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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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[ laughter ] >> shannon: we are all for the record on our ms tonight. i don't know what you think about that. 493 homes. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the death of a space pioneer. tonight, the life of the first woman in space sally rid. and dazed and disturbed. the movie massacre suspect in court. >> our first look at the accused killer as he faces a judge and victims of the massacre. >> i don't think he is hurting yet and i think he needs to. >> plus, the teenager who risked his own life to rescue a family. >> when i saw the two kids sitting there definitely my first reaction is i have got to help them out. >> shepard: word of a miracle amid all the heart break also
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the ncaa double a hits penn state with unprecedented. >> football will never be put ahead with educating, nurturing young people. >> shepard: tonight, the reaction in happy valley. first from fox this monday night we got our first look at the suspect in the colorado movie massacre today. it was quite a sight. that's the joker hairdo we heard about last week but the joker is green so who knows. 24-year-old holmes looked daze and disturbed like he might dozen off. somebody in the courtroom told him you are no tough guy now. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 60 in the theater of aurora, colorado. after today's colossal court appearance they don't know whether he is taking medication. today his family spoke out through a lawyer. >> the family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their
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families. the holmes family would like to maintain their privacy we will not be discussing james or his relationship to the family. we would expect courtesy in that regard. >> shepard: reporter asked whether the family stands by holmes. a lawyer said yes, they do. he is their son. we have team fox coverage. adam housley live at the theater with details about the shooting and the investigation. first, let's get to mike tobin who is live at the courthouse tonight. centennial, colorado. mike, holmes didn't say one word in court, did he? >> he didn't seem to talk to anyone, not even his lawyers. you can't escape his appearance, the way he would stretch his eyes wide open and then seem like he was drifting off to sleep. that prompted a lot of questions about whether he had been sedated in jail. we got no answer. with all of the unanswered questions, the district attorney, carol chambers says we are just at the beginning of all of this. >> i would say there is no such thing as a slam dunk
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case. it is a case where we will -- we are still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it just like we would any other case. >> now the death penalty is an option that chambers is leaving on the table. first she want to speak to the victims' families and explain to them that the death penalty is not necessarily the easiest option for them. then she will make a decision. she has got 60 days after the arraignment to make a decision. that hasn't happened yet, shep. >> shepard: where is the suspect tonight, mike? >> he is in the pink and white building you see over my shoulder. that's the county jail. is he being held without bond. is he not formally charged yet. is he being held on probable cause for first degree murder and he is all alone. >> that's my understanding that he is being held in isolation. it was my first time seeing him and it is important that we treat him as we would treat
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any other defendant coming into the criminal justice system. >> now, the players in this case are clamping down on the information. the government started sealing documents last friday. the defense today was grnt add pre-trial publicity motion, essentially that amounts to a gag order. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin at the courthouse centennial, colorado this afternoon. police say the shooter or suspected shooter shopped for part of his arsenal online. as you or i might buy books or shoes. investigators say he had more than 50 packages sent to his home and the university of colorado where he was a grad student studying for ph.d. in neuroscience. the university officials say he dropped out in june, something that rarely happens. >> it's very unusual, very unusual for a student who withdrawal from our program. our attrition rate, those, the percentage of students who we admit who don't eventually get a successful ph.d. is very small. >> shepard: officials will not say whether they saw any other
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signs of trouble. they tell us that the suspected shooter passed a background check and had excellent academic credentials. even got a government grant to help pay his tuition. tonight, investigators are reportedly looking whether the suspect used our tax dollars to purchase his weapons. team fox coverage continues. adam housley at the crime scene aurora, colorado this afternoon. the prosecutors in this case have not said much of anything. but police said that a suspicious package showed up at that university, right? >> yeah, shepard. in fact, the university has been watching things very closely since friday. we know they shut down the two research facilities where james worked. they brought in bomb dogs. they told everyone who worked there when they came back to work on monday that anything they weren't expecting. if they found any packages, anything kind of odd to notify authorities. that's what happened today two. different packages that showed that up people that worked there weren't expecting. they brought in the bomb robot and bomb squad. they withdrew it meticulously like they have all weekend and both of those were cleared, shepard, now the facility is
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back open as normal. >> shepard: adam, new information today about that apartment where the suspect lived and the booby traps therein. >> yeah, we found some great information, also, shepard, about the theater behind us, too. the information about the apartment first. we have been told a couple of things. first of all, inside, there was a batman poster and a mask found associated with the movies. at the same time, the intricate set up was such that he basically had these bombs set around the room. they were makeshift. in fact, the authorities said that the set up was very entryca. the bombs were amateur. the person who opened up that door would be killed and massive fire would have gone off. thankfully that didn't happen. also at the theater behind us they are telling us a couple of things. one, the shooter started with a shotgun he then went to semiautomatic rifle which froze and went to the pistol after that those canisters he threw in had tear gas. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley they crime scene. thanks. greta van susteren was in the courtroom this morning. we will talk to her about what she saw and what we did not see on tv.
