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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> fox news urgent. we learned president obama will travel to colorado tomorrow to honor the victims of the mass shooting here. sadness only beginning to set in after the blood bath inside a movie theater. 12 people slaughtered. dozens wounded. a few miles away, an apartment filled with explosives. this is the fox report. i'm john scott in aurora, colorado, the scene of that terrible attack. officials say the booby trapped apartment of the suspected killer is now safe to enter after hours of pain-staking work. we're told bomb techs disarmed and removed the explosives rigged to kill.
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that was one of a series of controlled detonations this afternoon meant to disable the devices inside that apartment. >> make no mistake, okay, this apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i've seen, to kill whoever entered it. okay? and who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and executed this horrific crime? was going to be a police officer. okay? so make no mistake about it. what was going on there and if you think we're angry, we sure as hell are angry. what happened to our city, what has happened to these wonderful people who live here and also what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> downstairs neighbor almost walked in to the trap. the night of the massacre, kaitlyn says she suddenly heard techno music blasting from the apartment of she says she put her hand on the door knob and it seemed to be unknocked, but that her instinct told her to walk
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away. >> something told me that it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go in there and so i just went back downstairs and called the nonemergency police number. >> did you think about opening -- i mean, did you think about opening it a crack? >> i definitely did think about opening it just to yell in, peek my head in and say hey, knock it off. but like i said, something told me not to. >> right around that time, adjust few miles away, police say the man who lived in that apartment was killing people at the midnight showing of the "dark knight rises." they say 24-year-old james holmes tossed at least one gas canister into the packed theater, then opened fire. victims have described a horrific scene. people running, diving for cover, we're told a few used their own bodies to protect loved ones. some bleeding, but still alive, literally crawled from the theater to safety. others never made it out. in all, 71 people were hurt. several remain in critical condition.
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over the next hour, we will bring you updates from aurora and tell you more about the survivors of this tragedy and the 12 people who will never come home. adam house israeli live in aurora outside the suspect's apartment. >> we spoke last week, moved closer. we're 90 feet or so from the front of the complex. go across the street, this is the complex where everything has been focused since early, early yesterday morning. if you look through the window, you'll see one of the investigators inside. there are atf agents, f.b.i. agents, and the aurora police department. they put up black plastic over the windows. you can see where they knocked the windows out throughout the day. that's part of the way they had a chance to look inside assess the situation. we know about the explosions. you can see they have four windows -- five that they were dealing with. they knocked four out. the only one they didn't go in was the bathroom. we were told by inspectors that inside there were a plethora of devices, all sorts of wires. it was really a mess inside. very intricate mess. however, while the set-up was
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intricate, the actual bombs were amateur. still enough to hurt somebody, potentially kill someone, especially the person that would have opened that front door. once that door was oh, it was more set up to burn. when we were here earlier, we heard three different explosions. two small one, like a fireworks way in the distance. a third one that was loud. it was a loud pop. that was the main one. we'll explain what happened after that pop. first listen to it right now. (horn blowing). >> that was the warning signal we would hear, given a ten o 122 second warning between those blasts and the actual explosion. it gave people a chance to get behind cars as the explosion was ready to take place. should be coming up here momentarily. take a listen (explosion).
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>> what that was was a water bomb. layman's terms, a water bomb. they found a circuit board in the kitchen that connected all those home made grenades grenadd would eventually set off the fuel inside those bottles and some of the other stuff that was around in the room. the way to take out by technicians, to take it out and start cleaning up was take out the circuit board which was in the kitchen. the water bomb did that. then that allowed them to get inside and meticulously go to each device, take a sample, bring it down. if you come back live, you can see the set-up here what, they've done with the crime lab that they have, makeshift crime lab with the aurora police department, f.b.i. and atf. they took a sample of every single thing the suspect left in there. that's going in the national laboratory. once that was completed, then they took all the stuff out. the powders meant to cause a fire, the incendiary devices in the bottle, makeshift hand grenades, all that was put this a dump truck, taken east of denver to the dump, basically,
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and it was set afire and burned up. that allowed inspectors to go back inside. they put up the black plastic over the windows as they continue the process of going through that apartment complex. the two big things they were trying to accomplish today was to secure the site without causing any injuries so they could get in there and take out evidence. important evidence they say shows that this suspect planned this months and months in advance and john, both of those things they were trying to do today came out very successful. no injuries and they have a ton of evidence. back to you. >> couple of items of good news in this tragedy there. adam housley outside the apartment, thank you. the suspect, james holmes, is expected to make his first court appearance this monday. he will likely face at least 71 charges. one for each of the victims killed or hurt. however, he could be looking at even more charges than that, including some related to the rigging of his apartment with trip wires and explosives. police still working on determining the motive.
