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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 9, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that one day when i have kids i will be intense, i have to imagine that but can you imagine being like this? >>shepard: no punches thrown. erin andrews now with fox. forget you, worldwide leader. neil? >>neil: scarlett johansson and her sequel and president obama and his see queen. when is a superstar bank on a record $20 million payout. and the other, a president banking on keeping the spending going and he knows who will write the check out. you know her script. come to think of it, maybe you know his, too. that was not a ploy to use the beautiful star. but, welcome, everyone, i am nelson mandela. scarlett may not have to worry about her any paycheck but she is getting $20 million to play a
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super hero in a sequel due out in two years, the president playing super hero to middle class americans, today, promising their taxes will not go up next year, and scarlett has reason to smile. she is bankable. and if i say so, myself, beautiful. but the president not so much. but he has republicans seeing stars because he will hike taxes on the upper income like scarlett, but with a lousy jobs report and unemployment at 8.2 percent, is this the kind of recovery you try? charles payne says forget it. and you need not be a hot super hero to see it even though he is. so, charles, it is weird? >>reporter: tax hikes, tax hikes, tax hikes, but other than the guise of taking the rip, the $250,000 all of a sudden is rich. even nancy pelosi of all people, nancy pelosi is saying, well,
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$250,000, mr. president, ain't rich. >>neil: he wants do make it $1 million. >>reporter: that should be a starting point when you talk about compromise, what i love is compromise, 100 percent of the way i want, and 80 percent the way you want it. >>neil: but the president twisted it differently and i shot it was shrewd, look, republicans and i agree on this. we want to extend the tax rates for the middle class so for 98 percent or 97 percent of americans we will do that now and putting the republicans in the box that if they do not they look awful. >>reporter: and what compromise. we both agree on this so we will do that. but, that is 100 percent of what he agrees with and 80 percent of what they agree. the idea is, really, and the big battle over taxing small businesses or individuals who file taxes as small businesses, and the president used 3 percent number, of course, when it comes to the numbers and the argument,
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but it is a lot people they use people, and if they can get around with fractions they get away with fractions but the 3 percent is so critical, we though that most small businesses are one or two people and they are not going to get snared but the job creators, the small businesses that create jobs, the trillion dollars generated by the small businesses that 3 percent is half of it, a huge load to the economy, to small businesses. >>shepard: but he lumps the well to do and part of it could seem like a cheap ploy to team up with scarlett johansson. >>reporter: well, it got me here. >>neil: is $20 million and overcrowd they could take an increase but that is a big, big swing from the $250,000. we lose sight of that. >>reporter: we do and that is why we label things like buff
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get. a husband and wife who have a plumbing operation, who have a moving operation and own a couple of laundromats, they have worked their way up through corporate america. these are people can kids, mortgages, colleges, they have the same fears of someone making $50,000. particularly if they live in new york or los angeles, why nancy pelosi gets it and why chum -- chuck schumer gets it. it is disingenuous. dividing the country. it is hurting the country. it is, forget about --. >>neil: you argue and those who are in lock step, you talked to a big basketball star on business and you were telling the star, what is the level of which you think is too much to paraphrase and he cut it off at 65 percent. >>guest: cut it off at 65 percent and a lot of other and this is a multi-millionaire basketball player, certainly someone $200,000 or $300,000, this is --.
