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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it sounds like a scene of horror outside of denver, colorado. one gunman is in custody. we understand police are looking for one more shooter. there is an active search for him tonight. we are going to turn our live coverage of the mass shooting in colorado to "fox & friends" with more detail. >> good morning, everyone, this a fox news alert. this has been a massive shooting at a movie theater in colorado which is just outside of denver. a mass gunman reportedly killing at least 10 to 12 people there, including children, and police are saying that at least 20 other people have been injured. all of this during the midnight premiere of the new batman movie. >> the gunman setting off some kind of smoke bomb. this was before opening fire. word is the gunman, one of them, is now in police custody. but an accomplice may still be on the loose.
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we go to justin with denver affiliate. justin, set the scene. tell us what is going on. >> we have been given information the chief of police will address the media in 15 minutes to confirm some details of what happened. it was after midnight, two packed theaters, premiere of "dark knight," and an individual stood up in the crowd, turned, faced the crowd, with body arm our on, wearing a gas mask and had at least one long gun. a witness heard two what sounded like bombs. we believe that to be tear gas. that caused mass panic. people tried to run from the theater. and the people were moving targets. the gunman or gunmen opened fire hitting multiple people. we have confirmed there are ten people dead inside the theater,
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and several of them children. a baby was shot at point blank range and the family gathered around them screaming. they were very upset. a shooter was taken into today quickly. this is a large theater. we are told that there were police on the scene when it happened. one of the shooters was in custody quickly. >> what can you tell us about the shooter who has been captured? as we look at pictures it looks like a residential neighborhood. there is another shooter loose in that area. >>guest: that is the last report. they were looking for two shooters. one is in custody. they searched an adjacent mall and the shooter may have gone inside. they used k-9 dogs but they have not caught that shooter. >> you mentioned when you were speaking with our reporter about the possibility of some devices
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that were located in some vehicles parked outside. >>guest: that is right. police sources found two different vehicles outside and inside there were active devices. we are told they believe these were the suspect's vehicles. they identified them quickly. we are told they went to the cars and saw what looked to be a device. one went off. we are told that no one was injured. we do believe they found two separate devices in the parking lot of the theater. >> you are at the scene and i imagine there are family members just getting the news. can you describe how that situation is handled. >>guest: there is a triage unit where they are taking anyone that may have been affected. there are two hospitals that have transported up to 20 victims, maybe more, who were injured. we believe they are at those hospitals. the people on the scene with us
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are friends who have come down. we got here there were a lot of people that were at theater or the parking lot so those people gave us information. we have not seen family members show us where we are. >> to the folks joining us this happened at midnight mountain time. we expect a news conference from the he of police in aurora. >> justin, there is a gang unit on the scene. is that unusual? >>guest: it is unusual this early. this happened just outside of metro denver. the gang unit for denver and aurora are on the scene. it is hard to draw conclusions from that but it is unusual they would issue the units here. >> from some of the bystanders, have they said the shootings appear to be targeted because the shooters were in the movie theater? >>guest: the witnesses we spoke with looked to be random.
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they did not look to be aiming at anyone particular but opened fire as people were running. they were moving targets. it looks to be random. >> but landed in great detail. and now back to what you mentioned earlier in terms of the devices found in vehicles. what have authorities done to secure the scene? do they fear that, perhaps, there are other devices still out there they have not been able to locate? >>guest: well, there is perimeter around the outside of the mall and we cannot see the parking lot where the theater is. they turned the lights off. we do not know what they are doing with the vehicles. we are probably about let football fields away from where this happened. that is where the suspect vehicles are. >> the devices you refer to appear to be a tear gas-type device. that is what you hear was set off in the theater prior to the shooter standing up and shooting
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people at random? >>guest: well, the tear gas was inside the theater. the devices were in the cars. >> so we could be looking at potential bombs in the cars? >>guest: right. >>heather: which is good everyone is located so far away. you mentioned they are two football fields away so the area is clearly evacuated and secure. you said there is a news conference coming up in 15 minutes. what do you expect to hear? >>guest: we are not sure. the chief of police has been here from the going and will address us and they are pulling us over in that direction. we expect additional details of what they believe happened and hopefully we can get more information in terms of the status of the second person they are looking for and we will bring that to you. >> have we heard anything about the one person who has been captured so far? a man? a woman in someone young? >>guest: what i can tell you
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at this point, the individual was a male. that is all i know. i have not spoken with any police sources who can give me more information. that is all i know. i don't have any details in terms of who he is. >>heather: for folks just joining this happened just add midnight mountain time. two individuals stood up in a movie theater and started shooting at random after the movie began. they were wearing dark clothing with a long gun. >>guest: one long gun. also, tear gas. at least ten people reportedly at this point including an infant child are dead. 20 others are injured. this is developing in aurora, colorado, outside of denver. >> what do we understand will happen next? you have law enforcement background and have worked these cases in the past.