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here is aura police chief dan oates earlier today. >> with regard to mr. holmes, a lot of questions about motive. we're not going to talk about motive but i will reassure you that again, with the assistance of our friends in the f.b.i., the f.b.i. behavioral analysis unit is fully plugged into this investigation and those folks are very, very talented at what they do. over the coming weeks and months, they will be working very closely with us to try and figure out what his motivation was. again, whatever we find out in that arena, we'll present that in court. that will be to help us in terms of getting justice for the victims. >> more on bringing james holmes to justice when judge jeanine pirro joins me here later this hour. as police worked to remove explosives from the suspect's apartment, doctors have been treating the dozens of wounded in the attack. many victims recovering tonight in several different hospitals across the denver area. doctors say their injuries range from severe gunshot wounds to
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minor burns and cuts. seven of the victims remain at the medical center of aurora. earlier we heard from a trauma surgeon at the center. he talked about the challenges facing both doctors and patients. >> you try to distance yourself professional from a situation like this, but these are young people, young families. it's difficult not to put yourself in their situation. it is going to be a long day for a lot of people. the initial adrenaline rush of having something like this happen both to the families and the patients themselves is starting to wear off and today is the day that there is going to be some realization that there is going to be some serious long-term issues that people are going to have to deal with. we have staff in place as far as mental health counselors to work with the patients and their families and we are going on a case by case basis to try to address their needs as best we can. >> one of the people injured
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speaking out for the first time, brandon axelrod was inside theater 9 with his wife. the couple had just gotten married two weeks ago. brandon suffered only minor injuries to his arm and credits his best friend with saving their lives. >> josh helped me protect my wife and he got shot. the three of us together, we piled on each other. we kept each other safe. you know, luck or faith, whatever you want to call it, kept us alive. >> as you heard, brandon's friend, josh, was shot twice and is still hospitalized. brandon's wife, denise, was not injured. the coroner's office today releasing the names of all 12 people killed in the massacre. here is a look at gateway high school in aurora. hundreds of people gathering at a vigil there to honor the victims. you can see many of them wearing purple. a few moments ago, people
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released purple balloons into the air. our producer tells us that people made signs for a.j.boika recent graduate of the school. he died during the shooting. anna kooiman live with more. what can you tell us? >> the 12 victims range in age from 6 to 51. veronica moser was the youngest killed. her mother fighting for her life in critical condition, still doesn't know her six-year-old daughter is dead. 27-year-old matt mcquinn died while shielding his girlfriend, samantha, from the gun fire. she escaped unharmed. 23-year-old micayla was a self described subway sandwich artist. her family agonized for hours before learning of her fate. alex sullivan, a husband, brother, and son. he planned to ring in his 27th birthday at the movie and then celebrate his first wedding anniversary on sunday. 27-year-old petty officer third class john larimer was the youngest of five children. navy notification team contacted
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his family last night. 24-year-old jessica ghawi who recently moved to denver to pursue a career as a sports reporter was shot in the complex then the head, according to her brother, jacob. she narrowly missed a shooting at a mall in canada just last month. and as you said earlier, a vigil is taking place to honor those mentioned and the rest of the victims. 18-year-old a.j.boik and others. the community is struggling to come to grips with what has happened. they're getting words of encouragement from those who endured a similar tragedy not far away more than 13 years ago. >> if you know of somebody, even if you don't know of somebody who lost their life or who was impacted, just being in that theater is trauma. to reach out to those people and
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tell them you're praying for them. >> that was the father of a columbine shooting victim. now, as you said, john, president obama is going to be traveling to colorado to express his sympathy and pay his respects to all the victims and their family. folks at home, if you would like to donate, you can visit to make the donations. john? >> anna, thank you. as we've been reporting them tonight, the president is heading to colorado. you can log on to
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>> we're hearing so many incredible stories out of colorado from those who survived the movie theater massacre. police say the shooter fired on theater 9 of the multiplex in aurora. it shares a wall theater 8 with the "dark knight rises" was also playing. bullets did pierce that wall. inside theater 8 witness alex milano, sitting there with his little sister in the upper seats. i spoke with him earlier today.
