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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? >>megyn: if you missed our f.b.i. profile wear or the tape of the killer whale at seaworld check out my twitter. >>shepard: and now the news begins anew, a notebook that could have prevented a massacre. james holmes sent a notebook with pictures of his plan to a psychiatrist ahead of time. details coming up on that. politicians why criticized the new york police department for tracking muslims outside of its jurisdiction across the bridge in new jersey. after years' long lawsuit we have the recording of the 9-1-1 call from the map who accidentally discovered the operation. >> a sky diver's jump from 20 miles above the earth at a speed
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600 miles per hour in 20 seconds. and this was a test run. why would anyone do this? that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a bombshell development in the aftermath of the colorado movie massacre. sources say that the suspected kill are may have tried to warn somebody about the deadly plan. the message did not get through until it was over. law enforcement tell that james holmes mailed a notebook to the university of colorado psychiatrist. they say it was filled with details of how he was going to kill people including sick figure drawings and illustrations of the coming bloodbath. but the notebook sat unopened in the school's mailroom. under clear for how long. one official tells fox the package had been this since july 12, a week before the attack. another source could not confirm
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if it was there before the rampage. we are told investigators discovered the notebook on monday during a search of the campus mailroom following reports of suspicious packages. fox news reported from the scene on monday. at that point, no one had this information. it is an exclusive. mike tobin is with us in aurora, colorado, this afternoon. what else do we know of the notebook? >>reporter: it was found on the day when we were reporting on the suspicious packages. the bomb squad investigated the packages. in building 500, which we showed you the video, before, the feds got a search warrant to search the mailroom. they found a package intended for a psychiatrist inside the university campus, according to authorities. they opened it. they found the notebook. according to legal experts, if this net book contains the detail we think it does, if it made it to that psychiatrist, he would have been obligated to notify authorities. >> it is an exception to the
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normal doctor-patient privilege. in other words, if the package had been opened, this doctor may well have had information that he was duty bound to share with the public and to share with law enforcement to avert this tragedy. >>reporter: abc news is reporting that james holmes bought his assault rifle hours after he failed a key oral exam on the university campus. >>shepard: what is the latest on the surviving victims, mike? >>reporter: they got a visit from the star of the "batman," movie on his own accord, on his own dime. he kept it just about as low key as a movie star can keep it in an environment like this. also, the medek family got an addition. their baby was born in the same hospital where the father is in intensive care, recovering from his gunshot wounds. that family does not have any medical insurance.
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but people across the country have been donating. so far they have raised $200,000 for his medical expenses. >> high heart goes out to the other families. especially those that love their loved ones. i know i will see him walk out of the hospital. i know he will be back on his feet. and i just thank god each day for that. >>reporter: the first of the shooting victims was laid to rest today. 51-year-old gordon cowden. the funeral was held today. the family asked for privacy. >>shepard: mike, thank you from aurora, colorado. and now the legal panel, josh and randy zelin. the prosecutors will want this notebook in? >>guest: there are a lot of steps for go through and privilege jumps up here. case after case says if this show as prior relationship with a psychiatrist or doctor, and
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prior relationship that there was communication about what was about to happen, what level violence was going to happen and injure people, and when a doctor or psychiatrist knows that, he has a duty to report that. that will be the focus. but if we can go glue many, many steps and show this is connected to this defendant, they will get into evidence in a trial. >>shepard: and the defense will not want this in. they will try to keep it out. >>randy: but in a weird way if you try to set up an insanity defense with stick figures and guns you could show how delusional this guy is. but to josh's point --. >>shepard: that shows delusion? >>randy: i do not say just because you plan something means you cannot be insane. look at john hinkley. he called jodie foster an hour before and laid out everything he was going to do. stick figures with guns shooting people, that could be an argument that you are living in a parallel universe.
