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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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leap 43 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, july 20, 2012. for our viewers in and around aurora, all of our best to all of you. for the journalists of fox news i'm shepard smith. we hope you have a good weekend. our coverage continues with a live edition of the o'reilly captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another sad day in america and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. bad things happen to good people all the time. nobody knows why. it is just the way life is. once again, we have mass murder in america and the killer is a young man who was simply out of his mind. nobody's fault. no policy deficit. it is just an atrocity that is impossible to explain. this is the fifth time in 13
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years an american has committed mass murder. columbine, colorado, april 20, 1999. 13 dead. 26 wounded. after two students shot them down. the two then committed suicide. april 1 16, 2007. a deranged man on the virginia tech campus kills 33 people including himself. no motive for the homicides. november 5, 2009. army major nadal hassan kills 13 americans at fort hood, texas. currently charged with premeditated murder. his trial will begin next year. and january 8, 2011 gerald love lofner. now, we have 24-year-old james holmes from san diego who allegedly killed 12 people, wounding 59 others in a colorado movie theater.
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the crime took place in aurora a suburb of denver. a place where i lived for two years. aurora is a middle class neighborhood, just regular folks. colorado authorities are holding holmes and there is no question he did it. once again, we have a crazy guy causing a massive amount of pain and destruction. there is little else to say. fox news correspondent jon scott has the timeline. >> reporter: a little after midnight local time the wildly anticipated premier of batman the bark knight rises begins. >> i look to my right and there is this guy coming through the exit door to my right. and he looked like he was an actor or something like he was just a prop. >> 20 minutes later the shooter stands at the front of the theater wearing body armor and a gas mask. he is armed to the teeth with an assault rifle, shotgun and at least one glock pistol. first he sets off two devices which release some sort of irritant or smoke in the air. then he opens fire.
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>> somebody is still shooting inside theater number nine per an employee. >> for up to 20 minutes the shooter fires into the soldout theater. there was one guy on all fours crawling. there was a girl splitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs and some people's arms. >> the thing that affects me most is seeing that young girl just laying there shot. she was just a little kid still, you know. like it is just not right. >> 12:39 local time. calls start coming in to police. >> we may have a number of people dead inside the theater. >> okay. if they are dead just leave them, we are in a mass casualty situation at this time. >> within two minutes police flood the scene. people covered in blood begin streaming out. >> the first thing we see is a 13-14-year-old girl with a bull let wound in her leg and her stomach and probably her chest. i think she was right there
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about to die. >> minutes later, police arrest 24-year-old james holmes in the back of the theater. and once the sun comes up the rest of the country begins to learn of the horror. president obama saying the government will do whatever is necessary to bring the shooter to justice. >> we are going to stand by our neighbors in colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time. >> back in colorado, cops say the motive is unclear and they are not looking for any other suspects. >> we are confident that he acted alone. however, we will do a thorough investigation to be absolutely sure that that is the case. >> and joining us now from the scene of the crime on the phone is jon scott. so you are a colorado native. can you provide some perspective for us? >> bill, i am struck as i come out here. it is a crystal blue sky today. a light breeze blowing. it is warm. it is what everybody comes to colorado for. the fantastic weather and
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outdoor scenery and the lifestyle. friendly people here and yet another tragedy happened just like it happened 13 years ago at columbine. >> bill: is there a culture in colorado that is casual about firearms because you know that is going to come up. when i lived there in the 1970s. everybody was outdoors. there is a western tradition where everybody has access to guns and this guy bought his guns legally i understand. but people they respect firearms there. but it isn't difficult to get them? >> it is not difficult to get them and i think there is a respect and healthy kind of respect for firearms here. when i lived here in my early 20s i had a rifle rack in the back of my pickup and would go up in the mountains with a .22. it is common around here. this just seems to be the case of an individual who just snapped. >> bill: now, i don't know whether you can answer this question, but i haven't heard it addressed so i want to ask