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>> it was the first sound that made me think fire crackers 'cause i saw the smoke and it synced with th we i turned and look and i could see the wall rip, like something came through it. that's when other people stood up and started moaning like they were in pain. terrifying. >> for me, it was scary, s definitely at fliers. but right away, my body just went numb. >> he says he grabbed his sister and ran out the balcony exit and that the smoke was already there from the gas canister and it felt suffocating.ns he says he wishes he doesn't remember everything as well as he does, but he sees it every time hl e closes his eyes. the political world screech to go a halt in the wake of the shooting. attack ads thef campaigns had coloradonot guilty have since stopped running. the president and governor mitt
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abbreviating and canceling campaign events. democrats and republicans alike sending condolences to the victims' families, thanking first responders and calling for unity. >> even as we come to learn howl this happened and ho ise responsible, we may never understand what leads anyone to terrorize their fellow human beings. it's senseless, beyond reason. but while we will never know fully what causes someone to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. >> in a world of evil we can not comprehend, americans pull together and embrace ouret national family more tightly. has more from washington. >> john, the air waves in colorado with aresh missing attk ads this weekend after both thee obama campaign and the romney campaign reached out to affiliate tv stations in the centennial state and asked them to pull their so-called contrast spots for the time being and the
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political truce isn't isolated to colorado because in his weekly address today, president obama reiterated a point he made friday morning at the ends of his abbreviated trip to florida that now is a time for prayer and reflection and not for politic. >> our time here is limited and it is precious. what matters in the end are note the small and trivial thingsks which so often consume our lives. we choose to treat one another examine love one another. >> john boehner seems to share that feeling. >> we join president obama inot sending con dellences and prayers to the loved ones of those who were killed andba wounded. we also thank god for the police, the first responders, the doctors, nurses, who slipped in heroic efforts and saved lives. >> there were no campaign signs at mitt romney's event. romney didn't say anything about the weak economy or the president'sin record either because he decided to deliver his remarks as a father, grandfather, and american and
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not someone running as president and showing even in a tight presidential race, both sides are willing to put politics andl poll numbers on the back burn sore the families of those most directly impacted by the oe violence in aurora can begin to put their lives back together. john? >> peter doocy in washington. thank you. we continue to follow developments out of aurora as new concerns nationwide about movie theaters. how safe are they in the future and what is already being done to prevent more tragedies like this? plus, christian bale, the star of the "dark knight rises" speaking out for the first time about the movie massacre. about the movie massacre. that's ahead on the foxll anotht all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better.
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>> the massacre in aurora causing new concerns about what should be one of the simple pleasures of life.e
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just going to the movies. you can see heightened security at this theateryo in new york cy times square. similar scenes now playing outci at theaters nationwide. police on hand searching film goers' bags and back packs. one of the biggest theater chain prohibits patients from wearing masks or costumes. you might know some fans of sci-fi movies like to attend dressed as their favorite characters when going to early screenings. the department of homelandin security held a conference call today with entertainment and shopping mall industry officials. the topic? how to change security measures to make sure something like this never happens again. molly henneberg is in virginia. what are the concerns, molly, among i movie goers out there? >> hi, john. not fear. a lot of resilience, a lot of excitement about the latest n batman movie and a loft compassion for the victims in colorado. >> my heart goes out to that tragedy.