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>>shepard: the gap define he and scarlett. >>guest: it will hurt small businesses and the economy and job creation and disingenuous. he spun it greatly but it was disingenuous. >>neil: all right, always great to have you. great interviewer and the president letting more swing states to push the tax plan and tomorrow is in iowa before traveling to virginia and later in the week a two day swing going over there as the new poll puts the president ahead of romney in 12 battleground states are ads like this, the reason? democratic pollster pat caddell on if the president's strategy is working. two points is close, patrick but he is surviving, and charles' point he is doing this nicely. >> look he had a terrible june as i said, the cruel month for him. but the book ended by the bad job numbers both in the
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beginning and the end. and obamacare survived. but, he has had a bad month but he is still standing and the fact that he is still even marginally head given the kind of month he has says something about how well the campaign is doing, frankly, and how difficult this opposition is of keeping control of the initiative. take this example of tax issue. now, one of the things about the obama campaign is they understand that keeping the definition is 90 percent of winning. they are keeping it each week. they have a plan. they come out. he is resurrecting this. he has the bully pulpit but what amazes me is how unclever, if that is a word, the opponents are, not just romney but the republican leadership in general. why not take charles idea and say, we will go along with a tax for millionaires, mr. president, not for $250,000 and fight the issue there just to throw him
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off. and make that case. but you have to give us something on health care. the health care bill, he is the master of distraction, standing on quick sand since the court decision which made the mandate, with 67 percent of americans know about into a tax and he said, no, no, no, it is not a tax. the republicans can not get the message. they are talking about trying to repeal the whole bill which is a ho-hum thing rather than, today, saying, wait, mr. president, you want to talk about taxes in we want to repeal obama tax. the health care. >>neil: but what is the danger of not over accessing it. it is july. you say after labor day people start thinking of this more deeply and maybe we are worrying too much, you say that the republicans should focus and now maybe is not the time to do it. are you worried that impressions are formed? >> this is a period when the
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structure is set. the president should not have survived. he actually last few weeks has done all right since the immigration, he is holding his own. it may not hold. the economic numbers are bad but he is keeping the initiative and more importantly, and let me tell you this, up the democrats on health care are standing in quick stand and the republicans' failure to laser in on that tax and on the mandate itself, you know what he has been doing? he has been proverbally, making the republicans across the board out of their political jockstraps that is what he has been doing, faking them out and doing it successfully, and that they cannot afford. this is a period of definition. romney is wrong to try to hold the football. the president is very vulnerable and you can do two things at once: you can set your definition of without are and, at the same time, he is in trouble. this health care deception, if
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you will, if you want to make that, and making it a tax and not a penalty, and going after it, that is what should energize the republicans. >>neil: good to see you pat. >> if the president's tax fund about cutting the nation's debt? increasing tax rates if those making $250,000 or more, would generate impressive $85 billion a year in added revenue, but the trouble is that is what the government spends in 8 1/2 days. and now bill clinton's special counsel says that would be a start. good to have you. >>guest: i would like to say that my friend pat caddell does suffer great an education that began with the letter "h," in a place in cambridge, those of us who went to yale do not use the word but can understand his mistakes. >>neil: well elitists can go back and forth. that trucking school i went to has said this, that you can't keep riding the same pointing without people catching up to
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the reality, and the reality is, say what you will, mr. president, this is a tepid recovery, say what you will, this is not the kind of recovery you want to entertain raising taxes on anyone, right? >>guest: that is right. yes, i think that's right and i think the president raising taxes anywhere in this environment is risky. and i think that the impact on the economy would be much less and i would love to see at least a carve out for small business that would take some of that revenue out of the picture, but, still leave the equity of people earning $250 or a million a year to pay more taxes to get started often paying down the debt but i also hope president obama endorses simpson-bowles which was his commission and ink that is a necessary --. >>neil: you are talking about the debt commission cuts. >>guest: yes. >>neil: you worked for bill clinton, the master at getting the word out and getting a sense of the pulling of the american
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people and obviously, the president's a pretty smart guy, and his guys got him elected over your original pick, hillary clinton, is he is not surrounded by dummies. they have tested and resouthwested and tested, yet, again, this notification that hiking taxes on the rich could be damning the fat cats, whatever you call them, works and he will continue to do that. but, reasonable people, look your old boss, like patrick in massachusetts and booker in newark, have all criticized that criticism before being called back on it. so, obviously, some in your party are nervous about that approach. >>guest: well, you said a bunch of things and mayor booker and governor patrick, myself, were concerned about too much emphasis on bain capital which is just an equity campaign that invests in distressed companies
