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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream >> heather: a fox news alert on a tense operation underway inside the apartment of a colorado shooting suspect. bomb experts are disarming traps and explosives that were, quote, set up to kill, and their work far from over. i'm heather childers and well dom a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. new information is emerging on this fast developing story. there may be up to 30 explosive devices hidden inside that apartment. investigators also saying the gunman had recently bout 6,000
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rounds of ammunition. and of the 59 people wounded in the rampage, seven of them remain this hour in critical condition. >> heather: the suspect, james holmes, will appear in court on monday. one big question for police, finding a motive for one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. adam housley is live on the scene for us in aurora, colorado. >> we might find more out about that admission of what he has done or what really drove him to do this, what's inside this apartment complex behind me. authorities said even if they find or even if he has told them before he got a lawyer, they won't tell us. they'll wait and do that in a court of law. you know they're getting at evidence inside. let me give you a look at what's happening inside. the ladder truck put its ladder down. that's significant because it means they no longer have to hoist anybody in. they can now walk in. they've been inside the apartment from james holmes now for three or four hours. they have an assessment team inside. what they're doing now is all the trip wires have been taken
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down. all the significant threats have been taken away. but there are still very delicate areas in the apartment. they're going through very tediously, very meticulous work and they're insuring that each device they get to has been basically disarmed to the point where it won't set off -- there is no trip wires. that's what the crew is doing right now. to get to this point, though, they had to set off a water bomb to disable a mechanism that was in the kitchen that was basically tied to all these different home made grenades. take a listen to the explosion that set it off. (explosion sound). >> that water bomb explosion we heard very clearly here was preceded by three bursts of a horn, as well as three yells of fire in the hole, fire in the hole, to warn those around there would be an explosion. they basically went through with these little devices and that one big device to disarm the mechanisms that he had put together, james holmes had put
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together to set off the stuff inside the apartment. once they did that, now they go in to each device that's individually there. what they're going to do is bring in a dump truck eventually and take out all those devices and put them in this dump truck can take them out to the east part of town and destroy them out there. then they'll go through a lot more investigative work inside his apartment, specifically. we know there was at least 30 home made grenades, but more than 30 bombs inside becauses there were a number of bottles of liquid and he had a bunch of different powders and things that if mixed together would cause a fire, basically. he was going to try to burn this place down, try to kill the person who opened the front door and that would set off a fire storm. that's with they believe he had tried to put in place and thankfully that did not happen. i want to show you other video we shot earlier today about the investigative work that's being donely. the atf, f.b.i. are both here, as well as local authorities. atf and f.b.i. have been bringing out some of the articles from inside the apartment. some it's evidence.
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other stuff which will be used as evidence, is the actual material that was used to make these device. they test them, they determine how dangerous they are. and then they proceed from there. that work has been continuing as we speak under that tent you're seeing in our video. we come back live, one of the fire trucks is moving in closer. it gives you the idea that they're not so much worried about explosives. they're more worried about potentially a fire starting with all the stuff that's inside. so fire trucks moved in closer, as have some of the other personnel. that's a good sign. but there is still a lot of work to be done. there is stale danger involved inside, and the good news is nobody has been injured and they're doing their absolute best right now to get as much evidence out to prosecute james holmes and at the same time, preserve other apartments in the nearby area. back to you guys. >> heather: these words from the news conference, the threat has not been eliminated, but has been drastically reduced. thank you so much, adam haas howsly reporting. >> gregg: those bomb squads are
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treading carefully inside the apartment of shooting suspect james holmes, making sure to successfully disarm each and every single device after they were forced to use a controlled explosion just to get their way inside. that blast disabling only some of the traps, now one of the biggest concerns that remains, deactivating what's left of more than 30 makeshift explosives set up inside the apartment. kevin barry is with us, he's a retired new york police department bomb technician who now works with the international association of bomb technicians and investigators. thank you for being with us. the bomb we just saw is called a mdw. what is that? >> mwb, mineral water bottle. an explosive charge and it's used to send a field of energy into a suspect package to disable the firing system in it
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without causing any damage further to an explosion. the blast atenuates rapidly and it's safely used in a confineed area. >> gregg: mwb. we talked about trip wires. u ought one with us. let's get a close up of this trip wire. what is that? what's it made of? >> it's a copper wire and it's a firing wire for electric blasting cap. its origin is from a former communist nation of russia, it was recovered after the berlin wall came down. >> gregg: can somebody, anybody buy this on the internet? >> readily available, army, navy stores, gun shops. it can be used as an electrical firing circuit or for trip wire for mechanical switch. >> gregg: there were deton airports inside. you brought one. let's look at that. that's right next to it. let's get a close-up of this.