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i just think it's sad, you know. i don't really like to relate a movie with someone like that. >> it's going to be bad and it's going to be good and i don't let the bad overwhelm the good. >> got good reviews and i'm looking forward to it. t-shirt? >> regal cinema here, the same chain where the shootles were yesterday. it has the "dark knight rises" on a couple of movie screens anh business today on this cool, rainy july day has been pretty steady. john? >> what abouts stepped up h security what, are they doing at theater?at >> regal is definitely doing what it can to make this>> experience relaxed and safe for movie goers. some its efforts are seen.e we've seen extra police cars around the movie theater and theater security cars around the theater. extra security cameras.ty some efforts are unseen. regal will not discuss all of measures.ty the company does say it's going
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to exercise w stricter control over costumes and accessories, people trying to bring into the theater. in a statement, regal said, quote, we are profoundly saddened by the tragedy that occurred at a denver area theater and our concern for the victim and their families. security and safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority.nd regal says it reserves the righ to check people's bags and backpacks before they go intot h the theater. john? >> molly pa henneberg live. for the first time we're hearing from the star of the "dark knight rises." christian bale, who plays batman, says, quote, words cannot express the horror that i feel. i cannot begin to " truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them. batman premieres around the world are being canceled after the terror of the colorado shootings. warner brothersoe pictures announcing the cast and film makers of the "dark knight rises" will not appear at
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scheduled events in mexico and e japan. premiere event in paris were nixed yesterday.e the studio announced it will continue with somee screenings for special events and for contest winners. police in colorado say they have finishedpo disarming trip wires and removing explosives from the home of the suspect in the movie massacre. ahead a look at the delicate task of dismantling the booby traps while preserving evidence. plus, the suspect, james holmes, due in court monday to face a long list of charges. judge jeanine pirro weighs in on the case. investigators expanding their search for two iowa cousins missing now for more than ax week. what new evidence they have in these girls' disappearance coming
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>> i'm john scott? aura, colorado. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour.ra time for the top of the news.." police removing all theto explosives from the apartment of e man accused in the movieiv theater massacre. the dangerous and pain-staking work taking place all day today at the colorado shootingai suspect's aurora home. police saying james holmes' apartment packed with jars filled with accelerants. more than 30 improvised grenades. all this happening after the worst mass shooting our nation has seen in years police saying holmes burst into the midnight premiere of the
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"dark knight rises" wearing protective ballistic gear and open fire, shooting scores of people. picking off victims as they triedg to escape. adding to the terror, gas canisters thrown by the suspect, filling the theater with smoke. in the end, 12 people died, dozens more hurt. police now doing their best to preserve any evidence inside that apartment. adam houseli reporting outside. >> i want to move closer a half hour ago. we've great vantage point to see the ongoing operation. straight ahead you'll seeva the apartment complex and the third floor where james holmes' apartment was located. of the five windowsja located there, one being for a bathroom and four others, four of them have been knocked out by authorities to get into the complex and to eventually eliminate the threat that was there. it took them about eight hours, by ourrs watch, when they first began the operations here and at least three different explosions
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by m-y count, including a loud one which we'll hear right now. i want you to hear this explosion and we'll explain what happened. (horn blowing). >> those were the three warninge signals we got telling us about ten seconds away would be an explosion prior to that we heard fire in the hole yelled three times. then came the boom. take a listen. (explosion) that was basically a water bomb. it was placed inside to explode and shoot water out so it wouldn't add fuel to the fire. that water would take out an area in the kitchen that wase said to be a circuit board type set-up that wasai attached to those 30 makeshift hand grenades and intertwined with the bottles filled with accelerants. authorities say they believe the point was, as whoever entered t the apartment from the front door would have been killed and
10:33 pm
