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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 14, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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fnc. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people. >> president obama tells cbs news about his mistakes putting policy over telling stories to the american voters. how did the press react to that story? members of the naacp react to romney's plan to eliminate obama care. the media pounced on that moment, but ignored the rest of the speech and the applause. when it comes to race and civil rights, are the liberal press out to smear the gop's pick? as the campaign heats up,
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mr. obama tries to gain ground with an extended tax cut for the middle class. but the short-term plan doesn't hit the mark. is this another shiny object to distract the media? >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of san dusky's child victims. >> penn state investigation into sexual assaults on children goes public. revealing shocking details of lies and cover ups at the highest level. how will this change the chumy relationship between college football programs and the press? mega star brad pitt's mom gives her view on politics going against the views of the liberal hollywood elite. so what is the reaction she got? >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. richard granel, the former spokesman for the last four u.s. am bass deers to the u.n jim pinkerton, the contribute erred for and washington
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correspondent for talk radio news service, justin duckham. i'm john scott, fox news watch is on right now. if our goal is jobs, we have to stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. and so -- and so to do that i am going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes owe bay you ma care, and i will -- that includes obama care and that i work to reform -- >> boos [. >> mitt romney speaking there to members of the naacp, and their reaction to his plan to kill obama care if he is elected president.
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that one moment of his speech is what made headlines the next day in the arizona republic, romney speech draws jeers. in the philadelphia enquirer, a few boos for romney. in the washington post, romney is booed in speech to naacp. and from the houston chronicle, boos come as no surprise. they had that last one right. it was no surprise he was bed and you could have written that story the day before. >> but that created a whole industry in the media. did romney say obama care on purpose to help with the boos, or was that a miscalculation. we can all have an opinion because thanks to youtube that one little snippet there -- i timed it myself at 19 seconds, and we can all study and analyze it. >> what was missed in all of the coverage, judy, was there were 17 interruptions for applause, and he even got a standing ovation at the end. >> exactly. npr did report that.
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they reported it all the way through. they reported the gist of what he said and the reaction. but i think a lot of people missed the fact that the standing ovation may have been connected to the fact that he bothered to show up. if 90% of life is just showing up, he did it, and it not afternoon -- perhaps it didn't move the naacp audience, but there were several commentators noticed that. >> why in an era where politicians will say anything to win support or votes or whatever, when he says something he clearly knows is not going to play well in that venue, why does president he get credit for it. >> it is somebody who wants to be a president for the entire united states of america. a lot of people commented and even the naacp who overall condemned the speech gave him recommendations for bravery for coming to speak to the audience. and it is also tradition at this point. both mccain and bush
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addressed that as well. >> here is the title of an l.a. times story from sunday. mitt romney low key on civil rights and in contrast to his father. it goes on to read as governor of michigan george romney presented press and aggressive agenda on the issue putting himself at odds with the republican party leaders. his son presents a different figure. now that came out right before the naacp speech. if you read it, it suggests that mitt is not nearly as inclined toward civil rights as his father is when in fact the facts don't bear that out. >> not only do the facts not bear it out, but the timing is so interesting. the los angeles times to run this story on the front page above the fold right before the naacp convention was purely strategic. what they tried to do is get out early the fact that he -- that mitt romney isn't very good on these issues. it is a false narrative.
