tv through the front window because you get tired of hearing constant lies that you know they are doing. >> she believes the white house is hiding something. heather let's go to you. 15 of the world's largest banks downgraded by moody including five in the u.s. adam shapiro is here. could this be good news for wall street? >> in a perverse way. downgrades a 15th world's largest banks getting a downgrade but also because they are expecting the federal reserve to put more money into the system. to understand what happened is
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really simple. when you go to get a home loan a mortgage you get a credit rating. if you have good credit you pay less for that mortgage if you have weak credit or poor credit you pay more to borrow money. that's what happened to the banks. they have to pay more to borrow money. we don't trust your ability to pay back the loan so we want more money up front. that's what happens to the banks going forward. they have to pay more money it means they have less to lend you. >> what will happen to america's 401 k. >> today it could be good dow futures saying we will be in positive trading when we open in new york city. for the long-term bad news bill gross saying now is not the time to be in stocks because this is just an example of why the global economy is in trouble and it all comes back to financial situation. >> keep an eye on it for us the rest of the day. thank you very much.
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expected to deliver the controversial ruling on the healthcare law. both political parties are already starting to posture in anticipation of the outcome. peter doocy has more. >> the best way to predict the score is to stay if obama care is upheld and if obama care struck down republicans win. no matter what happens things are going to get complicated right away. if only part of the law is struck down then democrats will likely try to move forward with what is left. but republicans are going to try to repeal the remnant. >> in the coming days we all know the supreme court will rule on the president's healthcare law which are driving up healthcare costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. and unless the court throws out the entire law the house will vovo to repeal whatever is left
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of obama care. there is a lot on the line with this ruling which is why even though the supreme court wasn't expected to come down with it yesterday scores of activists all thoughed up a sho up anyway with them ready to react just in case. they aren't the only ones waiting on the edge of their seat that is happening in the senate, too. don't ask the majority leader to make a prediction. >> i am not going to sit here in front of you and speculate what would happen with the supreme court. we are awaiting their opinion. ready to move when the supreme court makes a decision public. we are not here speculating on what they are going to do because it wouldn't be fair to the supreme court and to the president. >> the build up is short because the supreme court will issue more on monday. the big healthcare case may not come down until the end of the
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week. heather, back to you. >> possibly the end of the week. peter doocy thank you so much. now time for the first degree weather update with janice dean. will we get any relief from this heat, janice here in the northeast and midwest, yes, but across the south it will remain very warm. some good and bad news if you like the summertime heat you live across the south it will rae main. if you luke the cooler temperatures across the midwest and great lakes they are here. 64 minneapolis, 65 in chicago. refreshing for them. they see 90 degree heat for weeks and weeks and weeks on end. new york is 81 but the cold front is on the way. so one more day of 90 degree heat and then we are back to seasonal even lower than seasonal averages as we head for the weekend. take a look at the radar. looking at unsettled weather across the northwest today. also the cold front moving across the great lakes bringing the cooler temperatures. we could see showers,
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thunderstorms even some severe weather and ladies, i want to point your attention to this mess across the gulf of mexico. this could be a depression or a storm in the next 48-hours the storm would be called debbie and all the residents across the gulf coast you need to be paying close attention because at this point it is anybody's game. here are some of the tropical models so we don't have a handle on this yet but we will. we will keep you posted. back to you heather and heather. >> so much going on out there. >> look how excited janice gets about the weather. >> it is 10 minutes after the hour. it is that bullying video we showed you yesterday morning. it is sparking a lot of outrage all around the world. listen to this. >> man you are fat. >> you are so fat. you take up like the entire seat. oh my god your glasses are foggy. >> the middle school children have local police talk about taking a next step toward the
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possible punishment and good news for the victim. >> she shelled out 7,000 dollars to she to. they set her up with a thug. should she sue? a look at jay leno last night. the house committee is recommending attorney general eric holder be sentenced for contempt of congress. what you and i have is contempt for congress. that's a totally different thung. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore.