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sometimes causing the companies to survive and proliferate jobs is a misdirected line of attack. there is a legitimate criticism for some of governor romney's tactics in investments and that is worthy of study. but on your point on where there is consensus, and i don't know why, that the national debt is the second great moral issue facing our country. to me the first is national health care. and president obama delivered. since harry truman people like me have felt that it is a moral issue for this country to provide bake health care if every american. now we have a system in place. thanks to the supreme court. but, the second moral issue is $15 trillion of debt and i am asking the president i'm supporting, it was your debt commission that would cut spending close tax loopholes and reform entitlements, and do something about our children and our grandchild, who are inheriting this immoral $15
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million debt, and if he takes that center and preempts it from romney who will know got there for reasons i do not understand, either, he will win in a landslide. >>neil: in a landslide, all right. lanny davis good to see you. what is behind europe's beef with mcdonald's, the olympic size stomachs or something else that the europeans cannot stomach? but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. go i want to look natural,l. not naked!razy? but all you need is 3. lashblast for volume, outlast -- for kissing... simply ageless to help you look easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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>> this crisis was a result of north america. >>neil: do we see this guy constantly? is it always america's fault? that portugese guy would lived a good part of his life in france to a bunch of london guys, olympic bosses sick over the
1:17 pm
golden ans being the golden goose, not questioning mcdonald's sponsorship of the olympics over obesity and saying the olympic committee can kiss ronald mcdonald's buns and she gets into the politically ridiculous nonsense. >>guest: i went through a drop done drive through this morning and got an egg mcmuffin. >>shepard: is that the first time? >>guest: i love them. >>neil: from the back of limo? >>guest: i love mcdonald's and it is inscreedbly outrageous, this is an american company supporting american athletes and the games forever. suddenly now there are obesity concerns, this is political correctness gone awry. >>neil: mcdonald's will have four facilities at the compound, right and one is the world's largest and the athletes, it is
1:18 pm
a big lit with the at least whose burn through the calories. >>guest: they love mcdonald's. this is a traditional american company. iconic american company. >>neil: this came up years ago, mcdonald's is the image you want? is it? >>guest: yes, of course, the golden arches, this is a success story. >>neil: that is the issue they are going after an american company. >>guest: if we still believe in free market economic in this country, we should be celebrating companies like mcdonald's and, by the way over obesity concerns, that is the surface issue. i do believe they are picking on an american what to pick on america. the at leasts going through 12,000 camry as -- calories a day. >>neil: i try that to get through what i do. they were selective. the big chocolate company, a london sponsor, and they are not
1:19 pm
being called on the carpet. mcdonald's is. >>guest: and i love those chocolate cream eggs. >>neil: whoever writes the check is fine with me so now they are, no one is asking them to return their money and get out? no one who could come up with the money? >>guest: exactly. they are happy to take the money. they are happy to have the men companies come in and sponsor the olympics, sponsor the american athlete and they just want to pick a fight with the united states of america and will do whatever pretext is possible. go out, support mcdonald's, support the chocolate company and stock up on the food of the restaurants. >>neil: thank you, monica. and now just mcdonald's, why pepsi former c.e.o. has a problem with something that the michael bloomburg is pushing, former pepsi c.e.o. is riled up right now. and, to the crystal ball. he called the running mate right
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in 2008. >> it would be amazing but 44-year-old, new reformer governor of alaska, clinging the place up, and sarah palin, a pleasant --. >>neil: who does he see governor romney choosing now? he made history again he could be about to make history all over again. he is next. ♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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>>neil: the earnings parade has become, alcoa has numbers that beat the street estimate ever so slightly, six cent as share. furthermore, the revenues coming in at $6 billion versus $5.8 billion expected.
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i should mention, here, overall estimates for a lot of the fortune 500 companies, and certainly 30 that make up the the dow jones industrial average is a member, has been ratcheted down, and that is a reason we wanted to pension that in keeping this in perspective this is better than expected but worse than what it was last year, in alcoa's case, dealing with weakening commoditieses and the mess in europe, and that crisis comes to mind so these are better-than-expected numbers from alcoa but do not race to the bank assuming we are firing on all cylinders, these are ratcheted down, so, we will keep you posted as other names come forward. not all of them. but the big ones. and before senator john mccain picked same bill kristol pushed her name. >> thing of the excitement.
