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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>shepard: the bodies of the bed are inside the movie theater. ten people deceased after the massacre this morning at the premiere of "batman." a few miles from the horrific scene investigators are trying to disarm explosives inside what they described as a booby trapped apartment where the suspect on the right hand side of the screen lives. they say the 24-year-old man booby trapped it before he went out on his mission to kill. we are told he walked into the packed theater after midnight and dressed head to to in black with a gas mask and ballistic vest and helmet and protections on his throat and groin. some said they thought it was part of an act, part of the show. but we told he set off two explosions and started shooting into the crowd. all right now officials say 12 people are dead and at least 59 others are hurt.
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it is under clear whether the man was shot or whether he was covered this the blood of other victims. here is how a witness described it all. all there was one guy on all fours, crawling, and there was a girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's back, arms. one guy was stripped down to his boxers. it looked like he was shot not back or something. >>shepard: it happened in a theater outside of denver and 20 miles from the site of the shooting at columbine high school. listen to the back-and-forth as first responders arrived early this morning and they realized they had a bloodbath. all another person outside shot in the leg. a female. people are running out of the theater that are shot. >> rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims to the dillard lot. all i have seven down. seven down. >> a child victim.
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i need rescued in the back door theater nine. now. i need a medical crew. i have a victim eviscerated. >> i have a whole bunch of people shot out here and no rescue. >> led them up and get them out of here. >> we have one we can in the move in theater nine. get a ambulance here as soon as available. all suspect, male, unknown race, black camouflage aspect with gas mask. we may have a number of people dead. >> if they are dead, leave them. we are in a mass casualty situation at this time. >>shepard: unthinkable. one of the nation's deadliest mass shootings in recent history. trace gallagher with more on the suspect including reaction from the family. and adam on scene in aurora, colorado. my understanding, adam, this suspect was just standing there and police walked up and that
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was that? >>reporter: yes. james was captured easily. he was sitting in the theater. if you look at the screen the suspect walked in from the emergency door on the right according to a witness. and he walked up the aisle. walked out. that coincides with what police say. they captured him outside standing basically by the car outside the emergency exit. if you walked to the front door to the actual area where the seats are and out the back that is where you would find him. he was stand there with the weapons on him. he was dressed with every kind of ballistic coverage you could have in that situation covering every part of his body. he went in uneventful. we had a chance to hear from the police chief. he says they are confident he acted alone. >> we not looking for any other suspects. we are confident he acted alone. however, we will do a thorough
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investigation to be absolutely sure that is the case. but at this time we are confident he acted alone. >>shepard: we have a picture of the 24-year-old suspect but right now we do not have the mug shot. police may release it today. that is normally the course but this is not a normal day as we know, and, they are taking it very delicately as he is somewhat cooperating. >>shepard: we have a picture of the suspect we have been showing to our viewers. what is happening at the apartment? they have a lot of work ahead of them. >>reporter: they do. as i am talking to you, i am getting a message from law enforcement saying there are two scenes. the apartment, first. the suspect told police that he had bombs in his apartment. they went there with bomb technicians, with the robot, in fact, a robot we have seen, to take a look and they brought in the hook and ladder truck to put toward the window to look inside without opening the door and
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they see canisters and bottles filled with liquid hooked to wires. and the bomb technicians say it seems intricate and they are trying to figure a course of action and the police chief talked of that. take a listen. >> we are trying to determine how to disarm the flammable material in there. that is why we are here. we could be here for hours. or days. >>reporter: i am told of a second site from a law enforcement source in colorado. he says the medical campus, also near the suspect's apartment where he worked, had been evacuated, a research building. one research building. they are looking at the possibility something was done there and they want to covert bases. it doesn't mean he left a booby trapped situation there but they
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are taking every precaution necessary. there is now a second location here in the aurora area to make sure there are no bombs or incendiary devices. very active. we have this thing with the bodies still inside and hospitals in the area. and the high school where people are going to find out about loved ones. now not only his apartment but the medical center area. the final location is police headquarters and jail where the suspect is being interviewed. >>shepard: thank you, adam, from aurora. the university of colorado school of medicine in denver reports the shooting suspect was working toward a ph.d. in neuro science before he dropped out last month. fox has confirmed the 24-year-old went to high school in san diego. that is where his family still lives. and his only previous run in with the law was a single speeding ticket. the san diego police department released a written statement from the suspect's family.