then a fire would have been started and the entire placeti would have gone up in seconds as there was stuf everywhere. intricate set-up burks say the explosive devices themselves were amateur. we can show you some of the investigative work that was going o. the tent moved. this was earlier. you can seent atf agents along with f.b.i. agents took out parts of each device, a little to go to the national laboratork as part of their investigation. there will bevi prosecution in b regards to employees on a federal level. they took apr little bit of each out and that will be taken away. then they took each device out individually after the threat was taken out and put them piano a dumpvi truck and drove that dp truck out to the eastern part of town to a dump near the airport actually, and then disposed of the items there. either a burning them or putting small explosive devices to setng them off. that's taking place as we speak. we come back here live. people are going to bees allowed in. if we come to the t t right, lot this apartment complex next door. 1678 paris street, they'll be
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allowed back in here. buses bringing people back in, are expected in the next half hour. so everybody in theex surroundig apartment complexes will be allowed back in. you see some of the people walking in for the first time since this all started. veryle, very early yesterday morning. the people t in the actual compx itself, they won't be allowed back in tonight. they probablyt won't be allowed back in until tomorrow night atn the earliest. maybet monday. there is still a lot of working to on inside that apartment. there is a lot of evidence to be gathered. they'll go through inch by inch, we're told. they had a chance, john, to get a lot of evidence, we're told, which will help them with this c prosecution. two important notes. one, nobody was injured. that'sic fantastic news. able to save a lot of evidence that they say shows that this suspect planned this out for months. john? >> a lot ofws good developmentss there. adam, thank you. what possibly could have prompted this suspected gunman, 24-year-old james holmes, to put on a gas mask and body armor ant shoot up a theater full ofs
10:35 pm
innocent people? that's exactly what investigators are trying to figure out right now. here is what we do know. holmes grew up in a nice neighborhood in san diego. his neighbors remember him as an average, clean cut, quiet kid. a report in the l.a. timest revealing holmes spent time as a summer camp counselor workingme with underprivileged kids. he was described as quiet, former teammates on his high school soccer team calling him s kind of a lower than. he was also very smart, earning a degree in neuroscience in 2010. he continued his education as as graduate student at the university of colorado-denver, untilat dropping out last month. and until this point, holmes had never had any trouble withy police. not even so much as a parking ticket. holmes now faces a long, long list of charges, at least 71 counts, one for each person killed or wounded in the deadly rampage. he's due in court for the first time on monday. learning his defense team will
10:36 pm
bear allowed into the theater ft their own research beginning on tuesday. joining us now to talk about th legal case going forward, judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice, with judge jeanine. he has a defense team now. we understand that some of the top public defenders in this area are going to be representing him.e >> you know what? that makes sense. when you have a public defender, you have someone who knows the. system. he knows the law. he knows the judge. he knows the prosecutors. how the courts work. and i think it's a smart move, although we don't know what's happen in the future. but he will be represented by the public defender.s >> but there is so much evidence and so many witnesses. i don't see anything but a conviction coming out of this case. >> well, there are severalwi hurdles before you get to that point. number one, is he competent to stand trial? there will be an argument that he c is not competent enough to understand the nature of the charges or assist in his defense. and then number two, there is as rumor going around and i'm sureh a lot of people think it, that he will proffer an insanity
10:37 pm
defense. as we both know, insanity doesn't work that well for most defendants in 1 or 2% of theen cases. most people are saying now that the fact that he just kind of dropped out when he was, as you just reported, a smart guy, kind of a good kid, might lead some people to think he had to be insane. i happen to believe in evil. he's got no history of a mental hospitalization or medications or any of that stuff. but at the same time, if the a facts are against you, go with insanity and there are those who think you have to be crazy to do this. >> all of the preplanning, doesn't that suggest a very clinical and devious mind? >> absolutely. the premeditation, theal calculation, determination, the months of ordering the ammunition and all the ballistiu leggings. you can get a lot of ammunition. but to get a lot of the armor that he got indicates he he wand to protect himself, the throat protection, that tells me this
10:38 pm
guy is thinking like an intelligent individual. but the legal insanity is very different and i would venture to guess that's the only defense they can use here.te >> 71 counts filed against him. obviously they're going to be at least 12 counts of murder. there might be other deaths in the days to company. >> you're right. and there are a lot of people now, or a few, i believe, in critical condition. when youie say 71, you're not talking about crime scene number 2, which is the paris street apartment. when i was at thats press conference this afternoon, i asked whether or not, given the role of the feds, the f.b.i., the atf and all of the other agencies, might there be a federal prosecution here for something like domestic terrorism? they indicated it wouldte probae will he be local that the feds would come in to i assist. it's more than 71.10 does it matter if they do seek death? then that could be it. >> the indications are, it's still early on, but the prosecutor has indicated he
