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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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if you wish to opine, the word of the day is do not be churlish when watching the factor. please remember the spin always stops here. we are definitely looking out for you! and just 112 days until election day and tonight president obama and his surrogates are launching more insults to gov. romney. listen to the ratest comment made by congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz. >> mitt romney is running for the president of the united states and he and his campaign team leadership need to put their big boy and big girl pants on and defend his record. they don't want to show us his record. they are running the most secret i have campaign for president of
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a major party in history. >> well, guess what, congresswoman, your wish is our command. in just a moment the always outspoken romney visor will go head-to-head with john williams. but first late last week president obama insulted every small business owner in america when he said they owed their success to somebody else. really? watch this. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> and today gov. romney responded and fiercely in one of his most impressive speeches today he not only defended his record but the hardworking success of all americans. listen to this. >> to say that steve jobs didn't
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build apple, that henry ford didn't build ford motor, that papa john didn't build papa john pizza, that ray crock didn't build mcdonalds, that bill gates didn't build microsoft, you go down the list that correct joe and his colleagues didn't build this enterprise, to say something like that is not just foolishness, it's insult to go every entrepreneur and innovator in america. it's wrong. it also extends to everybody in america that wants to lift themselves up a little further. that goes back to school to get a degree to get a little better job or someone who wants to get new skills and get a little higher income. the president would say you didn't do of that. you wouldn't have got tone school without the roads the government got for you so you are not responsible for your success. president obama attacks success and therefore under president obama have less success and i will change that. i have to be honest.
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i don't think anyone could have said what he said who had actually started a business or had again other bigs. >> joining me with reaction the author of "muzzled, kwan williams, and former governor of new hampshire, john sununu is hear. i wouldn't be here if my mother didn't change my diapers or if she didn't feed me the marked up peas and carrots or they didn't build the bridgid to cross. how out of touch is he with what it takes to build a business? i think it's damaging. >> go ahead. >> no, no, go ahead. i want to hear this answer. >> i just don't think it's damaging in any way. i think the fact is, sean, you are a very talented communicator, but the fact is that rupert murdoch gave you an opportunity through roger ailes to have a show here at fox. >> true. >> and you have demonstrated talent and ability and you have build it. >> that's in dispute.
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>> but you know, sean hannity did this all by himself? no. and to suggest that somehow in america a country that political stew billty, that america is the number one place in the world to do business. >> and we wouldn't be here if our moms didn't change our diapers. >> oh, stop. >> and we wouldn't be here in people didn't nurture us and we wouldn't be here if we didn't have a schoolteacher. governor sununu, your reaction to the president's remarks? >> there are lots of countries with words and businesses and suers but they don't create jobs and businesses like america. this is different. we have entrepreneurs who have the spirit of willing to take the sacrifice of taking a second mortgage going out and hiring a few people and taking a chance and creating a lot of jobs. and all the president has been doing is condemning success. how can you be president of america, how can you be president of this country, if
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you condemn the success that america is noted for? and when you demean the business people, particularly the small business people that you hope will create some of the jobs that this administration hasn't been able to coax out of the private sector? when you insult them you scare them again. they aren't going to create jobs here with a president like that. i guarantee you. what we are seeing in the private sector is a hoarding of cooperate tal. they are waiting to see the results of the presidential election. if president obama is elected, that capital goes offshore. if romney is elected they buy equipment and start hire here. >> in other words the people of america are being punished by the rich as you say hoarding capital? they don't care about making money? they don't care about providing jobs to the american people? john, i think you are hurting
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your argument and your candidate. >> they are scared stiff of the incompetence in the white house and policies which are every day being touted as we want to punish you for your success. we are going to regulate you more, we are going to tax you more, we are going to i am obamacare on you more and cut your ability to create jobs. and we aren't very happy with an american agenda of success. >> oh, yeah. that's why this president, president obama, is the one who gets blamed for baling out wall street. oh, my gosh, look at those capital efforts. i believe he has more tax cuts that bush. >> i raised taxes, juan. >> juan, he raised taxes. with all due respect -- >> for what? >> this president raised tacks with obamacare? >> oh, come on. >> you don't believe obamacare