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>> our hearts go out to those involved in the tragedy and family and friends of those involved. we ask that the media respect our privacy during this difficult time. and it goes on "our family is cooperating with authorities to san diego, colorado, and we are still try to process this situation and we hope people will respect our privacy." trace is on the west coast with the news. we learning more what happened at the theater, trace. >>trace: it is fascinating when you talk about this. it goes to the suspect's m.o., with a report that a federal source says that the suspect actually bought a ticket to this movie in theater 9 and he sat in the front row and at some point he acted like he was getting a phone call and left through the emergency exit. he had stored the equipment and the weapons outside of the exit because several minutes later he came back in and opened fire. the police say he was dressed if
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black. a ballistic helmet. a groin protector but when ray kelly talked about protecting new york city theaters during "batman," he said this. >> he had a knife, he had a shotgun. he had ak-47-type assault rifle. and he had a nine millimeter handgun, unknown to us at this time. and a knife in his possession. he also had what is considered a grenade. >>trace: the commissioner saying red hair, like the joker, and said he was the joker. police would not talk about that because we asked, did he have red hair? they would not talk about it. a second federal source has now confirmed that, in fact, his hair was red. the joker's hair not movie was green but the commissioner alluded to saying something about being the joker. >>shepard: trace, the
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suspect's mother was contacted by a representative of the media, i think someone from abc news and she was not informed, she was, like, i think you have the right person. i need to get to colorado. she must have known something. >>trace: and it is weird because nobody has an explanation. she is in the house and you read earlier the police in san diego are guarding the house. the father is en route right now to colorado to meet with his son. but the mom said, yeah, i think you have the right person. or "you have the right person, i need to call police." that was the end of the explanation. as for the son, james holmes, before he rented the apartment which is now booby trapped, he wrote on application he was "quiet and easy going." as you mention, the university of colorado said up to a month ago he was a member, a member of the medical school studying neuro science. he got his undergraduate in
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neuro science and without reason he quit that medical school. and the key weapon, or the key question will be: where did the weapons come from? he did not have a concealed weapons permit. he wasn't a hunter. had no hunting license. no connection to the military. was not on any terror watch list. and as you mention, no criminal record whatever. where did the guns come from? were they legal? all the police would say is, the legalities of that are still being investigated. >>shepard: thanks, trace. we talked about the suspect's mother and now we know the suspect's father in video is leaving san diego, california, and new video. we will listen. >> he is just a young man. in his 20's. (inaudible) >>shepard: the father clearly is not speaking but we do know from our affiliate he is headed,
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new, headed to colorado. and appears to be answering questions and nodding his head. look. >>shepard: there are a lot of victims here. imagine being in his shoes today. all this is a news conference that is going now, the fox news alert. this is happening at uc riverside, university of california at riverside. he had ties there. and they are speaking out. >> we are very deeply saddened by this horrific event. we offer our condolences to those directly involved and offering counseling services to all of our students and to our faculty and staff who are directly affected either by knowing mr. holmes or by having
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children at the show and generalizing from that. he was an undergraduate student at the university of california riverside. he joined news 2006. he graduated in 2010. he was an honor student in neuro science. graduated. he had merit-based schoolships while here and then moved on to colorado for graduate work. again, on behalf of the entire university, we are deeply sorrowed by this tragic event. we will be cooperating with law enforcement as they come to campus in the days and weeks and months ahead to cooperate with them in anything we might offer to help make sense of what is a senseless tragedy. thank you.
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(inaudible lyrics). >> he was a neuro license student and that relateses to health and research and biotechnology, obviously, so i am not answer to able your question. (inaudible) >> students and faculty who have been discuss this today this is obviously breaking news, they are shocked. shocked and stunned by the horrific issues. we have not had a chance to determine whether or not they have any insight that could lead to a deeper understanding. that is what they will be doing dealing with law enforcement agency. (inaudible). >> the campus has been abuzz try ing to contact the chair of neuro science and the chair and faculty. >> have you contacted a professor who had him directly
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in class? all there has been a lot of contact across the board. obviously people are trying to digest the news rather than having much to offer at this point. >> are you aware of any kind of accomplishments while he was here? >> he was an honor student. so academically he was at the top of the top. he distinguished himself from an academic point of view during his four years with us graduating with highest honors. (inaudible). >> one of the unfortunate things for me is, while there are some things like your question about what he did while he was here that federal law ever h -- prevents me from discussing we can knowledge the demographics but we are not at liberty because of the laws, to
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discussion anything else at this point. (inaudible). >> i did not have personal contact other than shaking his hand when i gave him his degree. (inaudible). >> there is no evidence, no record, of any contact by the university california police department with mr. holmes. (inaudible) all let me correct not record, i did not shake his hand because he did not walk at commencement. 4,000 others did but not mr. holmes. >> neuro science is one of our more rigorous majors in the
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biological sciences and with that they study obviously chemistry and physics, and, also, brain anatomy and physiology and psychology and how we all behave, so he was focusing in the areas which is strongly emerging academic areas across the country. a very fascinating field. (inaudible). >> i do agree. it is ironic. >> i think the part for campus like ours is a community like ours, at the end of the day, we stick together, in good times and bad. the overall field i have received so far today on campus and in our community is one of not only shock and horror, but support of each other and those who knew him directly or worked with him to make sure that they go through their grieving process.