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>> she loses her footing while
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fishing in ver movemont. she falls into the river. her husband jumps in after her. it swept them over a water fall which is about a 20-foot drop. a daring rescue caught on camera crews use a ladder to pull them to safety. aside from cuts and bruises they are expected to be okay. notice what we do for our men there. >> a final steel beam will be put in place at 4 world trade center. a group of workers plan on signing that before it is hoisted to the top of the 974 foot tall being. oh jumped in arfter her. >> nigknight in shining armor. >> update on the bus monitor bullied by students in new york. this video is hard to watch.
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>> >> as heartbreaking as it is to watch there's silver lining to the story. >> hi mary ann. that is hard to watch. we told you they gave karen klein a dream vacation. it is at 447,000 dollars more than 300 thousand of it is coming in after she appeared on fox and friends. >> i tried to pretend that they weren't doing this. i have escaped the lot of my life in trying to let things go, you know. >> karen says she will likely use the money to take her family on a disney cruise. she is decided not to press charges but the school is taking action. middle school principal david richardson had to say. >> i am sorry karen has been
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subjected to this kind of student behavior. i am working with captain chetterton investigator from the police department as well as head of security at the athena campus to investigate this matter and to determine each student's specific role. disciplinary action to the fullest extent will be taken against all of those involved. >> they are looking at whether a crime is connected. they could pursue criminal charges against the students with out without fines actual policing any charges. we appreciate it. we want to. >> our topic of the day a new jersey woman is suing an on-line dating service for fraud.
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65-year-old jean mccarthy paid 7,000 dollars to the two of in order to meet the man of her dreams. instead of prince charming she got a guy with three drunk driving convictions also an outstanding warrant for his arrest. >> it says two of us they have breached their contract by not performing a background check. they also failed to set it up with a number of men they promised. they demand a full refund plus punitive damages they are not backing down. we don't guarantee dates they guarantee troin duxes. it is up to them to set up a date do what they need to do. each person varies dramatically. >> that's what we want you to brew on this. does she have a case right there? send comments to us you can tweet them to fox friends first or e-mail at friends we will read it later in the
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show. i would be mad if i were that lady. >> very easy to do a search. >> got to double check gis. >> they want to install cameras to catch drivers speeding. an update to this story this morning. kate hudson is confessing her true love. we will tell you who it is. maybe it's brian. maybe it's matt our floor manager. we will be right back venlt we will be back 19 minutes after the hour.
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a oo we are getting a first look at george zimmerman reenacting the night he killed trayvon martin. he said the teen attacked him first. i ke oo >> this video taken by police the day after zimmerman killed martin. it is one of several videos and documents just released by his lawyer. new york state lawmakers putting the brakes on plans to bring speed tap cameras to new york city for now. they take it to the floor for a vote. the cameras already in place for dc and chicago. 23 minutes after the hour. it is a tough economy for most americans. even more so for our mill tear veet trans who face unemployment rates. they talk about the biggest hurdles they are facing and
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finding jobs outside of the military. we met tem at the second annual hiring or jobs fair in downtown new york. list tone what they had to say. i also think employers have the stereotype about veterans they assume that a lot of people have ptsd that's not the case. there are a lot of veterans like myself in college going to school trying to make better opportunities tore ourselves. i have done several job searchs i can't get an interview i can't even get a call back. >> veterans do more than what their job was in the military. for instance myself i am in it but i also was in charge of budgets in charge of a team in iraq. it's hard for people to sort of understand that and to get that grasp through a resume or even speaking to somebody during an interview. >> when i got out of the marine corps i spent nine years part of it was in iraq. when you are in iraq you are taking risks. one of my jobs was an artillery guy i was taking quantity tive
2:25 am
tive risks every day. i understand risk management. when i went to apply for jobs i went into the financial services industry and explain what had i did. i think a light bulb went off. >> jobs we are filling is sales to procurement supply chain, logistics, transportation. a lot of the military personnel that are coming in here have very specific skill that is we are looking for especially the logistical side. >> the last man we talked with is a potential employer. he was saying they prefer to hire military veterans because they are disciplined and positive and mature for that matter. we are impressed by the young men who are in there working hard to help them out. this organization helping our heros is holding hundreds of jobs fairs across the country. still ahead he is a member of a group designated as a terror organization by the u.s. government. how on earth did he get an