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that's coming up inside fox report. first though, unprecedented penalties for an unthinkable coverup. the ncaa today hammered pennsylvania state university with some of the harshest penalties it has ever handed down. penalties for attempting to hide the actions of the now convicted child rapist, jerry sandusky. a jury last month convicted the former penn state assistant coach on had 5 counts of child sex abuse. is he widely expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. internal investigation revealed the school's leaders including the legendary head coach joe paterno knew of the accusations against coach sandusky. did nothing to stop it, and then tried to bury the story. and for that, penn state and its storied football program will pay dearly. penn state will now have to pay a 60-million-dollar fine. the team is banned from post season play for four years, including conference championships and bowl games. the nittany lions will lose 20 football scholarships per year for -- actually 10 football
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scholarships per year for four years. you normally get 25 for incoming freshman. now they will get but 15, each of those years. a crushing blow to the ability to recruit top talent. and penn state will vacate every single victory from 1998 through 2011. meaning joe paterno is not the winningness coach in college history. today the ncaa president explained the punishments. >> our goal is not to be just punitive, but to make sure the university establishes an athletic culture and daily mind set in which football will never again be placed ahead of educating, nurturing, and protecting young people. >> shepard: the ncaa spared the university of the so-called death penalty, the shutting down of football completely but many analysts say this may very well may be worse. rick leventhal with the news in new york city tonight. no appeal is coming from penn state, right, shep? >> right. the university accepts the penalties and actions calling this a significant step forward. the school's president, athletic director and new
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football coach all issued statements supporting the sanctions. pennsylvania governor says no taxpayer dollars will be used to pay that 60-million-dollar fine. the loss of all those scholarships and possible bowl games could make it very difficult to recruit talented players though and the ncaa says there is a reason for that. >> for the next several years now, penn state can focus on the work of rebuilding its athletic culture. not worrying about whether or not it's going to a bowl game. with the sanctions imposed today, and with the new leadership the university we hope, indeed we intend to ensure that that will be the case. >> and the big 10 conference announced penn state won't receive its share of conference bowl revenue estimated at 13 million a year. that will go to children's charities instead, shep. >> shepard: there is more. any football player who is there now on scholarship can transfer to another school, play immediately, no penalty. that's outside the norm. >> right. >> shepard: and the reaction on campus, rick? >> many students upset with the punishment. they say today's players are being slammed for something
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they had nothing to do with and just one day after the bronze statue of the coach was removed from outside beaver stadium. his family complained that joe pa has been unfairly tarnished. this is a quote. they say the sanctions announced by the ncaa today defame the legacy and contributions of a great coach and educator without any input from our family or those who knew him best. the family says this wasn't fair or thoughtful but a panicked response. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal live in our new york city newsroom. for the first time, a syrian official is now admitting his country does have chemical weapons. is he also telling us the government will not use it against its own people. the same government accused of slaughtering 19,000 people. president obama is warning syria do not make a tragic mistake. plus, drew peterson, remember him, the cop who kept losing his wives? he is now on trial charged with killing one of them. the one who apparently drowned in a dry bathtub. today, drew peterson
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>> shepard: the first american woman to go into space has died. sally ride had been battling pancreatic cancer. she was the first astronaut class to include women it was 1983 that she flew into space on board space shuttle challenger. >> if you are interested in them. >> shepard: she returned to space on the second mission the next year after leaving the space agency sally ride became a physics professor at the university of california. she also founded a company devoted to getting kids interested in science. particularly girls. today president obama called her a powerful role model, saying she, quote, inspired generations of young girls to reach for the stars. sally ride was 61. the president also today warned syria over its threat to use chemical weapons in