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describe that. >> that's an electoral blasting cap. that's what the bomb technicians would be looking for when they're searching the apartment looking for the leg wires and if it's connected to a power source or timer or some type of mechanical switch. >> gregg: this suspect is a pretty smart guy, neuroscience education and so forth. pretty easy for the lay person to figure this stuff out and put it together? >> readily available information in the libraries and also on the internet. sometimes we want to say there is too much information out there. >> gregg: all right. not all of the threats have been overcome. there is still some incendiary devices, potential explosive devices. talk to us about that. >> they're concerned with chemical mixtures that if mixed together would be reactive and you get a hyper bolic reaction. you could have a violent fire or explosion. they are concerned about
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additional booby traps in the apartment. >> gregg: what about poisonous gas? >> that's always a possibility because you can mix the chemical s and again, reactive chemical, you could have items such as chlorine that could be involved in this, potassium, a mixture of different chemicals and this guy is on the cusp of being brilliant. it would be very easy for him to make hme, home made explosive. >> gregg: so what do you do going in there now is you've gotten rid of the trip wires. but you've got all of these dangerous bombs and devices. >> they are going to have to go foot by foot from the doorway in to clear this apartment and they've obviously recovered some 30 pieces of home made ordinance grenades. there is also talk of shell, but we we don't know if they're military shells or aerial shells, class b explosives for
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fireworks shows. we don't know exactly what this is yet. that'sist it's going to take time and then they're going to have to determine really who was the targeted person for this? was it the police? was it a neighbor? was it the super? did he set up a time tore have the radio turn on after he had left? so all of this will unfold as the investigation goes forward. >> gregg: i've been to the scene of homicide bombings in the middle east. what you find are nuts examine bolts and screws and all kinds of things that are used as shrapnel and they're laden within the bombs to cause as much human suffering as possible when they explode. is there concern he might have done the same thing? >> it's very possible. the only reason to make an improvised explosive device is to kill or maim. there is no other reason for it. >> gregg: the chief, dan oates, who used to be nypd, he's got a law degree, very bright guy. he talked to ray kelly, he said one of the brightest guys ever
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at the nypd. he was angry at the news conference about an hour and a half ago. he said it was clear that this is a guy who was trying to take out somebody who opened the door and likely a police officer. that's pretty diabolical, isn't it? >> it is. but you have to realize the police have been handling this situation now for two days, at least, and the anger is going to grow even more. there is going to be an impact on every one of the first responders out there, just like there was here in new york after 9-11. >> gregg: what else am i missing about that crime scene within his home? anything? >> no. it just has to be processed so that they can turn it back and make their neighborhood safe again. it's going to take a while just for the people in the neighborhood to feel safe again. >> gregg: yeah. it's got to be tough for law enforcement when people can so very easily get their hands on these, on the essential elements of making a bomb and triggering
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them. >> we have very good explosive laws, but like anything else, you can get around a law. you can get around law for explosives, around a law for drug, untaxed cigarettes, firearms. where there is a will, there is a way. >> gregg: all right. thank you so much for being with us. >> quite welcome. >> gregg: great information. thank you. heather? >> heather: we are learning more about the victims who survived the aurora rampage after dozens of people were wounded, some of them critically. in the moments after the shooting, there was a massive effort to rush them to local hospitals. anna kooiman is live in new york with the very latest on this part of the story. >> we have literally just received a full list of the 12 victims from the arapaho county coroner's office. the ages range from 6 to 41. caused by gunshot wounds. 1-year-old a.j., 29-year-old jesse childress, 26-year-old
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jonathan blunk. 41-year-old gordon. 24-year-old alexander keys, and 32-year-old rebecca wingo. 6-year-old veronica moser is also one of the 12 dead. and 27-year-old matt mcquinn died while shielding his girlfriend, samantha, from the gun fire. mcquinn has been presumtively identified, but is awaiting definitive identification. 24-year-old sports blogger, jessica, who wrote about surviving a shooting in canada, was shot in the leg and then in the head. 27-year-old petty officer third class john larimer was among the dead. navy notification team contacted his family last night. 23-year-old michaela. her family said waiting was tough. alex sullivan, a husband, brother and son, also killed. alex planned to ring in his 27th birthday at the movie and then celebrate his first