1:25 pm
44-year-old, new reformer governor of alaska cleaning the place up, a very strong on energy, and you had a terrific interview with the representative and you can see how vulnerable the democrats are on gas price and sarah palin, a pleasant -- i know, i know. >>neil: now he is back and ready to share would he thinks governor romney is looking at, with seven weeks to go. a lot of pressure, and good to have you. >>guest: thanks a lot. >>neil: tell me now. >>guest: now i can make a fool of myself on national television. i appreciate the opportunity. mrs. romney is very close to the governor obviously and an intellect women and impressive in her own right and said the other day that we are looking at picking a woman and she said i would love that option, and i take her seriously so i thought what woman? a freshman senator from new hampshire but only been in the senate a year and a half and senator mar tip necessary, a
1:26 pm
freshman governor in new mexico, and i not back to the retreat in park city a couple of weeks ago, and i was there, but it was off the record but this has been reported and who was a featured speaker who gave a terrific speech, really, moving and powerful? condoleeza rice, former secretary of state, and watching romney wax condoleeza rice give that speech without, i can violate the off the record rules do this degree he was impressed, the crowd loved it, and i thought if you want someone who is experienced, qualified, impressive, would be an interesting addition to the ticket, what about condoleeza rice. >>neil: she has the baggage of the iraq war, still a bit of anathema to many americans, not all. she is certainly galvanizing to the conservatives but what she do more harm than good in a general election? >>guest: i am still more on the rubio and christie bandwagon
1:27 pm
, but i think the romney team so far has wanted someone who would be able to fill the job and not have the problems that sarah palin fairly or unfairly was in the to have as a nominee. and, also, mitt romney is strong on domestic policy and if you think of all of that and what would supplement his life story with someone who has an impressive up from the bootstraps, i could see the attraction of condoleeza rice. i am not advocating it, i am thinking, and i have asked around, and i would say the odds are pretty good she is being considered more seriously than people realize. >>neil: she would not have to be vetted to the degree other candidates. >>guest: and she has, does anyone doubt she could handle it? >>neil: i mean she could be considered now without having to go through the vetting process? >>guest: she has been secretary of state and she would be comfortable on the natural stage and would do fine against
1:28 pm
biden. she is moderately pro choice, on abortion, but not, she also is respectful of the pro life position and in favor of restrictions, and sending the issue back to the states and i don't know how some social conservative would react to that but she said i will go along with the lot form which is pro life, she is strongly pro gun and an eloquent story how her father in 1962 or 1963 there alabama used his gun to defend their home against the ku klux klan and since then she lab a strong advocate of gun rights she can give an inspiring american dream speech so i am not advocating this but i think it would be an interesting pick by governor romney and i think he is tempted by the notion of doing something out of the ordinary and not just another, you know, competent republican governor, senator, or congressman. >>neil: what we have gotten so far is he is doing for dull or confident or predictable or
1:29 pm
nothing to stir the pot in fear of another sarah palin choice, fairly or not that was associated, that she was radio acteddive and you are saying romney is more open to being, i am not saying devil may care but more daring. >>guest: our job is to encourage him to occasionally stir the pot or think about stirring the pot. it will be a boring campaign if he spends four months saying the economy is bad and president obama hasn't done what he said he would do. and we are the no harm alternative. a bold vice presidential pick could be interesting. >>neil: we will hold you to it. >>guest: this is just an interesting conversation. erase this tape. >>neil: not at all. not at all. thank you. companies are not spending but not the way you hope, a double downer, and campbells signals we are still in the "soup," and we
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1:34 pm
buyouts do not bring more jobs. larry, this could bring job cuts? >>guest: we see two very different companies in two different industries announcing to different deals but they say a lot about state of the economy, the state of the job market or in this case the lack thereof, and, the state of what is to come. in this case, we see companies that have been frugal, and sitting on cash. they lack the confidence to grow like traditionally, building their business. so they more inclined to acquire other businesses which is considered safer. when we see the deals, the track record is not very good in terms of job creation. it could translate into better earnings for the companies as they cut costs, but a dirty secret on wall street you see certain key words like redundancy you do not want to be redundant because that means you will lose your job.
1:35 pm
>>neil: but if companies have a preference here, in an environment like this they could expand plant equipment and hire more people or take whatever currency they have in this case, and just buy a competitor, normally, that's not very advantageous for the economy. >>guest: that is right. and companies will navigate the environment provided for them and they can finance debt inexpensively because as any safer knows interest rates are low. also, credit is available for large companies but it is not available for small businesses. so it is more advantageous for a large company to acquire a smaller business so we see a whole series reasons in the environment and why you will see continued merger and acquisition not just in the industries, and it is interesting you see a situation like campbell soup a slow growth business, just because i like beef constitution does not mean it translate to profits but buying a competitor they can grow their business. they request not do that unless
1:36 pm