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is a tax? talk to the supreme court. talk to the so solicitor general that he sent to the supreme court. >> that would only apply to people who don't have health insurance. there is no tax right now if you have to say on that basis, governor. >> the original plan that obama sold to the country said it was a penalty and not a tax and they also said his estimate was $900 billion. now that estimate was creeped up to $2.6 trillion. let me just give you the facts on the economy. first time in american history we've had a downgrade. we've got federal spending percentage gdp highest since world war ii. federal debt, and long-term unemployment highest since the 1930s. fewer people working now than when obama took office. home ownership the lowest rate
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since 1965. >> picky, picky, picky. >> wait a minute. >> picky, picky, picky. >> well, i mean, but this is important. >> how do i know that? i know that. >> do you think sean has a point here? >> come on, look, look, we have a president whose statement this weekend was an absolute disgrace. for him to tell the people that take the chances to create jobs, that they didn't do it, i think is insulting. i cannot imagine, i cannot imagine how that thought popped into his head. i do notice he went off teleprompter, and so that's probably part of the reason. but for him to reveal his real feelings about the country that way, i think was not very smart in a political campaign. >> well, let me make a suggestion as to what was in his mind. ly i don't know, but what was in his mind was that we all, and i think the three of us are pretty
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successful americans, duty of you are in another category, but let's say all of us owe something to america and. >> negotiate disagrees with that. >> and talk about. >> hold on, hold on. >> he's not talking about people with good jobs. >> yes, business creators. >> and -- wait. >> and they should be paying their pair share of actions. you know what? overwhelmingly the policy indicate americans agree with president obama. people who are rich in this country should pay something back and help future generations define their footing. >> juan, the top 1% pace 39%. the bottom 50% pays zero in federal income tax. >> the corporate tax rate is 23%. >> the top% pay 30% and the bottom pay nothing. you take a sledgehammer to the one percent, to the people who pay the bills and lecture them they don't pay their fair share.
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>> the rich are fleeing by the minute. oh, we've got to stop it. >> we are. canada had more americans except for one year, more americans look for permanence to move into canada to do business. juan, it doesn't make any difference what i their, it doesn't make any difference what you think. what makes a difference is what we has created in the mind of the job creators of america and scared stiff. >> we have to take a break. we will come back and have more. this is a great team. i've got to tell you. juan williams and governor sununu. >> but you have to protect me. >> that guy is a genius. >> and coming back next, a hannity special investigation tonight. president obama continues to distort gov. romney's record at bain. tonight we will expose the president's long history himself of outsourcing with your tax dollars and later a new explosive report by a highly respected accounting form
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reveals president obama's tax proposal could cost tens of thousands of jobs. we will also check in with author dinesh hayes diseusa where he interviews president obama brother. flesh flush
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>> at any time in a hannity special investigation we expose how it is president obama and not mitt romney who has a long history of supporting foreign investing and, yes, outsourcing, we begin with his economic
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stimulus plan. a failed law that shipped your tax dollars and countless american jobs oversees. the rnc has been keeping track of which countries have benefited the most. here are a few examples to prove your point. scan the globe and a company created in north carolina called cee-inc, they received stimulus dollars and opened a plant in china in 2009. and fister ought notive received a $500 million loan to build cars where? finland. and it appears the energy department had enough money laying around to give a company named sun power $1.2 billion, but some of the solar panels that were build to project they were working on, well, they were manufactured where? in mexico, not california. make no mistake this president himself is not afraid to invest outside of the u.s. according to his federal income