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wedding anniversary on sunday. but for the living, victims continue to recover in multiple hospitals around the area. 11 remain in critical condition, we're told, as families and friends continue to deal with tragedy. a hospital spokesperson at the medical center of aurora says they are still assisting seven patients down from 18. three on the trauma floor and four in the intensive care unit. one of the shooting victims is recounting the incident. >> it was right after the opening action scene. it was quiet and the canister of whatever going across the theater, and then the fizzing of it, and then the shooting. the gun going off. josh helped me protect my wife
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and he got shot. >> so tough to hear stories like that. makeshift memorials have been popping up and an official vigil is taking place sunday night at 6:30 at aurora city hall for the victims. you can visit giving to make donations. our producers are telling me that there is a press conference going on, that the navy is doing it, buckley air force base honoring two sailors that were killed. if we can look at that video. as mentioned, 27-year-old petty officer third class john larimer and jesse childress is 29 years old and he is a staff sergeant, we're told. any details that are coming from the press conference we are certainly going to be bringing you in an upcoming here for you guys on fox news channel. gregg? >> heather: so sad. veronica moser, the six-year-old, the youngest victim, her mother in critical condition in the hospital right now.
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family and friends, unable to bring themselves to tell her that her six-year-old daughter is dead. >> gregg: oh, boy. what a heart breaking situation. >> heather: beyond awful. >> gregg: all right. there are still so many unanswered questions this hour about the man at the center of this deadly shooting massacre. just yesterday, we saw our first glimpse of the 24-year-old's father arriving at denver international airport, likely going to see his son who is now behind bars. high school yearbooks revealed this picture and a young james holmes who excelled in science. he was destined for a bright future. some of his friends describing him as really a typical guy, never showed any signs of trouble. >> james holm, he was a very attentive that he was smart, quick witted and very hard work. mentioned -- expressing an interest in weapons and just
3:16 pm
going into battle. you never thought jimmy would do something like this. but now that he has, it's just like, maybe we should have told someone about it. >> gregg: some friends say holmes struggled to find work after graduating with a neuroscience degree from the university of california-riverside. last year he began working on his ph.d., but then left the program without any notice back in june. >> heather: certainly find out a lot more about him. there is still no word on why the aurora gunman targeted theater 9 at the century 16 multi complex. but once the deadly rampage began, the theater walls could not contain the hail of bullets. at least one shot hit a member of the audience next door in theater 8. so what was it like being in there so close to the shooting?
3:17 pm
selena jordan was there examine joins us on the phone. are you there? >> hi. >> heather: thank you for joining us. you're just is the years old. tell me who you went to the movies with and what you were expecting the night to be like. >> i was with my friends and we were, like, it was supposed to be crazy premiere, like 'cause we both are so big for batman. >> heather: you were going with your friends expecting to have fun. the movie had actually started. the movie started. you're sitting in the theater. tell me what happened next. >> so so we're watching the movie. everybody is excited. as soon as it comes on, everybody gets excited. it's movie time, you know. and then, like, 15 minutes into it, there is a shooting scene with anne hathaway. he's shooting at somebody. then, like, the shooting noise
3:18 pm
starts to get louder, like we thought they had special effects because we would hear the shooting noise, sounds like it's right there, and then you start seeing the smoke. so i didn't think anything of it. so i'm looking at the smoke and i'm hearing the bullets. why would they do that? i'm not paying attention to the movie anymore. >> heather: when you heard the shots starting to be fired next door, there was actually a shooting scene going on in the movie itself. so you didn't know what you were hearing, but then the shooting got louder and louder, so you knew something was wrong. also when you started to see the smoke, you said, is that coming from next door? >> yes. it was coming from next door because we didn't know because there was holes in the wall. so the smoke that james holmes, the canister he threw, that was the smoke coming into it. we didn't know.