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case of a foreign attack. for the first time a syrian government official publicly acknowledged that the regime does indeed have chemical and biological weapons. he admitted that the military would not use them on the syrian people. of course, we have heard a long list of broken promises from syria over the course of this uprising that activists now say has killed more than 19,000 people. that, apparently is not lost on the president. >> we will continue to make it clear to assad and those around him that the world is watching and that they will be held accountable by the international community and the united states should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons. >> shepard: iraqi state television reports the iraqi prime minister has ordered his army to let syrian refugees into iraq. for years iraqis would head to syria escape sectarian violence. now the refugee traffic going 00 other way. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. there is obviously growing concern about these chemical weapons? >> syrians are believed to have large stockpiles of saran
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gas, mustard gas and possibly the nerve agent vx. some of the nastiest weapons ever created. the concern is not just about what president assad himself might or might not do with those weapons. but if, and when his regime follows, who might then get their hands on them and what they might do to them. remember, of course, u.s. officials have already said that there are al qaeda operatives within syria taking part in this fight. so, whoever controls those weapons, it is a very worrying prospect for u.s. officials, shep. >> shepard: i will say. so much for those predictions that the syrian regime would fall over the weekend. >> of course. we heard some analysts suggest that after that awful bombing in damascus last week which took out some of the regime officials that president assad's regime could fall within hours. clearly, that is not the case. president assad has sent his forces out into the streets of damascus. we have heard reports of them kicking in doors. looking for any rebels that
4:17 pm
they believe may have been involved in the recent fighting. also in syria's second city. there is very intense fighting. if anyone thought president assad was about to give up this fight, they have clearly been proven wrong. and just to prove that point, rights activists say that this past week has been the bloodiest in all of the 18 months of fighting for syria. more than 1200 killed in the past week alone, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt. thank you. believe it or not, syria's olympic at least have reportedly arrived in london and will indeed compete in the summer games. that's according to a olympic committee official who told the reuters news agency that some officials were miss from the syrian entourage. last month the british broadcasting corporation reported that the united kingdom refused a visa is a to the head of syrians national olympic committee. openly critical of the syrian government for its deadly crackdown on its own people. a family of four trying to get by on no more than $22,000 a year. that's the reality for tens of millions of americans
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according to a stunning new report. it's next. plus, the mother of one of the two missing cousins in iowa talking about the lie detector test that police gave her. and investigators talking about whether they think those young girls are still alive. the somewhat surprising news as fox report continues. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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>> shepard: one in six americans could now be living hand to mouth. the highest number living in poverty since the 1960's. that word tonight from the associated press which surveyed top economists and academics ahead of the 2011 census due out this fall. they are now predicting a spike to some 47 million americans living below the poverty line. as of 2010. that meant an individual making about $11,000 a year. before taxes. it's about $22,000 a year for
4:22 pm
a family of four. those experts say poverty is on the rise in suburban, america where it's already at record levels. we won't get the official levels will until the government releases the census this fall when those figure could say play a huge role in the november presidential election. how big a jump are we talking about here. >> well in 2010 it was 125.1% of americans living in port it could go to 15.7%. most likely come in at 15.2. this is a record you don't want to set. this takes us back to roughly 1983, very close to the worst year ever in 1965. >> shepard: a number of factors in play here according to this. not just the recession. exactly. people have been unemployed. some of them have lost unemployment benefits. a lot of other things going on. globalization, automation, outsourcing, immigration. all of these things contributing to higher numbers of folks living in poverty. now we are hearing some of these numbers will remain bad through 2014. >> shepard: gerri, with stocks
4:23 pm
dropping today it was not a good day for your 401(k). listen to, this the dow fell for its 10 to 101 points second straight day to triple digital losses. traders were apparently reacting to brand new fears that spain's troubled economy might need a bailout. the euro fell to two year low against the dollar. pain reported its economy is not growing but shrinking. >> shrinking worse than it has been over the last several months. problems with spain. they had something of a bailout not enough. greece may be out of money by september. lots of worries over that that of course, pushing the yield on the 10-year treasury even lower. all time low of 4.4%. up little at 1.44. can you see that people are rushing for safety. >> they certainly are. spanish bonds. >> forget about it? >> a lot of return there if you ever get it. >> well, exactly. it's a big gamble. it's rolling the dice. >> it certainly is. gerri willis, thanks so much.