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tax returns from 2009 to 2011, he's received more than 2.$7 million in foreign gross income. and we investigate who the real outsourcer in chief is with juan will and former new hampshire governor john sununu juan, the whole heart of the issue of bain capital, and when mitt romney left, we all know when he left, he went to take care of the eolympics. everybody new where he was. and it had to do when bain started outsourcing. here we have the obama administration outsourcing to brazil and denmark and canada and mexico and to china, all taxpayer dollars in this case. bain capital is private money. but we are talking here about taxpayer dollars. my question to you is where does the audacity come from from the obama administration to go after mitt romney on that? >> let's look at the record here. back in '04 in massachusetts
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governor romney vetoed legislation that would have outsourced -- >> let me ask you about obama. >> and today the news about the olympic uniforms under, guess who, governor romney, were made in burma. >> i asked you about president obama using taxpayer dollars to go to mexico, finland and everywhere else. >> here's the answer. when you invest in a global economy, you are investing in u.s. companies and some of those u.s. companies have operations overseas but the money, guess what, it's like -- like gm. gm has investments overseas. >> juan, juan, if i can -- if i can borrow a phrase i used on another tv network the other day, you are struggling. >> you are struggling big time. >> the worst thing he's done is sent money to brazil to drill
6:18 pm
for oil and prohibited us from drilling for oil here. >> and we would be their best customer. >> how ridiculous a policy can you have and go after mitt romney with a straight face? >> it seems to me if we want oil that's not going to go to money -- put money in the pockets of terrorists and not going to create tensions in -- >> really, in the u.s., put money in the pocket of terrorists? >> yeah. >> really? >> i'm saying keep it out of -- end our dependence on middle eastern oil and encourage oil development elsewhere and here at home. >> start at home. >> and we have more oil drilling and gas drilling than we've ever had. >> not on federal lands. not on federal lands. you are thinking the private enterprise that went to the dakotas, that's where that came from. >> who granted the leases, john? >> not in the decks, that's private property. that's not true. the president has cut off granted leases in u.s. federal
6:19 pm
lands except for a small number that he likes to talk about, but doesn't do much with. this country needs a president that understand that unleashing our shale, unleasing our clean coal technology, unleasing drilling for oil here and moving forward with nuclear is truly able to make this country independent. we will be an exporter of gas if we can get rid of some of the restriction that is obama and some of the obama friends have placed on drilling for shale, shale gas. >> i think people have environmental concerns in every state, even in states with republican governors they are worried about, you know, it's summertime and we like to go to the beach without coming out dripping oil from our dogs and kids. >> shale gas is inland. >> i'm talking about what's going on in terms of offshore drilling like what we saw in louisiana when we had a terrible
6:20 pm
situation. you don't want to rush into it? >> so we send our money to brazil with the guarantee le we will be their biggest customer? i think we ought to drill in anwr, in 48 states offshore and we can do to safely if we don't force it so deep a mile down into the ground absolutely. >> sean, i'm taking five days off but maybe i'll see you next week. >> this is a new team. we have sununu and williams. we aren't breaking up this team ever. >> it's my biggest nightmare. >> he's afraid -- he's ticklish, that's the problem. >> all right, guys. we have 112 days to go of this. >> take care. >> and coming up, how would obama's proposal to raise taxes on america's jobs with the economy? we will break a story and sound off. and a sneak-peek into a brand new film that takes a in-depth
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look at the president's past, including an interview with his own brother and what it could minor your future. straight ahead on hannity. ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium.
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>> americans are abandoning all hope in president obama and his ability to handle the economy. now according to a new gallop poll released today, confidence in the u.s. economy has fall don't lowest weekly average of the entire year, averaging at minus 27 this week. it's down 4 more points in the last 14 days. this is a latest example of how the president obama is failing you, the american people, american families and whether part of the stuart varney 1%. but don't take my word for it take a look at what would happen if in fact it is implemented. unemployment with a increase by .5%, meaning more than 700,000 fewer jobs. output would fall by 1.3%, totaling $200 billion. investors would go into hiding and investments would fall by
6:26 pm
2.4%. and after-tax wages would fall by 1.8%, meaning you are taking less home in your paycheck thanks to this president' tax and spend aania. joining me with an analysis of this, the co-host of one year in the making five, dana perino and also stuart varney. good to see you. by the way, business owners don't make it happen. come on, i won have been able to get into business because my mother fed me those stirred up peas and spinach and she changed my diapers and i actually used a train to get to work one day. >> you are talking about president's obama's speech. >> that's correct. >> and if you were successful you didn't go it on your own. somebody helped you. we could do the chicken and egg all day long that there was a road that helped get to you the teach that helped get the teacher to the school. it becomes a nonsexueter.