3:19 pm
we had no idea. >> heather: when were you told what was happening? how d you find out that there was actually a shooting going on? >> there was two people that was standing in our theater that got. so one girl that got shot in her jaw and this guy that was sitting down on the first level of the theater, he ran out after the people that got. so then he comes back in and yells, they're shooting, they're shooting. everybody move! they're shooting outside! >> heather: how did you get out? >> my friend, he was pushing me, 'cause i was in shock. i'm like, oh, my gosh. he pushed me. we got to go, we got to go. >> heather: so i understand you had said that it was very clear to you that someone was going to die in the movie theater that night? >> yeah. like what i heard when the alarm went off was there is a murder in the theater. but everyone is like, no, there is an emergency. there is an emergency.
3:20 pm
come to find out, somebody -- a couple people did die in the theater. >> heather: yeah, as we know, 12 people did. many more injured. we are so glad you got out safe. selena, just 19 years old. thank you for joining us. >> gregg: coming up next, investigators say a booby trap inside the colorado shooting suspect's home was designed to kill whoever happened to walk inside. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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>> gregg: the gunman suspected in the colorado movie massacre expected to make his first public appearance in court on monday. 24-year-old james holmes will face at least 71 charges for each of the people he's accused of shooting. and now one of the big questions remains whether he will face the death penalty. will his lawyers invoke the insanity defense or will it even get that far? he's first got to be held competent or determined competent to stand trial. keisha evans, former prosecutor, lis wiehl. competency is the first hurdle that prosecutors have to get
3:25 pm
over and after a year and a half, they still haven't gotten over that hurdle in the gabrielle giffords shooting. >> yes. that's very unusual. and the burden is fairly low for the prosecution. all they have to show is not that he knew right from wrong. that's insanity. that's way down the line at the trial because that will be -- >> gregg: we'll get to that. >> incompetency means can he even understand the charges against him? and understand the charges, can he help his lawyer? can he do that? if the prosecution can show that or defense cannot disprove that, he moves on. >> gregg: what if he thinks he's somebody else? >> like lis said, he's going to have difficulty trying to show he's not competent because he planned this out and he had the costumes and he had the -- >> gregg: he keeps saying i'm the joker, i'm the joker? >> that may go to the defense of insanity. but as far as competency, i think the prosecutor will be able to show -- >> gregg: schizophrenia, alternate reality? >> that's a problem for the prosecution.
3:26 pm
i get it with loughner, before loughner, i would have said no way, this is easy, slam dunk. it's not because of loughner, because of that, and believe you me, those defense lawyers will bring that up. but i still think that if you get in front of a judge that he has got to know at least what the charges are. that's really kind of the crux of it -- >> gregg: you have to be able to assist in your defense. >> exactly. >> right. >> like you said, that's the first hurdle. but after that, then he can put on this affirmative -- >> gregg: you know what? the reason i thought of jared loughner was because remember the mug shot of him? he looks nuttier than a fruit cake. you look at the picture of james holmes dressed up as the joker and it kind of -- this is not him dressed up as a joker. i don't know if we have the shot and with the dyed red hair, but you know. >> even, gregg, even assisting your counsel -- hear me fourth a second -- in an insanity defense is still assisting your counsel. even if you tell your counsel, i
3:27 pm
didn't know right from wrong. go ahead with this defense. that is still assisting your counsel. >> gregg: now, once you get past competency, let's assume he's competent to stand trial, there is a plethora of evidence that would belie insanity, planning, premeditation, he says on one of his e-mail communications he was trolling these adult web sites looking for sex and he said, will you visit me even when i'm in prison? >> exactly, knowing right from wrong. >> he said he wanted to speak to an attorney when he was arrested. >> who says that if you don't know right from wrong? >> right. i think his attorney's best goal or best strategy would be to try it avoid the death penalty. >> gregg: how do you avoid that? >> you try to plead it. >> a plea. >> gregg: 12 dead people. you were a prosecutor. you wouldn't do that, are you kidding? >> of course i wouldn't do that deal. but i'm saying -- >> gregg: you would not do that. >> i would not do that deal. to her point, one thing the defense lawyer could try to do
3:28 pm