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imagine if mitt romney had not shown up to the convention what the media coverage would have been like. cnn was atrocious in trying to say the speech was paned, that it was constantly booed, and they had a very one sided review of exactly what this speech was like. exactly how judy was saying, they didn't talk about some of the high points. >> and when george romney was governor, there was a lot more work to do on civil rights in this country. >> the framework around a civil rights has changed a good deal from the 1960s. the issue is no longer elimination of segregation. the issue is affirmative action, welfare, education, social dysfunction, crime. the issues are complicated and different. you can't just pass along and say no separate but equal anymore and call that success. it is no longer obvious that the solutions from the 1960s are all applicable to the teens. and the media -- especially the l.a. times don't
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acknowledge that. >> also there were attacks on mitt romney for his tenure at bane capital. the boston globe had that big article and it lead to more attacks from the owe bay you ma campaign -- the obama campaign despite the fact that the fact checkers say there is nothing here. >> it is amazing that this out sourcing of jobs continues to be played again and again by the obama campaign that they know it is not factually accurate. >> the media are following that. the narrative is reporters are reporting on other reporters' reports. to say the boston globe is reporting is not journalism. that's gossip. it is like the game of telephone. and reporters need to be much better than this. politico this week was really bad at it. >> in regards to romney's tenure at bane capital. capital, obama campaign said he either lied when he left or committed a felony in his
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filings with the sec. here is what they had to say about that to sean hannity. >> can you imagine how dumb this president is introducing the concept of felony into the discourse when this president comes out at chicago politics where felony and politics are sometimes a sin -- synonym? this is a president whose next door neighbor was tony resco, and president obama's first big revenue were real estate deals that had odd coincidences in time and space with a felon, tony resco? this is a president whose political training was gelled to cheek with politicians like convicted felons like blagojevich. and this president is introducing discourse with a guy as clean as romney? this guy is not smart at all. >> justin what do you think of
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those points? >> when it comes to the media coverage of this, i will have to disagree with rick. i think the media has been a lot maury responsible than people are -- more responsible than people give them credit for. we have seen abc news and the washington post who came out with this story. they tried to walk it back and say the administration and the campaign is taking it out of context. the media can't force the obama team -- >> they don't have to report on it like they do. to report that the boston globe is reporting means you didn't look into the story. you are just reporting what another reporter did. if that reporter gets it wrong, we are in trouble. >> and the national journal, i believe it was, said the facts are getting muddied, and the fact these charges keep flying back and forth and pretty soon the truth is completely obscured. up next on fox news watch, obama's tax cut plan, something real or a campaign ploy? >> i want to hold taxes steady for 98% of americans.
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>> mr. obama pushing for congress to extend middle class tax cuts hoping to build positive traction in this re-election campaign. is this a real pitch or another shiny object to distract american voters and the press? answers next on news watch.
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i am not proposing anything radical here. i believe anybody making over $250,000 a year should go back to the income tax rates we were paying under bill clinton. back when our economy created 23 million new jobs, the biggest budget surplus in history and plenty of millionaires to boot. >> president obama this week trying to sell his tax plan to congress for anyone making under $250,000 -- $200,000 or $250,000 for couple.
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>> this is the slowest economic recovery since world war ii. we have 23 million americans who are either jobless or under employed in this economy. why would anybody in their right minds want to raise taxes on small businesses in this economy? >> we got those jobs numbers out, and the next day outcomes the president with his plan to extend the tax cuts. is that another shiny object to distract the press? >> or let taxes go up. look, i think this is where you see the political coverage going in two tracks. president obama could say let it expire for those making over 250. it is like the clinton era. oh yes, bill clinton, good times, stuff like that. not noticing that the economic situation of america and the world, like the rise of china, has changed a good deal in the last 20 years. so economic solutions of 1993 are not the same as economic solutions of 2012. the political class want to talk about the theater of
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this. there is an economic reality. they say we are looking at another melt down in 2013 like 2008. the politicos of the world don't care. they want to focus on who is up and who is down on the tracking polls. >> and time and time again they talked about certainty. small businesses need certainty. he is talking about a one-year exteption. that is hardly certainty. did the media pick up on that? >> they didn't. and i think they bought the narrative that this is a middle class tax cut. to even call it a middle class tax cut means that the media are following the obama campaign. there was very little coverage , judy, of senator schumer and men men -- and menendez who said this is not middle class to me or our state or our peel. peel-- or our people. >> that's because chuck schumer lives in a state that has one of the highest costs of living as does nancy pelosi. how about a nice round number like 1 million?