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it. how do you get that kind of armament in a theater? i guess he had a back pack or something. he has full regalia. three weapons. two that are substantial, large, all right. he has tear gas cansters. how do you get that into a theater? >> i think i can fill you in on that. he bought a ticket and came in dressed as a civilian and sat in the very he front row and then sometime after either the previews started or the film itself started he went through one of the fire escape exits that is actually located at the front of the theater behind the movie screen. so then he went out to his car, dressed up in all his gear and after 15-20 minutes came back in carrying all of that stuff. he must have either jammed open the door or used a piece of tape to be able to open it again. i talked to two witnesses in the third row who said when they saw the door open and light streaming in from the parking lot and a guy standing there wearing a mask they
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thought he an usher. >> bill: that makes sense. he comes in and scopes it out and then goes outside and jiggers the door some what to get back in. arms himself and dresses himself in his car. now, the apprehension and usually cases like this people either kill themselves or the cops gun them down. they captured this guy. do you know how they did that? >> i do not absolutely. although the witnesses that i was talking to said that at one point his gun seemed to jam although he had a number of weapons on him. maybe his favorite gun for whatever reason something jammed and he he just set the gun down and sauntered away to the back end of the theater and seemed to just sit there and wait. there are also reports that he had taken some kind of prescription medicine a couple of hours before the attack. whether that had anything 20 do
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with it. whether that can be confirmed, i do not know. >> bill: then the police go to his apartment. aurora is a place with massive amounts of apartments. i lived in one called the falls. and people come to colorado from all over the west because you can make money in denver. there are jobs in denver and then they get apartments. he came from california. he came on in. but apartment i understand he because he trapped with us he wanted to kill more people who were going to investigate him after the fact. >> i wonder whether he wanted to kill some of his neighbors because neighbors say that around midnight which must have been about the time he left to come to the theater which is just a short distance away they heard loud techno music repeating over and over again in his apartment and they went up and banged on the door. they live downstairs. they banged on the door door to try to get him to stop. if they had opened that door
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who knows what may have happen. >> obviously he was bent on killing as many people as possible. as i said before it doesn't have anything to do with gun control or anything other than this guy and again this guy didn't have anything in his past, jon, i don't think to indicate any violence. he had no record. >> no. >> bill: he was a placid guy by all the accounts. although his mother said something interesting when she was confronted in san diego she told the authorities according to the reports she wasn't is surprised that this happened. we don't know any more than that, though, do we at this point? >> not at this point. all industrycations are that he just snapped. my high school teacher said something once that i will always remember. the nine can get sick just like the body can and he must have been subject to something like that. >> bill: and nothing any of us can do about that. >> jon worked with the abc station out there and i worked for the cbs station out there.
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>> bill: continuing now with mass murder outside of denver, colorado. joining us from the mile high city, salina jordan, a 19-year-old who works at wal-mart. she was in the building when the shooting began. and william, washington, a 25-year-old internet radio producer who was also in the building. william, we will begin with you. tell us when you became aware that a crisis was unfolding? >> well, it was odd because i was in the theater next to where the crisis was happening. and the scene that was happening on screen was an hathaway in an actual shootout kind of a scene so what we are hearing is gun shots coming from the speakers in the
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theater and so when two gun shots happened that are a a whole lot louder than what we were hearing in the theater that kind of sparked something was wrong, you know. at first i just thought the speakers were too loud and then we start to see the smoke and when i started to see the smoke i knew something had to be going wrong. people were kind of asking questions is somebody just setting off a firecracker in the theater, what is going on. there was a whole lot of confusion and once somebody finally said he's got a gun then we realized this is a crisis, something is happening. >> bill: what did you do when you heard he's got a gun, what did you do. in. >> well, it was a gentleman who was actually on his way out. he was hitting the exit. i guess he inhaled some of the xic smoke and so he came back in and just immediately goes he's got a gun, don't go in the lobby. everybody starts rushing for the balcony upstairs.