is take death off the table, life in prison without possibility of parole and don't go through trial, but don't worry about a mistrial. >> gregg: play that sound bite. this is dan oates who is the chief of police in aurora. take a listen. >> make no mistake, okay, this apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i've seen, to kill whoever entered it. okay? and who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and executed this horrific crime? it was going to be a police officer. okay? so make no mistake about it, what was going on there and if you think we're angry, we sure as hell are angry. what has happened to our city, what has happened thought these wonderful people who live here examine also what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> gregg: what he just describes fits this, which is the definition of terrorism and wmd charges. could the feds bring that charge? >> yes. it will be harder because think about jared loughner, timothy
3:29 pm
mcveigh, that was a federal building. loughner, he was an army personnel. there was automatic federal connection here. it's a little more difficult burks with the terrorism domestic terrorism charge, i think they could bring it. >> gregg: going after government, government officials. >> right, atf coming into that apartment. anybody. >> i agree. it also makes me think of the additional charges that he's going to face. there is going to be hundreds of charges, this booby trap, this is an additional. not just the victims, but as the officer stated -- >> ten years ago with the dc snipers, remember how that started? federal examine -- and state. different jurisdictions. >> gregg: his and keisha, thank you both. >> heather: now to a fox news alert. apparently all explosives have been removed from james holmes' apartment. they have been taken to the dump to be destroyed. we will have much more on this coming up in a live report. stay with us. this developing news a party?
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as we mentioned, bomb experts have successfully disarmed trip wires and removed all the explosive devices inside the suspect's apartment this hour. now investigators are hoping to find any kind of clues that could shed light on the suspect's motive. why in the world would he do this? their job may just now be beginning. craig bodieswell is live at the scene in aurora, colorado. >> good evening to you. that is certainly encouraging news, not just in terms of the investigation, but in terms of the people that want to return to these apartments. they've been evacuated, not been able to get back in with this potentially deadly situation. the atf confirmed to us on the scene that all of the hazardous material, improvised explosive devices have been removed from this apartment, the third floor apartment of the suspect, put into a dump truck, taken to a
3:35 pm
dump where some will be burned, some will be exploded. still this has been a long, hot day for the atf agents, f.b.i., as they've been working to basically dismantle a myriad of booby traps that were designed for maximum deadly force. bomb technicians surgically remove and detonate devices inside suspected gunman james holmes' apartment, a space booby trapped from top to bottom with devices designed to kill. >> this trip wire was set up to detonate when somebody entered that apartment and it was set up to kill that person. >> authorities tried not to compromise evidence. 4-year-old james holmes is in custody after allegedly killing 12 people and injuring 58 others at a midnight movie showing at the century 16 movie complex on friday morning. at aurora medical center today, survivors recall the nightmare. >> it was totally calculated. it seemed methodical. >> rick: this man choked up
3:36 pm
describing how his best friend helped shield his new wife from a burst of bullets. >> he helped me keep her quiet and we held on to each other like this might be it. >> downstairs neighbors now recounting her close call as she went to investigate loud music blaring from holmes' apartment the night of the shooting. >> i did put my hand on the door and try the knob. it did seem like it was unknocked, but something told me at that it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go in there. >> now that it appears most of the immediate danger is passed, investigators can get in, look at some of this material and begin to lead to answering the question that everybody wants answered as to why all of this happened. back to you. >> gregg: all right. craig boswell live at the scene in aurora, colorado. thanks very much. >> heather: as police continue to scour the suspected shooter's apartment for clues, chilling new accounts of his deadly rampage are continuing to emerge from the people who experienced this terrifying ordeal.
3:37 pm
firsthand. 23-year-old eric hunter is one of those eyewitnesses. he was in the movie theater next to where the shooting happened and he actually came face-to-face with the alleged shooter. thank you for joining us, eric. >> thank you. >> heather: so how did you happen to come face-to-face with him? take me through exactly what happened. >> basically when the film started, after the film had already started, we were about 30 minutes into the film. that's when the smoke started coming in to the theater. it filled the theater for the most part and then we heard three gun shots. we thought it was a part of the movie. they were doing a gag. after that we heard nine more. i got up. a lot of people were panicked. i go downstairs and see blood on the stairs. i look back and tell everybody, it looks like somebody is shooting in here. looks like there is something wrong. i go over to the exit and i go over to see if we can get out that way. i open the door and that's when i seen the two 16 or 17-year-old girls. they're in panic mode.