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>>guest: the investigation comes first. they will look at surveillance video from the mall and see the leads that can provide and the most imptant person is the first person in custody. that person presumably knows the second person involved. we are told the person was in custody quickly. we do expect they are hopefully getting some details to help them find this person and understand what happened. >> this was a crowded showing of the movie premiering last night. with a lot of kids out of school. they would be excited to go to that movie. >>heather: exactly how were they able to capture the first suspect, justin, so quickly? >>guest: well as you say, this was a crowded theater the i tried to get tickets. all of metro denver was sold out. the theaters were crowded. since aurora is a large area, they are on duty or off duty
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police here and we are tomorrow the police took the first shooter into custody quickly, almost immediately after this happened. that is good news. they will emerge as the heros. >> you are familiar with the movie theater. is it a regular part of the movie theater scene they would have police or security presence? >>guest: well, i am only speculating. there were police on the scene when the shooting happened and i spoke -- speculate they were here because they expected crowds. the police were there almost as it happened and got the guy into custody. >> the deaths that occurred there, at least 10 to 12 people dead is what the on associated press is reporting. did they occur at the site or perhaps later after folks were taken to the hospital? >>guest: police sources have
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at least ten bodies inside the theater. most of them children or teenagers and one baby. that is what police sources are telling me. we know that at least 20 and as many as 40 people were transported to local area hospitals and i know from police sources two of those people were critical so this is developing. we hope to get the details answered. >>heather: we get word that perhaps 3 to 40 others have been injured in this shooting. describe for us aurora, colorado. it is located outside of denver. how do you expect this situation to strike this community? is it a small community? do a lot of people know each other. >>guest: it is one of the larger communities in the state of colorado so it is not the type of community where everyone will know each other. but, nevertheless this is 11 years after columbine. that will be on everyone's mind. this very much feels like columbine felt. police are everywhere.
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a lot of citizens on the scene and people trying to get answers. >> and tell us about the area and the area cordoned off. it appears to be residential. folks have to be concerned about the gunman who isless. >>guest: we are on the east side of property. we are in a public transportation parking lot, a business area. so there could be a residential area to the south of this parking lot. but they do, as you probably can see from the video, they have all of this area shut down with police. when this happened they brought in police from every available jurisdiction. there are police everywhere and people trying to keep it secure. all this is in aurora, colorado, about 325,000 people. if you just joined us, just after midnight, mountain time, a shooting took place at premiere of "batman," movie.
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two gunmen stood up inside the movie theater setting off a gas cannister of some sort. >> tear gas. and one long weapon was spotted and described by witnesses at the scene the we know that 10 to 12 people are dead. including children. possibly one infant who was shot reportedly by a witness at point blank range. 20 to 30 others have been injured and are being treated at a unit set up at the scene at the mall theater and others have been taken to nearby hospitals. >> justin joseph has been bringing us up to speed. he is with the local fox affiliate. what do we hear from the hospitals at this hour? i understand swedish medical center, a significant-sized hospital there has said some of the injured arrived. some are in critical condition. but they expect more. it sounds like, perhaps, not all those injured have been brought to hospitals yet. >>guest: that is what we hear.
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the reports that were 20 were transported to the hospital. i am still getting updates. the number could be as high as 40. the hospital is a level one trauma center so that could be where more seriously injured are taken. there is a hospital close here to the mall we are at, and we opened a number of the -- both those hospitals have confirmed they have several people injured. >> i wanted to ask you, this particular mall theater, this showing was happening in one location at theater but did you say that people that were in another theater actually experienced shots going into their theater? >>guest: that is what a witness said. i spoke to several witnesses. and this is during the movie, and they said they believed that this were bullets coming from the other theater where they were and the firearm started going off and the management was trying to get everyone out and
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everyone scrambled. >>heather: to bring us up to speed on the second suspect who is still loose because people still this have to be concerned about this right now, the second suspect, any idea at all which direction he headed? were there alarms that went off that were, perhaps, a key where he may have headed? >>guest: well, what i can tell you the police source tells me there is a mall next to the theater and an alarm that went off inside one of the bigger stores in the mall so they thought the person may have made their way in there. i'm told they found an open door as they approached and so they sent the k-9 unit in. they have searched the malibu in second person is in custody. >> the first person in custody was a male. we did not know anything else about hill. have two weapons been elected? or just one has been located?