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invitation to the white house. we will talk about that. wait until you hear which hollywood bad boy is about to become commander-in-chief.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. it is time for the top five stories at 5:30 this morning. a day at the pool turns really scary in indianapolis, indiana after a chemical skill sickens dozens of people mostly children. witnesses say it seems like a big acid explosion of chlorine followed by a foul smell and lifeguards then started yelling at the kids to get out of the water. a lot of children reportedly coughing and throwing up as well. 71 people in total were sent to the hospital. none of their injuries considered life threatening. >> passengers evacuated from this alaska airlines plane after not one but two of the tires blew out. the plane was able to land safely at john wayne airport in
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california. none of the passengers were injured. the faa is investigating. an egyptian terrorist invited to the white house? the daily beast is reporting that aldean is one of several egyptian parliament members who met with the obama administration to talk about diplomatic he is part of the egyptian islamist group designated as a pterror group rn by the blind chic. he is serving the life sentence for planning the 93 attack on the world trade center. he says he had nothing to do with that attack or another. we will keep you posted. a massive sink hole swallowing part of the road in florida. the entire side flipped into the hole. the hole looking like it was turned inside out. thankfully the home oren was not there at the time and is staying with family. neighbors say the area is prone to sink holes.
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>> talk about a punch line here. he is saying his scuffle with a new york daily news photographer was just a joke but the newspaper apparently getting the last laugh. the daily news reporter handy living a gift basket for alec baldwin in it all kind of goodies including an anger management book for dummies the movie anger management and calming candles and a presubscription to the newspaper. >> we have to see if that forks home run him. >> with the ruling on the affordable care act looming we are seeing political posturing from both sides of the aisle. >> for more is doug luzader live from washington where both parties are starting to deliver messages to folks within their party. what are they saying? >> for starters a lot of great nerves down there. we could see something as early as monday in the meantime there's contingency planning
2:33 am
going on behind the scenes here. they could throw the whole thing out or respond to parks a bit like the individual mandate that purchase innocensurance are unconstitutional f. that's the case parts of it are left standing. >> in the coming days you all know the supreme court will rule on the president's healthcare law which are driving up healthcare costs and maying it harder for small businesses to workers. the house will vote to repeal whatever is left of obama care. >> democrats on the other hand are bracing for the worst. but it is pretty complicated. there is this school of thought that if he loses his case it may help them politically giving them a rallying point with his base. the bottom line is no one knows what the court is going to do. >> i am not going to stand here
2:34 am
in front of you and speculate as to what would happen with the supreme court or this or that. we are ready to mover if the supreme court makes a decision public. we are not here speculating what they are going to do because it would be unfair to the supreme court and the president. >> john boehner already told pe fellow republicans in the house be careful about gloating if they strikes down the law. thank you so much. the supreme court recesses until october. >> president obama under fire for evoking executive privilege over fast and furious documents. president obama is not the first president to change this power. james rosen has more on this from washington. good morning to washington where this constitutional show down over justice department documents relating to the fast
2:35 am
and furious in a long line of such dispute in a sharply polarized setting. >> there is no cover up here. there is no 20 minutes and the white house. >> there is no cover up? >> the debate over president obama's assertion carrying echos of water gates. when republican nixon blasted over congress. he first announced executive privilege from testimony by white house council john dean a key figure. sam urban of north carolina chairman of the watergate committee planned to send in the sergeant of arms to arrest dean. he was a young lawyer on the ne nixon team. >> there is a bitter divisive partisan atmosphere in washington that existed in watergate. >> i p can't put myself in the president's mind.
2:36 am
>> he became the hearing star witness leaving nixon and congress to clash again over access to the president's secret tapes. >> the white house tapes were conversations with the president in the oval office. they had a far higher level of confidentiality than the attorney general's internal documents today. in july 1974 the supreme court ruled executive privilege did exist. they need to hear the tapes out weighs nixon's need for confidentiality. he resigned days later. they pete president obama's assertion as part of a pattern in his presidency of a piece reported nans of a kill list of overseas assassination. >> neither bush nor mnixon himself achieved this dream of an immaterial presidency to the degree barack obama had. they share an interest in compromising fast and furious document that would approve a binding ruling.