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>> bill: did they panic in the theater? when you said rushing did everybody crush to get out the exit doors? >> people were pretty cordial. once we got to the balconies is because both theaters 8 and nine emptied into the same balcony we started to meet with some of the people who were in the theater where the shooting was taking place. i was seeing people with bloody faces. looked like a guy was missing a piece of his leg. it was something ell. >> bill: salina when you started to see people bleeding and injured and knew this was a crisis situation that was going through your mind? >> i was in shock. like it took me a half hour to actually process what was going on like my friend had to push me like outside like make me look. i was just standing there like what is happening. i don't understand. we were watching the movie and all of it is fake and then he
5:16 pm
is like -- >> bill: did you feel you were in danger, salina? >> i -- no, i was oblivious to everything that was going on. i had no idea. like it was just crazy to me. >> bill: so you basically were trying to figure it out whereas william you said you knew there was violence in the air. now, you did you know that there was one gunman, two gunmen, was there information flow going around while everybody was trying to get out? >> there was just a whole lot of rumors going around. honestly, i don't think anybody outside of who was in theater nine had a legitimate answer. i know there were rumors going around. once we were all outside it was just rumors spreading. there were people saying oh, it is just some firecrackers, everybody is fine. i remember hearing somebody saying there was a co 2 bomb. a whole lot of rumors being passed back and forth. >> bill: when you saw somebody bleeding that must have heightened the urgency of it for you? >> absolutely. i -- we knew that at least as
5:17 pm
far as theater mean in was concerned there was a gunman. there was no question about that there was a gunman. >> bill: did you feel that your life was in danger william? >> i ducked behind my brother. i will gladly as a han admit that on national television that i was hiding behind his shoulders. >> thanks for taking the time this evening. directly ahead. another eyewitness. lucky to be eye live. he was right on top of the gunman. then who is the accused killer james holmes? factor has been investigating and we will have that report moments away. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! [ slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you?
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>> bill: impact segment. 17-year-old tanner coon was in
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the back of the the movie theater when saw a canster fly across the room. at first he thought it was a prank and then all hell broke loose. tell me what you saw after that canster landed. go. >> after the canster landed i saw smoke emitting from there and just less than two seconds later there was a large flash and a large bank and i first thought that was a firecracker going along with the whole prank thing. and then it soon hit reality after another three shots were fired that i realized this was gunfire. >> bill: did you you see the man shooting? did you see him? >> no. not at this point. but later i did see his silhouette. at this point it was too dark. all i saw were the flashes. >> bill: did you see anybody get hit and were people screaming and panicking?
5:22 pm
>> yes, people were panicking. people were freaking out. i didn't see anybody get hit but i did see people who were dead when i was leaving the theater. >> bill: when did you realize there was a man in the theater shooting at you, at you, tanner and everybody else? when did you realize that? and then what did you think when you became aware? >> well, the moment i realized was three shots after the first shot. i realized that these were consistent shots and that, you know, are it was really loud and i knew it had to be gunfire. i told me and my friends, hit the ground and hide behind the chairs and the only thing that could go on in my mind is how could this happen, why is this happening and when is it it going to stop, am i going to make it out alive. >> bill: how did you make it out because he fired a lot of rounds in that small theater and a lot of people went down. 71 people. that is a lot o of folks
5:23 pm
getting hit. >> yeah. i'm very lucky to get out alive because when i was leaving the theater a lot of people after the guns stopped shooting after the gun fire stopped a lot of people were heading for the upper exit and so people were in the first and the second row. i was in the fourth row from the top. and so i decided to go through the third row to get to the exit and directly behind where i was sitting which is about three seats in on the right-side when you are looking at the screen directly behind where i was laying and sitting i tripped, i slipped on some blood and landed on top of it lady. i shook her and told her we need to get up and we need to get out and realized she was dead. she made no movements and said nothing. and at that moment i realized, you know, that bul bullet went straight over me and hit this woman. >> bill: when did you try to
5:24 pm