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you have the privilege issue. i would bet they have not had prior discussions, james holmes, and the shrink. so the question, was it sent to the shrink for some kind of psychiatric help? that is the privilege. and who can say that these are the notes of james holmes? >>shepard: that will be easy. but i am curious of access. an argument will be made that the public has a right to see this. there was a time when there was only written word. and then still pictures. and now video. now you can stream it online. what is your sense? >>guest: my opinion has been there should be a sense of cameras in the courtroom. it should be limited. the public has a right to know what is going on. what should happen is you start from a line of say, cameras can
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be here. >>randy: the public has a right to access. great, show up. putting tv cameras in the courtroom you run the risk of, people playing to the camera, including the judges. people are scared of the camera so witnesses may not testify. >>shepard: are they afraid of the cameras the way they used to be? >>randy: until you are in that witness stand --. >>shepard: 20 years ago when you took out a camera and interviewed them it was a first time thing. and now everyone has a camera in their face. >>guest: and you will get a chance to deal with the issues. >>randy: the scrutiny on this guy's demeanor just on the first hearing. there is a potential juror who will be unduly prejudice. >>shepard: when he comes out with orange hair and stares like a zombie, whether you fake it or not, people will be watching you. >> the man who blew the lid off
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the new york city surveillance operations we in new jersey. for many months we have talked about the new york city police department spying on muslims that do not list in new york city or even new york state but across the river in new jersey. the associated press sued to get the information. a man was confused of what he found. listen to this tape. >> we have been doing the five year inspection. and came across an apartment where there is some suspicious activity. >> suspicious activity? >> suspicious in the sense the apartment has about, it has no furniture. two beds. has in -- no clothing. has new york city police department radios. there are computers in there. computer hardware and software.
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just laying around. there are pictures of terrorists. this are pictures of our neighboring buildings. >> in that town? >>shepard: the call sent local police and the f.b.i. rushing to this participate. nobody reportedly told the feds that the nypd was if town. jonathan hunt has this. remind us what this operation was all about. >>jonathan: it was an antiterror operation designed to prevent any potential attacks against new york city. so, they set up the monitoring of muslim communities well outside of the city itself, even in different states. new jersey, for instance, is where in took place. it involved logging the names of muslim political organizers, keeping files on sermons delivered at mosques and tracking where muslims lived,
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shopped, ate lunch, all without telling the local cops in jersey who only find out when the building supervisor called 9-1-1. >> we have been going through the building, unit by unit, and we came across this one apartment and it has these curious items. it doesn't seem like it is inhabited. we set down and noticed about two welcome we would be doing this inspection and that notice is still hanging on the front door. >> okay. whoever is in the apartment, tell them get out. and i will speak to my supervisor, obviously. >>jonathan: ironically, of course, the mantra of the nypd, see something, say something. that is exactly what the supervisionor did and called out the nypd's themselves. >>shepard: new york security
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officials and experts are standing by the nypd tactics out of jurisdiction, out-of-state. >>jonathan: governor christie expressed concern but mayor bloomberg here in new york backed up the nypd and a lot of supporters of the police department say they have the right to do this. it is in the illegal. and the potential of terrorism doesn't just stop terror attacks against new york city just because the suspects could live across the hudson river in jersey. >> you can't stop an investigation or the potential of a terrorist lead based on the hudson river. you have to follow the lead where it may take you. intelligence is gained nationwide as well as worldwide. >>jonathan: civil rights groups have all sorts of privacy concerns about this and this whole operation by the nypd likely to end up in courts. >>shepard: very interesting. somebody leaked information about bin laden raid and other
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♪ >>shepard: police report now that somebody has kidnapped the mother of the hall of famer, cal ripken jr. here she is with her famous son in 1999. a man forced this now 74-year-old woman into her own car at gunpoint yesterday morning. cops found her a day later near her home outside baltimore. she wasn't hurt. and now in washington, dc, this afternoon. >>reporter: we are just learning about it. a man approached the 74-year-old
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violet ripken in her home, north of baltimore and forced her in her car and drove away. 24 hours later she was found in the same car, near her residence, unharmed. application said at a news conference that wrapped up, they do not know what the kidnapper's motive was. he asked for no ransom. it is not clear if he knew who the victim was. the family, of course, is legendary across america but certainly in that part of maryland, especially. he is known at the iron man of baseball for paying over 2th 2,000 consecutive games and his brother played second base in the major leagues. they were managed for a time by their father who died in 1999. in a statement, the family said and i quote, "this has been a very trying time for our family. we are grateful and relieved mom is back with us, safe and healthy. we want everyone for their