3:38 pm
basically one girl looked like she was shot through the mouth or had shah rap net go through -- shrapnel go through her mouth. i asked if they were okay. they asked me to help them, please help us. he's coming back. can you please help us. soy helped them come in the door. right when i'm about to close the door, i see the shooter come around the corner of the brick wall. that's when i see him and i closed the door and i hold it for five seconds. he's pounding on the door. i let go. after he stops pounding, we try to take care of the girl and had help from off-duty paramedic. >> heather: you were in theater 8 next to theater 9 where this was happening of the go down the stairs and see blood in the stairs in that area of the theater where you are because as we know now, bullets were going through the wall from theater 9 into where you were at theater 8. the exit door that you opened at the bottom of the stairs, did that go into theater 9? >> that led to the parking lot. that didn't go into theater 9.
3:39 pm
that led to the parking lot. i'm thinking the girls came from theater 9 or came out of ours. i don't know where they came from. but that led out to the parking lot. >> heather: eric what, did he look like? what type of look did he have in his eyes? were you able to see? did he look like a crazy person possessed? alsoid he have red hair? we've heard reports about that. >> from what i saw, i mean, he had all black on, like some kind of riot gear outfit. he had a vest on. he had a gas mask on. i didn't get a clear look at the color of his hair. it was pretty shaded in the area we were at and it was nighttime. i didn't get a clear look at that. he did have a pretty intense look in his eye. he didn't look like he was trying to make it out, from what i saw. >> heather: you're very calm and collected now. but you're a hero. you ran into these two injured girls, you were able to help work on them. how are they doing?
3:40 pm
>> i've heard they're doing good. also i'm a radiologist technician assistant. just want to make that clear so my boss doesn't get mad at me. but i heard they're doing fine, from what i heard from other reporters. and i was just trying to do the right thing. i would hope somebody would do that for me. that's all. >> heather: thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. we're glad you're okay. >> gregg: awfully good guy for taking the time to help those girls. police say the colorado shooting suspect is looking to claim another victim back at his own apartment, maybe more. his front door rigged with a device that could have killed whoever opened it. coming up next, we'll hear from the neighbor who almost made that fatal mistake down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar
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>> heather: the f.b.i. confirming a booby trapped rig to do suspect james holmes' front door was designed to
3:45 pm
seriously injure or kill whomever opened it, possibly even police. one of holmes' neighbors, kaitlyn, almost became that person when loud music drew her to the door the night of the attack. i talked to her and asked her to walk us through what happened. >> definitely setting in more with the fear and of just what was going on above my head. >> take me through what happened last night. you said it began around midnight. what happened at that time? >> right at midnight, my boyfriend and i, who also lives in the apartment with me, were getting ready to go to sleep and we started to hear very loud music coming from the upstairs apartment, which was abnormal for our building. we've never had any incidents with the people above us at all. and so i decided that i should go upstairs and knock on his door and see if i could get someone to shut the music off. >> heather: you didn't just knock on the door, did you? you knocked on the door. you didn't get an answer.
3:46 pm
then what? >> i noticed that when i knocked on the door, it moved a little bit, like it was unlocked. and i put my hand on the door handle and thought about peeking my head in and yell at the person. but something stopped me from doing that, just a thought or an intuition. >> heather: kaitlyn, how do you feel today watching what's going on in that apartment, knowing that he had that apartment booby trapped. if you had opened that door, what would have possibly happened next? >> i guess after seeing some of the reports, the police did say it was intended to kill someone and that's incredibly scary, but it also makes me incredibly thankful for that instinct and i'm thanking my lucky stars. >> heather: did you ever have occasion to run into james holmes? did you ever meet him or pass him in the hallway? >> i didn't even know he lived in our building, but i had seen him in that area. he just looked like a student passing by just like anybody
3:47 pm
else. >> heather: after the shooting occurred at the movie theater, how soon were you evacuated? what happened next in terms of getting you out of the apartment >> so it was around 2:00 o'clock that the swat team broke down the doors into our apartment complex and started knocking on each individual door to evacuate us immediately. we had a few minutes to grab what we could, which in our case was just cell phones, luckily and our waltz and keys 'cause we didn't know if we'd be able to take our cars, which we weren't. all of the police, there were tons of them. it seemed very organized and all they did was make sure that everybody was out and they were in their full swat gear and it was just really stunning. >> heather: and what have you heard today in terms of being able to go back inside? obviously they're work around the clock to do what they can to secure the scene. have you been told anything in terms of the time frame? >> we haven't had any contact with law enforcement since we were evacuated two nights ago.