get out? did he stop shooting so that you felt it was safe to leave your hiding spot behind the seats and go to the exit? >> well, he stopped one time after unloading -- i mean after shooting about 20 to 30 rounds. i poked my head up and saw him again and he started firing again. another 20-30 rounds or so and the shooting stopped. i saw some people running for the exit and there was no more shooting so i assumed if he had ammo and people were starting to run he would start shooting again and so that is when i felt like it was safe for me and my friends to get up and try to escape. >> bill: did you feel that you were going to die? did that thought cross your are mind? >> yes, it did. i mean there were tons and tons of bull lets going off. i just was wondering when it was going to stop. i mean i wondered how much ammo does this guy have and how long is it going to be until maybe i get hit. >> bill: when you finally made
5:25 pm
it outside, what did you say to your friends? what was the conversation when you finally knew you were safe? >> well, my friend -- one of my friends was 1 an 12 and was distressed during the shoot and i was comforting him. he was distressed outside the theater because we didn't know where the gunman was. he could still be in the parking lot and what if he decided to open fire. he wanted to get away from the scene. we went up to a restaurant away from there and that is when we felt safe. we started talking about what we saw and you know what we were feeling and we called our parents and it was just horrendous. >> bill: i can imagine. you are very, very kind to tell us what you went through. i can imagine how traumatic it was for your family and friends and yourself. you are a brave guy tanner and we appreciate you coming on
5:26 pm
tonight. >> thank you. >> bill: plenty more are ahead as the factor moves on. we have been investigating the alleged killer and we will tell you what we found out about him. and we profile some of the victims of a appalling massacre. they went to the movies and that was it. awful. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. ♪
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prohe texter and gas mask and black tactical gloves. >> bill: who is the alleged killer james holmes. joining us, steven tubbs. first of all, what stands out about this guy is that he was a phd candidate at the university of colorado in neurosciences. graduated from the top of his class a at the university of california. the guy was intelligent no doubt. anything else stand out about him? >> bill, good evening. i think we will learn more certainly in the days to come as some of his neighbors start talking about just who james holmes was. he certainly had colorado ties. he also had as you mentioned southern, california ties. his family in san diego. the fbi told me early on in the investigation this morning that the fbi was involved in san diego at a san diego suburb at his parent's home.
5:31 pm
we understand holmes graduated from the university of california at riverside and then came here to colorado. i find it ironic that his apartment a third story apartment which as we speak is still being searched and the bomb squad and the fbi and atf out there in aurora. two blocks to the west of where many of the victims were actually taken from the movie theater shooting which was about two miles to the south, southwest. so everything happening in quite a small area and certainly as we get more information from the neighbors i think it will paint a bigger better picture of who he was. >> bill: he is a methodical guy. we know how he got into the theater and planned it and it was very, very minutely planned. he is 6'3". 185. no record. a few people who ran into him this week says he was a football fan. have a beer and talk about peyton manning and the denver broncos and the upcoming
5:32 pm
season. no out of the ordinary pattern at all that we can find. but the intriguing thing, and i don't know whether kok radio followed up on this, abc news is reporting that when the authorities contacted his mother arlene holmes in san diego she said "you have the right person." has there been any more about that? >> no, and i think bill that really took a lot of us by surprise. that came several hours ago and i know when i was on the air with our continuing coverage on koa i saw that tweet come across and i thought it was very odd for her to say that about her son. and we continue to talk to these victims and really we haven't been able to follow up certainly from denver to san diego. >> bill: we don't really know more about that but that is troubling if the man's own mother would say hey, usually they say exactly the opposite. as jon scott reported up top, he booby trapped h his
5:33 pm
apartment in aurora. looking at it now. and he he put chemicals in jars with wires, obviously wanting to hurt more people. the authorities say anything more about that. >> they call this sophisticated and clearly i think you even indicated earlier in the show that he wanted to injure or kill as many people as he could. the fact of the matter is the devices certainly could have gone off in the moments before the shooting at the movie theater. you talked about the music that was playing nonstop. these are the types of questions we will get answers to when we get our hands on as part of the media we get to talk so some of the neighbors. >> bill: there will be a press conference coming up at 9:00 after the factor goes off the air and we are hoping to get more explanation on this. do you know in sealed air about anything about the capture of this guy? apparently he is not cooperating. not saying very much.