2:37 am
back to my two heathers in new york. 37 minutes after the hour. let's get the first degree weather update with janice dean. >> we talked about this over two third of the country talk about this weekend. >> we talked about the midwest however the southern here you are dealing with the heat unfortunately. we are looking at scattered showers across the northwest moving in the rockies and a cold front that will bring us relief across the great lakes in the northeast. it will bring a chance of a shower or thunderstorm even sev severe weather and we are watching this area for tropical developments. there will be isolated tornadoes and that also extends across the northeast and mid atlantic. dc, atlantic city up toward new york city. the cold front will move through
2:38 am
the clash of the air masses could bring isolated tornadoes. this should be the big weather story this weekend it could become a depression or tropical storm in the next 24-hours. if will make land fall somewhere. everyone pay close attention we will bring you the latest. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, janice. >> talk about it an american beauty super model kate upton reviewing her patriotic side during a photo shoot for gq magazine. she was asked that and kate said quote all of the states in america. call him president sheen. that's right. the war lock assassin himself has been cast to play the president of the united states in the up coming film machete hills and charlie following in the foot steps of his father martin sheen who played
2:39 am
commander-in-chief on west wing. it is friday. you know what that means? ♪ >> we are just a few hours away from the all american summer concert series. this week's guest oar. stay tuned you are looking at a live look as they prepare for their show. they will be on fox and friends. up next let's check them out live. >> let's take a look at sports now. making headlines this morning things are really sizzling today in miami. to win the championship. he was also named finals mvp. >> kristen yama renaldo scored a
2:40 am
goal in the 79th minute gents the chezechoslovakia republic. >> a giants fan breaking the piggy bank sending him money in order to stay with the team. he is paying him back for the day he will never forget. he is coming to new jersey with his son to take joe armento and brother nick to one of the bouncy places. he gave him a signed helmet and paid him back with $5. nice story. >> the time is 40 after the hour. coming out why you may not be flying the friendly skies in america airline this is year. he breaks down whatever company may disappear before the new year. a brutal beating caught on camera and they need your help.
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>> raelet's span the globe to s headline the overseas. andrew brevic's lawyers rejecting claims he is insane. this happened in the closing arguments. they want him to be sent to a mental hospital. lawyers are pushing for prison instead. in china this is a photo that is sure to make you cringe. a father on his mo-ped traging his baby boy through traffic in a crate. perhaps even worse he's using an old piece of rope to do it. police are looking for that father. heather what do you have over there. >> you may want to stock up on items from one of your favorite companies because some predict the ten businesses will be history by next year. we have the details on four of them for us. >> 24/7 wall street supplies analysis for investors. this year's list of dying companies shows us some industries are just brutally
2:45 am
competitive right now and companies can't afford to fall behind when it comes to see efficiency innovation or financing. take metro ps for example the carrier once did very well but 24/7 says it lost a chance of competing against print or next tell because it is too small. sprint and t mobile are low on subscribers so 24/7 says metro pcs could be a good-bye out company for the countries. pacific sun wear started as a surf shop in new port beach and became a national chain. it is at risk of going bankrupt because only 329 stores is not big enough to beat with major department stores which carries similar products. research in motion may be the best example of an innovative company that lost it's edge. the blackberry maker was the only smart phone company in
2:46 am
existence. but cornered pretty much the entire corporate market. it fail to do adopt the technology to consumer use. in june 2007 apple launched the u phone and the rest as 24/7 says is history. number one american airlines which 24/7 says will disappear in 2013 because of the inefficiency. it was the premiere u.s. carrier for almost 30 years. even managed to stay afloat when others went bankrupt. it lost when delta merged and united merged. amr filed for bankruptcy. amr plans to emerge from bankruptcy as a solo carrier but it is looking to merge a few companies. it has been wrong in the past but also made many accurate calls some who came in almost instantly. if they are interested they can find the companies and 24/7
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analysis on 247 wall we appreciate it. time now is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. the heartbreaking video we have seen a bullying video sparking outrage all around the world. sue oo she went on to say she wasn't sweating she was crying. >> could police file charges against the kids. we will have a legal debate up next. >> plus this crash landing is no laughing matter. >> looks like a car in a pool right there. first let's check in with brian kilmeade on fox and friends. you are outside and look like you are about to have a picnic. >> it is 101 degrees that's why we are barbecuing.