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>> i am told from witnesses that the individual had two long guns. i don't what they were. it could be the shooter's guns who is loose. >> among the victims, we are hearing that there are children, in fact,, even an infant shot at point blank range. all we have a media briefing. i will get more details and get back to you. >>heather: we will try to get that up and running so we can bring the latest on this. we expect comments from the chief of police of aurora, colorado. that is happening right now. for those just joining, a sight at a movie theater, the premiere of "batman returns," after midnight. at least 10 to 12 people we understand are dead. all including children. also the numbers of injured have been increasing not amount of time we have been on the air. we began with 20 and now reports
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there are two 30 to 40 people and self have been transferred to hospitals. others still being treated on the scene because this is a developing situation. one suspect is this custody. don't know a lot about him. and a second suspect is still loose. >> and now, a spokesperson for the medical center in aurora. what can you tell us about those brought in? how many? how are they doing? >> we have a variety of patients and variety of conditions. they have come to the e.r. and are in the e.r. or in o.r. in surgery. the variety of the cases that are coming in have been gun shots, gun shot victims. their injuries range from less critical to severe.
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>> what kind gunshot wounds do they appear to be? are we looking at a possible rifle or shotgun? >> i can't comment on the type of comment. i don't is this -- don't have that type of information. >> and the ages of the victims? >>guest: well, i don't have that information at this time. >> and what about information that you can give to any family members or friends, people who may be concerned, that they knew someone that was there at this movie premiere showing? they are trying to track down their loved one at this point. what is being done for those people? >>guest: well, here at the medical center, we are setting up areas for families of patients that could be coming in and looking for them. we are setting up a larger waiting room so they can get information and we can help maintain the flow of people here in the hospital. i would not recommend calling.
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rather, i would recommend calling rather than coming in to the hospital. they will have to have patients' name and date of birth. i recommend they call before they come. >> can you give us that telephone number because people will be watching and i am sure they want to contact you. what is that number? >>guest: 303-695-2600. that is the best number to call. >>heather: for information about patients taken to your facility. >>guest: yes. >>heather: are you the closest hospital to the movie theater? >>guest: there are two hospitals d yes, we are the closest hospital. this is another hospital, the university, that is pretty close, as well, in proximity. and we know other maybes have been taken. >> are you a level one trauma unit? the most severe injuries, you
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would hope, would make it to a level one trauma unit. >>guest: yes, we are level one trauma. >> are you told to expect more patients? >>guest: the most recent update that i received is that we would probably be getting more patients, yes. >> and address as a resident of this area, what are your thoughts on something like this occurring last night? >>guest: well, this is just tragic. we live in such a wonderful community. aurora is a growing community. it is right outside of denver. it has a lot of high-tech and great new industries coming into town. and this is devastating. this is a beautiful community in colorado. it is devastating. heartbreaking. our first priority at the hospital is to make sure that the patients are taken care of and the families of the patients are taken care of.
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>> thank you for taking your time talking with us. address is with the aurora medical center. we have information with the phone number and we will have that on the screen if family members have questions of potential victims. thank you, address. and now to our next guest, from the university of colorado hospital system. and another significantly sized hospital. >> and that telephone number i want to get that out. people depend on it for information. 303-695-2600. we will get that up for you on the screen shortly to call if you have any concerns if you may have known someone at the movie premiere. right now, jackie, are you on the phone? >>guest: good morning. >>heather: can you tell us, what are you dealing with in terms of the situation? >>guest: we are taking care of 20 paint whose arrived from the
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scene, with various levels of gunshot wounds from minor for severe. >>heather: and the ages? >>guest: the majority of the patients are adult. a handful of teenagers. >>heather: are you told to expect more patients? how close are you to the movie theater? >>guest: well, we are a couple miles from the movie theater so our patients arrived by ambulance, with the police support and, also, on their own. so it is hard to predict if we have some folks out there who have not received medical attention yet and they may come. so it is unknown at this time. >>heather: tell us about that? some people are still there at the movie theater who are awaiting medical treatment? >>guest: no, no, no, i am not saying that. you asked if we expect more and i cannot say. they may walk in on their own we are here to help. >>heather: i want to give our viewers an update because there
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is a news conference going on right now and wear listening in on that with additional information in terms of the shooting. this is in evidence of a second shooter at this point. so, possibly just one shooter involved with this. and that suspect is in custody. this, of course, is a developing situation. but we are being told there is in evidence of a second shooter. just one. that person is in custody. >>heather: we are hearing that one gunman had one rifle, one handgun, and that is the person who is in custody right now. our producers are giving us some information as they take a listen to the chief of police there of aurora, colorado. let me ask our producers about that. >>heather: also, being told 14 people, dead, at this point is the number was between ten and 12 and now that increased to 14 people. many of those people remain
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children. and, jackie, again, is on the phone with us from the university of colorado. you hear us as we report this, 14 dead, one suspect. that person had one rifle but he certainly did a lot damage, you are dealing with many of the injured at your facility. >>guest: that is true. our hearts go out to the families of the victims and the patients. we are doing everything we can to make sure they have trick -- terrific care. but we are just hear this for ourselves. >>heather: you mentioned your facility down the road a couple miles away so you had some of the very first people coming to your facility. what about the family members. what is the scene? obviously the descriptions we have been told is they are horrified. have you talked to the people? >>guest: i personally have not. they are here and waiting on this and anxious for information. we have the names of the patients so we will talk one-on-one with their families.