6:27 pm
romney, when he responded today, can be called a felon but as soon as you started saying small business owners don't do it on their own, then he got more. >> i think if you notice, he went off prompter. that was not a speech written for him, he went off prompter. that's the real barack obama. that's the leftist who he really is. >> a glimpse into his real thinking. >> yes. he's government, all government all the time e doesn't like private enterprise, doesn't appreciate it, he's never really been a part of it and now he denigrates it. i think you are right, dana, that will be taken as an insult to all people who work hard, build a small business and rely upon themselves. >> let me ask you about this. we just went through both of these issues. one is the iraq of the real economy and i went through all
6:28 pm
the details. then we got to the issue of outsourcing which is the foundation of these bain attacks. i would argue that probably the bain attack this some impact. am i right or wrong? >> i think so and the policy bear that out. if you look at all across the battleground states. however, eye not working as much as the doubts people have about president obama and his ability to handle the economy well in the next four years. and washington post, abc poll of last week, while the bain attacks had some impact, seemed people were more persuaded by that argument which is why i think the romney campaign tries not let itself get dragged down into this room full of racoons and shiny objects that everybody is getting hung up on. >> are they and how do you counter it? >> the news about the economy is going to be really bad in the next few months? >> why? >> because the economy is at a virtual dead stop. and what's the president's policy for dealing with it? raise taxes. most people think it's raise taxes on the rich. but here's the taxes he is
6:29 pm
proposing to raise. raise taxons income, dividends, profits, health insurance profits, health insurance companies, technology, and drugs and all of them are going up. >> i want to play this montage, fair share, class war fare and i want you to ask this question before i play it. when you have 49% of americans who don't pay taxes and you have more americans dependent than ever before in history, when you look at it through that prism, is there a reason for this? >> fair play and shared responsibility will help protect our people and our economy. pay our fair share of taxes. paying my fair share of taxes. >> paying my fair share of tax the. >> if everybody is gets ago share shot, everybody has a chance to do better. >> we can build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot. >> when we talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it
6:30 pm
should pay their fair share. >> fair play and shared responsibility. i think that's a fair approach. >> americans who can't afford it should pay their fair share. >> fair play and shared responsibility. that's what we are about! >> well, thats certainly some very good message discipline when you put it all together like that. >> he does repeat it a lot. >> a part of it reminds me of one of those old-fashioned television evan gellists who would preach to everybody and then you found out threw months later there was a scandal. so president obama preaches about not paying fair share and then on that night and them for money to help re-elect them. >> like the big bundlers that get access to the white house that get all the stimulus money? >> crony capitalism? sure. >> and 1% of the american people pay 39% of all of the federal income tax revenue. 1% pace 39% of all that comes
6:31 pm
in. is that a fair share? what about the moral question. what is a fair share? is it morale for a government to take more than half of your income in income taxes, state and federal combined? is that moral? i don't think that's moral at all. >> i think there's a way to flip that argument and actually the roanoke incident does that. if you are president obama the rich should pay more to help everybody else and the romney campaign says we want everybody else to be able to make more money so they can spend it on themselves because they can spend it better than the government. >> we have time for one more. >> he had a british accent, he went on vacation to australia and now he talks like that. weird. >> you guys are like brother and sister. >> i missed him. it was nice to have greg here.
6:32 pm
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>> a brand new film has been making waves by asking one simple question if barack obama in fact wins a second term, where will we be in 2016? to answer that question the new york times best-seller author dinesh d'souza. he even spoke with the president's half-brother. take a look at this. >> during the campaign i was surfing the web. i found a story i believe on cnn that obama's half-brother, george obama, wags living in nairobi in a hit and i thought this has to be some kind of a joke.
6:37 pm
but i click on the story and there's a picture and it looks like something out of slum dog millionaire. >> i want to read you a couple things you wrote in your book that i found interesting and i agree we resonate with my own life. you say i don't think that clonallism, which is a big theme of obamas, is responsible for the sufferings in kenya. you say around the time of independence, and i'm quoting you, kenya was on an economic par with malaysia and singapore. we are at the same level of development. look where we are now and where they are. they are practically and developed and industrialized while kenya is still a basket case. >> yeah, i think -- look at kenya. as far as independence we are far ahead of them but look at them now. >> to share thetic of of -- to
6:38 pm