5:34 pm
do you know anything more than that? >> i know from witnesses that i talked to today that he did walk out on his own. this whole thing happened from the best i can tell within a few minutes. he walked out and his car was perhaps maybe 30-yards from the emergency exit door and from our helicopter we could see the blood everywhere and bloody footprints and police told us and we reported and they confirmed that he willingly gave himself up. they found an automatic weapon and rifle and handgun on him. he was still with the gas mask, the same image that they saw the man come into the movie theater and immediately set off the devices. >> usually these guys kill themselves or the cops have to take them out. they just don't say here i am, take me into custody. were you around at columbine? >> i was working at abc in los angeles and came around
5:35 pm
hours after columbine. if you are a religion person pray for the community because the columbine community that is still impacting is feeling the same once again and now we have a brand new you community here in colorado. as our enough said today, i would take issue with aurora is the safest city maybe in colorado but this is a safe state. it is. i lived in aurora. i lived there for two years. i was never menaced and colorado is a benign state. it is is not a state where there is a lot of fear in the air. it is just unfortunate. obviously it is unfortunate but two of these things in one state defies description. thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> you bet. take care. >> bill: when we come back, the victims, who were there? and then dr. keith ablow on psychotic behavior. can it ever be predicted? those reports after these messages. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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the o'reilly factor, the number one cable news show for 12 years running. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, 12 dead and 59 others wounded in the colorado movie massacre. all of those people were loved by others. >> doctors at area hospitals including cu medical center put on disaster alert as soon as they heard of the shooting. >> patients came in by police cars and ambulances and private vehicles and the severity of injuries ranged anywhere from
5:40 pm
mild shrapnel down to severe injuries where we had patients critically ill. >> reporter: 23 patients rushed into cu hospital all with different injuries. six patients taken to children's hospital across the street. >> gunshot wounds to the head, to the chest tortion the belly. some of those folks had to go to the operating room almost immediately. >> reporter: doctors forced to triage patients based on their injuries. the more severely wounded were treated first. >> you don't plan for 23 patients to come into the door within a few hours. >> they treated victims from 3 months old to 45 years old. the youngest victim was released from the hospital. the father who was holding his son at the time describes how he thought his son had been grazed by a bull let. >> he went into the seats above and i didn't realize and i look up and his head is popped out exposed and he is crying and like if i stand up he is going to shoot him right in the head
5:41 pm
so i kind of dove over and just landed. i don't know where i landed. >> while baby ethan turned out to be okay another father learned his 6-year-old daughter had died after going through several hours of surgery. >> after three hours sitting at children's hospital in aurora i found out my child was dead. >> bill: joining us from the university of colorado hospital where some of the victims are, still being treated, kvdr reporter sara marsh. you had an intern killed at kdvr, the fox affiliate. her name jessica gowey and she was killed in the theater, correct? >> yes, she was an intern with us in our sports department a couple of years ago. >> bill: and can you tell me something about her? >> you know, bill, i didn't work with her and we are still kind of getting information. apparently her folks have been in contact with us because she did enjoy her internship here at fox. but we are still trying to work
5:42 pm
out some information on her are. >> bill: i understand that she was up in canada in another shooting incident but she is deceased now. i don't want this to sound harsh to anybody but reason that these children were in the theater at midnight to see batman is because their parents didn't want to pay for baby sitters because baby sitters are expensive so they take the children and the children fall asleep in the movie and the parent watches the movie and the 16-year-old girl is dead, the mother of the girl was shot in the chest. you just heard her father. she survived. do i have that story right? -- the six-year-old girl. did we lose her, sarah? all right. this is what happens on live tv. we lost the satellite feed. the story about this is that the mother, the father and you heard the father, took the six-year-old to the midnight movie and they did that as he explained because they didn't want to pay a baby sitter because they are 15 bucks an