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we are providing counseling and spiritual support, as well. >>heather: hang on as we get new information. we are told now that the theater has been secured. and that now police are searching the apartment of that shooter. one shooter right now. that person is in custody. that person using one rifle. and one handgun. to go after the people at the movie theater at a midnight premiere of batman movie in aurora, colorado. people are concerned there could be explosive in the perpetrator's car and apartment. the car found in the parking lot of the movie theater. >>heather: our reporter from the affiliate was talking about that, an immediate concern, if you have an explosive outside of the movie theater itself you have to get that area secured so that other people are not injured. they could go off at any moment
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the we have additional information in terms of the number of people who are injured, we new have that number, this was transported, being given at 39. also, being told that number could go up and once again the latest number on the death toll, 14 in this shooting, this mass shooting that happened in aurora, colorado, at premiere of "dark knight rising," a mall theater outside of denver, happened just after 12:30 midnight time there. obviously, a lot of facilities bringing the injured people in. we still have, i believe, jackie on the phone with us, one of the first facilities to deal with all of the injured. >> and we will keep our viewers, bring our viewers up to speed. think of the people who go to movies at midnight, especially a movie premiere. a lot of young people were there. and even some children were there including a baby who was shot at pointblank range. jackie you are getting in a lot
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of injuries, minor to severe, from a rifle and a handgun. what is important if us to know about treating those injuries? >> well, it is important for people to receive medical attention. and getting to the experts to assess the legal of damage. and make sure they get treatment. >> we understand now from the press conference that the chief of police of aurora, that the suspect in custody has been volunteering information to police, and he had or he claims to have some sort of explosive in his home. not sure where the person lives right new, but, the area where the shooting occurred was aurora, colorado. jackie, a quick question. we understand that not only is the f.b.i. on the scene but also some gang units were brought in. is there gang problem in aurora? >>guest: i can't speak to that. that is a question for police
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department. >>heather: the perths that are viewers are watching are new pictures coming from the scene. we were told that every available authority and unit that could head to the scene headed there to try to secure it and, again, what is going on at this moment, authorities believe that there was one suspect responsible with at least one rifle, one handgun. that suspect instead. there were initial reports that possibly there was a second suspect involved but we are now being told there is in evidence that there is, in fact, a second suspect. explosives were elected outside of the scene of the mall theater in a vehicle and they were spotted. we are not sure -- we were told initially they did not go off. we are also told some things the suspect said led authorities to believe he also had explosives in his home. >> we hear reports from people would were there at the movie theater and one person describes
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it as like little explosions going off because there were tear gas cannisters set off prior to the gunman opening fire on the crowd. and shortly after that we heard people screaming and then people were hunched over leaving the theater and police and f.b.i. units were on the scene and medical folks treating those injured. >> 39 transported and being told the number transported could increase. 14 are dead. many children. including at least one witness who said that an infant, a toddler, a one-year-old was shot at point blank range coming from a witness at this point. >> we lost our phone and the interview we were doing with the university of colorado hospital system. but they do have very go hospitals immediately in that
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area. and there is aurora medical center, considered a level one trauma unit. that is so crucial when there is a junior -- major shooting to get the people treated by the best and brightest. >>heather: i asked the address from aurora medical center if she was told she could possibly expect more people to be transported to her facility and they said "yes," and that would be good because there are more to be treated and, possibly, less people, still inside the movie theater who have been shot. >> we are getting new pictures. these are shots of the area, a movie theater, in aurora, colorado, a town of 325 the people. a pretty significantly-sized community. there has been just a massivest to cordon off the area around the movie theater to try to make sure there wasn't a second