2:48 am
it could only mean one thing it's the friday summer concert series. among the issues we are talking about is brandon judd. he was murdered at the border we talked about the fast and furious. lawrence young will be with us. he didn't get into the university of michigan but now they are letting him in because he is so creative. oar is here. >> you ready for us? >> beautiful new york morning. we are ready to go. >> beautiful new york morning. that is is the bantd. 48th and 6 all coming up on "fox & friends". [ male announcer ] it isn't just your mammogram.
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>> it is a bullying video
2:52 am
sparking outrage through out the world. look here. >> man, you are fat. you a >> what should happen to the students? the bus aid karen klein telling fox and friends what she wants to happen? >> i certainly don't want them to go to jail for this. if they are made an example of for other kids. >> she choose not to press charges but could the kids still face charges? joining us now criminal defense attorney legal analyst arthur eye d aidala. she choose not to press charges can the state go ahead and do that anyway. >> she is gone on the record didn't feel intimidated didn't feel threatened. >> does that matter. >> yes. she is the one who has to sign -- this is new york state this is what joey and i do all
2:53 am
of the time. she has to sign a document that says i felt threatened. i felt intimidated. i was annoyed i was alarmed and those are the key words that are in the penal law she has to say she felt and she didn't feel that way. the guys should grab these kids take them in the schoolyard and beat the living day lights out of him. >> joey is he right? i hate to admit that arthur is right but he is. under the law you have to establish reasonable fear of physical injury. as a result of that she is already said she wasn't fearful of them. her reaction she was so calm you got to love her. you for tgot to give her a meda it. >> the school is saying nonetheless after an investigation is completed by the police a decision will be made on charges. that will be based by family court. >> here is what happened. there's a distinction between
2:54 am
violation and crime. all you have to establish is the con dushth was annoying. if you establish that in addition to or you have to establish there was some poking or physical contact. if you do that then you -- >> this is a school this is a parent. if they take these kids out this is not how you trite another human being because of that here are the consequences. not a little slap on the wrist a real beating. >> under the -- is the school bus under the school's jurisdiction? >> the school can pursue they will get community service or maybe some suspension. i am hoping although they are saying in september that this summer they spend some time productively perhaps sensitivity training. >> joey are you kidding me? sensitivity training. what would your father have done to you? if my father saw that video he would have lectured me taken off
2:55 am
his belt and whipped me on the butt. >> times have changed guys. we have to leave it right there. we will continue to talk about this. it is not over yet. she is leaving it open to that. joey jackson arthur eye daidala. >> you have arthur as your alarm clock this morning. earlier in the show we asked you to brew on this. a woman is suing a match making web site after they sent her off with a criminal. she also says she set her up with fewer dates than promised. >> we want to know what you think about the case. domingo tweeted us, good things never come easy. that was her responsibility. >> peter also tweeted us, buyer beware. how can any company guarantee human interaction. thanks to everyone who responded by the way. keep the comments coming. we need the legal team on that one. >> five minutes to the top of the hour. a brutal bus beating caught on
2:56 am
camera. now police are asking for your help. >> it is word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out which one it is? that's coming up next. no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at
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>> 1 minute until the top of the hour. time to take a look at the the good, the bad and the ugly. the good. shannon callahan finding a war veteran's lost wedding ring in the car that she bought that had previously belonged to thomas king who passed away in january. the ring now given to his widow, darlene king. next the bad. you're looking at a ford s.u.v. that crashed through a wall and landed in someone's pool. the 17-year-old was not hurt. police in philadelphia searching for this woman seen beating up another bus passenger. attack seemed to happen at random. the victim said he didn't know his attacker. my. now it's time to get scrambled up and steve doocy is here to help us out with that. he's always good at that. >> happyri


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