share the insight he game is dinesh d'souza. good to see you. >> thank you. >> he lived in a hit? >> it's not odd you have president who is well think and he has a relative in the hit, his half brother. but president obama has been going around the country saying we are our brother's keeper. >> fair share. he argued it. >> he said we have obligations to people, even people unrelated to us. and here is his own half-brother which is not only american poverty but in nairobi and he won't lift a finger to help him. >> he hasn't given his brother a dime, not a penny. he met him at the photo open. he goes and meets him. why did he speak out for the first time? wasn't there a story behind him that he was told not to speak to you? >> yeah, i was on your show, sean, a couple years ago. i started the george obama campaign compassion fund to raise a little money, a couple thousand dollars to help george
6:39 pm
become an all -- auto mechanic. i said if obama won't help him, maybe other people will. so i raised money but i couldn't get it to george. apparently the obama campaign found out and told george don't take the money so he disappeared on me. but after the campaign they forgot about george a is thinking where's my money. so when i contacted him now, george says come on down i'll talk to you and maybe you have a present for me. >> herer has a photo open with his half brother, he he's his half brother is living in poverty, he's a multi-millionaire, and joe biden doesn't donate nothing to charity, a vice president cheapskate and he's basically saying the president is a cheapskate when it comes to his only brother. >> he is. that's not the only story. this is a pattern with obama everyone has an aunt, his father's sister, who as we speak is selling coal on the streets
6:40 pm
of kenya for a couple dollars a day. she's quoted as saying she wants to get her teeth fixed but has no money. obama is not a helper, let's put it that way. >> obamas are generous with other people's money. why wouldn't he help his own brother? >> in the film, 2016, you see a window about george which indicates why he may not be too happy with this guy. you saw a little in the clip and there's more in the film, george is, let's say, politically incorrect. here is obama, the west is to blame, american's influence is bad, capitalism is awful and here's george, in a way who has very different opinions. i sort of left the interview and was joking to my procedure, maybe we elected the wrong obama. >> that's pretty fascinating. he's a conservative? >> the term wouldn't apply in kenya but he's a herotik. he's self- reliant. >> what would 2016 look like if
6:41 pm
president obama gets another term? what would it look like. >> obama's agenda as i see it is two-fold. he has been expanding the power. the state at home and shrinking the power of america in the world. he's doing both same takeniasly. the film explores why is he doing it and what if we cut him lose? the president is not tethered to public opinion, he can go in the direction he wants. i think what that means is a further shrink of america's role. look at the middle eve. we've seen iran and egypt fly to the radical muslim orbit. what's the third most important country in the middle east? >> syria? >> said yeah -- said yeah arabia. >> and this is what i call the united states of --
6:42 pm
>> the rise of islamists in the middle east, led by iran seeking nuclear weapons and i don't think this president had any clue, i don't think he had any idea the muslim brotherhood would take over. i did, you did. our own president didn't see it. >> if he did see it, he said step aside and turn over power or we will cut off aid. that's obama. >> anyway, fascinating interview with the president's brother in kenya and thanks for being with us. >> a pleasure. >> time now to check in with greta with a sneak-peek what these got on the record. and 18. why are you smiling? >> we have a great show tonight. unbelievable. even the vice president dick cheney, why did he leave a fishing trip to go to capitol hill today? we have a member of congress who met with him. we will get the inside story. and brit hume is here to talk about the campaign. this is getting wilder every single day. why am i smiling?
6:43 pm
there's no many fascinating things to talk about tonight. and we set mr. jenkins out on a special adventure. >> that means you put his life in jeopardy once again. >> we did. we did. >> all right. >> don't blame me. >> you sent him but i won't blame you. now you sound like obama making excuse force the economy, greta. if you sent him, you are responsible. >> i'll take the fifth. >> all right, greta 18 minutes from now. and wal-mart in florida erupts in chaos. 300 plus teens wreaked havoc, causing thousands of damage and we have that tape coming up next. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> tonight on our great, great panel, he was a pollster for jimmy carter, pat caddell is in the house. she a fox news political analyst, angela mcglowan is here.
6:48 pm
and the latest book the fallen angel is out today, daniel silva is back. and you are telling me what you want the topic to be. you want to talk with vp, fine. who do you like? >> we will start the bandwagon for dan. >> he's a good, solid choice. i stick with rubio. why? >> he's a clean-cut mid-western guy. he's a proven campaigner. he defeated tom daschle. he's been congressman, he was appointed by ronald reagan to the small business administration. >> in the words of pat buchanan, he's a good political athlete. mitt romney has been at this for long time. he's very careful, cautious, thorough guy. look at these accounts of how meticulously he's going through this process. >> but he needs to go through this. do no harm would probably meet that standard. and also historically you want the vp to go on the attack.