10:39 pm
doesn't at this point, see a reason not to go for the death t penalty. >> right. the d.a. now, i understand is a woman, she, and she has sought death, i believe six times in four cases.a. she's not shy about seeking death. but you know, you're right. it is premature, but people want to know what's going to happen. they want to know whether there is going to be justice as you go through the community as you have today, you know the people aree still in shock. there is going to come a point in time when they're going to really want to know what this system is going to do to the guy who brought hell upon the people of aurora. >> it is so sad all the way around. your hearts to to go out to hise parents, his family. they apparently had no indication that something like this was going on. >> let's hope that that's the case. it's veroy sad for everyone involved. this ise just a nightmare. it's a horror. >> it sure is. judge jeanine, thank you. you can catch "justice" with judgeyo jeanine from aurora immediately following huckabee, which airs this evening on the fox news channel. we will a continue our coveragev
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the movie massacre. but first, let's check in with rick folbaum for some other headlines. >> iowa, investigators aret saying that they have evidence now that leads them to believe two cousins who vanished last week are still alive. the search expanding beyond the state for ten-year-old lyric cookd and eight-year-old elizabeth collins. this announcement coming a day after authorities say they believe they were abducted while riding their bikes. in texas, sergeant louis walker sentenced to 20 years behind l bars in a sex assault scandal involving one of our nation's biggest training centers. of 12 instructors investigated for sexual misconduct toward at2 least 31 female trainees. walker convicted yesterday ofr rape, aggravated sexual contactr and sexual assault. overseas, the fight intensifying in syria as rebels take over key a neighborhoods oe under government control.
10:41 pm
troops pushing back against the surge in damascus using mortar attacks to drive the opposition from an area that has seen some of the heaviest fighting this week. syrians in one city trying to escape the violence after witnessing two of the bloodiest days in the uprising. dominic has more now from jerusalem. >> the l assad regime found itself on a troubling back foot after a series of brazen gains by the rebels this week. the government responding with helicoptery gunships and tanks firing mortar rounds at the key position the rebels swept through in damascus in the past few days. the government also not being able to respond to the opposition's surge through othet parts of the country. the rebels reached as far as t syria's frontier, the first time they've overrun the checkpoints. so tellingly reminiscents of how the gadhafi regime in libya
10:42 pm
became cornered before it fell. damascus, the fight intensified, fiercely so. government forces trying to regain key neighborhoods the rebels have seized in the past week. the very worst week so far for assad in which his security chief was wiped out from a rebel attack. heavy fighting returns to other cities, including the economic powerhousehe of alepo. rebels saying 150 people have been killed since friday. there is no indication of howfr many of those were rebels or regime forces, nor how many were civilians caught in the cross h fire. rick, tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing the violence across the country. it comes as observers say that this conflict is now in a decisive phase. no indication of where president assad is, but his wife and three children are believed to be now in russia. there is growing speculation
10:43 pm
that should his regime actually fall, he may join them there inh exile. rick, back to you. >> thanks so much. that's it from here in new york for now. let's talk -- toss it back to john. >> plenty more ahead tonight on the fox report. theo prices aren't the only thg hitting rock bottom at one shopping mall.t what's behind this massive holes that sent shoppers running? plus our coverage of the tragedn here in colorado continues. bomb squads trying to defuse the suspect's booby trapped apartment, a booby trap that almost was accidentally shot off. >> you put your hand on the dooh and tried the knob? >> it seemed s like it was unlocked, but something toldlo e it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go in there. so i went back downstairs and called the
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police hazard teams wo
10:47 pm
mees have their teams to safely detonate explosives inside of the colorado shooting suspect's apartment. they say james holmes rigged it with many triggering devices if someone walked inside, the place could have gone up in flames. flames. >> if a neighbor or an unassuming pedestrian would have walked in that door or god forbid aspires responde a firsy would have sustained significant injuries or lost their lives. >> i spoke with the down stairs neighbor who could have been injured because of loud techno music that began playing in holmes apartment after midnight. >> i went upstairs to tell him to turn the music off. i knocked on the door hardly trying to get someone's attention and i notice there wasn't any voices or anything like as if there were a party going on which struck me as odd. >> you put your hand on the door and tried the knob.