they are willing to take risk and they need confidence not environment with so much uncertainty they are unwilling to do that. the wellpoint deal is different, a situation of growth of health care expenses, and that is an area where we are seeing growth in the economy. we see a lot of jobs overhappened and a lot of redundancy in this particular acquisition. >>neil: and we will look into that. always a pleasure, larry, be well. >> that wellpoint buyout means fewer insurance companies looking over a law to look out for everyone. and that leads my guest worried. why? >>guest: well, it is because of the uncertainty here, that what will happen or the course of the next few months, as the law continues to shake out and take effect and insurance companies merge more. there are deals to be had here, and it benefits the insurance company but at the end of the day it does not benefit the low income earnings or those who
1:37 pm
need the benefits. >>neil: i look at it as the premiums going up, maybe with the health care laws, stamp of approval from the scour, and maybe not as much as originally the case, but you could pay more by the government but the benefit of the doubt to this decision, trying hard here, it is not as if premiums just stop skyrocketing, right? >>guest: absolutely. a research poll was released those over 26 have lost their insurance, and the amount of people who are insured has gone down because employers are dropping their insurance. why? because of the uncertainty. because of the costs involved. that is the number one problem with the health care law the entire time, that the american public knows they cannot afford it, and we know as taxpayers we cannot afford it. >>neil: you get a sense from a little of the companies this they are not going to suck it up, and they are looking at this saying write have a close between higher premiums through
1:38 pm
my health care provider or paying the government penalty if not providing health care, and i will take the latter. it is cheaper. >>guest: and people are running the numbers you and can pay the penalty and go on and it and cleaner and affects the bottom line. >>shepard: for those who say we will still cover, and now they have to because of the law that was upheld, we will cover you for pre-existing conditions and cover your children up to age 26 who live with you, et cetera, et cetera, all that comes at a price, right? they will do it but you will pay through the nose, right? >>guest: exactly, they have seen opportunity here where people are going do get a penalty, or they have to have health insurance, and here is a way they can make it back and they will take total advantage of it, and, again, the loser is those who really need the benefits. >>neil: amazing. gretchen, thank you, from washington, dc. 20 millions shades of gray. 20 million largely female
1:39 pm
readers turning shades of red and a last boyfriends and husbands are sighing red because i am saying this, the milestone that says as much of our national economy as it does our national libido. . [ birds chirping ]
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>>neil: sex does sell. 20 million copies. "50 shades," set to hit the mark this week. anything to do with our relationships not hitting the mark? the more the ladies get into this book the more it seems to me it is like 50 shades of things are looking great for us guys. to my guest on how bad it is looking for us guys. i am not going to give away the story because i want people to have the joy how miserable it looks if guys how miserable women thing of this. >>guest: i don't know if it
1:43 pm
says that but what many therapists will say to women who complain of not feeling sexual in their marriage, we will recommend women read something very sexy to stimulate their sexuality. so, in many ways it is good for men, because they are benefiting from women discovering this new sexual appetite that has been lost. >>neil: 20 million copies? that many miserable? >>guest: there is a place for mommy porn but also, it speaks --. >>neil: what do you call it? >>guest: mommy porn. >>neil: you consider this series pornographic? >>guest: there are aspects of it, it is about sexuality, and women feel so tired, it is hard to feel sexual. it is hard to feel sexual in our marriages. i don't know how much sex is going on in a lost marriages. because we are taking care of how many things.
1:44 pm
but it is really true. we are working. taking care --. >>neil: is it more acute at this stage or is something bigger going on? this has been out there for a while, how is it now coming together? this author, she could not find a publisher when she started? >>guest: that shows how publisher do not always know what people want do read, they could have intern scared by the sexual component. but, clearly they were wrong. and, for women, it is, be careful what you wish for. women wanted it all. so now we are working. in some cases earning more money than our husbands. and, this book, really, is about a sexualized cinderella story, i don't if women would be responding to this story line if the man who was engaged in this was not a billionaire. he takes care of everything, he takes kay of the woman and she does not need to think and she teaches him about real love. so, she learns about sex.
1:45 pm
and he learns about love. but the fact that he is a billionaire who gives her beautiful collects, and jewelry, and cars, and sex, and seems to know what she wants without her having to tell him that is romantic fantasy. >>neil: you have clearly read this. >>guest: some of it. >>neil: i could read into that we are waving our time giving flowers and dining out and this other, when, that is not what you want at all. >>guest: well, it is an aspect of what we want and what we want in other fantasy likes --. >>neil: he does this for her and she says you can take your fine dining and stuff it. >>guest: just feed me sexually. see that i'm beautiful. >>neil: so that is where the big money maker, the pay dirt. so, i hear women are complaining, not any women i know but certainly not the wonderful wife i know they are saying, they find their husbands or boyfriends too distracted or too much under pressure so they
1:46 pm
are not looking at the girlfriends, not looking at the wives, and, as a result, the girlfriends or wiverd angry and taking it out by deliberately pushing up the book sales. and i bet a lot them have not read it. they are trying to make a statement. >>guest: they might be. but, listen in real relationships, we do not attend to each other in that way. >>neil: what do you tell the guy in if he comes in to your office, and says, doctor, you know, my wife has been reading this whole series, and i am getting paranoid i was leaping -- leaving through it and i am not doing a last it. fection your wife is excited help her show you what she wants but here is the thing on some level, women want men to know automatically, and --. >>neil: so keep a copy on the table. >>guest: right. there are hotels offering this "50 shades of gray "experience.