6:49 pm
>> this guy is politically, what daniel just said, and by the way i have to say i'm on the air now with my favorite writer and my entire favorite with daniel silva. >> are you done sucking up now? >> no, but i'm so excited. he and bob tannen baum who does crime. but romney needs pizzaz. i think marco rubio would be good for that and i think condoleezza rice would be great. i i think it would shake things up. i know what republicans would say. anything about being boring. >> i think she'll be wonderful but is she going to do it? even though there was a poll hawaii that came out that 65% people thought favorably of her. >> she has about 65% favorable rating. and 70% are independent. >> does fill a hole in his
6:50 pm
resume. >> absolutely. foreign policy and national affairs. >> but she would do great against joe biden. >> you also think who you would like to have. you would like to have thun. >> i would like excitement just. >> i'm with you. we are in a media age and it means something if you can go before the cameras but you also need somebody, especially from this day forward it will be john stop obama vicious attack. that's it. they have declared war and romney better be ready himself. but here's the question, who will be it? you say it should be thun, who would be the best person to fill the role? >> i said thun but i have a feeling it's going to be pawlenty. >> i think portman over pawlenty. >> i want rubio. >> i think anybody i say is doomed, so i'm not going do it.
6:51 pm
but if you take a boring choice it would be white bread and solid. but it takes something for a candidate to say i can have somebody really exciting. >> all right. we have to take a break. we had this flash mob at a wal-mart. it's scary stuff. we will show you that when we come back. also when we come back mr. pat caddell wants to talk about the comments about small business. they didn't do it on their own, after all it was a bridge that got them to work everyday so they could work hard but everybody else works hard. much more coming up straight ahead.
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>> we continue with our great, great american panel. i don't know if you saw this, i first saw it on drudge, 300 teens in jacksonville look at this video. it's pretty scary stuff. all caught on tape here. you know, if you read the different headlines that are out there, flash mob causes havoc at wal-mart. i mean, this is pretty scary stuff. angela, you were saying in fact i was asking did we know that they stole things, they broke things? that all happened? >> it was a food fight. they stole food and threw it at people but i thought the parents, number one, and number two, these kids need of it a job. they need to be out there working but they can't find any jobs and look what they do with their time. >> i was actually dropping
6:56 pm
somebody off. it's 11:00 at night in the parking lot where they had their car and there were kids, you know, 11 years old playing frisbee and i'm like where are the parents? we did that when we were young. this is a different world. >> it what wasn't reported thers they were all there looking for the new daniel silva novel. >> and it's in wal-mart? >> of course. >> let's go to the president's comment. we played this at the beginning of the show. his comments about business owners, that they didn't do it on their own. everybody works hard. they aren't smarter than everybody else. let's go back and remind what he said. >> if you were successful somebody along the lines gave you some help. there was great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and
6:57 pm
bridges. if you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> you didn't do that on your own. >> what was missing from that picture right there? there was no teleprompter. >> the teleprompter. >> i think he was speaking -- >> speaking what he really believes and that's who he is. >> i think he got a little out over himself that. and if you look at his face after he finished it, i think he realizes he made a mistake and he's done it several times. >> was it really a mistake or is that who he really is? he wants people to depend on. >> as michael kinsley said a gaffe in washington is when you accidentally speak the truth. >> and let me say with that inadvertent, and it was clearly a gaffe moment, it sets up for romney, if the romney campaign were smart, the narrative that's been building, which they have been trying to get to it, which is their view, this is private investment, this is the way the economy works versus his view of
6:58 pm
how it is. that view would shake people up because one of the things we still believe in this country is individuals who have great and idea, steve jobs, whatever you want to point to -- >> do we still believe that in this country? >> people believe that, the myth still lives. >> wait a minute; it a myth or. >> well, i don't mean a myth in a negative sense. the sense that this is a national narrative. >> but you raised a good question. does if still exist in america? >>,, it does. >> i believe people still truly believe in the american dream. but when you have the secretary of agriculture running ads saying food stamps are good and add to the economy, the bottom line is this, this man wants socialism. >> come on, now. >> this is how you are going to lose the election is stuff like that. >> i'm telling the truth. >> there's a much better argument. >> but you have black radio stations running ads food stamps are good, this is how you get them. that is not my america.
6:59 pm
my -- i believe is having the dream and live the dream. >> trying to fix the economy his way has failed and now it appears he is running against the engine of the economy itself which is capitalism. >> i think he has a problem there, and i think it's caught in the fact, and i thought romney got on this, i have been saying it for some time, i thought the thing with government takes things, they give lots of money, you give to your bundlers and contributors and there's a model that's the country does it. the country doesn't believe it. the problem is he does i think and he shouldn't have these moments because it will scare people. the very reason you said, the economy is not working. >> the problem is his arrogance, his policies failed and he does not want to compromise with his congress to make it happen, and he's blaming republicans. >> and he can't say that his policies failed. what


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