5:43 pm
hour, okay. and there you go. we have a couple offer whos that we could tell you about. i know that. calm down. i'm he getting things in the ear. i have it. i understand what is happening. we have zach who was injured and shot in the neck. and we are basically trying to get profiles of all of the people that were injured in this. it is very difficult because the authorities are doing the right thing. they are not releasingformatioe who were shot even the ones that are wounded until they are absolutely sure that their family members have been alerted first. because you don't want to do that in the movie. also there are bodies now still being removed from the theater. the reason those bodies stayed in the theater for let's see now it is about 7:00, the reason is that they were not identified and forensics is all over the place as you know. so now they are basically coming out. i understand we have sarah
5:44 pm
morris back. the situation out there is that the colorado authorities are weeing very, very cautious about releasing any identities, correct? >> that's correct, bill. i think several of these victims actually have family members out of state so they want to make sure to identify everyone and don't want to have the imhaves hear about loved ones on a media show like this one. they are being extra, extra careful right now. and honestly there is so much information going on here. there was dozens and dozens and dozens of victims injured and on top of that, of course, a dozen killed. there is just so much information to be processed they want to make sure they don't mess it up. >> okay. when the wounded 59 wounded began going into the hospitals, were there enough doctors in the middle of the night to treat them? >> doctors here. >> bill: we are still having trouble with the satellite
5:45 pm
there. so what we are going to do here is take a break, are all right. can we take a break? and then we are going to come back with dr. ablow from boston and talk about psychotic behavior. can it be predicted? you know, there are things, indicators and dr. ablow has been dealing with this for quite some time. the factor will continue after these announcements. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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this is the act apparently of oo a very deranged mind. this is a safe city and a safe state and a safe country. and we need to recognize that we can't allow people that are abrations of nature to take
5:49 pm
away the joys and freedoms that we enjoy. >> bill: back of the book segment. ever since man walked the earth there has been violent behavior. part of the human condition. nothing any of us can do about it. however, psychotic behavior can often be predicted. joining us from boston, dr. keith ablow, a psychiatrist. what is the headline of this story to you, doctor? >> the headline of this story, bill, is that all such episodes of seemingly random senseless violence have roots that reach deeper than the moment, deeper than the monstrosity and can often be explained by psychopathology taking root and what is more that psychopathology as it starts to manifestity itself is almost always notice by people who disregard it and have denial
5:50 pm
severe can case couldms veer a be unfolding in front of him. >> bill: so you are saying you could figure out why he did what he did in psychotherapy? >> no doubt if i had time with mr. holmes and his family we could trace the roots of his emotional instability, perhaps the early chapters in his life story. what is more than that, i would be able to find as a reporter and psychiatrist people who had touched base with mr. holmes and who knew that something dark was unfolding. after all, here is a young person who was pursuing a career as a healer. wanted to be a neuroscientist. was able to complete assignments. make out an application to be accepted to the university of colorado to be a phd candidate. something went wrong and people knew. they just didn't take it, i believe they just didn't take the signs and symptoms seriously enough because nobody wants to believe it could be
5:51 pm
happening. >> bill: i don't know if that is quite fair. let me get to my point here. if the abc news report is accurate and his mother told the authorities you have the right man as soon as she was contacted then the mother knew there was something wrong with her son, okay. we start there. but what -- >> perhaps. >> bill: in our society you can't do anything about it. you can talk about it. you can say to somebody i think that person over there is dangerous but there is no court in the land, there isn't any psychiatrist, you can't do anything about it. you have somebody sitting in your office and you think that person is dangerous you can't detain them. they can walk the streets -- >> that is not so. >> bill: okay, go. go ahead. >> first of all, we have to explore why was this young man withdrawn or released from his studies. was he evaluated by a student health service.