1:47 pm
>>neil: really? where? >>guest: i don't know where it is. >>neil: not like one outside lincoln towers. >>guest: make a couple should watch pornography together. >>neil: obviously this is a fastest moving book. >>guest: and the writer is one of us. she sell -- also is a working mother. >>neil: she seems angry. >>guest: seems angry? >>neil: yes. >>guest: well, the reality is, we did not always know how to meet each other's needs. >>neil: you are giving a sexist response. >>guest: really? i said husbands, too. >>neil: you did it dismissively. >>guest: i thought you would stand up for the guy. >>neil: too -- touche to you,
1:48 pm
doctor. things could be divisive in america but at least we are decent with each other in america but we not doing this. clerk
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
>>neil: say what you will about american political divisiveness you do not see anyone pulling out a gun in a joint tv appearance like this in jordan or candidates throwing water and beating the you know what at each other. a guy was punching a woman. or lawmakers coming to blows in the house floor like in the ukraine and why all things considered you have to give us credit for not reducing ourselves at least to this. you are right about that, we
1:52 pm
have plane problems but we have not resorted to that. yet. >>guest: well, the founders put in place a document that allowed to us have 44 peaceful changes of government and it works for us. and it is about having the ability to know that you can vote people out every election cycle. and we have this peaceful change of government and you can move on. my dear friend who passed away, a state senator says it is the messest form of government in the united states except for everyone else and i think we have seen this. >>neil: in jordan, at least we avoid these crisis where a guy pulls out a gun by screening not only the candidates but the guys coming in to want them at an event, and maybe that is why these incidents are fewer. we check even the candidates for weapons. what do you make of that? >>guest: we saw in wisconsin last year, that if that debate that was going about governor
1:53 pm
walker, it got violent and it got -- the damage was done, $8 million worth of damage to the capital in wisconsin and we do not want do see that but candidates treat each other with more respect although they may not say nice things. >>neil: but i have never seen anyone reduces where we have so many female candidates and females are such a strong political presence, no one has ever punched another candidate. >>guest: well, what the problem is, you have the governments where there is in future. no future. people do not feel like if they changed the playersty get any better. in america we still believe as bad as things are, we still believe if we change the players things are going to get better and we will hold people accountable, and that is part of american exceptionalism and why our system works the best. why think we will see the shoe throwing or gun pulling we have seen in the places around the world and it is because of our system of government. >>neil: but is it sick of me
1:54 pm
to say i would welcome congress being reduced to what the ukraine was where they go after each other. i would like to see that? he who battled best wins the legislation. >>guest: well, and the 24 hour news cycles has made people behave better. you look at old speeches and old political speeches people used to say awful things about each other, and though also had a few shootings and things like that going on, in the congress way back when. so, there were people, things that happened and there are decks in the congress right now that have bullet holes in them. >>neil: there is that. martha, great to see you. thank you very much. >> you see what was behind the president and the white house shindig today? did you notice who was not there? i did. and it troubles me. it should trouble you, as well.
1:55 pm
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♪ >> neil: finally, did i miss something at the president's white house event to extend some of the bush tax cuts? like some of the people who won't be getting them extented? maybe just me. but i was looking to see a small business owner who will be seeing her taxes go up. no luck. or an urban couple making $250,000 who hardly feel rich but aren't. not there. where was that typical, i don't know, evil ceo not hiring because the tax rates are, pyring? also missing. where were guys that provide jobs but are nervous about the taxes going up to consider jo jobs? where were the supposed fat cat couple with kids, where the expenses to have much left over to live? the president says they are props for the performance, add them behind you. this is incumbent on you to be above this stuff because you're president. the guy in charge of an
1:59 pm
economy that is sputtering and fails to see the hisk on hiking taxes on anyone. who said last week after employment data you were encouraged by the direction that could explain the tax policy that will all but drive the recovery off a cliff. that is what i miss today. not the predictable political ploy who were there but the real folks who financial hardship were no less egregious but were not there. not invited. not considered, not important. not good. something we explore at 8:00 p.m. tonight in more detail on fox business network. how chuck schumer defines whether you deserve a tax cut or not. you'll be surprised the reasoning behind whether it's $250,000 or million. what makes you worthy of getting the tax break? to more important news right now. mud bydy dion is back from his haonnymoon. st


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