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gunman. initially there were reports there were two gunman. fortunately this was only one gunman and that person was apprehended after the shooting. there was a police or security official on the scene of this movie premiere in part because they thought they were going to have so many people attending the premiere. >> it was a big deal. we talked about this yesterday how tickets from movie premieres like this were going between $100 and $200 online so a lot of people very excited about it. kids were out of school. their parents took them i am sure. this was supposed to be a fun evening. in colorado the columbine shotting not far from people's minds. and then this happening at this movie premiere, 14 people dead at this point, 39 people transported and numbers of injuries between 20 to 40, and we spoke with our affiliate reporter on the scene earlier, justin gentleman -- joseph who
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said the f.b.i. is on the scene and the gang unit is on the scene. there will be an additional news conference at 11 a.m. and we expect additional information. a complete wrap up of what is happening at 11 a.m. >> do not know if that is 11 a.m., eastern or mountain time but we will keep you posted. and we have phone numbers from the local hospitals. we will attempt to put them on the screen. young children headed to the movie theater and their parents could be asleep not aware their kids did not make it home. a lot of folks will have questions. the latest numbers include this: 14 dead. 50 have been injured. some of those who have been shot by both a rifle and a handgun from a shooter. among the deceased, are children. >> can you imagine the chaos especially with tear gas that report through went off at the
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scene? >> it would seem by all accounts this was definitely a planned event by this individual or individuals, if we do discover others were involved on the scene in aurora, colorado, but hopefully just one suspect and that suspect is in custody. you mentioned a telephone number and we have telephone number, the aurora medical center. that telephone number 303-695-2600. we will welcome to get another number for you from the university of colorado. >> something significant we are learning, is that police are at the suspect's apartment. they are searching the suspect's apartment for some sort of explosive. the suspect give police and/or f.b.i., indicating that he had explosives to his home. so, police officials are searching that gi's apartment. we did know it is a man.
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we did not know his able. but we are looking into that and there could be some sort of explosive in his vehicle. the entire area has been sealed off and we understand there are police and f.b.i. officials and gang units called in as a safety measure to investigate all possible angles. we do understand there are still some victims at scene. some victims getting medical attention right there. but, lots of other people have been brought to local hospitals. fortunately there are quite a few excellent hospitals in the area. >> a triage unit to treat individuals on the scene and they set up a seen there to command and get additional information from witnesses. we are told authorities are questioning as you would imagine, hundreds of witnesses there at command post, asking them what they saw, what they heard, and you mentioned the
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explosives snowed the suspect's vehicle, those apparently were spotted so they do know that he at least had explosives in the vehicles and they are now currently searching his apartment as well, because of something he has told to f.b.i. authorities there on the scene who have questioned him, or police authorities. >> we are looking at video from a short while ago. this was a new movie theater. new movie theaters tend to be very large, very space shuttle, and have enormous capacity for people. a lot of people were there. there was significant demand for folks to go to the movie. we understand that this still a very active crime seen. we are getting lots of information. when there is breaking news, information can change. so, the latest we do have is one shooter is in custody and police are searching his apartment. >> a lost information coming from witnesses. we do know, and this is coming
2:35 am
from police authorities, that 14 people at this point are dead. 39 people have been transported to hospitals, medical facilities nearby, and others being treat flood at the scene, try average unit that has been set up so the number of injured being reported by police authorities up to 50 who have been injured. 14 dead, including many children. witnesses reporting at least one infant who was shot at point blank range, and, also, as you mentioned one suspect in custody and police authorities now saying there is no evidence of a second involved. we talked with our local affiliate and he is on the scene and reminded us this is a very busy area. there are a lost medical facilities in the area. it is an active crime scene and we hear two people are in
2:36 am
critical condition at swedish medical center and there are at least four hospitals in that area which is good news. people can get access to the medical care they do need. >> swedish medical center, and we spoke with someone from aurora medical center. we had a telephone number for that facility: 303-695-2600. and others being treated at the university of colorado. >> now we return to justin from kdvr. justin was listening to the chief of police from aurora. >>guest: with tears in his eyes the chief of police give us the latest numbers. 14 people died here in this shooting site. there are 50 at local hospitals. they believe at this point only one shooter was involved. that person is in custody. i asked, why are there reports there was someone else involved.