4:24 pm
>> thank you. >> shepard: the former illinois police sergeant who kept losing his wives in court today for jury selection. remember drew peterson? he is on trial now for the murder of his third wife -- no, is he on trial for the murder of his fourth wife. he has been in jail since 2009. today he introduced himself to 40 prospective jurors. no camera in the court but we're told his mustache is now gone. this is for the death of his third wife. prosecutors say he murdered kathleen savio whose 2004 death investigators first ruled an accidental drown. accidental drowning in a bone dry bathtub with her hair soaked not in water but in blood. drew peterson's trial is expected to get underway next week after a long delay due to several appeals, court rulings. remember the excop is still a suspect in the death of his fourth wife stacy peterson in 2007. he claims she ran away with another man. but then never showed again. the mother of one of the two missing girls in iowa. remember them from last week? that mother revealed today that she has now taken two lie
4:25 pm
detector tests. the latest test went well. investigators aren't talking about any of this. they have classified the case now as an abduction. 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her cousin, 10-year-old lyric cook morsi, disappeared more than a week ago. their bikes turned up near a lake near iowa. fbi spokesman said over the weekend investigators believe the girls are alive. today the chief deputy said only we certainly would like to think that. lyric's parents apparently quit cooperating with investigators all together late last week. but today the mother said she agreed to another polygraph test. she and her estranged husband have both served prison time on drug charges. officials have not named any suspects in this case. we're learning more about the victims of the movie theater massacre in colorado. and we're hearing remarkable tales of survival amid the slaughter. that's ahead along with greta van susteren's eyewitness account inside the courtroom today.
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challenge that with new olay facial hair removal duo. a two-step process that removes even coarse, stubborn facial hair gently. plenty of gain, without all that pain... with olay. >> shepard: 14 people killed in one car crash. actually, a crowded pickup truck drove off the road and crashed into two trees. it happened last night about 90 miles southeast of san
4:30 pm
antonio. investigators say as many as 23 people, including at least two children had packed into that single pickup truck. 11 died at scene. at least nine others hurt. investigators say the victims may have been undocumented immigrants and that it could be days before they figure out what caused that crash. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the suspect in the colorado movie massacre appearing in court today for the first time. james holmes appeared to be a mess. he was unshaven, his hair some weird mix of orange and red. didn't talk at all during the proceedings. let the lawyer answer the judge's questions. observers note that he appeared groggy as the judge outlined the severity of the case. prosecutors say the suspect shot 70 people friday at a sold out screening of the new batman film. 12 victims died, including military members. a man celebrating his birthday, and a 6-year-old girl. but cops say the suspect was
4:31 pm
planning much much more. they say his assault rifle jammed and that forced him to switch to other weapons. then there is his apartment. cops say he rigged it to blow up and kill anybody who entered. one source says the police think defendant may have intended a diversion to distract people. that would blow up. sending all the police and fire to his apartment. giving him more time to kill at that theater. swat teams diffused the explosives. formal charges could come next week. prosecutor says her office is considering going after the death penalty that decision could take months and require consultation with the victims' families. greta van susteren was inside the courtroom today and joins us outside of aurora, colorado. start with the death penalty. what do we know? >> there is a great possibility when you kill that many people, there is a great possibility. when you talk to the community and you find out that, you know, all these people are very angry, obviously very heart broken. there is a loft pressure on the prosecutor to seek the death penalty.
4:32 pm
what the prosecutor is going to look at is there any redeeming quality in terms of the why not to seek the death penalty? but this is, you know, a bunch of innocent people in a movie theater at night. 12 people gunned down. all these people very seriously injured. the prosecutor would be hard-pressed not to seek the death penalty unless a lot of the victims and their families said. no. >> shepard: greta, you were in the courtroom what did you make of the appearance or the behavior of the suspect of the defendant. >> anybody watching tv the guy looks weird. doesn't mean he is crazy or insane. the reason even notice that is you wonder whether or not the defense will raise the insanity defense later on. and so, you know, you look at the guy and see what his appearance. that's what the jury will ultimately look at. just because you look weird though doesn't mean you are insane. he was very stoke, no reaction, didn't look over at the victims. he had that squinting stuff with his eyes. that was the weirdest thing. otherwise seemed like an empty shell sitting in the courtroom. no interaction with the lawyers. that may have been by design.