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tremendous support especially all of the law enforcement agencies who worked so hard and quickly." the suspect is describes this way: white male, late 30's to early 40's, last seen wearing a light colored shirt and eyeglasses. he should be considered armed and dangerous. a manhunt is on. >>shepard: thank you, doug. the battle over would leaked what and why continues on capitol hill today, a day after governor romney accused president obama of leaking national security secrets for political gain. republican leaders are again pointing fingers at the white house. at the same time, a top democratic on the house intelligentsia -- on the house intelligence committee suggests that governor romney is politicizing this. including details of the foiled underwear bomb plot and a cyber plot against iran. senior campaign official is defending the president. >>guest: that would be david
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axelrod who was less definitive whether it was possible that the leaks had come from the white house than in june when he ruled it out. axelrod has not been at the white house for some time. here is what he had to say. >> i can tell you the president of the united states did not like classified information as mitt romney suggested yesterday. he did not authorize the leak of classified information as mitt romney suggested yesterday. it was largely a diversion. >>reporter: the attorney general is authorized -- has authorized two investigations of the leaks. >>shepard: and there was more criticism by representative king. >>reporter: at a hearing today he criticized the leak followed bin laden mission and the leak that talked about the arabian
12:19 pm
peninsula plot. >> we had leaks involving drones. these are the most sensitive information that was given out and it appears to me and to senator feinstein and others, from people high up in the administration, people in the white house. >> senator feinstein yesterday walked back her claim that the leaks had to be coming from the white house saying and i quote, "the fact of the matter is i don't know the source." the president is offended by the notion that the white house would release classified information to make him look good. >>shepard: north korea's state television is make an unexpected announcement today. kim the younger is married. our invitations must have been lost in the mail. more on the happy couple next. and, free falling from the edge of space. a dare devil skydiver attempts an incredible stunt. look at that picture.
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>>shepard: guy who wants to be the first person to break the sound barrier with his body just jumped from 18 miles above the earth today. the man who called himself "fearless felix," a sky diver, landed safely in new mexico after hitting speeds of up to 600 miles per hour after just 20 seconds. that was but a test run in his plan to shatter the list of world records. adam is on the west coast this afternoon. what is the deal? >>reporter: if 96,640' was not enough, or 18 miles, he wants to go five miles further up, 23 miles above earth on the edge of space and jump. that's the idea this year.
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this is a practice jump. if he does that he will reach super sonic speed, a mile every five seconds. his body will travel that much. he will have to wear a space suit because it is roughly negative 70 degrees fahrenheit. he is 43. before they did the jump, they had to look at nine years' of weather data, a specialized balloon goes up that balloon and he jumps out from there. >> felix is getting help from the man that holds the world record on this? >>reporter: an amazing story. joe is 84 years old and did the original jump in 1960 at 102,800' was the jump in 1960, so 19 miles above the face of earth and raced 614 miles per hour back then. felix talked of joe and that support a short time ago on follow. >> this is a science project. it is interesting. joe was my childhood mentor.
12:25 pm
i always admired what he did. i never thought i would break the record. if i have the chance i will take it. >> that was felix and joe on fox. and joe was right there winning the extinguished flying cross and awarded other medals by president eisenhower back in the day. so, later this year, 23 miles above the face of the earth, they land on lump -- jumping out. >>shepard: the new leader of north korea got hitched. the tv ended weeks of speculation and confirmed the woman who is always around him is his wife. the media report came at the end of the story on his visit to a new amusement park. it did not give details of the wife. or how long they have been married. or anything else. the past few months north korea has been releasing bits and
12:26 pm
pieces of kim the young are and his wife including inspections of nuclear sites where things were probably looked at. >> protests ever the police shooting of an unarmed man in california have turned violent. demonstrators shattered windows and started fires, and threw bottles at the police. the cops responded with tear gas and bean bag rounds. and russian officials now accuse the united states justifying terrorism in syria. russia. what do they possibly mean there? that is coming up. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom the hour. time for the top of the news. in southern california, protesters hurling rocks and bottles and traffic cones at the cops. police in the city of anaheim, the home of disney, investigate two deadly police shooting. this started on saturday when investigators say an officer shot and killed an unarmed man. officials say the 25-year-old was among a grouch people acting suspiciously. they later identified him as a gang leader. the next day we are told police were chasing a second gang member, and after he shot at the officers, they shot back and killed him. yesterday, demonstrators swarmed city hall ahead of a city
12:31 pm
council meeting there. the crowd expanded and police blocked the entrance to the building. things turned violent. cops firing bing bag rounds and two dozen were arrested. somebody tossed a chair through the window of the starbucks. trace gallagher is live on the west coast. this has been heating up. >>trace: for four days. last night the tug of war between police and lasted for 11 hours. police estimated that the number of protesters were up to 1,000 so they called in police departments across orange county. there were protesters on bullhorns calling for peaceful protesters but as you can see from the pictures a lot of people did not listen. a dozen fires were set. countless windows were broken. the damage today is still being tallied. the police chief is defending