2:37 am
he said he does not believe that is the case. the biggest concern right now is they have information from the individual there could be devoices both in the vehicle and his home. they are at the residence executing a search warrant presumably trying to figure what he was talking about. but that person is in custody. at this point they do believe they have a secure scene in aurora, colorado. >> what more can you tell us? it is a man. what can you tell us about his able and where he is from. >>guest: he is from aurora, his home in is aurora. as far as who he is, the wiesses said he was wearing body armour and he used presumably an incendiary device. that is all we know and he drove a vehicle here. there was a device found in the vehicle. police have a good handle on the situation. he is in custody. he is talking to them. that is how they got information
2:38 am
of the residence. hopefully they get more information on why he played out the tragedy. all they talked about the f.b.i. being on the scene. how about the gang unit on the scene? >> they did not say anything about the gang unit being on the scene. they were talking the initial numbers of those killed and injured and they have the individual in custody. >> do police believe he had assistance if planning the attack or in doing this last night? >> if they do they are not telling us. i asked specifically because i have been reporting all morning they looked for a second individual. i asked where the reports came from. he was not sure the but they believe they have the only person involved. that is the eyewitness account. >>heather: the shooter's name has not been release the? >>guest: correct. >>heather: and this is the century 16 movie theater at the
2:39 am
aurora town center. again, around 1:00 o'clock a.m., local time, this this aurora, colorado, 14 people injured and at least 39 transported. justin, have you been able, i know you were at the news conference listening to what the police chief had to say were you able to speak with the witnesses there on the scene? i understand there is a command post set up. what are people describing to you in terms of what they saw and heard? >>guest: i will answer this and i have to step away. i have only spoken with witnesses to the theater next door. the witnesses in the theater were taken away to a command post by regional buses. the witnesses inside the theater said they heard what they thought were gun shots and there were bullets coming through the wall of their theater. the information from inside the theater is from police forces on the scene. so all we know is what the police forces are telling us and what the individuals next to the
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theater say. there are five bus loads of witnesses so you can get the police are doing their work to talk to the people. >> justin we know you have to go but what can you tell us how this person was captured? who captured him? >>guest: police commented on that. they said they had police working here because the premiere was highly attended. police were here for crowd control. and the minute the shooting started they got the guy in custody but obviously they had a number of people dead and injure ed. that is the tragedy that played out. >> good thing police were on the scene that helps others from getting killed or injured. justin, thank you, from kdvr. shots started at 12:30 after the premiere of the batman movie opening justify outside the denver. there were a lot of people, a lot of demand to see the movie.
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>> additional information from the news conference from the police chief, was how the shooting play out. the shooter himself, appeared at front of the movie theater as you can imagine while all the people were there waiting for the premiere to begin and he appeared dressed in his garb, whatever he had on, a weird outfit and appears at front, and theys out the tear gas cannister and starts firing shots. injuring at least 50 people, loin of whom have been transported and as we now know the death toll rising to 14. >> we understand among the dead are children. in fact, even an infant. this is breaking news, it happened at 12:30 not morning, mountain time. as the breaking news happened, you watch fox news all the time, things can change. and they can change very, very
2:42 am
dramatically as the breaking news unfolds. but that is the latest. >> and you are asking, do we know anything else? they are releasing at this point that the suspect appears to be in his 20 so we do know at least a little bit additional information of him but we do not have a name yet. also, some witnesses on the scene we were talking about people and what they were saying they saw and were able to describe, this one witness says he was watching the movie, we heard a series of explosions. he said people ran from the theater, and this were gunshots and police shouting "get down," this witness says he saw people falling including one young girl. police were carry asking dragging bodies out of the movie theater to try to save them. >> the 20-year old shotter we understand, as he shoot up in the movie theater another -- started shooting with one rifle.
2:43 am
one handgun. >>heather: you mention this developing statement, my producer was saying now we are told there were three guns. a rifle and a handgun and possibly a third handgun that he possibly had hidden in advance in the movie theater there. >> well we also understand that the man was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time, and fortunately, police were on the scene. there were such large crowds expected for the premiere so the police helped get this guy and helped prevent further injuries and further death. but we understand that up to 50 people have been transported to local hospitals and we have heard from four if not five hospitals in the immediate area including level one trillion ma centers who have all seen injuries that have spanned from minor to severe. >>heather: other witness reports coming in, including a teen able who was in theater 8.