4:33 pm
the lawyers may have wanted it that way so that there is no problem in the courtroom in the terms of any outbursts. he looked like an empty shell in the courtroom, shep. >> shepard: what did the cops say, greta, about what they found in the suspect's apartment? >> they said it's weird. i talked last night to some people who were part of the team to diffuse the bombs inside or what he -- whatever it was that he was seeking to create. they said it was very weird. very amateurish what was prepared. certainly looked like somebody inintended to do great harm. was the apartment messy or clean? i don't know why i was particularly interested in that? they said it was a real mess. i don't know why for some reason i was curious about whether the apartment was extremely neat like the guy was, you know, way too neat or way too messy. only out of my own curiosity. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. they said the apartment was certainly dangerous. certainly rigged. certainly looked like somebody wanted to harm somebody. whether or not it would have been very effective, we don't know. >> shepard: there was an attorney news conference today. not an attorney for the
4:34 pm
defendant but the attorney for the defendant's family. why do they have an attorney and what was that about? they don't need an attorney. they are not charged with anything. i suspect they are so hounded by us in the media that they are grateful to have someone to sort of stand up and diffuse the attention from them. they don't need a lawyer. they probably feel like they need some sort of protection. nonstop people trying to get ahold of them. certainly they must feel some sense of shame or criticism because it is their son who is being accused of this incredible atrocity here in colorado. >> shepard: greta van susteren live on scene. we will look for you tonight "on the record" 10:00 eastern 9:00 central. incredible stories of survival are emerging from that tragedy. 17-year-old girl was sitting in nearby theater one next door to theater 9 when a bullet tore through the wall, went from 9 to 8 and hit her in the face within days she
4:35 pm
was up and walking again. appeared outside the colorado courthouse today hoping to catch a glimpse of the suspect. >> i want to do go to the courthouse and sees a much as i can if i can get in, if i can just see this guy for how much hurt he has done to this whole state, this whole nation i don't think he is hurting yet and i think he needs to. >> shepard: you can see she made it inside. the teen is set to undergo surgery. for now, part of that bullet is still lodged in her chin. trace gallagher live with more. trace, a lot of kids in that theater but a will the of pregnant moms, too. >> yeah, shep. a lot of heros went to great lengths to save them. brooks was sitting next to a mom and her two kids when the shooting happened. he got on top of the kids and the mom and started pushing them toward the exit and then he got shot in the leg. and he said he had two choices. he could either fall down or keep pushing. and he chose the latter. listen.
4:36 pm
>> you don't really know how you are going to react in a situation like this. when i saw the first two kids sitting there my first reaction is i have got to help them out as soon as i can it wasn't even about whether i made it out at that time. it was definitely about her getting out safe and sound. i figured at that moment it was either get hit, stay, there at least try to get somebody out. he likely saved those kid's lives. veronica mosier was the youngest victim. her mother ashley is in critical condition. she is pregnant and today we learned that the baby is fine and 21-year-old katie medley was also in that theater with her husband. she too is pregnant. she is scheduled to deliver a baby boy today but her husband won't know it, shep, because he remains in critical condition. shep? >> shepard: it's my understanding, trace, that we're led to believe four men died saving the lives of heir girlfriends. two of those four are u.s.
4:37 pm
military men who fought for their country. john larimer went to the theater early smg and they saw everyone else was wearing costumes. they went to wal-mart and got their own batman costume. when the shooting happened, he put himself in front of julia to protect her. and he took a bullet to the back. listen. >> >> he is just a hero. a couple months ago john told me the reason why he joined the navy was to save lives and protect america and so i think he would be happy by the way he had ended up going down, i guess. he is the best person i have ever met. he always puts himself before others and completely selfless. >> then there is the story of john blunk. he is the father of two from a previous relationship and he brought his girlfriend to celebrate her graduation from veterinary school. during the shooting, he pushed her to the ground and covered her with his 6'2" frame to protect her. he did and he died.