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at the end of the day and all day long, quite frankly, our campus is embracing the families and friends of those who were killed in colorado and who were injured in colorado. that is the university of california riverside community speaking loudly and clearly about that. >> you have been contacted by the f.b.i.? >> law enforcement had contacted the university. those are early conversations. obviously law enforcement is more focused on the crime scene today but as the hours and days go forward i am sure it will be were more engaged with them. we will, of course, be as helpful as we can. >> i heard the news this morning on my ipad. it was on the air. and, then, conversations with my senior staff that there was a possibility that the student was, that the person was a
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student here. that was verified first thing this morning. we have been working from this point of view since then. >>shepard: students at the university of california riverside, the chancellor telling us about his tenure there. completing his degree there, with honors, the highest honors that school bestows and the chancellor, as you her, said he was "at the top of the top," studying what makes us all tick. and the chancellor admit flood is irony in all of that. >> in a moment we will hear from a woman sitting on the second row of this movie theater as this man, we are told, came in that back door after going and taking the phone call, all dressed in black with a gas mask on and started murdering people according to authorities. the eye witness is coming up. we are watching the progress at the apartment which authorities have said is booby trapped. you can see a window has been
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >>shepard: fox news continuing coverage of massacre in aurora, colorado. and jennifer was sitting in the second row of the theater as she describes it, 4 feet feet from the shooter when he pointed a gun. she ducked to the ground the crawled to the exit. on the way out, she saw a man with a bullet wound in his back. she tried to check his pulse. she said she had to keep moving because as she put it "i was going to get shot." and now from aurora, jennifer and her friend.
12:23 pm
thank you. how are you? >>guest: well as of right now i am trying to get through the day taking it a minute at a time. i'm running on empty but i'm trying to be strong for the families that have lost their family members and loved ones. they cannot be here but i can and i am trying to show them strength. >>shepard: do you have a memory, a clear memory, of how this began? if you do, can you take us through it. >>guest: yes, yes. we were, maybe, 20 minutes into the movie. and it was a calm part of the movie. no guns or nothing. and all of a sudden on my right a guy is coming through the exit door to my right and he looked like he was an actor or a prop. >>shepard: describe it.
12:24 pm
>>guest: and that is what everyone was thinking. he looked like a swat team member. like he had a vest on, he had gas mask on, and a rifle in his hand. i didn't see other weapons. i know he did, later on, but all i could see was the rifle and he looked like he was, literally, in a video game or, like, literally, like a swat team member or someone not army. when he came in he was probably -- he is a tall guy, 6' 3". tall. lean. with muscles. did you not know what to think, you thought he was joking around. everyone wascy length at first and caught off guard and he threw the gas grow made and pulled the top. it went off and everyone thought it was probably part of a special effect. and, then, the second that he shot the ceiling the first time,
12:25 pm
and it was real and everyone was in a panic. and people were screaming. there were women. children. and he went from this, to this, with my face with a gun, with a rifle and at that part my life, i didn't know what to do but i knew if i didn't do something i would be dead so i literally jumped and dove as far as i could, into the aisle and i landed on this guy, and i crawled under the chair as much as i could and dug into that and told everyone to stay still and don't move until he goes up the stairs and everyone then, just crawl, crawl, crawl as fast as you can. high was shooting anyone he could. didn't matter who you were, guy, woman, child. if you tried to escape he would shoot you. all you her were screamed and there was silence because he was reloading, but this was screaming and crying and mass chaos, and the tear gas wasser
12:26 pm
excruciating. my eyes were watering so bad it was hard to see and it was hard to breathe and i was on the verge of having panic breathe and i knew i had to get out of there. so i tried to get everyone out. but at that time, everyone, we got to the exit and they ran back. but i told everyone to lay down and pretend you are dead. we did that. and he continued to keep shooting up-and-down the aisles and it got quiet and he left and i don't know how or when he left but he looked like a swat man so he could blend in, in the crowd, so that makes sense, and i tried to get out and we were crawling our way out and as i did that there was a girl on the stairs. she was lifeless. 12 or 14. dead. just in cold blood. and other bodies. it was a massacre. and i saw a gentleman, i knocked into him, i thought he was dead
12:27 pm