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everybody thinks the theme is right. the middle class is getting killed and they are the ones who need the relief. the media did pick up on that. >> let's talk about the cbs exclusive with the president on thursday in which he told charlie rose about the biggest mistake of his term in office thus far. listen. >> the mistake of my first couple years was thinking this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important, but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism especially during tough times. >> justin, how did the media play with that? >> it does tell a story, and frankly you can't blame obama for trying to tell that story since this is an issue he is
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incredibly good on. the last time we saw this argument, the poll showed him five points up in the polls. we saw that the majority of americans blame the republicans for this, and him trying to bring this back to the table is like him trying to relive his glory days when he stood a lot better in the approval ratings. >> nobody who voted for obama thought he was a great executive. the whole argument was he was a speech maker. he was going to make us feel good. the fact that nobody told him that this stimulus package only contained 6% for infrastructure, 94% for other income transfers escaped him. now he says gee i spent too much time studying what i should have the first time around. >> charlie rose just sat there. to me cbs and charlie rose not pushing back is wrong. >> we have to go. up next a mom speaks her mind.
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the evidence showed mr. paterno was made aware of the investigation of sandusky, followed it closely and failed to take any action even though sandusky had been a key member of the coaching staff for 30 years and had an office steps away from mr. paterno. at the very least mr. paterno could have alerted the entire football staff to prevent sandusky from bringing another child into the building. >> former fbi director with a damning report on the failures of head football coach joe paterno and other top penn state officials in dealing with the sexual assaults on children by jerry sandusky who was convicted of child sex abuse. he was a paterno protege.
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now it is getting all kinds of media coverage. judy, first of all your take on the reporting thus far. >> i think everyone, every paper, every news broadcast outlet has been outraged by not just paterno and what he did and didn't do, but the university itself is indicted. and in the chicago tribute somebody whom i hadn't read before quoted janitor-b testimony who said "i didn't say anything because it was like going up against the president. football runs this university" and that's the message of it. that's the message to reporters that you can't give the university a break here. >> that jan tie or works at every large university with a football program. that's the lesson is the media's coverage and the relationship with the schools is going to fundamentally change. you can't have this again. you can't have a cover up because football is a great money maker. >> and generally college football is put up on this
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pedastool and the media treat it pretty well, wouldn't you say, justin? >> absolutely. as we know the football culture, the media is revealing it has gone too far. i don't think the media will be able to let something like this or something to a much lesser degree slide again. >> i am not as optimistic this will change things, but let's hope. they said let's tear the joe paterno statue down and shutdown the football program there for a year to make a point and hopefully make an impression. >> did you catch this in the media, a guy named richard stoker wrote a letter to the editor of the springfield news earlier saying he felt christians should not vote for governor romney based on his mormon faith. one said this, "any christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for bagram hussein obama, a man who sat in jeremiah wright's church for years and did not hold a church ceremony for the national gay of prayer and a liberal who supports the
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killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage. that response was written by jane pit. she is the mother of hollywood superstar brad pitt whose views are more liberal and mirror those of hollywood. she has been roasted in many circles for having written that letter. what about the coverage of what she had to write? >> it is not fair, but it is funny to a certain extent. i can't blame the huffington post and a lot of these media outlets foregoing after it. it is -- for growing after it. it is a click-based economy and it draws people. i would like to see a more mature digital world, but if you spent 10 minutes on twitter it is a long way away. >> it is unfair to hold people accountable for their parents' views. i think it is fine if jane pitt has these views. she is an american and she can have these views. we shouldn't hold her and brad pitt to the same standard, that is silly. >> but should her son defend her? >> it shows you a little about the hollywood culture. brad pitt we can assume had
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some of those views perhaps when he was growing up. maybe he grew up in the same town and so on with his mother. oddly enough when he got to hollywood they all change. bhow that? up next, what news stories had the most impact on you?
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this week a study by sony electronics and nielsen ranked television moments. the recollection of the tv moment, where they were and when they watched, and if that
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event sparked conversation. taking the number one spot, television news coverage of picking the number one spot, television news coverage of september 11th, 2001 terror acts 2005 hurricane katrina. it was nailed one of five deadliest hurricanes. number three goes to o.j. simpson not guilty verdict on october 3rd, 1995. that drew sum sauch large audience people stopping working causing an estimated $480 million in lost >> the space shuttle challenger disaster in 1986 takes number four. that aircraft, space plane broke apart 76 seconds into the flight resulting in the death of the crew members. rounding out the top five, the killing of leader osama bin laden by navy seals may 2nd, 2011. other no


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