4:38 pm
he had been serving in the navy. he was planning to reenlist, shep and hopefully become a navy seal. >> shepard: trace gallagher on the victims. thank you. four of the colder shooting victims were veterans of the united states military john larimer and jonathan bunk also served in the navy. wingo was a veteran of the air force and childress army reservist. today the president honored their service. >> these young patriots were willing to serve in far away land yet they were taken to us from here at home. yesterday i conveyed a message on behalf of all americans, we honor your loved ones we salute their service. and in washington lawmakers observed a moment of silence for all the victims before reciting their names on the floor of the united states senate. today the president and governor romney resumed campaigning for the first time since that shooting. come up, the rhetoric is back in full swing for our
4:39 pm
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>> shepard: iraqis have suffered their bloodiest day in more than two years. a series of apparently coordinated attacks across that country just days after al qaeda vowed a come back. we're told the wave of bombing and shootings in a dozen cities killed at least 100 people and twice that many hurt. the attacks happened within hours of each other, targeting mostly security forces. the killers reportedly stormed a military base, ambushed checkpoints and attacked policemen inside their homes. no group claims responsibility but an al qaeda leader recently warned of a new offensive aimed at regaining control. now that u.s. troops have left the country. president obama and governor romney back on the campaign trail today after each halt the campaigning and dialed
4:43 pm
back the rhetoric ever so briefly following the tragedy in colorado. the republic presidential candidate held a small business round table at a fund raisener california and governor romney told business owners what he plans to do for them should he win the election. here listen. >> my priority is jobs. and i know that to get jobs, i have to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to start businesses, grow businesses. keep more of their capital so they can invest in businesses, doing those things will create more jobs. >> shepard: governor went on to claim that president obama's only plan to fix the economy is to raise taxes. as for what the president had to say today. mike emanuel is following him in reno, nevada. mike, today the president had a chance to tout his record as commander and chief to a pretty important group of veterans. >> shep, that's right. the veterans of foreign wars or vfw convention here in reno. president obama took some swipes at mitt romney. didn't mention him by name. said this veteran's group knew president obama based on his actions more than just his words. then there was this reference
4:44 pm
to the 2014 time line for ending the afghan war. >> there are those who argued against the time line for ending this war or against talking about it publicly. you know what? that's not a plan for america's security either. >> now, the vfw will hear from mitt romney tomorrow. what's being billed as a if you have foreign policy speech. then romney travels overseas. is he due to meet with leaders in great britain, poland and israel. a big week of foreign policy for him. shep? >> shepard: meantime some democrats are expressing concern that the obama campaign may have money trouble spending too much too quickly. >> yeah. it's known as the burn rate. in other words, how quickly your campaign is burning through campaign cash. the obama campaign raised $46 million in june. but spent $58 million. that's a burn rate of 128%. the romney campaign raised
4:45 pm
$33 million in june and spent 27.5 million. that's it a burn rate of 83%. some democrats are worried down the stretch the obama campaign may run short on cash, may have to limit the number of ads it wants to run or the battleground states where it would like to compete, shep. >> shepard: mike, as i reported here, governor romney was in california today. >> that's right. returning to the campaign trail and also doing a little fundraising, making stops inner vine, california and costa mess savment as we mentioned a short time ago, he will be heading here to reno to address this important veterans group. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in nevada for thus afternoon. mike, thank you. dramatic battles between police and protesters in california after an officer shot and killed an unarmed man. [screaming] >> shepard: officials say people were throwing bottles and rocks and that cops responded by firing bing -- bean bags and pepper balls.
4:46 pm
a dog started attacking people. police say the animal accidently got out of the patrol car. this was the second night of protest following saturday's deadly shooting. police say the unarmed victim and three others were acting suspiciously and ran away when members of the anti-gang unit approached them. we're told two officers are on paid leave and that an investigation is underway. this summer's record drought has turned into a nightmare for farmers across much of our nation. it could soon effect how much we all pay at the grocery. this week it looks like farmers are finally getting some relief. the forecast? plus stephen tyler and jlo are out. and fox has announced who the new judges are going to be on "american idol." at least one of them. i don't know about you, it's a bit of a surprise. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much.