but he wasn't. he was moaning and i reached to him and check his pulse because i have training and i wanted to see if he was okay to get him out so i wrapped my arms underhim and i got some of the blood on my wrist and as i did that everyone was like, no, no, no, jump. so he runs in front of me and he takes off and i am still dragging him, and i said i have to go, him or me. but i would gladly take the bullet it was a flight or fight instinct. >>shepard: did either of you hear him say anything? >>guest: no, he never said a thing. just started pulling his gun out and shooting. >>shepard: did he just stay put at going in the front of the nearty by the exit to the right? or move up-and-down the aisles where you say people were lying down pretending to be dead? >>guest: he moved. as far as moving, he started with me but by the grace of god
12:28 pm
he did not shoot me because a six-year old god shot. why didn't you take me rather than the six-year-old, they have so much life? that is what i was thinking but as first he hot the people behind me and i heard moaning and groaning, and hearing moaning and groaning and i was freaking out and staying quiet and he walked up the stays and starting shooting people in those aisles and they were trying to runaway and he started going into the aisles and shooting people and everyone, when someone got, tried to get away, he would shoot them. >>shepard: when you got out of there, i guess he had already been apprehended by the time you got out. were they still looking for him? what was the deal? >> yes. he got out. he got out. we were probably the last people out. to be honest. there were a few of us, but, late rally me and him because we were at the front of the theater and we were pushed back because people were coming back in. he left and i didn't notice because i wasn't trying to lift
12:29 pm
up my head but stay as far down on the ground as i could and the tear gas made it hard to see. high left before i got out but i was terrified. he could have come back in at any point. >>shepard: when you look back on this, sir, how surprised are you that you standing there talking to us now? >>guest: it is still a mystery to me being as close as we were to the gunman, 5' in front of us, it doesn't make any sense. my family tells me that god probably has a plan for us, but, the analytical side of me doesn't think things add up that we made it out and everyone else who has a clear distance from us was not able to. >>guest: it was, literally, just a game of probability. not a game, but russian roulette. it could have been anybody. anybody. it was unfortunate because he just didn't have a specific
12:30 pm
target but just shooting anything and everybody. >>shepard: i cannot imagine having the frame of mind to jump on the guy or try to take him down or something but i wonder if anybody in there, did they? >>guest: i think it crossed somebody's mind after the fact but during that time instinctively people want to survive and we just ran. there was in time for beating that guy up. if i would have thought about it, if he didn't have a gun in my face i would have, i would have showed him. >> what happened for both uses we had like a cold reflects and we were not freaking out like everyone else. we had a plan to stay down, stay calm, get people in front of us to keep calm. so we did not get attention and try to get them out as fast as we can. >> that was the main objective not a matter of getting the guy. we knew the cops would be in
12:31 pm
there soon. they literally came in, in seconds, after we left. so my main objective was to save as many as you possibly can. >>shepard: onscene survivors. our coverage continues after this on fox news channel. tter i. our e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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12:35 pm
drum-style ammunition clip not assault rifle. this comes to us from the associated press which site as law enforcement source. a high capacity drum-style ammunition clip for his assault rifle. those are not my words. these are words i am quoting. randy zelin is with us, criminal defense attorney. there has been a lot of controversy over these high capacity clips for what police are describing today as an assault rifle. >>randy: for very good reason. we see the aftermath of the use of the high capacity magazines. what you have in this case the horror and the defense of it, and there is a defense of it, but the bigger issues, the fight between pro gun, antigun. you will see probably a reaction in the movie industry where security at the theater and movie theaters are $30. >> we have reaction. there is a times square movie theater showing this today,
12:36 pm
extra security out there. armed guards. i hoped to read the rest of that. that was my hope, at least. back to adam at the scene in aurora. officials, adam, i understand, held some briefings? >>reporter: yes, they have. you talking about the high-capacity clip. we can confirm that at fox. i talked to an agent maybe ten minutes ago who walked by here and we have seen him in other stories. this was one of those clips and all four of the guns, he says, you can bet if any of these were obligated illegally they will throw the back at whoever did that. that was the quote from the law enforcement source. they are very much part of this, the federal authorities. as the investigation continues behind me at the theater with bodies still inside we can confirm the university of colorado medical center, two of the research buildings there, three miles from where we are located, also here in aurora,
12:37 pm
and just down the secret from the suspect's apartment, two of the research buildings have been evacuated, staff has been told not to come in today at all. law enforcement is outside surrounding the building. they do not think there are any bombs inside but they will send the bomb dogs in to make sure because the suspect worked there. we know that a couple of blocks arm at the suspect's apartment right new there are hook and ladders, and bomb technicians, the best they can fine, they are there right now trying to figure out what to do with this guy's apartment which is filled with canisters filled with liquid filled with different trigger devices and booby traps. so this is a lot going on as the investigation continues and families are still finding out, and people are still going