12:32 pm
his department's response. >> your question is whether i think the police exacerbate the problem? our job is to protect property and life, not to stand back in the back and let rioters damage people. if we don't you will be the first to criticize me. where everyone the police? how come they weren't out there protecting property and people? >>trace: the city council did vote to have the u.s. attorney investigate the shooting. the police are expecting possibly more violence again tonight. >>shepard: unarmed man killed and today his family is peeking. >>trace: the family has already file a $50 million lawsuit against the city of anaheim but today they are saying what is important to them, they want the police officers arrested. they want them prosecuted. anaheim police will not talk about the shooting. the police union says diez was a known gang member with a
12:33 pm
criminal record. the officer who fired on him thought he was reaching in his waistband for a weapon. the family disputes that, saying they are not involved in the protesters. they are condemning the violence on both sides. here is the mother. >> please, please, please stop the violence. it's not going to bring my son back. it's not. this is the worst thing any mother could go through. >>trace: the family would like to see the f.b.i. get involved in this investigation. >>shepard: thank you, trace, from los angeles. russian officials accuse the united states of justifying terrorism against the syrian government for not condemning the recent bombing of senior syrian officials. you will recall rebel groups claimed responsibility for the attack that killed the syrian president bashar al-assad's brother-in-law, as well as the defense minister, and the chief intelligence. the russian foreign minister
12:34 pm
does not understand where the united states did not criticize the rebels for that attack. syrian opposition groups report the ambassadors to cypress and the united arab emirates defected joining the syrian ambassador to iraq and a syrian general in leaving the regime. the violence continues in syria. and now, the news is live in central israel this evening fresh back from a trip to the syrian border. >>reporter: the violence continues. we have seen the greatest effort by the regime to round out rebels in the biggest city in syria in the north which is a central support area for the bashar al-assad regime. it is where he get as lot of financial support, as well. he sent in fighter jets. he sent in tanks. he sent in helicopter gunshots. he is trying to get to the rebel assault that is in the making. they are using heavy artillery
12:35 pm
in damascus. hundreds of families running for their lives streaming across syria's borders. the question is how much the rebels can withstand the firepower being pelted on them by the regime. all they have is rifles and machine guns. but they seem determined to try and overthrow the regime which seems to be losing the fight. >>shepard: thank you, dominic, from central israel. with us is the former intelligence officer with the secretary of defense, mike barrett here from washington, dc, newsroom, and a former director of strategy for the white house homeland security counsel is now the c.e.o. of a security consulting firm. i'm not positive people get that this is one religious sect against another religious sect all over again. >>guest: that is absolutely true. so you have in a country like syria you have a lot of fairly poor sunnis who are going up
12:36 pm
against the regime which is shia. it is tied to the iranians. >>neil: i didn't mean to interrupt. i apologize. this business today of the russians getting on the united states and others for not criticizing the rebels for attacking the regime leaders. i'm not sure what the russians are trying to prove here. >>guest: well, when it comes to russia they are worried how the international community views activists in chetnyea. we went to great pains to make sure the u.s. policy included what we wanted to including the drug organizations in chop i -- colombia. so you do get into some very complicated and delicate situations. this is a similar situation with china. they do not want a precedent set that the international community
12:37 pm
could come in and intervene which is why russia and china are so hardcore against the u.n. and nato and anyone else going in and aiding the syrian rebels. >>shepard: their man, bashar al-assad, is having a tough day. they are using war planes to attack some of their own civilians. and then there is word that they have chemical weapons but they will only use that on phone powers. do you believe that? >>guest: you have to remember these guys are not playing a game. this is war. people are dying. the regimes note, and you can look at saddam or qaddafi, or their inner regimes. they know if the regime goes down they, die. their families will be different tuesday or killed. the stake could not be higher. if you have tanks and airplanes and chemical weapons you are not saving them. it is raining. if they see no other option, they have do do it, maybe if they do one small account they figure it will keep people out
12:38 pm
of the cup. you have to take the threats seriously and factor that in as you think whether it is worth the u.s. getting involved despite everything else we have going on. >>shepard: i don't know if we stress the free syrian army, the rebels, if we trust them when they say they have been moving the stockpiles of chemical weapons around. we know they have. >>guest: we have heard reports from the intelligence community. so they probably are moving some of the stockpiles but there is a video on youtube with a couple of guys talking about it and in the background are the al qaeda flag. so we say "rebels," and thing they are freedom fighters but it is a civil war, a sectarian split and you have a situation where we do not know the nature of the sunni side. >>shepard: mike, thank you. >> the prosecution filed charges in the justin bieber high-speed chase. not against the pop star but against the press accused of
12:39 pm
chasing him. and the moment a a killer whale attacked a seaworld trainer and dragged him under water. the video is coming up.