2:44 am
she says she saw people hit in her theater which was actually not the theater where the movie premiere it sell was playing out. she says she saw one girl would was struck in the cheek, others in the stomach, including a girl would looked to be around nine years old and, again we caution, these witness reports coming in, this, also, this witness saying it founded like firecrackers. and someone ran into the though step yelling "they're shooting out here." so, terrifying moment for those folks and familying trying to enjoy the movie remere -- premiere "dark knight rises." >> this is a brand new movie theater. there were 16 separate theaters in the facility. so, imagine the kind of chaos. and the numbers of people that were there at this time. fortunately, police and f.b.i.,
2:45 am
some officials, were able to nab this guy. that person is in police custody. and what is interesting in his 20's, a male, we don't know his name or identity. his apartment is now being searched. he volunteered some information indicating that he had an explosive in the apartment. that apartment is being search searched. >>heather: and someone spotted explosives in his theater. >>heather: now that is being looked at. >> the apartment building he lives has been evacuated as a precaution as it would be if they believed the explosive devoices are inside. the suspect being described as a 20-year-old male. that is all we know. initial reports had come out this was possibly a second suspect involved but police
2:46 am
authorities, the police chief on the scene now saying they believe there is no evidence leading to a second suspect so they have the one person they believe has been responsible for all of this chaos in aurora, colorado. he is in custody. they are sending his apartment for explosive devices. they believe he had three weapons, two handguns and a rifle. 14 people are dead. including children. 39 people are injured and transported to local health facilities. to be treated for gun shot wounds. up to 50 being reported as injured because there is a try -- a triage unit on the scene. >> we are getting information from the aurora chief of police. he said that ten of the victims were actually killed at the site at that movie theater and four others later died either on the way to the hospital or in the
2:47 am
hospital. we are also hearing that 10- to 20-shots were fired not movie theater. think of that. 14 dead. ten to 20 shots fired. it sounds like he was a pretty good shot. all witnesses saying it wasn't just the actual theater where he was doing the shooting. witnesses as we heard from our affiliate reporter said witnesses in theaters next door, bullets were flying in their theater, as well. >> piercing the wall. they are flimsy walls. you sometimes can hear the sound from another movie theater. >> alarms going off. police running in. telling people to "get down, get out," witnesses saying the police were dragging bodies from the seen trying to do what they could so number killed did not resolution. >> we hear that dozens of police not only police but f.b.i. are
2:48 am
at scene. they evacuated the area. a major cordoning off of the area. they are checking to see what kind of explosive devices could be in the man's car. and that tip came from the gunman himself. that gunman telling officials there was an explosive devoice -- device in his car. and telling officials that this could be a device in his apartment. we hear the suspect is in his early 20's. it is a male. and he live in aurora, colorado. other than that we did not know anything about his identity. >> police want to hear from you if you left the scene and you have gone home they want to know anything they can from witnesses at the scene and we can give you this information. the command post has been set up at mall and we are be told the command post is located near the
2:49 am
dillard's and they are interviewing hundreds of possible witnesses. some of the witnesses, hundreds of them, have been taken by buses to gateway high school, as well, if questioning. if you have any information that you could possibly think that could help authorities there on the scene they have a command post set up at dillard's and are questioning witnesses at gateway hospital. some parents presumably to have their children what went to the movie theater and some parents may not be aware what has happened. imagine you send your kids to go to a fun night out with friends and something like this happens. this is a town of 325,000 people, with ex length -- with
2:50 am
excellent hospital facilities the bad news is 14 are confirmed dead according to the police, he of police in aurora, colorado. 50 people have been injured. dozens have been brought to various hospitals. the gunman is in police custody. >> lone gunman according to police authorities that there could possible be a second involved but they do believe at this point, and this would be go news, this was one man, one lone gunman, a 20 year old, would lived in aurora,ght him. they caught him quickly. he is if custody. they are searching his apartment complex and they evacuated the apartment, searching for explosives. he said something to believe the authorities to believe he had explosives stashed. a witness did spot an explosive device in the suspect's vehicle parked outside of the movie
2:51 am
theater. they know he had an explosive device there in the vehicle. he used three weapons. two handguns. one which could have been stashed inside the movie theater and what is described as a "long gun," and using tear gas. ought chief of police this is telling us that witnesses have told his staff this man released some sort of a cannister and a hissing noise which could indicate a tear gas was used. then the gunman opened fire. 10- to 20-shots in one movie theater. imagine the mass chaos. >> imagine this, they are saying he had, or apeered at the front of the theater with a bullet proof vest after the previews had shown, and this man in this bullet roof -- proof
2:52 am
vest, he lows out the cannister of tear gas, smoke rises and the next thing everyone knows, shots are fired. >> the gunman in police custody right now and police say one person has been arrested. that has been confirmed. there is no second shooter. we believed there was a second shooter and police looked for a second shooter. there is only one. no evidence of any additional shooters. police are searching this guy's apartment. here is from aurora, colorado, in his early 20's. there does not appear to be any kind of specific shooting so far. this could change. did not seem to be going after any one individual. 14 people shot. at least 50 have been injured. if you have any information about this person or at the scene you saw something that maybe was insignificant but to authorities it could be very important to solve this,
2:53 am
303-627-3100. all command post set up at the scene, one at the dillard's and another at gateway high school where they are questioning witnesses, obviously, hundreds of people there on the scene, again, happening at the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado, this morning, shots fired between 12:30 a.m., and second a.m., logical time there in aurora, found -- 14 people killed and 13 injured and 30 transported. one lone gunman causing all of the death and destruction. the suspect is in custody. >> as we hear right now, at least 14 people are dead. but, some of the injuries are considered to be critical. we spoke with a couple of hospital officials. they said the injuries range from significant to severe.