3:48 pm
so hopefully we will get some time today to figure out when we'll be able to either just gather our belongings or have someone get some things for us or be allowed back into the apartment. >> heather: where are you staying? >> we're just staying with a relative on the other end of town. >> heather: okay. were you able to talk to any other neighbors in that area today that were able to meet james holmes, that did know who he was? >> no. the only contact i had with people was when we were evacuated. but we're pretty scattered now. so i haven't spoken with anyone about that. >> heather: like when you evacuated, what did they have to say? >> most people said they didn't know who was living there. i don't recall anybody saying more than that they just recognized his name or his face, i guess. >> heather: so you mentioned you're scattered. were you there on the scene to witness any of the explosions that have gone on, the controlled explosions by law enforcement to try and relieve the traps and get into the
3:49 pm
apartment? >> no. we haven't been there for any of those explosions. that's probably good thing. i don't know how i would be able to respond to that. >> heather: yeah, they're keeping everyone very far away. but we definitely appreciate your insight. we're so thankful that you did not open that door last night, whatever it was that stopped you from doing so. >> as am i. >> heather: your boyfriend, just one final thing, when you were able to go back to your apartment and spoke to your boyfriend, when did the music stop? >> it stopped exactly at 1:00 o'clock. that's when we finally thought oh, i guess we can go to bed. we were woken up by swat. >> okay. thank you so much. we appreciate your time and we're glad that you're okay. very lucky young woman. all the explosive devices reportedly have been removed from james holmes' apartment at this point. we will continue bringing you the latest developments on the story and the ongoing investigation as we get them. we'll be right back.
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
>> gregg: we're also keeping our eyes on some pretty wild extreme weather, part of the roof of the south park mall in charlotte collapsed as the region got hit with heavy rain and thunderstorms. the fire department says everybody got out safely.
3:54 pm
some stores now reopening. others will have a big clean-up job ahead. maria molina is following it in the extreme weather center. >> good to see you. we have more showers and storms continuing to roll over parts of north carolina, including once again the city of charlotte. we are keeping an eye on that. some of the storms do have the possibility to produce more severe weather out across the region. so we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the nighttime hours. westward, more showers and storms throughout the four corners, pushing into portions of the upper midwest where north dakota and south dakota, we also have a risk for severe storms there. large hail, damaging winds will be the main concerns with some of these storms. of course, we can not rule out an isolated tornado threat. otherwise across parts of the central plains, we actual lea have very dry weather that's continuing in place. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures that are scorching hot on dangerous levels, 106 the high temperature as we head into tomorrow in omaha, nebraska. triple digits for kansas city
3:55 pm
and also st. louis over the next several days. gregg? >> gregg: maria molina, thank you very much. we have received the final list of the 12 victims in the aurora shooting. we would like to share with you their names. there they are. jessica gawri, born in 1987. >> heather: veronica moser sullivan, the youngest victim, just six years old. also shot dead by james holmes. >> gregg: john larimer. born in 1985. >> heather: and the list continues, 12 people in all. alexander bike, jesse chilledders. >> gregg: jonathanton blunk. >> heather: continuing on, rebecca ann wingo. alex sullivan. >> gordon w cowdon and michaela,
3:56 pm
and alexander tellis. >> heather: a lot of people have been sharing these names and say they want their names to be remembered, the people who died on that tragic day, and the people who survived the shooting. >> gregg: so many others are still at this hour at area hospitals being treated. several of them are in critical conditions. our thoughts and prayers are with them, their family and friends. >> heather: that does it for us. fox report with john scott from aurora, colorado, is coming up next. >> gregg: and "justice" with judge jeanine on location in aurora, colorado also tonight at 9:00 o'clock eastern time. thank you for being with us for our special coverage of the movie massacre. we'll see you back here shortly
3:57 pm
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