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>>shepard: a photographer faces criminal charges for getting in a high-speed case with justin bieber. this is the first time they are imposing additional penaltieses to the press. this happened this month in los angeles. cops ticketed bieber for doing 80 in 65 but the city councilman said he was doing at least 100. at time he said somebody was chasing him. california highway patrol investigated and today the city turn charged a 30-year-old photographer with reckless driving in connection with a newly enacted law that prohibits anybody from driving dangerously while trying to snap a photo for commercial gain. back to the lawyers, now. this statute, as i understand,
12:43 pm
went if place two years ago set up for this sort of thing. the press chases down people in los angeles. there were two events this day. this guy was chasing him and he is in a fisker, bieber is, cops pull them over on the 101 freeway. and bieber is ticketed but the dude keeps going. half an hour later bieber is back on the phone saying the guy is here again and now he has been charged. >> they put this for the purpose of what they have. in this case, what could have planned is a lunatic chasing for gain, for a picture, trying to get bieber. he is trying to get away, but there could have been serious consequences to what happened. clearly, here is a guy trying to snap a picture. there are certain elements they will have to prove that this is what he was trying to do. this is what happened and he will have to face the consequences. >>shepard: the press will say
12:44 pm
beiber was trying to go fast, if he didn't go so fast i wouldn't do nasa. >>randy: run with the argument. if you are charging me with reckless driving and he is ahead of me, he has to be reckless driving, as well. by the way, this begs the question, with he in his fisker cannot outrun this other vehicle. that should be a separate crime. the rub is it is all bark and no bike. wreck lots driving is a misdemeanor. you do not need the fancy for commercial gain to snap picture. tailgating? you cannot tailgate. speeding? you cannot speed. so, what is he charged with they would not charge him before the statute came in effect? >>guest: they have to come before them and show what they were doing. reckless driving without press chasing you. >>randy: you can say you were not ticking -- taking the
12:45 pm
commercial if commercial gain. >>guest: but you have six peoples before that appeared in "people" magazine yesterday. >>randy: that was yesterday. no crime. no crime. >>shepard: okay. >>guest: fisker will not be happy with this. it is not good karma. >>shepard: the bieber has the press put away so that is good news. a polygamist who stars on the reality show with his four wives says his lifestyle is his business. shut up, government. he says he has a constitutional right to have as many wives as he wants and he is taking them to court. he is challenging the law that makes bigamy a third-degree felony. he starts on tlc and says that the family should not face the threat of criminal prosecution. the case has the potential to decriminalize a way of life for tens of thousands across the
12:46 pm
state. a judge now set to rule if the case will go forward following arguments today on a motion to dismiss. he moved all of his wives and his 16 children from lee high, utah, to las vegas, after utah authorities launched their bigamy investigation. a hand and four wives and 16 children, taking it to court. >> if you spend hours upon hours "friending" people on facebook and watching youtube you could soon be treated for internet addiction disorder. i am not kidding. we will speak with a medical expert and a rare disappointment for the company behind ipads and iphones. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute;
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>>shepard: images of a killer whale attacking the trainer. the 6,000 pound animal nearly killed the guy at seaworld in san diego. the video is new to us but it happened in 2006. watch this wheel grab the trainer and pull him underwater and start thrashing around. the animal holding him down there for about a minute before bringing him to the surface. the 39-year-old trainer got free he was desperate to get away scrambling to safety as others tried to help him. he had a broken foot but otherwise was okay. the footage released in the aftermath of the deadly incident at seaworld in orlando in 2010 when a whale turned the female trainer underwater and killed her. >> if you spend too much time surfing the web you could be diagnosed with a disorder.