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>> shepard: breaking now, if you are in phoenix you are seeing quite a thing. look at that brand new video of a dust storm moving across the metro phoenix area. the valley of the sun is in dust tonight. the weather service issued a dust storm warning for the western portions of the phoenix viewing area until 5:00 local time. so forth next 10 minutes or so, according to weather experts they occur only in arizona, africa, sierra desert and parts of the middle east. dry conditions and large amounts of sand in those areas. these are live pictures now coming to us from our network news service affiliate kpho. it is calming, i suppose, and the alert for this or the national warming service for the dust storm ends in 10 minutes. what a afternoon what is normally the valley of the sun. relief on the way for farmers across the nation. but not nearly enough to stop this historic drought which could have all of us paying a lot more for groceries. forecasters are calling for
4:51 pm
rain across much of the midwest this week thank goodness. comes as the government reports more than half of the 48 states are in moderate to extreme drought. the promise of rain too late for many farmers who have watched their crops die on the vine. the drought has hit corn and soybean especially hard. the analysts say that could push up prices on everything from food to gasoline. meteorologist audrey feign at a from our station wwor from new jersey. audrey the rain in the forecast, temps in the midwest are still soaring. >> they sure are. it's really not helping with those extreme drought conditions as you mentioned, shep. pretty quiet on the weather map we can see rain will be coming in across parts of iowa and illinois and. see corn and soy bean crops. later on in the week we are expecting this system to produce more rainfall. probably up to about an inch in that part of the nation as we go into thursday and into friday. unfortunately until then we are going to see hot
4:52 pm
temperatures, especially south of i 80. temperatures near 100 degrees across the nation's heartland. >> severe weather out there as well, add dry, audrey? >> that is true. across the northeast. we have seen showers and thunderstorms popping up like virginia and north carolina. right here in the immediate tri-state area where we are dry thunderstorms new jersey. numerous reports of hail flooding rains and lightning strikes. in fact this entire area is under severe thunderstorm watch. >> audit driveway from wwor. my 9 for the tristate area in new york. a father and his daughter are dead tonight after a family jumped off a seaside cliff to escape a wildfire. it tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." spain. that family of five heading home to france when the flames trapped them and about 150 other tourists. most got out of their cars and escaped down a hill. but officials say that family got separated and the fire
4:53 pm
pushed them to the edge of a cliff 165 feet high. the father landed on rocks and died instantly. his teenage daughter drowned. china. torrential rains have killed at least 95 people across the country and dozens are still missing. crews rescued more than 150 people in a northern province in the capital city of beijing, the heaviest rain in some 60 years. stranded 80,000 people at the main airport. india. violence between muslim settlers and local tribes in the northeast killed at least 17 people. we're told it started when unidentified men killed four people whose tribe suspected muslims. some 50,000 villagers evacuated to relief camps. serbia. dozens of prides -- brides to be hit the streets running shoes wedding gown race. top three finishes won the
4:54 pm
cost of their weddings and dresses. the winner ran 160 yards in 19 seconds. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> >> shepard: well, they have invaded backyards and jumped in swimming pools and dined on meatballs. bears have been roaming neighborhoods across our country recently. where will the next venture be? coming up, a couple of these decide to go on a shopping spree. ways see life in the best light. every time of day. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it is meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit,
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responsibility. what's your policy? four course seafood feast choose your soup salad entrée pls dessert! all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th >> shepard: can't call ter minute knicks for this one. mall near pittsburgh has unusual pet problems. bears. look at the cub. it got stuck inside electronics department at the sears store. he was tranquilized and taken back to the woods. a couple hours later another bear paid a visit too. this one was huge. up to 300 pounds they tell us. it skipped the electronics and
4:58 pm
went to olive garden heard about soup and salad. still working to trap it using muffins and dingdongs for bait. snoop is no longer a rapper. is he now calling himself newspaper lion and working on ragae album for real. the music web site pitch fork called reincarnated due out this year. the band is called the jungle and make live debut next month at a concert in toronto. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five music super star mariah carey set to join "american idol" as one of the new judges. jury selection began excop accused of killing third wife drew peterson also suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. number three harsh and unprecedented punishment against the penn state university football program. the latest fallout from the jerry sandusky's child abuse sex scandal. number two, a lawyer fort patience of the accused colorado shooter told reporters they support their son. number one, the world got its
4:59 pm
first look at the 24-year-old suspect during a court appearance just this morning just miles from the scene of that massacre. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1962, the united states invaded european living rooms when a satellite broadcast the first live public television feed across the atlantic. it was called tele star one. and nasa had put it into orbit later that month it was only about the size of a beach ball and covered in solar panels to provide electricity. the first broadcast was scheduled to be of president kennedy. but the communication window opened too soon. to kill time the tv producers instead showed a live feed of the cubs and phillies playing baseball. instead of jfk, the first human image relayed a across the ocean baseball great ernie banks. live tv went global 50 years ago today. and now y


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