2:54 am
>> the left one trauma center, aurora medical center, we have a telephone number for them. they are located in the area and are treating several injured. the telephone number to call is 303-695-2600. if you need any patient information we know several were taken there. and others were taken to the university of colorado which is also near. and there is another hospital called swedish medical center and there are four to five hospitals in the area. among them, at least one if not more, level one trauma units. those are the trauma units you want when something like this happens. so the officials can spend quickly to the severe injuries. this happened at 12:30 p.m.
2:55 am
mountain time. not very long after the movie actually began. a host parents probably sending their kids outletting them go to the movies. this is a popular movie among the teenagers. some parents may not be aware their children have not come home yet and were part of this. we hope the parents get go information but at least 14 deaths. >> aurora, colorado. memories of columbine not far from everyone's thoughts there across colorado and across the nation. we know that the mass shooting that happened at columbine and now this mass shotting. police from all over the metro area called to the scene. and the f.b.i. is there, and they have responded. we were hold initially by our reporter from the affiliate there on the scene that the gang unit was also involved, but,
2:56 am
again, police from every visible unit responding to try to get the situation under control successfully arresting one suspect they believe to be the lone gunman almost ideally as this happened. >> when they call in the gang unit that is a precaution to check out every possibility why this occurred. we hear this appears to be a random shooting, not targeted but that information can change. earlier we understood from our sources that there were two shotters. as it turns out there is only one shooter and that person has been apprehended. the good news is that police were actually there at the movie theater at the time this occurred. you know that had to have prevented more serious injuries and have prevented deaths. >> witnesses saying police came no telling people to run out,
2:57 am
and police were carrying and dragging bodies, whatever they could to get people out of harm's way. again, witnesses saying that several of the injured and the dead are children, including at least one infant. a toddler. who was shot at point blank range. that is coming from witnesses. >> these are new pictures from the scene, to the right they are pictures from twitter. to the left are aerial shots we are getting from the local fox afill idea. you can see the neon lights, a very large movie theater. 16 theaters. i mentioned earlier police were on the scene because they expected large crowds at the premiere this movie and other summer blockbusters. good news that police were there. they were able to relatively quickly apprehend the shooter, a man in his 20, from aurora, colorado, but we do not know
2:58 am
anything more about his identity. >> and as we wrap up and toss it over to "fox & friends" who will continue following this developing story, a shooting happened, a mass shooting, in aurora, colorado, at a movie theater, the century 16 movie theater, the midnight showing of "the dark knight rises," and we are told there was one suspect responsible and the suspect is if instead. 14 people were dead. and 39 others transported. up to 50 injured. >> those folks were taken to four area hospitals. any information call the local hospitals. among them swedish medical center, and aurora medical center, happening just at 12:30 a.m., mountain time. aurora is in the southeast area of denver, colorado, ten miles
2:59 am
from downtown denver, a town of 325,000 people. 14 dead so far. and, possibly, as many as 50 injured. >> the suspect using three weapons, two handguns, one long gun, had one of the handguns hidden in the movie theater and appears at the front of the movie theater and just started throwing tee gas and firing shots. all investigators among them police and f.b.i. officials at this hour, searching the suspect's apartment, which is in aurora, colorado, because he indicated to officials he had some sort of explosive devices in his apartment, as well as his car. his car was found in the parking lot somewhere in the area of this movie theater. whether there are really explosives we do not know but that is something officials have to take seriously. >> one lone g


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