12:51 pm
the so-called "bible," of influential manual of diagnosing mental disorders including depression and schizophrenia and some members have proposed adding internet addiction to the list. but they waiting for a more complete data search. scientists in china concluded that teach internet use could affect the structure of your brain. and now, head of the division of medical ethics at new york university's medical center. internet addiction disorder. is this real? >>guest: well, if you have a person who says next drink, next drink, neck drink, that's addiction. they cannot do chicago but head toward this positive thing, this rewarding thing for them. delicious thing. maybe next fix. i don't think too many us deal with our blackberry that way. we can say i like it, it is hard to keep it away.
12:52 pm
but i can decide what i want for dinner. >>shepard: if all you are is a blackberry, maybe. but if you upgrade... >>guest: is it a disease? no, for most of us it is a bad habit or a poor choice, but could it be something that you could get addicted to? yes. that is possible. it took the extreme of a kid playing games 18 hours a day and wakes up and saying where is the game? that is close to alcoholism and the traditional note of addiction. >>shepard: and the notion that surfing the web changes the structure of your brain. >>guest: that sounds speaky but doing anything changes the structure of your brain. talking among ourselves will change the structure of our game. i'm not impressed with that. i want to know, does it set up a pathway so you can look at the brain scan and say he is under such compulsion by being on the internet or wanting to get the next drunk that he can't do anything else. he is limited his choices.
12:53 pm
that's the kind of brain change you want. just saying he is on internet changes your brain is like saying look out the window, that changes your brain. it does. you can say, i am going to listen to my teacher, my spouse, or put this down for a while and go outside. >>shepard: this is something you are telling parents to watch for the kids sitting in front of the computer all day. it is no good. >>guest: and there are other problems including obesity and not getting enough exercise. in general you want to make a distinction define a bad habit, a bad close and a disease. could it be a disease? it could. most of the time, i don't think so. >>shepard: thank you, doctor. >> apple could lose its shine. they posted earnings below industry expectations for the second time only in 10 years. that's despite the fact that apple sold a whooping 26 million iphones and 17 million ipads just between
12:54 pm
april and june. a jump from last year. sometimes expectations are too high. gerri willis, why did apple disappoint. they are everywhere. everyone i know has them. >>gerri: all kinds of products. the short answer is most consumers are waiting for the iphone 5. that is not out yet. consumers are holding their money back. apple also blamed europe. so if you have a problem out there, blame europe. revenues came in at only $35 billion. they were expected to have $37 billion. they were a dollar light. some companies would be happy to have an eps of a dollar. >>shepard: what did the market did on this news? >>gerri: down 5 percent. they lost $24 billion in market capital today, this morning. that is if pc maker, dell, went away. but this is the biggest market
12:55 pm
cap company that is in america so when it moves, when it sneezes or coughs, the entire market sees it. >>shepard: it is a buy? >>gerri: everyone says it is. but i am not so sure. we had analysis yesterday saying the price target was $1,100. where is it it? >>gerri: $100 and change. how main companies put out new products like this all time? >>shepard: i can't think of anything. good to see you. a 450-year-old data is -- debt that is still outstanding. managing my diabetes is part of my life,
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: just in, word from central florida, according to the reporting of the sentinel, the prosecutors have released the names of six secret witnesses in the george zimmerman and trayvon martin
12:59 pm
case. the witnesses, we knew of the witnesses but we did not know their names. they argued you need to keep the names secret. but the one whose talked to reporters they released the names. one is important, a 13-year-old boy who told police he saw a man in red on the ground. there were questions who was on the background and who was above, right? the one on the ground was wearing a red suit of some kind and that is what george zimmerman was wearing. more on this tonight on the fox report. and before we wrap it up, never mind the problems of greece, berlin is seeing red over a 450-year-old loan. they borrowed 400gilders from a small town. when they borrowed the money officials agreed to an interest rate of 6 percent. but they never repaid it. the other town has been trying to collect the debt for a couple of hundred years with no luck. according to the radio report, berlin now owes trillions to the town which has a


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