12:38 pm
through surgeries. there are still two active scenes, apartment and his vehicle. >>shepard: the shooter was beating on one door for ten seconds? >>reporter: you have covered these things before, two eyewitnesses can be standing side by side with honest intentions and different stories. but one story, the shooter propped on the door to get to the car, the emergency exit, and trace talked about that. came back in through that door. we hear that from a number of witnesses and tried to hold the doors closed so people could not get out. there were a couple of witness whose say they started to run and saw he was coming back in, walking down and calm as can be and they went back to the floor and crawled unas far as they could go and acted as if they are dead. these stories are coming in, one
12:39 pm
after the other. people are very shaken up. one girl is still in an operation right now and she may lose the bottom part of her leg and her best friend next to her helped her get out. she could not walk because she was shot in the knee. the stories are just, really, hard to even describe in some respects. for those would have gone through this last night, a very difficult situation, and, still, continuing to be difficult as families are still finding out. >>shepard: back to adam as the events warrant. we heard from the police chief in new york city earlier. the police superintendent. and he spoke with the folks in colorado and gave us a 100 down of what the weapons were the man had. according to police commissioner kelly in new york city, he had among other things a knife and the guns. i got this from jennifer griffin , and she works the pentagon and has confirmed through law enforcement. fox news has confirmed that the guns were purchased at two
12:40 pm
separate gander mountain gun shops. one in thornton, colorado. one in aurora, colorado. then the other guns were purchased at two bass pro shops, both in denver. what is describe the by law enforcement source as "a significant amount of ammunition also bought this." all of the guns according to the reporting of jennifer griffin bought, legally, as those four gun tours. and now, another person inside the movie theater describes the shooter as "relentless." how are you? >>guest: all right. pretty shaken up. >>shepard: do you remember the first time you spotted this man? >>guest: well the first time i caught a glimpse, i looked to see who threw the canister and i thought it was a joke, and they were doing it as a prank. >>shepard: and then what did you see next?
12:41 pm
>>guest: next i saw a flash. and a loud sound. and i presumed that was like a firecracker or someone was lighting it off to be funny. >>shepard: i can only assume on opening on night of this movie that every seat in there was filled. how did the people react when the canister went? did it seem that they thought it was part of a stunt? or were people in panic mode? >>guest: people were confused, they thought it was a stunt or prank. no one was in panic mode. >>shepard: you think about the moment you get up at the end of a movie in a packed house and you do not get to move much. you have to wait a long time, what was that confined quarters like? >>guest: well the first shot fired when he shot at the ceiling did not cause people to
12:42 pm
start running around in panic. people stayed if -- in their seats. when they noticed him taking fire they got down on the floor. it could have been a lot worse. >>shepard: do you have a sense how long this went on? >>guest: well, it really seemed to go slow in the moment. but i would say it was, you know, a minute, maybe, a minute and a half the whole thing getting shot after shot after shot. >>shepard: other witnesses have described him reloading? did you see that? >>guest: well, i was the 4th row from the top of the auditorium. there was a time in define when i heard a slight pause and between the gunshots and i looked up. i got a glimpse of his silhouette. and the shots were starting to
12:43 pm
be fired again. >>shepard: how did you get out if what were you met with when you got outside the theater? a large police presence? what was happening? >>guest: after the next magazine had gone out, another 20 or 30 rounds, i saw a lot people, there were no more shots. i saw a lot people running to the top of the auditorium. i told my friends "we need to get out." so a lot people were packed in the first and second row at the top. i decided to go to the third row where i slipped on some blood and i landed on a lady and i told her we needed to get, she needed to get up and get going and she had no response. she did not say anything. she did not move. i presumed she was dead. i continued to exit the theater
12:44 pm
with my friends. when i was out there, there were no cops. we ran away. we were freaked out. we ran to a restaurant not too far and halfway to the restaurant we saw lights in the distance and the cops started coming. by the time we got to the street across from the restaurant the cops were down that street. about to enter into the parking lot. >>shepard: thank you, our guest survived it all and lived to tell it all. all the best to you and your family and your loved one. thank you. >> we are waiting for a lot of information. whether authorities can get in that apartment. and what is there. and we will have continuing coverage after this. the medicare debate continues in washington...