5:52 pm
>> bill: but they can't force him to do that. if he wants to leave he can leave. >> but the question is what was known? what kinds of answers did he give when said i'm out of here. and listen if someone is my office and he says i would say to him listen you tell me that you are having feelings that people don't mean you well. would you ever take action against those people. yes, he says. i say okay, well, hold on a second and i go down to the secretary's office and say call 911 and i will make out a form and have this person committed. that is what i do because i have seen bad things happen. >> bill: if the person has a lawyer the lawyer will come in and the person will be out on the street. >> not necessarily. >> bill: very hard. >> not necessarily. >> bill: we a story, we have a situation like that here in new york this week where are a guy stabbed a woman to death and he has a rap sheet up and down his arm that he was crazy. he was on medication. the psychiatrist said look, he
5:53 pm
has to take it. he didn't take it. boom, the woman is dead. they are not going to detain in a big city like boston or new york or denver or san diego. you know that. they are not going to detain. you got to have cause to detain. >> bill, it is absolutely a fractured mental healthcare system i agree with that. that is why we have to put out the word to clinicians and family members. >> bill: to do what? what could the mother have done? >> you should hear me on the phone at times with er saying if you would like to do that release my patient that i just sent you i will fax you a letter that says that you are wholly responsible for that and i will outline the responses that this individual gave to me that puts people at immediate peril and that is the message that has to go out to others. >> bill: good to you to do that and i know ablow for a lot of years, he does. most don't because they don't want to be sued. the guy can come back at you. there is lawyers all over the place. look at the child abuse. they know who the abusers are.
5:54 pm
they won't even take the kids out of the houses even when the kids are are hurt half the time. they go right back because the lawyers are there saying you can't do this. that mother in san diego if she said that and i believe she probably did, all right, she could not have stopped her son from going anywhere or doing anything. she could have screamed and run around the block. >> not necessarily. >> bill: she couldn't have done it. >> i don't know if this man holmes fell victim, victim quote unquote to drug abuse. do you know that families can petition courts in almost every state for enforced drug abuse treatment in a prison environment if necessary, a prison hospital. >> bill: they can petition. >> the bottom line is people don't use this stuff as much as they can because they don't want to get involved and they don't think it is that serious. people have to be judged by what they do. >> bill: but it is not easy. >> no, it is not easy. >> bill: to get these people off the streets. >> it is hard. it should be a little easier
5:55 pm
frankly. >> bill: doctor this guy by all accounts right now, this is day one and we might learn more. clean. graduates at the top of his class at the university of california riverside. gets accepted in the phd program at the university of colorado. scoring really well on his school work. he doesn't have any history of drug abuse. he doesn't have any involvement in the criminal system. no way you get this guy off the street. you just don't get him off. >> when all is known and all it would take is about 45 minutes with his parents and two teachers and three of his friends, there will be a story that makes sense. the why of why this happened will be manifest and the timeline with all of the concerning moments will be seen and at that point we will be clear that people could have done more at various points and they either didn't know how or didn't want to take the chance or they didn't believe because of denial the scorch that plagues this earth. they didn't believe it could
5:56 pm
happen. >> bill: or they were afraid of the person. >> but fear can't paralyze us. i'm not going to get in line with fear. >> bill: but you have to take that fear into account. if you are dealing with a psychotic that person can come at you. and the second thing is there are aot of cowards and the mental health area aren't going to do it because they are afraid to get sued. that is where we are in america today. from this case from what we know now i don't think anybody could have done anything about it. >> just wait. we'll learn. >> bill: we will te continue or discussion next week with you. and i'll have some final comments in 60 seconds. ♪
5:57 pm
you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> no mail this evening because of the situation in colorado but a final few words. i've been a journalist for more than 35 years and i've seen horrendous violence all over the world. as i mentioned earlier, it's always been that way. it's part of the human condition. most americans are good people and we feel terrible tonight for the victims and their families but there is nothing we can do about it. those who troy to exploit
5:58 pm
stories like this by blaming others or political policies are charlottetons. don't listen to them. life has to go on. we hope you say prayers for the victims this weekend and we hope you tell your grandchildren that america is a noble situation, with that what happens to california is an aberration, and that no country is immune to this kind of stuff. we hope you tell the kids that. they need to hear it. this is horrendous. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight's. we leave you with some sights and sounds of what happened today. >> tragedy in colorado. a gunman going on a shooting rampage during a midnight showing of the batman movie "the dark knight rises." >> multiple victims. >> seven down in theater 9! >> i have a a child victim i need rescued at
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