10:48 pm
>> i did put my hand on the door and tried the knob. it seemed like it was unlocked but something told me that it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go in there. i went back downstairs and called the nonemergency police number. >> the door had been wired with a booby trap and the music by the way went off as mysteriously as it started exactly at 1:00 a.m. police on the hunt for an attacker targeting the homeless. the top story as rick folbaum takes us on a trip across america. california. los angeles police say a serial stabber has attacked three homeless people so far, stabbing each victim in the back and leaving a hand written death warrant on the body. all three survived. witnesses report one victim crawling for help with a large hunting knife stuck between his shoulders. police warning the homeless to seek shelter at night. north carolina, shoppers scrambling for cover as part of
10:49 pm
the roof crashes down as a busy mall. >> i seen a lot of people running and screaming. i didn't know what was going on. i heard loud noises and everybody was panicking so i started panicking and running too,. >> herry rains caving the roof in a couple of stores. nobody hurt. parts of the mall will be closed until repairs are finished. florida. nearly 150 stocky white bearded men strutting their stuff in key west. the annual ernest heming way look alike co contest. the winner earns a title and a place in local lore. is the fox watch across america. the colorado governor and aurora mayor thanking police for their swift response to the movie massacre. what does it take to be ready for something to devastating? coming up an inside look at how
10:50 pm
one training facility is preparing local officers for disaster. >> a guy came into a movie theater and had a gun and rifle and i'm not sure what he had. and the movie theater is full, what are you going to do? what are you going to do? what is going male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator?
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the movie massacre in colorado leaving local police across the country wondering are we ready? officers in orlando, florida have trained for a scenario like this one in aurora using simulation programs to learn valuable lessons from real life tragedies like those at columbine and virginia tech. our fox affiliate wofl has details. >> one side of the building.
10:54 pm
>> virtual threat. real sweat. >> police be very careful with suspect. >> simulation scenarios like terrorism acts, hostage situations, riots and natural disasters. >> you go ahead and command the scene. >> we are clear to go inside the building. >> this givings emergency responders on screen experience from this very he room strategically preparing them for any major catastrophe. a simulation specialist says he can develop any mission ready emergency including the movie massacre in colorado where officers, firefighters, s.w.a.t. teams and all other emergency responders. >> the scenario is we have a guy that came into a movie theater and he had a gun and he had a rifle and he had i'm not sure what he had. and the movie theater is full. what are you going to do? what is going to happen? >> then trainees move around
10:55 pm
the scene to assess the situation, make decisions and give commands. >> come inside the building. assist victim ares. >> i mean ambulances, i need fire, i need police on the scene to take care of the situation. >> and any event can be added, weapons, injured people to keep everyone on their toes. he says making the right decisions during crisis is crew sal. >> copy. >> that is why he says creating realistic virtual reality environments like this is a key tool in training our country's finest. >> i can read about it and see photos about it but you not until i experience the fact being on the front of the scene. >> our thanks to jennifer bizram of affiliate wofl for that report. as we learn more about the shooting massacre in colorado, and the is suspect and the security concerns this tragedy
10:56 pm
has raised, we cannot forget those who lost their lives. coming up, remembering the victims of aurora. ever ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions [ from the olympic village to the stadium.
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in the days ahead there will be a lot of focus on bringing the suspected killer in yesterday's massacre to justice but before we go let us again remember the victims of this terrible act. veronica moser all van. alexander boik. jonathan blunk. jessly childress. 27-year-old matt mcquinn. only presumptively identified but a family attorney says he died shielding his girlfriend and her brother from the gunfire. 23-year-old micayla a college student. 27-year-old john laramar serving his country in the u.s. navy. 27-year-old jessica


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