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>>shepard: continuing coverage, now, of the shooting rampage at the movie theater in aurora, colorado, overnight. 59 people were shot and injured.
12:48 pm
12 people shot and killed. and now a forensic psychologist join us. doctor, i never thought much of the process of analyzing people who doctors have not seen. and i know you feel the same way, but when you see a person like this --. >>guest: i do. >>shepard: a person like this with such high, high honors in college and getting a ph.d., looked line he had so much to give, if he did this and there is nothing to suggest he isn't, how does this slip through the cracks with nothing but a speeding ticket? >>guest: well, this is one of those things that it makes you think, how on earth did someone who was so high functioning and obviously so intelligent end up doing something this catastrophic? i have been thinking about this look at how he was alone, how he was, perhaps, having a beef with the university.
12:49 pm
because the building that he booby trapped was exclusively for students and faculty of the university. so i am wondering about this. this is consistent with someone would goes along with a fairly normal childhood and may have a serious psychotic break the i cannot diagnosis someone who i have not treated so i am not making a firm diagnosis but i wonder, given he was armed to the teeth with the people who were trapped in the theater, i am thinking about something along the lines of paranoia schizophrenia. >>shepard: it will be interesting to find out what has happened here if we ever do. randy zelin, the court hearing is on monday. this will be a first appearance. >>randy: the most important thing that is going to happen is the question of bond. it is pretty safe to assume a judge to going to find him to be both a danger to the community and a flight risk since he could be facing the death penalty but
12:50 pm
as a defense lawyer i'm immediately thinking of my closing argument. and reasonable doubt. who can identify him? dark theater wearing a gas mask, if someone is pointing a gun you are looking at the gun, not a face. a lot going on. i want did know physical evidence, as well. >>shepard: continuing coverage with a response from president obama and governor romney. each has suspended campaigning. another senseless tragedy.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>>shepard: seven minutes before the hour on "studio b", the president and former massachusetts governor romney
12:54 pm
had campaign stops scheduled but deliver add statement responding to to the mass core in aurora. a horrible day for candidates to be in politics. >>reporter: neither the president or governor romney wants to be insensitive. president obama has official responsibilities and he got call at 5:00 this morning from the fbi director and his homeland security advisor and after determine there was no nexus to organized terrorism it was his job to provide a shoulder for a grieving nation. >> if this is anything to take away from the tragedy the remainder that life is very fragile. our time here is limited. and it is precious. and what matters at the end of the day is not the small things, not the terrorism ideal things, which so often consume us in our likes but how we choose to treat
12:55 pm
one another. and how we love one another. very report the president orders flagged at federal facilities lowered to half staff and offered all the federal assistance to the mayor and governor and returned to the white house for another briefing on the shooting. >>shepard: they have pulled their tv ads with the blistering attacks. >>reporter: at least in colorado. they have asked tv stations not to run the ads and the president said there 8 be other day for politics. there is a day for prayer and romney said now is the time to show "the good heart of america." >> today we feel not only a sense of grief, but, perhaps, also, of helplessness. but there is something we can do. we can offer comfort to someone near us who is suffering or heavy laden. and we can mourn with those who mourn in colorado. >>reporter: it is under clear how long the break will last
12:56 pm
from the campaign trail. the campaign has no campaign events over the weekend but the thinking is romney will spend an equal amount of time off the trail. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. more onslaughter at the colorado movie theater coming up next on "studio b" ahead of "your world," with neil cavuto. we know a place where tossing and turning
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>>shepard: sources confirm to fox news the suspect had a high-capacity ammunition clip. the 24-year-old is under arrest after investigator say he killed 12 people and shot 59 others at a batman movie premiere. the victimss' remains are still in the theater. the killer booby trapped his apartment with explosives and they spent the time trying to get inside safely. and as i read that copy over the last 30 seconds we got this bulletin from the associated press. it reads "u.s. defense department says


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